Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

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From Chapter 84:

It”s Jacko who pulls the plug. “Sorry folks, but I”m really tired and need to hit the sack.” He turns to Archie and says, “You have the makings of a really good player, young man. Keep practising! I look forward to our next encounter.”

With the storm clouds hovering over both Mr and Mrs Taylor, I think that they are happy to retreat to their bedroom. My bedroom.

Archie kisses his parents goodnight, while Helen and Dad give Karl and me hugs and kisses.

Mrs Taylor”s parting words are, “Thank you. Good night. What time is breakfast?”

“Is 7:00 too early?” Helen asks.

Mrs Taylor nods her approval.

As she is about to leave the room, I ask, “Excuse me, Mrs Taylor. What would you like on your scrambled eggs in the morning? Chives or parsley?”


Chapter 85 � My Night With Archie

“I”ll probably never be allowed to come here again, after all of that!” Archie moans to me as we cross the yard somewhat behind Jacko and Karl, and getting progressively slower. “But it was wonderful to see people standing up to my mother and giving her some of her own medicine! It was worth the trip just to see that!”

“Was anything else worth the trip?” I ask, coming to a stop and grinning, which he obviously can”t see in the dark, but can probably hear in my voice.

“For me? Fuck yeah!” he answers, and I feel his hand locate first the back and then the front of my jeans.

“I have a plan,” I tell him. “Wanna hear it?”

“Fu… I mean, truck yeah!” he answers.

The outside light above the bunkhouse door comes on, thanks to either Karl or Jacko.

He removes his hand.

“Why don”t you tell your mother that you want the chance to get even with Jacko for beating you at dominoes?” I say to him. “Tell her that you won”t rest until you, Archie Taylor, have triumphed, even if you need to come here more than once during the holidays to do it! Then she can brag to everyone that you beat the dominoes champion of the state!”

“She”d love that. But they”d never drive me out here!” he complains.

“I reckon that my Dad would, though!” I reply. “He can pick you up and drop you back. Helen said that, with her pregnancy, she needs to see the doctor in Cunnamulla more frequently now, so a round trip for them wouldn”t be inconvenient.”

“But I don”t get school holidays anymore,” Archie says. “I”m working. For Uncle George.”

“What about the public holidays after Christmas and around New Year? Then there”s always Australia Day holiday in January.” I put to him. “Your uncle doesn”t work 365 days a year, does he?”

“No,” he replies. “But Uncle George says that this is the busiest time of the year, with graduations, Christmas parties, presents and New Year sales.”

“So, aren”t you entitled to some holidays?” I ask him.

“Of course,” he answers, “But Uncle George will tell me when I can take them. Business!”

“OK,” I smile. “Maybe after the New Year sales. Just to beat the dominoes champion of the state!”

“You”re smart!” he tells me. “So, do you have a plan for tonight? You know, where there”s a will…?”

“Yes,” I reply. “Now, say to me `It”s predicted to be extremely cold tonight”.”

“What?” he asks, sounding understandably confused. “How will that help?”

“Just say it,” I answer. “Trust me!”

“OK, but I don”t get it.”

“You will soon!” I tell him. “Just say it.”

“Kurt,” he starts, “It”s predicted to be extremely cold tonight.”

“Excellent!” I reply, slipping my hand into his back pocket. “Now, c”mon. Let”s go inside.”


Both Karl and Jacko have already stripped naked; Karl is just pulling up his pyjama pants and Jacko is preparing to do the same. In this light, he looks really hairy! Maybe it”s the shadows.

Neither is hard, but I can tell that they are not totally soft either! So, just the sight of each other”s naked body gets them turned on, does it? Or is it the expectation of something?

Not now, Junior!

I don”t make any smart-arse comment and just head towards the end of the room where Andy has placed his bag.

“Hey, Jacko,” I say, turning my face Diyarbakır Escort back towards him and Karl. “That was a nice display of dominoes skill! Up to your usual standard.”

“Yeah,” Archie adds, “How do you do that? It seems like you could always tell exactly what tiles I had. Do you have X-Ray vision, or something? Or were the backs of the tiles marked so that you knew what everyone had, and what to pick up?”

“No need to cheat!” Jacko bounces back at him. “Maybe one day you”ll figure it out. Or I might even let you in on my secret.”

“Oh, thank you kind sir! Would you, please?” Archie says, utilising his acting voice, with his hands clasped together like he”s praying.

“But, not yet!” Jacko tells him.

Archie”s potential joy at learning Jacko”s `secret” suddenly drains from his face, and he mumbles something that rhymes with `tugger”. I must tell Mr Grant that one!

