James and Carl after Vegas Pt. 02

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This story is a continuation of Pt. 1. The beginning will be better understood if you read Pt. 1 first.


It was my first night at Carl’s house and I was completely comfortable for the first time. My conscience was clear Kelley knew Carl and me and I was so happy she had found love with Lilly. I was totally relaxed and just had the best sex ever. Carl had fucked me until I had an amazing orgasm without touching myself or being touched by him. He was just coming down from his own orgasm and was still embedded to the hilt in my asshole when he looked at me smiling from ear to ear and said, “Welcome home baby.”

I could feel the last pulses of his cock deep within me and the warmth of his cum as it flooded into my body. I was so in love with this guy. Unfortunately his hardon was starting to wane and I sighed contentedly as his cockhead slipped from my ass and my sphincter kissed it goodbye, for now. He spooned behind me and held me, gently kissing my shoulders, my neck, my ears and anything else he could kiss. I tried to turn and kiss him but he stopped me. “Relax and enjoy the moment and cherish our freedom to love each other without shame,” he said.

It was the best moment of my life. He held me in his arms, it was so peaceful that I slipped off to sleep. After some time passed Carl stirred a little and I regained a small measure of consciousness. As I did I felt Carl’s semi hard cock nuzzled against my behind and woke up. Mischievously, I squirmed my ass against him and his hardon grew. I moved so that his cockhead was against my hole and settled against it taking him in easily. Carl slowly and gently fucked me. Slowly in and slowly out whispering his love for me in my ear as he fucked. His words as much as his cock brought me to full erection and had precum dripping from my cock in short order. I could feel every vein and bump on his cock as it slid in and out of me. He was in contact with my prostate almost constantly, slowly bringing me to edge of another climax, but the slow speed of the thrusts held me on the edge.

“Oooooh god Carl, that feels so amazing,” I sighed.

“It just feels so right to me. I want it to last forever,” he said.

“Don’t worry my love, we will be doing this until we are old men,” I said.

Carl gave me a couple of quick deep strokes that almost brought me over the edge then settled back into his slow rhythm. I know that he was just as close as I was and even though it was kind of torture, neither of us wanted it to end. He eased in to the hilt and we just lay there for a minute or two letting us slip back from the brink. Before he start stroking again he asked how I was doing. ‘If I were doing any better I would be in heaven,’ I thought, but said “I’m good to go.”

He picked up the slow rhythm again and kept going for a few more minutes before I announced that I was almost there. He picked up the pace a little stirring my prostate into a pulsing state of orgasm and spilling my seed all over the bed in front of me. When my orgasm hit I could feel my sphincter clutching at Carl’s cock and immediately felt his cock pulsing and a warm flood of semen in my ass, adding to what he had deposited earlier. I could feel it leaking from my ass and I couldn’t squeeze it tight enough to stop it. “I hope you have clean sheets,” I said to Carl, “I’m making a hell of a mess.”

Carl surprised me with a stinging slap on the ass and said “I may have to punish you for soiling the linens, let this be a warning.”

I knew he was just playing with me but thought maybe some light spanking could be quite exciting and maybe even enjoyable. I would keep that in mind in case our sex started to get stale. I suggested it was time to clean up and Carl led the way to the bathroom and I followed with my ass squeezed tight and still there was semen seeping out and running slowly down my legs. In the shower we washed off the remnants of our escapades and cuddled under the flow of warm water for a few minutes.

By this time it was getting late and we both had to commute to work the next morning. We changed the sheets on the bed and turned in for the night. It had been a long and wonderful day. Carl held me in his arms and we talked about the last nine days and how that trip to Vegas had changed our lives and Kelley and Lilly’s lives as well. We both wanted to stay in touch with the girls but just not for a while.

We slept well but around 5:00 I could feel Carl’s morning wood nudging at my backside. Neither of us was fully awake but our bodies were responding to the moment. My hips pushed back against him and his hard cock pressed into my back just above my ass. Carl pulled me into a hug and turned me to face him. He showered gaziantep escortlar my face with kisses, sucked on my earlobe and then moved down to nip at my nipples, then down my body to my navel, before following the treasure trail to my now raging hardon. I urged him into the 69 position and felt his lips encircle my cockhead and his tongue swirling around the rim.

