Kathy’s German Trip


My mum called around one evening and asked how I fancied a long weekend to Hamburg in Germany. She said we would be going on the Friday and returning on the following Tuesday. I asked who would be going, and she replied that my aunty Pam would be going as she always does, herself, and a friend of Pam’s called Clair.

I said, I would love to go if it was ok with Chas. I shouted him and asked if he minded me going off for a few days to Germany with mum, Pam, and a friend.

“No, you go,” he said, “But only if you promise to have a few good stories to tell me when you come back,” he said and grinned.

“No doubt she will,” my mum said and laughed.

I promised I would have some very good ones or bad ones as the case may be, to tell him. “What about this Clair though,” I asked mum.

“Oh, she’s ok, she’s about Pams age (55), and we’ve told her all about you and our last holiday together, And showed her some photos of it,” (read Family Holiday) mum said.

“Ha, so she probably thinks I’m a right slut then,” I replied.

“Well you are my dear,” mum answered.

“I suppose I am,” I replied. We all laughed.

The trip was arranged, and on the day Chas took us all to the airport. As we went to the departure lounge, Chas said cheerio to us all, and as he kissed me goodbye, said to have a good time and some good dirty, sexy stories to tell him when I got back. I promised I would have lots to tell him with the amount of fucking I hoped to get to do while I was away. “Good,” he said.

The plane took off on time, and when it had reached the cruising height we settled down and had a drink. I had a look around the plane and noticed two young good looking guys a few rows back and the other side of the isle looking at me and talking to each other. I smiled at them, and pulled my short dress up a bit more showing even more of my thigh. They smiled and winked at me. My mum saw what I was up to and said “Can’t wait to get laid hey.” I just smiled and got up.

As I walked passed the two guys, I brushed my thigh against the nearest mans hand, nodded towards the toilet and whispered to them that I had no underwear on under the dress, and then continued on my way. They got up and followed. I went in first, then they followed shortly afterwards. It was cramped in their but who cared. Their hands were all over me as soon as the door was closed, and my dress was soon lying in a heap on the floor leaving me naked for them to do they wanted to.

Fingers were soon probing my cunt, and pinching my nipples. I had to bite my lip to stop me crying out loud. They did not waste too much time before fucking me as I was pushed against the wash basin, my legs spread, and a hard cock pushed into by wet cunt. He fucked me hard and fast, Cumming deep up my cunt. The other then roughly turned me over, spit on my ass hole, and then gave it a good hard fucking while his mate mauled my hanging tits.

After they had both finished, I got down on my knees and sucked them both clean of any surplus cum. I wiped myself, and then we all made our way back to our seats. I smiled and winked at one of the air stewardesses as I walked past her. I also got some disgusted looks from a few women who were sat at the back by the toilet.

I told my travelling companions all about it when I got back to my seat. They enjoyed hearing about my first two fucks of the break.

“Um, I hope I get to see the next one,” Clair said.

“Oh, I’m sure you will see plenty of her getting shagged,” Pam said.

We arrived at the destination late afternoon, and got a taxi to our hotel. That evening was spent unpacking then finding somewhere to eat, a quick look around, then an early night.

Next day, we spent the day sightseeing and shopping, then after an evening meal we all went out on the town, during which after going to a few bars and clubs we ended up in the red light district. All around were sex shops and strip clubs, as well as lots of prostitutes vying for trade. Down one Side Street we saw a neon sign advertising live sex shows.

“Let’s go in there,” my aunty said.

We went down to the club, and paid our entrance few, getting a few funny looks from the girl behind the counter. We went into a dimly lit room. Inside there were about a dozen or more men and several women companions, and a lit up stage in front of them with a naked young girl getting fucked by a muscular young man.

After about five minutes of me watching, I was getting horny and I began to slide my hand up my dress on to my cunt where I began to rub it. I moaned. A man in his fifties next to me saw me with my dress hitched up around the top of my thighs rubbing my cunt and moved closer. He put his hand on my leg and slowly moved it up to my thigh. On seeing that I did not reject, he moved it on up then as I removed my hand his took over massaging my cunt. I moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips, his other hand went to my tit and began to squeeze it, then around to the back of my dress and up to the zip where he then proceeded to unzip it, pulling it slowly all the way down.

