Holy Orders Ch. 02

Bdsm Slave




I did not need to worry about Graham seeing the marks on my body. He was so wrapped up in his research that I was asleep before he came to bed. I cannot say I was in anyway disappointed, shamed to say, but the thought of having sex with Graham, my husband, did absolutely nothing for me anymore. The builders were a very different matter. The minute they got the chance they had there hands all over me, I was naked and gagging for it as much as they were but I had already decided to use sex to my own advantage. If I was truly going to be a whore, I was going to make the most of it, with the bishop and anyone else that could be useful. However, the thought of it all still confused and embarrassed me a little. One thing the weekend had shown me was that men, all men it seemed, desired me. This boosted my confidence more than I can say so when the builders launched themselves at me it was a completely different Dawn that they had naked in the kitchen

Once the builders had ripped all my clothes off and were about to ram there cocks into me I screamed “Stop! Get the fuck off me.” I kicked and swung my fists at them until they finally realised that I was serious.

Pete looked at me stunned. “Just wanted a bit of fun Dawn that’s all.”

“Yes” Bill said, “You didn’t seem too bothered last week, in fact you couldn’t get enough cock if I remember rightly. A right little hotty.”

“Look,” I said, “at this rate you will never get the work finished by Friday like you’re supposed to, so I have a proposition for you.”

“What’s that then?” Pete asked.

“Well, you’re supposed to be finished by Friday. If you finish early, and I mean properly finished, then I will be yours to do with as you please till the end of Friday.”

“So let me get this straight my little cock sucker.” Bill said with a smile, “If we finish say, Thursday, then we get to fuck your brains out in any way we want all day Friday.”

“Yes.” I said, doing nothing to cover my nakedness.

“To be honest Dawn,” Pete said, “I doubt we could keep our hands off you till then.”

I thought about that for a minute and realised that maybe I would not be able to keep my hands of them either. “Hmm, ok. How about this then? I have a few changes I would like to make to the house. Just small things. You do them, keep it to yourselves and I will give each of you a little treat between now and say Thursday. I will also, shall we say, dress to please and give you the freedom to touch, not grope and grab but touch. How doe’s that sound?”

The five of them mumbled amongst themselves for a minute and then Bill said, “You got a deal.”

“Depending on what you mean by dress to please.” Pete added.

“Oh don’t worry, I think you will like what you see, and touch.” I smiled “Now get back to work you horny lot.”

I could not believe what I was saying, much less what I intended and had offered them. However, the thought of five horny men with constantly hard cocks just made my stomach rumble with anticipation and my pussy was running with juices at the thought of it.

I watched them go back to work and then, still naked, went up to my bedroom and got dressed. Then I called Pete and told him of the changes I wanted done to the original plans. Between the master bedroom and the bathroom was a large cupboard that used to hold a thirty-gallon hot water tank. Now that the new boiler had been installed, it would just be an empty cupboard. It made a three-foot square bump in the bathroom leaving enough room on that wall for a six-foot bath

“I want you to remove the wall bedroom side to extend the size of the bedroom. When the bath is taken out, build the bathroom side of this wall right across. The bathroom will be smaller but I want a wet room instead of an old fashioned bathroom. Understood?”

“Yes no problem. But why?”

I laughed, “Because I want you to double my wardrobe space. I want hidden wardrobes behind the real ones, and I want them lit so I can see what I am doing.”

“Maybe I have a better idea and easier as well.”

I looked at him quizzically, “Ok, tell me more.”

“Well we do the bathroom as you suggest but instead of getting rid of the cupboard we make it a hidden door, just push it in the right place and it will open. In the gap where the bath was, we can build a stairway up to the loft. That way you can have the whole loft as your dressing room and get there straight after your shower.”

I was shocked to say the least, but then he was a builder and could see these things. “I love it, and that way the bedroom will be the same size.” I took his head in my hands and kissed him hard and long on the lips, snaking my tongue in and out of his mouth.

