It Could Be Worse Ch. 07


We’ve been in service to blacks for 6 months now. Mom, my wife Cindy, and I have completely devoted ourselves to the pleasures of the Superior African race and Leon.

The club where Leon has us working is a nice dinner club on the waterfront in S.W. Washington, DC. We work as greeters and servers with a few other white couples and single white women. All of us are in self satisfying servitude to these superior human beings.

Leon has made me stop the hormone therapy. He wanted his customers to know that I was a male sissy. My titties are still a little fat but my cock has returned to it’s 6″ when hard. I’ve under gone laser hair removal except for my head. Even my eye brows have been removed. My hostess uniforms vary and Leon has provided the three of us with generous wardrobes.

Tonight for example, I’m wearing white transparent harem pants with matching slippers. Under the pants I have on a thin mauve colored thong that does nothing really to conceal my hard dick. At the start of my shift I must take a Cialis to keep me hard for the amusement of our well hung black customers and their women. Leon wants his people to see me for what I am, a little dick white boi who salutes his superiors with his little erection.

My blouse matches the harem pants and the tattoo on my left breast is visible.

Leon has marked mom, Cin, and I in several places.

Mom experienced Leon’s magnificent cock twice that first night 6 months ago and joined Cin and I in our devotion to pleasure the superior black race.

My tattoos are a picture of a black cock on my left breast with a red heart over it. It signifies my love of big black cocks. I have a bar code on my neck indicating that I am Leon’s property. There are several tribal markings on my back. My ass was branded with “Leon’s”.

Leon had a special brand made for us and each of our asses has the same brand. The other whites that work here are branded in the same manner.

My nipples have been pierced and a 3″ silver ring hangs from each one. The jewelry I’m happy to wear are a slave collar and a necklace consisting of an 18″ silver chain with a 6″ black cock and balls charm that hangs down.

I’ve tempted many a customer by sucking on it provocatively as I seated them.

My lips are fuller thanks to the Botox treatment Leon has me take. I’m not permitted make-up. Leon wants all blacks to see me as the faggot, black cum slut I am.

Mom and Cin had to shave their heads completely for Leon. It’s a sexy look. Their large, puffy lips are painted red in an obvious invitation for big black cocks and cunts to use. The many studs in their ears and the larger hoop earrings they wear pay homage to the black race. Their nipples are pierced and a gold chain connects them. They both have a series of small rings piercing their labia.

Cin has a tattoo that reads “whore for black cocks” that circles her left nipple. She proudly sports a queen of spades tattoo on her left calf. It’s visible for all to see. Like me, Cin also wears tribal markings on her back.

Mom has the same “whore for black cocks” and queen of spades tattoos. But Leon also wanted her to have “black cocks only” tattooed just above her pussy. Mom was happy Leon singled her out for that honor.

And like I said, we all are branded. That hurt badly but we each agreed that it was appropriate. It was the right thing for Leon to do for us. It was our gift to him. We were serious about wanting to be owned by him.

Leon told me he’ll never fuck my sissy ass. “I ain’t stickin my dick in that shit”, is how he put it. He did tell me that some of the brothers might want to fuck me though.

I was disappointed. I wanted to give that to him. I wanted Leon to take my virgin white ass, my boi pussy. I wanted to cede all vestiges of my manhood to his big black cock. I wanted him to make me his faggot bitch, his woman. Just like mom and my wife, I wanted him to fill me with his big cock.

But having devoted myself to their pleasure, I would be happy to give my virginity to any black man that thought me worthy enough to take his seed.

I used to think I was straight. A heterosexual, pussy fucking man. My wonderful wife taught me otherwise. Mom said she knew all along I was different but it was Cin who convinced me that I was meant to please real men. A “panty pussy” fucking, cock sucking, cum eating sissy is what she helped me become. Even before Leon came into our lives, I was no longer permitted to put my dick in women like a real man.

Cindy made me realize I’m not worthy enough to cum in a pussy. My orgasms were supervised by my wife and usually witnessed by others. I was only allowed to fuck a panty that my wife would hold on my dick. She would have me stand and fuck it. She would have me lie on my back and fuck up and down. I’ve fucked her hand held panty in the missionary position, doggie style, in just about every position a real man would fuck a woman. She once used a friends’ panties so I could have the experience of “getting some strange.” Avrupa Yakası Escort Cin will also let mom reward me by letting her hold my panty pussy as I fuck my useless cum into it.