I görükle escort stepped back slightly and it fell off my shoulders and down around my ankles. I now had on only my tiny black thong and my high heels. His hand went back to my now naked breasts, massage and pinching them. His other hand was down the front of my thong fingering my cunt. My mum, Pam, and Clair, along with most of the crowd there were now watching me.

The man began to pull my thong down, slowly exposing my ass and smooth shaven cunt to all around, and then my thong dropped to the floor where I kicked it and my dress away into the crowd. I was now completely naked amongst them all in this public club. He spun me around so I was facing the audience, my ass pressed into his groin and his hands mauling my, exploring my nakedness, probing my most intimate parts. “Umm, nice big shaven cunt, you’ve got, bet that’s been made use of by a lot of cocks,” he said.

My mum shouted that it had, by hell of a lot. I was moaning and groaning loudly as I ground my cunt onto his fingers.

“You want me to fuck you, slut,” the man said.

“YES, YES, FUCK ME,” I cried out as I cum.

“Yes, I’ll fuck you, then all the rest can fuck the shit out of you while your friends watch, you English slut,” he said to me. There was a cheer from the crowd at this, as I was pushed down onto the stage on my back and my legs roughly pulled apart opening me wide, my wet cunt glistening in the lights.

“Play with yourself, while I get ready, whore,” he said as he unzipped his trousers. I began to frig myself and play with my tits until he got between my legs and plunged his rock hard cock deep up my wet, aching cunt. “Oh god, AHH, AHHH, AGGG, UHHHH, UHHH, I gasped as he fucked me hard.

“LIKE THAT, CUNT,” he growled at me.

“UMMM, YES, I LOVE IT,” I moaned back.

He came in me and all over my stomach, and then got up. “WHO’S NEXT TO FUCK THE SLUT THEN,” he shouted out.


Another man came forward. “I’ll fuck your slag,” he said as he got his cock out.

“Good, get in there then, fuck my whore of a daughter,” mum told him. He rammed in, soon filling me once again with his lovely cock, then soon after with warm sticky cum.

Now everybody wanted a piece of me as another cock was pushed into my face. “Here, suck on this whore,” somebody shouted. I opened my mouth and another hard cock filled my mouth and began to fuck it like it was another cunt. “UHHH, that’s good, you suck cock well,” he said.

I heard my aunty Pam shout, “The slut should, she gets a lot of practice cock sucking.”

Soon I felt another load of cum spray over my face and another cock was soon fed into my mouth to take its place. I watched the two men who had just fucked me wipe their cocks in my dress and throw it back onto the floor. Just then the guy fucking my face groaned and exploded filling my mouth to overflowing with warm, thick cum. It dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and down my cheeks. I swallowed as much as I could, and then sucked his cock and balls clean from any surplus cum while I was having my cunt filled for the third time.

Next, I was roughly turned over on to my front and pulled up into the doggy position and my legs pulled apart. “Yea, look at the crowd as I fuck your ass hole,” he said yanking my head back by my hair, so I was looking straight into the faces of all the people watching. I felt a cock slide into my cunt then back out and into my ass hole. I cried out as it was forced in to the hilt. “Yea, scream you cunt, look at all those people looking at your naked whoring body as I fuck this tight ass of yours,” he said as he yanked my head back by my hair again.


“You heard the slut, fuck her ass hard, all of you, fuck all her holes, make the cum slut scream,” I heard Clair shout.

Everybody was looking at me as I faced them, my mouth open, animal grunts, and coarse language coming out of it, and cum running down my face. My tits were swinging back and forth, when he wasn’t hanging on to them, as he stretched my tight ass hole ready for the rest of them.

They did, as one after another, and sometimes several and once they fucked me, used me as their cum bucket.


Several more men had also come into the club, and had joined in the fun. They pulled and mauled my tits, pinched and twisted my nipples, slapped and spanked my ass and tits, and filled all my holes with their cum, wanked over me, until they were all spent and I was left lying their naked, covered from head to toe in drying cum, dribbling out of my ass and sloppy cunt, and my belly full of it.

As bursa sınırsız escort they all began to leave, and my mum, Pam, and Clair came over and helped me up. “Another good performance from you,” my mum said.

