We have finally saved up enough money to go on our honeymoon. We’ve booked a room at Cove Haven for the weekend. Once we are on the road you surprise me by pulling a Variations magazine from your purse. You giggle and make a just like old times comment. After reading a few stories to me you get to a particularly good one involving two bi-sexual women’s first time together. When you are finished you complain about how horny and wet you are. You reach into your purse, saying “Good thing I brought this,” as you pull out your favorite vibrator.

You slide out of your jeans, revealing that you didn’t wear any panties. I try to pay as much attention to the road as I can but it is becoming very difficult. I adjust the rear view mirror so it is aimed at you. I watch as you rub the vibrator all over your thighs, your mound and up over your stomach.

Finally you settle in rubbing the vibrator over your clit and inside your vagina. You rub the vibrator over your pussy as you massage your breasts and pinch your nipples. Knowing that anyone passing us in a larger vehicle will be able to see you turns you on so much you can already feel your orgasm build. I reach over and start rubbing your thigh as you press the vibrator hard against your clit. You cry out loudly as your entire body shakes uncontrollably. I move the rear view mirror so I can watch your face. When your eyes open they stare into mine through the mirror. Your eyes are so filled with lust my cock starts to throb. I reach down and slide two fingers inside you, then I place them in my mouth to taste you.

You smile and sit back to relax. I laugh and ask if you’re going to put your pants back on. You smile and say you will in a while but that you are still pretty wet down there. I groan in frustration knowing we still have a few hours before we get to the resort. You laugh and rub my cock through my jeans saying, “Poor baby. Maybe I should help you out a little.”

My cock twitches when I hear you say that and you can feel it. You smile as you slowly unzip my jeans and pull my painfully hard cock out. You slowly start stroking my hard cock, staring at the bright purple head. You unhook your seat belt and bend over and take me in your mouth. You take your time licking and teasing every inch of my cock making me almost beg you for release. I fight to keep control of the car as you tease me unmercifully. I see a store with a very large parking lot and I pull into it taking a parking spot well away from any traffic.

I pull the seat back and let you go to work. You get on all fours and continue to suck my cock as I start fingering your pussy and rubbing your clit. You go wild on my cock as I finger fuck you harder. After only a few minutes I explode in your mouth with more force than you can ever remember. I rub your clit harder as you swallow every drop of my cum. You let my cock drop from your mouth as you gasp for breath. You bury your face in my abdomen as your body shakes and you cum again, soaking my fingers.

I look around to make sure no one was watching us and we quickly get dressed and are on our way again. After a while you pull out your magazine and start reading again. Two stories later and you need to get out your book light because it is getting too dark to read. You absentmindedly rub my cock while you continue to read. Within a half hour my cock is hard as a rock again. You smile as you continue to read.

Finally we get to the rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and we pull off. We find a place to park far away from all the other cars and we get into the backseat. You sit down and I kneel in front of you removing your jeans. gaziantep rus escort I’m too worked up to tease you so I dive right into your warm wet pussy. I start licking and sucking for all I’m worth. It doesn’t take long before you have both hands grabbing me by my hair. You push your pussy into my face and start grinding against me. I suck hard on your clit and you explode, crying out. Before you can recover I roll you over making you kneel over the seat. I pull out my cock and start thrusting into you with unrestrained passion. The van rocks as we fuck hard, letting everyone around us know what is going on inside. It only takes a few more hard thrusts before I cum deep inside your pussy.

We rest for a little while before we dress and get ready to go again. We look out and see a few people staring at us, so we quickly leave, laughing. The rest of the ride we just hold hands and talk about how lucky we are to be together again.