As soon as he got throbbing hard, I pulled away “That will do nicely.” I said and went downstairs. I had some idea of what underclothes I wanted to buy but had no idea of what else to Gaziantep Fetiş Escort get. I sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee going over my dilemma. In the end, I decided that I needed to confide in someone who was much more knowledgeable about fashion than I was. I knew one person who could help. I rang her up and invited myself over for coffee.

I cannot say that Karen and I were close friends. Being the vicars’ wife made it difficult, as I could not show any preference to anyone in the village. I always had to be impartial and we had not been here very long. She was the first person to welcome us however while we were looking around before the building had started and we got on really well. Graham did not like her very much because as he put it ‘she was a bit tarty.’ This was the exact reason I thought of her.

Karen opened the door before I had out of the car, as I went in she said. “Well you have me intrigued. What’s the problem?”

The coffee was already made so I sat down and took a deep breath. “Well if I tell you, you must promise to keep it to yourself.”

“Of course I will you know that Dawn.”

“No Karen I mean it. This is really serious and you may not like what I am about to ask, let alone why.”

“Dawn you have my word that whatever we talk about whatever we do is strictly between you and me. I will breathe not a word to anybody. Ever.”

This was the crunch moment, how much do I tell her. There was no way I was going to tell her about the bishop, but I thought she would relate better to the builders. However, how much to tell? “I have been having some thoughts lately, with the builders in the house I mean.”

“Are you telling me that you fancy one of them?” I just raised my eyes and looked at her. “Oh my god you’ve shagged him haven’t you?”

Again, I just looked up at her. This was the moment that defined whether I would have a husband in a week’s time or not. “All!” Was all I said.

“You horney fuckin bitch. I’ve had the hots for a couple of them ever since they arrived and here’s you, the vicars wife, fucking them all. I assume not one at a time either.”

Then it all came out. How they had tricked me in the kitchen and how I had suddenly started to enjoy it and how I seemed to crave it more and more. I told her everything and then I realised I had said more than I wanted.

“You were saying, about the bishop at dinner. Dirty old git touching you up.”


“Wow, Dawn swears as well.”

“I didn’t mean to go that far, about the bishop I mean.”

“Dawn, I meant what I said, I will tell nobody. I know you and I haven’t known each other very long but I like you and think you like me. I don’t have many friends in the village, if any real friends really. It would be nice to call you a real friend, and I think just maybe you need one as well.”

“Well it would be nice. I know so little about the world and people and I have never had a real friend.”

“So. The bishop.”

I waited a moment and then decided that I had started it so it was better to finish it. I told her everything, all that had happened at dinner and afterwards, the prospect of travelling the world and even my deal with the builders.

“My god you’ve been busy. And now you have a great job with great money I assume and an expense account you say?”

“Yes. Clothing and travelling expenses. However, I do not have the faintest idea what clothes to buy. I have never needed to dress….sexy. Look at me this is about as sexy as it gets.” I was wearing another of my summer dresses and although they had done the job on the builders, I knew there were a lot more sexier clothes out there.

“So you want to look like me then. How did you put it? ‘The bishops whore.'”!

I blushed bright red when she said that. It was ok the bishop saying it but to hear it from someone else mad me feel….wet. Bloody hell even the thought of it turned me on. “I want to look classy and sexy like you, I want to turn heads, and I want to turn men on without trying. I know they want me. I know now that I think about it that men have always wanted me. I was just too blind to see it, or too stupid to understand it I suppose.”

“OK so let’s get down to reality. Do you have the expense account already? How does it work? Might as well get the bishop paying right from the start.

“I hadn’t even thought of that. I was just hoping you would come with me to buy something. I hadn’t thought of the expense, or even how I would explain it to Graham.”

“Well call the bishop and find out while I make some more coffee.”

When I finally got through to the bishop, he sounded pleased to hear from me. “Hello my dear, such a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you? Not changed your mind have you?”

I laughed, “No bishop, I have not changed my mind. Indeed, I look forward to our next meeting. However, I do need to buy some clothes a little more suited to my new post.”

“Yes yes I see what you mean. Can’t have the bishops whore looking like a vicars wife now can we.” he laughed, “What did you have in mind, well never mind I have no doubt you will make yourself look the part. Therefore, I assume you would like to know more about your expense account. Well do not worry your little head my dear a credit card should be with you today or tomorrow with ample funds on it. I am sure we will both enjoy the benefits it will bring.”

