Kim’s First Day At The Office

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Kim’s First Day At The Office

( Part 2 of Her Brother-In-Law’s Revenge)

By rutger5 (An original story – copyright 2011)

Kim’s hand shut off the water but she continued to stand there for a moment in the shower as the water dripped from her body. Finally she opened the door to the stall and lifted the fluffy towel which hung from the nearby rack. Toweling herself off first she then stepped out, putting her dainty foot on the mat placed on the floor. Kim crossed over to the sink where she completed her morning routine by brushing her teeth and rinsing with mouthwash which totally removed the lingering bitter taste of Manuel’s cum.

Discarding the towel in the hamper she paused before exiting the bathroom to look in the full length mirror. Kim critically and dispassionately studied herself from head to toe starting at her lustrous black hair, now held in a ponytail, and working her way down. Though she was hung over it didn’t show in her pretty features. Her blue eyes sparkled beneath her long, thick lashes and her skin appeared smooth and flawless.

Her lips were red and full and her upturned nose was cute as a button. Panning down she inspected her firm bosom. Kim’s breasts stood high on her chest and were topped by small red nipples which rose from her areolas which were larger than silver dollars and took up the whole cone like tops. As Kim continued down she surveyed her stomach which while not perfectly flat was only slightly rounded as is natural. Kim continued to her tiny black landing strip of curly pubic hair which led to her pretty little pussy and then down her firm toned legs. Finally she observed her tiny, perfectly formed feet with the toenails painted crimson.

She turned her body sideways allowing her to take in the sight of her rounded buttocks. Kim smiled then as she knew that of all her physical attributes men loved her juicy ass the best. She smacked it flush and it barely moved it was so firm. Finished with her inspection she opened the door and naked as the day she was born headed back to her room. Her bare feet didn’t make a sound as they padded along the carpeted corridor.

When she arrived her bedroom was still a hive of activity as Frank directed Manuel in packing the large containers with her clothing. He smiled as he beheld his naked sister-in-law walking into the room. Kim was confused because they had made a deal so that she could stay yet her stuff was still being removed.

“Frank what’s going on?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Oh don’t worry about that Kim, just going to put some of your clothes away in storage. From now on I will decide what you wear for the most part so I’m having all the stuff I don’t care for put away. I’m leaving you a few respectable outfits to wear when you’re around my family but for the most part the more sluttish and revealing the better. I’ve selected your outfit for today so get dressed.”

He indicated a very short black halter dress and a pair of white g-string panties sitting on a corner of the bed. When Kim looked in the drawer that had held her brassieres she found that it was empty. She turned to Frank with a questioning look.

“I don’t think that it’s necessary for you to wear a bra Kim. Your tits aren’t so big that they’ll sag without one so unless I give you permission you’re not to wear one.”

Not saying a word she slipped the g-string on but before she could continue dressing Frank indicated for Kim to do a spin for him so he could check her out. When she did Frank let out a low whistle when her back was to him as his eyes devoured her big round ass.

“Damn Kim that is some fine booty you have but I can’t help but notice that you have a bad case of rug burn on your back.”

She grimaced when he said that as she knew it had happened last night when he fucked her on the floor. After he was done ogling her Kim was allowed to put on the dress. When she looked at her shoes to find a pair that matched her outfit he helpfully selected a pair of high white stiletto heels. Once the shoes were on they certainly made her luscious legs appear even longer and sexier.

“There’s no need for makeup or jewelry Kim. You look better going natural” he told her.

She chafed at that restriction but knew better than to argue with him so she just put her head down and stood waiting. Frank then gave Manuel his final instructions on what to do with her possessions before turning and leaving with Kim following behind. They exited the house via the side door and headed to the detached garage that was located behind the house.

He walked purposefully to the garage with Kim right behind him. They entered the side door and Frank used his remote to unlock his black Escalade. He first opened the back door and gestured for her to get in there after which he climbed in the driver’s seat. A button on the visor opened the garage door and the vehicle drove out.

In a half hour they were pulling into a parking space at the local mall. Their first destination inside was a jewelry/piercing store. He strode up to the girl at the front counter and began speaking to her. After a minute the girl looked at Kim then back at Frank before saying something. He removed his wallet and peeled off some bills placing them on the counter before returning to Kim.

“Its all arranged and paid for Kim. They should be ready for you in a few minutes. I’ll be back in a little bit but I have another stop to make first.”

“What’s going on?” she asked apprehensively.

“Since you’re now my personal slut I thought that you should be pierced in all the right places” he answered with a chuckle “now be a good girl and I’ll be right back.”

He smacked her ass before he turned and walked out of the store. Kim silently sat in a chair in the waiting area and not for the first time she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Maybe she would be better off if she just let him throw her out of the house, at least she would be free. But for Kim’s whole life, as the baby of the family, she’d never done for herself instead letting others do the hard work and the thought of struggling with no job or skills and no place to live scared her greatly. So Kim sat there unhappily until the receptionist called her.

“Miss, we’re ready for you now.”

Kim rose and first signed a release form after which she followed the girl to a curtained off alcove where she was handed a paper gown and told to change before the girl departed. Since she wasn’t wearing much it didn’t take long for Kim to get ready. She sat on the chair and waited a few minutes at which time a serious looking woman came in the room with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Good morning, my name is Tanya and I’ll be handling your piercings today. Wow you’re getting a lot in one session aren’t you?” she said while smiling at Kim.

“I guess so” she replied, saying no more afterwards and instead she just looked at the floor.

A short while later Frank returned to the store carrying a couple of shopping bags. Since Kim was still in the back he sat in a chair to wait. The old Frank would have probably talked with the receptionist but he was trying to be good, at least to all excluding Kim. When she emerged from behind the curtain and headed his way he stood and waited with a smile on his face.

“All done?” he asked simply to which she just nodded. “Okay then lets go, I have to get to work.”