We arrive at the resort late and tired from the drive. We get our key cards and find our room rather quickly. We look around and see that it is as beautiful as the pictures on the website. The room has a king sized circular bed, a fireplace, a large comfortable couch, a mirrored wall shower and most importantly a large jacuzzi tub. There is so much we want to do, but we are both very tired so we decide to light a nice fire and cuddle in bed until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I awake at about 1 a.m. to a warm, wet feeling on my growing cock. I reach down to rub your shoulders as you suck my hardening cock. I give a gentle pull on your hips until you straddle my face. I take my time as I explore every inch of your pussy with my lips and tongue. Every time your body flinches I know I’ve hit a sensitive spot so I concentrate on those parts, kissing, licking and sucking you. You push yourself up kneeling while straddling my face, enjoying the sensations I’m giving you. You pull a breast up to your mouth and start sucking on your nipple as you grind yourself into my face. You let yourself go, knowing you can be as loud as you want here. You start gasping loudly as you near your orgasm. You cry out loudly as your entire body stiffens and I feel your wetness spray out onto my chin.

You collapse on to the bed and lay there for a while as I massage your legs and back. You smile at me and get up on to your hands and knees. I push my cock inside you and start to slowly ride you. After a few minutes you reach over to the side of the bed and grab your purse. You pull out your vibrator and some lubricant and hand them to me. I lube up the vibrator and then press it against your anus. Slowly you open up and the vibrator inches inside your ass. I moan as I feel the vibrations on my cock through the thin layer of skin separating your ass and your pussy.

I thrust into your pussy and your ass at the same time while you push back against me. You start thrusting hard back against me aroused from the feeling of both of your holes being filled. After a few moments your slamming back into me and groaning with each thrusts. You cry out, “Damn it, put your cock in my ass now!”

I do as you wish and my cock slides into your ass with one smooth thrust. I stop to let you adjust but you start rocking your hips, fucking my cock. I want to make it last but I can’t contain myself, I push into you for all I’m worth as you rub your clit. I pull your ass cheeks apart so I can completely bury myself into you. After just a few more strokes I explode into your ass. When you feel my hot cum filling you, you orgasm overtakes you and you scream into a pillow as you cum all over your hand.

We both collapse down on to the bed and fall asleep quickly with my cock still buried in your ass. We sleep for an hour or two until you wake up to the feeling of my cock growing hard inside your ass. You gently start to rotate your hips making me grow even harder. When I am completely hard you start riding my cock while you use the vibrator on your pussy. I wake up and start matching your thrusts. It isn’t long before we both explode again. I pull my now soft cock out of your ass and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I wake up late in the morning to find you again sucking on my cock. You look up and let my cock fall from your mouth. You smile and say, “Finally, you’re awake. Just lay back and let me have some fun with you.”

I smile and relax, letting you take control. You take me back into your mouth and then push my legs up. I hold my legs up as you start to rub some lubricant on my anus. You gently push a finger inside my as you suck and lick my cock. You finger fuck my ass until I loosen up then you slip a second finger inside me and continue fingering me. You remove your fingers and I feel cold plastic pressed against my opening. I relax my muscles and you push the vibrator inside me, then turn it on.

The throbbing drives me crazy as my body writhes from the pleasure. You reach between your legs with your free hand and massage your clit as you continue to suck my cock. You passion builds and you attack my cock with new found energy. The feeling of your lips and your tongue working on my cock and the vibration entering and leaving my ass pushes me to my limits quickly. In seconds I’m spraying my cum into your waiting mouth. You swallow quickly as you start to furiously stroke your clit. You pull the vibrator from my ass and push it hard against your throbbing clit. You start screaming with my cock still in your mouth as you feel wave after wave of your orgasm shooting through your body.

You climb up on to the bed and kiss me quickly before throwing on your robe. “What’s your hurry?” I ask.

“Room service will be here any minute with our breakfast. I ordered before I started trying to wake you up, but I was sucking on your cock for a good five minutes before you woke up,” you said while laughing.

