Jenny, Jennifer and Me Make Eight

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Jenny took the liberty to take me to her cousin’s place on the Yorkshire Moors; she’d been on about it ever since we’d met a year ago, so went just to keep her quiet.

I am glad I did in consequence of what happened…

We drove up on a Sunday morning and we were warmly welcomed by Jennifer, to whom Jenny introduced me as ger cousin. She said to help ourselves to a drink because she had an unexpected appointment at the office; “that’s the trouble of being on call at weekends” she groaned. “But needs must for a girl striving to be a success in a man’s world!”

“What are you doing now?” Jenny asked

“I design websites, it was just an idea at first for local firms, but it has shot off like a bomb and now. Like today for example; a Japanese firm want me to design a new site for them. They need to see me for an hour or two that’s all. “

“That’s just great. Don’t worry about us, Jennifer, can I show Pete around your lovely home while you’re away?”

“Be my guest” Jennifer smiled mischievously, “Don’t get up to anything I wouldn’t”

If she only she knew what was on my mind.after getting a whiff of her perfume. Wow! I wouldn’t mind a mincing with that dream of a figure, she’s beautiful, that stunning tight red skirt with those seductive creases around the front, a skirt that beautifully enhances those lovely curves, and yes I wouldn’t mind at all. In fact just the thought made my groin tingle.

But I was with Jenny wasn’t I? – and I love her, I do, but any guy will know -and some girls too, that there is no harm in looking – and the imagination? Well, that’s a secret to be cherished.

Well we relaxed in Jennifer’s superb house. Jenny told me she was married to a very rich Tycoon and was left the house and a load of money.

“So what happened, she divorced or something?” I enquired

“No Thomas died”

“Now I feel for Jennifer.”

“You needn’t, darling, he had a good innings, and he wasn’t much use to her physically, you see he had just reached his century before he died!”

“Guess she married him for the money then?” I speculated.

“Well she did love him, like a father figure I believe, but I know she missed the sex, who wouldn’t – but I guess she had to sacrifice that.”

“Really? I shall have to watch myself then” I grinned thinking Jenny would rise up to what I’d said.

But she didn’t.

Instead she went down on me. We’d only just got comfy on the very large burgundy settee after a superb lunch and would you believe; she wanted her dessert. Typical of Jenny though, she loved to catch me by surprise but who’s complaining?

Not me, she is simply my honey babe and I love how she just helps herself, no inhibitions, she is a girl who takes what she wants when she can get it and she was certainly taking me and no messing.

It was beautiful as always it was when, after tasting her full and exploring deep French kiss, she so carefully unzipped me, telling me how she adored and loved me, that she was so glad I wasn’t too old for it.

“You will always be my guy, Pete, I think you know that.” She wrapped her fingers around me after she’d unzipped and pulled my jeans apart. It felt so wonderful and so soothing as she gently began to massage my all everything – and it wasn’t long before I found my jeans and boxer shorts down to my knees, Jenny hungrily sucking me like there was no tomorrow.

We’d been together long enough for her to know my preferences, the way she enjoyed to stroke, lick and massage as my hand steadily climbed beneath her skirt to find my favourite place, the touch of her silken thong, moist as always when she did what she was doing to me. How I loved her in those delicious plum- red silken thongs she wears

“My Freddy is so wonderful” she breathed before she took me into her mouth again, like many lovers we had initiated names for those sexual parts – I felt it nice to call hers my Cherry and it all seemed to work well. except when we got into our really hot moments and then the usual basis names would apply, just to help along those wonderfully intimate moments, the way we share our heaven in so many ways, just as she was doing to me, feeling her exploration escort bursa so deep and sensual as I teased her Cherry with my fingers, around and around the way she liked it, I could always tell because her mouth started to become more ardent down below and the feeling is gave me was simply heaven.

“Freddy is my seven of heaven” she said before she took her desert, and she always enjoyed that – but I felt sure it had grown since her regular seeing to (as she liked to put it) I reckon it could have been seven and a half but she was quick to produce a tape measure, like she adored measuring it up for something special, like the ‘Willy winter warmer Birthday present she made ne for a bit of a laugh. But she was over the moon when she found I had grown to eight inches.

“That’s your doing!” I teased and she asked what I was going to do about it.

“You know!” I replied, giving her a little gentle spanking on those voluptuous cheeks of hers as again she started to enjoy me, every inch of me, somehow the girl that is my girl Jenny took all her meat, found a way which amazed me because she was only small, to bend and twist my generous length to give me the most ultimate and intimate experience, my cock firmly lodged like it had taken up residence in her busy mouth.

In fact we were so both very immersed with each other we didn’t even hear the door open, didn’t realise that Jennifer was back and standing there watching!

