How daddy made me his good boy


Ok so I have been meaning to wright this down for years now, and have finally got the motivation to do it. This is the true story (or mostly true) of my early sex life. Now I say mostly true because it has been over 20 years since these events happened and some of the fine details I have had to fill in for the sake of the story but all the events are what actually happened. Anyway, I am writing this because I needed to get it out and share my experience, not because it was bad…I do not regret any of it. But I just am tired of keeping it in. PLEASE read the tags for this story, if that stuff bothers you then don’t bother reading this. If you have issues with it fine but don’t complain about incest or any other acts here when you knew that going into the story. Ok I am done with this intro on to the story.

For the most part, going up for me was fairly normal. I had an older sister that I fought with constantly and my parents are still married (ok so now days I guess that is not so normal) and seem happy. Being my dad’s only son he started from a very early age making sure that we got plenty of daddy son time. My earliest memories are of us going off to the park or to see a movie together. He always made it very special and he always told me that our special daddy son time was special and to keep it a secret. This of course made every thing we did seem like it was part of our special club and I loved it. The secrets drove mom crazy at first but she soon came to accept that is was just our way of bonding. I of course know now that this was all part of his elaborate plan for me from the beginning, he was training me to be able to keep my mouth shut with the innocent things so that I would be ready for what was to come years later.

Years later for my birthday daddy told me we were going on a camping trip, just the two of us. I was so excited, we got all our stuff together and as soon as I was out of school we hoped in his truck and headed out. We drove for a couple of hours and finally reached the plot of land that belonged to a friend of his who was letting us borrow it. We set up camp and went fishing and were having a great time. It was a rather hot day and the night didn’t cool it off too much, so daddy recommended that we just sleep nude. This sounded like fun to me so I was innocently quick to oblige, we both stripped down and I couldn’t help but notice how big daddy’s penis was. We sat down on the queen sized air mattress that we would share and daddy asked me if I wanted to be let in on some of the fun that grown ups sometimes do?

Of course I did, what kid wouldn’t want to be let in on the grown ups fun. “Daddy of course I do” I was practically bouncing up and down. Daddy pulled out a bottle from his bag and unscrewed the lid, I might have been a fairly innocent kid but even I knew a bottle of liquor when I saw one. He poured some into a plastic cup for me and I sniffed it curiously, “What is id daddy?”

“It’s called peach schnapps, sport. Drink it down” as he poured some whiskey for himself.

I tasted it and it was like nothing I had ever had before, and I guzzled it down. My daddy was just smiling at me as he watched me drink. As the schnapps warmed my belly scooted over next to me, our bare thighs touching. “Alright sport, you are growing up so fast and getting so big I think it is time you tried some more adult fun.”

“Really daddy, what now!” I was so excited now I couldn’t sit still.

“Well first of all you know I am not suppose to give you alcohol and mommy would be very upset if she knew I did that wouldn’t she?” Daddy asked me while stroking my shoulder. I nodded in agreement with him. “So if we want to be able to keep having our fun daddy son time we have to keep it to ourselves don’t we?”

“Of course this is our secret time daddy”

“Good, then gaziantep eskort bayan let me teach you something that adults like to do sometimes.” With that he took my hand and placed it on his flaccid cock. “Here rub daddy right here” He guided my hand around him and had me start stroking him.

“Like this daddy?” I asked as I was rubbing his now growing cock him my hands.

“Ohh yeah sport, just like that. Now get your other hand on it. See how I am getting bigger and harder, that means it feels good to me, you want to be a good boy and make your daddy feel good don’t you.” Daddy asked as he lay his head back enjoying the hand job I was giving him.

I looked up at him smiling “Yeah, of course I do daddy, I would do anything for you.”

“Good sport, that is what I want to hear, because I am going to train you to be very good at making me feel good, and I get the feeling you will be very good at it.”

Now like any son I loved hearing praise from my dad above all else, so when he said he thought I would be good at it, I was thrilled and wanted so badly to please him.

