Gloryhole Fun

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Part I

Let me preface this by saying this story is completely true and happened to me.

When I lived in the Northern part of the US I had some of my raunchier escapades with the men. I was married and was not getting any sex at all. I mean no sex at all. So I decided to go out looking for it. Not with other chicks though. It all started out innocent, go to the local porn shop grab a booth, watch a movie and stroke off. But it ended up being soooo much more. More than I could have ever imagined. So, I finally got up enough nerve to go the local porn shop which was conveniently located next to the Wal-Mart and a very large truck stop. I went in to find a fix for my sex drive which at this point was through the roof. I found a sign that said booths in the back and headed that way.

I walked into a booth sat down and started the movie. It was a couple of lesbians using a strap on. I started to slowly stroke when all of a sudden a small hole in the wall opened and a finger pushed through motioning for me to stick my cock in it.

I did and was greeted with a warm and hungry mouth on the other side. Whoever it was a complete pro because I was cumming in no time. I filled up that mouth with what seemed like a gallon of cum. It had been about 2 weeks since I had cum so it was probably expected. That mouth continued working on my cock for another couple of minutes until I was bone dry. Wow, that was amazing.

As I sat there for a minute to regain my composure before I left a funny thing happened. I saw out of the corner of my eye something come through the hole in the wall. Yes, it was a cock, a rather hard cock at that. My first impulse was to bolt. I didn’t want to get into this again. However, my legs and body were not moving. So I let my instincts take over. I lightly touched the cock with my hand and heard a soft moan. I slowly stroked the cock up and down and lightly played with his balls.

I don’t remember what came over me at Sefaköy Escort that point because next thing I knew I had my mouth on it. I heard a, “watch the teeth comment” and I slowed down. I started to really get into it and the soft moans came back. I bobbed up and down and the moans quickened. Before I knew it my mouth was flooded with a very healthy portion of cum. It tasted real salty but ooohh sooo sweet. I swallowed hard and released the cock from my mouth. I heard a thank you and the port closed.

I quickly got up and stormed out of the shop. Flustered by the whole incident I swore that I would never go back. Little did I know that it would be the first of many times servicing cock in that shop.

PART II I was an emotional wreck after the porn shop incident. I told myself that I would never do it again. But the need to cum and make someone cum overcame me and I succumbed to it again.

It was a Thursday morning and I was driving into town to get some stuff at Wal-Mart. I got what I needed and walked out. I glanced over and there it was that shop again. Like being in a trance I headed over there. I quickly went inside and headed for a booth.

My cock was fully hard by now. I needed to please and be pleased. I opened the hole in the wall and was quickly rewarded with a nice hard cock. I dove right in. I sucked and sucked on that cock. I wanted the finale. I wanted to taste that warm cum and feel the satisfaction of pleasing someone. I pulled my own cock out and was stroking while having a mouth full of this cock. It wasn’t much bigger than my own but it was a lot thicker. I worked it and worked it until I could hear loud moans. I left my own cock alone and started massaging his balls. I could feel them tighten and I knew what was coming next. To my surprise I was so excited I started to cum on my own without touching my cock.

I really was beginning to like this. What a slut I had become. I was coming just having Sefaköy Escort that cock in my mouth. As I was finishing my guest was just starting to empty his balls in my mouth. The taste was much sweeter than the guy before. Ohhhh I hungrily devoured his cum and swallowed it down. In an instant he was pulling his cock from me and he left.

To my enjoyment another cock quickly replaced it and I was back on my knees. This cock was much bigger and my mouth became tired but I worked through it like a good little cock-slut. I slammed it in my throat and suck him dry. Again I was rewarded with a huge load of cum. Oh I can still taste it. I was beginning to crave huge loads of cum. I went on to suck another cock that day and enjoyed more cum.

PART III I continued to frequent the booth more often. I was a cum slut and I need more cock. The drought of pussy at home continued but I was having more fun quenching my desire for cock and cum. It soon came to a point where I wanted to feel that cum elsewhere. I wanted to feel that warm cum shooting in my cute little butt. I wouldn’t have to wait long.

I went to the booth yet another time to fill my desires to my delight there was already a nice hard cock waiting for me. I started in and was just getting into when the cock was pulled away from me. I heard a voice say, “Come to my booth. ” I was terrified.

My desire to suck cock was more than my horror so I got dressed and went out. The door opened and I moved into his booth. He was tall and slim. His cock was the same. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I went to work bobbing up and down on his cock.

He was really getting into it. He bent over and slid his hand down my sweat pants and found my hole. He rubbed it softly and I responded by pushing back on his finger. This also made me suck his cock faster. After a second he lifted me up and told me to follow him.

I found out he was a trucker from out Escort Sefaköy of town. He led me to his truck and he told me to give him a second. He then told me to come in and he was completely nude on his bed. He motioned for me to come over and I immediately wanted to finish the job I started.

He moved his hands all over my ass and found my hole again. This time he must have had some lube or something because his finger slid right in. He was fingering me faster as I stopped momentarily to enjoy the pleasure. He then pulled me up and I crawled on top of him. He pulled me down and started kissing me.

I was lost in ecstasy. I felt like such a little slut and whore. I wanted his cock inside of me. I leaned back against his cock and he grabbed it aiming it toward my ass. I lifted up and it popped right in. I slowly slid down on top of it. I leaned my head back and eased all the way down. Oh I felt so full.

His cock felt so good. I started to work my ass up and down. He started to moan. I wanted to make him cum so bad but the pleasure was building up inside of me already and I could not hold out. I came all over his chest. At that time he started to buck faster inside of me and I felt his cock expand inside of me. He shot about seven warm, powerful squirts inside my tight little ass. My cock immediately sprang back to attention. I wanted to cum again. I slid off of him and he pushed me on all fours. His cock was still hard as a rock. He spread my legs and entered me from behind. He started fucking me really hard.

I was in lust. All I wanted was more cum inside of me. I pushed back against him and he fucked me harder. Shortly I felt his cock twitch and he started shooting inside me again. This set me off and I came all over his mattress. He sat there for a minute as his cock began to soften. He moved from behind me and I felt a moist towel cleaning me off. I sat up and he kissed me hard.

I told him I had to go and he gave me his number and when he was going to be in town again. He told me he loved fucking me and would gladly take another turn at my tight ass. I told him I was looking forward to it and I left. This would be one of many escapades with the local sex shop and truckers. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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