Giving In Ch. 03


Chapter 3 — Guess What I Saw

Denise Watkins pulled into the parking space and turned off the car. For a moment, she sat there, daydreaming about the recent events in her life. In particular, she thought about Ted. About how this 20-year-old, barely half her 38 years, had taken control of her life. About how he dominated her. About how yesterday he’d spanked and fucked her while a stranger looked on. But most of all, she dreamed of how much she loved it. And she found herself getting wet just thinking about him.

* * *

Denise entered the office suite of Suzie Jackson — Graphic Artist. It was a small suite – a reception area, one office and a conference room. But being that Susie was a self-employed independent, it was all she needed.

“Oh my gosh! That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.” Denise heard the voice of a young woman coming from the conference room.

“It’s true,” a male voice responded. “Every word. I swear!”

“Hello,” Denise yelled out.

A young woman emerged from the conference room, a big smile on her face. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Suzie Jackson. You must be Denise.” At 5’9” in height, Suzie Jackson stood slightly taller than Denise. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. Her ample chest was prominently displayed beneath a tight fitting top.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Denise said as the two women shook hands.

“Mark’s in the conference room. We were just going through some of the plans when you came in.”

Denise followed Suzie back to the conference room. She couldn’t help but notice the sexy wiggle in the young blonde’s walk as she led the way. ‘What’s going on with me,’ she thought. ‘I’ve never been interested in women before, but damn she looks hot! Goddamn that Ted. He’s got me so screwed up I’m getting turned on by everything!’

As they entered the conference room, Suzie started the introductions. “Denise, this is Mark Manning. He just got in yesterday from St. Louis.”

“Hi, Mark,” Denise said as she extended her hand. She looked the young man over quickly. There was something familiar about his 6-foot tall frame, and his short dark hair.

It wasn’t until he took her hand and shook it, holding it just a little longer then he should have, that she realized where she’d seen him before. And it was obvious from the grin on his face that he recognized her, also.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you,” Mark said, the grin still prominently displayed on his face.

Denise hesitated for an awkward moment. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” she responded nervously.

“Do you two know each other?” Suzie asked, noticing Denise’s hesitation.

For a long moment, there was total silence as the three exchanged awkward glances. Finally, Mark spoke up. “This is the woman I told you about earlier.”

It took a second or two for Suzie to realize what Mark was saying. That this was the woman in the motel window. The woman who’d surrendered herself to her young stud while Mark watched from his room across the courtyard.

For Denise, the realization that this was the young man from last night shook her to her very core. It was one thing being promiscuous in public; it was quite another being caught at it by a colleague. And to make matters worse, he’d obviously told Suzie. She looked back and forth between the two, not knowing what to say, or how to handle the situation. This was supposed to be her project. She was the one responsible for making it happen. These two kids were only there to support her.

And yet, here she stood. Humiliated. She lowered her head, no longer able to even look them in the eyes.

As Suzie stared at Denise, she could feel an excitement growing in her loins. Suzie was bi-sexual, and a very free spirit. She’d felt an attraction to both Mark and Denise when they’d met, but given their business relationship, had discounted any sexual forays as not only unlikely, but unwise. Now, she saw a golden opportunity being laid right at her feet. If what Mark said was true, not only was Denise a promiscuous little slut, but she was also a submissive. And Suzie just loved submissives. And judging from the way Mark told the story, and the way he reacted upon seeing Denise, she was certain that he would go along with almost anything.

After what seemed to Denise like hours, she felt Suzie’s hand on her shoulder, but still she couldn’t look up. Slowly, Suzie moved in front of the terrified woman, placed her other hand gently under her chin, and raised it until their eyes finally met.

“It’s true, then. Isn’t it?” she asked softly. Denise tried to turn away, but Suzie held her head in place. “Isn’t it?” she repeated in a firmer tone of voice.

Slowly, reluctantly, Denise nodded her head, but said nothing.

SLAP! With a move that was sudden and unexpected, Suzie’s hand left Denise’s shoulder and slapped her across the face. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to sting.

Denise knew instinctively what Suzie was doing — konak escort establishing control. And Denise knew that if she didn’t stop it now she’d be unable to stop it at all. But she didn’t know how to stop it. After all, they knew what she’d done, how she’d allowed herself to be humiliated by her young stud. So she stood there quietly. And she waited, her juices beginning to flow in spite of herself.

