Jono’s Journey Home Ch. 06


Chapter 6 – Jono & The Gilded Cage

We finished our meal and walked out to the Range Rover. Reza climbed in the back with me. When Tam put the key in the ignition there was an odd sound a funny electronic warning tone. He swore colorfully as he picked up a handset. He called the mobile operator to retrieve his message then dialed the number. “Benjamin I have you on speaker what is so urgent? We are on our way back to Riyadh.”

“Tamam, assume we are being monitored. Is our buddy ‘Taz’ there with you? Is he safe? Has he been injured? Sorry Tamam, on this one I cannot take your word, I need to hear his voice.”

I leaned over the front seat and responded, “Yes sir, I am here. I am okay, and uninjured, what’s the problem?”

“Something’s up with you, I don’t know what yet. Your stuff has been moved out of your room at the hotel. What’s going on?”

I was able to read the puzzlement on Tam and Reza’s faces, “Nothing to my knowledge. No one here requested it. I’m trying to keep a low profile. Has anything else happened?”

“Yes, your presence has been requested by the host nation via the embassy at several Embassy functions this week. I guess it’s a good thing that you had a gift waiting for you in your room. I hope you can be reunited with it.”

I let the gift comment pass. “Do you know which section of the host nation government made the request?”

“I don’t know exactly buddy. I do know that the request came via the state department on our end. That normally implies that the request came from the civilian side of the government. All I can tell you for sure is this, everyone in both the American and Saudi chains of command knows your names, note the use of plurals, and both chains are very nervous. Before they simply knew OF you, now they know YOU. Haul your ass back here, the sooner you get here, the sooner we’ll get answers.”

“Message received, I’m sorry sir.”

“Stuff happens Taz, we will figure it out. FYI, we have Echo Papa Six in ready mode.” With that he hung up.

“Tam, I am going to say words I never thought I would ever put together. How fast can you drive?”

He began accelerating onto the highway, “Jono, what is Echo Papa Six?”

“Tam, if I ask you to take me to the airfield or the American Embassy would you do it without question?”

“Yes, I would Jono. But, you have not answered my question.”

“The leadership has been spooked by something. EP6 is an Emergency Protocol, I cannot tell you more.” I couldn’t tell him the sixth covers the removal of compromised high value assets. Once declared, an American aircraft would remain on the ramp at the airfield and a helo at the embassy both in hot standby. If they need to get me out of the country I would be thrown into either. Once aboard the pilot will be under orders to take off, with or without local approval.

“Sit back Jono, everything will be alright. Reza make sure he is buckled in, and keep him occupied. We cannot stop for ‘discomfort’ breaks. If we can keep the pace up we’ll be back in the Riyadh in an hour to an hour and a half.”

My mind was going so many dark places, some of them fatal. Did I insult the wrong person during training? Did someone see Tam and I? Oh, God do they know? Tam was driving like a man possessed. Seeing his reflection in the mirror, I could tell he was worried.

My drama managed to destroy the effects of the morning massages. Reza was holding me, “Jono, it will be okay. We will not let anything hurt you. Tamam, have you called father?”

My SERE training finally kicked in. “No Tam, turn off the phone and pull the fuse. If something IS wrong it can be tracked. Turn it back on when we are in the city. It will be harder to get a triangulation fix on the analog phone in the city.”

“Jono is right Reza. If there is something wrong it will not help to worry father. Jono, nothing is wrong some idiot likely thought you had skipped out without paying the bill.”

I could tell by the engine and transmission noise he had the gas pedal floored. He was worried and trying to calm me. I could see all the flaws in his logic. First if it had been a hotel error surely they would have said something to my Captain. The second glaring error in his logic was that the American forces were guests of the king. There was no way for me to skip out without paying. Tamam knew that as well, that is how I knew he wanted us calm.

My mind was racing as fast as the powerful engine, trying to figure out what had gone wrong, sadly I was coming up blank. After a few short minutes I recognized the futility of continuing to worry about what might be. One of the first things they taught us at SERE school was sleep when you can, there’s no telling when you’ll have another opportunity. If I couldn’t actually fall asleep, at least I could close my eyes and rest, if not for my sake then for his. Tam wanted me calm, I could give him that. I snuggled in Reza’s arms and closed my eyes.

