Just Friends

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The news came as a bit of a shock, but not really a surprise, when my friends Linda and Ken eloped. Linda and Ken were lovers, and we successfully kept it hidden from the officers in the squadron that would frown on co-workers bedding down with each other. They tried to keep their relationship a secret as much as possible but everyone knew they were eventually going to get married, it was just a matter of time. A good military unit is like a big family; a lot of brothers, not so many sisters, and too damn many parents always nosing around in your business.

Linda and I were the best of friends, always clowning around together, even though I out ranked her and generally ordered her into potentially harmful situations on a daily basis while I stood back and watched. (Rank has its privileges) Linda’s best female friend Jenny out ranked me and generally took delight in nit-picking and rejecting every piece of paperwork I submitted for her approval causing me no end of fits and no shortage of torn up, improperly filled out forms with a big red “F MINUS LOSER!” in her dainty handwriting on the top of each one. Eventually Jenny and I became good buddies too; otherwise we would have killed each other.

Things came to a head (so to speak) on the return flight from a deployment to the Middle East. Linda was more froggy than usual, she normally kept up a salty repertoire on these return trips just to insure that those of us with blue balls were severely aching when we got off the plane, but this time she was completely insufferable. In fact her favorite phrase this time was “Balls deep in 4 hours!” or how ever many hours were left in the trip home, shouted at the top and bottom of each hour. Over and over she carried on until one of the quietest members of the squadron, went over to Ken and begged Ken to find something to stick in her mouth.

The young airman received a standing ovation from the gang, but that was followed by Linda’s even more enthusiastic “BALLS DEEP IN THREE – COUNT ‘EM – THREE HOURS!!!”

“At least she’s not trying to imitate The Count from Sesame Street this time,” groaned Ken.

Finally the plane landed at home base and as usual the crowd was waiting for our return. Eager wives, husbands, and children surged forward and pressed against the ropes that kept them from running across the tarmac while their soldier stepped off the plane. By silent agreement, those of us with no one waiting remained seated while the newly weds and new parents deplaned first, then the troops that had been married longer got off the plane followed by us bachelors. Being engaged Jenny was one of the earlier ones off the plane, however things weren’t going well with her fiancé Brad so she wasn’t expecting a warm welcome home. Being the stereotypical grouchy old bachelor NCO I was one of the last off the plane, just behind Linda and Ken.

Just as we reached the ground Linda turned to me and handed me her house keys. “Can you open the place up for me? We’ll be back in a week.” With that she kissed me on the cheek and disappeared through the press of folks with Ken.

After a small reception we found that we had to return to work next Monday, almost a full week off, then we very quickly dispersed. I noticed Jenny heading for the parking lot, alone, and I caught up with her. “I got the keys to Linda’s house.” I jingled the key ring in front of her face. “We can cause trouble!” I said with a grin.

Jenny looked at me, her normally mischievous brown eyes were red with the effort of holding back tears. “Yeah, we can short sheet her bed,” she attempted some humor.

“Linda is three foot nuttin’. She’d never figure it out.” No laugh, Jenny must really be hurting; nothing cracks her up like making fun of Linda’s lack of altitude. That bastard fiancé of Jenny’s was no where to be found and I personally thought that Jenny was probably much better that way. Brad’s a dick and just about everyone in the squadron wanted to beat the shit out of him, I’ve never seen such a hated individual. As we reached our cars I said “Hey Sarge, if you need anything, maybe just an ear to chew on, give me a call.”

“‘k, sarge.” she muttered softly and we went our separate ways.

* * * * *

I went home and opened every window in my stuffy apartment, called the cable company to get my box back up, then sat down with the normal stack of bills and a check book and spent my way back stateside.

I fiddled around for a couple of days doing a lot of decompressing and junk food binges before going to Linda’s house to open it up. She lived in a nice little ranch house on the edge of town. Waiting on the porch was the expected stack of mail that the Post Office held for her. On the kitchen table was a series of checks pre signed and made out to the different utilities with a note asking me to fill in the amounts and mail them off, which I did after insuring that there was a fresh stock of cold beer in her empty fridge.