They exited the store and soon were in the parking lot. Once they reached the vehicle Frank unlocked it and again opened the back door for her. When Kim tried to get in however Frank prevented that by throwing out a burly arm to block her.

“Wait let me see my money’s worth first” he told her.

While standing there Kim raised the skirt of her dress and because it was so short there wasn’t a long distance to travel. Once it was above her g-string Frank reached down and moved it to the side revealing her newly pierced pussy. There was now a golden hoop in her left lip right below her clit. He flicked it with a finger before moving his hand away.

“The others now” he stated simply.

Kim released the hem of the skirt then reached up and took hold of the top of her dress. She pulled the two top sections off to the sides showing her perky and pierced nipples. He nodded her way at which time she covered herself but before she finished a young man passing nearby craned his neck as he had caught a glimpse of her ta-tas. Frank had her turn and he pulled up her skirt so the watcher could see her tight ass.

“Not bad, right buddy” Frank called out in a jovial manner.

“You got that right” the man replied while smiling ear to ear as he passed.

Frank pinched her ass then let her dress down and allowed Kim to climb into the back seat. He reached into one of the shopping bags he was carrying in his left hand and removed a white leather bondage belt which he handed to her.

“Put it on over your dress Kim. Since its white it goes with everything just about.”

She reluctantly buckled on the belt not cinching it too tightly. By the time she was done he held two leather wristbands with steel o-rings attached which he tossed to her. As she put them on Frank climbed in besides her carrying the bags. After he sat he removed a pink spiked dog collar which he personally fastened around her slender neck.

“Now you see why I really didn’t want you wearing jewelry earlier. Since I already had plans to buy you some special presents plus I also wanted you to get pierced. But don’t thank me yet Kim, because there’s more presents to come.”

After saying that he pulled a thin chain from the other bag. In actuality it was really two chains joined with the end of one chain attached to the middle of other chain by a steel o-ring so there were three ends, each with a clip. Frank reached up and undid the fastening behind her neck and pulled the top of the dress down freeing her now pierced breasts. He attached a clip to each ring then slipped the remaining end of chain down underneath her dress. Lifting the skirt he found the last clip which he connected to her pussy piercing.

“Very nice” he said admiring his handiwork “I wonder what else we have in here.”

Frank next produced something that looked like a plastic egg as well as a tiny remote control. His finger began to rub her partially exposed pussy lips, running up and down her crack. Once she started to moisten a second finger joined the first and soon one of the fingertips probed her hole.

“That’s it Kim get your cunt nice and wet for me. It will make it a lot easier to fit this in. You can help though by sucking on it. Open.”

He slipped the egg into her mouth and watched as she swirled it around with her tongue. Meanwhile his hand hadn’t stopped but in fact he had now squeezed both his thick fingers into her tight channel. He could hear the sloshing sound they made as they frigged her deeply.

“Spit it out, I think its ready.”

Frank put his hand by her mouth at which time Kim pushed it past her lips where he then took it. His hands switched places now with him feeding her the fingers that had just been inside her. As Kim sucked off her own nectar she realized how tasty she was and now understood why guys eating her were reluctant to stop. For his part Frank pushed the egg between her lips and slowly inserted it inside her depths. Once her lips partially closed around it he flicked the button on the remote to its lowest setting. Instantly the egg started to vibrate inside Kim making her gasp.

“You like that I bet?” he asked as her lower body writhed from the sensations.

Kim nodded in reply as she squirmed in the leather seat and when Frank unfastened his trousers and pushed them to his knees she reached out and took his semi-erect cock in her hand. Her fingers wrapped around it and started to jerk it slowly. As her hand slid up and down it lengthened and thickened until it reached its full size.

“Suck it Kim, take my hard cock in your mouth and work it.”

Seemingly in a trance she positioned herself in a kneeling position on the seat next to Frank while continuing to stroke him. Once her head was poised above him she paused a moment and stared at his erection. At that moment a clear drop of fluid oozed from his hole and slid down his head. Before it could get any further her tongue snaked down and licked it up. She looked up at him and licked her full lips before bobbing her head down and engulfing his swollen head in her warm mouth.

Frank groaned as her tongue swirled around his head while her lips managed to close tightly around him creating a suction effect. After a minute she slid her mouth further down his shaft while her hand worked the portion not in her mouth. He began to thrust upwards trying to fit more in her mouth when Kim attempted to pull her head up a little. His reaction was swift to her trying to gain control of the situation. First he delivered a sharp smack to her raised posterior after which his other hand pushed down forcefully on her head making her swallow more.

He reached the back of her mouth at which time he started to pump with mini thrusts forcing the wide head into her throat. After a number of thrusts Kim coughed as she gagged on his stiff prick. He allowed her to pull off him this time and as she did a copious amount of saliva escaped her mouth and rolled down his shaft.

“Put your head on my leg” Frank ordered her.

Once she complied he pulled her arms one at a time behind her back so that her head rested on his thigh and her ass stuck up in the air. Next he took a two headed clip with which he fastened her two wristbands together so that she was bound with her arms and hands trapped behind her back.

“Now that you’re properly restrained you can suck me again slut.”

Kim raised her torso up high enough at which point Frank wrapped his hand around her ponytail with one hand while the other guided his swollen erection toward her mouth. She gaziantep lezbiyen opened wide and he pushed it between her lips. Kim did her best to build up a rhythm, sliding her lips along his skin as she moved her head to the best of her ability.

While staying in her mouth he managed to reposition himself so that he now faced her with one knee on the seat while his other foot found the floor of the vehicle. Frank now increased the speed of his thrusting while being careful not to go too deep. Instead he just worked the head and a couple of inches in and out at a rapid clip. While he continued holding her hair the other hand took a hold of her arm and helped to support her in that way.