“Thank you bishop. I didn’t really like to ask but I didn’t want to disappoint you either.”

“Not to worry my dear, I don’t think you could ever disappoint me. I have a few things to arrange for you myself so can I call you at home later?”

“Yes bishop of course.” I waited for him to hang up before replacing the receiver. As I did I saw Karen standing at the kitchen door with a smile on her face. “What?” I laughed.

“You really don’t know just how sexy you are do you? Your voice was smooth and subtle. Yet filled with innocents. A real turn on for any man I can tell you.”

Again, I blushed, “I was just talking to the bishop. I didn’t mean to sound sexy or anything.”

However, that is your appeal; it is all so natural, so real. What did he say anyway? How much can you spend?”

“He has sent a credit card. He said I should get it today or tomorrow.”

“Ok. Drink your coffee. Then we will go to your place to see if the post has been, then into town. If you have the card we can buy, if not we can look and buy tomorrow. This is going to be fun.”

We stopped at my house and Karen waited in the car while I checked the post. There were two letters with the ecclesiastical postmark on. One with the pin number, the other one held the card. My heart was pounding as I walked back to the car.

“So how much can you spend then?”

I handed her the letter that came with the card and she gasped.

“My god, you have a platinum, it’s got ten grand on it. Ten fucking grand.” She burst out laughing which released the tension in me making me laugh loudly as well.

We spent three hours shopping. I could not believe how much I spent or the clothes that I bought, but as I tried each one on the thought of men looking at me in them turned me on. Some were posh but sexy while others were just downright sex. Karen said they made me look like sex on legs. By the time I had a coffee and I got home it was too late to give the guy’s a show as Graham was due home but I promised them a fashion show the following day, All I needed to do now was hide everything so Graham wouldn’t see them. In the end, I hid them in the garden shed, hoping that they would not get damp or dirty but I knew that Graham would never go in there, as he hated gardening.

That evening while Graham was browsing through yet another book the phone rang. “Hello my dear. Did you go shopping today?”

I smiled, “Yes bishop I did. Just let me go upstairs I do not want to disturb Graham. Shame I don’t have my own study really.”

“Well I’m sure we can do something about that. So tell me did you buy anything to turn a bishop’s head.”

I was upstairs by now so felt free to talk. “Oh yes bishop. I think the Order of St George will approve of the items I bought, both in looks and feel.”

“That’s my girl. I get the feeling your enjoying your new position almost as much as me.”

“I think I am enjoying all the positions you offer bishop.” I could not believe I said that but when the bishop burst out laughing, I could not help but join in.

After a moment, he said, “Well down to business. I have arranged for you to visit the convent of Our Blessed Mother next week. You need to arrive on Saturday and will be there all week. They specialise in training the sisters for administration work. Mother Teresa will greet you and help you to choose the best sisters to help you run your new department.”

“Oh. Yes all right. That should be fine, the builders will be finished by Friday and Graham can fend for himself.”

“Good, good I will send the details and tell Mother Teresa to expect you. Good night and I look forward to our next meeting”

“Me too bishop, more than I ever thought I would good night.” He hung up and went back downstairs. When I told Graham about the visit, he was over the moon.

“My word you must have really made an impression with the bishop. Getting your own staff. Wonderful.” Then he went back to his book.

I was beginning to think that if one of the builders bent me over and fucked me in front of him he would not even have noticed. Maybe one day I will try it and see. I was beginning to despise Graham, and feel sorry for him at the same time. Locked in his own little world. Still I suppose he was happy.

The following morning saw Graham off to work and went to have a bath. The doors were all fitted now and it would be the last bath I had here as it was being taken out that afternoon. I heard all the comments from the builders and just smiled at them I had brought one outfit in from the shed and intended showing it off at break time. I had told Pete to call me down when the coffee was ready. When the call came, I was dried and almost ready for them. My hair was brushed and clipped behind my ears. My face was made up as Karen had shown me, though not perfect and I was dressed in my most blatantly sexy outfit.