I licked from his balls to his cockhead pressing hard against it as my tongue slid over the frenulum, over the slit picking up a nice dollop of precum on the way to taking him into my mouth. We both took up a rhythm on the cocks in our mouths. Carl’s cock is so thick that it is difficult to get it deep into my throat. He is deep throating me now and I am still only about half way down his cock going a little further on each stroke.

Soon we both have cocks balls deep in our mouths and the stroke speed is picking up. I drove my mouth down to the hilt of Carl’s cock and started to hum. His cockhead was deep in my throat close to my vocal cords so the effect was immediate and he started moaning. I kept it up for a few seconds the pulled back for a good deep breath and went back down and did it again. Carl moaned again and his cock pulsed hard in my throat shooting his cum straight into my esophagus. I pulled up quickly and sealed my lips around his cockhead savoring his essence as my own orgasm was shooting into his mouth, he sealed his lips around my cock as cum was filling his mouth. When we were both spent, Carl swung around so that we were facing each other, we kissed mixing and sharing our combined loads.

The clock on the bedside table said 5:30, we got up did our bathroom chores and went downstairs to a steaming hot pot of coffee. We filled our cups and drank it as we made breakfast. We finished eating about 6:15. I told Carl I would clean up after he left. He went to brush his teeth and get dressed for work and was back in 10 minutes. We spent a few minutes hugging and kissing each other goodbye then he was out the door. I did a quick clean up stacked dishes in the dishwasher then went to get ready for work.

I was in my car headed to work with time to spare. I think I must have been on autopilot because I don’t remember anything of the drive. I had relived my whole experience with Carl. When I pulled into the parking lot and got out, I realized how lucky I was to be there safely and how lucky I was to be in love with Carl. I couldn’t believe what was happening. When I left for Las Vegas this new life of mine was unthinkable. I always thought I was straight. I was so happy that I had discovered my true self and that I had found Carl

It was difficult to concentrate on work and the day felt like it was a week long. Somehow I stumbled through and I don’t think I screwed up too badly. At quitting time I couldn’t wait to get on the road. I got home before Carl and went inside his beautiful house. I went up to the bathroom and thoroughly cleaned myself for some fun and was adjusting the shower temperature when I heard Carl come in.

“Honey, I’m home,” he shouted.

“I’m up here, come on up,” I shouted back.


When I arrived home from work I found James in the bathroom. He was naked, adjusting the water temperature in the shower. ‘Fuck, he’s hot,’ I thought. My cock went from limp to rigid in an instant. ‘What is it about him that affects me so?’ I couldn’t put my finger on a reason it was just chemistry. I ducked into the bedroom and shed my clothing then joined him in the shower. We held each other face to face cock to cock and kissed passionately. Our tongues tangled in a sexy dance, our cocks ground against each other. James moaned in pleasure and sighed when we broke the kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and slowly went to his knees catching the tip of my cock between his lips as he went. He took over half of it into his mouth and started to suck up then dip further down my cock on each stroke while sucking again all the way to the tip. I let this go on for a little while savoring every stroke as he was taking me fully to the hilt on every stroke. Before reaching the point of no return I took his head between my hands and pulled him off my cock.

“That’s enough, I want that hot ass of yours.” I said.

He tilted his head back and fluttered his eyes at me. For the first time I realized how beautiful his eyes were long lashes and baby blue. My heart fluttered in unison with his lashes. He took hold of my hard cock and stood up. I reached over and turned off the shower and he led me by the cock out of the tub. I wrapped a big warm towel around him and dried him and myself as much as I could with his hand still wrapped around my cock. Now he led me to the bed and we fell together onto it.

“You said something about wanting my ass.” He said. “Here it is.” He wiggled it.

