Helene Ch. 02


*Note – This is a work of fiction.

By the time the summer of ’75 came, 8 different girls were involved with Helene’s little voyeuristic game. They all thought they were doing it just for Helene and their own benefit. Only Gracie knew that I knew as well.

If I have given you the idea that I just went to work and then moped around all the time waiting for Helene to be in town, I apologize. Most of the time my apartment was being visited by some of my friends (yes, I did have some). Sometimes these visits did not include me.

My best friend, Kent, had a set of keys to my place. It was not unusual to come home and find Kent and ___________ (please insert any name you wish. He had more girlfriends than I had rookie cards, and I had a shoebox full.), already there and in my bed playing ‘Wild Kingdom”.

Twice he ruined a set up for Helene and me. One night I specifically told him I was going to have company and please wait till the next day. I don’t know if he forgot or just didn’t care, but I came home with Helene and this really gorgeous girl named Chrissie and, damnit there he was! I didn’t want to take the keys back from him. That would have been a little harsh. But he had to pay for blowing the opportunity with Chrissie for Helene and me.

I took Chrissie home, and Helene and I went to a doughnut shop to talk about a plan.

I told her about my starting to have dreams about watching.

At first she thought I was kidding.

“You’re front row, center. Why do you want to sit in the balcony for? She asked.

“Just for once, I’d like to try it,” I said.

She shook her head and said, “Don’t look at me, John.”

“No, I already know about your virginal wish,” I replied. “I have something I think we both will like.”

“Oh, you’re starting to sound wicked! I’m getting goose bumps! Let’s hear it,” she said.

One of the nicest things about my apartment is that it had a large walk-in closet in the bedroom. It could have doubled as a guestroom. Since I was a bachelor, I had very few items in that closet. It had sliding doors, with moveable louvers. I showed Helene what I had in mind, and she said that the closet smelled like my shoes. After moving my shoes to the hall closet, and a can of Lysol later, we were ready to execute the plan. All we had to do now was wait for Kent to show up.

Kent’s way of letting me know he was there, was to play the stereo rather loudly. This didn’t mean that I could not enter my apartment, rather that my bedroom was occupied. After a few evenings of laying in wait of Kent, we heard the stereo go on and in came Kent with a girl that looked rather skanky.

By now, Helene and I had this down to an art. We had beanbag chairs, a cooler with soda, and a bag of pretzels. Helene noticed the girl, and whispered to me. “He’s slumming.”

I just shook my shoulders, because I had actually seen him with worse. The girl and Kent began to undress, and jumped onto the waterbed. They then began a good bunny rabbit imitation. I reached down to grab the bag of pretzels, had the top in my hand, but before I had the chance to pull it open, Kent got off the bed. I looked at Helene, she was pointing at her watch. “20 seconds” she mouthed to me.

“You alaçatı escort have got to be kidding me, that was it?” I said to her. With the stereo pounding away in the living room, we could speak freely without being heard. “Maybe that was just a warm-up.” I said.

“I don’t think so” Helene replied.

“You find this exciting?” I asked.

“No, that stunk,” She replied. “My roommate and you really know how to put on a show, I guess I just assumed everyone was like that.”

“Well, maybe the next time, things will go a bit better.” I said hopefully.

A couple nights later, the stereo goes on, Helene and I are waiting, and Kent comes in with a rather pretty girl. This time he gave us a good show. I was beginning to see what Helene found so erotic about watching. The only bad part about it all was that Kent was really bad in the sack. He had no imagination whatsoever. Maybe that’s why he needed a new girl every time.

I told Helene that this wasn’t really working out so well, because Kent wasn’t really putting on that great of a show. Helene suggested that we bring in Gracie. The only problem was, Gracie didn’t really like Kent very much. We needed someone who didn’t know him.

So we brought in Donna. Helene told Donna that she was becoming bored with watching me with girls, and wanted to try watching with a different guy. She told Donna that Kent was a friend of mine, and that he had a key to the apartment. She arranged for Donna to ‘bump into’ Kent, and give him the idea of taking her back to the apartment the following evening. Helene told Donna to not lock the front door, so that she could get into the apartment. Donna didn’t know that Helene and I would be in the closet waiting for them, in fact Donna didn’t know that I had any idea what was going on.

The next evening, as planned, the stereo went on in the living room, and in came Donna and Kent. Donna started off giving us an oral exhibition. She appeared to be having trouble keeping Kent from ending the evening early, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve. She managed to keep Kent in check.

Meanwhile, I have to admit, she was putting on quite a show and I was finding myself quite aroused. Helene was beginning to breathe heavily next to me, and was trying to hide the fact that she had her hand in her crotch. It appeared that she was enjoying Donna’s showmanship as well.

I thought to myself ‘Enough is enough.’ I dropped my pants and began openly stroking myself. Helene looked down at my hand, and up at my face as if to say, “What are you doing?” I gave her a look that said “Come on, go ahead.” She shook her head ‘No’, and returned her gaze to the bedroom. About a minute went by when I heard Helene whisper, “Fuck it.” She dropped her pants and joined me in a wanking session.

I know she had done this several dozen times a few feet away from me, but I had never actually seen her do it. I couldn’t tell which was more erotic, watching Helene pleasure herself, or watching Donna, who had now climbed on top of Kent and was impaling herself on him. As hard as Donna tried, she couldn’t keep Kent from cumming and ending the session. Soon, they were dressing and leaving the bedroom.

