James Goes Sledding Naked Pt. 02

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I punched in the combination for the side entrance. I contemplated taking the elevator up to my third floor room but thought it might be a bit too risky not knowing who might be on the other side of the elevator doors when they opened. So, instead, I walked up the side staircase. I got up the three flights without being seen, but as I opened the fire door to enter the hallway, I noticed that one of my floormates, Ben, was sitting in the dark in the lounge making out with his girlfriend. Perhaps he was too preoccupied and didn’t see me. But, I didn’t realize that my opening the staircase door had momentarily flooded the lounge with light, thereby drawing their attention to the fact that someone was coming from the stairway.

Tony, who had a room directly across the hall from mine, was sitting on the floor just outside his dorm, chatting on the phone. There was no way I could get to my room without him seeing me, although he seemed to be pretty engrossed in his conversation. He didn’t even look up. The only acknowledgment I got from him was, “Nice boots!” I wonder if he had even noticed that I was completely bare from the boots upward.

I then entered the combination to my dorm room. I pushed the door open, expecting it to be dark inside, as Daesun always spent his weekends in the library. To my surprise, and probably even more to Daesun’s surprise, I walked into a fully lit room, with about 10 grad students who had all turned to see who was coming in the room.

“What are you doing? Are you okay?” Daesun screamed at me.

He ran towards me and tried to use his body to shield his guests from a view of me. He pushed me into the bathroom that we shared with our quadmates. Vince and David were both back home in Jersey, and thus their door to the bathroom had been left open. Daesun pushed me through the bathroom into Vince and David’s room. “What is the matter with you?” he exclaimed again.

“I went tobogganing,” I explained calmly.

“Where are your clothes?” he asked.

“I left them at the top of the hill,” I responded.

“Why did you come back naked?” “I’m hosting some friends from the Korean grad student association,” he stated, without giving me an opportunity to answer his first question. “Stay here until my friends leave.” “Please,” he continued.

And so I sat there on Vince’s bed, contemplating the events that had transpired early in the night. Admittedly, I was still on a bit of an adrenaline high. The thrill of having gone streaking, the risk in having almost been caught by campus security – my heart was still racing.

I don’t know how long I had been sitting there. I was startled as Daesun knocked on the door. “You have two friends here to visit you.” “Should I let them in?”

“Yes,” I said. I didn’t even stop to think to ask who it was.

Next thing I know, Libby and Chandra are walking through the door of the bathroom into Vince/David’s quad. “Are you okay?” Libby asks me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied.

“We heard you scream,” Chandra says.

“Oh. I landed on some ice. It was just cold. I’m okay,” I responded.

“That was hilarious,” Libby said.

“How did you get away from the doughnut cop?” asked Chandra.

“I just ran past him,” I replied.

“Why are you still naked?” asked Libby.

Honestly, I think I had forgotten that I was still naked. I realized I was sitting on Vince’s bed, my arms behind me as I reclined on them for support. My legs were a bit spread, with my feet dangling just above the floor. I was full frontal exposed to Libby and Chandra. But they didn’t seem to mind at all.

“I had to abandon them,” I told Libby and Chandra as I relayed to them the details of my evading the campus security officer.

“You actually returned the toboggan?” “You are crazy!” Chandra said.

We continued chatting for a while. Neither Libby nor Chandra ever suggested that I cover up. And, considering that they had already seen me completely naked for a good 30 minutes, I didn’t see any point to suddenly insist that I should put some clothes on.

“Well, we just wanted to make sure that you were okay,” Libby said. It had gotten late. It was probably now at least 3:00am. Chandra and Libby said their goodbyes. I walked back through the bathroom into my dorm room. The lights were all out. Daesun was asleep.

As the next few days went by, word of the ‘naked tobogganer’ began to spread across the campus. Apparently there were more people that had seen me than I had realized. However, initially most people who told the story did not know the identity of the guy who had streaked the campus naked in the snow.

A few nights later, I met Chandra and Libby for dinner in the cafeteria. Rob and his roommate, Michael, joined us. About halfway through the dinner conversation, Michael said, “Hey did you guys hear about that güvenilir bahis freshman who went sledding down the commons completely naked last weekend?”

“He wasn’t a freshman,” I said.

Chandra and Rob giggled a bit. “How do you know that?” asked Michael.