“Hell is it always like this,” Clair said.

“With Kathy it is,” mum replied.

“Well, all I can say, is I loved watching her getting the ass fucked off her, all them men using her,” Clair said.

I picked up my dress. “Look at this,” I shouted. It was covered in dried cum stains and was ripped up one side almost to the top. I took it into the men’s toilet and managed to clean most of the stains off.

As I was in there a few of the men came in for a piss. They started telling me what a fucking whore I was, and how they had enjoyed fucking me and seeing me gang fucked. They then took hold of me, pushed me on the floor, and dragged me into one of the dirty cubicles that had piss all over the floor. With that they all unzipped their trousers and pissed all over me, laughing as they did so.

“Fucking filthy slut,” they said as they kicked me on the ass and left joking with each other, leaving me lying there in a pool of piss.

I got up and went and washed myself down of most of the mess on me, then put my dress on. I hadn’t been able to find my thong; probably one of the men had taken it for a souvenir. I could still zip it up at the back, but it fell open down the side almost to the top showing a lot of flesh and that I had no underwear on. As I walked it swayed open showing glimpses of my tit, ass cheek, and cunt.

As I left the toilet, Clair said I had been a long time. I told them what had happened in there. All they did was laugh, and say what a piss slut I was. I laughed as well and said that anyway it had washed a lot of the cum off.

We left the club, the manager saying I could have a job there anytime I wanted. I told him we might come back in a couple of months for a fortnight next time and I would do it to make some cash and have a bit of fun.

As we entered the street a man came up and said he had enjoyed me and the show, and if we were all interested he was having a party at his house and would like us to come as his guests. He said it would be a fun party, just up my street he thought. I said I wasn’t sure, but my mum and clan said yes, go on, let’s go, it sounds fun.

“Ok then, where and what time,” I said.

“Around seven thirty,” he replied.

He introduced himself as Michael, and told us he was a film producer. “What sort of films do you produce,” I asked.

“The best, adult films,” he replied.

“I should have guessed it was porn films,” I answered him.

We all laughed. He gave us directions on how to get to his house, and went on his way.

We made our way back to our hotel, my dress flashing all I had with every step, and me getting propositioned for sex a fair bit on the way. I did succumb to once to a good looking guy and let him fuck me in a shop doorway as my companions watched and encouraged him. Ha-Ha. Most people passing just had a brief look, while some stopped to watch this near naked tart getting a good shafting.

The next day was spent doing more sight seeing, until we went back to the hotel to get ready for the party. I showered and dressed sexy in a long figure hugging black dress, split one side up to the hip. Underneath, I was only wearing a very tiny black G-String. Open toed black high heeled shoes finished it off. I painted my finger and toenails bright red, darkish eye makeup, and ruby red lipstick. I reckoned I looked good.

We had arranged a taxi at the hotel desk to pick us up at seven o-clock. As we were waiting in the reception I noticed a couple of thy young hotel porters looking me up and down and making comments to each other. I smiled at them and made a mental note that I would have to fuck them before I left. With that on my mind, the taxi arrived and we set off for the party.

After about half an hours drive we arrived at a large house just out of the city set in several acres of ground. There were about thirty or more cars parked outside.

“Bloody hell, porn must pay well,” Pam said.

We all agreed.

The taxi dropped us off and we went up to the front door which was open and walked inside. The inside was more lavish then the outside. People of all ages, dressed in posh evening wear were milling around. Most of them in their early forties to mid sixties, but with some younger and a few older than that. All looked as if they had money looking at the fine clothes and the jewel the ladies were wearing.

Michael saw us come in and was making his way over.

“Hello ladies,” he said.

Then he put his arm around me and said “Hello Kathy,” as he kissed me full on the lips, and slid his hand through the split in my dress and caressing my thigh and bare ass cheeks.

“UMMM, I think I’m going to enjoy this party,” I said.

“I think we all are,” he replied with a wink and a smile.

For the next couple of hours we moved around the house drinking bursa otele gelen escort and chatting with guests, until we meet up with Michael again.

“Hi, enjoying yourselves are you,” he asked.

“Yes thanks,” we all replied.

“Come and have a dance with me Kathy,” he asked and took my hand and pulled me on to the dance floor.