“Isn’t it?” Suzie asked once again.

“Yes, ma’am,” she answered, her voice shaking slightly.

Suzie gently stroked the cheek she’d slapped a few seconds earlier. “That’s better. I think we’re finally beginning to understand each other, aren’t we?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Slowly, the young blonde moved her hands to Denise’s blouse, unbuttoning the top button. “So, Denise. Tell me. Do you like them young, or is it the humiliation that turns you on? Or do you just like being watched?”

For a moment Denise stood there as if perplexed by the question. “I don’t know, I guess,” she finally answered in a voice that was barely audible.

“Well,” Suzie said with a smile. “I’m 28. Is that too old for you?”

“No, ma’am,” Denise answered weakly.

“How old are you, Mark?” Suzie asked as she unbuttoned the second button.

Up to this point, Mark had sat quietly on the sidelines, content to let things unfold on their own. “29,” he answered calmly, but still not getting involved in the proceedings.

“Well, Denise. Is 29 too old?” Suzie asked, and the third button fell open.

There was a moment’s hesitation. “No, ma’am,” she answered at last.

Suzie moved slowly around Denise, trailing her fingers over the brunette’s shoulders as she went. Once she was behind her, she grabbed her shoulders with both hands, and slowly turned her until she was facing directly at Mark.

“He’s quite good looking, don’t you think?” Suzie asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Denise no longer tried to fool herself into believing that she would be left with even a shred of dignity. The truth was, she no longer cared. She wanted sex, and she wanted it now. With Mark. And yes, even with Suzie. ‘God damn,’ she thought. ‘I’m even turning into a fucking lesbian.’

So she stood there looking at Mark while Suzie pulled her blouse out of her skirt. Her knees quivered noticeably when Suzie’s arms slid around her, and as she felt Suzie pressing her body against her backside. She nearly fainted as the younger woman’s hands began to roam freely over her still clothed body, gasping out loud as they slid inside the nearly open blouse and grabbing her breasts.

And then the final button on the blouse was undone, revealing the front of the lacy black bra Ted had picked out for her, along with her ample cleavage.

Suzie gave her one more squeeze before releasing her and backing away. And as she backed away, Denise felt her blouse sliding off her shoulders and down her arms, before finally sliding off altogether.

For a moment, nobody spoke, and nobody moved. It was Mark who finally broke the silence. “That’s a very sexy bra, don’t you think, Suzie?”

“Yes, it certainly is,” Suzie responded. “I wonder if she’s wearing panties to match.” Her hands moved slowly to the back of Denise’s skirt. First, she released the button, allowing the waist to loosen slightly. Slowly, she lowered the zipper, noticing the trembling of Denise’s body.

“Are you scared?” she asked as the zipper reached the bottom of its run.

Denise nodded her head in short, rapid movements. “Yes,” she answered truthfully.

Suzie released the fully unzipped skirt, which clung almost magically to Denise’s hips, refusing to slide off on its own accord, and moved back in front of her. Their eyes met momentarily, but Denise could not hold the younger woman’s gaze. “You should be scared,” Suzie said at last, a slight smile on her face as the skirt finally slid over Denise’s hips, falling in a heap around her feet.

Suzie stepped back and looked the woman over closely. “Yep,” she said at last. “The panties match the bra. What do you think, Mark? You like?”

Mark looked first at the skimpy lace bra and the exposed cleavage, then at the panties, also made of black lace and only slightly bigger than a thong, and finally at her black high-heeled shoes.

“Absolutely,” he grinned. “I think she looks hot.”

“I don’t know,” Suzie said. “I think she looks like a slut. How about it, Denise? Are you hot, or are you a slut?”

Denise just stood there, looking at the floor, her mind in turmoil. She was excited. That much was evidenced by the wetness of her panties. She was also nervous, and had no idea how to answer the question. “A slut,” she mumbled finally, her voice almost to soft to be heard.

SLAP! Without warning, Suzie stepped forward and unleashed a vicious slap. “When I ask you a question, I expect you to look at me and answer so I can hear you. Do you understand?” she barked.

The ferocity of the slap stunned Denise. But slowly, she raised kuşadası escort her head and looked into Suzie’s eyes. There were tears trickling down her cheeks. “Yes, ma’am. I understand,” she answered clearly.