“Because it was me,” I responded.

“No way!” shouted Michael.

“Yes, way” I said.

“I wouldn’t have believed it either…if I wasn’t there,” Rob said.

“Wait…you were there?” Michael asked, looking over at Rob.

“Yes. I was there. I saw it. I saw everything.” Rob said, as he looked me up and down. Despite the fact that the lower half of my body was under the table, it seemed as if Rob was mentally undressing me.

And so the dinner conversation became a rehashing of the tale from my perspective, and then from Rob’s perspective, as well as Chandra’s and Libby’s perspective.

“…and he was still naked when we went to his dorm room to check on him,” Libby concluded.

“Wait. What? You went to his dorm room after,” asked Rob. “And he was still naked?”

“Yes,” said Chandra.

“Yes, I was,” I said nearly in unison.

“Why didn’t you put any clothes on?” Rob asked.

“Well, I guess I didn’t think to. Plus, you all had already seen me naked, what would be the point?” I replied.

“Well, I haven’t seen you naked,” said Michael, as his voice cracked a bit.

A few days later, I was walking back to the dorm from my biophysical chemistry class, and Libby saw me as she was getting out from one of her classes. We walked up the hill together. “Boy, Rob’s roommate is really beside himself that he missed out on ‘your show’ last weekend!” she exclaimed.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, Rob tells me that it’s practically all Michael talks about,” Libby said.

“Hmm,” I replied.

“What?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, “I guess it’s kinda flattering.”

“You don’t know how jealous he is that I saw you naked and he didn’t,” Libby responded.

“Gosh,” I replied.

There was a bit of silence as I found myself lost in my own thoughts as we continued up the hill. “You and Michael are in the same Communications class on Thursday nights, right?” I asked Libby.

“Yes, Dr. Hewitt’s communications class. Tuesdays and Thursday nights. Why?” Libby asked me.

“No reason. No reason. Just make a point to walk home from class with him tomorrow night,” I said.

“What? Why?” Libby asked.

“Just do it. A be sure to look up towards my room when you get up the hill,” I said.

“Why?” Libby looked at me with a puzzled look.

“Just do it,” I repeated.

I knew that Libby’s class went from 7:30pm to 8:45pm. That meant by around 8:55pm she would be walking back up the hill towards her apartment. Her route would take her, and Michael, right past Gavigan Hall, in which my dorm room was located.

Daesun spent his weeknights, much like his weekends, in the library, and thus I knew he would not be home. Around 8:30pm, I walked outside the dorm and out to the sidewalk. I looked up towards my room. All the lights were on. I could see my desk and the upper part of my chair through the window. “This should work,” I told myself.

I went back inside and took the elevator up to my third floor room. I looked out the window and could see students starting to stream out of classrooms down the hill. However, when I backed away from the window, all I could see was a reflection of myself, because of the light in the room. “This is going to be a bit more tricky than I thought,” I muttered to myself.

I almost lost the nerve, but I decided to implement my ‘plan’. With the lights all on, I stripped off my clothes. I then grabbed a towel, and I climbed up onto the chair next to my desk. From having scoped out the view from outside, I was afraid that from outside, if I was standing on the floor, Libby and Michael would only see able to see that I was shirtless. But, I knew that since I could see the top drawer in my desk, that if I stood on the chair, they would be able to see me from approximately the knees up. However, I really didn’t want them to think that I was doing it deliberately. It had to seem accidental. I looked out towards the window, but all I saw was my reflection. I knew that I couldn’t be caught standing looking out the window; it would seem too blatant. I took the towel and threw it over my head. I pretended that I had just come from the shower. I was drying my hair. I ‘dried’ my hair for what seemed like forever. I was facing the window, naked, but the towel was covering my head and hair.

“Oh my god, do you see that?” said Libby.

“What?” asked Michael.

“Up there,” she said, as she pointed to the third floor of Gavigan.

“Oh shit. That dude is naked!” said Michael.

“That dude…is James,” responded Libby.

“For türkçe bahis real?” asked Michael.

“Yeah, that’s definitely his room. Second one from the elevator shaft,” she responded.

“Do you think he knows people can see him?” asked Michael.

“I don’t think he cares,” replied Libby.