I noticed she had a much nicer TV than I did so I first insured that the cable was Tekirdağ Escort restored ASAP before delving into those bills. Then I snooped around and found the spare bedroom was filled with boxes and suit cases. A little more snooping showed that it was all Ken’s stuff – the love birds were planning to set up a nest together I decided, then opened another beer and checked out back. Swimming pool! Awesome. Leaves! Not so awesome.

After a lot of poking around I figured out how to get the filter running, found the skimmer and began my short career as a pool boy. Just as I had about 30% of the leaves dipped out of the pool the phone in the house rang. I answered it quickly and it was Jenny who seemed to expect me to be on the phone but not there at Linda’s house.

“Where y’all at?” she demanded in her honeysuckle sweet and boner inspiring Alabama drawl.

I paused for a second, Jenny was both one of the most brilliant noncommissioned officers I know, and at the same time one of the daffiest women I’ve ever met. “Well, you called Linda’s house and I answered the phone, so obviously I’m in Germany,” I said as I looked out the window at the New Mexico desert on the edge of town.

“Really? Oh… you’re funning me aren’t ya, anyhow I got big news!”

“Real big?”

“Bigger than that!”

“How big?”

“Way big!”

I could keep her going like that all day but the game gets tiring after a while. “Bring your news over here, and some beers, and a swimsuit. We’ll have us a party.”

“K! Bye!” I heard her drop the phone a few times while hanging it up. Jenny never ceases to crack me up.

I had the leaves gone, the chlorine level just right and was vacuuming the sunken leaves and blown sand off the bottom of the pool when Jenny showed up. “They eloped!” she cried as she came through the sliding glass door from Linda’s living room. Then: “Wow, I didn’t know she had a pool.”

“I kind of guessed something was up, Ken’s stuff is stacked up in the other bedrooms, and I said the same thing about the pool.” Then I did a double take on Jenny. I’ve know her for two years now and I’ve only seen her in battle dress uniform or in loose civilian clothes which does her figure no justice either. Today however…

Her long stunning legs protruded from incredibly short terrycloth hot pants which clung tightly to her perfectly rounded butt, her crop top highlighted her large and perfectly rounded breasts and stopped short of her hour glass midriff, her navel was pierced with a tiny diamond stud. Jenny’s face is incredibly cute, a little like Jennifer Love Hewett, but her chin is more rounded and while her mouth is smaller, her infectious grin is larger. Her eyes are large and brown and she constantly looks either amused or surprised, but woe to anyone that thinks she’s an airhead. As an NCO she’s one of the sharpest out there. Her hair is dark brown, thick and full, which she brushes out straight and crops to within a millimeter of the allowable military maximum length.

She noticed my gawking and said “What?” but probably realized what was up when she saw my shorts beginning to tent out.

“I’ve never seen you dressed like that,” I finally croaked.

“Like this?” she drawled and gave a little twirl while wiggling her tight little butt. “I always dress like this,” she lied. With an evil little grin she sprawled out on a lounge and opened a long neck beer from the six pack she brought. Her little tongue danced around the tip of the bottle before she slowly took a long sensuous drink from the beer.

I groaned as my cock pressed against my cut offs, which caused her to giggle at my misery.

“Come on, y’all. Finish sucking out that pool so you can help me suck on these beers.”

“I can multi-task,” I insisted and grabbed the beer out of her hand then went back to vacuuming the pool. With her help (which consisted mostly of her shouting “Hurry up, damn it!” and taunting me with empty beer bottles while she inflated some pool toys) I was done in a short while.

In the cool of Linda’s house we decided to do something nice for our friends. We’d clean up the house, go shopping and fill their fridge, which not counting our beers currently stood empty, then make the newlyweds a nice dinner when they returned. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning Linda’s house spotless. Even though it stood unused for weeks while we were overseas, the southwestern dust found a way through every nook and cranny and everything was covered in a layer of dust.

After a run to the grocery store for the food, Jenny turned to me (a bit unnerving as she was driving at the time) and said “Where can we get cool toys like fuzzy hand cuffs and things like that?”

“Like edible panties and inflatable sheep?” I replied as deadpan as possible.

“Yeah, you know. Giggle shopping. I want to ‘decorate’ their bedroom.”

“I wouldn’t know about anything like that,” I lied, “I’m as pure as the driven snow. But I’ve heard rumors about a place down on Central and Tekirdağ Escort Bayan Third street.” Within moments we were at the town’s only adult book store.

