Just Being Neighborly – Cont’d 01


You should read the first installment ‘Just Being Neighborly ‘


Well, Cindy and I decided to get married on the one year anniversary that we met, which gives us six months to get everything taken care of.

We decided that we would have a small chapel wedding with a few friends and family. We had to figure out where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. And, lastly we decided to sell both our houses and get a better one outside of town where we could practice our nudist lifestyle in peace & quiet.

Over the course of time, we did manage to sell both houses and bought a bigger house that afforded us complete privacy. The pool was a big plus too.

The only thing we needed to do was pick a place to go to for our honeymoon.

“Cindy, let’s talk about where we want to honeymoon.”

“Ok Ben.”

“Do you have any place in mind?”

“Well, to be honest I was thinking of going to a clothing optional resort. It would be my first time.”

“I was thinking of Hawaii.”

“With all the problems of flying, I think we shouldn’t go too far.”

“Ok. If that is what you want. I will print out several resort brochures and we can choose from there.”

“That sounds great Ben. We can look at them tonight after dinner.”

So, for the next couple of hours I searched the internet for clothing optional resorts within driving distance. I was lucky enough to find several.

Over dinner I told Cindy I found several resorts that we could check out. After we cleaned up, we sat in the living room and went over the brochures.

As we looked at them, there were a couple that Cindy really liked. Then she saw one that I put on the side.

“What’s that one Ben?”

“Oh, I don’t think you would like that one.”

“Let me see it.”

I handed it to her and her mouth opened wide in shock. “I told you that you wouldn’t like that one.”

“Is this a real resort?”

“Yes, my love. It’s called the Double C and it is unique.”

I continued, “Most resorts do not allow on site sexual activities. The Double C encourages it. It’s owned by a woman named Lisa, a former porno queen.”

“Wow, that is amazing. Would you want to go there?” She asked.

“Cindy, I don’t think that would be a good place for us. You would be subject to men & women wanting to have sex with you.”

“So, I just say no thank you.”

“I don’t know. For your first time at a resort, I think we should stick with a conventional resort.”

“Please, If we don’t like it, we can leave. Look, I’ve never done anything risque…always vanilla…Let’s give it a try.”

“Ok. I’ll make the arrangements but whatever happens at the resort, stays at the resort…agreed?”


And so I made the arrangements. Now we were all set for the wedding and honeymoon and before we knew it the day arrived. Everything went off perfectly and after the ceremony we had our small reception and the next day we were off to our honeymoon.

The drive took several hours and we finally arrived. The place looked terrific from the outside and we drove up to the reception office. We got out and walked into the office where we were greeted by a beautiful naked woman.

“Hello. My name is Lisa. I am the owner of the Double C. Welcome. We gave her our names and completed the paperwork when Lisa said, “I hope you have a nice stay here. If there is anything you want or need, please let me know. I see this is your honeymoon, well I am sure you will never forget your time here. Enjoy.”

As we were leaving Cindy said, “Lisa, I have to say I think you have the loveliest nipples I have ever seen. They’re so big and inviting. I’m jealous. Mine are so small.” I laughed as we left.

She looked like she was in her late 40’s, long jet black curly hair, big tits and big, erect nipples. Her legs and ass were very inviting and her pussy was smooth and on the right side of her pussy was a black cat tattoo.

We drove to our cabin, passing nude guests along the way. “Look Ben, there’s a woman giving a guy a blow job.” Maltepe Escort I smiled and replied, “I’m sure we will see a lot more than that.”

We arrived at our cabin and unpacked the 4×4 and went inside. The place was really nice…two bedrooms, fireplace, kitchen area, living room, big shower and a hot tub on the patio. We put our stuff away, undressed and went outside for a walk and tour of the facility.

We didn’t get very far when I pointed out to my wife that there was a couple on the side fucking. Cindy looked over and watched them for awhile before we continued our walk.

A short distance later, two women were in the heat of having sex.

We passed the dining room and some other buildings but we didn’t go in.

“Well my love, you still want to stay?”

She looked at me and said, “Yes. This place is unbelievable.”

“Ok. How about you giving me a blow job right now, right here so everyone can see?”

“How about I do that after dinner, maybe? That ok?”

“I can’t wait.”

As we were finishing our walk we met a young couple and said hello. They looked a little lost and confused so I said, “First time here?”

They seemed like a nice couple. She was about 5’5″, maybe 110, blonde hair, blue eyes and nice tits and smooth. Be was about 5’8″ maybe 160, brown hair brown eyes and a very impressive cock.

The fellow answered Yes the told us his name was Mark and his wife Ronny. I told him our names and asked them if the cared to join us for dinner and they a accepted the invite and we would meet in an hour at the dining room. Then we walked back to our cabin.