Quite often the soiled panty would end up in my mouth, much to their delight.

The club where Leon has us working is an upscale club frequented by only the well heeled black people. Generally there are no white couples in here. If there are it’s because a black man wants to publicly humiliate a cuckold. There are a lot of black men with married white women.

The word was put out there by Leon and his backers. White servers only need apply. And only those whites who have pledged themselves to serve the superior black race and wear the markings of their devotion are hired.

There are two menus. One is the menu that offers drinks and food. Menu

offers us whites for their use and pleasure. That menu is only for vetted customers. Those that Leon knows are STD free and have plenty of cash. No credit cards for any one selecting from menu


Leon knows a lot of cash carrying customers.

Menu 2 has our photos on it with a brief description of our attributes, and of course the cost for our services.

Cin and mom were both priced at $250.00 for a 30 minute session. I was sad to see my worth to Leon was a mere $25.00. Leon explained to me that he kept my price low so a lot of black men would be tempted to feed me their cocks. He called it the law of supply and demand.

I was enlightened by his logic.

My attire for this evening has been described above. Mom and Cin are more scantily and suggestively clad than am I. All the women working here are required to be bare breasted. Latex covers their nipples so the law doesn’t interfere. Thong panties, thigh high stockings, and stiletto heels complete their uniforms. Of course their make-up is slutty.

We all live in the spartan quarters in the basement. All the money we make goes to Leon. He sees we have everything we need. Our needs are few. Food, the clothes Leon provides, a place to wash ourselves and our clothes. Our beds are circa 1930 army surplus with striped funky mattresses, and an old army blanket. We share this dorm with two couples and 3 single white women.

Above the club, the décor is much nicer. We call it the Menu 2 Suite. It’s where we entertain our superiors, our wonderful black masters and mistresses. It’s open concept interior consists of plush seating, luxury hotel bedding, and cocktail service. It makes for an enjoyable experience for the black man or woman who use our bodies for their pleasure.

Leon has made several porn movies starring his white people. Sometimes I’m a fluffer for those who will fuck mom and my wife. Sometimes it’s just me as I suck big black cocks or rim a superior black man’s ass. On occasion I’m permitted the honor of eating cum from a black woman’s freshly fucked cunt.

I’ve done a couple cuckold movies for him too. In those movies I can be seen giving my wife or mother to a black man. I’m seen assisting the black gentlemen, inserting their big black cocks in what ever pussy is fortunate to receive it. After they’ve used Cin or mom as their cum dump, I can be seen greedily lapping their used pussies and cleaning those big black cocks.

Leon calls those movies, training films. There’s a growing market for them.

Mom and Cin have done a gang bang series where they were repeatedly and roughly fucked by 6 to 10 black men.

They’ve also starred in a movie in which black lesbians used them.

Apparently the movies Leon made with us are popular. Many times customers have told us they recognized us.

Leon has also demonstrated his business acumen by starting an escort service that features all the women who have pledged themselves to him. Of course, like the club, it caters to cash carrying black men or women.

Being selected as an escort is exciting for the women. It’s the only time they’re permitted to leave the club.

I have only been selected from Menu 2 a few times. Mostly it was to suck a big black cock until I was rewarded with it’s tangy offering. I was chosen to clean Cin’s pussy after two men fucked her senseless.

Watching my wife service those real men, those superior black cocks, was breath taking.

She was spit roasted. Slobbering over one huge black cock, Cin was in rhythm with the other cock in her pussy. Back and forth, one cock going in, the other going out until they filled her mouth and cunt.

I was allowed to have her sit on my face as I ate their manly cum from her pussy and she lovingly cleaned the cocks that used her like a whore.

The other white bois here have also been granted the honor of sucking black men’s cum from Cin’s and mom’s well fucked cunts.

That makes me jealous.

While mom and Cin cum many times when serving up their pussies for those superior black cocks, my own orgasms and those of the other white bois are only allowed when we’re in our basement quarters. Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan And just like the other two white bois with us, my dick never cums in a pussy. We are not worthy of that. Our useless spunk either goes in the commode or the mouths of each other.