Not until I heard her cough!

“OMG, sorry, Jennifer” I yelled apologetically but it took a long tome to get through to Jenny who was still working on me profusely.

Then Jenny realised, jumped-up, leaving my appendage dwindling as I hurriedly pushed it back into my jeans out of sight and zipped up.

But instead of the expected embarrassment Jennifer looked a touch disappointed like she had been standing there a little while enjoying the spectacle!

Apparently Jenny knew her cousin’s ways because she showed no embarrassment, in fact she invited Jennifer to come and sit next to me on the other side, to which Jennifer wanted no further persuasion, she was there like flash and there was me thinking ; could it be that Jenny had this planned it all, the three of us I mean? She was a minx enough just to do that, she had often talked about her cousin in a way that suggested she (her cousin) would like some more excitement in her life. Could I be the source of that I wondered?

Jennifer looked at me and smiled; “Pete you needn’t have been embarrassed or put out, it was nice to see how you both were, so romantic and passionate, don’t mind me alright?.”

She said just after leaving she had a text from her Japanese client to postpone the appointment to a later date – and that was whu she was aback so soon.

“In that case,” Jenny chuckled, ” we shall continue where we left off when we were rudely interrupted” and promptly went down and unzipped me again. Sweet Jenny was raring to go, to restore my erection -and there was Jennifer watching intently, like it was the most natural thing in the world to share the most intimate moments with us, her eyes glued to my forthcoming erection which was soon getting there with Jenny’s fresh sucking. Even though, I was still confused by Jenny’s action and in front of her cousin.

I had a often fantasised how it would be with two women. Now that it seemed to be happening was deeply thrilling, and what definitely helped was the way Jennifer was responding in a cool way, issuing a lovely smile when my eyes searched hers under the influence of being tightly sucked by her cousin

“It’s so very big!” I heard Jennifer say, “Never seen one so big before, it is lovely, divine, but isn’t it be too large for you, Jenny?”

Jenny came away from me for a moment and said; “Don’t be silly, it’s fine, see how it reddens more when I squeeze. It is lovely as you say,” and then she promptly planted her mouth around its head again, sucking it deep and wanting, and in the method of all that I could just see and realise what Jennifer was doing as she watched her cousin doing her job, the way she was rolling her body, her hand sliding gently between her thighs.

Now I felt completely bursa evi olan escort at ease. There was something very special about being there for two lovely women.

“I would have thought maybe it would be too big for you?” Jennifer interrupted again.

I felt a delicious slurp as Jenny released me again and looked up, her fingers wonderfully squeezing my balls, cupping then squeezing them which took my breath away.

“I can take it, it is perfect” glowed Jenny looking up at her cousin and then down again at my very hard standing erection. And I do know you are just fishing, that you want to see Pete implanted in me. Now see it throb” she wallowed teasing her cousin.

Jennifer was all eyes, her face said it all, “you are so lucky, Jenny – it is beautiful. And then Jenny got to work once again, her cousin beaming and looking all the more sexed up as she watched intently.

Although primarily I was wary about another woman being there during such an intimate time, I somehow found the experience strangely alluring, it sort of added a new aspect to our love making, I was wondering if Jenny felt the same way, she seemed after all to have no inhibitions about doing it in front of her cousin.

“I bet it tastes so gorgeous?” I heard Jennifer say as my senses were beginning to stray in the sheer ecstasy of Jenny’s deep and slow sucking, I guided my hand to her thigh but for the moment she seemed quite content just to enjoy me that way , but I knew I would be well fucking her later, and how!

In her time, after another few sucks, Jenny released me again with that lovely slurp which made me tingle

“Look, my sex starved cousin,” she grated, ” I do know you are fishing – you go find your own, you can watch but not more, I know what you are hinting at!”

Oh no I thought, not a domestic argument to ruin it all.

“Well you chose to do it in my home, Jenny so you’d think I should get some thanks in kind?”

I could see Jenny was thinking about it. Was I about to really be in for a treat. I mean. it was divine with Jenny but the two of them? Wow!

Was there something I hadn’t realised about Jenny’s sexuality, that she maybe liked to share, but maybe what her cousin then said made it all came to light…

“Well, we have always been like sisters really, Jenny and I you darned well know you had an affair with a former boyfriend of mine way back when- the guy I miss so very much, surely you can return the gesture?”

Jenny responded with an ‘touché and muttered something about what’s good for the goose.

They were talking as if I was someone there just to be enjoyed without asking me what I thought, how often I have been in that situation caught between two woman talking and being ignored! But then Jenny looked me in the face and I could see the question in her eyes, and no doubt she felt awkward too that Jennifer had mentioned the intimacy Jenny shared with her former boyfriend. .

