Have Hands– Hilton Head,S.C.

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The twins were doing great as the next few days past. Sandra and I were discussing plans in the office of what to do next when Donna came in–as it was her office now.

“Hi you two! I just left the twins and they have signed three more members this morning.” A smile spread over Sandra’s face as she knew our plans was already beginning to bear fruit.

“Donna- I’ve decided to leave you here just one more week to help the twins adjust to their increased work load. See if you can hire a janitor–a female who cleans houses for a living to clean the floors–pool–locker rooms and sauna..The twins should be able to handle the rest.

I have a vacation home at Hilton Head Island, and I wish Dano to see it and get a brief rest. He’s been burning the candle at both ends lately, and I think he deserves a break.”

She got into her briefcase and tossed Donna a pack of hundreds.
“ Here’s your bonus — two thousand dollars for being such a loyal employee–and a great manager. I believe in sharing ,and you should be proud of yourself.”

Donna squealed her delight as she hugged both Sandra and I.
“I have idea’s also Sandra. How about starting a membership drive for ALL your managers? Give them a hundred dollar bonus for every member they sign in the future till we reach our goals.

“With the twins–they get to split the bonus between them.
You’ll make it back a hundred times over in selling them juices and supplements. Our products have a 50% mark up-so even if we give em a 10% discount, we’ll still make a killer profit.”

“Excellent idea Donna! You can give them the news that they just earned a bonus each for signing those members today, and to use any advertising necessary to bring them in. I’ve decided to build the guys a separate workout gym beside this one..soon as the warm weather gets here.”

“It will be equal in size,so there’s gonna be enough room to nearly double the members we have now.” Donna ran out to spread the word while Sandra and I kicked around a few more idea’s.

“OK — I want to hear your thoughts on the Knoxville gym Dano.” I poured myself a double Jack over ice and began.

“Since you don’t own it yet– you should buy it!! Any improvements you make can be written off your taxes for the next five years. Keep that in mind,because what I’ll suggest will cost you a bundle, but I see it doubling your investment over those years.”

She poured herself a stiff one and looked very serious at me.
“Remember how high the ceilings were in Knoxville–almost forty feet? The place resembled a huge airplane hangar. That’s unused room up there for a second floor.

You could have a jogging track wrap around the entire floor, with room to spare.
Tear out all those little sales offices downstairs when it was a car dealership and open that floor plan up by twenty-five to thirty percent. Makes room for what I have in mind.”

“That whole building is sitting on a concrete foundation,which is hard on the joints and feet. Cover everything in sight with indoor/outdoor carpet. Put in a steam sauna downstairs and a heated swimming pool.The juice bar can be expanded.”

“ A set of stairs on either side of the walls about eighteen feet up leading to a juice bar and supplements Kiosk. You might consider V.I.P. rooms for the wealthier members to lease out and lounge in, as well as a nice massage room on both levels.. The building is large enough to section off a men’s training/weight room.”

Sandra’s downed the double and poured us another.
“Keep talking stud–I love your idea’s so far.”

“ I have a stake in this too. I’m furnishing towels–sheets and massage oils in each one.
I’ll also be helping with their training. I want to get paid twenty-five percent of all the massage work for a two year period. After that–it’s theirs to keep up at their own expense.”

“Agreed– continue please..”

“You could do the same Sandra–only on a much larger and more profitable scale. Go into these places and get them up and running–then franchise them out and collect royalties off them the rest of your life.”
“Your “managers” in place now could become eventual owner-operators.”

“Think of all that time you spend in the air–you could park your plane most of the time–saving you a shit-load of gas and maintenence costs.
You can run it all by phone and computers.
I think that’s quite enough idea’s to wrap your pretty head around for the time being.”

A tap came at the door and Sandra let the twins in–who promptly smothered her with hugs and kisses.
“Oh thank you boss lady! We are gonna show our appreciation tonight after closing–if Dano would give us another “lesson.” Donna told us about your recent orgy.. We want a shot at you too!”

Sandra actually blushed. “Get you cute butt’s back on the floor!” They scooted on out with their “Daisy Duke” type shorts riding high on their toned ass cheeks.

“God I’ve wanted to eat those twins ever since they joined…and now I can have my fantasy because of you!”