When I awoke we were on the outskirts gaziantep escortlar of Riyadh. Tamam briefed me on his contingency plan. Tamam would drop Reza and me off at the front entrance. If anything went sideways we would leave through the arboretum’s emergency exit at the back of the hotel. Tamam would wait for us. If I was just moved to a new room Reza or I would call Tamam’s car phone and let him know I was okay.

“Have you reactivated your car phone? If so please call the Captain let him know we are in the city. It would be nice to know if anything has changed, and if he needed me to go to the hotel or make the dash for the embassy or air base.” I slid up towards the front seat as he dialed.

Captain Nelson answered he and Tamam exchanged hurried pleasantries. I asked if there was any new information and what our destination should be. “Taz, it looks as if they just moved you to a new hotel room, a room with diplomatic level security. Do YOU have a plan yet?”

“Yes sir, I will be entering the lobby with a trusted family member. It would be good to have other Americans present in case I need a running screen. These people should be able take instruction on the fly.”

“That is all taken care of buddy. Our colleague Oscar Goldman sent five of his employees to help if needed. You are on point. I will meet you at the door.”

After hanging up Tam looked at me and said, “Jono, what the hell was that about? I know every member of the American contingent and I do not know a single one that has the name Oscar. I know it was code but what did he say?”

“He was letting me know it looks innocent, and to come to the hotel. He also was warning me they do not have a contingency plan on the ground. As to ‘our colleague Oscar,’ that is a reference to the Six Million Dollar Man TV show Oscar Goldman ran the fictitious OSI. He wanted me to know he will meet us in the lobby with five armed Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents who will be following our lead. My bet is that the agents will be scattered around the lobby and will be able to secure a route for us if needed.”

Five minutes later we were pulling up to the door, game time. Reza and I exited the Range Rover and approached the lobby doors. I could see the Captain inside. Tam, took off like a bat out of hell. I was nervous but Reza looked worse. I turned putting my hand on his arm. “Take a deep breath.” I bluffed, “This is what I train for. You are just family making sure I get home okay.” He smiled and nodded.

We entered the lobby and were greeted by Captain Nelson. There were six men standing in the lobby wearing really crappy suits. I assumed five of them must have been the OSI agents. “Hey boss how was your weekend. I found out I have relatives, lots and lots of relatives. This is my cousin Reza Hassan. Perhaps you know his brother Tamam.”

“We have met Jono, Good to see you again Reza. Wait, Captain Hassan is your cousin?”

“Actually in a roundabout way he is. My father served with his father and is considered a brother. Apparently the King thinks of him that way as well.” With that quick revelation I knew which of the six crappy suits belong to the five OSI agents. I also knew that my boss was wearing a wire.

I continued with a fast briefing, “Boss they clearly do not teach OSI agents how to play poker. If anything goes hinky, Reza and I will be making a run through the Arboretum to the back door. Captain Hassan is currently out back swapping the Range Rover for the Jaguar that one of his staff just dropped it off. He has flight line access to the air base and will take me directly to the aircraft if necessary. Make sure the Air Force Security knows not to shoot at the Jag. If you five understand that, please adjust your tie, your handkerchief, or jacket.” Oh goody I thought five positive responses.

I smiled convincingly as I said, “Now, can I tell you how terrified I am sir?” There was no time to reply. Hotel security and the night manager were walking in our direction and I identified them as such.

“Mr. Al-Amin, we have just been informed of who you are, and how important a guest you are. You have been moved into a more secure part of the hotel. I am sorry but we were under orders to tell no one of your move. The King himself has sent a security detail to protect your floor. I assume the men in the ‘suits’ around the lobby are with you?”

I nodded and motioned for them to approach. “If you will kindly follow me, we will take you to your suite. You should not say long in the lobby.” So much for my low profile… But at least I knew what was going on.

