It Is Far Better to Give…

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Author’s Note: Due to illness , dearest readers, this story’s a bit late. I hope you don’t mind — and that it brings a post-Holiday smile to your naughty little world. Enjoy!


Andy surveyed the room, which looked much different than it had last time at this year. A large, overly-decorated tree stood in the corner, almost too large for the room. There were lights and ornaments and tinsel abundant. He displayed his Christmas cards prominently, there were at least a dozen more then last year. He was happy and joyous with the approach of the New Year and there was one great reason for that.


Exactly one year ago tonight, Christina had entered his life and turned it upside down. Happily so.

Christina Kringle, who had claimed to be the granddaughter of Santa Claus. He supposed it was part of her magic that he didn’t doubt her for an instant.

She had granted him his every Christmas wish and more. The lonely 46-year old bachelor had found himself revitalized by her joyous attitude towards life. They had spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together, then she’d come back for New Year’s. And Valentine’s Day. Every holiday he spent with her and sometimes, she’d just show up for the heck of it. Christina never lost her capacity to bring him joy and happiness, a happiness he didn’t think he’d ever know.

A log popped on the fireplace, startling Andy’s cat, Colonel, who retreated into the other room. Andy looked in the mirror as he straightened his hair. He looked good, better than he had in years. He’d lost weight, he smiled more, he certainly didn’t look his age. Love can do that to a person.

Was he in love with Christina? Undoubtedly. He missed her terribly when they weren’t together, but he understood the “family business” was demanding on her time. Yet he never doubted he was in her thoughts. “Remember, I know who’s naughty and nice, and it’s very nice that you’re so naughty!” she had purred one night as they snuggled together.

He wished that they could have many more special evenings together, he floated on a euphoric cloud for days afterward. It was one of the reasons Andy was determined to make this evening special for Christina.

But what does one get for a girl who can have ANYTHING she wants?

Andy’d had to think long and hard about it and figured it out only a few days before. It hadn’t been hard to set up, he just hoped Christina would like it.

He was about to find out. He could feel the hairs on his neck stand up, his body was tingling. He heard a hearty “HoHoHo” and a gentle cloud of white smoke appeared. From it, clad in a tight red jacket and matching miniskirt, with thigh-high black boots, was his Christina. She rushed to embrace Andy, snuggling into his loving embrace.

“Well, I’ve done with checking the lists twice, delivered all the presents to homes where no creatures were stirring, so here I am, lover!” she purred as she kissed him, lovingly and sensually.

“So, what did you bring me?” Andy grinned, knowing full well what the answer was. She moved away from him, and like the previous year, she was now clad in the slinky, black silk teddy that hugged her curves like a second skin. Her eyes still shone with the love and passion that he had come to know over the last year. The blonde hair still fell in golden waves past her shoulders, she’d let it grow even longer at his request. She did a little spin and smiled at him.

“Well, do you want to unwrap your present, studly?” Christina grinned.

“Not just yet, darlin’!” Andy said, hugging her. “I got you a present, but it’s in the bedroom. C’mon, follow me — and close your eyes, okay?”

It was hard to surprise Christina, but Andy hoped his little plan would accomplish just that. He led her into the room, her eyes still shut. “Okay sexy, you can open them now!”

Christina’s heart was fluttering, she rarely got presents of her own, although Andy had given her tokens at many of their encounters. He was kind and thoughtful, she adored him — thoughts of him kept her warm in her chilly North Pole apartment.

Standing in the corner of the room was a petite redhead in a sexy white negligee. What the heck was going on? Wasn’t she enough for him?

She spun on a stiletto heel and faced her sometimes-boyfriend. “What’s this, you want a threeway? I’m not enough for you, you … “

Andy raised a hand in protest. “Uh-uh sweets, you’ve got it all wrong. She’s for you — all for you.”

Seeing the confusion on her beautiful face, Andy tried to stifle a laugh. “The very pretty lady there — whose name is Holly — is a massage therapist who works at a very exclusive spa here in town. She’s going to give you a massage and facial and anything you want. My gift to you. Enjoy.”

Christina’s heart leapt, how could she have doubted Andy? All her family had good instincts in picking partners, she should have known better. Not only that, this little Holly was a cutie!

“I remember you telling me a while back that on Christmas Eve, your poker oyna body aches from slugging sacks of toys around and hopping from chimney to chimney. I guessed you might not be adverse to something to help you unwind.”