All I knew at that point was the throb and the need in my groin and how I yearned for more of the same, more of the deep sexual spoiling Jenny could expertly apply and maybe with the added bonus of another, would Jennifer do it the same, what would it be like, how would it feel? My mind was working overtime

Jenny confirmed my assumption with a whisper in my ear. I nodded yes it was okay and she said “We need to tie you if we want it to last?”

Just the same day we’d been to Ann Summers and, as well as a few more things to enhance our sexual pastime, Jenny bought one of those rings which delay ejaculation by fitting it around the girth, squeezing the aroused penis for appropriate release when required.

Jenny had complained that although she enjoyed the wonderful experience of oral sex, and loved it when I ejaculated into her mouth, over her face – anywhere; because it was a real turn on – she would be able to enjoy more oral extravaganza, as she put it, with a ring, and that anyway it would be nice to fit it too.

“And I think also with the two of us you will definitely need it!” Jenny chuckled

“Thank you Jenny,” Jennifer whispered with a certain break in her voice, bursa türbanlı escort her cheeks well flushed with the glow in her eyes that told me I was going to be in for a real treat.

“Okay, you ready Pete?” Jenny asked, her right hand squeezing me after she’d fitted the ring and her left cupping my balls the way she did, so beautifully.

I nodded again and immediately laid back my head and waited. Keeping my eyes shut I wanted to see if I could tell who it was first down there but Jenny let the cat out of the bag when she invited Jennifer to try me first, and I was in for the most sensual period of my life as Jennifer, so sweetly examined and touched me first with her finger tips and then, gingerly at first, with her lips. She was sniffing me like some demented dog but it was thrilling.

“Mmm, It smells divine, look how it has changed to almost blue.”

“It is just the tightness of the ring that’s all, ” advised Jenny – like she was there to supervise her cousin in the art of oral sex. But Jennifer needed no coaxing for with one fail swoop she held her breath and plunged my cock deep into her mouth, I soon felt the working of her tongue with the head and realised this girl was so hungry for the taste she’d been without for so long – and I was pleased to be of service to her.

For the next few minutes the three of us enjoyed the most erotic and heart throbbing thrill and joy of oral sex, and it wasn’t long before they both shed their clothes and the three of us were completely naked, the girls taking it in turns to suck, lick and ball me to the hilt, the giggles and chuckles and heavy breathing was all part of a so wonderfully divine episode, so absolutely right and complete.

I thrilled in tasting both the girls one after the other, stroking and licking and doing those wonderful things orally that a girl likes in different ways, like I felt the diversity of the girl’s sucks. I discovered what each liked most. Like with Jenny the teasing of her clitoris with the tip of my tongue as I gently finger fucked her, but with Jennifer she prompted me to put my finger into her ass also with my thumb suitably planted into her gorgeous wet pussy as I sucked her clitoris.

It was like Jennifer liked to cock suck over me with her ass positioned neatly above my face so she could in turn smother me, so I was treated to the most wonderful warmth of hot moist pussy imaginable, she had this very thrilling method of sucking my foreskin and then stretching it back with her teeth just lightly applied whilst with Jenny, she was happy to kneel between my thighs and lick my cock upwards from the balls and the girth in the most delightful way until she reached the tip, when I would feel her tongue poking my p-hole and squeezing my hard stiff cock at the same time.

It had to be time for the Waterloo, to release the monster which was throbbing for it, for the feel of hot wet and wonderful cunt as Jenny liked to call it when she was aroused.

Now I knew I had enough for the both of them. I had fucked Jenny enough before – sometimes three or four times almost in succession – and I felt I had enough cum to accommodate and anoint the both of them which ever way they desired to take it.

Jenny bagged her turn first and soon I was inside her, feeling the beat of her inside as we soon started to thrust and enjoy the splendour of a full hearted deep throbbing fuck. All this whilst Jennifer lightly scratched my back and slapped ass, her sexual throat noises so fulfilling, and then I was there, with a fierce final plunge deep and firm into Jenny, Then, coming away I was still cuming abundantly. Knowing she’d like to feel it spurt over her firm nipples as she expressed them.

Jennifer was there to lick up the excess from her nipples and was not slow to plant herself on top of me, taking me from above, feeling her guide my cock into her as she worked it up again for a full deep- penetration, “Me and Charlie did it this way but Wow! you are much better” she yelled as she started to fuck me like a demented animal.

But before that Jenny, of course, had to get her tape measure out and proudly informed her cousin that with some coaxing Freddy had now made eight!

The fuck, like Jenny’s was rapid but gratifying, and soon we were well exhausted and satisfied, laid out on the thick pile carpet.

“We must do that again, Jenny said.”

“I wouldn’t disagree with that,” I said.

A threesome can be most rewarding indeed…

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