Jock Brock Back to Sleepy Nashua Ch. 01

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Brock couldn’t believe it. Lisa had him unzipped under the table and was stroking his cock through his boxers. His college buddy Ken’s wife doing this over drinks in a Holiday Inn lobby bar as the three of them sat on a table downing their 4th beer pitcher.

Brock, a rental car salesman, was visiting Nashua from New York on a business trip to help setup a new Fox car rental outlet. Ken and Brock went to the same college in Nashua before he moved to New York five years ago. Brock was the famous Jock Brock in college – sucked by half the coeds in his class. A virtual Greek god, with blue eyes and a body that guys would kill to have, a smile and a tight butt that made any chick moist and dreamy. Ken was his wing man in college and both hung out a lot then. Ken wasn’t bad looking either – a bit shorter, dark hair and an athlete’s build. While Brock was the best batter the college baseball team had, Ken was their ace pitcher. They both enjoyed their college fame days in this small town and had had their share of nailing the hottest gals in town. But this was 6 years later. Ken was married to Lisa. Yes, Lisa The Slut from college, the easiest lay in college. She wasn’t the prettiest gal on the block but boy did she have a good body – bursa escort a nice rack, hottest ass and sexy legs. He reputation preceded her in college – she was insatiable. She had made out with guys at the gym, with the phy ed coach, juniors, seniors! She had at one time sucked both Ken and Brock together in the coach’s house after the college playoff’s post game victory celebrations. It happened when Lisa was blowing Ken in an upstairs room as the party died down below. Brock walked into an unlocked restroom upstairs. She had serviced and swallowed them real nice as the jocks shared a smoke.

But now was many years later. Brock had moved on and was a New Yorker with a sex-life befitting a star. His looks served his cock well. As he flew into Nashua, he was a bit nervous meeting Ken and Lisa. How the hell did they end up together? Ken was struggling between jobs but Lisa had a stable restaurant job – good enough for both of them to get by in a small town. Also, Brock had never visited Nashua since graduation. He had not been very responsive to Ken on Facebook and wasn’t sure if Lisa would be comfortable meeting him considering the good old days restroom BJ episode. But now with Lisa’s fingers on him hardon, he was glad he had escort bayan pinged Ken earlier that day.

Ken winked at Brock as Lisa, sitting between them at a semicircular table booth, let go of Brock’s cock and guided both Ken’s and Brock’s hand between her legs under the table. She was wearing a thong, Brock felt. He fingers brushed past Ken’s as they both reached for the moist folds. One guiding the other. Lisa’s hand resumed rubbing Brock and this time found the slit in his boxers – she rubbed his cock head very slowly and gently playing with his piss-slit. Fuck yeah! Brock was enjoying as he continued to feel her wetness. They went on for a few minutes taking turns to gulp down beer, look at each other mischievously and pretended to talk so people over at the other table across the room couldn’t figure out what was going on. No one cared, it was after all sleepy Nashua’s Holiday Inn restaurant. Jock turned red when Lisa reminded him of their threesome and how she had blown them both 8 years ago. She told Jock that he was quite a stud and she gagged on his big piece of meat.

She teased him, ‘your cock feels just as did then! how about a re-enactment of that night?.’ Brock drooled in anticipation altıparmak escort and was raging hard.

Ten minutes later all three headed to the can to unload the beers. In the boys room, Brock stood next to Ken’s stall peeing for the third time that evening but this time the ice had been broken. They both were fingering his wife ten minutes ago. Ken was smoking and getting horny thinking about what just happened. He smelled the nice pussy juice on his fingers as he inhaled the smoke.

“Not bad!” he said out loud as he turned to Brock and brought the cigarette to Brock’s mouth – “Just like old days – sharing a smoke.”

“Lucky bastard! Lisa’s hot bud,” said Brock inhaling pussy flavored smoke.

The stalls didn’t have any partitions and as Brock closed his eyes in joy, Ken stole a glance at Brock’s cock . Caught between his thick thumb and index finder was a good sized pink cut mushroom head swollen a bit by the under table experience. The stream slowing down to a trickle. So this was the magic cock all the chicks back in college dreamed about. He had seen Brock many a times in college in the locker room, gym showers. But, the setting was different now. He and Lisa had not seen anyone else naked for years now and their sex was becoming a routine. Looking at Brock’s dick stirred Ken’s cock. Not much happens in this sleepy town outside college when it comes to fun. He ached for those good old raucous times. He was so looking forward to the night.

To be continued…

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