“Well, are you a Slut, or aren’t you?”

This time there was no hesitation. In fact, there was even a hint of pride in Denise’s answer. “Yes, ma’am,” she spoke out boldly. “I am a slut.”

Suzie looked at Mark and smiled. “I think it’s time we finish the job. Would you do the honors?”

“If you don’t mind,” he answered, “I think I’d like to watch you finish what you started.”

Taking a quick step towards Mark, Suzie reached out and gently squeezed what was obviously a very excited cock. She allowed her hand to linger on his manhood for a moment, and smiled at him knowingly. “Yes, I guess you would at that.”

Suzie released Mark and started towards her prey. “Wait,” Mark said suddenly, reaching for a pair of scissors on the credenza. “I think these might help,” he said, handing them to her. “She might have fun telling her young master what happened to her private garments, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes,” Suzie smiled. “I do know what you mean.” She held the scissors gently in her hand and stared at them, quiet for a moment, lost in thought. “In fact, I think I’d really like to have some fun with our little slut,” she said at last. “There’s a ball of packaging rope in the bottom drawer of the credenza. Could you get it for me, please?”

All of a sudden, Denise felt her body tensing up, her boldness from moments before giving way to fear. Ted. She’d forgotten entirely about Ted. How would she explain this to him? What would he say? What would he do?

And the rope. What did they need the rope for? As these thoughts raced through her mind, she looked at Suzie. And at Mark. And she suddenly realized that, here she stood, clad only in bra, panties and shoes, in front of two people she’d never even met before. And now they wanted to tie her up.

“Please don’t,” she pleaded meekly, looking directly at Suzie.

But Suzie ignored her as she took the rope from Mark, and as she moved slowly behind her slut. Silently, she laid the scissors down on the conference table and unwound the ball of rope. Satisfied that she’d unwound enough rope, she quickly reclaimed the scissors, cut the rope, and returned the scissors to the table.

“Hands behind your back,” she ordered sharply, breaking the silence.

“Please,” Denise pleaded again. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Behind your back,” Suzie ordered again. And slowly, ever so slowly, Denise began to comply. When the hands were fully behind her at last, Suzie tied the rope first to the slut’s left wrist, and then to the right, making certain that there was very little slack in the line.

Satisfied with her work, she grabbed the scissors and knelt down. Working quickly, she tied Denise’s ankles together, tossing the excess rope on the table. When she’d finished, she stood up and moved closer to her captive, running the scissors lightly against her cheek and neck.

Denise shivered at the touch of the scissors against her bare skin, closing her eyes as she felt Suzie’s arms wrap around her. She felt the scissors slide between her breasts, and cringed as she heard the slow cutting of material, signaling the beginning of the end for her finest brassiere.

And then the bra gave way, and her breasts swung out from each other, still covered by the lacy cups, not yet completely free. She felt goose bumps as the cold blade ran lightly between her tits.

Denise could feel Suzie’s body as it pressed against her, and she could feel her breath on her neck, and in her ear. But just when Denise was starting to relax, to feel comfortable, her tormentor released her and backed away slightly. Again, Denise felt the cold steel against her body, this time on her left shoulder, as the shoulder strap quickly gave way to the closing blades, allowing the cup to fall forward, dangling against her side, leaving the left breast fully revealed.

Seconds later, the right strap was cut, leaving both tits fully exposed, and the useless brassiere dangling helplessly from between her arms and sides. And finally, she felt the back of the bra being unsnapped.

For a moment, nobody moved, Mark drinking in the sight of the naked bosom before him, and Suzie checking out Mark as he checked out the slut.

The moment seemed frozen in time, as if what had started out as nothing more than a harmless prank had suddenly become very serious. And still nobody moved.

Until suddenly, with a swiftness that startled Denise, Suzie slid the scissors down each hip, cutting the flimsy panties, leaving them as nothing more than a pussy-soaked rag dangling from between her thighs.

“Mark,” Suzie said after an awkward moment, “would you mind taking these garments and putting it in her purse for me?”

Denise stared at Mark as he rose from his chair. “It would be my pleasure,” foça escort he replied as he slowly moved towards her, looking her over thoroughly from head to toe. Unable to resist, Denise lowered her eyes down his fully clothed body until she reached his crotch. She gasped audibly, wondering how he could even walk in the state he was so obviously in.

