Joanna Make Up Your Mind

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Hey this story is about the girl on block I thought I never get she is so sexy. I’m Jason 16 medium build go to gym a lot so I’m pretty happy with my body. I Live with father whose never home so I stay with my friend all the time. There this girl named Joanna I just want to fuck her brains out she is 5’2 a virgin has pitch black hair, about c cup tits, a nice squeeze able ass, and my favorite part is her lips wow what can I say about her lips have ever since the actress Megan Good’s lips there just like hers. Anyway back to the story. We were chilling in my boy Troy’s house with two other friends mad bored when Joanna called and said that her mother wasn’t going to be home in till 8 in the morning so it’s just her and best friend at the time Liana if want to come over. Now Liana was Real Sexy I wouldn’t mind fucking the shit outta her She was about 5’4 only about b cup tits, but she made up for it with this amazing ass nice and thick. She was no virgin and was pretty open about her sexually. So anyway we weren’t going to pass this up and got on the train and was over there in about 15 minutes. We walked in and they around the computer. Joanna was in these in booty shorts and tight baby tee, Liana was in a Wife beater and sweat pants. I instantly said ” ya know ya not going to spend the night on the computer”. So me and my 3 boy’s grab them and threw them on the couch. Joanna Puts this Whack ass movie on. So I shut off the TV.
Joanna Cries out” What hell we was watching that”.
“No youuuu was watching that were sleeping, you expect us to come over just to watch some chick flick”
“So what do Want us to do” Now here’s my opening to start things off to lead to some more explicit moments. “why don’t we play spin the bottle”
Liana jumps up” I’ll get the bottle” Of course she with it the little freak.
“now I don’t want this to be regular spin the bottle I want to mix in dare fuck the truth. So I came up with the idea I’ll start off” I spin it it what do u know it lands on Joanna.” ok now I want you to make out with liana-
“OK” Liana Cuts me off with excitement. “Well if you let me finish fucking talking I want you to make out…. naked”
Joanna Screams” ewwwww no What the fuck no!!!” Obviously I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. ” ok ok if you don’t want to do the dare your just going to have to let all us get a feel of those tits”.
“what the hell is Wrong with you all want is perverted shit”. Shes getting on my nerves at this point. My boy Troy Speaks up” What did you think we were going to do when started spin the bottle, and you invited us”.
“Ok Find you guys can feel but for 3 second each” Finally damn she going along with it but Liana sure does look disappointed.
Each of my boy finish there turn so it mine but once I grab her I notice no bra quickly I Squeeze her nipples her eyes shoot to me I start rubbing them between my fingers they get real hard, could she be a Exhibitionist. She didn’t even notice it been like 30 seconds.
Liana stupid ass speaks up” look there hard”
Joanna suddenly pulls back. Seeing as gaziantep lezbiyen she is obviously horny I’m going to have some fun. We finish off the rest the game kissing and funny crap and the mood dies so we stop. Joanna put’s on the the TV and sit’s on the end of couch so I sit next to her. The rest of them are on the floor messing with liana for seemingly obvious reasons. So Joanna’s phone rings and she answers, It’s some gay guy whatever I put my hand on her lap slowly really slow so she wouldn’t notice, I start easing my hand to her inner thigh than start making small Circles than make my way to her pussy. Now if she didn’t notice she’s stupid. I start to rub where her clit should be through her shorts. Her part in the conversation suddenly starts be shorter and shorter and she starts to make small gasps for breath. Now I love giving girls pleasure but I want to feel more than shorts, I slipped hand her under the waist band and start rubbing her actual clit. I speed up quick as fast as my hand can go.
Joanna screams on the phone mid sentence” yea wanted to go the- AHHHH”.
Everyone in the room looks at her as she still has a look of orgasmic delight on her face.
She says on the phone “I got to go” and hangs up.
Her Crotch is completely Soaked I can see the huge wet spot (if you can call it a spot) clearly good thing everyone is laying on floor and cant see it. She’s runs into her room. Stupidly didn’t lock the door, everyone on the floor quickly forgets about that passing moment and continues to mess with liana. I wait about 20 seconds knowing she changing her shorts so when I walk in she will be half naked. I walk in.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, DON”T YOU FUCKING KNOCK” Joanna screams trying look for something to cover her pussy. It was nice no hair, my mind was racing.
“What do you mean you weren’t saying that when I rubbed you to an organism couple minutes ago”
“I was on the phone” she says knowing what she said was stupid
“LoL really (saying as walk to her bed and sit) so if some stranger came up to you on the train while you were on the phone and did that you wouldn’t do anything thing (Grabbing her waist to face her toward me, I look to her eyes the entire time so she wouldn’t remember she has no pants on)”.
“Yea But…. its different” I start griping ass I pulling her toward me.
“You liked it didn’t you, Me Rubbing you when all our friend were right front of us, you was even on the phone”. I say in Light voice seeing how she’s getting aroused.
“No that’s not true” She moans softly
“Its ok, Enjoy it” I Grab Her and lift by the ass and gently lay her down. “Relax…..” I whisper in her ear as make way down her body to her pussy. I inhale the sweet aroma and lick the length of her sweet virgin pussy. She Moans”Oh My God…. Ah..ahh. ahh uhhhhhh” I already started my tongue assault on clit while I took two fingers and slid them in and out of her pussy faster and until.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDDDDDD” She Screams at the top her lungs her thighs Squeezed my head like a vice. She must of forgot we were alone or wanted them to hear. Her stomach is heaving up and down faster coming down from her sexual high.