Christina walked over and gave him a big smooch, taking a glass of champagne from him as she did. Andy also offered one to Holly, then took one for himself. “Here’s to making Merry!” he toasted as the three of them clinked glasses.

“You’d better NOT make Merry!” Christina said with a teasing reference to her older sister. “I have a sister named Holly, but you’re MUCH different from her!” she said to the tiny, pixie-like redhead. Christina saw the girl blush, she was just adorable. She turned to look at Andy, but her loving boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

“He told me to tell you this is just for YOU, so lie back and enjoy!” Holly said, in a soft, yet-husky voice. “Please, take off your clothes and lie on the massage table.” Christina hadn’t noticed it standing in the other corner of the room, but she did as the girl requested. As she wiggled out of her teddy and boots, she heard Holly gasp.

“What’s wrong?”

“My goodness, nothing. It’s just — you have an amazing body!”

Christina thanked the girl with a warm smile. Granddaddy had a state-of-the-art gym at the North Pole, there wasn’t much to do there, so she worked out religiously. She lay on the table and Holly moved closer, rubbing some jasmine-scented oil into her hands.

“Why the negligee?” Christina asked, curious.

“Oh. Well, some women like to look at me — and sometimes, their boyfriends or partners like to watch them getting a rubdown. I find it adds an extra layer of sexy and I get better tips that way.”

Christina grinned and felt herself relax as Holly began rubbing her body, getting all the kinks out. She was a mess of knots, it had been a long, hard day and this felt simply wonderful.

In the living room, Andy sipped his Eggnog and watched the crackling fire. He was glad he’d met Holly last week and hoped Christina would enjoy her Christmas surprise. Later on, once Holly had left, he planned to make love to her with all the skill he had, to show her just how precious she was to him.

Holly’s skilled hands were melting all of Christina’s tension away. She rubbed from her shoulders, down her back, kneading out the tension in her muscles, then her buttocks and down her legs. Christina felt her nipples tingling and she knew she was becoming aroused. She kind-of hoped Holly couldn’t tell, but dammit, she was getting turned on!

Holly was a professional, but my goodness, this beautiful blonde was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. She was trying to maintain a sense of decorum as she ran her hands all over Christina’s sleek frame, but it was the hardest thing she’d ever done. In a voice she immediately recognized as husky with lust, she asked Christina to turn over.

Christina did as asked, she heard the tone in the girl’s voice, but she was going to play it cool. One thing she knew, was how to play it cool.

“My goodness, your nipples are stiff!” Holly cooed. “Are you aroused? It’s okay, it happens sometimes.”

Still playing coy, Christina said “It does?”

“Mm-hmm. A sensual touch is very arousing, nothing to worry about. It happens to many of my clients.”

“And what do you do about it?”

Holly smiled a teasing smile. “Wellll … if they are very sexy, like you, sometimes I let myself indulge, if they’re willing … “

“And if I was willing …?”

Holly walked back over to Christina and let her negligee drop from her body, revealing herself for the first time. She had a mouth-watering, tiny, adorable frame, Christina thought the perfect word for her was “yummy”.

“Have you ever played around with a girl before?” Holly asked.

Christina nodded. Some of the female elves were cuddly / scrumptious and the nights did get cold and lonely back home. It was her way of staying “kind-of” faithful to Andy, whom she adored.

“I’ve — dallied!” Christina purred.

“Okay then, let’s have a good time. I’m booked for the whole evening, no need for us to rush.” Holly told her. She poured a bit more oil in her hands and rubbed, slowly, deliberately, using her fingertips to trail all over Christina’s skin, from her breasts to her tummy to her thighs, stroking, subtly, skimming the sweet flesh underneath and seeing the look of bliss on Christina’s perfect features. Holly saw the sparkle of desire reflected in Christina’s blue / violet / green-flecked eyes. Was there nothing about this stunning blonde that wasn’t unique?

It was difficult for Christina to hold still, Holly was certainly quite good at her job. Her flesh was ripe for gentle touches, every inch of her was alive with comfort and sensual desire. She saw a sexy smile cross Holly’s pretty face as she lowered her mouth to Christina’s bare pussy. She yelped with glee at the first touch of Holly’s tongue on her wet pussy and clit.

Holly canlı poker oyna could massage just as well with her tongue as with her fingers, She used her tongue to feast on the yummy pussy in front of her, one of the loveliest she’d ever seen, pouty and prominent, the prettiest of pinks. The juices were sweet and flowed readily as Holly tasted the sweet treat.