“Ok sport, now I want to to start licking daddy’s cock”

I don’t know if it was the schnapps or just my eagerness to please my daddy but I didn’t hesitate I leaned down and began licking daddy’s big cock which was now to its full length of 7”. I lapped at his cock like it was a lolly pop,
“Ohh sport that’s it, your are doing such a good job. It feels so good.” With that he reached over and began stroking my tiny prick which I enjoyed and it made me feel more like a man. After a few minutes of that daddy laid a hand on the back of my head “Now sport I want you to take my cock in your mouth and gently suck on it.”
I looked up at daddy a little unsure, but he just gave me a firm look that said he would hear no arguments about it. So I slowly moved my head to the tip of his cock and let his huge member slip past my lips. It wasn’t too bad and I kinda liked it. His firm hand on the back of my head guided me and forced me to go lower than I would have otherwise. He pushed my head down on him then let me come back up over and over again, all the while he played with my cock with his other hand. As I picked up the pace a bit due to his urging he began to groan and moan in pleasure. “You are the best little cock sucker sport, that feels so good.”
I was elated, and my cheeks were blushing with the pleasure of my daddy telling me I was doing well. He was never the kind to dish out empty praise, he left that for my mother to do, when daddy gave either my sister or me praise we would know it was earned and genuine. Which is why when he told me that I was the best cock sucker I took it to hart, and I kept sucking away at his thick cock.

“Ohh sport you are about to learn something else” daddy said breathlessly. “You are about to make me cum sport, and when I do I want you to swallow it all down and show me just how good of a cock sucker you are.”
I just gave a muffled uhh huu sound and got ready to swallow. Then I was shocked as daddy jerked a bit and his cock jumped in my mouth a bit then squirt after squirt of his warm cum came flowing out into my mouth. I tried hard to swallow it all but a good bit of it leaked out of my mouth and ran down my chin. “Well I guess we will have to try it again and see if you can get it all” daddy said as he smiled down at me. With that he pulled me into his arms and we cuddled up together naked and fell asleep. Most of the of that trip we spend naked together and I sucked him off several more times making sure to be his good little cock sucker and swallowed down every drop.

After our camping trip daddy made sure to make more and more daddy son time and I spent so much time on my knees in front of my daddy pleasing him. Daddy taught me to take him all in my mouth and to deep throat him well. He would send my mother and sister off on errands so I could suck him, we would stay up late waiting for the others to fall asleep, and on and on. He had a knack for finding dark out of the way places for us to slip off to and I was loving every minute of my daddy time.

It was a little over a year later when he decided to step it up and take things further. I had a soccer tournament out of town and we were staying over night in a hotel. I knew that it would include lots of daddy time but I had no idea what he had in mind. The tournament was over and it didn’t go so well and all the kids split off on their own, we headed back to our hotel, and daddy pulled out some alcohol for us. I was excited because this was far from normal for us, and the last time was when we went camping and all the fun started. We were chatting a bit about the game and drinking when he pulled his cock out and I immediately knew what to do. I fell to my knees and daddy took my drink as I started pleasing him. After a short bit of my bobbing up and down on his 7 inches daddy pulls me off of him. I look up at him a bit surprised.
“Sport go ahead and finish this” daddy said handing me back my drink…I quickly oblige, downing my drink and feeling good. “Alright sport since we have all night to play I thought we would try something new. Do you trust me son?”
“Of course daddy, I love our times together” I say as I am gazing back at him.
“Alright, then I want to teach you a new way to make daddy feel good. And I think you are the kind of kid that will come to really enjoy it in time.”
“Really daddy, I would love to” I said practically jumping out of my seat.
Daddy grabbed my glass and refilled it “Hear finish this off then strip down.”
I quickly downed my next drink then shed my clothes, when I looked back I saw daddy had also striped down. He reached over to me and held me close, our naked bodies pressing together daddies thick hard cock pressing into my belly and my small prick raging hard.
“Alright sport you know about how a man and woman have sex right? After all I know you have seen your mother and I together.”
I just nod to him a little confused.
“Well tonight I am going to show you how we can do something similar. It might hurt a bit at first but you will get use to it and I know you will love it after just a bit.” Daddy paused to look into my eyes. “Are you alright with that sport?”
“Yes daddy I don’t mind little pain, and I really want to be with you like mommy is.”
“Good deal sport, alright then you just have to trust me and it will be great.” With that he reached into his bag and pulled out a few things. “Here bend over the bed Sport and rest yourself on your elbows.” He then handed me a small bottle. “Start breathing that in it will help relax your and make it feel better.”
I hold the bottle up to my nose and sniff deeply at the acrid smelling stuff but not wanting to disappoint I keep taking deep breaths of the stuff. Then next thing I know I feel something cool and wet on my asshole. I inhale sharply and daddy rubs lubricant on my virgin hole.
“Ok Sport here we go, I am going to show you how to really please your daddy now and be a good boy.” With that I felt his finger slip into my ass hole and start working its way in. It was a bit uncomfortable but not painful then he got a second finger in and he wiggled them around and I saw how it could feel good. He worked his two fingers in and out of me for a while and I was softly moaning at the way he played with my hole.
“That feels really good daddy”
“Good Sport, I am going to fuck you like I do your mother now ok?”
“Yes daddy, I want to please you and be able to do anything mommy does.”
“I am glad to hear that Sport” And with that he pulled his fingers out and I felt him press the head of his cock at my rose bud. He placed a hand on each of my hips and with a sharp thrust he penetrated my hole taking my virginity and forever branding me as an anal whore.
I screeched in pain as he entered me, but daddy just told me to sniff the bottle and take it as it would get better as he built up a rhythm. He pushed in a bit then pulled nearly all the way out then shoved his cock deep into my bowels. I gasped out in surprise and buried my face in a pillow whimpering at the pain in my butt. But daddy didn’t miss his rhythm, he pulled out and slammed into me again, over and over again. Finally after the ninth or tenth thrust the pain began to fade a small amount and as I took a deep breath he slammed into me again pushing the breath back out of me and I began to feel the pleasure of it. My whimpers began to shift to moans with whispered “yess daddy”. As daddy heard the change in my voice he picked up his pace and began really fucking me with vigor.
“Ohh yes Sport you are one great fuck, so much tighter than your mother. I am going to love having your ass to fuck on a regular basis.”
“Daddy I am yours any time you want, this feels so good, I love the way you feel inside of me.”