As we walked in the clerk, Billy, saw me and shouted out a cheery “Hey Dan!” I returned his wave.

“You don’t know anything about this place?” Jenny asked me with a grin as I steered her towards the ‘toy department’.

“A lucky guess on Billy’s part, even a blind dog can find a bone from time to time,” I kidded her.

She was walking ahead of me and suddenly stopped short. Her hand shot behind her and grabbed my cock through my jeans as I nearly bumped into her. She squeezed my hardon a few times and said “You’re right, bones are easy to find.” and with a final pat on my throbbing bulge she walked down the aisle leaving me panting in sudden shock, surprise, and sexual agony. She turned and gave me a saucy wink and a grin. “Come on y’all. We’re shoppin!”

When we got past the racks of magazines and videos and found the toys, Jenny was in awe of the selection. She enthusiastically checked out every dildo and vibrator, every whip and flogger, every restraint, collar, and cuff. She was even crawling on her hands and knees checking out the items on the bottom shelves, while I gazed longingly at her tight rounded bottom. Finally she made her choices; fuzzy handcuffs, edible panties, glow in the dark condoms, flavored lubricants and a couple of vibes.

She handed me the vibrators to purchase, while she bought the rest. One was a dildo vibe, the other a complex device with beads, ribs, a clit tickler and an electronic control panel that looked like a NASA experiment gone seriously wrong. “Don’t forget batteries,” she added, “lots of batteries.”

We returned to Linda’s house and stocked the fridge, then took our ‘giggle store’ purchases to the master bedroom and strategically placed them about the room. I held up the bag with the vibrators and batteries. “What do you want me to do with these?” I asked.

She looked at the bag like she never saw it before. “For me?” she squealed. “Oh thank you!” She took the bag and looked in. “How did you know they’re just what I wanted? They’re just the right size… and batteries too! You’re so thoughtful! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” She held up the dildo vibe like it was a holy relic while unsuccessfully suppressing her giggles.

I was just about to say something about how silly she was being when she suddenly threw her arms around me. I held her slim frame close to me and she molded her body to mine. She looked up in into my eyes and for some reason our lips met in a kiss that I think was supposed to be a quick peck, but the quick peck became a long hot kiss, our tongues entwined. A kiss which we both knew was supposed to be in fun became seriously passionate. Reluctantly our lips parted and we were both gasping. “Oh my God,” she said in a small voice and pulled me tight against her again. Again we kissed, this time with more fervor, our tongues sinuously dancing together, our hands slowly roaming over each other.

Finally we broke the kiss and held each other close while our eyes slowly refocused. My head was actually spinning as I felt her warm body press tightly to mine. “This is just fun, right?” she asked quietly.

“Yep, two good friends enjoying each other,” I replied, “filling each other needs.”

“Good,” she said, “’cause I got a need that needs to be filled.” And with a grin she broke away and said “You take a shower, you smell like chlorine and Formula 409 and hurry up, I need one too.”

I took a quick shower, slightly disappointed that Jenny didn’t join me, but as I stepped out of the shower cabinet she was waiting for me. She patted the bulge in the towel I wrapped around my waist and smiled. “Oh yeah, have I got plans for you.” She said to my cock more than to me.

“Bath time little girl,” I said as I gently grabbed the bottom edge of her top. I lifted her crop top and she didn’t protest, in fact she raised her arms like a little child getting ready for her bath. When her breasts were exposed to my gaze I was shocked, never have I seen such a perfect pair of breasts. My second thought was “My God, she’s been running around without a bra the whole time.” The thought made my cock even harder. Her breasts were large and round and incredibly firm but with just the right amount of sag to show that they were 100% natural. Eighteen year olds would kill for a set this firm, but on a 35 year old woman it’s nearly unheard of. Her nipples were a sight to behold, her areola were bright pink and perfectly round, barely as big around as a quarter, and her nipples were small but pebble hard jutting proudly from her perky mounds.

“What?” she cried as she quickly covered her flawless breasts. “Is something wrong with my boobs?”

“Baby, there is definitely nothing wrong with your boobs,” I said. “They’re perfect in every way.” I pushed her hands away and with my own trembling hands I cupped them and squeezed them gently Escort Tekirdağ while rubbing my thumbs over her nipples.