It made my cock throb as that thought ran through my head. I’d never fucked a set of twins before. Knowing they were bi-sexual only fueled my horniness to get into any action possible. I excused myself, telling Sandra we would meet at the massage room at 8 pm sharp.

I nosed around awhile, speaking to most all the thirty-plus members there..I assured the guys their new place would be as good if not better than this one. I asked that they help spread the word that the men would have a new place of their own by late spring or early summer.

If any of them brought in a friend for a free workout and they joined, they would get a free month–no dues. I was sure Sandra would OK the “Free Advertising” I just created.

I made my way upstairs and took a long ,hot shower. I sat naked except the towel around my waist on my couch looking out at all the beauty of these high mountains.

My thoughts ran back to Josie and Jan, and how I would train them not only in massage, but a little BDSM training also. They seemed extremely submissive.
I could tell they were very pumped up and proud over their new jobs– I would explain how they should treat the man who got it for them.

I dressed very casual in my normal wife-beater tee shirt and camo-shorts, put on a splash of Polo cologne, and went to the massage room thirty minutes early. The twins were already there and also Donna. She said Sandra would be there shortly, she was in the sauna.
They all were bare-breasted and wore only thongs. My stupid cock thickened against my shorts. I had the twins on either side of me at the table when Sandra came in–damp and completely nude. Donna patted her down with a towel as she slid tummy down onto the table.

“Ladies–massage is something you learn over time. There’s so much information you cannot possibly absorb it all at once. I’ll just start with basic moves.”

Oiling my hands,I had the girls watch at first as I talked them through it.

“As the client fills out the consent form, be aware of any problems they tell you. Any past injuries–especially to the neck, spine and legs. For example, you can tell by a persons walk in some cases that they have a problem or favor one side when walking. Others may sit hunched at the shoulders. Both are signs that the back is out of alignment, or a past injury has not healed properly.”

“Always begin at the feet, and work towards the heart. Gently pop each toe you can with oiled fingers.”
I popped eight of Sandra’s ten toes.
“It’s a great beginning to relieving stress. Work up the calves, dividing the muscle with your thumbs, stopping just short of the back of the knee. Never apply pressure to the back of the knee, as it has connecting ligaments and tendons there.”

“ Continue to a spot an inch above the back of the knee and divide the larger thigh muscle in the same manner, up to where the thigh meets the buttocks. Skip over the buttocks and save them for last, since they are the largest muscles and need the hot stones a little longer.”

I had Jan on one side of Sandra and Josie with myself on the other side of the table. Donna stood at the head of the table massaging Sandra’s scalp, temples and neck area.

“Now that we have divided the calves and thighs , place the stones in the center on a line all the way to her buttocks. We waited a few minutes to give the oil time to soak into her pores.The smaller nickel and dime size stones are placed between each toe.”
As the twins placed them, Sandra moaned her approval.

“Always work with the smallest stones first, saving the largest for the lower back and buttocks. I know this sounds like alot to soak up–but after about a half dozen massages it will just come natural to you.”

“Now observe how Donna is applying light pressure to the temples and neck area.
We’ll cover gaziantep eskort bayan the finer points of this later. The shoulders, back and spinal column are complex-so just work slowly and ask the client occasionally to tell you if you are using too much pressure. Donna,Debra and Sandra have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating.”

“ The spinal column is arranged in the following order.. There are 7 Cervical vertebrae , 12 Thoracic vertebrae, 5 Lumbar vertebrae, 5 Fused Sacrum vertebrae, and 3 Coccyx – or tail bone.
Arriving at the L-5 region, we next come to the buttocks.”

“Always work each one section separately. When using the stones, take care to hold them a few seconds or so in your hand to transfer some of the heat. Place it in your palm and rub it in wide circles to dissipate the heat evenly on each cheek. A properly heated buttock will be a light rose in color. Later the massage will involve using those stones, so keep that in mind.”

The twins watched as my oiled hands worked from Sandra’s toes up to where thighs met her butt. Then I moved aside and had them each take a side and repeat the moves.They oiled up and began.
Donna slid off her thong and got behind Jan .. reaching around to cup her perfect breasts and pinch the hard but puffy nipples with her oiled hands and fingers.

Josie was at Sandra’s firm buttocks and Jan’s mouth was watering looking at it. They moved to her neck and shoulder area next as instructed, each lovingly using their fingertips on Sandra. Her thighs were spread wide and I saw she already was leaking fluids onto the sheet. The twins rapidly moved down her spine to her lumbar region, and Sandra’s ass quivered in anticipation.

