Just the Beginning

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It was finally Friday and Daryl had butterflies in his stomach the whole afternoon at work. He could barely keep his voice steady when his wife called him from the airport to say she was about to board her plane. When he got home that evening he went straight to the garage, to the little beat up metal shelf at the back. His hands were shaking so much he dropped the tiny key twice before he got it in the hole. He reached in and pulled out the pale pink rectangular package, his heart was thudding in chest and he felt his face flush as the memory of his shopping expedition flooded back to him. All the other times he had played he used his wife things but this was the first week he was alone since he got the courage to indulge his fantasy. Today everything would be perfect and he had all the time in the world.

In the bedroom he placed the package on the bed and lifted the cover. Nestled in the pink crepe paper were the items he had chosen for this night: a pair of pink satin panties with a touch of white lace on the waist band and a sheer white teddy with pale pink frilled edges. His cock throbbed just looking at them. He stripped off his work clothes dropping them on the floor, never taking his eyes off the items on the bed. He lifted the pink panties, savoring the feel beneath his fingers, then he stepped into them and started pulling them up. He gasped at the feel of that soft satin against his skin. The material slid up his legs and he whimpered as it touched his balls and glided over his already poker oyna hard cock. He had to pause for a moment, close his eyes and catch his breath. Then he reached down and picked up the teddy and lifted it over his head. It dropped around his torso like a whisper, so soft and light.

Daryl walked towards the full length mirror; his breathing was hard as he watched himself. He ran his hands over his chest, down his stomach and over the hard bulge in the satin panties. He could tell he wasn’t going to last long but that was okay, he had the whole weekend. His hand stroked up and down over his satin clad cock. He sank to his knees, tipped his head back and sighed as he melted into the moment.


He snapped his head around and dropped his hand from his cock. Standing there in the doorway was his wife.

“Daryl, what are you doing?”

He tried to talk, to move, to hide himself, to do something but he just knelt there frozen and gaping. His head felt woolen and heavy at the same time. Janice stepped into the room, still looking at him with that puzzled yet calm expression.

“Daryl?” This time she said his name slower and there was a hint of steel in her voice that he never heard before. He tried standing up but his legs threatened to fail him so he resorted to just turning around on his knees to face her, his hands fluttering about as he tried to hide what was already in plain sight.

“I… uh… Jan, it’s…” His pathetic attempt at speech faded away as he canlı poker oyna watched the corners of her mouth curl up into a small smile. She walked to the bed and sat down on the edge, crossing her legs and smoothing her tan skirt over her thighs.

“You can stop Daryl. I know.” His face dropped.

“Well, I had some very strong suspicions which have clearly been confirmed.” She said with a sweeping gesture in his direction.

“Now…” She leaned forward so her face was closer to his and reached out to caress his cheek.

“The question is: where do we go from here?” Daryl opened his mouth to try and answer her but before he could get anything out she burst out laughing.

“No, no Daryl. You misunderstand. That was a rhetorical question.” She chuckled again and stood up.

“Now stay here while I go and get ready.” She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. When she came back out she had taken off her skirt and blouse and was left in a pair of black lace panties, matching bra and black heels. However, the item that caught Daryl’s attention was the large black strap-on she had put on. Her smile widened as she watched him gape.

“Impressive isn’t it? This is just the five inch attachment but I am sure we will work you up to the larger sizes in no time.” She walked over to him in slow measured steps, making sure he got a good look at what was in store for him.

“Stand up Daryl” He just stared up at her blankly.

“Now!” She barely raised her voice internet casino but he stood up this time. Jan held his gaze as she reached out and grabbed his cock, which despite everything was still rock hard. She gave it a hard squeeze.

“Glad to see someone is paying attention. Now get over to the dresser, bend over and place your hands flat on the top.” Daryl did as he was told. Jan followed him and stood behind him.

“Look up so you can see me in the mirror.” He looked up, watching her standing behind him in the mirror. He could only see her from the waist up but he could feel the strap-on brush against his ass as she moved. She reached around him and opened a drawer, and took out a small bottle of lube. She held her hand open and poured some onto her palm. Keeping her eyes locked on his in the mirror she began to stroke the lube onto her strap-on. With her other hand she pulled his satin panties to the side. His heart was loud in his chest and he could feel a damp spot begin to spread on his panties. Jan placed her hand on the small of his back and with the other she guided the strap-on to his waiting ass. At first she slid in just a quarter of an inch and then stopped. His knees buckled and he almost lost it. She reached around and squeezed his balls.

“Not just yet” She whispered. Then she pushed into him one inch at a time until her strap on was buried in his ass. She let go of his balls, grabbed his hips and began a slow steady rhythm. As his breath began to quicken and his body shudder, she bent over him, pressing her breasts against his back. She sped up her pace and with each thrust she whispered in his ear:

“This…” in.

“is…” out.

“just…” in.

“the…” out.


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