Jenny rocked her head back and groaned. “The girls at the gym think they’re fake and Brad thought they were too big.”

That asshole, he would tell her something that stupid. “Brad’s not here, just you and me, and I love your breasts.” I leaned down and took one in my mouth suckling gently while running my tongue over and over the nipple. I wrapped my arms around her as she leaned back and shuddered and made small purring sounds until she squealed and pushed me away. Her tit sprung free from my mouth with a pop and a delightful jiggle.

“Day-um! Y’all gonna make me come doing that!”

“I’d like to try,” I grinned.

“Later, there’s something I want to do first. Something kind of… kind of… weird. Can you do weird?” she looked up at me with a hint of worry in her eyes.

“Weird works for me, it’s what I do best,” I said “and how could I turn down someone as beautiful as you?” I knelt down and slid her tiny shorts down over her round ripe ass and womanly hips. I then pulled her petite panties down exposing her trim bush and damp pussy. I planted a small kiss on her nether lips and she shuddered.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” she said as she put her hands on my cheeks and reluctantly urged me back to my feet before I could lick her pussy. “And shave sergeant! You’re going to tear up my thighs with that bristle.” With that and a giggle she stepped into the shower. Her voice changed from nervous lover, to authoritative NCO, to giggly teen so quick my head was spinning.

While she showered I shaved and applied some of Ken’s cologne. After Jenny finished she dried off and asked me to wait until she called for me then left the large master bath. I watched that perfectly dimpled ass of hers wiggle as she left the bathroom

“Ok!” she called, “y’all come out here, and please don’t laugh at me.” She sounded far off.

I walked out into the bedroom and found she wasn’t there. I went into the living room and she wasn’t there either. I found her in the den where she lit the gas fire in the fire place, put some soft jazz on the stereo, and placed a kitchen chair next to the fire. She covered the kitchen chair with a blanket and was sitting primly waiting for me, her firm breasts riding high and proud on her chest. The firelight made her skin glow and she blushed. “This is going to be so weird…”

“Tell me,” I said gently.

She stuttered a few times then took a deep breath for courage and sighed. “I want you to watch me. Don’t touch, just stand very close and watch.”

“That’s not weird,” I said.

“It’s not?” she said brightly, “even though I stare at your cock while I touch myself?”

“Not at all, it’s kind of cool.”

She cheered up, what had been a nervous smile turned into a relaxed beam. “I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said as I took my place next to her and whipped off my towel. She did a sudden double take when she saw my cock.

‘Oh damn,’ I thought, here it comes. I’m not huge, lengthwise, but my cock is fairly thick and I’ve been told often enough I’m too big. Women who say “size doesn’t matter” have obviously found a cock within their comfort zone. Believe me, for more than a few women there is such a thing as too big.

However Jenny just looked at me and smiled then leaned back in the chair. Staring directly at my cock she began running her fingers over her nipples, gently teasing them to even higher peaks of erectness. She licked her lips and cupped a breast with one hand and began pinching and twisting and tugging her nipple with the other. My eyes were riveted to her dainty fingers as she pulled her hard little nipple causing shudders to run through her body. She switched to the other breast and began manipulating that nipple too, all the while staring intently at my cock.

By now my cock, which had started to sag a bit when she mention that asshole Brad, was iron hard as I watched her play with her firm breasts. My hands were aching to join hers as she squeezed her luscious mounds but I kept my word and kept my hands to myself. In fact I spread my feet shoulder width and clasped my hands behind my back: parade rest. It’s not a restful way to stand but it kept me from breaking my word and reaching out to touch her fabulous body.

She rolled her firm little nipples between her thumb and forefinger gently, then traced around and around her nipples with her middle fingertip, all the while her large brown eyes were locked on my throbbing cock. My eyes followed her fingertips as they danced on her nipples, I could feel my own getting hard as she manipulated her breasts. The only time her eyes left my dick was when she lifted a full breast with her tiny hands and tried to suckle her own nipple. Her breasts are large enough but too firm for that, so she settled for extending her tongue and she licked first one nipple, then the other with the tip of her sexy tongue.

I had never seen anything so hot in my entire life.

Jenny returned to gently pinching, twisting, and pulling on her sensitive little nubbins and her breathing became more ragged. Her eyes were heavy lidded with passion but she never looked anywhere but at my throbbing erection.

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