“Place the next smallest stones along each side of the spine-all the way to L-5 here” I said putting my finger on it. They each gathered a handful and rubbed them softly into position.
“Ohh-Yess girls!! That feels wonderful.” Sandra moaned.

I stood behind Josie and whispered in her ear– “ I’m gonna fuck both of you, and you must do anything I say.”
I let my open palms cup both her ripe ass cheeks. She wiggled her tight ass into my hands saying “Yes Sir–please do!”

I peeled her thong off to the floor as her sister watched from the other side. Josie kicked them off and got out a larger stone for Sandra’s butt cheek. Holding it with both hands to let the heat transfer, she lay it on the table and kneaded the firm ass cheek in front of her. Jan had followed her sister and dropped her thong also, and was repeating the move.

Sandra’s ass lifted to moan loudly– “You two are gonna make me cum!” Josie put the large stone on her cheek and began to rub in tight circles as Jan copied her exactly.

My two middle fingers had slid into Josie’s tight labia and finally inside the inner lips. Her muscles sucked at the digits as she tried to hunch back onto my hand. As she bent, I unzipped my camo’s and let my thick tool come out.

I rubbed it a few times up and down her labia, parting the flowering lips. Once I felt the head pop inside her inner lips, I just kept steady pressure and slowly slid deep inside her hot tunnel. Josie could hold back no longer and put her mouth into Sandra’s spread ass cheeks and tongued her anal muscle..

“Aaaaahhhgg! “ wailed Sandra as Jan moved to Sandra’s head. She bent to Sandra’s face and frenched her slowly–it was on then! I began to remove the stones as fast as possible back in the heater. Sandra rolled to her back so she could more enjoy being double teamed. Jan straddled her face and tongue while Josie sucked at her huge clit below and fingered both her tight holes.

Donna’s View

I saw what Dano was doing to Josie’s ass and it set me off– and I just had to get in some action too.. I played with Jan’s breasts a little till she was moaning with pleasure.
I saw Dano pull out of Josie’s slick, cummi pussy and press the dripping head into her tight ass!

Josie’s legs began to shake and tremble–as she had an anal orgasm as soon as Dano touched bottom. Lucky Sandra was getting to eat some fine Jan pussy as Josie kept eating hers. Jan was sucking Sandra’s hard nipples.

I stuck my tongue deeply into Jan’s ass crack and penetrated her anus, eating some of her fine ass. Everyone was cumming and moaning.

Dano was spanking Josie’s ass lightly on both cheeks as he fucked her ass silly. This was getting crazy–everyone cumming within seconds of each other, then Dano pulled out of Josie and came up behind Jan.
He had me go eat Josie while he ass fucked Jan.. He was determined to break them in well it would seem. Josie’s pussy and ass was leaking cum–and I knew better than to waste it!

We all had several intense orgasms in the next few minutes–as well as what we squirted earlier. It was at least an hour of non stop sex, like a daisy chain with Sandra in the pivot point. All three of us girls took turns in a sixty-nine with Sandra on bottom. She cum so much she passed out briefly also.

The twins finally helped Sandra off the table and Dano helped me and we all hit the steam sauna to wind down from the incredible orgy! Sandra invited the twins to stay overnight at her place downtown and Dano and I stayed upstairs over the gym and slept like babies.

It was one of Dano’s best massage lessons and I’ll never forget it!

Donna and I woke the next morning to the smell of the auto- drip coffee brewing. I had a very quick shave and shower while Donna rode to Hardee’s for a bag of breakfast biscuits. I was dressed and feeling great sitting at the picture window watching the snow’s glare in the morning sun.

I had our coffee on the table when I heard her come in downstairs. She had opened for business and had very little time to waste. I took her coffee down and had a bite to eat with her as she called the twins. “Hey–you guys are running late! I opened ten minutes ago.” She hung up and gave me a little kiss to start the day on.

I went back to packing for my trip to the coast with Sandra. By the time I came down Sandra and the twins were on the floor with a group talking of our plans on expanding the place.
Everyone seemed excited and wanted to help in some way. There were lots of hugs and kisses as we left for the airport.