“Keep it up, oh you little sweetie, keep licking, yessss, just like that!” Christina purred, thrilled with her present from her thoughtful lover. She’d planned to give him another unforgettable night in bed, but it didn’t seem to be enough now. She’d have to give this some thought.

Holly rubbed the scented oil all over her own petite, adorable body and mounted the seductive blonde. She rubbed the girl with her own body, breast to breast, slithering downward, she rubbed the nipple of her sweet tits against Christina’s clit, stimulating the girl further.

Holly couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to feel Christina’s skin against her own. It was smooth as silk, as soft as a Pussy Willow. She’d never felt anything so wonderful in her entire life!

Holly’s powder-blue eyes met Christina’s and both girls smiled as they shared a kiss, one of fondness, caring and mutual passion. Words were unnecessary as they moved into a heated sixty-nine, Holly placing her tiny frame above Christina’s tall, leggy blonde body and eager to commence more loving.

Christina’s touch was as soft as a butterfly’s wing as she touched Holly’s quivering body. Holly splayed Christina’s pussy lips apart and inserted her tongue deep inside her new lovers sweet cunt, licking and stroking every inch of her beautiful puss. Christina was cooing with pleasure, she wasn’t quiet and she was sure Andy could hear their loving in the next room. She wondered if he was aroused by it?

Holly’s nimble fingers flew all over Christina’s silky skin, pinching candy-pink nipples, stroking her sides, trailing all over satiny thighs. For her own part, Christina did her absolute best to give as good as she was getting. She nibbled gently on Holly’s tiny, petite nipples, hearing the girl squeal and giggle with delight. The girls were squirming all over the massage table, nearly falling off more than one time, but magically, Holly noted, they seemed to be okay.

Holly was in a wonderland of sensual pleasures. She was on fire with lust, visions of sugarpussies were dancing in her head. THIS was how sex was supposed to be, sensual, passionate, with a partner who anticipated your desires and made you come alive with bliss. She had been hired to pleasure and relax Christina, just to massage her cares and woes away — yet magically, she had been unable to resist the temptation for more, wanting to grant the woman’s every sensual wish.

Holly’s tongue washed over Christina’s cunt, she ate the blonde’s pussy with erotic vigor. With every move she made, Christina made one as well, Holly was afire with passion. Her body trembled and shook, an intense feeling of orgasm was approaching, but no, she daren’t, Christina must cum first!

Sensing something was amiss, Christina lifted her beautiful blonde head from between the cutie’s thighs and asked, “What’s wrong, darling angel?”

“I-I’m going to cum, but you have to cum first, you must … ” Holly protested.

Christina chuckled. “HoHo, don’t be silly, little one. When you cum, it’s a compliment to me. Betcha I’ll cum at the same time. Go right ahead.”

Sensing the sincerity in Christina’s words, Holly let loose and her body spasmed in orgasm. “Oh fuck, that’s wonderful!” the girl squealed and she saw the sparkle in Christina’s eyes as the blonde, did indeed, cum right along with her.

The two beauties hugged, holding each other, sharing little sweet kisses. Christina said “Well, I think my boyfriend’s going to need something extra-special to top this lovely little gift.” She kissed Holly’s forehead, then her face lit up.

“Hey, Holly, would you like to — well, y’know …?”

Holly’s blue eyes flew wide open as she registered what Christina was asking of her. She didn’t want to disappoint the sweet woman, but did she dare tell her the secret she’d been keeping?

“I don’t — that is to say, I’ve never … ” Holly’s soft voice trailed off.

“You’ve never been with a man?”

Holly shook her head.

“Do you want to be?”

Holly nodded.

Christina smiled. “Then Andy and you should have sex. It’s my gift to you, he’s a wonderful choice for your first time. He’s kind and sensual and giving and … “

“You’re in love with him?”

Christina nodded. “Yes. I think he knows it, but if he doesn’t, he’s going to find out. Come on, cuddly-cutie, we have to get ourselves ready.”

Outside in the living room, Andy sipped the now-spiked Eggnog and tried, in vain, to concentrate on “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The tribulations of George Bailey and family didn’t seem to hold his interest now. It had grown quiet in the next room, after quite a bit of noise internet casino — just what was transpiring in their now, he did not know. Had the girls fallen asleep in each other’s arms?