Her lips and tongue were now having the desired effect as he felt himself getting close to orgasm. Changing nothing he continued to thrust until he felt the cum start to flow up his shaft. At that time Frank pushed it deeper in her mouth as he exploded. Kim felt like she might drown from the volume of his discharge as shot after shot erupted in her mouth. Gamely she swallowed it down as fast as she could until it first slowed then stopped.

“Fuck yeah! You sure know how to suck cock Kim, that is for sure” he said as he removed his slowly shrinking organ from her talented mouth.

Her only response was to tilt her head up at him and to again run her tongue over her luscious red lips. He lowered her arms down so that she rested her head on the plush seat then he scrambled to pull his pants up. Once he had fastened them he managed to move to the front seat. Looking back he saw Kim as he left her with her head down on the seat and her ass sticking up with the string of her g-string separating her buttock cheeks. He adjusted the remote to the next highest setting, increasing the vibrations in Kim’s pussy before turning the key in the ignition.

As he drove he opened the back passenger side window so that people on the outside were able to observe Kim’s booty in all its glory as it passed by. The flow of the air as they traveled also stimulated the heightened nerves of her vagina. On more than one occasion strangers called out comments as they passed them on the street. Luckily for Frank he didn’t cross the path of any police cruisers where he might have had some difficulty in explaining their actions.

He reached his business and pulled into the lot, then parked in his private space. Once he got out he opened the door for Kim and assisted her in clambering out. As she stood her dress skirt fell down covering her nether region and he clumsily retied the halter top effectively making her appear decent. One thing he didn’t do was to unhook her hands but instead he left them restrained. Before they went further he turned off the vibrating egg and slipped the remote in his pocket leaving the egg inside her frustrated vagina. As they headed toward the building a one hundred pound plus black and tan bundle of fur and muscle bounded up to them.

“Good boy Zeus” Frank said as he bent down to greet the rottweiler.

The dog rubbed up against him affectionately and Frank slipped a treat from his pocket and fed it to the dog who gratefully accepted it and swallowed it down. During this Kim shrank away from the beast, a glint of fear in her eyes. Though Zeus was very well behaved she was generally afraid of dogs stemming from a childhood incident and the huge guard dog intimidated her greatly.

“See you later boy, I have to get to work. Don’t worry I’ll see you later” Frank said standing upright.

Before they could continue on their way the dog left Frank and started to sniff and nuzzle a terrified Kim. His tail began to wag frantically as he picked up her scent and he pushed his wet snout under the bottom of the dress. His long wet tongue started to lick her juices that had seeped out of her and run down her leg.

“Frank!” she said, the fear clearly evident in her voice.

“Don’t worry about it Kim, he just smells a bitch in heat” he answered before chuckling at his own joke.
“I’m sure he don’t mean you no harm. No doubt he just wants to be friends with your pussy.”

“Pleeease stop him!” she said becoming more frantic by the second especially as she was helplessly restrained.

Frank allowed the dog another few seconds of fun before he grabbed Zeus by the collar and pulled him away. He pulled another treat from his pocket and tossed it in the opposite direction. Once he let the dog loose it ran to retrieve it.

Taking her by the arm he led her into the shadow of the building. The ground floor was basically a large bay
with a steel overhead gate where trucks could enter and park. By the corner of the building was a glass storefront door with the words Giovanazzo Carting Co. Office 2nd Floor stenciled on it. He held the door for Kim and she entered. She found herself at the bottom of a steep staircase which they proceeded to climb. Again Frank held the door for her as she stepped inside with him following behind. The space they entered was much cooler than it had been outside, in fact Kim shivered and felt goosebumps raise on her naked flesh.

They were now in an open office bullpen area with around ten cubicles. Taking Kim’s arm he guided her towards the far corner of the room. As they passed through Frank exchanged greetings with the women whose work stations they passed. Kim did her best to keep her head held high as more than one of them did a double take as they saw the accessories she was wearing as well as that her hands were secured together. Right outside his office was a desk standing alone where an attractive, young buxom blond sat. She was busily engaged in working on her well manicured and painted nails.

“Good morning Mr. Giovanazzo, although not for too much longer.”

“Yeah I got held up this morning Milena. Let me ask, is Ms. Lewis around?”

“Yeah she’s around somewhere. She said she had a meeting with you this morning, something about a contract.”

“Very good, when you locate her just send her to the old storeroom. By the way did you get my message and set everything up.”

“Yes I did sir.”

“You’re the best Milena, by the way I believe you’ve seen my sister-in-law Kim before even if you haven’t been formally introduced. The new office is for her as she’s coming to work for me, so say hello.”

“Hey, my name is Milena as no doubt you heard. I’d shake your hand but I see you’re all tied up right now.”

Kim delivered an icy glare to the woman but Frank laughed delightedly at her comments.

“That’s a good one Milena, you crack me up.”

After saying that he took Kim by the arm again and led her. They passed his office and instead went in a small interior room a short distance away. The room had a metal desk with a computer monitor on it as well as two chairs. One was a roller and sat behind the desk while the one in front was battered and rested on four legs. The carpet was worn and stained and there were many scuff marks on the walls which obviously hadn’t been painted in a long time. If anything this room felt even colder to Kim who wished she was wearing something that covered her more. She felt her nipples harden against her will from the chilled air.

“Well here it is Kim, your new office. So how do you like it?”

“Its fine I’m sure. Frank is it always so cold here?” she asked him.

He blatantly ignored her question but instead talked about the office.

“We still need to get you a phone and your computer isn’t wired into the network yet but that will be done as soon as we get our cable jockey in here. I know it seems a little cheerless but you have to start at the bottom, right?”

