James’ Gay Awakening Part 3

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If you have read the other parts this will make more sense


As James drove home he figured me may as well accept Ben’s invitation to go watch a movie, so upon arriving home, he texted him back “Yeah sure, what time?”

As James got home, he quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom so his sister Claire wouldn’t see him covered in her boyfriends’ cum. He showered and got changed then checked his phone again.
He had a text from Ben “9, we’ll play some xbox first”

James had to admit to himself, he was quite anxious about what was going to happen, as the last time he saw Ben, Ben had called him a fag and mocked him. But at the same time, that cock.. and it wasn’t even hard when he saw it!

He went down to the kitchen and saw his sister cooking something. She was wearing a miniskirt that barely hid her round ass, and every time she bent over the oven James caught a glimpse of her perfect ass cheeks.

“You eating here or at Ben’s?” She asked.

“How did you know I’m going to Ben’s?” Asked James, confused.

“Oh, he told me” She replied, winking at him. That confused him, why did she wink at him? She never did that. Did Ben tell her something? “Well?” She probed.

“Oh, yeah, I guess so”

“Do you want me to save you something for when you come back anyway?”

“Yeah, thanks, see you later, I’m off now”

James grabbed his phone and keys and went to Ben’s house.

He knocked at the door and Ben answered it, wearing some football shorts and a hoodie. James noticed how quiet it was.
“Where’s the family?” he asked.

“Oh, they went away for the weekend” replied Ben. For whatever reason that made James slightly nervous. “want to play some Halo?”

“Why not” said James. They played for about an hour before they got a bit bored.

“Shall we make this more interesting?” Said Ben with a smirk.

“What do you mean?”

“Lets şişli escort bet on it, you win, I do what you tell me to do, and If I lose, you tell me what to do”. James was better at Halo than Ben, and considering he had had a few beers, and won most of the games already he felt quite confident.

“Haha sure, shouldn’t be too hard!” Laughed James, he turned his eyes towards the TV and didn’t see Ben’s evil grin. The game was really close going into the last few minutes, both James and Ben paying utmost attention to the game. James’ eyes were glued to the screen but he noticed movement in his peripheral vision, Ben was pulling the leg of his shorts up a bit, revealing the bulbous head of his monster cock. James eyes shot from the screen to the massive dick and lingered there for a few seconds, long enough for Ben to swoop in and win the game!

Ben jumped up and celebrated, laughing evilly, he cock back in the shorts.

“That’s not fair! You distracted me”

“A Bets a bet!” shouted Ben, gleefully.

“Fine. What do I have to do?”

“Put this on!” Said Ben, pulling out a tiny thong from the pocket of his shorts.

“No way! Where did you even get that from?” said James

“I got it online” said Ben, matter-of-factly “and if you don’t put it on, I’ll tell everyone at school that you have a tiny dick!”

“its not that small” said James, exasperated “5 inches is average!”

“No it’s not, and you aren’t even 5!”

“Fine.” Said James, deflated. He went into the bathroom to put it on. James wasn’t in amazing shape, but he had always done pushups and squats, and because of the squats he had quite a round but. Someone had once said he had a bubble butt in the school changing rooms, and since then he didn’t use the school changing rooms anymore. He had also always had a completely hairless ass, for whatever reason. He put the thong on, squeezing into escort istanbul it as it was far to small. the front bit of fabric barely contained his tiny cock.

He timidly walked back out into the room.

“Wow, your cock is small!” Laughed Ben “Turn around!” He demanded. James did so, slowly

“Your ass is amazing!” said Ben, surprised. “Never really thought you had a nice, round, milky, bubble butt!”
James didn’t know what to say, he felt so ashamed and was in a state of shock.

“Here, come sit on my lap and we will start the movie.” James tried to mumble something but Ben cut him off.

James slowly lowered his thong clad juicy ass onto Ben’s lap. Right away he could feel Ben’s gigantic member underneath him, lying down right between his ass cheeks.

“Eugh, are you hard?” James stammered.

“Nope” said Ben, proudly.

The film started. James hated horror movies, they always scared him. This was some weird Spanish one that James hadn’t even heard of. About 20 minuted in, James felt Ben’s hands slowly reach towards his ass and slowly started massaging it. As he did this, James felt the python he was sitting on start to grow. James knew it was around 9 soft, as Ben had told him, but how big was this thing hard!?

He felt it grow, and grow, and grow. When would it stop??

“Right, that’s it!” Said Ben, loudly, pausing the movie. “Get up!” James did. Ben stood up too, and pulled his shorts and pants down. James slowly turned around and laid his eyes on the biggest piece of cock meat he had ever seen. It was unreal, long, veiny, pulsing and the head was massive! James’ knees went weak and he dropped to them unintentionally. Ben laughed

“H-How big..” James stammered

“Pretty fucking big” said Ben casually. He picked it up and dropped it over James’ face. James felt the heat coming off it. Ben’s balls were dangling right in merter escort his face. They were huge, at least the size of golf balls.
“Turn around, let me see that ass!” Ben demanded. James obeyed.

“Your ass is incredible” said Ben, as he kneaded both cheeks “I can’t believe I never noticed before. It might be even better than your sisters! Either way, she’s next!”

“Please don’t fuck my sister!” James begged. Ben laughed. Ben then reached for some baby oil and started slathering up James’ bubble butt.

“Look at that ass!” Exclaimed Ben. He pulled the thong down, revealing James’ tiny pink hole. He slapped each cheek hard with his giant meat before placing the massive head at James’ hole.

“Ben! Please dont fu-” James was cut of as Ben rammed his giant member in. “Please! Its far too deep!”

“Too deep?” Laughed Ben “you got another 10 inches, at least” Another 10!? James thought to himself, how fucking big is this thing!?
He felt it begin to go deeper. And deeper, and deeper. James was sure he could feel it coming up his throat. He tried to speak but couldn’t. It was almost as if Ben’s cock was controlling him. It went deeper still, until finally he felt Ben’s pelvis touching his ass. Ben paused for a moment, then mercilessly started ramming James as hard and fast as he could.

James was struggling to stay conscious as he was savaged by Ben’s huge piece of meat. With one swift move Ben flipped him over so he was looking right into James’ eyes. Ben grinned at James as he plowed him. He then threw him onto the sofa and continued. Ben fucked him in every conceivable position until he was back in doggy.

“Get ready to be pregnant gay boy!” Said Ben triumphantly, as he began shooting load after load into James. James could feel himself get pumped full of cum. After shooting countless loads into James, Ben stood up, and pulled his pants up. James was lying there in a sweaty mess, cum seeping out of his fat ass.

“I.. can’t.. move” James stammered, as he tried to prop himself up. Ben laughed

“Get ready for round 2 bitch!”

Part 4 coming soon

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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