Our flight was about ninety minutes. I began in the co-pilots seat as Sandra took off. She had me place my hands on the controls and steering as we climbed. She had promised to teach me to fly–against my better judgment. She showed what dials to watch and the airspeed gauge –where to place my feet..etc.

I actually flew this twin engine beast over about 60 miles of mountains and saw the ground drop quickly as we came into the foothills of North Carolina. Sandra finally took back control and let me sit and watch more.

She began telling me of her plans. We would start implementing them when she arrived back from Italy. Her father lived there and she was going for a week stay.

I was to stay at her place at Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Her father had owned the property and moved back to Italy in hopes of a pleasant retirement there. She said her younger sister lived there also.

About twenty minutes into our flight, I decided to relax in the planes lounge area. It was very cramped getting out of the seat and squeezing past Sandra–who had put the plane on auto-pilot and was reading.

I grabbed a short tumbler and fixed myself a stiff double of Black Jack over ice and sat on the love seat near the front. It wasn’t five minutes till Sandra joined me. She grabbed a bottled green tea from the mini fridge and sat next to me. She took a long deep drink and sat the bottle to the side.

“You having fun back here all alone?”
“I was just enjoying the ride Sandra, and you have more faith in your auto pilot than I do.”
She gave a sexy grin and slipped her arms around my neck and frenched me quite well.

“MMmm–I said– What’s that for?”
“You ever a member of the mile-high club Dano?”

Of course I’d heard of it–and was a long past member, having been nearly fucked to death by a stewardess on a commercial flight several years ago, but that’s another story in my files…Heh Heh. But given this chance–I wasn’t gonna blow it.. I just rolled my eyes at her and grinned.

“What do you have in mind Sandra?” as if it took a college degree to figure her out.

She stood and pulled me to my feet. She un-buckled my belt and my dress slacks hit my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and was suddenly naked from the waist down.. I wore no underwear. I stepped clear of them as she dropped down onto her knees. She grabbed at my already half hard cock and stroked it.

Rolling my fat balls in her palm she licked from the base clear to the wide head. Once there Sandra looked lovingly into my eyes as about half my length was sucked on intently. The lower half she stroked slowly, milking it by squeezing and releasing her grip.

She pushed gently to help me get seated again and spread my legs wide to get comfortable as she tried to inhale more of my thick cock. The suction she put on me was awesome. It felt as if she would suck my toenails up through there..LOL.

Almost gagging on my cock head in her throat –she shifted and ran her free hand down and worked her way out of her tan cargo pants she wore. Then came a skimpy thong.

Happy to be free of her clothing, Sandra gave my cock a few more long in and out deep throats and slid upwards to straddle my rock hard pole as she worked the thick head up and down her already soaked labia.

She settled down as the head spread her outer then her inner lips. Slowly sinking down on my length, it seemed to take her breath till she was fully impaled on my cock.

“Breathe dummi” I said laughing at her.

Sandra blushed and began to breathe deeply as her ass cheeks cut little circles on my trimmed pubic hair. I pinched her nipples to her delight and she pinched mine and held them as she began to stroke herself on my cock. Taking full long strokes to the very tip–then sliding slowly to the bottom again–grunting sexily. I began to thrust up slightly as my open palms reached around to grip each ass cheek and spread them.

“Oh Fuck yess Dano, fuck my sore pussy!”

I helped her by lifting up on her ass cheeks as she rode me faster. Her poor big clit was being banged against my pelvic bone on each stroke.
It shown in her facial expression as a frown each time she bottomed out and grunted. It must be that “hurts so good” pain women tell me of during sex.

The long slow strokes were beginning to wear Sandra down after about ten minutes so I slowly rolled her over and lay her down on the love seat and repositioned us where I was on top. My thick cock was feeling really well to her as her arms went up to hold me around the neck. Her breathing was coming in gasps as her hips tried to match me stroke for stroke.

She frenched me slowly as she had her first orgasm, moaning into my mouth as her pussy clenched and released on my slick shaft. My heavy balls were bouncing on her soaked anus.

“I’m C-cccumminnggg!! Sandra screamed as her tight pussy spasmed and clenched on my thick cock. Her juices leaked around my shaft and I felt my heavy balls get very wet.

The head of my cock began to swell as my own orgasm stirred in my groin. I let my middle finger slip into her spasming rosebud as a stronger orgasm took her breath. She used both hands to grip my shoulders as her crotch rubbed mine. I kept the finger moving fast as she cum.

