His Dream Comes True Ch. 01

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Peter surprised to see a sold sticker been placed across the sign in front of the old Merrick house next door when he arrived home form university. It has lain empty for nearly ten months now, he had wondered, what type of a neighbours they would be getting. He told his mother when he came in to the house about the sold sign. She said to him, “We will soon see who will be the new owner of the house, it’s in need of a lot of tiding and cleaning up to make it liveable again.” Peter had turned 18 seven months earlier in the year.

The women that bought it fall in love with it when first shown it by the real-estate agent. She put the money from the sale of her half of the business she had with her ex-partner into the house. She also knew that with out her it would be just a matter of time for the business to go bust. She knows that Thomas does not have the expertise to run the business effectively by himself.

She had arranged for the removalist deliver and unloaded her furniture into the empty house on a Friday. She had them to take by a circular round about trip so that Thomas would not know what town she had moved. What appealed to her most is it is in a quiet cul-de-sac far away from her ex. Annette introduced herself to Mary on the Saturday morning after she parked her car in her garage. Annette had seen the boy next-door working in his front yard when she pulled in and went to ask him if he wanted to move furniture for her. Walking up their path to the front door, Mary sees her coming and goes out to meet her. Anne greats Mary with a warm smile and say, “Hello, I’m Anne Miller, I’m your new neighbour, and I had the furniture delivered yesterday and was not here to have them put it in place for me. I was just wondering that your son could possible help me to move furniture, I am willing to pay him for doing the work.”

“Hi, I’m Mary Campbell, I am very happy to meet you Anne, would you like to come in for a cuppa as I not long put the jug on to boil. Peter my son is nearly finished out in the garden, when he comes in you might like to ask him youself. I say that he will gladly help you, he is studding at the university and I know that he will do any kind of job to help him with his studies. The work he does around the house has been a great help to me after his father passed away a few yeard back. At eighteen, he not like most boys his age, to me it like he not interested in running after girls, but he has a good head on his shoulders and is always looking to earn more money. He tries to help me around here as much as he can. Please come in, I will set a cup for you, I love to have some company to chat with, you know, women to women.”

“I don’t want to intrude on you.”

“Don’t be silly, you’re not intruding at all, I like a chance to have a chat over a cuppa tea. This will be a good way for the both of us to get to know each other. Peter, when you’re finish can you please have a wash before you come in side, leave your dirty sneakers outside and meet our new neighbour.”

“Okay Mum, be finish in a couple of minutes.”

Taking a gentle but firm hold of Anne arm, Mary leads her inside to the kitchen and says, “Sit here and I get you a cup.” Turning the jug back on again it does not take long to whistle as it comes to the boil.

Peter cleans himself up before coming into the kitchen and sees Anne sitting at the dining table with his mother. They are both sipping their cups of tea, he guesses that her age to be around thirty or thirty one, but he was find out later on that Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort she was eleven years older than what he thought she was. She told him that she is forty-two. He wants him to helps her set up the house the way that she wants it and he cannot keep his eyes off her big breasts. She has selected the bedroom at the rear of the house for herself. Looking out the window Peter sees that he has an unobstructed view into this room from his up stairs bedroom.

Over three nights of her first week in the house, he starts to know her routine at night by having a shower or a bath at eight thirty. She likes to walk around the house in a long flowing black see through lace nigh dress. He has gotten into a habit of being in his room with the light off at eight fifteen. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he waits for his now regular nighttime show that is put on by his sexy new neighbour. He asked his friend from university to return his binoculars, saying that he needed them; he wanted to take up bird watching again.

Over the ensuring six months, she has seen Peter looking at her a lot and has not put too much behind it. She likes his company a lot, as she can talk to him and he is a good listener. He has been helping her to tidy up the yards and has noticed that Anne is getting quiet large in the tummy; he thinks that she just putting on a lot of weight. He had also noticed that she liked to wear loose fitting shorts with wide leg opening. He has able to see the crouch of her knickers on many occasions when they have been working together in her gardens when she crouches down to pull out some weeds.

One morning when he is studding for an exam, he hears loud voices in an intense argument coming from next door. Coming down stairs and opening his door to see a man standing at her front door. He hears Annette say to him, “I don’t want to know about your problems with the store. Remember you got me pregnant; your solution was to buy me out. If you have run it to financial mismanagement, that your problem and it is of no concern of mine anymore, is it.”

“Please Anne, I beg you to help me with this.”

“What, you want me help you now, what about me, I came to you when I first found out I am pregnant and having your baby. What did you say to me, O that right, I do not want any children to spoil my way of life? It your problem now and you go and do something about it. When I said I wanted to keep it, what did you do? Well you went over to the bank, took out a loan to buy me out, So when you bought me out I made a decision that I never want you in my life and I don’t want you any were near this baby.”

She places her right hand on her tummy. Looking over she sees Peter standing on his veranda and she calls out to him, “I’m all right for now there no need to call the police.”

Thomas turns around to see Peter standing looking at him and a pain of fear tugs at his insides. Colin thinks, what is Anne on about, I wonder if she wants me to play along, before he calls back, “Are you sure, when I herd all the yelling, I thought to come out first before ringing the police.”

“He leaving right now and we won’t be seeing him around here again, am I?”

“Please Anne, don’t do this to me, I love you.”

“You have a very funny way of showing your love for me. The only time I see you when I am seven months pregnant and you want me to buy back into the business again. That is the most idiotic thing that I have ever heard coming from your mouth. Do you think that I am that stupid? No way arsehole, go before I tell Peter to call the police. Leave now Thomas, I do not need you in my life, not now or ever. You are a real born looser and I am sure as hell a lot better off without you. I will not ask you again, go, get off my property and never come back here again.”

