I Caught Him Staring — Part 2

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Anri Okita

Well guys it’s been too long since I wrote Part 1, and I’m sorry for that. For anyone to understand this story, please read Part 1:


Also, I kind of suggest if you’ve already read Part 1 to reread it because I posted it so long ago. Thanks for reading!

I hope you all enjoy these stories. I love bringing them to you guys because the happy comments you type helps me feel better with my extreme teen depression 🙁


I heard a car door close.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath. “No time to clean off.” I stated.

“No problem!” Jake assured. He got on his knees and licked his cum off my face. It tickled but I loved it. I hurriedly dressed him and we walked inside. Inside was John.

“I heard everything.” he said. Oh crap! I thought to myself. I never took off the microphone!

“John I..I…” I stammered.

“Don’t bother. I’m not upset. I want in.” was all he said.

“What do you mean you want in!?” I asked, half confused, half interested. I fiddled with my shirt and found the microphone and snapped it in half and threw it at the floor.

“I mean I want into this. You two were about to fuck. My mom dropped me off just now and I’m here to stay for the night. It’s Friday so I’m staying over.” John said. I was partially mad he invited himself into this but I didn’t want to ruin everything.

“Let me talk to Jake alone outside.” I responded. John agreed and I took Jake out.

“So listen Jake, this is all new to me. John’s known I’m gay but never shown the slightest interest in me at all.” I said.

“I understand. Maybe we should just take a rain check. This has gotten a bit awkward for me.” Jake said, clearly upset.

“No Jake please c’mon I love you we were having so much fun just now don’t let him end this. I can make this work.” I assured.

“How?” Jake asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to make it work. Trust me. Stay. I love you dude.” I said. I leaned in and kissed him, and we proceeded to passionately make out for 5 minutes, until I heard John yell.

“C’mon guys hurry up!” John yelled, impatient as usual.

“Just follow my lead, I have an idea.” Jake said. “I love you too.” I nodded and we went inside.

“Well John, you want in, let’s see that sexy gaziantep eskort bayan cock of yours. I can already see you have a bulge going on!” Jake said in a flirty voice. He looked to me and winked. I walked over to John and started making out with him, as Jake undressed him. John was slightly surprised by the kiss, but soon accepted it and my tongue to follow. His lips were full and delicious and I just had to ask.

“How long have you been gay John?”

“Always. My heart sank when I heard that it worked out with Jake today.” he responded.

“Well then, the more the merrier I always say!” I cheerfully said. At this point John was just in his jeans, no shoes or socks, no shirt. Sexy. I got onto my knees and fiddled with the zipper, finally managing to pull his pants down.

When I got to his boxers, I could tell his dick was begging to get released. His dick was nowhere near as thick as Jake’s but I loved it. Jake came over and got on his knees too, next to me.

“Well well. What do we have here?” I said.

“Looks to me like a beautiful hard cock Alex!” Jake and I giggled together.

“Oh just suck me already you sexy fiends!” John moaned. I didn’t love John but I was more then happy to make his day and take his virginity! I pulled down his boxers and was face to face with a delicious and healthy 7 inch dick and before I could get to it, Jake pushed me off and started sucking it.

“Oh fuck yes Jake god you’re so cute sucking my dick like that!” John moaned.

“Your cock is delicious John!” Jake responded.

“C’mon guys let’s get on the couch where we can have more fun!” I encouraged. What I really wanted was to double stuff John’s cute body! The boys agreed and we got onto my couch, John sat in the middle while Jake was on his right sucking his dick. I was on John’s left making out with him.

“God! Keep going I’m gonna cum soon!” John warned. Jake instantly stopped. I had a feeling of what he was about to say.

“Hey what gives!?” John asked.

“I think it’s time Alex had his go before you get soft again!” Jake giggled. I compliantly switched positions and took John’s long cock into my mouth. Jake was right, John’s cock was extremely delicious! I felt just as stuffed with John as I did with Jake!