She stood quietly, with Suzie in the background, as Mark reached out for the once fancy panties. With an agonizing slowness, he pulled the panties from between her legs. When they were at last free, he raised them to his nose and breathed in the scent of her womanhood. Smiling slightly, he extended the garment to Suzie, allowing her to smell the fruits of her labor.

He looked backed at the slut. “Open up,” he ordered. Denise obeyed without hesitation, and he stuffed the rag in her mouth.

With both hands free, he quickly moved to her tits, ignoring for the moment, the dangling brassiere. Denise felt her eyes closing and heard the sounds of her own muffled moans of pleasure as he massaged her aching mounds, and as he squeezed her firmly.

But all too soon, he stopped. Denise opened her eyes and watched as he gently pulled each half of her bra from between her arms, and as he reached up and pulled the panties from her mouth.

As he walked over to the table to put the rags in her purse, it hit her. She’d walked into this room in charge and full of confidence, ready to work with these young professionals, ready to nurture them, to guide them. And now, not quite 30 minutes later, she stood before them, naked but for a pair of shoes, tied at the ankles and wrist, completely helpless, totally at their mercy. And so turned on, she’d fuck a horse if they told her to.

She felt the breath on her neck first, as Suzie slid up behind her, grabbing her by the hips. And she sighed as the lips began to nibble softly on her neck and ear. Shortly, the hands left the hips, sliding around front, where they reluctantly parted ways, one moving northward to her mountainous bosom, the other southward towards the depths of her womanhood.

She moaned, allowing her body to meld into Suzie’s as, for the first time, she felt a woman’s hands working their magic on her. She felt the gentle massaging of her breasts and the light pinching of her nipples, followed by gentle tugs, and then more tender caresses. And she felt the fingers working gently to uncover her aroused love button, stroking it softly, patiently.

And she felt the eagerly awaited orgasm beginning to build. But suddenly, Suzie stopped and stepped away.

“No,” Denise begged, nearly in tears. “Please don’t stop. I need it so bad!”

But Suzie said nothing as she slowly stepped around in front of her. She took Denise’s head between her hands and pulled her slowly closer. Denise closed her eyes and opened her mouth, reaching out hungrily for Suzie’s lips. And when they came together at last, the two women passionately devoured each other, Suzie’s hands dropping from Denise’s head and wrapping themselves around her, holding the bound and naked woman close.

After what seemed like forever, Denise felt herself being gently pushed away. With a look of pure lust in her eyes, she looked at Suzie questioningly.

But Suzie just smiled. “First, my little slut, it’s my turn. And Mark’s turn. And then, if you’re very good, maybe it will be your turn.” With that, she reached behind the naked captive and pinched her ass, bringing a sharp yelp from her victim.

Without turning around, she began backing up, not stopping until she felt Mark’s arm wrapping themselves around her. “Ummm,” she purred as his strong arms engulfed her. “This is nice.”

At last, after a long and agonizingly wonderful show orchestrated by Suzie, Mark had a woman in his arms. And he wasted no time in setting his hands free to explore, first to her bosom, similar is size to Denise’s, yet unrestrained by a bra. He squeezed her luscious melons through her tight fitting, stretchy top, clutching them against her, squeezing them roughly, even eliciting a slight yelp from Suzie’s lips.

But as he squeezed her, he was looking at Denise, standing naked and alone, her body fidgeting, clearly in a state of high arousal. He smiled at her, and winked.

He then reached for the bottom of Suzie’s top, pushing it up her torso and over her breasts, exposing them for the first time. But he did not take the top off, choosing instead to fondle the breasts with one hand, while the other worked at releasing the snap on her pants.

Soon, his efforts were rewarded by the sound of a metal snap popping open, followed shortly by the sound of a zipper being lowered.

And then, it was Suzie’s turn to squirm as Mark’s hand slid easily inside her pants. With practiced experience, his fingers were quickly on target as Suzie moaned, pressing herself against him as one hand worked its magic on her button, and the other hand massaged her tender globes.

When he felt her excitement building, he moved quickly and suddenly, grabbing the back of her top with both hands and pulling it over her head, leaving it stretched across her chest, still wrapped around each arm.

The next thing she knew, Suzie found herself face down across his lap, her arms trapped beneath her, held in place by her own top.

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