By the time I had finished ‘drying’ my hair, I turned out the lights so I could discretely peek out the window. There weren’t any students on the commons or on the hill. I wondered if Libby had executed her half of my plan. I wouldn’t find out until the next day.

On Friday I ate lunch with Chandra, Libby, and Rob. At some point during the conversation, Libby turned to Rob and said, “So, you and Michael are even now. Michael has seen James naked too.”

“Wait? What?” said Rob.

“Well, we were walking home from Comms class, I look up, and what do I see?” Libby says, and then turns to me and says, “You completely naked. Looked like you must have just gotten out of the shower.”

“What? What time was this?” I said, pretending to play dumb.

“I don’t know; a little before 9:00pm,” Libby responded.

“So, you saw him in a towel?” asked Rob.

“No, I saw…we saw…e v e r y t h i n g,” she said, deliberately drawing out the last word.

“Wow, I didn’t realize people could see into my room,” I said, playing dumb again.

The following Tuesday afternoon, I received a text from Libby. It read, “Are you planning to shower again tonight?”

I texted back, “Yes, playing racquetball with Andy at 7:00. Always need to shower afterwards.”

She typed back, “Hey, Rob kinda figured out that your show the other night wasn’t accidental.”

“Oh?” I responded.

“Yeah, he grilled me a little bit. I kinda slipped up and told him that you did it deliberately,” she wrote.

“Ok. It’s not the end of the world,” I wrote back.

“I think he’s planning to go for a walk at 9:00pm tonight – LOL,” she replied.

“Oh. An audience of two?” I asked.

“I hope you’re not mad,” she typed back.

“No worries,” I replied.

“SEE you tonight. TTYL,” she texted.

I paced around my room. I was nervous, yet I was excited. It was approaching 8:50pm. I stripped naked. I grabbed the towel, then stood up on the chair. I started drying my imaginarily wet hair. It felt too contrived to me. No one dries their hair for five minutes. But, I couldn’t just stand there naked in the window; that would be too obvious too. I scrambled to develop a ‘Plan B’. I grabbed my cell phone. I put it against my ear. I started having an imaginary conversation. I turned slightly sideways so that I wasn’t looking towards the window, yet was clearly still in full view from outside. I pretended to be intensely engrossed in the imaginary conversation. I threw in some hand gestures for good measure. I accidentally turned and faced the window. I saw my naked reflection in the glass. I surge of adrenaline overtook me. I wished I could see if anyone was outside. Was anyone looking?

Two days later I repeated a similar setup. This time I returned to the ‘pretend shower’ scenario. I dried my hair, but then I stood facing the window and rubbed the towel behind my back. I dried my armpits, and put on deodorant. I brushed my teeth. I did whatever I could to drag it out and make it last five minutes, just in case Libby’s (and Michael’s class) was late getting out.

At breakfast the next morning, Libby greeted me with, “You’re really torturing Michael. You know that?”

“What do you mean? He couldn’t see me?” I asked.

“Oh. He could see you. We could definitely see you,” she responded. It’s just that Michael is still jealous that Rob got an up close view, but Michael has only seen you from three stories away.”

“Hmm,” I responded.

“What are you thinking,” Libby said, with a bit of a devilish look.

“Well, Daesun’s gone back to Philadelphia for the weekend. Why don’t you and Michael bring over a movie tomorrow night?” I suggested.

“Which movie?” Libby asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” I replied.

“Why? What do you mean?” she asked me.

“I meant…why don’t you bring over a movie that you borrowed…to return to me,” I explained.

“But, you haven’t borrowed any movies…” Libby replied before I interrupted her.

“That’s not the point. Tell Michael you need to stop by my place to return a movie. There’s a good chance I’ll be asleep; it’s been a long week. But you don’t need to tell Michael that,” I interjected.

Libby still looked a bit perplexed, but she had known me long enough to ‘go with the flow’. Fortunately, she wasn’t as inquisitive as Rob, and seemed content to be surprised by whatever scheme I was concocting.

Chandra, Libby, Pete, Rob, and Michael hung out together that night. I had declined their invitation, citing güvenilir bahis siteleri the grueling week of having had two exams and then submitting a paper on Friday. I said that I was considering going back to my parent’s home for the weekend to do some laundry and catch up on food and sleep.