“Captain Hassan will be arriving shortly with the rest of my things, please see that he is brought up immediately.” He responded yes sir. The manager snapped his fingers and a member of the hotel security staff peeled off and waited at the front counter. The rest of us entered the private elevator. The manager gave me my key. “I was hoping to bring you up to speed on the revelations of this weekend over breakfast Captain, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect anything to change, clearly I was wrong.”

I turned my attention back to the manager and told him, “This is my supervisor he is required to have access to me 24/7. I work for him, not the other way around. This request will be followed, or I will end up sent back to my unit in disgrace, or forced to live at the embassy for the duration of this temporary duty assignment. Either way I will make my displeasure known to the King.”

The captain whispered, “Jono, to think your unit did not believe you understood command presence. I’m going to have to talk to your director of operations. So I take it something dramatic has changed in your life.”

“I guess you could say that. I knew my father was injured protecting his unit. But I did not know until today that he was injured protecting the life of his commanding officer. Add to that the commanding officer is now King. I also did not know that entitled ‘ME’ to special treatment.”

“Speaking of treatment Airman, I like the new brush cut, but what is that stuff around your eyes?”

“It is called kohl; it is used to keep light from reflecting into your eyes. I will try to get it all off tonight. However this brand is also laced with henna. So while the black will come off, there will be a brown stain around my eyelids for about a week or so.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen the Saudi pilots use it. Need I remind you you’re not in the Saudi military Jono?

I replied with, “No sir. I know I’m not in the Saudi military…” I paused for effect, “…YET.” Reza and the manager laughed. Captain Nelson and the OSI agents did not, though the Captain did smirk. The elevator door opened to a marble floored entryway. There were two men armed with automatic weapons on either side of the middle door. I take it this is my new room?

“Actually you may have your pick of any of the three suites of rooms. The whole floor has been booked for you. In fact to solve the problem of access we could move Captain Nelson and members of your detail into one of the vacant suites, if it meets with your pleasure. First let me show you my recommendation for you. I know how much you enjoy playing the piano.”

I noticed the hotel security did not get off the elevator. Two of the OSI agents remained in the outer hall with the Saudi military security. When the door swung open I was expecting lavish grandeur. Nothing in my imagination could prepare me for what I saw. The outer door of the suite opened to round entry hall, which had a magnificent grand piano smack dab in the center of the rotunda. On the floor was a wonderful marble compass roundel with a red tile on one point of the design I looked at the manager and asked “Mecca” he nodded yes.

I addressed the boss, “Captain, will the Air Force have issue with me moving into this place.”

“As the liaison officer, I can guarantee you did not ask for the special treatment and it is not being used to earn special favors from you. Considering we are all guests of the king he can choose to bestow his gifts as he wishes. But we will have to report it.” The OSI agents began doing a security assessment of the suites.

I saw the phone on the credenza and looked at Reza, “Please, call your brother.”

The manager continued on with the description of the suite of rooms. Five bedrooms the two larger are on the left hall the three smaller to the right, six baths, lounge, private gourmet kitchen, dining room, and a private pool with an infinity edge on the balcony. It had a commanding view of the city. I could see the Royal Palace.

The manager asked if I would like to see the master bedroom I nodded yes. The master bedroom was huge. I was amazed at the opulence of the room. The bed was topped with a custom cover made of Russian sable; it was to die for soft. I ran my fingers across the fur and it just slid between them. There was a suit tree standing in the corner with a mess dress uniform hanging from it, with my rank on the sleeves. I could only assume this was the surprise that Captain Nelson hinted at on the phone. I walked over and ran my finger over the new combat crew plate over the breast. I looked at Captain Nelson and said, “I see your handiwork.”

“Tamam had the mess dress made by your tailor. I used my friends at the embassy to get your awards and rank shipped in fast. He also had a new service dress made for you.”

I love the cut of the mess dress it’s one of my favorite uniforms. There was just no point in me putting the money out until I got a medal or something to put it. With just my jump wings and my combat crew plate it looked kind of naked. The captain pointed at the suit tree behind my mess dress uniform. What I thought was my freshly pressed service dress uniform, turned out to be a brand new custom tailored service dress uniform.

I examined my new service dress I saw the ultra thin ribbon rack. “Sir, those have to be custom-made, when did you two make these plans?”

