Girlfriend’s Lesson….

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My poor Girlfriend….

Fran we will call her was always a little bit of a tease. She would dress really provocatively and loved the attention for doing this. The cat calls, whistles, spanks on the ass. It kind of ticked me off a little, but I was also happy I had such a hot girlfriend.

I repeatedly told her not to dress the way she did in the summer. Little jean shorts with the pockets sticking out the bottoms and a tight tee shirt that showed her well formed mid drift. I said if it turned me on the way it did imagine other guys and girls that looked at you.

She would always laugh and shrug it off and tell me I was over reacting. I had a constant boner.

Spring came and then summer. It was an extremely warm summer and all the girls dressed so scantily now a days. Mine was no different. I swear her shorts got shorter every year. I wish girls looked like her when I went to college or university!

Fran would bike constantly and her legs would firm and tan like crazy. She told me how truckers would beep at her on the highway and probably jerk off as they drove by. Once a van had stopped and told her to hop in. She said if she had they would have probably ravaged her for miles and then thrown her out naked and spent on the side of the highway.

She was just over five feet tall and had slimmed down to a nice 110 pounds. Her 36dd tits stood out at attention from her flat stomach. Her bumble bee ass was round and firm. Long brown hair stopped just above her ass.

By mid summer I was fucking her twice a day. She looked so hot. As soon as I saw her in skimpy slutty little jean shorts I would drag her to the bedroom or throw her over the back of the couch or onto the dining room table. I would pump her full of cum. She would laugh and tease me more.

The poor girl did not realize how crazy she was driving me. She was innocent and a tease. I needed to make a plan to make her learn a lesson. We had a good open relationship so I did not care how this lesson played out. In fact it excited me a lot.

Fran would always go down to the beach or go on long hikes by herself. I warned her all the time to watch out for bad guys that she might come upon and take advantage of her. She laughed and said she could take care of herself. I thought to myself if I was bad and saw a hot little gal walking in the woods I would take advantage of her. So would others!

I set off to hatch my plan. Fran always had one area she liked to hike to. It was remote and about 6 miles in the bush. The end of the trail came out onto a nice sandy beach with large rocky cliffs. The waves would drown out any screams and no one ever hiked in there. There were also a variety of caves that could be useful.

Todays hike was no different. Fran put on the sexiest shortest pair of worn out old denim Guess jean shorts. The front white pockets hung below the cut off legs and contrasted nicely on her tanned firm legs. From waist to bottom the shorts were only a scant 8 inches. She wore a tight white t shirt and underneath the thinnest two piece white bikini ever. She had little pom pom socks and runners. A little white peak hat held a single pony tail out the back. I wanted to jump her so bad but I waited instead for my plan to hatch.

She gave me a little peck on the cheek and laughed as she could see I had a wood in my pants. She told me she would be back in 3 hours.

That is what you think I chuckled in my head. izmir escort bayan

I watched her round little ass wiggle as she walked away. I had some doubts. Should I put her through this I wondered….hell yah. She will enjoy it. She really really needed to be taught a lesson.

As she walked along the rough root covered gravel trail the hot sun beat down on her. She stopped and grabbed a drink of water from her water bottle accidentally spilling it down the front of her t shirt. The thin white shirt was now transparent. Her wet tanned stomach stuck to it and the bikini outline showed. This caused her to remove her shirt and put it in the little plaid pack sack she brought with her.

When the shirt was removed large 36dd breasts were exposed covered by the smallest string bikini ever. The bikini barely held her tanned breasts in. She sprayed more water from the water bottle over her head and down her front. Her tan glistened.

The hike continued…..

Eventually she made it to the beach. Large 7 foot waves crashed loudly against the shore. A strong wind blew from the south towards land. The wind although strong was made up of warm air.

Fran stood closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh sea air in. It smelled great.

The plan ran like clockwork. Two tall good looking males emerged from the cliff area and started walking down the beach towards Fran. She was surprised as she had never ever encountered anyone here.

The came up to her and started some small talk. Fran blushed.

The males said they were visiting from out of town and on a hike. They asked her to join them down the beach near the cliff area. Fran said yes.

As she walked down the beach the males pulled some beer from a pack. They offered her one and she took it. The cold beer tasted great after a long warm hike. She finished it in no time.

Fran did start to get a little nervous as they walked further and further from the trail. They were starting to get into the cliff area. She hesitated for a minute but the guys convinced her to continue. She thought they were nice.

Around a corner they came to a fire and a large cliff opening. Around the fire sat another 10 guys. They were all drinking beers.

Fran giggled nervously to herself in her head and liked seeing all the large males at the beach.

She sat down and before she realized had consumed another 4 beers. By now the hot sun and lack of food went to her head. She could feel a bit of a skin coming on.

She also realized all the males were looking her up and down from head to toe. She knew they wanted to fuck her. This aroused her slightly.

One male went into the mouth of the cave and set up a camera. He then used a cell phone and called someone. Fran watched and could hear him ask someone on the phone what they wanted first. She could see a smile on his face and nodding of his head.

The male said to the other guys, “okay boys, lets start”.

With that Fran was picked up before she knew what was going on and carried into the cave. She squealed and kicked and squirmed and tried to fight to get away but the 4 males holding each limb held them like vices.

On the wall just inside the cave was a set of wrist shackles. They secured her by her wrists with her hands stretched well above her head. Her toes kicked at the little pebbles barely touching the cave floor. She had no traction.

The one male stayed on the phone to take buca escort directions and also operated a camera. U/k to Fran a live feed was directed to a person or many people.

