Honeymoon with Soulmates


The final installment of the ‘Soulmate’ series.


Kate and I had known each other for over a year and had never tired of each other’s bodies. We had explored a wide range of activities and had not found anything yet that we didn’t enjoy. We both loved oral and anal sex, we explored various fetishes like haircutting and shaving, toe sucking, bondage, spanking and caning. We had shared many of our experiences with our good friends Jane and Dave which allowed us both to enjoy bisexual activities and added to our fun. It was a natural progression for us to marry and I proposed to her in May. We planned a small wedding in the Summer at the open air chapel in the forest near Kate’s summer cabin. Her two young sons would be there, before they went off to spend the rest of the summer vacation with their father. Jane and Dave were coming too and we had invited them to stay for a few days after the wedding. It was hardly going to be a traditional honeymoon but we knew what we liked.

It was just three months to the wedding but we had already agreed not to shave or cut our hair before then. Kate had shaved my head bald after a caning session in December but my hair was growing back quickly. We both sported lush pubic hair and I got a sexual thrill from the thought that would surely all have to go in the Summer. I was pleased that Kate felt confident enough to wear sleeveless dresses which showed the ginger hair that was sprouting from under her arms. The fluffy down on her legs was also becoming more noticeable.

We continued to expand our sexual games. It was rare now for my backside not to be sore from a paddling or a caning. I continued to spank Kate regularly and she sometimes asked to be tied to the desk to receive the cane or the riding crop. That said, of the two of us, I was probably the more submissive. Neither of us had needed to resort to our safe word which was ‘Shave me’. For the most part however, we continued to enjoy the simple pleasures of oral sex and fucking. Kate was always very inventive. One night, after I had fucked her dripping wet cunt and shot my load up her arse, she secretly slipped her discarded panties back on. She wore them for the rest of the night and all the next day. That evening, when she got back from the gym, she told me she had to take a shower and said “Would you like to join me?”

I said I would and she replied, “Water or golden?” before quickly disappearing into the bathroom. I undressed and, as I stepped into the shower cubicle, I noticed that there was no water running and that that Kate was still wearing her panties. She pushed me down towards her crotch where It was immediately assailed by the smell of two day old sweaty panties mixed with crusted semen. It was strangely erotic and I moved closer to inhale more deeply when she let loose a steam of urine through her pants and onto my face. After the initial surprise, I savoured the taste and the wave of uncontrollable pleasure. She took off the panties and tossed them onto the bathroom floor before kneeling in the shower and indicating that I should reciprocate. Peeing is not easy with an erection but I did my best to spray her body with my piss. We showered and Kate was clearly in the mood for more sex games. She led me by the cock into the bedroom and said sternly, “That was very naughty and you deserve to be spanked.” I was handcuffed to the bed and made to kneel. Kate selected a small wooden paddle and gave me a swat on each Gaziantep Yabancı Escort buttock, causing me to shout “Ouch!”

“I do not remember asking you to speak,” Kate said and she left the room. When she returned she carried her wet panties which she balled up and stuffed into my mouth.

“Now be quiet while I spank your naughty bottom.” I remained quiet while Kate proceeded to give me a delightful spanking, as I savored the aroma and taste of her panties. When she removed her panties from my mouth she said, “You can wear these tomorrow to remind you to behave yourself.”

In July, Kate and the boys left for the cabin. I drove up the following week, just one week before the wedding. When I arrived, I noticed that the two boys had already been given their annual buzzcuts at the barbers but Kate’s hair was still hanging long over her ears and down her neck. I asked if she planned to get it cut before the wedding but she said that she wanted to wait until after because she wanted her hair longer for the wedding photos. The week passed quickly. There was nothing much to organise for such a small wedding and so we played in the lake and sunbathed. Frustratingly, Kate insisted that we did not sleep together until after the marriage, but I occasionally glimpsed her naked in the shower and marvelled at how hairy she had become.

