Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 52:

We clean up after dinner and I announce, “I”m going to have a shower and hit the sack. For some reason I”m feeling rather tired tonight. Maybe all of the moving on the weekend just caught up with me.”

“Yeah. I think that I”ll have an early night, too,” Mr Grant says.

I catch the exchanged glances between William and Karl! William knows what”s going on. Karl doesn”t know that what he is scheming has already been planned by William and me.

Mr Grant has no idea that he”s going to get a visitor.


Chapter 53 � In Mr Grant”s Bed

The first part of my plan involves convincing Karl that I am fully asleep so that he will feel confident enough to sneak over to the green room, also knowing that Mr Grant turned in early and is unlikely to `spring” him and William together.

“Do you want to muck around tonight?” I ask, as he slides in next to me, naked of course which is the standard dress code at Jintabudjaree for us guys. Us men. LOL.

“Only if you do,” he replies. “But I know that you are tired.”

What he means is that he can”t wait to go and play with William”s big cock and balls.

“Give me a hug, snuggle up behind me, and I”ll be happy to nod off,” I tell him.

I turn my back to him and enjoy the feeling of my brother”s body pressing against mine. His leg over mine. His cock and pubic hairs against my glutes. His chest against my back. His arm over my body. His body feels so warm!

“Can I ask you something?” he says quietly, with his mouth near my ear.

“Sure!” I reply. “What”s up?”

“Nothing much,” he says. “It”s just… why did you call me `handsome” yesterday morning?” he asks. “You”ve never said anything like that before.”

“Because you are!” I tell him. “On Saturday night, I came into your room, looking for you, and you were sound asleep, and I thought that you looked very handsome. Handsome as a man, not as a kid.”

Karl is silent for a while.

“You are too, you know,” he eventually says. “We”re twins! Looking at you is like looking in a mirror. So, if I”m handsome, then so are you!”

“Does William think that you are handsome?” I put to him.

“He”s never said so,” Karl replies. “But Joey did, when I was at his place. What about Andy?”

“Yes,” I say. “He”s told me that. And I”ve told him the same, but you”re even more handsome than Andy.”

“Thanks,” he says.

I turn over, towards him, and do something that I”ve never done before. I kiss him.

“Goodnight, handsome brother!” I whisper to him, then turn my back to him again.

“Goodnight, Kurt,” he says. There is a minute or so of silence, then he adds, “I”m glad that you”re my brother!”

He gives me a hug then I feel him turn away from me onto his back.

“Sleep well,” he says.

“You too,” I tell him. I add. “I think that my eyes are getting very heavy.”

I lay on my back and, after a few Diyarbakır Escort minutes, I begin to exaggerate my breathing.


“You still awake?” Karl asks quietly, almost whispering.

I continue to breathe deeply, and say nothing. The only sound is of my heart beating.

After more minutes of silence, I feel his body move. Carefully. Slowly. Stealthily (English vocabulary lesson).

I feel the covers dip into where his body was and I know that he is out of the bed. I imagine that I can hear his bare feet on the floor. The door opens quietly, then closes.

I open my eyes and raise my head, to check that I am alone, and that he hasn”t `backed out” of his plan to visit William.

I lie back and smile.

Happy for Karl. Happy for William. Happy for me and, hopefully, happy for Mr Grant.

I don”t know how long I will have. I need to be back in bed before Karl returns. I hope that William can keep him `occupied” for a reasonable amount of time. I”m pretty sure that their `normal” routine is jerking Karl off first. Then William. Then Karl again. I reckon that I have at least an hour.

Junior stirs, showing signs of excitement at what I am about to do.

I fold back the covers and tiptoe to the door, open it and look out. Nobody here. Good!

I walk softly to Mr Grant”s door and listen. I don”t knock, just open and close it quietly.

There is enough light to tell that Mr Grant is lying on top of the bed. Asleep. Naked. As handsome as Karl was the other night.

As carefully as possible I lay myself on his bed and edge my body towards him. I can feel the heat of his body. When my thigh touches his, I stop.

Mr Grant stirs and moves his hand that is closest to me and lays it on my pelvis. He mumbles, “Will?” then moves his fingers to find my cock and balls.

His hand freezes and then he sits up.

“You”re not Will!” he says, as if his hand is able to distinguish more than his eyes.

I can”t tell whether he is surprised, shocked or upset.

“No, I”m not.” I tell him. Then, hoping to be a little humorous, I add, “And, I never was him. Just me. I”ve been `Kurt” for nearly 14 years now.”

He chuckles, turns, and sits across my legs, with one knee on each side, then tickles my ribs. Both sides. “You really are cheeky!” he says.

I wriggle and squirm “Don”t!” I groan him, “or you”ll make me be too loud!”

He stops.

“I wouldn”t want you to wake up Karl,” he tells me, gently resting one hand across my mouth and the other on my chest.

I don”t tell him that my brother is actually awake, or where he is, or what he”s up to.

“So, what are you doing here?” he asks, and begins to softly rub my chest and abs with his fingertips.

His gentle touch is exciting. Junior thinks so too, and quickly gets thicker and harder.

“I just thought that you might like to spend a bit of time alone with me,” I tell him.

“What did you have in mind?” he asks, looking at my face. In the dim light I can see him grinning.

“Whatever!” I say. “I just like being with you, and making you happy.”

He continues to rub my body, now with the palms of his hands. As he gets lower, one hand comes into contact with Junior, which jumps at his touch.

“He likes being with you too!” I joke, looking down.

Mr Grant thanks Junior by rubbing him, and playing with my balls too.