Andy got his answer when the door to the bedroom opened a tiny crack and Holly’s cute, smiling face appeared. She seemed to glow with radiance, her red hair was backlit and she just seemed alive and adorable. Had he not been so head-over-heels with his one-of-a-kind Christina, he would have been very attracted to the much-younger girl.

“Could you come in here for a minute please, Andy?”

Andy hoped nothing was wrong as he got up and approached the door, Holly moving away from it. He got his answer in an instant. Reclining on the bed, eyes mesmerising as ever, hair like a golden sunbeam, was his Christina. Holly, back in the beautiful negligee, joined her on the bed and kissed the blonde sweetly.

Christina spoke. “Did you know this naughty hottie would seduce me?”

Andy smiled. “No, but if she did and you both enjoyed it, that’s fine with me.”

Christina’s heart grew. “You’re not jealous?”

Again, Andy said “No, whatever makes you happy Chris, that makes me happy. I love you, I only want what pleases you!”

Christina’s heart practically leapt from her chest. Did he know he’d said that he loved her? No matter, he HAD said it and she felt the same way.

“You love me?”

Andy had realized a split-second before what he’d uttered, but he had no intention of taking it back. Yes, he loved her. She was his world, the girl he’d waited all of his life for. “Yes Christina, I love you.”

“And I love you. Very much.” Andy leaned in and he and Christina shared a warm kiss in front of Holly.

“So, in honor of the season and as a `Thank You’ to this pretty girl beside me, I’d like you to make love to her — then both of us. Can you handle that, tiger?”

Andy was momentarily taken aback, but Christina continued to be full of surprises. He supposed it was due to her lineage, so he had no problem with that. It was one of her more endearing qualities.

Andy moved beside the bed, noticing the bright smile on his lover’s face. Christina smiled “Be careful with her, darling. She’s never been with a man before.”

Andy’s eyes widened momentarily with surprise, but he regained his composure quickly. “You’re a virgin?” He saw a red flush come over the pretty redhead’s cute pixie-face.

“I’ve had sex — with women — and toys — but never with a man.” Quickly, the girl added “But I really, really want to. I think you’re nice.” She blushed again. “Christina says you’re really good in bed.”

This time it was Andy’s turn to blush. He felt Christina’s hands pushing him down onto the bed.

“Get moving, dopey” she said, teasingly. “You’ve got two very willing and horny women here, quit stalling!”

Andy turned to Holly and asked her “You’re sure about this?”

In response, Holly pulled the older man close to her and planted one on him, a kiss of passion that nearly took his breath away. Not being a fool, Andy began to get out of his clothing as fast as he was able, enjoying Christina’s loving gaze as he did so. She was caressing Holly’s hair, whispering encouraging words to the nervous young girl. Andy knew he’d been given a wonderful gift and great honor and he promised himself that he would treat the girl as gently as possible.

The sexy couple lay Holly on her back on the plush bed, Christina just toying with her aroused skin and seeing the contented smile that crossed Holly’s face. Anxious to start, Andy placed his face between the girl’s widespread legs, noting the moisture that was already there. His gift to Christina had turned out even better than he’d hoped. Holly had a pleasant, sweet scent and Andy was also aware of the aroma of Christina’s arousal. He used his hands to stroke Holly’s silk-smooth legs and began kissing her sparsely-furred, redheaded pussy. She was squirming at the first feeling of a man’s tongue on her clit, loving the way it felt as Christina gently fondled her breasts. Holly had never felt so alive as the two of them worked her over. She could feel her arousal growing ever-stronger by the minute.

Holly was soaked as she felt movement on the bed. She looked up to see Andy straddling her, his big, hard cock facing her. She turned to Christina for advice.

“I’ve never … ” she said.

“Take your time. He’s very sensitive, lick it slowly. Swirl your tongue around it, caress his balls. Andy loves having his dick sucked, as for me sugar, I’ll give you some inspiration!”

Trembling slightly as Andy’s cock slid in between her soft, pouty lips, Holly wasn’t sure what to do, but she took Christina’s advice to heart. She was glad she listened, for within seconds, she loved the feeling of having a man’s cock in her mouth. It was so alive, so vital, pulsating and throbbing. It felt good and she could hear Andy’s groans — she must have been doing a good job.

She felt Christina’s fluttering tongue on the lips of her pussy and belly and was awash in sexual bliss. The joy of this sexual escapade was too much, she teared up a bit. Christina brushed them away with her fingers and a sweet kiss as Andy moved his cock from between her sweet mouth.

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