Just at that moment there was a knock on the open door after which a woman entered the room. Kim turned and observed a tall African-American woman wearing a black pinstriped business suit with a white button down shirt walking in holding a file in her left hand. Her hair appeared to be fairly short and it was pulled back tightly and secured by the back of her neck. Though not fat by any means she was thick bodied, especially in her thighs and buttocks. She appeared to not be wearing any makeup and her fingernails were short and clear.

“Mr. Giovanazzo good to see you again” the woman said with a tight smile as she reached her hand out.

“Ms. Lewis, glad you could help me on such short notice” Frank replied as they shook hands.

“No problem, always glad to be of help as you know. It was a strange request at such an odd hour of the night but you’ll be pleased with the finished project I’m sure.”

“That’s it there?” he asked indicating the folder.

“Yes it is and am I to guess that this is the party concerned?” she said as her deep brown eyes ran up and down the length of Kim.

“You’re correct, this is my sister-in-law Kim.”

“Really, how interesting. You must have some unusual conversations at your family gatherings.”

He guffawed in reply to her comments. The woman placed the folder on the top of the desk before opening it and then removing some documents. She placed four different stacks of documents across the desktop.

“The top two are copies of the employment and rent contract while the bottom two are the “special” terms and conditions. They’re marked where they need your signatures.”

“Excellent” Frank said lifting one of the contracts and quickly scanning it.

It must have been to his satisfaction as he perused it and nodded before putting it down and picking up one of the other papers. He spent a little more time on this one and more than once he chuckled over some provision he read. Finally with a smile he put it down on the desk then picked up a pen from the desk.

“I must say Ms. Lewis that you were quite creative in how you spelled out the terms of the agreement.”

“Yes somehow it comes out sounding more high minded when written in Latin no matter how filthy or disgusting an act it describes.”

Frank had already begun to sign the form and he was finished in less than five minutes. He held out the pen to Kim though she was unable to take it, restrained as she was. He unclipped her right hand and gave her the pen.

“Go ahead and sign Kim.”

“Wait, what am I signing?” she asked picking up a paper and looking at it.

“Just sign it” he told her brusquely.

“Now Mr. Giovanazzo if she has some questions I’ll be glad to answer them for her. The document in your hand is a contract for you to be employed for one year at Giovanazzo Carting Co. and your starting salary. There is also a provision detailing that you agree to pay a fair rent for your current living quarters. The other document describes in vivid detail what you must do if called upon by your boss, Mr. Giovanazzo. I’ll leave it to him to spell those out” she concluded with a smirk on her face.

“Come on Kim, nothing has changed. Either you agree to what we’ve already talked about and sign or we’re back to square one and you move out. Today.”

Reluctantly she leaned down and signed each form by the X right under Frank’s signature. When she finished she dropped the pen on the desk and straightened up. Frank took a copy of the contract and both copies of the terms and slipped them in the folder. He again brought her arms behind her back and fastened them together with a click. After doing that his hand felt, then pinched her perfect posterior.

“Well if you don’t have anything more for me I guess I’ll be heading out and with some luck back to bed. I got up at an ungodly hour so that this would be finished on time.”

“Sorry about that and I appreciate your work. Got something or rather someone waiting?”

“Not by now I don’t. She must be long gone by now.”

“Tell you what Ms. Lewis, if you’re interested I’m sure Kim here could tickle your fancy if you like.”

“I’m sure she could, among other parts. I have nothing else planned so I don’t see why not. Thank you Mr. Giovanazzo, but is she properly trained?”

“I’m not sure but I don’t doubt that you can whip her into shape” he told her with a leer.

Kim listened with growing alarm to their conversation. Already she had been coerced into having sex with her brother-in-law as well as his employee Manuel. He’d exposed her in the parking lot of the mall and as they drove to work and now he wanted her to service a woman and worst of all for Kim was that she was a black woman. Frank knew that she wasn’t the most racially tolerant person and he’d already pushed her buttons with Manuel. Now he was ratcheting it up another notch with this latest demand.

“Please Frank; don’t make me do this with her. I’ll do anything else you ask” she pleaded.

“Please Frank” he mocked her in reply. “You still haven’t learned but I have to admit it is fun teaching you Kim. Have fun Ms. Lewis and just tell me if she doesn’t give it her best effort.”

After saying that he turned and left the room shutting the door behind him leaving Kim with Ms. Lewis. The statuesque woman circled her prey and observed her from all angles. Without warning she smacked Kim sharply across her ass.

“I must say you have an incredible ass for a white girl” she told Kim.

Ms. Lewis stepped behind her and nuzzled Kim’s neck with her thick lips. Kim’s natural reaction was to shrink away as much as she could from the taller woman’s attention. Ms. Lewis laughed in her ear as her hands found Kim’s covered breasts and squeezed them hard, almost painfully. She pulled the material to the side freeing them and then her fingers took hold of the nipple rings.

“Please be careful, they were just done today and they’re very tender.”

“Oh really!” Ms. Lewis said as she gently pulled on the rings making Kim shudder from the delightful combination of pleasure and pain.

Releasing Kim’s nipples the woman spun her around before grabbing her head and forcing her lips against Kim’s mouth. She kissed her passionately and in spite of Kim’s reluctance she found herself responding. With a triumphant expression Ms. Lewis broke the kiss although as she did she bit Kim’s lower lip. Next she untied the halter section of the dress freeing Kim’s perky breasts. One hand worked its way to the zipper which she pulled down.

Ms. Lewis worked the dress down Kim’s body slipping it under the bondage belt and to her feet. Before proceeding she enjoyed a lingering look. Kim appeared incredibly sexy from her thick, black hair to her pierced nipples and pussy connected by a thin chain with the thick white belt contrasting to Kim’s tanned skin.

The Nubian goddess’ tongue flicked at each nipple ring in turn, jiggling each around as she tasted Kim’s sweet skin. When her long black finger slid between Kim’s pussy lips and searched out her opening Kim attempted to close her legs. A sharp smack across her breast stopped her but she glared defiantly at the woman nonetheless.