With him sitting across my legs, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan and with his knees apart, his round balls are sort of hanging. I reach out and let them rest on the palm of my hand. They feel heavy. Then I give them a gentle jiggle. They have hairs on them. Not a lot, but I can feel them.

His cock stretches and points directly over Junior. I rub it down and up. Mr Grant is excited. I can tell by how slippery my hand becomes.

He rolls onto his back, but continues to play with Junior and my balls. I can feel that his hand is slippery too, because Junior loves what he is doing.

I don”t make any moves to do anything different, although sucking him or asking him to suck Junior would be nice. However, I”m happy just to play with his balls, and his slippery cock.

“What are you thinking?” he asks me.

“Nothing, really,” I tell him. “I just like being with you and for us to make each other happy. I enjoy what we”re doing.”

After a while he asks, “Would you like me to do anything else for you?”

“Like what?” I ask back.

“You know!” he tells me, and rolls onto his side facing me, and takes a firm hold of Junior.

“You can, if you want to,” I reply. “But you don”t have to, if you don”t want to.”

“I know that you like it,” he tells me, and begins to kiss my chest, my abs and ends up with Junior in his mouth.

I shiver in excitement.

He starts to suck up and down, and I do the same movement to his cock with my hand. When he sucks Junior in, I push down on him and then reverse my grip when he comes up.

“Ooh,” I whisper. “That is so nice.”

I feel his cock jerk and my hand gets slipperier.

“Are you gonna spurt, Mr Grant?” I ask.

“If you keep doing that, I will,” he answers. “What about you? Do you want to?”

“It feels so good, what you are doing,” I say. “And, just so you know, I didn”t come in here for this, but, yes, please.”

He reaches for the tissues on the table next to the bed. “Just getting ready,” he tells me.

I keep jerking. He keeps sucking.

I warn him when I know that I am going to spurt, and I expect him to keep sucking, like he has done in the past.

Instead, he takes his mouth off Junior and begins jerking it. Tight and fast. Then slow and slippery. I can”t hold on! I can”t hold back! “Aargh,” I cry as quietly as I can and I explode all over my chest, with Mr Grant holding Junior down.

“I wanted to watch you cum,” he tells me. “And to see the pleasure on your face.”

He gives me a handful of tissues, and then takes more for himself. I can tell from his breathing that he is getting ready to spurt too.

I go fast then slow, like he did to me. Sensing when it is about to `happen”, I grip his cock and feel it throb while he uses the tissues to absorb everything.

He takes my wet tissues and his and wraps them together in more tissues, then puts them on the side table. Then we lie, side by side, still breathing heavily.

“Thank you, Kurt,” he says, taking my hand in his.

“Thank you too,” I reply. “I didn”t expect that we would do that, but it felt really good.”

I turn my back to him and snuggle against him. He tightens his arm across my chest, pulling our bodies tightly together and we share our body heat for a long while.

I rest, enjoying his firmness and heat of his body. Then, “I have to pee,” I tell him.

As I move to get Escort Diyarbakır off his bed, he swats me on my bare backside.

“Thanks!” I say, then head for the toilet.


I am mostly asleep on my back when I feel Karl return to our bed. I turn on my side towards him. “Did you have fun with William?” I ask.

“Yes. Thanks,” he replies. “But, how did you know?”

“I had to get up to pee,” I tell him. “And when you weren”t here, I guessed where you would be.” Then I add, “You”re lucky that Mr Grant didn”t go over there and see what the two of you were doing.”

“William said that Mr Grant would be sound asleep, and not to worry,” Karl tells me.

I smile, which I”m sure that he can”t see. My plan worked. For everybody.

“My turn tomorrow night!” I say to him.

“Sure!” he replies, then we both fall asleep, happy, satisfied at our night”s activity.


At breakfast, I”m guessing that I”m the only one who knows that all four of us spurted last night. LOL.

Tonight, it will be Karl with me, and Mr Grant with William in the green room! Betcha!


Wednesday, and we see the big machines start to clear the land between the school and the river gums down at the other end of the street, past where William”s house used to be. Mr Grant lets everyone hang out near the front gate and fence at recess and lunch to watch. Fortunately, the dust drifts away in the opposite direction to the school.

During lunch, Marty drives up to the school. He and Mr Grant have a brief conversation, then he waves to all of us as he heads back towards where the machinery operators have taken a break.

After lunch, Mr Grant warns all of us to be on the lookout for snakes, with the possibility that the machinery could have disturbed them and that they might head towards the school.

If anyone sees a snake, then he or she must out loudly, `Snake! Snake!” and we should all immediately assemble on the verandah.


At dinner, Mr Grant reminds us that tomorrow morning, we will all be going to Marty”s for breakfast.

He doesn”t mention Ash, but I”m looking forward to him being with us!

I do my `need to turn in early” routine again, so that Karl can visit William.

Mr Grant and I do nothing more than cuddle and enjoy feeling each other”s body for a while. Does he think that I”ve snuck out on Karl again? Or has William filled him in on our plan?

Back in my own bed, I pretend not to hear Karl return from William”s room, choosing simply to turn from my back onto my side as if disturbed from a dream by the movement in the bed as he slides in. Then, I enjoy the feeling of Karl”s body snuggling up behind me. With his arm and leg over me, I fall asleep, smiling.


I open my eyes. It”s Thursday morning. Breakfast is going to be at Marty”s today! I”m looking forward to all of the sausages! The only difference today, compared to previously, is that we will be seeing Ash”s body instead of Andy”s!

Junior is certainly excitable in the morning!


(to be continued)



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