I leaned into him and kissed him. We were both ready after the shower and I wasted no time getting us lubed. “God I love you.” I told him as I slid a pillow under his ass and raised his legs lining my hard cock up for entry into his slippery chute. My cock slid in to the hilt in one long slow stroke, he groaned with a mix of pain and pleasure. I held it there and kissed him again until he was completely comfortable.

“Fuck that feels soooo good.” He said.

I gave him a few short deep strokes and the lengthened them out a bit and set up a nice three or four inch stroke bottoming out on every push. He was groaning with pleasure. I dropped down a bit so that my probing was punching and massaging his prostate.

“Ohhhh yesss, that feels so fucking good.” He shouted “Fuck me hard.” He begged.

I picked up the pace and pounded his ass hard. He kept moaning and groaning encouraging me to keep going. I was holding on with all my might trying to hold my release until he could cum. My orgasm was building and soon I wouldn’t be able to stop it. His ass was so fucking hot. He squeezed his sphincter and I almost lost it. I punched at his prostate for a few more strokes when his body clamped down on my cock and he started to spasm. My orgasm erupted and every pulse of my cock was accompanied by a contraction of his sphincter. I counted ten spurts of cum from my cock and he was still cumming. My pace had been slowing as we came and I was now buried to the hilt enjoying the last few squeezes from his ass.

“Oooo fuck, hold me, please stay hard, I need you to keep fucking me.” He said.

“Holy fuck man. I know I’m good but I would have to be superman to stay hard after a draining like that.”

We kissed slowly, tenderly and as our eyes met, we simultaneously said “I love you.” My cock slowly withered and gradually slipped from his ass. He didn’t push and as my cock finally slipped past his sphincter and his hole slowly closed kissing my cockhead. He went limp and sighed as he whispered “I feel so empty, so good and so loved.”

We cuddled for a little while before deciding we should have something to eat. That wasn’t the last time that James was waiting for me ready for a shower and a fuck. It happened several times a week and neither of us was growing tired of it. I had never felt so right about my life.

A few weeks later we were into a very comfortable routine and life was good. It was a Wednesday evening when the phone rang. It was Kelley she and James chatted for a little while and then he said “Kelley and Lilly are asking us to come to dinner on Saturday. Are you ok with that?”

“Sure, that would be fun.” I replied.


On Saturday morning, I picked up a couple of bottles of Kelley’s favorite wine to take with us and at 4:45 pm Carl and I were on the road. The traffic was light and we arrived about 5:30. Kelley and Lilly met us at the door and gave both of us big hugs. When I gave Kelley the wine she said “Oh James, that’s so sweet, you remembered. This is still my favorite.” She hugged me again and kissed me on the lips.

“Should I be jealous?” Carl asked

“No I think we can safely share him. He is my BFF, but Lilly is my love.” Kelley replied.

“How about some wine before dinner?” Lilly suggested.

Everyone was in agreement. Lilly brought the wine glasses and I poured the wine, then offered a toast to love and friendship. Kelley checked the casserole that was in the oven and brought a tray of hors d’oeuvres. We chatted about school and work. Kelley and Lilly were looking forward to their last few months before graduation. They were working hard to earn honors degrees and they both had the marks to do it. The appetizers and wine were delicious and soon the timer sounded indicating that the casserole was done. Kelley took it out of the oven, it smelled delicious. The table was set with a nice tablecloth and centerpiece.

Carl and I were seated on one side with Kelley opposite me and Lilly opposite Carl. We enjoyed the meal and ice cream for desert and a side of dinner talk. Kelley was complemented on the food and Lilly took credit for the hors d’oeuvres. When the dishes had been stacked in the dishwasher we relaxed in the living room. The girls snuggled in the loveseat Carl and I took the sofa. We made small talk again for a few minutes before the conversation became more serious.

Kelley looked at Lilly and said, “We have some news and we wanted you guys to be the first to know.” Lilly was beaming and she and Kelley announced together that they were engaged. Everyone started talking at once congratulations were offered.

“Have you set a date?” I asked.