“Hmmm, I do believe you are challenging me still” Ms. Lewis said as she roughly probed Kim’s pussy causing her to wince from the discomfort.

The paralegal’s finger pushed inside Kim where it encountered the egg. She withdrew her finger and brought it to her lips at which time she sucked sensuously on it.

“What is that in your whore pussy?” she demanded to know.

“Some kind of egg shaped vibrator” Kim answered haughtily.

Ms. Lewis sensed the disdain in Kim’s reply making her purse her lips before speaking again.

“First I’ll ask you this, do you have the controls for this egg?”

Kim shook her head no before saying “Frank has the controls.”

“Okay answer this truthfully. You don’t like me do you?”

Ms. Lewis studied Kim’s face as she considered her reply to the question. There were obviously conflicting emotions that played out across her attractive features before she finally answered.

“No” was her simple answer.

“Well at least you’re not a liar. Why?”

“I’m not a lesbian for one” Kim told her.

“Hmmm okay, but I don’t think that’s the main reason. Want to try again?”

Kim just stood there silently. As Ms. Lewis stared into her eyes Kim felt uncomfortable in her vulnerable position and attempted to cast her eyes downward. The tall African-American’s strong hand gripped Kim by the chin and tilted her face back up.

“Maybe it has do with the fact that I’m black, hmmm?”

There was a flicker in Kim’s eyes that told Ms. Lewis she had hit the mark with her pointed question. She resolved to show Kim even less mercy than she had originally intended due to this revelation. She reached to her waist and unfastened then removed her thin alligator skin belt. A broad smile broke out on her face when she saw the fear in Kim’s face and it aroused Ms. Lewis’ lust to an even greater degree.

Roughly she seized Kim’s arm and yanked her along with her as she moved to the chair in front of the desk. Ms. Lewis sat and once she did it was a simple matter to pull the frightened, helpless woman over her lap. Ms. Lewis had attended college with a full academic scholarship and had been the power forward for the school’s basketball team and as such was quite strong. She easily held Kim down with one hand placed firmly in the small of her back.

Her other hand that held the belt brushed across the skin of Kim’s ass and hamstrings for a minute before it was removed. The next few minutes were filled with tension for Kim as she waited for the expected first blow. Ms. Lewis dragged it out with the knowledge that anticipation made it so much sweeter. Finally unable to delay any more she raised her arm and then brought it down swiftly.

The alligator skin belt whistled as it cut the air before connecting with the soft flesh of Kim’s posterior. Her whole body jumped as the thin reptile hide tanned her hide causing a cry of pain to escape her lips. The paralegal chuckled as her first blow not only made Kim call out but left a thin red stripe across the meaty section of her ass. Like a machine Ms. Lewis began to administer discipline to the spoiled young woman.

Her strong arm worked tirelessly in delivering numerous blows to the upper hamstrings and ass of the unwilling recipient. Kim had never handled pain well and with each blow she moaned and cried from the feeling. She knew better than to beg for mercy, rightly concluding that it would only spur Ms. Lewis to even harsher tactics. By now her ass was crisscrossed with little red welts with a fair smattering of them on the tops of her legs. Kim’s eyes stung from the tears that flowed from her eyes and ran down her face.

Realizing that she would gain no more personal satisfaction from the belt Ms. Lewis decided to adjust her tactics. She tossed it on the desk before managing to lift one of her legs and removing the shoe from her foot. It was a black patent leather flat with a thick rubber sole. Before proceeding she rubbed Kim’s tender skin which she had thoroughly whipped a moment ago in a now soothing manner while murmuring encouragement.

“You’ve done very well and we’re almost done. It’s true you cried like a baby but I’m pleasantly surprised you didn’t beg for mercy. That shows you CAN be TRAINED. But now you just have to take a little more and if you can do it without crying then this part is over. If you do cry then we have to start again. Just ten little blows and we’re finished.”

Ms. Lewis kneaded and separated the now sore buttocks and again marveled at the size and shape of Kim’s near perfect ass. In other circumstances she’d be kissing it lovingly but this wasn’t the time. She raised her shoe and brought it down firmly against the left cheek with a loud smack sounding. Kim shuddered but with gritted teeth and her jaw set she managed to remain silent.

Her tormenter paused just long enough for the pain to subside before delivering an identical blow to the right cheek. Ms. Lewis continued in this manner, alternating the blows on the restrained woman. All the muscles on Kim’s body tightened with each smack but she continued to resist crying out from the pain. Finally the final two chastisements were all that remained. Ms. Lewis waited longer to administer them as she again massaged the now bruised flesh.

On the last two blows she used all her strength but somehow Kim remained quiet. Her reward was to be roughly pushed off Ms. Lewis’ knee to the dirty carpet on the floor. She landed on her tender posterior first adding insult to injury and causing her to wince. As she lay there trembling as much from the air conditioning as the pain and humiliation Ms. Lewis stood and towered over her. Straddling the helpless woman she brought her bare foot to Kim’s full lips.

“You’ve done good so far you white slut. Now I want you to kiss my foot and I expect a proper effort from you or you’ll regret it I assure you.”

Slowly, reluctantly Kim pressed her lips to Ms. Lewis’ foot and kissed it softly which made Ms. Lewis laugh. She pulled her foot back and put it on the floor after which she crouched down right above Kim and now pushed her shoe which she had just beaten Kim with to her face. Her other hand grabbed Kim’s ponytail and yanked on it.

“Now you can lick the sole of my shoe bitch and no bullshit. Run your tongue all around it and clean it good. If you don’t do a thorough job I’ll punish you again and you’ll have to lick it again as well.”

