Jackie , Rod Become Lovers

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This is a continuation of the story, Rod Meats Jackie, and both those stories lead to the end story, no pun intended, All She Wanted.

After Rod divorced his wife, Jackie and Rod met in an arrangement by friends through the flying club to which he belonged. They had gone on a flying trip together and ended up at her apartment in a night of frenzied, fun sex.

Jackie lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment, jam-packed with furniture. Rod lived in a three-bedroom house, half-furnished. Rod had divorced his wife when he learned she was addicted to cocaine and was fucking anyone and everyone under the influence of the coke and to get more of that drug and others, even some she was injecting. Rod offered to help his wife in recovery from the drugs, and when she refused, everything in the divorce, but she took only about half or less of the home furnishings. He got the house to which his wife kept returning even after he had divorced her, even after Jackie moved in with him to fill the house, more completely furnish it with the furniture from her small apartment.

One morning, Rod’s wife, Sherry, came to visit. Sitting with him at the bar in the kitchen on a stool, dressed in one of her finest, white, clingy dresses, she noticed suddenly when she got up to fill her cup from the pot of coffee he had made for them while they talked and Jackie still slept in the master bedroom that her dress was sticking to the bar stool.

“Oh,” Sherry said, “this is all sticky. What is that?”

Rod could only chuckle, then suggest they move to the table in the dining room. The night before, actually earlier that morning, Jackie and Rod had sex on the bar stool. Rod and Jackie were drinking heavily and screwing constantly, every day and night, everywhere – in the house, on the beach, in public parks, where ever they were, they fucked. Rod had joined an after hours
club that opened at 2 a.m. and closed at sunrise. The name of the club as a matter of fact was Sunrise, frequented by waiters, waitresses, bartenders and other rowdy, drinking people.

The night and morning before, as was their habit, Jackie and Rod had gone to the Sunrise, drank and danced until early morning and came home to his house, now their house. Loaded to the gills and horny as usual they had sat at the kitchen bar to have one more drink before going to bed. Rod made them Sicilian Kisses – Southern poker oyna Comfort with whiskey garnished with maraschino cherries. Relaxing in their home, naked at the kitchen bar, him kissing, licking and sucking her globular mammaries, swirling his tongue in her hairy armpits, fingering her slimy, thicklipped, furry cunny between her fat thighs, her stroking his tumescent manhood, leaning over from time to time to kiss, lick and suck it, he soon started taking cherries from the jar and shoving them into her lovehole.

In a few minutes the jar was empty except for the red juice. Jackie’s hairy box was filled with a dozen or more, who was counting, of the stemless, seedless cherries. Rod knelt on the kitchen floor, pulled Jackie’s fat butt to the edge of the stool, and started eating the cherries out of her girlcum-oozing snatch. When Rod had a mouthful of the girlcum-coated cherries he stood up, leaned over Jackie and fed the slimy, red fruit into her mouth. She and Rod chewed and shared them as they continued fondling each other’s bodies.

Standing in front of Jackie, Rod ran his throbbing cock up her oozing lovehole. Rocking the bar stool they fucked, slow, fast, slow, fast again, as she wrapped her legs and arms around him, her big butt on the edge of the stool, her fully-haired twat taking his lovestick all the way to her womb, her big tits smashed against Rod’s hairy chest. They just kept on screwing, moaning together, their tongues working in each other’s mouth, still swapping the masticated cherries.

Jackie had already cum twice while Rod was putting the cherries into her, again while he was eating them out of her twat, and she came two more times while they were fucking. They fucked on and on, for 40 minutes, until Rod finally shot five thick wads of babymaking pudding deep into her pulsing cumhole. Rod felt his fatheaded tool throbbing, squirting cum up her cunt, her pussy channel squeezing and relaxing over his swollen dick as he filled her with his white globs of manjuice. Jackie moaned, almost screamed, as she came again.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me,” she exuded, “fill me with your jazz, your hot cum.”

Rod shoved deep into her one last stroke, and they held each other tight as their cum, stained red by the maraschino cherry juice, oozed out of her steamy womanhood. Rod’s fuckpole lost most of its rigidity and plopped out of her. Jackie looked down at canlı poker oyna her honeypot, watched her cuntlips flutter in the afterglow of the glorious fuck and the mixture of her clear juices, Rod’s white wads of cum and the red liquid slither from her engorged, splayed open gash.