Many times I found myself in a 69 with one of the other white males as our women cheered and bet on who would cum first.

Cin has also regaled our colleagues by having me fuck my panty pussy for them. One of the other women thought it was pretty neat and had her faggot husband demonstrate his humping and hunching technique, eventually pumping his sperm into one of her panties.

You could have heard a mouse piss on a cotton ball when I took those panties from her and sucked her hubby’s cum from them.

Our lives are good and we’re all happy in our devotion to our African Superiors.

Well, maybe not all of us are happy.

Leon has a rule that we must take care of ourselves. We must stay in shape to be attractive to our customers. If we don’t, we cost Leon money.

One girl let herself go. She gained about 15 pounds and Leon was not happy. She was no longer being selected from Menu 2 and Leon was losing money.

In the presence of all us devoted caucasians and a couple of Leon’s friends, Leon beat her with a wire coat hanger. After the beating Leon asked his friends if they wanted that useless white bitch.

She was sold to the highest bidder for $150.00.

Leon told us later that the guy who bought her got her addicted to heroin and made her walk the streets, whoring for him.

Leon replaced her in 2 days. There are lots of pretty white women who want to devote themselves to serving black cocks. It’s the natural order of things.

It was an object lesson for us all.

Tonight we worked the floor as usual. I, in my harem pants, seated several couples. Cin and mom worked their server duties as sexily as ever.

Almost immediately a large black man selected mom from Menu 2. I watched them disappear upstairs, mom following excitedly, her large sexy ass jiggling as she climbed the stairs. She loves black cock. She craves black cock. She told Cin and I that she was sorry she ever married my dad. She would have preferred to have a black baby.

I understood completely.

My hard dick leading the way, I seated a rather large black man who was accompanied by an obvious cuckold couple. The white lady was hanging all over him as her husband trailed them to their table.

The black man was dressed in all black. Black chinos, black dress shirt and black leather sport jacket. His prominent bulge made my mouth water.

The white wife was dressed in her role as slut wife. Her large breasts, barely hidden behind a thin white blouse, were on display. Her nipples, clearly visible, were pierced and distended from abuse. Her short leather skirt rode high on her thighs when she sat. Any one looking could see her stocking tops and garter. As she crossed her leg over the other I could see she had for-gone panties.

Who gave a shit what her husband had on? Like everyone else in the club, I ignored him. He was almost invisible. Just another white husband paying for a night out for his wife to entertain her bull.

And pay he would. Cin took their drink order. The black man stroked her ass as she stood by the table. After looking at Menu 2 for a few minutes he pointed his selection to the hubby who then came to me. He wanted Cin to join him upstairs.

Standing and nodding to me, the black gentleman took the hand of his white whore and went up. Cin brought the drinks and I caught her attention gesturing silently to the stairs. She understood and giving the lone white husband his glass of water, she took the remaining two cocktails and went upstairs.

I envied her. Having seen the crotch of that wonderful black man, I wished I could have been included. The thought of me slobbering all over his cock and balls made my dick pulse. I wet my thong with a bit of pre-cum.

I was lost in that day dream when suddenly I felt some one grab me by my neck. It was Leon.

Apparently I had been so deep in thought about the cock that Cin would get to enjoy that I had completely ignored my duties. A black couple had been waiting for me to seat them.

I had forgotten my place in the black world and Leon was going to remind me.

Calling me a few choice motherfucking faggots, Leon slapped me in the face and then back handed me.

Still holding me by the neck Leon apologized to the waiting couple and dragged me to the hostess chair. Sitting down, Leon pulled me over his lap, pulled my pants down and spanked my bared ass with his belt as the couple looked on. Telling me I’d better not forget my duties again, he spanked me so hard I cried.

Then just as roughly Leon pushed me off his lap onto the floor at the feet of the waiting couple. Kneeling at their feet I whimpered out an apology for my worthlessness and begged them to forgive Escort Avrupa Yakası me.

Leon told the man to take me upstairs for a complementary blow job on him, and their tab would come out of my meager earnings.

“What earnings”, I wondered. Leon doesn’t pay us.

Thankful for the chance to appease Leon and this couple, I dried my tears, sniffed back my snot, and led the way upstairs.