Feeling as low as she ever had in her life Kim began to lick the rubber sole. She tried not to think about where it may have been before but even knowing it had trod the office floor as well as the parking lot was enough to make her feel sick. In spite of that she did her best realizing things wouldn’t get better if she refused. Satisfied that she had broken Kim’s spirit Ms. Lewis stood and dropped the shoe on the carpet.

“Now I have something better for you to lick, at least I think so” she told her as she unbuttoned her pants.

The woman pushed both her pants and the silk boxers she wore beneath them down her legs, raising first one leg then the other to remove them. Her bush was natural and full, almost a thicket of dark pubic hair above and around her thick wet lips. Again Ms. Lewis crouched down this time straddling Kim’s head. Her fingers touched herself there and Kim could see that she was aroused and dripping juice. Her scent was strong and musky, almost overpowering in its strength.

Her lips were thick and full and much darker than any Kim had ever seen. When Ms. Lewis spread them her core was as pink as any pussy though. Next the woman reached her free hand back and lightly tugged on the chain that connected her captive’s piercing.

“You are going to lick my pussy until I come and you will follow my instructions precisely” she told her, this time yanking a little harder on the chain “or you will pay. Do you understand me?”

Kim just nodded in reply, her eyes wide with trepidation but also curiosity. She had never been this close to another woman’s vagina and had never beheld a black woman’s at all. Tentatively she extended her tongue until the pink tip touched Ms. Lewis’ pussy. The black woman moaned loudly as she felt an almost electric shock start from Kim’s tongue and spread across her body.

“Come on lick me! Yes, harder, it won’t break” she said huskily.

Kim closed her eyes and just started lapping away like a kitty with a fresh bowl of milk. Her tongue traveled the length of the pussy above her from top to bottom. Ms. Lewis shifted slightly, lowering her body so she was almost sitting on Kim’s chest. The hand that had held the chain moved forward and slapped Kim’s face lightly.

“Lick my clit bitch! Nice and slow in a circular motion.”

Kim opened her eyes so she could see and once she did her tongue found the woman’s erect nub. Round and round she licked, applying pressure to the sensitive spot and sending waves of pleasure radiating upward. For her part Ms. Lewis could feel her stomach tightening with the familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching which she went with. She slightly rotated her hips and tightened her cunt muscles as the pleasure washed over her like the tide.

“Yes I’m cumming! Don’t stop, keep using that tongue girl. Yesss!”

Kim followed her direction and if anything increased the speed of her agile tongue as the woman climaxed above her. When Ms. Lewis stopped shaking from her orgasm she again moved slightly, raising her body up a few inches.

“Stick your tongue as deep in my pussy as it can go and swirl it around” she instructed and Kim swiftly complied.

As Ms. Lewis spread her lips wide with her hand Kim’s tongue burrowed deep inside her. She was saturated with vaginal fluids which tasted somewhat tangy to Kim. Her tongue probed as it circled around licking the sugary internal walls. Ms Lewis managed to move her thumb to her clit as she held her pussy open wide. The longer Kim licked and Ms. Lewis flicked the more excited she became. The hand not playing with her pussy now grabbed Kim’s hair and pulled her closer. She also began to grind her pelvis against the face of Kim roughly.

The helpless woman’s tongue was now buried to the root in her captor’s slick channel while the woman rode her face. Ms. Lewis rotated her hips and shook her ass on Kim’s face in her excitement. With her full hips and thighs now squeezing Kim’s head in a viselike grip Ms. Lewis pulled her head even closer to her musky snatch now using both of her hands. This enabled her to push her clit against Kim’s nose hard and fast. She felt the pressure growing and increased the speed of her gyrations until her climax overtook her.

The woman’s whole body trembled and shook from the violence of her orgasm. Kim felt her face drenched by the juices that flowed freely past her tongue and onto her flushed face. Her breathing was restricted by the shuddering flesh that collapsed on her face and partially smothered her nose. Luckily Ms. Lewis recovered rapidly and with a groan she released Kim’s hair which allowed her to extricate herself from between the dark, muscular legs. She was able to slip her tongue free and back to her mouth though it remained coated in sticky fluid.

Ms. Lewis groaned as she pulled herself to her feet. First she picked up her discarded clothing and shoe before sitting on the desk and dressing. Lastly she slid the thin belt back in its loops before again turning her attention to Kim. Grabbing her by her coal black ponytail she first guided the woman to her knees and then assisted her to a standing position.

“Pretty good carpet munching for your first time even though you’re a racist white bitch. You enjoyed eating my pussy and tasting my black berry juice didn’t you slut?” she asked while seizing Kim’s chin and staring deep in her eyes.

She saw a mixture of emotions there including lust, revulsion, embarrassment and confusion. Ms. Lewis smiled broadly at the discomfort Kim was feeling and then without warning she dipped her head and took one of her pierced nipples between her lips and sucked hard. Caught unexpectedly Kim moaned with pleasure as the other woman’s tongue teased her. Ms. Lewis then moved her mouth to the other one and repeated her action.

Kim tried to resist the feeling of pleasure but Ms. Lewis was orally talented and combined with the fact that Kim had been teased all day with no release made it a losing battle. Next the black woman’s arms encircled her waist and lifted Kim onto a sitting position on the desk. Without thought Kim’s legs spread wider to allow greater access. Ms. Lewis noticed her subtle movement and chuckled.

“Okay I’ll bite or at least lick, slut” she said.

Her strong hands spread Kim’s thighs wider and she brought her face only inches from the white woman’s aroused and filled pussy. She slapped her swollen pussy lips before pushing her face closer and licking Kim’s clit. Her reaction was to try and push her pinkness closer to Ms. Lewis but the paralegal just moved away and stood straight.

“No I’m afraid I’m not going to reward you with an orgasm today. Maybe some other time, I have to ask Mr. Giovanazzo if perhaps he can lend you out for a night. Then we can do some things – I promise you’ll cum but at what price? I’ll make you beg to be whipped and to eat my pussy and you’ll beg for me to stop making you cum before we’re done. How does that sound hmm?”