Daddy kept pounding away at me till I felt him tense up and buck at me, and I knew he was cumming in my ass. He then pulled out of me and I collapsed on the bed unable to move. Daddy went to the bathroom to clean up and when he returned I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass and running down my leg. Daddy scooped up the cum running down my leg and brought it to my mouth, I eagerly licked it up earning a smile from daddy. “You did real good Sport. I am so proud of you. You took that like a good boy.”
I just smiled up at him to exhausted and sore to move. A few hours later he rolled me over to my back and placed his cock at my mouth, I quickly got him hard again and he moved to my rear. He placed my legs on his shoulders and placed his cock at my ass hole.
“So you have been my good cock sucker for over a year now, but do you want to be my fuck toy too Sport?” He said as he gazed into my eyes his thick cock head pushing against my still sore asshole.
Panting in anticipation I manage to get out “Yes daddy, I’ll be your cocksucker and fucktoy. I’ll do anything for you daddy, I love pleasing you.”
With that daddy shoved his cock home into me.
Afterward daddy again fed me the leaking cum out of my hole and we cuddled together on the bed all night.

We of course had a harder time finding time for fuck sessions but daddy still managed to squeeze plenty of them in. I spent more and more time also sneaking in and watching daddy fuck my mom and I would watch jealously wishing he was fucking me. He caught me watching him one time and later told me that he always was thinking about fucking me when he was fucking mom. We made more and more camping trips and found secluded placed he could fuck me. He often regretted that I couldn’t just wear a dress so it would give him easier access. He also began telling me how pretty I was. It was soon after that he began buying me slutty panties to wear and wanted me to wear them all the time. I had thongs, silk, & pink lace panties that he would buy for me wear. I would have to wash them myself to keep anyone else from knowing. Daddy loved caressing my ass and reaching down the back of my shorts to feel my pantied ass while my sister and mother were in the same room but not looking. We took a dark pleasure in fucking on my sisters bed and in mom and dad’s bed. I really enjoyed all the random placed he would bend me over and fuck the hell out of my panty covered ass. I wore a lot of athletic shorts so he could easily slip them off. Daddy particularly enjoyed taking me to dark parks at night pushing me into the grass and fucking me in the woods. More times than I can count he sent me to school with an ass full of cum and pink lacy panties on under my jeans.

We enjoyed this relationship on for many years and I loved being his fucktoy so much.

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