Hermione’s Sex Adventures 1: Hagird’s Comfort

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Hermione Jean Granger had just begun her 4th year in Hogwarts and things had got off to a great start! She had already gotten an A in the her first potions test and was studying hard for her Charms exam which would take place the next day.

It had already gotten late and she was the only person left in the common room after both Harry and Ron had gone up to bed after a heated debate about who’s cock was bigger! Hermione acted as though she had not been listening in on their conversation because she shouldn’t have but she couldn’t help but listen to her two best friends talk about their cocks! She was 14 and was growing massive feelings for cocks and boys! She had already charmed her dildo to fuck her a few nights previous and she was on the hunt for some more REAL cocks full of REAL cum!

Harry and Ron’s conversation a little earlier had gone like this.

“My cocks well bigger” Harry said throwing a pillow at Ron.

“In your dreams my cock can go to nine inches when I’m at my horniest!” Ron Replied throwing the pillow back!

“Bullshit Your obviously using some sort of charm!”

“Yeah! Who doesn’t these days Harry!”

“I don’t and I still get five inches”

“Alright I’ll show it too you!” Ron and Harry then snuck upstairs.

Hermione had so hoped to follow them to see they’re cocks in full glory but she didn’t want to make things too obvious to the other Gryffindor students!

Hermione finished her studying feeling good about the test tomorrow yet she still wasn’t tired and needed something to put her to sleep. She decided the best thing to do would to be to sneak down to the kitchens and get a glass of milk. She had never been to the kitchens herself but she always saw Fred and George sneak down in the middle of the night to get food so why couldn’t she! Her! only obsticale was the Fat Lady portrait and how she would get back into the common room… leaving was a breeze all she had to was pull the portrait but getting back in.. that would be difficult! She decided that the best thing to do would be to cross that bridge when she comes to it!

Hermione got out of the Gryffindor common room and snuck past all of the sleeping portraits nervous to wake one up! She knew where the kitchens were she just had never gone in she never felt any need to until now! She made it to the kitchens quite easily all she had to worry about was Nearly Headless Nick who was roaming through the hallways but she hid in the shadows until he passed. To Hermione’s surprise the kitchen was left unlocked! She had at expected to have to use a charm! The kitchen was dark and dusty and Hermione could not see a thing!

“Lumos” she said.

She could now at least see the things around her. She felt her way up to the fridge where milk was kept she poured herself a gaziantep eskort bayan nice big glass which she had got down from a cupboard and drank it there so people wouldn’t see any glasses missing from the kitchens!

Hermione left the kitchen and made her way back up the Hogwarts staircases once again going as quite as a mouse. She reached the fat lady and on her way up had decided to try and wake her up! Hermione shone a lights in her eye said the password for the week shook the fat lady’s portrait and even tried to open the portrait manually but she had no luck! She had managed to wake up a few portaits around her but she had no chance with the fat lady!

Hermione slouched against the cold castle wall wondering what to do now since she can’t even get into the common room. She sat there for what felt like hours until she realized that she had a friend on campus who could give her a place to stay! Her good friend Hagrid!

She began to walk down to Hagrids shack and quickly put realized that it was after hours and Hagrid was now a teacher so it was going to be difficult to explain to him how she had got into the mess! She decided to make up some bullshit story about how she got kicked out of the common room because she had been intruding on their fun and how she couldn’t get back in so she need a place to stay! She got to Hagrids door and began to fake cry something she had mastered when she was younger! It was very cold out so it gave her a runny nose which added to the effect! She knocked on Hagrids door twice and began the water works. She could her a rustling inside the shack and clanging of things and then suddenly Hagrid opened the door ! He was topless and and had a giant towel covering his waist which was big enough to be Hermiones duvet! Hermione felt a huge twinge in her pussy when she saw Hagrid in this state, She LOVED hairy men.

“ERMIONE? What are ye doin here in the middle of the nigh?” Hagrid Yelled!

“Oh I-I was kicked out of the Griffindor common room and I-I needed a place to s-sleep” Hermione uttered slightly taken back by the beast she saw before her!

“Oh Oh Really.. Come in!” Hagrid said giving Hermione a hug and leading her into the shack.

Hermione felt something very hard hit her face when Hagrid hugged her which made her moan slightly.

“What was that?” Hagrid asked.

“Oh nothing I just feel really sad” Hermione was quick to say!

“Oh ye must be devastated sit here on the ouch tell me what happenned” Hagrid said sitting on a massive couch fit for a family a 10!

Hermione sat beside Hagrid and told him everything about the girls and how they kicked her out and how she pleaded to the fat lady! All lies of course!

By the time Hermione had finished her story Hagrid had pulled her in close to him and kissed her on the head.
Hermione at this stage was really horny and was loving all this touching with Hagrid…She really wanted to fuck Hagrid silly and suck on that massive cock she had felt hit her face a few minutes earlier.