Though Kim didn’t reply her face turned scarlet which was all the answer Ms. Lewis needed. She was laughing as she left the office leaving a frustrated and bound Kim behind. Once the door closed leaving her alone Kim wanted to scream. She had been used and abused, forced to satisfy a woman sexually as well as her brother-in-law, been exposed to strangers while being driven and scared and nearly molested by a guard dog yet not allowed to climax.

Even now because she was restrained Kim was unable to touch herself and bring relief. She knew if given half a chance she would do literally anything to cum at this moment. Suddenly inspiration came to her and she slid off the desk and stood. Kim positioned herself by one of the desk corners and bent her knees slightly. That allowed her to press her horny pussy right into the metal desk corner. It was cold due to the air conditioning and sent a chill through her but at the moment she didn’t care. Kim had just begun to rub back and forth when for an instant she felt the plastic egg inside her vibrate before stopping and heard a deep laugh from behind her. Kim whirled and saw Frank standing in the doorway with a smile on his swarthy face and the remote clenched between his thick fingers.

“Well well well and what do we have here” he said as he approached her. “The little slut is looking for some relief and she’s so desperate that she’s humping the office furniture. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice hard cock?”

Saying this he reached down and fondled the growing bulge in his pants. Without another word he unzipped his trousers and removed his thick erection. Kim’s eyes focused on it and she found herself licking her full lips.

“Please Frank, don’t make me beg. I want to cum and so do you I think. Why not make us both happy?”

“Oh I will but on my terms” he told her as his thumb and finger pinched her nipple hard causing her to whimper. “Bend over the desk Kim so we can begin.”

Hating herself for what she was doing, what at this moment she wanted to do, Kim bent at the waist and brought her torso against the cold desktop. The cold metal made her nipples even harder but she didn’t care about the temperature. Frank admired her ass, now striped and bruised, sticking up in the air before he unclipped her wristbands from each other. He didn’t leave her free but instead clipped each wristband to her white bondage belt. Satisfied with his handiwork Frank first undressed then moved to the side of the desk where Kim’s head was. He placed his folded clothing next to her on the desk before putting his throbbing cock by her mouth.

“Start us off by sucking me Kim and get it nice and wet” he told her in a commanding tone.

Kim opened her mouth and swallowed his big mushroom head into her warm mouth. Frank bent over until his lips could kiss her marked buttocks. He began covering her ass with his mouth while his hands spread her cheeks wide. He saw her little winking rosebud peering back at him and he stretched until his tongue found it. When his tongue first touched her there Kim trembled and as he lashed it making it nice and wet she moaned around his thick cock. He stopped after a minute and instead reached for his pants.

“You have a tasty little asshole Kim I must say. I’ve got to have it, fuck it I mean” he said and the thought of that scared Kim greatly.

She was unable to reply as his head and shaft were deep in her mouth but she’d never allowed such a thick cock in her tight backdoor. On a few occasions she had anal sex but the guy involved had a long thin penis, nothing like Frank’s thick meat. Suddenly she felt something cold applied to her anus by Frank’s finger. It was slick and wet and Kim realized it was lubricant. In another moment his finger started pushing against her trying to gain entrance to her tight ass.

“C’mon and relax Kim, you know it will make it easier in the long run for you. I plan on tapping that ass one way or another so you can make it easier on yourself that way.”

He withdrew his now saliva coated prick from her mouth as he forced his thick digit inside her making Kim wince.

“Frank you’re so big I don’t know if I can handle that monster in me.”

“Sure you can” he said chuckling “when there’s a whipped ass there’s a way. Don’t sell yourself short Kim. I’m gonna sodomize you nine ways to Sunday and you’ll love it.”

He managed to work a second finger in her at which point his fingers started moving in and out. They slid their full length in her before sliding back out. Not only did this loosen her hole somewhat but it also coated her inside with the lubricating gel. He moved behind her while keeping his fingers inside Kim’s ass which allowed him a better angle.

“Kim with your hands attached to the belt they can grab your ass. I want you to spread those cheeks as wide as you can. I want to work every inch of my fat cock in there.”

Reluctantly she followed his orders after which he pulled his fingers out of her. Frank could see her hole was now slightly distended and ready for him. He leaned in and spit a gob of saliva right in her ass before pushing his swollen cockhead to her entrance.

“Take a deep breath and relax” he told her in an almost gentle voice. She did as he said, inhaling and then slowly exhaling the air. “Again” he said.

This time when Kim breathed in Frank pushed his hips forward splitting her ass like a rail. Kim cried out in pain as his girth pushed past her ring and entered her backhole. Though she was extremely tight he didn’t pause but kept forcing himself deeper until he was buried all the way in her ass. Kim felt his wiry pubic hair against her tender skin and his large, hairy testicles pressing next to her wet pussy.

Once he was all the way in he did stop as she adjusted to the feeling of him filling her tight channel. He reached down and retrieved the remote control and flicked the switch on. Her vagina suddenly felt the egg vibrating in her sending waves of pleasure across her body. He turned the dial up two notches, intensifying the feelings. Frank could feel the vibrations in his cock from the egg in her. Slowly he pulled back until just his big head was in her before reversing course and going all the way in.

His big balls slapped her cooch as he thrust forward further intensifying the vaginal nerves. He started to pump in and out of her, now only backing halfway out before slamming back in. Kim was caught betwixt the different feelings she was experiencing. The vibrating egg was driving her crazy while her ass hurt from his relentless pounding but the longer it went on even that started to bring her pleasure. She was moaning like crazy, unable to control herself now as her body became more turned on.

