Just a quickie

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Steve’s fiancee Jessie graduated last Saturday.

Jessie is a tiny blonde, small-chested but with an incredibly curvy ass and a nice thigh gap. When swimming at my cousin’s apartment last July, she was my horsey partner in the pool and the way she tightly held her shapely beige legs around my neck had my dick as hard as fuck underwater. Jessie had little problem with the ways my hands touched all over her when I steadied her upon my shoulders, so I enjoyed touching her all over in her bright red bikini. It turned out that her family acted like assholes and didn’t attend her ceremony, and both she and Steven were rightly bummed, so their plan was for her drinking buddies from the bar to show up at their trailer and have a serious house party. I caught up to them three hours later. Though it was night, it was four-twenty. The party had gotten rowdy, three bottles of Dickel whiskey had been polished, and turns out that I was the only person in a room of eighteen people that had smoke.

Jessie was pretty shitfaced, and kept after me to “roll another one.” Steve appeared embarrassed as the drinking continued. As there was no walls in the trailer dividing the den from the kitchen, I was surprised to see Jessie retching in the sink while still holding her beer and red cup. Steven went for her hand to take the beer and with a surprising turn toward him, Jessie lit him up with a slap across his face. He looked stunned and angered. I took that as my exit. As I was walking toward the door, Steve yelled and asked me was I leaving. Acting as if I saw nothing, I said, “Wraps,” and grabbed the doorknob. Jessie, now wearing a tee-shirt and tight, little blue booty shorts, ran over from the kitchen to the front door and leaped. I caught her by her thighs and I admit that I also had her ass cheeks in my hands. While looking up at her, I watched Steve and he seemed pretty disinterested and was making another drink. As someone had left to pick up two more bottles of whiskey and two cases of beer, he poured out the remains of the bottle in his cup. Slowly, I let Jessie down but her hands remained around my neck. This awkward position meant that she was pressed against me. I leaned down to put her feet on the ground and inhaled her mix of sweat and lingering perfume. She begged that I would come back, but I was gone for certain. I kissed her forehead and felt I won the night.

I went back to the house to burn in solitude. I got pretty faded and lay upon the couch to call it a night. It must have been around four in the morning and as I was leaving from a piss, I could hear voices animated in an argument outside the house. Steve and Jessie had shown up. They were both a hot mess from the tone of their arguing. I heard a car door slam and walked toward my front door. Jessie was pounding on the door with the side of her fist, I guessed that Steve was in his car. I quickly let her in.

She was animated and mad that I left the party. Jessie began to berate me about the party, being wasted, her brother’s being losers because they showed up to the party empty-handed and left, and that Steve was weak. I really wasn’t trying to hear that shit. I told her to lower her fucking voice. In a mix of complaint and tears, Jessie told me that she was hurt that I left her, that she regards me as someone different from other guys she’s met, and that she just wanted to be loved. I told her that I honestly couldn’t handle all of this at four in the morning, and that everyone should just get some sleep. This seemed to have made her angry and she raised her hand. My reflexes reacted and I grabbed her wrists, pressed her against the wall, and asked what the fuck was wrong with her. We were standing in the hall across from the bathroom and my body pinned her to the wall while I held her hands above her head.

She tried to struggle from my grasp and kept moving against me. I knew she was wasted and didn’t want her to hurt herself. She looked up at me and wailed, “You left my fucking party! You’re my friend and you don’t love me.” I let go of her hands and without even thinking, I reached down and pulled the blue booty shorts to her knees. She placed her arms around my neck. My dick was raging hard and stuck out of my shorts. She ground her hips on me and I held her on the wall and removed my boxers. I could feel her nipples stiffen underneath her tee shirt and when I reached underneath to grab her breast, she moaned loudly. It was then I remembered that her boyfriend and future husband was outside. By then, I felt my dick brush the plump lips of her pussy.

I went inside her. She had not showered and she smelled of sweat, beer, and now, her sexual scent. She grabbed my neck tightly and yelled, “Fuck.” With a mix of lust and fury, I grabbed her ass tightly and thrust deep into her pussy. She got so wet and I I fucked her in a frenzy expecting Steve to open the door at any moment. We fucked for maybe 20 minutes. The combination of her smelling like a bar pick-up, the immediacy of the sex, and the knowing that we could be caught all flooded my mind and in between thrusts, I could feel cum surging through my cock as if it were rising from a straw. I pounded her harder and heard a double thud as I realized that her head and her body were both hitting the wall. She moaned as I flooded her pussy with my load.

I raised her off my dick and some of my cum leaked from her pussy and hit my foot. Though everything else seemed like a dreamy haze, this awoke me. It was as if time slowed down when I met her thrusts and enjoyed the unfamiliar movement of a new lover. Now, I watched as she picked up her shorts and walked into the bathroom. I heard the sink open and went and sat on the couch. After a few minutes, I no longer heard the faucet. Jessie came out the bathroom looking as if she awoke from sleep. Without a word, she came me a brotherly hug around my shoulders and walked toward the door. I reached for the doorknob thinking that maybe I had misjudged the situation. She put her hand over mine, slid to her knees, pulled my cock out of my boxers, and slowly sucked my dick down her throat until she gagged. She rose from her knees and said, “I always wanted to see if I could handle one that size. That’s just a quickie for now but I’m going to put that fucker all the way down my throat.”

I opened the door and Steve had lain down in the front seat of the car. When Jessie opened the passenger door, Steve rose, looked surprised that he arrived at my house, and said he didn’t want to drive over but he wouldn’t be satisfied. I told him I understood while he scolded her that she had woken me up and that I didn’t want company in the middle of the night. He started the car seemingly oblivious that he had been parked at my house for almost an hour. I watched them drive off, all I could think of how mind-blown that I was, but the memory of what had happened made me hard and I could feel cum against the front of my boxers.

Amazing year!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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