I looked in the full-length mirror and saw a complete stranger looking back at me. Short thin flared skirt that was not so much above the knee as below the pussy. An almost transparent top that tied around the waist and showed off my braless bust perfectly. To top it off I had stockings with a pink suspender to match the colour of the top and that were in open view, they led down to a pair of red four-inch high heels. And knowing the futility of putting them on, no knickers. I just knew I was going to get fucked, and I was looking forward to it. In fact, I needed it.

They heard the tap of the heels on the floor as I approached and were looking toward the door as I swayed into the kitchen. Apart from gasps and mumbles, no one said a word. I went round the semi circle of men brushing there cheeks as I passed.

“One word of warning boys. If anyone rips or in any way damages my clothes, I will bite your balls off. Now come and get me. I need fucking good shag.”

They did not need telling twice. En-masse they swarmed at me. I opened my arms and closed my eyes. Lips met mine and I responded with vigour. Hands played with my breasts and pinched the nipples. I did not know who did what and I did not care. Fingers found there way into my wet pussy and others slipped into my eager arse. My top was removed and my skirt fell away. All the time my eyes were closed, I just wanted to enjoy the sensations of being fucked, and I did not care who did what. Already the feeling in the pit of my stomach was screaming for release.

I was lifted bodily and carried into the garden, laid down on the cushions from the swing chair. I was turned over and made to straddle a body. I felt his hard cock slide into my eager cunt, felt it go all the in brushing my swollen lips as it went up to the hilt. The shudder of a mini orgasm ran through me. Not the mind-numbing sort, that would come in good time. Then another hard throbbing cock pushing against my bum crack, I moaned and pushed on to it, wanting it, needing to feel it fill me completely. My mind was so numb with the anticipation of the mind blowing orgasm I knew would come that I don’t even remember if anyone was saying anything, I just need cock, and as much as I could get.

My bum hole was being filled and I felt the swollen balls hit me as again this cock went in up to the hilt. Both men, whoever they were worked in unison to fuck me, it was not slow either it was rampant and hard fucking. The inevitable third cock pushed into my mouth and I grabbed it with my hand, guiding it as far down my throat as I could. I stifled the gag reaction and felt it slip right the way in, balls bouncing on my chin. I slid it out slowly and then back in; I kept this action up until I knew I could keep it down my throat without choking. Now I had three cocks well and truly fucking me.

I was moaning loudly, what seemed like hundreds of mini orgasms making me shudder. I felt all three of them ready to come and with a huge sense of pride, I felt their come hit me. First, to feel it was my womb, the splash feeling and the moaning man urged the others on and the next deposit of salty glorious come went straight into my stomach, I pulled out slightly so that I could taste some of this nectar on my tongue. Then I felt my arse fill with juice. Inside I was laughing, gleeful that I had been filled with so much nectar.

As all three fell from me my legs were pulled up and laid next to my head, I took hold of them not knowing, or caring what happened next, my own overpowering orgasm was mounting to a crescendo and needed cock to complete the ride. Firstly I felt another glorious cock slide into my already spunk filled arse, then, to my surprise I felt another sliding into my sodden pussy. I opened my eyes to see how this was possible and saw a naked arse moving in time with the cock in my cunt.

The two men were slightly crouched down and facing each other, arms resting on each other for support as they rode my holes. I reached up and felt the balls in front of me as they slapped against my bum, I started to laugh hysterically as my orgasm rose to its peak and is reached its crescendo I screamed aloud, swearing cursing them to even greater efforts. I was pushing and pulling as best I could in the strange position, but I was not so gone that I did not feel their cum hit my insides, mixing with the juices already deposited by their friends before them. Then an agonising light in my mind exploded and felt my whole body spasm as my own orgasm hit new heights.

I floated, swam in a sea of come and pleasure I looked down at my body grabbing the men and pulling them onto me fucking them and cursing them for not being men enough to satisfy me. The look on my face was sheer unadulterated wanton slut and I loved every second of it. Then, nothing. Everything went blank. If this was death, I knew I would reach heaven with a huge smile on my face.

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