My cock thickened as my own orgasm climbed the shaft. I spurted several thick, warm lines into her still clenching pussy and Sandra screamed at the top of her lungs that she felt the sticky release. Our bodies moved in perfect unison while my balls and the couch got soaked. Her face lay sideways toward my neck as her heavy breathing began to slow.

“Fuck Dano– You’ll be the death of me yet!”
I managed a weak smile as she slid off my cock and stood. Her thighs trembled in aftershocks as she almost ran back to the single toilet in back. I just half sat–lay on the wet couch trying to compose myself. It was no time at all before landing.

After a brief ride we were at her home. It was a huge older three story home that sat inside the famed Harbor Town Cove and Golf Village.

After a quick tour of this end of the Island, Sandra introduced me to her younger sister– Shannon who stayed at the home as a family resident and caretaker.. As they were catching each other up on recent events, I could not help noticing just how much alike they were–except for the five year age difference. They had the same hair–build and habits it seemed.

Shannon assured Sandra that I would be well cared for during my stay. I received a wink from Sandra as she left to board her First Class jet for Italy, kissing me and hinting to take it easy on her sister.

I spent most of the afternoon exploring the house and putting my few things away. As I saw her coming inside from the huge wrap around porch—Shannon asked to take me out to eat. I smiled and replied only if it was MY treat.
We ate at a little place that served any seafood you could wish for. She was surprised that I ordered a simple T-bone —baked potato and salad.

As she ate, her conversation inclined toward how her sister and I met. It evolved into my work as a traveling Massage Therapist and ended with when could she expect to get one.

“My–that’s moving along pretty fast . I had hoped to rest my hands a few days on some golf clubs. I didn’t even bring my table and stones.”
“Well we don’t just HAVE to have those do we?” she pouted.
“No–I can improvise if your bed has a firm mattress and a few extra pillows. I can use any body lotion in place of my oils.”
Shannon’s face seemed to blush slightly and we finished our meal and left.

We strolled around the harbor and walked slowly back to the house. I hinted to her that she should shower first to open up her pores. She said to let her grab a couple towels because the home had it’s own steam sauna. She came from her bedroom wrapped in a large beach towel. She gave me one and in no time we were sitting in the sauna. We sat closely together and talked about her life on the Island.

“I love it here . The place is like a dream sometimes–especially at night.” I asked about her connections with others–trying to be subtle.
“I’ve had a few dates here and there, but no one special enough to be serious with.
I am bi-sexual also Dano, and have had more women in my life than men to be honest.”

I was getting very heated as I listened. I think Shannon picked up on this because she suddenly stood and removed her towel. Her body was perfect for her size.
Her puffy nipples stood straight out and she had only a thin “landing strip” of pubic hair closely trimmed just above her clit.
She smiled and pulled me up–removing my towel and gazing openly at my half hard cock.

“ Mmmmmm–May I touch it?” she asked. I grabbed her closest hand and guided it to my thick cock. Once her hand squeezed it, it stirred to full hardness. She was slowly stroking me from base to tip as she stared me in the eyes.
“My God that’s the thickest cock I’ve ever held!” I pulled her to me suddenly, to kiss those full sexy lips. Her mouth parted and our tongues danced as she continued to play with my cock.

Our kiss broke and she asked “Can I go down there a moment. I want to check something out.”
I nodded my approval- smiling as she went to her knees. She licked the large wide glans round and round a few times. She sucked the head and a couple of inches into her hot mouth and tongued the underside as she put strong suction on it.

This brought me to my tip-toes a bit before I was pushed back into my seat on the wooden bench. Shannon pushed my thighs very wide apart and began to gag about halfway down my shaft.
She came up and her cute eyes were watering a bit.

“Tell me what you would like Dano–a nice blow-job or some of the tightest pussy
you’ll ever have?” I pulled her to trap my cock between her sweaty breasts.
“ Why can’t I have both Shannon? I’m not a 10 minute man. I’m very multi-orgasmic myself.”

She grinned and slid my cock between her mashed breasts.
“Let’s go back inside then to the bedroom.” We both showered quickly and returned to her bed room.

The four red candles on the bookcase style headboard cast a soft glow as we entered, and smelled of cherry blossoms. They were the fat kind about three inches wide by eight inches tall and sat on their own coasters.

