Helping out at the Office Pt. 02


This story will make much more sense to you if you read Part I first.

Business continued to grow for Chris and his partners, and with Mona’s help, conference calls were never a problem for Chris. Brad and Jace became more comfortable with Mona’s part in the process, and it began to seem almost normal to have Chris sucking on her tits during a meeting.

One night they all had dinner together at Chris and Mona’s, then spent the evening drinking and talking. Several bottles of wine later, they began talking about when Mona had first suggested the idea of being in on the conference calls.

“I thought Chris was joking when he told me,” Brad said. “I laughed and told him, ‘as long as we all get a turn.’ Then I realized he was serious.”

“That first time, when you were sitting there without your shirt on, I tried really hard not to look,” Jace said.

“‘Hard’ being the key word there?” Brad teased, nudging his friend with his elbow.

“Exactly. Now I get a peek whenever I can,” Jace admitted.

Mona was a happy drunk, as generous and helpful as always. “Do you guys really feel left out? I just thought you might feel awkward. Really, it isn’t fair that Chris gets to suck on tits while you guys just conduct business.”

“Well, we understand. Not that we would say no to a bit of breast ourselves,” Brad answered for both of them.

Mona turned to Chris. “You wouldn’t mind if I made it up to them a bit tonight, would you? They are your best friends, after all, and have put up with this for months.”

Chris found himself getting hard at the thought of seeing his friends suck on Mona’s beautiful breasts. “I don’t mind if you don’t!” he said expansively.

Brad and Jace exchanged excited grins. Mona stood up from where she sat beside Chris on the couch, and undoing the buttons on her taught blouse, she swayed over towards their friends. “Who’s first?” she asked.

Jace sat dumbstruck, staring at Mona’s exposed, bra-encased orbs. Brad spoke up; “I’m happy to go first!”

Chris chuckled.

Mona straddled Brad’s legs and let her blouse fall off. Reaching her arms around, she undid the clasps holding up her full-support bra; she slowly pulled the straps down one arm, and then the other. Brad’s eyes were fastened on her tits, waiting eagerly for the full reveal. As the undergarment fell from Mona’s torso, Brad’s eyes grew hazy with lust.

Chris smiled, watching his friend’s face. “Aren’t they amazing?” he asked.

Brad licked his lips in reply, and leaned forward at the same time as Mona. Squeezing both tits with his hands, his lips descended on her right breast, sucking first just her nipple into his mouth as he continued to knead both breasts with his hands. His eyes closed, and his mouth pulled more of the soft white mountain into his mouth.

Watching his friend suckle on Mona’s delectable large melons, Jace sat in silence, stroking his hard dick through his pants. Chris, on the other side of the room, was doing the same. He knew just what Brad was experiencing; the soft white flesh in his hands, the hard red nub in his mouth, the most sensual of feelings in the world, in Chris’s experience.

Mona moaned with pleasure as Brad worshipped her chest, hands and mouth in constant movement, his own cock hard and pushing against Mona’s leg. In meetings she always forced herself to remain quiet so that the clients on the phone didn’t know what was happening on their end. Here, for the first time, Brad and Jace were exposed to her enjoyment of having her tits fondled and suckled. Grinding her pussy on Brad’s leg, Mona pushed her breasts toward Brad, giving him a face-full of her beautiful soft flesh. Brad groaned, and lightly nipped at the nipple in his mouth.

Jace pulled his cock out of his zipper and rubbed harder, his face flushed.

Brad slowly let go of Mona’s breast with his mouth, and moved over to lick her other nipple. Mona writhed on his lap, saying, “Suck me, Brad, suck on my hard nipple. Eat my tit.”

He happily complied, moving his mouth further onto her breast and sucking as much of it in as he could. She reached down and rubbed his trapped cock, and Brad started with the burst of intense pleasure.

Chris rubbed himself slowly, wanting to draw out the orgasm he knew he would have from watching. Jace had no such control, rubbing himself frantically as he watched Brad feast on Mona’s delectable white flesh.

Mona threw her head back. Brad teased her nipple mercilessly with his tongue, and she squeezed his cock through his pants. They were both quite loud by this point, moaning and groaning in pleasure.

“Yes, yes!” Mona called as she shuddered on Brad’s leg. Feeling her orgasm on his lap pushed Brad over the top, and he came as well, putting his hand on Mona’s to stop her from squeezing him. Jace came next, his cum landing all over his lap.

Chris stopped rubbing, leaving his own peak for while he watched Jace and Mona. Mona and their two friends sat, breathing heavily, as they came down from their orgasms.