The wedding was a small quick affair and afterwards we all went to a local restaurant for lunch. The two boys were then packed off with their father. Dave and Jane had arrived for the ceremony the day before. They looked quite different from when I had seen them last back around Christmas time. Janes hair had grown into a light brown mop that sat on her head like a badly made hat. Dave’s thinning locks were streaked with grey and had grown bushy at the sides and above his collar revealing the full extent of his male pattern baldness. As we left the restaurant Jane ran her hands through her hair and said, “I must get rid of this mess. Who’s coming.”!

“Haircuts all round,” shouted Kate. “Let’s go.”

It was not what I had in mind for my wedding day but I was swept along towards Ed’s barbershop and we all bustled inside. It was quiet with one old barber sitting in his chair reading a newspaper Jane pushed to the front and sat in the big barber chair. The barber was unfazed. He caped her and began to comb her hair and said, “What are we doing today?”

“Buzzcut please. Very short.”

“One, two or zero?” said the barber.

“One at the sides and two on top,” Jane replied and I assumed that she would soon be back to the stunning buzzed and bleached look that she had when I first met her. Within my minutes her messy brown hair was on the floor as the clippers ran over her head and up the back and sides. Kate went next and asked for the same. I began to feel a familiar fluttering in my stomach and my cock swelled while I watched her red hair tumble to the floor as she was quickly sheared. Kate’s green eyes seemed to grow larger and shine brighter as she stared back at me from the chair. God she was sexy! The barber finished off by taking a razor to the stubble high above her ears and her neck.

Dave was next and on Jane’s instructions, he was quickly shaved totally bald which was a great improvement. So with mounting trepidation I took the chair. I was not even caped before Kate said firmly to the barber, “High and tight flattop, shaved on the top.”

It was to be the horseshoe again and I shivered as the clippers began to bald the side of my head. Kate grinned lasciviously and my cock swelled as the straight razor scrapped the last of the hair from the back and sides of my head and then carved a strip down the centre of my head leaving just a thin horseshoe of hair.

As we left the shop Jane said “Time for the wedding tattoos.”

“Tattoos?” I said incredulously. “Even if I wanted one, which I don’t, where would we get tattoos around here?”

Kate looked disappointed. “But honey, I thought you just agreed to honour and obey me,” she whined. “Surely you could get one little tattoo for me.”

I was taken back and not sure if she was being serious, but I quickly back tracked and said, “Of course I will, if that’s what you really want, and I did not promise to obey you!”

Kate smiled and said “I knew you would and Dave has brought all his kit with him so let’s go.”

On the way back to the cabin, it was explained that Dave had worked as a tattooist when he was younger and had met Jane when she came in for a small dolphin on the ankle. I remembered that he had added a few more to his wife since then and that he had a fair coverage of ink himself.

We returned to the cabin and settled by the hot tub on the lakeside deck. I watched with interest while Dave started to set up his kit: inks, needles, tattoo machine, gloves and wipes. Kate showed me the designs she had chosen: a female horny devil with a long tail holding a cane for her, and a male horny devil bending over with stripes across his arse cheeks for me. The words ‘sub’ and ‘dom’ were written above each as appropriate. The figures were no more than two and a half inches high not including the tails and I assumed they were going on our respective bum cheeks. Jane was obviously I charge of proceedings and she ordered both Kate and I to undress.

“Kate , your first. Let’s get you shaved.” Jane said indicating that Kate should lay on the sun lounger and spread her legs over each side, thereby giving the rest of us a fantastic view of her hairy crotch. To my surprise Jane fell to her knees between Kate’s legs and began to lick her hairy pussy lips with long deliberate movements. Kate moaned as her hole began to glisten. Jane lifted her head a spat out a stray hair with disgust. “Right! Lets get rid of all this fanny fur shall we?”