“Well, how are you doing so far Cindy?”

“It’s not so bad. You know that Lisa woman was pretty nice. And that girl Ronny was cute. I was thinking of going smooth. After seeing them I felt out of place with a hairy pussy. What do you think?”

“If you want to go smooth, do it. I think I would like you that way.”

“Ok. Let me do it now.”

And into the bathroom she went. After a half hour or so my wife came out with a very smooth and beautiful looking pussy.

“Very, very nice…”

After a few minutes, we headed off to the dining room where we met Mark & Ronny. They already had a booth and welcomed us as we sat down. Cindy sat next to Ronny and I sat next to Mark. The waiter brought us over menus & I ordered some wine. Pretty soon we were dining and chatting.

Mark told us they are married 3 years and this was their first time here. I told them that we were just married and our first time here as well.

We all got to know each other and before we knew it, we finished our coffee and we’re ready to leave. I told them that we would see them at breakfast and we all left and went out separate ways.

As Cindy and I wandered around, Lisa appeared.

“How are you two doing?”

“Just taking in the sights. This is a great place.”

“Thank you. Have you participated yet?”

“No, not yet.”

Lisa laughed and looked at Cindy and said, “Would you mind if I gave your husband a blow job?”

Without Cindy answering, Lisa knelt down and started sucking my cock as Cindy looked on. In a short time I filled Lisa’s mouth with my cum as she swallowed every drop.

She got up, said ‘enjoy your stay’ and went on her way.

Cindy was still in shock and then we started laughing.

I then said, “Hey hon, this is a great place.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy our stay.”

“I’m sure it won’t happen again. By the way, remember what you promised.”

“I said maybe.”

As it was getting late we headed back to our cabin. Just then a couple appeared out of nowhere and moved close to Cindy. Without saying a word the woman kissed Cindy and slipped her tongue in her mouth and the guy felt Cindy up and was rubbing her smooth pussy..just as quick, they left.

I was hysterical laughing. Cindy was in shock and laughed. “My baby liked that…her nipples are hard and erect.”

“This is some place.” Cindy said.

“I bet before we leave İstanbul Escort here, some guy is going to get his cock in you.”


We finally got to the cabin and locked the door. Then we took a shower together and got into bed and fucked.

The next day we got and headed to the dining room for breakfast. We saw Mark & Ronny and sat with them.

I told them what happened after we left them and they laughed. Then Mark said, “As we were heading back to our cabin a guy comes up to Ronny and the guy’s cock is big and hard and he hugs Ronny and somehow his cock slips inside her cunt and he started fucking her. She looked at me and pulled back and the guy came all over her pussy then left.”

Cindy and I just looked at each other…

I told them about Lisa and the couple and they laughed.

As we were finishing breakfast, Cindy said, “If you guys don’t have anything planned, why don’t you join us? We are just going on the trails.”

Ronny replied, “That’s a great idea.”

So, after breakfast the four of us headed out to one of the trails.

The sun was warm but there was a gentle breeze. As we walked we chatted along the way when we heard some noises in the bushes. We inched closer to the noise and then we saw a woman on all fours not only being fucked but had a cock in her mouth. I made a noise and one of the guys saw us but never stopped. We watched until both guys came in her. The guy smiled and we went on our way.

Cindy said, “That was awesome.”

I replied, “You want to try it?” As I laughed.

Cindy looked at me and Mark and then Ronny and said, “I’ll tell you what, if Ronny fucks here, so will I.”

Ronny looked at me and Mark and replied, “I wouldn’t mind.”

Then the women both got on all fours and I got behind Cindy and Mark got behind Ronny and we both started fucking them. I watched Ronny’s tits sway back and forth and I’m sure Mark enjoyed watching my wife as well. It wasn’t long before I told them I was going to cum and then shot my cum into my wife’s cunt. Then Mark filled his wife’s cunt with his cum.

The women stood up and as we continued our walk our cum was oozing out their counts and down their legs.

After almost two hours we went back to our cabins. On our door was an envelope. As we went inside, I opened it up. It read, “At the Double C, it is customary for guests who are here for the first time attend a private dinner which is hosted by yours truly, Lisa. Please arrive at the front desk by 6:00 p.m. Thank you. Lisa”

“Can you believe that Cindy. Dinner with a porn queen.”

“I can only imagine what this is going to be like.”

We showered and soon we were ready to head out to the front desk. When we got there Mark & Ronny were already there and another couple in their late 30’s, who we haven’t seen before, were also there.

After a few minutes Lisa appeared.