Once inside Shannon stripped her bed down to the sheet and asked me what to do.
It finally clicked as I told her to tummy down a few minutes. She was a bit of a “submissive” if I was reading her correctly. Never taking charge–and always asking permission before doing anything.

“Sooo Dano–how’s this gonna go down?” she said sexily as her flimsy wrap hit the floor. Shannon glowed with sensuality, but lacked the “trigger”–the will to control a situation such as this.

I guided her onto the bed and asked she go tummy down and just go limp. I straddled the bed just at her cute feet and applied a generous squirt of coconut oil she had close by to my hands.

As I popped her toes–I noticed two long black silk scarfs tied to each bedpost at the head of the large bed. I was right –bondage material! I said nothing as she moaned her approval of my strong hands moving up her calves, dividing the muscles with my thumbs.

My hands moved her inner thighs slowly apart as my fingers spread to knead each spot of pleasure I could find.
I’ve often found that a woman’s inner thighs just short of her vagina to be as erotic to her as her clitoris. Her bare labia was beginning to blossom and turn outward like a flower, and already the ‘dew’ of fluids shown on the lips.

She moaned seductively at every move of my fingers. As I would near her ass cheeks–she would try her best to steer the crack onto my fingers. This proved to be the chance I was waiting on to test her. I gave her a sharp ss-slap on her ass–perfectly centered on the quivering cheeks. Shannon jumped as if a gun had gone off.

“Be still as possible.” was my stern statement. “I’ll spank your ass good if you don’t obey me.”
“Y-Yes Sir” she whimpered and added “But your fingers are driving me wild!”
I let my two middle fingers scratch very lightly over her swollen cunt lips. Her thighs spread wide in anticipation. I removed them suddenly and mover my knees to one side.

I propped on one elbow as I scratched from her ass cheeks all the way up the center of her spinal column. You could see the chill bumps following my fingers. Even though she was Sandra’s younger sister by five years–Shannon was every bit as hot as her sister, and just as easily turned on.

She ground her pubic mound into the sheet below, moaning very softly how good she felt getting all this attention. I let my breath blow lightly on her neck as my fingers kneaded her shoulders. her head turned towards me and our lips met. We frenched long and slow, savoring the moment. I told her to roll to her back and lay her arms over her head. She silently complied as I used the silk scarfs to bind each wrist.

“Didn’t think I noticed these, did you?” Shannon visibly blushed as my lips went to her hard nipples. I sucked each in turn, taking time to roll each tip in my mouth.
“How long have you been a submissive Shannon?”

“Since I was fifteen Dano. My Dad spanked me one evening for slipping off without his permission. He tied my hands behind my back to keep me from covering my butt. He put me over his knees and pulled up my mini dress–and wore my ass out good! I had a thong on so he had full access to both butt cheeks.”
Just having that image in my mind caused my hard cock to throb.

“ I had an orgasm after the fourth slap of his hand Dano. It was then I knew tying me up was a fetish I had. No guy except my Dad has bound me before–until now. I told all my girlfriends what I liked though, and that’s why I mainly stick to females. They seem to get off on spanking me, then kissing and tonguing to make it better.”

I had Shannon on her back now, wrists securely bound with the silk and began at her toes—popping them with my oiled fingers. She seemed very ticklish at her feet and squealed in delight as I moved to her toned inner thighs. Again I drew slow deliberate patterns of massage as her labia oozed fluids. I cupped her mound suddenly and let my two middle fingers hook just inside her inner lips. Her ass left the bed –hunching at my fingers.

“Oh fuck yeah Dano-mm-more!” I leaned in and tongued her cute navel making her moan loudly as my fingers found her G spot. I tapped it a few times as I moved to suck her beautiful pink nipples.
“”Mmmmmmm-” she moaned. My fingers were soaking wet, and she had yet to cum.
I massaged her ripe mounds with my free hand and alternately sucked her erect nipples. Her ass was cutting little circles in the air now–trying to steer my fingers deeper.
“Please–fuck me…I want to feel that thick cock in me!”
“I always aim to please–but let me work at my own pace and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.” Shannon bit and sucked her lower lip as she nodded OK .

