In Consequence of Danny


Since the first time we met, it was always been a joy with Danny.

I remember those first thrilling times we got to know each other, mainly in the confines of my bathroom, because when he called on me I suggested he got washed up in there.

But usually I was tempted to intrude before he had finished and it was sheer fun touching him up as he undressed.

I’d creep in and quietly steer up behind him. Seeing him in his tight fitting briefs was something special and a promise of lots of exciting things to come.

The first time I did that he jumped; not expecting me but it wasn’t long before we were rubbing cocks together.

In fact that was the first sexual thing we did after having broken the ice. We sort of stood there and gently fumbled with each other until we both unzipped and revealed ourselves.

I shall forever remember that special moment which was the start of all our wonderful times together. Those times spent discovering each other on a truly intimate basis. The touching, the feeling and everything was magic And how that first time, we both stared into each other eyes as we felt the sheer ecstatic touch of each other standing there, cock to cock. It was truly wonderful.

That first sexual touch means everything. It opens the door to everything we would like to do with each other and there were lots I had in mind with Danny.

Back to the bathroom though; that is where Danny first had me. It was all about discovery and the learning curve. I was wondering if he could get it into me. It was my first time with a guy and, although I had experimented with anal vibrators and the like, I could not be certain that a real live cock such as the quality and size of Danny’s – could make it with me.

It was nice though and so subtle and good to hold, the odor of it was so sensually attractive to me and the earthy salty taste too.

If he couldn’t have made it, that would have been a terrible disappointment because, although it was fun doing Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort everything else – I really looked forward to his fuck. Just to actually feel a real live cock inside me was my fantasy and my dream come true.

I needn’t have been concerned. After Danny had thoroughly lubricated me with some coconut oil he found in the bathroom cupboard, I felt so lovely and so ready for him there. He’d spent quality time simply assing me up and all the kissing and suckling was beyond words can describe.

“Just wiggle it a little for me” he said prompting me to bend over the edge of the bath.

I felt wonderful and it was easy to do what he wanted. It made me feel good too knowing that excited him and, glancing around I could see he was on full red alert, that magnificent appendage of his ready for the kill.

It was so thrilling to be doing that with a guy I hardly knew. And yet we both knew what we wanted.

From the first time he rummaged my ass cheeks and teased my hole with his fingers I knew we were compatible. He a giver and me a taker, and now I was about to take that cock for the first time.

But I held my breath as he maneuvered it into position. At first it seemed much too high and Danny seemed to be missing the objective.

I prompted him to lower it down a bit and with a slight adjustment, at last I felt the first touch of hard wonderful stiff cock-head begin to stretch me there.

“Alright Alex?” he asked.

“Perfect” I replied and by moving my hips side to side it gradually stretched me full and he was there, grasping my hips to give him a good standing, enabling him to give me a real good deep plunge.

I closed my eyes and felt the surge of him wedged nice and tightly inside me. Although the stretching hurt a bit as he filled me up completely with his full length, I took it all with the sheer pleasure of that first perfect fuck.

After that it was all plain sailing. Funny that came to mind because Danny had a boat in Torbay harbour and often we went sailing.

Of course we fucked. There was something really thrilling having him inside me as the boat rolled.

Out there in the ocean wide we could really let our hair down and exert ourselves fully naked.

I liked to tease Danny in doing my thing with the mast. It was a sort of a male lap dance and doing it, I could see he was really getting that familiar hard- on again and I knew I would be in for a good shagging in the cabin.

It was so good out there, he had everything set up for a days voyage around the coast.

One of Danny’s favorite things to do with me was to tie me to the big wheel at the helm and twist me around in variable positions. The thrill of that out of this world, he enjoyed massaging and sucking me in different positions, and with a little adjustment, he found a way to fuck me too. He was an ingenious guy and I grew to adore him very much.

He made me feel wanted and just the thought of giving him my all, whichever way, was wonderful. He was truly my guy through and through.

I remember with sweet affection, the first time we bedded together, in the sleeping cabin in his boat named consequence. He’d anchor two miles offshore and I looked forward to that first night of splendor.

The only thing I didn’t like was that he snored considerably. But after a hard day’s night it was divine to be awoken with the feel of his erection lodged snugly between my ass cheeks. I loved to wiggle and feel the movement tease my well fucked and numb hole in consequence from the night before.

I felt that soon he would be indulging again, maybe before breakfast or even during breakfast. We had already played food and sex games which turned out to be a real learning experience for us both. Danny declared he loved me delicately garnished with grapes and he loved me to suck and lick him with double cream.

But he was still in slumber. At least he had stopped snoring. I’d buy one of those gadgets that fir over the nose, that is what I shall do. But for the time being I was quite happy to simply lay there and enjoy the feel of his cock there. In fact whilst he still slept I managed to tease its jap-eye around my hole, thus rimming me, as I delicately stretched back his foreskin and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

I wondered if I could move without awakening him. Thinking maybe he would like to wake up with his cock inside my mouth, to the feel of my deep throat exploits. I remember when I learnt to do that. He really loved it too. It was difficult at first to hold him there fully inside, but I discovered how, by holding my breath, I could indulge in the most beautiful deep throat suck which afterwards., left me with the most gorgeous taste of him for a long while afterwards, and then to feel that fresh sucked and deep throated cock up my ass once more was equally as thrilling.

Some of the things we discovered about ourselves, the things we enjoyed in the most intimate ways, just happened without being planned or anything like that.

It was all down to consequence which made it all the more thrilling and wonderful being with Danny.

That’s why he renamed his boat consequence by the way. It was all consequence, the way we met and everything

I shall miss him terribly because he had the notion to go with this black guy. I felt he would be back. I didn’t know that side of him. I thought he would be forever faithful but when I learnt he was fucking another I was gutted to the core.

But still loving him I said he could come back if he got bored with the new guy.

But what he said really hurt; “Alex, once you’ve had black, you never go back. It was nice knowing and fucking you, but times move on…”

Okay I felt like doing myself in I really did. But I survived and as if by consequence I met David.

There are always plenty more fish in the sea and if I told you David was magnificent, I would not be giving him due credit.

Time does move on and now I am ready for a brand new relationship, Goodbye Danny, hello David.

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