“Welcome to the Double C Resort. It is customary for me to entertain guests who have never been here before. I know some of you may be shy or don’t know how far to go, so for the next few hours we will get to know each other intimately.”

Then she led us to a special cabin. The large kitchen already had the meals on the table. Bottles of wine were being chilled and quite noticeably were four beds. Lisa sat at the head of the table and she asked us to introduce ourselves and why we came to this resort.

The couple who we never saw before told everyone their names and why they came.

Mark told everyone their names and said that they wanted to experience things they never saw.

I was going to go but Cindy told everyone our story and said that she was a new nudist and wanted to see how adventurous she could be.

Lisa thanked everyone and we chatted as we ate and drank. After some time Lisa said, This resort was founded by me and my husband. Our daughter also works here. Now, as you see there are four beds for us to use. If you do not want to participate in tonight’s festivities, now is the time to leave. Anadolu Yakası Escort If you choose to stay, you will experience sexual activities that might hurt your marriage. If that is a possibility, I think you also should leave. Those who stay will enjoy themselves as I’m sure that is why you came here.”

The one couple got up and left. Mark & Ronny stayed

I turned to Cindy and asked her if she knew what she was getting into and she said she needed to stay and get free from her vanilla life. I told her I will love her always. She kissed me and told Lisa we were staying too.

Lisa then said, “I’m happy that you decided to stay.”

Lisa directed the four of us. “Mark, you & Ronny get on this bed & Cindy & Ben, get on the other bed. Now, I want the four of you to have sex. I will join each couple at some point. There are no restrictions on our activities.”

We did as she said. The four of us made love like we were alone. As Cindy and I were fucking, Lisa joined us. With my cock in Cindy’s cunt, Lisa started sucking Cindy’s nipples then moved to her mouth and kissed her. I could see their tongues in each other’s mouths. Then Cindy started sucking on Lisa’s enlarged nipples and was practically swallowing them. Just then I told Cindy I was going to cum and shot my cum in her cunt. As my cock slipped out, Lisa moved her mouth to Cindy’s cunt and started sucking out my cum from her cunt.

As we rested, Lisa went over to Mark and Ronny. She moved Ronny away and straddled Mark’s cock and lowered herself down until his cock was deep inside her. She rode his cock and then he told her he was going to cum. She quickly got off and took Ronny and placed her mouth in front of Mark’s cock as she did the same. Then Mark shot his cum into both their mouths and then Lisa kissed Ronny, sharing Mark’s cum with her.

After awhile Lisa joined us again and this time she got on all fours and told me to fuck her. I eased my cock into her cunt as Cindy watched me fill Lisa’s cunt with my cock. Lisa then said, “Cindy, tell your husband that you love seeing him fuck another woman…that you like seeing his cock sliding in and out of another woman’s cunt.”

Cindy said, “That’s it Ben, fuck her hard. I love seeing your cock in her cunt.”

As Lisa was being fucked, she said, “Mark come over here and fuck Cindy in front of her husband.”

He did as he was told and in seconds he had his hard cock in my wife’s cunt, fucking her. “Now Ben, tell your wife how much you love seeing her fucked by a stranger.”

I said, “Oh God Cindy, I love watching you getting fucked by a stranger. I want him to cum in you.”

Then I came in Lisa and Mark came in Cindy.

Lisa said, “Ronny, suck your husband’s cum out of Cindy’s cunt.” And she did. Then we all rested.

For the rest of the time there, we all enjoyed each other many times. We shared Lisa and she enjoyed sex with the women as much as she did with me and Mark.

I don’t even remember when we left but I do remember waking up in bed with Ronny and not Cindy. Without giving it a second thought I fucked Ronny twice that morning, cumming in her both times.

Then my phone rang and it was Cindy…

“I’m over at Mark’s. He wants me to stay for awhile. That ok with you?”

“Yeah, not a problem. See you later.”

I hung up and went back to fucking Ronny.

Later that morning Ronny left and Cindy came home. We talked about our experience and we both agreed that it was amazing.

For the rest of the week Cindy did leave her vanilla life behind. She had no problem with having sex in public. On more than one occasion, she fucked strangers with me watching, as I did the same.

The day finally came when we had to leave. We went to the desk to check out and Lisa was there

“How was your stay at the Double C?” She asked.

Cindy replied, “It was amazing. Thank you.”

As we were leaving Lisa gave us each a gift and said, “Cindy I want you to use your gift every day and you will see a big difference in yourself.”

“Ben, use your gift daily and you will also see a big difference in yourself.”

And then she shocked us and said, “I already know I will be in your area next year for a conference, so I will stop by to see how you two are doing.” Then she kissed us goodbye.

Look for Cont’d 2

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