Without waiting for a reply she produced a small set of electric clippers and began to shear Kate’s voluminous ginger pubic bush. Kate squirmed with delight as her best friend allowed the vibrating device to crawl slowly over her clitoris removing clumps of soft bushy hair as she went. I thought Kate was going to explode when Jane tested the shaved area with her tongue before announcing that it was still not smooth enough. As she squirted shaving foam on Kate’s stubble my hand drifted to my semi erect cock. Kate licked her lips and beckoned me over. Soon she was sucking noisily on my now rigid prick while Jane moved a razor over her mons. Jane announced that she was finished and ducked her head to test her work with her tongue, at which point Dave shouted that he was ready. Reluctantly, Kate released my pulsing cock and slipped off the sunbed. Jane grabbed my cock and indicated that I should take her place and proceeded to carry on sucking where Kate had left off. I heard the insistent buzzing of Dave’s tattoo gun and looked across to see him working intently on Kate’s bald cunt. So much for my theory of tattoos on the arse.

After a while Jane picked up the electric clippers and, moving my wet swollen cock to one side, she began to remove the bulk of my pubic hair followed by shaving me smooth. Dave was still engrossed in his work so Jane nonchalantly removed her bra and dropped her panties before lifting one leg over my head and reversing her cunt down towards my mouth. I eagerly went to work as Jane resumed bobbing her head up and down on my cock. The full extent of Dave’s artistic talents were evident as wonderful coloured serpents twisted around her legs and across her buttocks to combine with exotic flowers that had stems starting from her above her clitoris and wound up to her tits. I let her silky wet cunt grind across my face as I moved inexorably towards exploding noisily into her mouth.

Jane also came loudly and got up to watch what Dave was doing. Dave’s concentration did not waiver. I watched as Kate winced at the incessant buzzing around her labia as Dave crafted a devils tail curling down one lip and up the other. I wondered if the base of my cock would be as sensitive. Jane did her best to distract my wife’s attention from the pain by sucking enthusiastically on her nipples.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dave mopped the last of the excess ink and stuck a sterile pad over the area of the tattoo. Kate stood up and I gingerly took my place. My erection had completely disappeared as I waited for Dave’s sharp needles to do their work. He sprayed the area with a sterilising solution which was cold and caused further shrivelling. He then rubbed a Novocain cream all over the area before positioning the template on the shaved area directly above the base of my cock. There was a sharp buzzing noise followed by an insistent stinging pain. Kate and Jane chatted, drank wine and sucked each other’s tits while Dave carefully moved my cock around as he outlined and coloured the image.

I realised the obvious problem when Dave finished and secured a sterile dressing over the area, advising me not to get it wet for a couple of days.

“Does this mean that Kate and I can’t have sex?” I said incredulously.

“Not frontwards,” Dave replied. It was not quite what I had expected for my honeymoon but Kate skipped lightly over and kissed me gently on the lips. “I think we should thank Dave properly,” she cooed and led me by the hand to where Dave was getting ready to enter the hot tub. She kneeled in front of him and pulled down his shorts, revealing his cock. She gave it a couple of licks and then beckoned me to do the same. I put my mouth around the semi-erect member and slowly built up a rhythm. Kate sucked on Dave’s balls and we were soon moving in synchrony.

Jane returned wearing a strap-on dildo and carrying a riding crop. Kate stood up and took the crop. She tapped me on the shoulder saying, “so you think you didn’t promise to obey?” She smiled and gave me three sharp strokes across my buttocks causing me to suck sharply on Dave’s cock.

“Bend over and thank Dave properly,” Kate continued. I did as I was told and bent over the end of a table. I felt Kate’s fingers rubbing lubricant around my arsehole and heard her slapping some more on Dave’s cock before it was pushed slowly up my rear passage. My own cock stirred beneath me and Kate bent over the table at the opposite end to me. Jane stood behind her and pushed the well-lubricated strap-on up her arse. She moaned and looked deeply into my eyes as she kissed me as we enjoyed our first anal fuck as man and wife.

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