“Your a liar if you say you didn’t like that” I whisper in her ear. She kisses me passionately and rolls over so she’s on top and moves down to my zipper.
“Want you going to Joanna, I Wanda hear you say it”,
“Am going to suck your dick” Instantly after stuffing the head of my 7 inch dick into her mouth. I was in heaven her lips were thick around my cock bobbing up and down faster and faster. She stopped to catch her breath and looked into my eyes than shoving as much cock into in her mouth as possible gagging for a second but keep her head there loving every second of this, but with out warning her came right down her throat forcing her to swallow every drop. She looked up at me with bulging eyes swallowing load after load till finally I let go. She leans back Grasping for breath.
“How did it taste” Laughing in my head, Looking at me a little mad.
“Well I didn’t really get to taste it since went straight down my throat”
“Lay on your back”
Seeing her their all sexy was driving me wild. I Lifted her legs and spread them wide apart “now this may hurt at first but it well feel great later”.I whisper in her ear while slowly taking my dick and easing it in her, I never thought it was going to be this tight it was like I was in her ass. She Starts squeal”ehhhhh oooo it hurts…..” I hit the hymen then I realized than that I was really was about to that this girls virginity my prize. I looked in the eyes and quickly but as gently as possible rammed past it the hymen. Tears quickly filled her eyes and I stood their trying not to hurt her. I kissed her I and started sliding in and out trying hard cause it was so tight.
Finally she let out an” ahh ummmm” yes I knew she was enjoying it now, so I started quickening the pace holding her legs apart Drilling her.
“oh Fuck me Fuck me fuck me fuck me” was all I heard for the next ten minutes. Her body listing with sweat than I noticed how did I miss those tits so I removed her shirt and and start sucking on those sexy c cup tits, They were perfect for sucking, her nipples were the length of three eraser heads stacked up with the width of AA batterys. I Kept Sucking fucking she cradled my head like I was I new born baby. I stopped sucking ,and looked at her wet nipples, so I blew softly on them and took to new lengths of stiffness as she moaned. I bent her over the side the bed so she can face the window as fucked her from behind. I grabbed the string and pulled the vertical blinds open (Keep in mind this Brooklyn New York and the second floor).
“No Stop someone will see us” She screams trying to grab the string but I slam my dick deep in extra hard into her pussy every time she goes to grab the string. I keep digging deep as I can hinting her cervix once and a while when suddenly saw the delivery guy from dominos pulls up a across the street and when he go’s to get out of the car he see’s us.
“Look Joanna we have a fan” I say starting to pound harder.
“No…. h -ah h -ah h-ah h-ah he’s Watching SSStop Close the blinds”. She cries out
“Why when he’s enjoying the view so much (seeing how he went back in the car and started jerking off), Why don’t we give him a show he’ll never forget” I lift her off the bed a put her smashed her against the window her hard nipples pressing against the glass. I wanted to make her scream more I took two fingers wet them with her pussy juice and shoved them in her ass.
“AHHHHHHHhhhh no not there not there pleaseeeeeee its to tight” I looked out the window and the delivery man was beating as fast as he could.
“I grabbed Some Baby oil off her shelf all while fucking fast as I could and rubbed it in and around her asshole.
“ah ah ah ah wh-wh-what are you doing stopp” Begging me while her pussy juice is running down both legs.
“oh no not when we have fans to please ( just noticing the little boy across street now watching from his window)” I pull out my dick and slide it in her ass just past the head when she screams” NOOOOooooooooooooo SToppppppp”!!!
Then I lift her legs forward now my dick slides 4 inches in, her pussy is now facing the window and her back is on my chest. I held her up with one arm around her waist and the other rubbing her clit to an orgasm.
“Ahh it hurtsssss but ahhhh ah ah ah it feels good, close the blinnndds pllleeasee” She dosen’t know what she wants.
I keep humping her ass WOW and I thought her pussy was tight I was amazed I could move in there yet alone fuck her. I look back out the window and now there wasn’t just one little boy but about 7 he must been the one who order pizza LoL. She finally starts Screaming” I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” and she came all over my hand. Its been about 2 hours since i came in here im am finally starting cum again so put her down on her knees facing me and everyone can see clearly through the window.
“Look at me baby” She raises her head and i started Cumming the first shoot hit her hair, then another hit eye, on her nose, then chin, cheek, She went to say something and right in her mouth it went, the last one landed on her tits. Outside the delivery guy’s front window was a little white and all the little kids had thumbs up.
“I can’t believe I let everyone See me” Was the first thing she said
“At least you know you have a promising future being a pornstar” I said while helping wipe the cum out her eye.
“That felt amazing thou” She said kissing me then looking at the time shocked. “ALL MY GOD YOU GOTTA GO NOW, MY MOM SHOULD HOME ANY SECOND NOW”!! Pushing me I got my pants on quick as hell then left the room with speed looking down these dude were past out around Liana.
“YO WE GOTTA GO HER MOM IS GONNA BE HEAR ANYSECOND” I never seen them move so quick. Were walking down the stairs when we see Joanna’s mom Thank god she dosent know who we are.
“Hello Good morning” I waved at her passing by on the stairs.
“HI Good morning” she problaby thinks we came out another apartment.

I If get 5 comments saying YOu want the next one ill post it.

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