“Oh, look at that,” she said, “it looks like my first fuck, the time my hymen was busted. Oh, baby, you fuck me so good.” Rod thought, but kept it to himself, that must have been a long time ago. Jackie had lost her virginity, as she had told him, to her brother when they were but teenagers. She kissed Rod on the mouth, ran her tongue inside with his. He tangled tongues with her and fondled her juicy cunt. “Eat me,” Jackie grunted, “eat my pussy, lick my cunt.”

Rod knelt before her again and looking up past her hairy mound, her protruding, fat belly, past her hanging tits, looking her right in her lustfilled eyes, he licked the folds and flaps of her pussy. He ran his tongue up her slit, stiffened it and pushed it into her slimy beaver. Slashing his tongue up and down in her cunt, licking and nipping her exposed clit, the skin peeled back by her excitement, the knob protruding like a little cock, he felt and tasted past her juices and his cum, as he ate her creampie, a cherry roll onto his tongue. Another one, another one, and another one; five of the maraschino cherries, coated with his cum and hers, dropped from her still quivering channel into his mouth.

Jackie shuddered, orgasming again, and squirted her girlcum or pee into Rod’s mouth. He was never sure which with her because it was thin, salty but slick, and she always did that during their fucking. Sometimes it shot out of her, arced into the air and landed on her mons, belly, and his mouth, chin, or cock and balls. Rod chewed the cherries just a bit, then raised up, put his lips to hers and fed the extra juicy, cumcoated cherries into her mouth. They swapped the cherries and their cum back and forth in their mouths until all of it was gone, only saliva remained.

Rod helped Jackie off the stool. He took her to the master bedroom, laid her on the bed on her back. She spread her legs as wide as she could. He mounted her and fucked her hot, hairy cunt until he filled her snatch with another load of his thick, white cum. She came two more times while he fucked her this time; their combined juices running down the crack internet casino of her ass and
staining the sheet. Exhausted, she fell asleep. Rod got up, turned off the video camera that he had used to record both the scenes in the kitchen, then in the bedroom. He curled up beside her overweight body and fell into a deep sleep.

That’s how the bar stool became so sticky. Then Rod was awakened all too early, about 10 a.m. by the doorbell ringing. He put on a robe and went to the door, staggering a bit from fatigue and still a bit inebriated. Looking through the peephole he saw Sherry waiting patiently for him to open the door. Reluctantly he let Sherry into the house. They went to the kitchen. Sherry sat on the sticky bar stool as Rod made a pot of coffee for them, then settled into another bar stool to listen to her bullshit, until she moved and felt her fancy dress stuck to the cummy, cherry-juice stained stool. They moved to the dining room table; Sherry upset about the stains on the seat of her dress, Rod grinning, almost laughing out loud. He listened to her crap for several more minutes, then Jackie came out of the bedroom, into the dining room, naked as the day she was born. There sat Rod and Sherry, him listening, Sherry babbling.

Embarrassed by her nakedness when she came around the corner of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, Jackie retreated. She went back to the bedroom, put on a robe, came back through the kitchen, poured herself a cup of coffee, and came right over and sat down at the dining room table with Rod and Sherry. Suddenly Sherry had no more to say. She excused herself and left her former home, shamed by what she had felt on the back of her dress, though not knowing fully what it was, and by the obvious wanton lust shared by her former husband, Rod, and this new, fat, hairy armpitted, fully hairy cuntbushed, crazily horny woman in Rod’s life.

The next time Sherry came to see Rod, Jackie met her at the door and told her not to come back again, ever. This was no longer Sherry’s home; she was no longer welcome.

Jackie and Rod move on to further adventures, and I will tell those stories as time permits. They do get interesting, like the time Jackie was drugged in a bar by another woman and the two of them were led into a four-way, then group sex with strangers; smoking weed, doing coke, and some other shit, such as lots of peeing, smooth-shaved cunts, skinny bitches, and fat, hairy women like Jackie. The rest of the story includes lesbian and gay sex, sex with Rod’s dog, Buster; freeloving with others, and lots of hot times between just the two of them.

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