Fran begged and pleaded as the males all undressed. She knew they each were going to fuck her defenceless little body somewhere. Large hands caressed and touched her clothed body everywhere. One male kissed her sticking his tongue far down her throat.
He held her by her neck.

The male on the phone told the other males not to allow her to cum. She had to be taught a lesson first.

Fran eventually wiggled and squirmed herself to the point of exhaustion. She hung there as the males rubbed every last inch of her body. Her nipples erect and hard. Tingling in her insides. Her pussy pulsated.

She looked around and observed all sizes of hard engorged cocks ranging in length from 7 to 15 inches. The fear showed in her eyes.

Fran started yelling and screaming at first but then she cried, whimpered and moaned. They were breaking her down.

“Remove her clothes” the male on the phone ordered. A simple pull released the bikini top. It fell to the ground and was stepped on by the males surrounding her. Her large firm luscious tits stood straight out. Each one received attention by rubbing, squeezing or being sucked on. Her nipples were sensitive. Hard as little rocks.

Pre cum wet cock heads rubbed against her shorts and legs making the tan glisten.
Her jeans shorts ripped effortlessly down her legs revealing a little triangle string bottom bikini. It had become wet from the attention. The males cheered. Each side string was gently pulled on revealing a shaved swollen clit. A male knelt down and started flicking it with his long snake like tongue. This gave Fran a butterfly sensation in her stomach. The tongue worked little circles around and the clit and then darted in and out of her pussy.

Fran felt like she was going to explode with the most incredible orgasm ever. The male on the phone could tell. He told them to stop and let her get worked up. After awhile they went back to work stimulating her some more.

The hot summer day made her sweat. Her entire body glistened as she hung limp tired and exhausted. Held up by two arm shackles. Her neck exhausted could not hold her head up. It fell forward, her long brown stringy soaked hair covering her face. Little pre orgasmic moans emitted from somewhere under the hair.

The video was streaming perfectly. All directions were being followed to a tee.

As the video was watched the person watching and giving orders rubbed their hard as rock cock. It was so good and controlling barking out orders and having them followed. It was like making their very own porn. All 9 inches of steel could blow at any time.

The video detail was incredible. Frans facial expressions were captured when her wet hair was pulled back. She unwittingly stared at the camera. A tired spent and exhausted face. But the look in her big puppy dog brown eyes begged them to give her the biggest orgasm ever. She had so much pent up energy in her. A porn actor could not have done it better than poor Fran. Her fighting, sounds and movement were spot on. Then her exhaustion and pleading. The sound captured every little cry, moan and squeal she emitted. The sweat on her tanned body glistened and dripped. The males around her like a pack of wild animals teased and tortured her up to climax repeatedly izmir escort and then stopped.

Eventually Fran could not handle it anymore. She screamed at them and then begged them to make her cum. She had been brought to the brink at least 5 times. She had to release her pent up energy. This made the males laugh. They had their directions.

They unchained her and put her on her knees…her legs like jello trembled. Two large cocks were placed in each of her free hands. She instinctively jerked them. He hands barely able to grasp around them. The circumferences huge. She could feel they were hard and the veins engorged.

Another male stood facing her. Her grabbed her wet sticky hair and pulled her face towards his cock. It jammed down her throat making her choke. Fran successfully jerked the tow cocks off almost at the same time. She felt warm large quantities of cum spray down her tits and stomach. The males moaning and grunting.

The male fucking her mouth squeezed her hair and wrenched her face against his body. Cum was injected down her throat. Lots. She swallowed his copious quantities of baby juice.

For the next three hours guys had their way with her. She was doubled by the two biggest guys. Her little firm tanned body was sandwiched and dwarfed by then as they fucked her in unison. One overly large sized cock in her ass and the other in her pussy. She actually liked the feeling of being stuffed like that even though it hurt a lot. She felt them pump her full of cum. Their dicks throbbed as they released their seed into her. So much that it oozed down the insides of her trembling legs. She knew one of these animals would impregnate her. Which one she thought.

One last order was given by the mysterious person on the other end of the video feed.
Fran was flipped onto her knees. Her arms grabbed and spread to her sides made to grasp two more cocks. A male lay under her and entered her cunt. Another knelt and forced his way easily into her cum covered moist asshole with a cock that made her scream. Two males stood facing her almost sword fighting to vie for her mouth. The other males surrounded her and jerked their cocks. They were rough. She received so much cum it would be in her for days.

She felt the warm spray from cocks hitting her back and hair. She felt like such a whore. These men were just destroying her. The men fucking her ass and cunt had no room left. Their cum sprayed out of her already full insides. She swallowed the last two loads in her mouth.

The video continued. On the other end the male making the orders came 3 times. He thought that little tease deserved that. Would it teach her a lesson?

Fran exhausted fell asleep when the males were done. She eventually woke up and found most of her clothes. Her breasts and stomach bruised and covered with hickies. Her ass well pounded and pussy dripped with cum. These guys knew what they were doing. They had not allowed her to cum. She had a glazed look in her eyes. Her back stained and dirty and hair looked like a messed up bird nest.

She slipped her wet cum covered shorts on and tee shirt. The males had used both to wipe off their cocks after they had had their way with her. The clothing smelled like sex.

She slowly walked out of the bush and returned home. At least cum from 5 men dripped between her shorts and down her legs. She could not stop it. If you saw her walking you would think that poor girl looks like a pack ravaged and had their way with her.

At home she did not tell her boyfriend what had happened. Could he tell…did he know?

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