There was a dance track playing so we had a lively dance to it. Next on was a lot slower record. He pulled me to him and held me close to his body. I held on to him tightly as we shuffled around the floor, his groin pressing tight into mine. He kissed me on the neck sending shivers through my body, then on the lips, his tongue probing into my mouth.

I responded by rubbing my pussy harder against his leg. His hand slid in through the split in my dress again, over my thigh and began to squeeze my ass cheeks. The split gaped open as he done this, showing most of my legs and ass to everybody, but I did not care. He moved his hand around the front and over my pubic area; I parted my legs slightly allowing him to slide his hand between my thighs. He began to massage my cunt through the thin material of my g-string, then pulled it aside and inserted a finger into my moist hole. I gasped as he did so.

“You’re dieing to be fucked, aren’t you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh god yes, I am,” I gasped back.

The people around us were now watching the show. He reached up with his other hand and began to pull down the zip on the back of my dress. I made no attempt to stop him. As it reached the bottom he pulled it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I was now only in my g-string and high heels.

His other hand was still probing my cunt, his mouth was now on my tits, sucking and biting my nipples. My head was leaning back as I moaned aloud as I cum. He removed his fingers from my hole and with the other hand pulled the thin strips of material either side of my g-string which finally broke under the strain. He pulled the small piece of rag away and threw it into the crowd. I was now standing in the middle of the dance area stark naked in front of all the other guests. My tits, my ass, and my smooth shaven cunt on show to them all.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you slut,” he growled to me, as he began to wank me again.

“Yes, yes, fuck me pleaseee,” I wailed back at him.

“You want me to fuck your worthless body in front of all these people, hey slut,” he shouted at me.

“Yes, now, fuck me here, now,” I managed to say between gasps.

He pushed me down on to my knees. “Get my cock out and put it between those red lips of yours, cock sucker,” he commanded.

I got his cock out and took it in my mouth, sucking and licking hungrily until he roughly pushed me onto the floor.

“Get on your hands and knees facing my guests,” he commanded me.

Once I was in position he rammed his large hard cock to the hilt into my waiting cunt. “OH Yes, Fuck me hard, make me cum,” I moaned.

He fucked me furiously, my tits swinging wildly as he pounded into me, until with a grunt he shot a large load of cum deep into my wanting cunt. He pulled out, yanked my head to the side and ordered me to suck him clean. I licked him clean of all his remaining cum.

“Right ladies and gentlemen, the fucking whores yours to do with as you want now,” he shouted to the crowd.

With a roar of approval, I was enveloped in a mass of people pawing and probing my body. Within minuets, two other cocks were pounding away at my cunt and mouth. I was gagging as his full length disappeared down my throat, his balls banging against my chin, but I soon became accustomed to it and enjoying the taste of his cock. They did not last long before shooting their load, only to be replaced immediately by two more.

Another man had positioned himself under me. The one fucking my cunt pulled out and pushed me down onto the others cock which slid easily up my cunt, then roughly forced his back into my asshole.

“OH GOD YES, I love both my holes being fucked at once,” I shouted to the two men and the crowd. “Fuck the slag,” somebody shouted.

“Yes, fuck the filthy whore,” another added. This only got me dirtier.

“III’MMM CUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG,” I shouted out, as a wave of pleasure came over me. Not that was to be the last time that night by a long way.

More and more cocks were fed into me, my naked body being ravaged more and more. two, three, four, and even five cocks at a time being rammed into me, reaming me out, using all my holes and body as their cum bucket. Filling my belly with their cum, shooting it all over my body, in my hair, over my face and tits. Rubbing their sweaty, cummy cocks and balls over my face and wiping them in my hair. I sucked them clean, licking their cocks, sucking their balls, and licking along the cracks of their ass, probing their ass holes with my tongue.

I was dragged or made to crawl around the house and ask to be used, ask to be fucked or molested or to do whatever they wanted to do to this cumslut. As I crawled around, peopled slapped or kicked my ass as I did. “Get a fucking move on, cunt, plenty more wanting to fuck that big cunt or ass of yours yet,” I was told. One of the female servants had been told to shove her hand up my cunt and was scooping large amounts of cum out and spreading it over my tits and face. Then made me lick her fingers clean.

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