“Incredible,” Brad said finally, and gave each of Mona’s nipples a last lingering kiss. “You’re absolutely beautiful, Mona. I will never be able to look at you again without seeing these delicious treats,” he Gaziantep Gecelik Escort confessed.

Mona smiled, and kissed him gently on his lips. Scooting backwards off of Brad’s lap, she turned to Jace. Jace looked down at his jiz-filled lap, and realized he couldn’t expect Mona to sit on it. He stood up and quickly unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Mona sat on his bare legs and scooted forwards, holding her breasts up towards Jace.

Putting his hands under her own, Jace waited until Mona removed her hands, and then gently squeezed her breasts. Chris noticed that Jace’s boxers were already beginning to tent.

Jace buried his face between Mona’s two large fleshy orbs, pushing them against his face. Eventually he surfaced, and pulled a nipple into his mouth. Pursing his lips, he suckled while lightly running his fingertips over the expanse of the rest of the breast. Mona shivered at the varied sensations being felt by the parts of her breast.

“You’re a tease, Jace,” she chided him. He raised his eyes to her, and soon brought more of her into her mouth. After a minute or two of sucking, he switched to the other breast. Mona ground slowly on his lap, her pussy still sensitive from her first orgasm.

Chris looked up to meet Mona’s eyes, and then looked down as he let her tit fall from his mouth. “Your breasts are amazing,” he said. “Can I…would you..”

“What?” Mona asked.

“I’ve always dreamed of tit-fucking big breasts like yours. Would you mind if I did that to you?”

Mona looked back at Chris, who shrugged. Tit-sucking was his fetish; he knew that wasn’t what did it for every guy.

“Sure, Jace. How would you like to do this?”

Jace looked around the living room, trying to figure out the best way to achieve his fantasy. Catching Chris’s eye, he asked, “trade places?”

Jace had Mona lay down on the couch, with her head up on a cushion. He had taken off his boxers on his way to the couch, and now knelt with his legs on either side of her waist, leaning forward to slide his hard cock between her impressive tits. Mona pushed her breasts together over it, hiding it from their sight.

Keeping his eyes on the mounds smothering his dick, Jace began thrusting, rubbing his hard member between Mona’s tits as she squeezed them against him. His face grew flushed, and he began breathing harder. Every time the head of his cock pushed its way through the top of her breasts, he let out a grunt.

By now Chris and Brad were both rubbing themselves as they watched the show. Chris didn’t get off on tit-fucking, himself, but seeing his friend enjoy Mona’s wonders in this way was a turn-on for him.

Mona began sticking out her tongue to meet the tip of Jace’s penis every time it poked through her breasts. Jace’s grunts grew louder and more breathless with this, and they could all tell that he wouldn’t last much longer.

A moment later, he pulled his cock out from between her breasts, and squeezed up on it a couple of times before cumming all over Mona’s beautiful tits. The sight of her large breasts covered in cum made Brad and Chris rub themselves harder. Jace retrieved the hand towel from the washroom and gently wiped off Mona’s breasts. She kissed him gently, as she had Brad, and then moved to sit on Chris’s lap.

Chris immediately took a tit into his mouth and began sucking, a movement now as reflexive to him as breathing. He no longer needed to rub his cock; sucking on Mona’s tits was all he needed to orgasm and he did so quickly after a minute or two of sucking on his two favourite things in the world.

Mona curled up into Chris, and the four friends sat contentedly for a while, basking in their recent orgasms. Eventually Chris spoke.

“Ok, you guys. We had our fun, but you may have noticed that you got off twice, and Mona only got off once. I plan to change that, so you guys had better go. This next part isn’t a group activity.”

Laughing, Brad called a taxi while Jace found his pants and got dressed.

“Thanks for an amazing surprise,” Jace said fervently to Mona as he walked to the door.

Brad agreed. “Best Saturday night I’ve had in ages.”

Mona smiled. “Just remember, that was a one-of. I’m Chris’s girl!” She and Chris waved to their friends and closed the condo door behind them.

Chris held her hand and pulled her in close. “That was sweet of you. You really didn’t mind them touching you?”

“It was enjoyable, but not like when you touch me.”

Pleased, Chris raised an eyebrow. “Good. Now, how would you like to be touched right now?”

“My breasts have had a lot of mouths on them tonight, but my pussy is feeling left out and would like some sucking and licking,” Mona replied, rubbing up against Chris.

Without another word, he led her down the hall to the bedroom.

