How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 14


Scott’s mouth opened and twitched without a single sound. His confused leers between his co-worker and recent lover in said co-worker’s jeep left him unaware of where to even start.“What… what the hell’s going on here?” Scott asked.“Son,” Bill started, “you’ve gotta stay calm.”“What’s happening?”“Listen, you don’t want to alert your little lady inside, alright.”“Bill?”“Tell her you’ve gotta step out real quick and help me with something.”“Bill, answer me.”“Get your wallet.” Bill turned around and took three steps.“No, I’m not going anywhere.”Bill sighed, swivelled, squeezed his eyes shut and reopened them, then said, “Kid, you’re wife’s home, and you’ve got pictures and videos of another woman on your phone. Not to mention the fact that woman is parked right in front of your house. Let’s cut the crap and get a move on, alright?”“Am I being kidnapped?”“Are you being kid–” Bill turned to the side and pointed towards the jeep. “I’m not an expert, but I think kidnappers are usually a little more rushed. Now come along before your wife asks questions that you don’t wanna answer.”Scott gulped, went inside for his wallet, told his wife goodbye, and exited. When he got to the jeep, he jumped into the seat directly behind Bill and glanced over at a smiling Frankie before looking into his lap.“Hiiii, Scott,” she said. “Long time no see, huh?” ***  Facts state that frowning uses more muscles than smiling, and that day, Scott’s face Sefaköy escort bayan received a full workout. The unexpected ride came with a rather unpleasant message:“Pay us eight-thousand dollars, or your wife sees our video.”His face remained double-palmed as they drove, and he muffled many utterances. Words that soaked into his palms like water puffing out a sponge. When he lowered them, his eyes were bloodshot and wet, ping-ponging back and forth between driver and front-seat passenger.“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked.“Don’t look at it as we’re doing something to you,” Frankie said. “See it as we’re doing something for you.”“For me? You’re insane. And, Bill, how could you do this? I thought we were cool?”“Kid, I like you and all,” Bill said, “but she’s in a bit of a jam. Even though she isn’t my favourite person in the world, she’s still family.”“Family?” Scott asked. “It’s you that recorded us that night, isn’t it?”“Scotty-Scotty-Scotty,” Frankie interjected. “It doesn’t matter who recorded it. What matters is that it exists. Now, as I was telling you before you got all emotional about Bill, the eight-grand isn’t coming without its goodies.”“What the ever-lovin’ fuck are you even talking about now?” Scott asked, waving his hands around with one eye squinted more than the other.“What I’m talking about is the fact that you’re getting three pounds of weed, my friend.”Scott Yenibosna escort racked backwards into the seat and shrugged his shoulders before saying, “Is that supposed to mean something to me? What-what am I supposed to do with all of that? Where am I even supposed to hide it? Why would I even care about… look, I haven’t smoked that shit since college.”“So?”  Frankie’s expression turned to stone, removing the defiance from Scott’s face.“An, so, I just don’t see why I should… should care, that’s all.” Scott looked down and cleared his throat.“Scott,” Frankie said, “you’re going to withdraw eight-thousand dollars from your account and buy the fucking weed from us. I’m not talking about this anymore.”“Bu–”“I said I’m done fucking talking. Jesus, if I knew you were such a whiney little bitch, I would’ve never had sex with you. Look, there’s an ATM over there. Get out, get the fucking money and let’s get the fuck outta here, you lil wimp.”They parked close to the curb and parallel to an ATM sticking out of a brick wall. Scott slid across the leather seat and slunk out before sulking his way over to the automated teller.“Didn’t have to be so harsh on him,” Bill said.“Fuck his feelings, Bill. All we should care about is getting that money, getting him that weed, and giving Dante his money tonight.”Bill scoffed, and silence reigned until Scott returned with a large wad of cash and handed it Escort Halkalı to Frankie. She flicked through the hundred-dollar notes briskly, confirmed the amount, and they nosed out of there to collect his purchase.  ***  The intention was to make the home visit brief. Frankie ran up the stairs, swapped the remaining product into another suitcase – purchased earlier in her visit – and came back down with it. Scott peered inside to ensure it all at least looked okay.“Don’t you have something smaller I could carry it in?” he asked.“Just go out to the jeep with it, alright?”Scott stretched his mouth horizontally until he resembled a cartoon character. After he went out to the jeep, Bill started to follow when Frankie swatted his butt and half-smiled.“Are you nuts?” Bill spun with fire in his eyes and whispered, “Scott’s close-by. What the hell’s the matter with you?“Thanks for helping me out,” she said.Bill relaxed his stance and replied, “Doing it because I have to.”“Oh, come on, you don’t have to pretend. You can admit this is more fun than just watching T.V an entire day.”“According to who?”Frankie shook her head and strode to the jeep, jumping into the backseat this time. She pulled out a pack of king-sized wrappers, pre-rolled filters and a grinder. After instructing Scott to open one of the bags, she broke apart some of the weed and rolled it into a cone-shaped joint.“Hey, sorry about before,” she said. “I was being a major bitch. Smoke this with me, alright?”Scott nodded, and she lit it with her lighter. At five puffs in each, they leered at one another, smiled and smooched between the following puffs. Scott caressed the nape of Frankie’s neck as she took the last puff of the joint and flicked the filter into a bag.

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