I alaybey escort hadn’t cum yet, and I could tell that Helene hadn’t either. Helene was about to start pulling her pants up when I put my arm on her shoulder and pushed her back down onto the beanbag chair. She looked at me. I looked from her, down to my crotch where I was still stroking, and back to her with a look that said ‘Go ahead, don’t stop. Finish it’. Helene went back to work on herself. I didn’t want to cum until she did, but I hoped that she was close because I sure was. I put my free arm around her, pulled her close to me, and held her while we both continued wanking ourselves. Her breathing had become very hard, almost as if she was snorting through her nostrils. I knew she was either cumming, or was about to. I felt her shudder, and I knew that was it. That took me over the edge, and I came.

We both sat there with our heads leaning against each other, enjoying the experience we had just shared. It was the most erotic thing I had ever done in my life. I’m afraid both of us had made quite a mess. It was a good thing that vinyl and tile clean up very easily.

Later that evening, Helene and I had consumed a little too much alcohol, and Helene made the suggestion that she stay the night rather than my driving her home. Helene had never stayed overnight before, so I wasn’t sure how this would work out.

She asked if I had an extra set of sheets, I said that I did. (How could I not, with Kent over there all the time?) After changing them for me, she stripped down to her underwear, crawled into the bed, and patted the spot beside her. I had pretty much assumed that I’d be sleeping on the sofa, so this caught me by surprise. I stripped to my underwear and climbed in beside her.

She said, “Tonight was great, but, we still haven’t gotten Kent back. How are we going to do this?”

I replied, “Well, I really don’t want to hurt any of the girls he brings here, it’s not their fault he’s an ass. I really think we should talk to Gracie.”

“Well, that won’t work, because she doesn’t like Kent.” Said Helene

“Well, that might be why she will help us, just ask her to come over tomorrow night.” I replied.

We continued talking until the wee hours of the morning went to sleep, and when we woke up the next day, Helene showed no interest in going home. She called Gracie and waited for her to come over. When Gracie arrived, I explained my plan to her. She didn’t want to go for it. I didn’t realize the extent to which she didn’t like Kent. I came up with an even better plan that Gracie agreed to. The key to this plan was that Kent had no idea Gracie didn’t care for him.

“You are really bad, John.” Said Helene.

The next day, Helene arranged for Gracie to ‘bump into’ Kent, and have him bring her back to the apartment. Helene and I were already stationed, and waiting. This time, we didn’t even wait for that action to start; we had our pants around our ankles before they got there. Soon, the stereo went on.


In comes Gracie and Kent. Gracie does a slow striptease to the music. I had to admit, she was pretty good at it. Every now and again she would goof, and Helene and I would aliağa escort giggle, but all in all she put on a good show. When she finished her striptease, she went over to the bed, and slowly disrobed Kent. Seeing that he was already at full attention, she decided to go right to work. Whether she was on top, or he was on top, she only allowed him a few seconds before she would break it off. During the breaks, she would tickle him, or talk to him, doing anything she could to keep him from getting too excited. She wanted this to last a little while for our benefit. Gracie put on quite a show for us. She was very deliberate in what she was doing.

After about 20 minutes, Helene had already cum twice, but I was trying to hold out for the end. We had told Gracie that she was to try everything in her power to have the session go 30 minutes. She was doing a good job of making sure it didn’t end early. I put my arm around Helene and brought her close, I felt her cum a third time. This time when she finished, she didn’t start again.

Instead, she replaced my hand with hers. Needless to say, I was shocked. “Her Virginess” was now only technically a virgin. Considering I did not force her, she really must have wanted to do it. As we continued to watch Gracie put on her show, Helene wanked me, and I wanked her. Just the idea of Helene doing it was enough to end my session, and I had soon made my own mess. Helene just gave me a big hug without saying a word.

I looked at my watch; it was coming up on 30 minutes. We both stood, pulled up our pants, Gracie pulled off of Kent, started jerking him hard, the doors to the closet burst open, and I rattled off a roll of film as he went over the edge. Gracie triumphantly smiled to the camera and held him at an angle that would work well with the pictured I was taking. I thought Kent was going to have a coronary. Gracie and Helene were laughing their asses off, while Kent looked at me in a confused and dazed state. “That’ll teach you to bring people in here without asking first.” I said to Kent.

The three of us went out to the living room, giving Kent time to regain his composure. When he came out, he didn’t have much to say, he only excused himself and left. I had a friend of mind develop the roll of film. We picked out the one we liked best and had it blown up to three 16×20 posters, which I had framed.

The first time Kent brought a girl to my apartment unannounced after that, he and the girl he was with found themselves face to face with a picture of Gracie holding his dick, with spurts of spunk flying through the air, and his head tilted up looking at the camera wide eyed and surprised.

The next time he tried it, he went into the apartment and took down the picture before the girl came in. He really liked this girl. Too bad, when he turned on the bedroom light he found two posters on walls, facing each other. Needless to say, things were ruined between him and that girl. He had finally gotten the point. He never came over to my apartment with someone again, without asking first.

Meanwhile, Helene and I discovered that we really enjoyed that session with each other quite a bit. Helene needed a visual stimulus. It just wouldn’t work for her unless she was watching somebody. In discussing the problem with Gracie, she told me that she would be most happy to perform a one woman show for us, and that we wouldn’t even have to hide.

Gracie was very good at what she did. She even suggested bringing over a girl for a two-woman show.

But that’s another story.

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