What I saw was astonishing. Mom was on one bed being fucked doggie style. Her mouth gaped open as her black man fucked her hard. Her make-up was smeared and I could tell she had sucked his big black cock before he allowed her to welcome it in her cunt. She was groaning and moaning how much she loved his black cock and begged him to use her like the white slut she was.

Cin was between the knees of the other man nursing his cock to it’s 10″ magnificent hardness. Lying on her back eating Cin’s pussy was the white wife. She must have been doing a good job because Cin was forcefully grinding her cunt on her face and making little cooing noises around the cock that was in her mouth.

The couple who I escorted took a seat in two of the lounge chairs. The man looked at me waiting. I knelt at his feet and head bowed I put my mouth on his pants where I knew his cock would be. I nibbled at the stirring cock as I loosened his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. Zipping his fly down, I fished out his big black cock. He scooted up so I could pull his boxers down freeing his balls.

His musky smell was as over powering as it was intoxicating. There is something so wonderfully exciting about the first time I open a new black man’s trousers and come face to face with his package. The sight of that big black cock, the aroma, the huge balls, is almost over whelming. I always have the feeling that I’m in my place. Me, an unworthy white boi kneeling before a superior black cock is what I am good for. My white mouth to be used as his personal cum dump feels right.

I began at his nut sack, coaxing them to produce more of his manly sperm for me to guzzle. I licked them in awe of their size. I tongued my way up the shaft of his uncircumcised cock. I placed my tongue on his piss hole and jacked his foreskin over it, licking the great mushroom head. I was lost in cock. Big black cock.

Opening wide I tried to get as much down my throat without gagging.

I heard Cin moan and knew she was getting filled by the meat stick she’d been worshipping. I guess her man wanted some strange rather than fucking his white cuckold’s wife. “What the hell,” I thought, “he’s not paying for it. The cuckold is.”

Sucking and loving the feeling of the big black cock in my mouth, I can see my work is getting results. His Lady has her hand under her hiked-up skirt and she’s masturbating, watching me, a sissy white boi, make love to her man’s crotch. The thought that I have stimulated this black queen makes me re-double my efforts. In a frenzy I cup his balls in one hand and jack his monster cock with the other, sucking like a mad man.

I feel him tense and know I’m about to be rewarded with his seed. He grabs a hand full of my hair and forces me down on his cock.

He suddenly erupts in my mouth telling me to, “eat that shit white mutha fucka.” I jack his cock and swallow. Jack and swallow, jack and swallow. At last he releases my hair and finishes nutting my mouth.

I suckle his cock as it softens enjoying the after-glow of eating his offering. I clean his shaft and lick his balls before moving away from his wonderful manhood.

I turn to watch Cin being fucked by her customer. He has her on her back and his cuckold wife is sitting on Cin’s face. I cringe at the sight. We’re not supposed to offer ourselves to white people in any manner. Leon is quite strict about that.

Still thinking, I realize that our purpose in life is to serve the superior black race. Cin, by eating the white pussy of a black man’s bitch, is serving his wishes.

I wonder if they have to pay double.

Mom has finally gotten her man to grunt is seed in her. Beckoning me over to her, she turns to clean the big black cock that brought her so many orgasms. She wants me to clean her pussy for her.

It’s not the first load of cum I’ve slurped out her freshly fucked cunt. I’m quite used to it and enjoy providing her with my sucking mouth.

Mom is on her hands and knees lovingly laving the huge soft black cock before her. I move to her plump, sexy ass.

Before I move under her pussy, I surprise her by running my tongue the entire length of the crack of her ass.

I hear her gasp with that cock in her mouth, and she pushes her ass back to me.

Granting her wish, I tongue her rose bud and slip my tongue into her anus. A couple of tongue fucks and I move to clean her puss.

Her labia are red and raw from her fuck session. His cum is visible at her opening. I push my face as deep into her fuck hole as I could, tasting his cum and the now familiar taste of my mom’s cunt.

Mom moves up on the bed, having finished honoring her black God with a cock cleaning. I position myself under her and she squats on my open mouth grunting out his cum. I can feel his ball sack on my forehead and his monster cock on the side of my face. He knelt at my head to kiss and paw my mother.

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