I removed my fingers and brought them to my lips to taste. She whimpered softly at my gesture and wiggled her tongue out for a taste also. I let her feed on the digits as I spread her thighs wider. She raised her ass even more when she realized what was in store next.
I spanked her swelled clit a half dozen times as she moaned loudly. I used the tip of my tongue to trace ABC’s all around the erect nub. It was almost as large as Sandra’s. I sealed her clit and hood with strong suction from my lips and she immediately screamed.

Using my long middle finger, I teased her spasming anal muscle as I licked her deeply inside the walls of her pussy. Her orgasm erupted violently–squirting my chin and neck before I could catch the first spurt. I drove my finger inside her tight ass deeply as the next spurts of cum were inhaled with my suction.

“Aaaaaahhieeeeee!!! C-Cummmmiinggg!!” Shannon strained against her silk restraints as I added another finger in her ass, moving her into an anal orgasm. She continued to moan and fight the silk till finally she went limp and surrendered to my tongue. I licked her pussy well–getting all her cum and keeping a mouthful for her.

I removed my fingers and moved between her shaking thighs and frenched her deeply. She moaned into my mouth as the wide head of my cock split her tight pussy. Her eyes were open , staring deep into mine as inch after inch slipped into her tightness.
About halfway in, I felt her cunt muscles grip my cock as her eyes grew larger.

I decided to make Shannon control the pace a bit and did a quick roll onto my back, swinging her to kneel doggy over me without losing our connection. It caught her by surprise, and I whispered softly telling her to ride my cock. She grinned wildly and rolled her ass forward and down, getting about six inches of my cock to split her even deeper.

I was busy with her ripe 30 year old breasts. Shannon was a woman in her prime I would say. She took her exercise seriously and it showed by her ab’s and toned body. Her breasts did not drop an inch and each had rock hard pink nipples that I fed greedily on. It’s a guy thing I suppose loving to nurse such perfect breasts.

Shannon squealed at every move down she stroked and held her breath’s on the upstroke, riding my cock up to the head before sliding back slowly down.
My open palms were busy also, kneading her ripe ass-cheeks to help guide her. I gave them each a couple of sharp stinging slaps to set her off good.

Her moans filled the room as her breathing got really ragged and in short gasps. I knew she was close so I used my fingernails to scratch both her cheeks deeply enough to mark her. She screamed as her orgasm hit her.
“Oh F-fuckkk yeahhhh!! Cummmming!” Her hips ground the last couple inches in as her pussy spasmed and squirted her warm cum all around my thick base and balls.

I quickly spun her over to her back and began to fuck her with long fast strokes.
My balls tightened and line after line of my hot cum filled her to overflowing. She pulled my head in her hands to French me deeply as our mutual orgasms shook us to the core.

I raised up and pulled us to the edge of the bed where I could stand—but left her ass hanging on the edge. My cock still twitching, I began to grind my pelvis against her soaked clit. Another orgasm caused her to moan again– my cock began sawing in and out as she squirted again, soaking my crotch.

I crossed her legs on my chest as she was in cum mode and grabbed a candle. I slowly dripped the hot red wax on each of her nipples…..it made her cum harder…I ran a trail of wax from between her breasts all the way to her navel before running low on wax.
I grabbed another candle and continued all the way to our meshed pubic mounds. She was screaming how good it felt till the hot wax hit her clit. It really set her off and she begged me to fuck her harder—to punish her pussy.

I poured the last of the wax into my palm and rubbed it into each breast as I pounded her into submission.
I shot another heavy load as Shannon fell limp still cumming, her body in spasms as used the last of her strength to pull me back down on top of her. We rolled onto our sides as we un coupled and began to catch our breath.

“Whew—That’s the best damn fuck I’ve ever had Dano! I had no clue you were soo kinky.” I thought immediately of Connie in Knoxville, and what a pair they would make.

“I know a few girls that like it rough–I just go with the flow and give a client whatever they ask for within reason. What you got was an Erotic Massage–the sex–the wax dripping were included to show you how adaptable you can be if you wish. There are hundreds of “Fetishes”. Whatever excites or turns you on–makes you horny– is your fetish. Some have one..others may have several. Some choose to explore all the different forms of BDSM.”

Shannon rolled out of bed with me and we headed back to the shower to rinse the caked up wax off us, giggling like a couple of kids.

It would be an interesting week, and I may tell of hooking Connie and Shannon up–a Dominatrix and a submissive in a later chapter of the timeline.

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