“God this is so good!” John moaned. I took it one step further and started fondling his balls. “OH FUCK THAT’S IT! I’M CUMMING!” Screamed John. Jake hurried over and John got up as we sat on our knees waiting for the prize to land on our faces. And it came. A huge load exploded onto our faces. Me and Jake took turns licking the cum off of each other’s faces, teasing John with our love.

“Well Jake, what should we do now to our little intruder?” I said.

“I think we should fuck him!” Jake said, extremely overexcited. I got a huge grin on my face.

“Umm..okay so what do I do?” John said.

“C’mon to my bedroom. I’ll tell you there.” I instructed. We walked to my room and once there me and Jake stripped our remaining clothes, leaving all three of us nude.

“My god your cock’s look delicious!” John said.

“Thanks, you’ll be sucking them now.” I instructed. John got on his knees infront of the both of us, and started sucking Jake first.

“Fuck man, you’re good!” Jake said. I turned my head to Jake and we began to make out as John sucked our dicks below.

“I love you Jake. So damn much.” I whispered into his ear.

“So do I. Let’s fuck the shit out of this guy!” Jake said. John started fondling Jake’s balls and it wasn’t long before Jake broke our kiss.

“Fuck I’m coming!” Jake announced. John began to deepthroat Jake and I felt Jake’s body shake as he released his cum down John’s throat.

After it was over, John said “My god that was delicious! Now it’s your turn Alex!”

“Nope. If you want the other half you do this our way. Get on the bed on all fours.” I instructed. Jake got on his knees behind John, his rehardening dick poised and ready to steal John’s virginity. I got infront of John, and aimed my cock at his mouth.

“I’m sure you’ve seen how this works in porn, John. You’re gonna suck my cock until I cum and all the while Jake is going to pound your ass.” I stated.

“Oh just fuck me already! Enough of this foreplay! I didn’t come to be educated I came to get pounded!” John moaned. I stuck my whole into John’s mouth and began to face fuck him, pulling on his short hair to make him go deeper. His lips and tongue felt AMAZING on my 7 inch cock!

“FUCK JOHN. TAKE ME DEEPER!” I moaned. At that moment I could tell Jake had started fucking John’s ass because John started cringing in pain. I laughed.

“Chill out it’ll feel amazing real soon!” I said in a flirty tone. I could feel Jake’s cock slamming into John’s ass because John’s entire body shook!

“Fuck this is so hot, being impaled by you both!” John said.

“Oh yeah? Well I guess it’s time for me to impale your backside now!” I said.

Jake and I switched sides and I slowly stuck my dick into John’s ass. His ass felt EXTREMELY tight and I don’t know how the hell Jake’s thick cock didn’t rip it in half!

“Your ass is so tight, god this is so hot.” I said, moaning.

“Yeah and your tongue and lips are fucking heaven on earth!” Jake added.

I finally felt some room to fuck in his tight space and started thrusting real hard. After the blowjob I was already nearing the orgasm but the tightness of his ass was starting to throw me overboard.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” Jake said.

“Me too!” I said. It felt like we came together because Jake stopped face fucking John and started moaning softly.

“oh shit yes take all of it you slut!” Jake said. I was filling John’s ass up quite nicely and when I pulled out a lot came with me.

“THAT is what happens if you interrupt our fun John!” I giggled. “You end up getting nailed instead of doing any yourself!” Jake added. Me and him laughed as my cumfilled friend sat below, completely exhausted. “Know what? I’m starting to feel kind of sick so I think I’m going to ask my mom to pick me up so you two can have more fun yourself, knowing that you two are in love and all. This was amazing thanks for fulfilling my fantasy Alex. You don’t know how many times I’ve gotten off thinking of you fucking my tight ass!” John said.

I took his hint, knowing he wanted me and Jake to have a more passionate sex session, and he took off.

“Now it’s just us.” Jake said.

“The real fun’s about to begin.” I flirted.


This one got quite long too. I don’t think I’ve ever used two full stories for only a day but I think if you read Part 1, and now Part 2 it works out pretty well. The reason this may have seeemed a little less passionate is because John decided to be an ass and interrupt, so me and Jake had to “take care” of him. The lovey dovey sex will be in Part 3, which I might want to write tonight 🙂

Till Part 3,


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