Juanita ‘n Dito Ch. 30-31


Dear reader, It has taken a while but here’s the continuation of the Story of Juanita and Dito. I was expecting to do some work faster but life… well just let’s say sometimes things happen.

I hope you’ll like these chapters and show me what you think of them. Also it would be much appreciated if you gave a little comment.

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30 In her house

In this section you may listen to:

Chappaqua, Black Pearl & It’s only just begun by Solution

The rest of the way to Juanita’s house had been painfully quiet. I wanted to embrace her, hold her, but I had to watch the road.

My thoughts flew in all directions. What a dirty little rat that Pablo had been. He had simply used her for his own financial gain. And what had he gotten her into? What kind of figures had they been?

I had so many questions and wanted to speak to her, but when I looked at her and saw her red cheeks and her painful look staring straight out the window, I decided to shut up. She had to be ready to tell me. This was not the time.

When I parked the car she turned to me. “Dito you are not going to judge me for what I tell you?”

I looked at her not understanding what she just asked me “How could I judge you for what was done to you?”

“Um…, it was not that simple. I think I still owe you an explanation. ” She hung her head and searched for her keys.

We got out of the car and walked to the door of the dilapidated apartment complex. She opened the door and let me in. The smell of Lysol reminded me of an old hospital.

We walked up a dark stone staircase, old but at first sight it looked clean.

On the third floor, she stopped in front of a green painted door, at least, it had once been painted green.

By opening two locks, she unlocked the door, pushed it open, and turned on the light. A soft glow fell on the stairway.

She let me go first. While she hung her purse on a coat rack she told me that the living room was the second door on the right. I walked down the narrow hallway and opened the door.

The sunlight blinded me for a moment.

A small room with a sofa, worn but clean, a comfortable old chair that had used up most of its life, I thought looking at the sagging seat and a dining table with two chairs. On the table a rug with on it a vase filled with a bunch of colorful paper flowers. Probably made by Tomàs.

The large window overlooked an identical complex.

Juanita walked into the room trying to get her hair curled up on her head.

“Do you mind if I take a shower first?”

I nodded, “Go ahead, we’ll have some time.”

“Do you want to have a drink?” I shook my head.

“No, but may I use your toilet?”

While she had a hairpin in her mouth she said with a nod of her head, “Of course; it’s the door next door.”

I walked into the hall, opened a door, and stood in her bedroom.

A single bed, a cot and a wardrobe. With my hand still on the handle, I stepped inside. So Tomàs slept in her room. Hmm, I thought, little privacy.

I turned around and wanted to close the door when she suddenly stood in front of me with her dress in hand and except for her panties, totally naked.

“Ooh, sorry, I thought you were on the toilet.” She reddened and tried to cover her breasts with şişli escort the dress she held in her hand as well as she could.

“I’m sorry, I took the wrong door”

For centuries we stood opposite each other and I looked at her without hesitation.

She looked absolutely fantastic, even more so because of the clumsy way she held the dress to herself left a large part of her abdomen uncovered. The soft downy hairs on her legs seemed to glow in the sunlight that shone from her bedroom. Her legs were long, she had wide thighs and a slim waist.

I saw that she had goosebumps on her arms. Her bare shoulders were inviting me to bite them.

My eyes dropped to the hand in which she held the dress. The green accentuated her skin tone.

I released the latch and brought my hand to hers. I pushed gently on her arm. She lowered it with bated breath. I set my eyes on her face, and when she felt that I was looking, she ventured to look at me, but immediately lowered her head to look at my hand, which was moving panfully slowly on the way to her breast.

I saw her breathing accelerate and deepen from the way her breasts moved. Her nipples straightened up without me touching them. I lowered my hand.

“Hmm, I was on my way to the toilet, are you moving along a bit?” I said as I turned around and quickly took the right door.

When I closed the toilet door, I looked back to see her looking at me while she was still standing on the doorstep of her bedroom.

I heard the shower when I got off the toilet and decided to walk back to the living room.

On a balcony in the other complex, a woman was hanging up the laundry and I stood there mesmerized, wondering if it was wise to hang the laundry outside. Behind the complex I saw a dark sky come this way. However, the woman stoically hung one item of clothing after another on the clothesline. She probably hadn’t seen the dark clouds yet.

“Shall we go then? I grabbed Tomàs favorite cuddly toy and clothes and some other toys, if that’s okay with you? “

I turned around and she stood in front of me in dark blue jeans and a white halter top; she was not wearing a bra. On her feet she wore white open shoes. I nodded approvingly as I looked at her from head to toe.

“You look great, honey.”

She laughed spontaneously and made a pirouette. “Yes? Do you like it? “

“I think you should bring a jacket. It might start to rain. “

She looked out the window. “Ooo, then I have to get his raincoat for Tomàs.”

“Do you have rain boots? Take them with you as well.” I remembered from my own childhood that there was nothing more fun than playing outside in the puddles that had formed on the gravel of the driveway after a rain shower.

I just closed the back trunk lid when I felt the first drops.

I quickly opened the and hopped in. As I turned the ignition key, the rain started pouring.

31 In the restaurant

In this part you will listen to:

Weather storm by Massive Attack

We did not speak as we drove to Chittie’s. I needed my concentration to keep seeing the road. The screenwipers could barely handle the waterfall. When I drove into the street where Chittie’s restaurant was, it stopped raining abruptly and as we got out, the sun broke through. mecidiyeköy escort

The mist rising from the sidewalk was a strange but beautiful sight.