* * *

Mona was glad to see that the atmosphere at the office wasn’t awkward when she went in next. Brad and Jace grinned at her, and seemed more at ease in her company. While she never offered them her breasts again after that one night, she did enjoy knowing they were watching for glimpses during conference calls.

One Thursday as Mona buttoned up her blouse and left Chris’s office, his assistant gave him a message that had come in. “Chris, Kimura Technik responded to your email. They are very interested in doing business with us, and want to visit next Wednesday.”

“To visit?” Chris asked. “Why can’t we just decide everything by phone? Why come all the way from Japan?”

She shrugged. “They said they want to meet in person. Can I tell them next Wednesday works for you?”

Chris’s eyes were wide with panic when he looked at Mona.

“Give me a few minutes,” he responded, pulling Mona into his office and telling his assistant he needed to see Brad and Jace in his office right away. In the two minutes it took them to arrive, Chris had gone from pale to paler as he paced the small office.

“Kimura Technik are interested. They want to come here next Wednesday.”

“That’s fantastic!” Brad said with a huge grin. “If we can get that account, we have a door into the rest of the Japanese market.”

His grin faded as he saw Chris’s drained face.

“Brad, I can’t do a large face-to-face meeting, you know that. I probably never should have started this company, but I was fine at the beginning. It wasn’t till dad had that fatal heart-attack in a meeting that I started getting this crippling anxiety, and I just can’t do it. I can’t.”

“You do it all the time now, on conference calls,” Jace reminded him.

Chris snorted. “Yes, with my face covered in Mona’s tits. That’s not going to work so well with clients in the room, is it?”

No one knew what to say. The situation they had all dreaded had come to pass. How could they tell this possible client that they were unable to have a face-to-face visit?

“I don’t suppose they’d be content to just meet with Brad and I?” Jace asked with hesitation.

Chris shook his head glumly. “If they’re coming all the way from Japan to meet us, it would be very rude of me not to be in the meeting. I’m the one they’ve been communicating with the most.” He sat down at his desk and hung his head. “I’m really sorry if I lose this client for us, guys.”

Mona squeezed his hand. “We’ll think of something, Chris. We always do. We’ve overcome every other obstacle so far, haven’t we?”

Chris smiled at her, grateful for her support and optimism.

“Well, we have to think quickly. We only have until Wednesday.”

For the next couple of days, Chris was obviously distracted and stressed in the office. He was no better on the weekend, and went in to work to distract himself from what he saw as his impending doom. Mona’s heart broke for him. He was such a good businessman, and excelled at what he did — except for meetings.

Sunday night Brad and Jace met them at the condo to talk strategy.

“Has anyone been struck by a brilliant idea?” Chris asked in a monotone. “I’m assuming you haven’t, because no one called in excitement over their brain wave.”

The mood in the living room was somber.

“Well, I had one thought, but I don’t like it,” admitted Jace, not making eye contact with anyone.

“Let’s hear it,” Chris replied.

“Well, we could tell them that you resigned and that Brad and I are now the managing partners.”

“I don’t like it either”, Chris replied. “They won’t have the same confidence in a company supposedly undergoing a change in management. And then you guys would have to take over every aspect of the account, because I wouldn’t be able to work on it with them at all. Or with other Japanese companies in the future, either,” he added.

They all nodded glumly, in agreement that this was not the solution.

“Let’s think about how we solved the previous issues, and approach this the same way,” suggested Mona. “You had to do a conference call, but knew you would have anxiety issues. We found a way to resolve the anxiety, and worked it out with the others who would be in the room.”

“This is basically the same thing, though,” said Brad. “Meeting, anxiety. We know what helps his anxiety, so do you want to run it by the client to see if they’re ok with him sucking your tits during the meeting? It’s not the same thing.”

“Jeez, Brad, I’m just trying to step back and look at it with less emotion.”

Brad held up his hands. “I know, I know. Sorry if I was abrupt. But it’s one thing to strip your shirt off with Jace and I in the room. It’s another to do it with potential clients. It’s not exactly professional.”

Mona felt stung. “I realize that. I am the one sitting half naked, Brad.”

Jace stood up. “Ok, I think we’re all a little tense. Do you have something to take the edge off? Just a drink or two each?”

Mona nodded and got some wine and glasses. Jace poured, and handed everyone a glass. Mona put her glass on the table beside her and opened her laptop. She tapped the keys a bit, then sat and read. No one said anything for a few minutes, until Chris spoke up.

“What are you doing, Mona?”

“Reading about the people and culture at Kimura Technik. Maybe we’ll be inspired if we know more about the people who will be coming. What are their names?”