Around midnight, Libby said to them, “Hey, I need to drop off a DVD that I borrowed from James. Anyone want to go for a walk?”

“Is he around?” asked Michael.

“I don’t know. If he’s not there, I’ll just leave it on his desk,” replied Libby.

“How are you going to get in,” asked Pete.

“Oh, I know his combo,” Libby responded.

“Hmm, I’ll go along for a walk,” said Pete.

“Yeah, me too,” said Michael.

“Chandra? Rob? You coming?” asked Libby.

“No,” said Chandra.

“I’ll pass,” said Rob.

About fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I ignored it. I was already in bed, laying on top of my comforter. I then hear the buttons of the combination door lock being pushed, and the door opens. I keep my eyes shut.

As the door to my room opens, light from the hallway floods in.

“Shhhhh!” says Pete, and then points over to my bed.

“Oh my god!” exclaims Michael.

“Shhhhh!” says Libby.

“Is he asleep?” asks Michael.

“I think so,” replies Libby.

“I can’t believe he’s naked,” says Michael.

“We should go,” says Pete.

“You can go. I’m going to stay for a while,” Michael utters while trying to contain a giggle.

“Don’t close the door,” says Libby. “I can’t see.”

So, Pete stood at the entrance to my room, leaning his back on the door to keep it propped open. I could hear the footsteps on Michael and Libby walking around my small dorm room.

“He has such a nice tan,” Michael whispered

“Come on. Let’s go,” utters Pete.

“Two more minutes. I’m trying to memorize his penis,” Michael says, as Libby nearly bursts out laughing.

And then they all walked out of my room.

I have to confess, I got a bit of a rush out of teasing Michael. I can best describe it as half-adrenaline and half-testosterone. There was an excitement in being seen completely naked by my friends (or anyone for that matter). I liked that I could bring happiness to someone by doing something so simple.

Michael had returned to his dorm, where Rob was still awake playing video games. “You’ll never guess what I just saw,” Michael accounted to Rob.

“What,” asks Rob, not even looking up from his World of Warcraft game.

“James…naked,” responds Michael.

“W H A T?” asks Rob, now suddenly interested.

“Yup, James completely naked.”

“Where? How? How? Where?” Rob rattled off, without pausing to breathe.

“In his dorm room,” Michael addressed the first question.

“How? Why? Wait…How?” uttered a flustered Rob.

“I went over with,” Michael started and then corrected himself, “Pete and I went over with Libby to drop off a movie that she had borrowed.”

“And he answered the door naked?” asked Rob.

“No. He was asleep,” replied Michael.

“Then how did you see him naked?”

“He was asleep on top of his covers,” said Michael.

“Oh, you mean, like, in underwear?” said Rob.

“No. Completely naked. On his back” replied Michael.

“So, you could see everything?” asked Rob.

“Oh yes. Clear as day. Pete held open the door to light up the room.”

“Wow,” Rob said, “I’m jealous”.

“Well, you have already seen him naked. What’s to be jealous about?” asked Michael.

“But you got a close up view,” said Rob.

“So, did you,” replied Michael.

“That was different,” said Rob. “Chandra and Libby were around. I couldn’t make it obvious that I was looking at James.”

“I think they know,” said Michael as he laughed.

Meanwhile, I was in my room, replaying the events from the past week. First, there I was standing in the window completely naked, pretending to dry off from a shower, and not knowing who, if anyone, outside could see me. Then I tried to imagine what Michael was thinking as Libby brought him into my room. “Did he know it was a setup,” I wondered. “I bet he thinks it was an accident,” I said to myself, with a smile on my face, impressed with my own cunningness.

Subconsciously, my hand drifted to my penis. At first, I was just twirling it around, like a woman would absent-mindedly twirl hair around her finger. But, as my mind continued to replay the week’s events, I found myself getting more and more aroused. Eventually, my twirling involved into full on stroking, as I pulled the skin from the bottom of my shaft up towards the top of my mushroom head.

Suddenly, I hear the buttons on my door’s combination lock being punched. I freeze. I’m not sure what to do. “Has Daesun come home early?” “Did Libby come back?” These are among the thoughts quickly running through my head. I didn’t have time to do an in-depth evaluation of the possible scenarios. My ‘flight or fight’ mechanism signaled my body to freeze. And, thus, I lay there like an opossum.

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