“Oh I just need some comfort Hagrid” Hermione said sexily looking up and Hagird and grabbing his knee.

Hagrid smiled and kissed her head again.

“Somebody to hold me and to hug me and to give me what I want” Hermione said even sexier this time rubbing her hand up and down Hagrid long thighs!

Hagrid once again went to kiss her head but Hermione turned in time to meet his lips.

At first Hagrid pulled away but Hermione whispered. “Somebody to fuck” And Hagrid pulled back in this time passionately. They kissed for a good minute Hermione loved the Hagrid beard felt up against her soft lips. Hagird began to move his mouth down onto her neck and began to unbutton her blouse. Hermione moaned along to Hagrid kissing her neck and began to Remove his towel reavling a massive eleven inch cock. Hermione moaned with glee and she saw this massive throbbing cock before her full of cum and everything she wanted.

“Oh Hagrid your cock is massive but it won’t fit anywhere in my body unless I do some charms to my body”

“Do what you gotta do love” Hagrid said as he reviled Hermione B-Cup tits and nice pussy.

“Breatis Gorgio” Hermione said and Her Breast grew to Es big enough to cup Hagrids cock in. Hagrid cried with pleasure at the sight of Hermiones giant tits. Her began to suck on them and fondle her nipples.

Hermione love this amazing feeling .

“Vaginus Gorgio” Hermione said and her pussy grew big enough for Hagrid to fuck silly! Her arse also grew after she used a charm on that Hermione Granger was ready to be fucked.

“Oh ermione You little ore “ Hagrid yelled with glee “ Suck me cock”

“With pleasure” Hermione purred.

Hermione began to wank Hagrids shaft up and down and placed her already big mouth over hers bell end. Hermione began to work her way up and down his shaft her tongue licking all over and her hand cupping his massive tennis sized balls.

“Oh ermione at feels good” Hagrid moaned “Oh Ye work yer way up n down me massive cock wil ye ya little slut”

“Oh Baby loves your cock Hermione sad realising her Mouth for a second “Baby loves to suck Haggys cock”

Hagrid moaned at the sound of being called Haggy.

Hermiones mouth was able to work her way down to seven inches of his massive cock but could go no further. Her mouth felt really good around this massive cock.

“I want you to fuck my arse silly now” Hermione told Hagrid.

“Of course ye slut” Hagrid said grabbing Hermione with his massive hands a lifting up life a rag doll.

He placed on his bed and fitted her cock into her perfectly sized ass. He began to work his way up and down Hermiones arse.

“Oh fuck Baby likes when Haggy fucks her arse oh yeah FUCK yeah fuck me Haggy harder harder!”
Hermione yelled at Hagrid who was now going so fast he could see his own cock.

Hermione was being fucked so hard by this half giant that her massive tits were swinging up and smacking her up in the face which gave her even more pleasure. When ever Hagrids cock would hit Hermiones pussy a sound like a crack whip was made and the whole cabin shook.


“Oh ye slut yes fuck yes Haggy loves fuckin ye!” Hagrid yelled!


Hagrid tooks his cock out of Hermiones now destroyed arse and lifted her up like a ragdoll yet again and turned her over. He slowly began to put his massive cock into her pussy which even though it had been improved was still tight.

“Oh that hu-urts a little” Hermione moaned.

Hagird still put more and more and the pleasure began to build on her Hermione. Hagrid began to fuck her with only six inches of his cock and grabbed to her massive tits. He started fucking Hermiones pussy slowly and sped up also sucking on her tits.

“Oh OH oh oh oh OOOh”Hermione yelled the pleasure was so great and she needed more!


Hagird did as he was told and shoved all eleven inches into her pussy. The pain was unbearable for a while for Hermione but mixed with the original pleasure Hermione could stop! The pain eventually went and instead Hermione got the biggest orgasm she has ever experienced!

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK MY LITTLE TWAT YOU FUCKING BEAST” Hermione yelled as her juices spilled all over Hagrids cock!

This was too much for Hsgrid and he yelled



Hagrid pulled out and Hermione stood under his cock as His let his load go all over her tits and face. The cum shot from Hagrid was so massive it was as though Hermione had been hit with a wave of cum. Tons went into her hair and all over face and in her mouth which she swalled without hestation and all over her massive tits.

Hermione suck the rest of the cum dry of Hagrids cock and began to hug his cock.

Hagrid lifted her up and they both fell onto Hagrids bed Hermione resting on Hagrids chest curling his chest hair through her fingers and using his beard as a pillow. She had completely forgotten the circumstances that brought her here but she didn’t care she had just had the best night of her life and she planned to do it more and with more men.

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