I smile and laugh before pulling the sheets up around me and laying back down. A few minutes later there is a gentle knock on the door. You answer the door and the gentleman apologizes for being late and that the kitchen is pretty busy this morning. You tell him it is no problem and sign for the food writing in a large tip. The waiter asks what the big tip is for and you tell him, “For being late.”

He laughs knowingly and leaves us to our breakfast. You bring the breakfast over to the bed, take off your robe and join me under the covers. We pull the cover off finding omelets, sausage, bacon, toast and orange juice. We eat until we are stuffed, put the trays on the floor and fall asleep again in each others arms.

After a short nap we put the trays out in the hallway to be picked up and take a shower together. We stare at each others bodies from all angles in all the mirrors along the walls. We soap each other up and then wash each other clean. We enjoy the nice warm water for a little while longer and then step out to dry each other off. We get dressed and decide to go for a walk.

We walk around the resort holding hands, enjoying the cool fall weather and the changing colors of the leaves. We walk around for over an hour and then decide to go to the restaurant for lunch. We have a nice lunch together and then make our way back to our room.

Housekeeping has cleaned up our room, leaving us new towels, sheets and robes. We start another fire and decide to try out the jacuzzi. We get undressed and slide into the warm, bubbling water. We sit and let the jets massage our bodies for a while, relaxing after our long walk.

I reach down and start to rub your clit as you smile and lay back. You reach over and start stroking my cock as we kiss. When you’re right to the point of orgasm you climb on top of me and start riding my cock. After only a few strokes you bury you face in my chest and cum all over my cock as your body shakes.

I let you rest for a few minutes before I start pushing up into you. You kiss me and start riding me again. You lean over to whisper in me ear, “C’mon baby, c’mon. Cum inside me baby!”

Your encouragement pushes me over the edge and I quickly shoot my load up inside you as I pull you to me. Exhausted you slide off of me and sit next to me. We put our arms around each other and enjoy the relaxing jets of the jacuzzi.

After an hour or so we get out of the jacuzzi and laugh a little about our wrinkled skin as we dry each other off. We dress up and go to a nice dinner at the restaurant. After dinner we go to a show and see a pretty good comedian. Then we return to our room.

We sit down on the couch together and turn on the tv. We flip through the channels and find a channel with nothing but soft core porn movies. We’re delighted to find a movie about an all-girls boarding school. We watch the movie for a while before you start taking off my clothes. When I’m naked you lay your head in my lap and angle your head so you can suck my cock and watch the movie at the same time. It isn’t long before I feel my orgasm start to build, so I pull out of your mouth. I undress you and lead you over to the jacuzzi.

I help you into the jacuzzi and then bend you over the edge so you are facing the tv. I kneel behind you and spread your legs. I start eating out your pussy and ass while you watch the beautiful young girls on the screen make love to each other. It isn’t long before I feel your body tense up. You screech as you cum, spraying your wetness over my chin and chest as you collapse.

While you are still recovering from your intense orgasm I push my cock deep inside you. I thrust into you hard and fast until you come back to your senses. You start pushing back against me hard and start telling me over and over again to fuck you. Just as the two girls on the screen cum together in a sixty-nine position we both cum together.

I sit down pulling you back with me so that my cock stays in you the entire time. You lay on my chest with my arms wrapped around you. We enjoy the jacuzzi as we watch the final scene of the movie, a group of ten girls having an orgy. When the movie is over we turn off the tv, dry each other off and go to bed.

We sleep through the night and wake up feeling better than we have in a long time. We lay together spooning as we enjoy the warmth of the fire. I enter you and we slowly make love, kissing and touching each other for over an hour. After we are both satisfied we lay in bed talking for another hour. We get up and take a very long hot shower together and then go out for lunch. After lunch we head back to our room for one last love making session before we shower again and check out.

We load up the car and take one more walk around the resort before we leave for home. I ask if you enjoyed the weekend and you say, “Of course, but if we made love one more time I’d be so sore I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.”

We both laugh and then head out, holding hands and talking non-stop for the entire ride.

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