When Frank unexpectedly reached under Kim and pinched her clit she literally screamed as a massive orgasm overtook her. Her body shook like a leaf in a tempest as every muscle in her beautiful body tightened. For his part Frank stopped moving and truthfully the way her muscles clenched it was unlikely he could have anyway. Kim had been waiting so long for this and her body had been craving the release so badly that she felt like she would pass out. She actually saw black spots in her vision from the feeling.

After a minute she had recovered sufficiently where Frank started to move again, albeit slowly. He wiggled his prick inside her making her groan. Then he pulled back some before sliding forward again. Before he had a chance to build up a decent rhythm they were both surprised by a knock at the open door behind them.

“I’m sorry to disturb you boss but you have a phone call. Its obvious you don’t want to be disturbed but this is the call you’ve been waiting for” Milena said as she walked into the room and stood to the side of them.
“I’d transfer the call but there’s no phone here yet.”

Frank continued his thrusting, as if fucking one’s sister-in-law in the ass while she was restrained at work was the most natural thing in the world. Kim glared up at Milena and she returned the stare and it was plain that the two women weren’t fond of each other.

“Damn I have to take the call but the timing sure sucks” Frank said as he reluctantly pulled his prick out of Kim. “On your knees bitch” he barked at her while pulling her torso off the desk.

Feeling empty from the sudden removal of his cock and missing it Kim managed to kneel down. He stepped before her and pressed his cock into her mouth. His big hand pushed her head onto him more as he started to make mini thrusts to the back of her mouth.

“How’s your ass taste Kim” he said with a laugh obviously not expecting a reply. “Milena maybe you can help me out some. I know what I told you earlier but this is a special case.”

“Anything for you boss” she answered looking at him with genuine feelings clearly evident in her eyes.

Milena knelt down next to Kim and reached out and took his hairy balls in her slim white hand. Frank groaned as she fondled them and increased the speed of his thrusts. He was pushing his head to the back of her mouth with each movement now and with the added stimulation he could sense the finish line approaching.

“Fuck yeah! That feels so good, don’t stop Milena” he gasped out.

In return she looked up adoringly at him as she squeezed and played with his balls. Milena could feel them beginning to tighten up and knew he was about there. Without warning he pulled out of Kim’s mouth and once he did Milena’s free hand wrapped around the top of his thick shaft right below his head. Her hand rapidly stroked him pushing him past the edge.

“Open wide Kim, I have one more present for you” he cried out hoarsely.

Kim knelt there with her mouth open as she shuddered from the vibrations still radiating out from her wet little pussy. Milena’s hand was a blur now and as she felt the cum exit Frank’s testicles she slightly adjusted the angle of his cock. It had been aimed at Kim’s mouth but with a slight upward stroke she changed it as he exploded. The first rope of thick spunk instead hit Kim squarely in her eye, stinging it as it invaded her visual organ. The second shot hit her cheek and by the third Milena had aimed it back at Kim’s mouth where it struck a direct hit. Milena then took her hand from his balls and pushed Kim onto his prick.

Frank gasped with delight as her warm mouth engulfed his sensitive head and he continued to cum in her. Once he pulled out when no more remained in him Milena took his slimy cock into her own mouth and did her best to suck him clean. When she was satisfied with her job she released him and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help myself” she told him before hanging her head in embarrassment.

“That’s alright Milena, it will take some time for us all to get used to the new situation” he told her as he started to pull on his clothing.

In the meantime Milena wiped her mouth off and stood up. Once he was finished Frank headed toward the door but before he left he turned and spoke.

“Milena I forgot to ask you, did you arrange those deliveries for me?”

“Yes I called the florist and the jewelry store and everything is arranged” she answered.

“What would I do without you babe. Oh and one more thing, can you shut off that remote control for me? No sense in letting Kim enjoy herself too much.”

“Of course” Milena replied.

She picked up the remote from the desk and turned it off stopping the pleasurable feelings that Kim was experiencing. Milena started toward the door and as she did she managed to catch the kneeling Kim with her ample hip sending the bound woman sprawling to the carpet. She then turned and leaned in close to a struggling Kim.

“Just understand this cunt! I don’t care if Frank is married to your sister or what the deal is between you. In this office I’m the queen bee and I don’t plan on letting anything change that. You got that!” she said and for emphasis she pushed Kim’s face into the carpet before straightening up and walking out with her head held high.

With what she had gone through already that day Kim just lay there not moving. It was only after on more than one occasion she heard tittering and giggling from some of the women passing by the open doorway that she roused herself to movement. With her body exhausted and bruised it took some effort but after rolling to her side first she managed to get to her knees and finally to her feet.

On unsteady feet she then walked to the door and using her body Kim managed to push it closed. Next she walked to the chair behind the desk and sat down with a sigh. For the next couple of hours she slowly recovered from her ordeal until Frank again entered the office.

“Okay Kim quitting time” he began. He unclipped her wristbands so that she could again move her hands freely. “Now listen up, get dressed and take off all your new gifts and don’t forget your little pussy’s gift as well. Tonight I want to work things out with Kathy so I want you keeping a very low profile. Tomorrow after work I expect you to further smooth things out with her but we’ll discuss that tomorrow. Now hurry up and get moving. By the way Ms. Lewis was very impressed with you Kim; in fact she asked to borrow you some night. I’m not sure though whether it should be a punishment or a reward, probably a little of both if you catch my meaning.”

Kim’s face reddened at what he said but she knew what he meant for sure and had to agree. When she removed the egg from her pussy Kim made sure to lick it clean before handing it to him. Frank shook his head at that but she just laughed and smiled at him. Her mind was working overtime now as she tried to come up with a plan. Well she figured she’d have time tonight to think things through. Once she was finished she turned to him.

“Well I’m ready Frank” she simply said with a sultry look on her lovely face.

FIN by rutger5 (An original story – copyright 2011)

As always I thank all who read my story! Hope you liked and I always welcome comments, PM’s and votes.
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