“Not yet but it will be sometime next summer after graduation.” Said Kelley. “What about you guys have you been thinking about marriage too?”

“We haven’t discussed it, but I think I can speak for both of us that we have thought of it.” Said Carl.

“Yes, I certainly have. We haven’t known each other as long as you and Lilly have. Truth be told I have been waiting for Carl to bring it up.” I looked at Carl and said “by bring it up I mean propose.”

“Well, we’ll let you guys figure that out, but we want the two of you to be our best men.” Kelley said smiling. “Same sex marriages are unconventional and we want the ceremony to follow suit.”

Carl and I were thrilled to be asked and agreed. “Let us know when you set a date and we will clear our calendar.” Said Carl.

We talked excitedly for a couple of hours. Kelley and Lilly were hyper and by the time we were ready to leave they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. As we pulled out of their driveway I glanced at their apartment windows and noticed the lights in the living room go off. I smiled and recalled the night I had spent in the apartment after I came back from Vegas. I could still picture the scene with Kelley riding my ass with her strapon and my mouth clamped to Lilly’s pussy. I hadn’t told Carl about that, a guy has to have some secrets. “The lights are out, looks like they are going to turn in early,” I said.

“They may be turning in early, but I don’t think they will sleep for a while,” said Carl.

We drove home a lot quicker than we had arrived and our lights weren’t on very long either. We were in the shower within minutes. We were already horny as hell and after a little fooling around I was on the brink of orgasm. I had been sucking Carl’s cock and fondling his balls. “Ahhh fuck, I’m going to cum soon,” he told me. “Do you want to stop and let me catch you up?” He said. I shook my head ‘no’ and the change in motion set off his orgasm. He filled my mouth and then some. “Ohhh fuck, James that was soooo good. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you as good as you gave me” he said.

“Oh, but you did,” I panted.

He looked down as a puddle of cum was sliding toward the drain. “Fuck, I didn’t think that was possible,” he said.

“I was so horny. When you filled my mouth with your tasty cum, it set off my own orgasm.”

“Well I hope you are up for another round because I’m not done with you yet,” he said.

“I’ll be ready when you are,” I said.

We finished our bathroom duties and headed for the bed. We cuddled for a while and talked about our evening with the girls. We were both surprised that Kelley and Lilly had announced that they were going to marry next summer. “What did you really think when they asked us if we were thinking about getting married too?” he asked.

“I thought it was an excellent idea, but I am happy with things the way they are now for a while,” I said. ‘But, I wouldn’t say no if you asked,’ I was thinking.


Our cuddling and thinking about marrying James had my cock at full mast again. I pulled him against my body and slid my hand down to fondle his cock. He was hard as a rock also. I rolled him onto his back and licked his cock from balls to tip. He brought his knees up and spread his legs. I nuzzled into the V between his legs and sucked on his balls. He moaned with pleasure and I slipped my tongue into his puckered hole. He squirmed with joy and spread even wider to give me full access.

“Oohhhh fuck that feels soooo wonderful!” he almost shouted.

I moved my mouth back to his balls and pressed my index finger to his hole. As I took his cock into my mouth, my finger was rolling in a circular motion while the tip pressed against his prostate. I sucked him balls deep and pumped his cock with long slow strokes with saliva dripping of my chin making his balls and hole wet and slippery. My fingering his hole had him relaxed and the saliva had him lubricated.

“Ohhh god Carl fuck me now. I need your big fucking cock deep inside me. I need it now, pleeeeze, pretty pleeeeze,” he begged.

“Who am I to deny your needs,” I said as I slid my body up between his legs and the tip of my cock found his wet hole. He was more than ready for me and I slipped right in to the hilt. He sighed with contented pleasure as I started a slow leisurely fuck. We kissed and he played with my nipples. We brought ourselves to the edge several times and held off for a nice long fuck. Then when we both edged at the same time I gave him two or three short deep strokes pushing us both over the edge.

We slept like babies and since tomorrow was Sunday we didn’t get up until hunger drove us out of bed.

To be continued…

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