Chittie stood in the doorway. “Hi, I am happy to see you both, glad you could make it. I was already starting to get worried while the rain was so severe just now.”

I walked over to her and gave her a kiss. “It was not easy, Chittie. But I said we would come, so even if we had to crawl through that rain… “

She started to laugh. “Yes, yes, now come on Doña Delgado and you too.” She walked over to Juanita and wanted to shake her hand.

Juanita smiled and wrapped her arms around the older woman, and in a somewhat muffled voice she said: “Sorry, maybe I’m a little bold, but Dito has already told me so much about you, that it feels like meeting an old friend.”

Xochitl looked at me questioningly and I shook my head gently. Without speaking, my mouth formed the words “She doesn’t know anything yet.”

Then she answered the embrace.

“Not bold Doña Juanita. Doña Delgado’s girlfriend can always call herself my friend. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“And now hop in you two, the table is already set and the bread just came out of the oven.”

Laughing, she tapped Juanita on the butt as she winked at me. Juanita jumped up for a moment, then laughed at this amicable touch. I was glad I told her about our tradition.

We walked in, Xochitl had set the same table we had sat at before.

Chittie led the way and pulled up the chair for Juanita. As Juanita sat down, Xochitl tried to get my attention and was signaling over Juanita’s head, which undeniably indicated that I had to work on Juanita.

The crazy expression the cook gave me made me turn around so I wouldn’t have to show my tears from laughter. When I turned back, hardly capable of keeping my face from grinning, Juanita looked at me blankly. Xochitl was already on her way to the kitchen.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye.

“I think I had a little speck in my eye.”

Juanita sat with her back to the wall, so I looked straight at the pictures.

Huh? My photo had disappeared from the wall. Instead, there was a picture of two brides who had once celebrated their wedding here.

Xochitl returned with a tray of all kinds of treats, fresh warm bread and two plates of steaming Eggs Benedict. It smelled delicious.

Juanita looked at all the bowls and dishes that were put down, while I watched Chittie intently. When, after putting down the last bowl, she answered my gaze, I looked at the wall and back at her.

Shrugging, she went to the kitchen.

“What do you want to drink Nita?” I said as I put my hand on hers.

“Water, please.”

“Then I’ll get that for you. Nothing else?”

She shook her head and I got up and went to the kitchen where I heard Chittie busy again with pots and pans.

“Why did you take the photo from the wall?”

Chittie turned round and said apologetically, “But Doña Delgado, if you want to go on with this girl then …”

I raised my hand and she stopped explaining.

“She already noticed the photo, last time we were here. That was my mistake, but it immediately gave me the opportunity to explain things to her.”

“Does istanbul escort she know about the relationship of Jorge and me with the house Delgado?” she asked.

“No, Chittie, that is not yet the case. I have to find out if she wants to continue with me when I tell her about my preferences. Maybe that will be discussed tonight, maybe not. When we are done here we will pick up her son at the babysitter and Juanita and Tomàs will stay with me tonight. We will see how things will progress.”

Xochitl looked intently at me. “She has a son? And you will bring the child to your home tonight? Is that a good idea?”

I showed her a vicious grin. “You forget that I was also a child and grew up in that house. What do you think? That I leave everything lying around?”

Now I got a little angry and while I looked at her sternly, I hissed: “You do not question my judgment, You’re not in the position to do so! I know what I am doing and I don’t need you to question that.”

She bowed her head and flustered: “Of course, young mistress.”

I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind the kitchen door. I put my other hand on her chest and between my fingers I felt her nipple harden through the fabric of her apron and dress. I squeezed it gently as I kissed her hard on her mouth.

When she wanted to respond I drew back and said in a friendlier way: “Thank you for your concern, but my plan is my plan. Don’t you try to change it.”

“Is that un-der-stood?” I had squeezed her nipple with each syllable of the last sentence, and when I finished I pulled at it through the fabric.

I pushed her away and said, “Now bring us a cold carafe of water and two glasses.”

I turned around and left the kitchen.

Juanita stood in front of the wall with photos again and turned around when she heard me coming.

“The photo is gone,” she said.

I nodded. “Chittie thought it might be too compromising a picture and decided to swap it for another one. But she hangs it back now that she knows we’ve already discussed it. Isn’t that right, Chittie?”

I turned to Xochitl who had just stepped out of the kitchen with a carafe and two glasses.

“Of course, young eh… Doña Delgado.”

“Come on, Nita, we’re going to eat and then you have to tell me all about Pablo and what happened next.”

For a moment I thought I saw Xochitl tense up when she heard that name.

In terlude 2

In his diary

Thursday 11/21/1975

Today we had the wedding of C. and J..

J. was very nervous, not only for the wedding I presume, while he was looking at Mistress constantly to get her approval. C. looked like every bride should look on this important day.

The only other time I saw her shine so brilliantly was on the day Mistress put C’s collar on her.

It struck me, and I hope not all the guests saw it, that the two of them looked more at Mistress than they did at each other. J. eager to please her and C. with the knowledge she had the approval to start a new life.

Yesterday evening they were at the mansion.

Mistress told them what she expected of the both of them in the future.

The restaurant will be transferred to their names. So they will become the owners.

Mistress told them she was counting on their obedience for as long as she lives and they agreed to it eagerly, knowing that the gift wasn’t just a gift.

That’s it for now. I wish you a very great summer. Maybe even a holiday. Please be safe and don’t let the Covid-virus get to you. I will start writing on the next chapters. Oh and your comments, advice and critics are very welcome.

Thank you,


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