“Day one Jono, he knew he wanted to do this after seeing you in the chow hall handling the folks with the allergies.”

When I opened the walk-in closet, it was fully loaded with the clothes that we had selected on Thursday. Tam got me three complete wardrobes, one for each residence. I couldn’t help think how I’m going to hurt that man. I whispered to Captain Nelson, “My room in Bremerhaven is an old broom closet.” We went through to the adjoining suites and the captain made his choice. I then asked if I may offer the other suite of rooms to my supervisor Sergeant Gilmore.

“So long as the connecting doors stay shut I don’t have a problem. Considering she is your direct supervisor it makes sense.”

Special Agent Ramirez approached, “I just had a chat with your security detail on the hall. It seems you have a full security detachment currently in the hotel. Anytime you go out in public there will be at least two people shadowing you. They did ask that you let them know in advance so they can secure your route.”

“I am so sorry Captain Nelson. WE can’t do business like this.”

“Just roll with the situation for now. We can work out the details, Jono.”

I thanked the OSI agents and told them they didn’t need to stay. Agent Ramirez gave me a business card in case of an emergency. I asked the manager if the safe in my former room was emptied. It is in your closet Sir, intact. The manager asked if the captain would accompany him down to the front desk and he would issue the other keys. He then turned and addressed me again, anything you desire please do not hesitate to call the concierge. A full list of services that are available are in the folder on the desk. If your desire is not listed we will try to accommodate you. With that he and the Captain left.

I called down to Vanessa’s room and quickly brought her up to speed. I told her of the empty suite next door and asked if she would like it. “Are you kidding, do you really have to ask?” I told her either I or the Captain would drop off her key.

There was a knock on my door. I noticed a problem with security setup. I couldn’t look through the peep hole, it was up too high. I pointed at it and Reza and I began laughing. He looked through, “It is Tamam.”

I opened the door, “Hello Captain, please come in.” I turned and looked at the security officers and told them, “This is Captain Tamam Hassan in addition to being the Saudi project manager for the new radar systems, our families have been friends for generations. I trust him with my life. He has unfettered access to this suite. Please make sure your relief is briefed. Thank you so very much.”

He replied, “Thank you, Airman” and stepped in. As soon as the door closed I collapsed in his arms completely drained. His hands could feel the knots on my back. He chuckled as he said, “Well that was a complete waste of a massage this morning.” He swept me off my feet and carried me into the living room. He sat on the sofa with me on his lap and kissed me deeply.

“It’s not that I’m ungrateful of the King’s generosity, but this is too much. I’m used to living in a tiny shoe-box of a room. It is literally an old broom closet. There are times that room felt too big for me. I could sleep in one of the drawers in that kitchen, which is not much of an exaggeration. Why does he think this is necessary? Then there is you Tamam, three full freaking wardrobes. Do you realize I cannot fit all of the clothes that you purchased for me in my dormitory room back home?”

“The King knows it is not. Think of it this way Jono, the King actually owns this entire hotel and several others. How much of a gift is this really to him? Add to that from his perspective he owes his very life to your father, and when you his son was in need, the King was unable to step in and repay that debt. As for my generosity I wanted to make sure you were comfortable no matter where we were. I will always be ready for you now.”

“Papa would not a thought of it as a debt, he would have thought of it as his duty, nothing more. This is all too much. I know he believes he owes a debt to dad’s memory, but I have done nothing to be worthy of it. Yes, I am an introvert. I like my privacy, but I’m going to lose my mind wandering around in this place. How am I supposed to see you? With the security details following me around, eventually they will put two and two together.”

“I would love to have met your Papa. He taught you well about duty. That being said Jono, now what do you think his expectation of you would be in this situation? What do you think Aban would believe your duty is? In your role as a military technician on loan to our nation that makes you a target. As a guest of the King in our country that makes you a target. The fact that our King prizes your family highly makes you an incredible target, and one he feels obligated to protect. As far as not seeing me that will never happen. Even if I have to step down from my post, and ask to be part of your security detail, I will have my time with my beautiful boy.”

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