As Chris recited them, Mona typed each name into a separate tab and then googled them. At one point her eyes lit up, and then an intense look took over her face, as though she was deep in thought about something. About fifteen minutes later, she slowly lowered the lid of the laptop.

Her voice broke the silence. “You all know what Geishas are, right?”

The men all nodded. Mona’s face was turning red, but she pushed on to present her idea.

“I realize that they aren’t prostitutes, like our culture once thought, but some geishas were bought by men to be their mistresses. What if we let them think that I am something similar, only in my line of work we are topless? A former performer, selected by Chris, and here for him and his clients. I can serve you all drinks in the conference room, topless, and engage them in conversation, like a geisha would. They will make the connection, and maybe will only be startled by my topless state, but not shocked.

Then, before the business aspect of the meeting starts, I can stand in front of each of them and offer them a suck of my tits. Once I’ve made my way around to Chris, the meeting starts. Then he gets his turn, and since I’m ‘his’, they shouldn’t think too much of the fact that he gets a much longer turn.”

“Seriously?” Brad asked. “You don’t think they will be offended?”

Mona looked at him with a slight smirk. “Would you be offended by a woman who offered to let you suck her boobs? The Japanese are very polite; I think it more likely that they wouldn’t want to offend us by refusing to suck my boobs.”

“You’d probably actually be something of a novelty to them,” Jace added. “Have you ever seen a large-breasted Japanese woman? It may be the first time they would have seen such impressive breasts.”

Chris was looking a slight bit less pale, and a slight bit hopeful. “Do you really think this could work?” he asked Mona.

“I think it’s worth brainstorming every aspect of the scenario, to find out,” Mona replied.

“And you won’t feel that it’s degrading to you?” Chris asked her softly. “I appreciate what you’re trying to do for me, but I don’t want you to feel like you’re a thing to be used to get business deals. You are more important to me than any client.”

Mona smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Chris. I know you love me and don’t see me that way. But I want to help you get this deal. It’s not as though they will be here every week; maybe once a year, right? And to be honest, I’ve discovered after sitting in on your conference calls, and that night we all got drunk at our place, that I find it kind of exciting when other men see my boobs and get off on sucking them.”

The friends exchanged glances, then leaned forward to strategize.

Mona rubbed her sweaty hands nervously on her dress pants. She had thought of wearing a skirt for the meeting, but if she was practically going to be straddling the laps of strangers, she thought pants might be a safer and easier thing to wear. Brad had phoned from the airport half an hour ago to say they were heading for the office, so they would arrive at any minute. Chris had been sucking on her tits for most of an hour to calm his nerves; Mona wished there was something she could do to calm her own.

The coffee was made and in a carafe, hot water for tea was in another, and a pitcher of cold water was in the fridge in the corner. The only thing missing were Brad and the Japanese clients. As if she had conjured them, she heard the front door open, and a number of voices speaking Japanese. Chris and Jace threw her supportive looks, then stood just inside the conference room door to welcome their guests.

Mona stood with her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of her as she heard Chris and Jace introduce themselves. She thought it would be easier if she didn’t see the guests’ initial startled glances, and let them get their polite faces on before she looked up. She thought it ironic that her hands were sweaty, but her breasts were chilled and her nipples erect.

Once everyone was seated, Mona picked up the coffee and tea carafes, and walked up to the man Chris pointed out as the senior manager. Smiling, Mona asked if he would like coffee or tea. While pouring his drink, she kept smiling. She told him that she hoped he would enjoy his visit to Canada, and that they were honoured to have him visit. She gave a small curtsey, then moved on to the next man and repeated her steps, changing up her greeting to each man.

When each one had been served, Mona nervously set down the carafes, and turned around for her key act in the scene, which she desperately hoped would be received well by their guests. Walking back up to the first gentleman, she held her right breast in her hand, curtsied, and held it up to his mouth. She looked down at the floor, knowing that if the man had looked at all confused, Brad and Jace were primed to mimic what he was to do, to help him out. Mere seconds later, she felt his lips on her nipple. She suppressed the small shudder of excitement that coursed through her at their success, and at the feeling of this stranger’s mouth on her breast. He sucked for about 10 seconds, and then released her breast. Mona curtsied again, and moved on to the next man, offering her other breast to him. This man understood what was being offered, and wasted no time latching on to Mona’s nipple. He sucked much more eagerly than the first man, sucking for at least 30 seconds. With her head bowed, Mona could see the growing bulge in his pants, and smiled to herself.

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