After Thomas has gone, she comes over to see Peter, and says to him, “I want to apologise for interrupt your studies, I am very sorry and it won’t happen again.”

“There no need to apologise, when I herd you sort of yelling out, I thought, that is out of character for you. That why I came out to see what is going on and if you need my help in anyway.”

Touching the left side of his face with her right hand, when her hand makes contacts with his face, his heart starts racing. She says to him in a caring way, “You are such a good friend to me and I am thankful for the help you given me around the place.”

She gives him a kiss on the check and his heart thumps even harder with in his chest. It never pounded like this before, not even when he spied on her at night when he is masturbating.

“Do you have time for a coffee Peter before you head of to university?”

“Yah sure, I love too, my first lectures today start at twelve, I will finish my assignment and I will be straight over.”

“I will leave the door ajar, so just yell out when you walk in the door.”

Thinking, now I know why her breasts had gotten heavier and her belly is swelling out the way it is. He likes the way her body is changing, being seven months pregnant; it has made her very sexy looking woman. He thinks that she is alluring before, but now, he wants her more than ever. Now he taken notice of her and he likes what he sees, that is mother hood in full bloom and she is radiates it like the midday sun.

He just sits down at his desk to try to finish his assignment; he looks out his window to see Annette undressing in her room. He picks up the binoculars, watching her remove the pants and throws it into the laundry basket followed by the top. She runs her hands over her tummy and then cups her breasts. He watches her remove her bra, panties, and they end up in the basket. For the first time since she moved in, he has finally been able to see her fully naked.

He looks at her large swollen breasts with their big brown nipples, her swollen belly and long shapely legs that seam to go on forever.

He watches with fascination as she massages each breast, he focuses onto the nipples. White drops of fluid appear on each nipple. Then she squeezes her breasts firmly and he sees a stream of liquid spray from each nipple. He realise its breast milk that she squeezed out from them. She picks up a glass tumbler, holding it under one of her nipples; she begins to collect her milk in it. When she has expressed a half of a glass she changes over to the other breasts.

While he watches he undue the zip on his shorts, pulled them and his underpants down to his ankles and steps out of them. He moves over to the edge of his bed and sits down. He watches as she fills the glass and put it on the chest of draws beside her bed. All the time that he is stroking his penis, he is thinking, it should be sliding in and out of her fanny. He keeps looking when she sits no the side of her bed and he sees her look directly at his window. He says to him self, “God, I hope that she can’t see me up here.”

Then he remembers the thin white net curtain he has pulled across the window when he came back upstairs.

It is a great relief for Anne, to release the overwhelming pressure that has built up inside of her swollen breasts. About three weeks ago, she had to start to express the milk from her breasts to relieve the discomfort by the milk she is producing already. Thinking, “God, I have two more months to go before the baby comes out, how much bigger are these things going to be getting, I don’t even want to think the milk till then. But nature won’t let me, I making so much now, I have to try and think of some way to keep it under control.”

Placing the glass down on the chest of draws next to the bed, she then sits on the side closest to the window. Because of her enlarged belly, she has to sit with her legs spread open. Looking out her window, she glances up to his bedroom window; she wonders if he is up there now and are looking down at her.

She says to her self, “So what if he is looking at me, I have seen him looking at me when we are in the yard working. I am sitting on my bed with out any cloths on. I become aroused when I caught him looking up the leg of my shorts to catch a glimpse of my nickers. Just talking about him is making me wet between the legs.

He is a hansom young man, hell my fanny wants to feel that big cock of his in side of it and so do I.” She slowly moves her hand down to her pubic mound and puts a finger into her clitoris. She slowly stimulate the very sensitive tip by slow circular motion, just how she like it and have done on so many occasions when she alone and in need of sexual relief.

Peter follows her hand movement and focus on where it has come to rest. He watches what she is doing now; he sees her hand moving in a small circular movement at her genital area. He has over heard a couple of girls at uni talking about how they play with them selves but has not had the opportunity to watch a girl or a women actually doing it. He sees he lying back on the bed and she leaves her legs on the floor.

Lying backwards on the bed Anne relaxes, she begins to feel the build up to an orgasm. With her eyes closed, she is dreaming that Peter is touching and stimulating her. Taking hold of a pillow next to her head, she puts it over her mouth to stifle the cries of joy when her climax takes control of her body.

Thinking, “God I never had one this strong for a long time. What would it be like to have him actually fuck me, how can I let him know that I want him to make advances towards me and it all right to have sex with me.”

His hand movements has speeded up, a warm feeling is growing and spreading through out the lower part of his body as he is nearing what he wants most. He watches her lay herself back down on her bed, opening her legs further apart as she build up to her own body-shaking climax. He can feel the pressure building with in the base of his cock; he knows it only matter of time now before he will shoot his seed over his hand and on his bedspread. He sees that she has put two fingers into her fanny and is moving them in and out quickly.

Her climax is fast approaching like a non-stop express train, she does not intend to stop it, and she wants it to come, she loves that all over body tingling sensation that comes with it. She far from caring if Peter is watching her, she has gotten her self this way by dreaming that it is his cock inside of her not her two fingers. I want to share my body with him; he can have my cunt whenever he wants to fuck it. He can have my milk anytime he wants to suckle from my breasts, yes that it; he can help me to relieve i been looking for. I hope he wants to suckle it as much as I want him too.

End of Chapter 1

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