Karl and Jacko get into their beds, then seem to perve at Archie and me changing. I”m not shy about letting them look. They”ve seen it all before anyway! I think that Archie doesn”t care either.

I wonder if their dicks are getting harder now!

“Hey!” I call to them. “I thought that I heard somebody say earlier that it”s predicted to be an extremely cold night, tonight!”

I”m not lying, am I? And I catch the grin on Archie”s face.

“And…?” my brother asks.

“And,” I tell him, “I remember hearing somewhere that the best way to keep warm is for people to share their body heat. Just saying!”

There is silence in the room while three other brains begin to process my words.

I didn”t expect a response to come from Jacko.

“That”s right!” he says. “That”s a well-known fact, especially if people don”t have a log fire or gas heater going.”

“What”s your point?” Karl asks.

He still hasn”t caught on!

“My point is,” I tell him, keeping a straight face and trying not to sound like a smart arse,
“If you guys get cold during the night, then it would be perfectly OK to share body heat.
In one bed. Just a suggestion. Snuggling up might stop you both from freezing to death! Please yourselves though!”

Karl and Jacko immediately turn and look at each other. I can only see the back of my brother”s head, but what a great smirk I see on Jacko”s face! That same goofy expression! Maybe I”ll refer to it as his `sexy face”.

I look at Archie.

His grin tells me that he now understands why I asked him to say those words outside about the temperature. So that I didn”t have to lie about hearing someone say it!

“Who”s turning the lights out?” Karl calls out.

Knowing him, he”s suggesting that I do it.

“Who”s the closest to the switches?” I yell back.

“That would be me,” Jacko tells us and mumbles something like `Lazy buggers!” as he throws back his blankets and heads towards the doorway. I think, `Lazy tuggers!”

The place goes dark. Not just dark. Black.

Then I hear, “Oops! Sorry! I must have passed my own bed!”

I”m not buying it! He”s been here long enough to know how many steps it takes from the light switches to each bed!

He”s either teasing Karl, or he just can”t wait to get his hands on my brother! Again!

There are a few minutes of silence.

“Brrr, it is really cold!” I hear. I would recognise Karl”s voice anywhere! It”s not a whisper, but neither is it like a public announcement. It”s just loud enough to ensure that I hear it, as if he needs to give me an explanation for what he”s about to do!

“Well, you can get in if you like,” Jacko tells him, then adds, “But you”d better not fart or snore, or you can go back to your own bed. And freeze!”

It”s hard not to laugh at their amateurish play acting! I settle for a satisfying, unseen grin.

Archie makes no announcements; he just lifts my blankets and slides in beside me, putting one arm over my chest.

“Where there”s a will…,” I whisper.

“This is the perfect way!” his hot breath whispers back. “You”re a genius!”

I try not to hear the heavy breathing from the other end of the room, and focus on being with Archie, feeling his hands all over my body and the stiffness of his dick as it pokes against my thigh and how it responds to my touch. And how his body shivers when I play with his balls.

Suddenly I hear Jacko”s voice call, “Is it cold down your end of the room too?”

Archie immediately hollers back, “Not anymore!”

There are chuckles from both beds! Jacko”s and mine.

We all know what”s going on now, without any pretence!

This is a first! It feels like Karl and I are having sexy fun together; but just not with each other! It”s different to me snuggling up with Mr Grant and knowing that Karl is over in William”s room, and certain that they are both being jacked off!

My mind jumps back and forth between what Archie and I are enjoying, and what my brother and Jacko might be doing.

As I slide down and take Archie”s dick into my mouth, I imagine Karl doing it to Jacko, including licking his balls first, as I taught Diyarbakır Escort Bayan him what I had done to Jacko on the day that Karl and I swapped places.

With Archie”s fat, smooth dick in my mouth, I visualise Jacko”s partially-hairy one in my brother”s mouth.

I can tell that Archie”s `excitement juice”, combined with my saliva, is enough for extra fun.

I whisper, “Lay on me,” and I turn onto my stomach.

With our similar heights, it doesn”t take more than a moment for his dick to find its way between my legs, just as we did at the workers” hut.

“Oh, I love this!” he half-whispers and half-growls.

“Shhh!” I softly encourage him, hoping that we are being quiet enough not to be heard.

He continues to enjoy the feeling of his slippery dick sliding in and out of my thighs and pushing the underside of my balls. I do too!

Sensing what his body is about to do, I reach for my trust spunk rag, hidden earlier under my pillow, then turn onto my side, with Archie behind me.

He freezes. I whisper, “Keep going. It”s OK.”

He doesn”t need a second prompt, so he holds my hips and goes for it!

Again, I hope that his muffled grunting doesn”t reach Karl”s and Jacko”s ears.

With my bottom hand holding my spunk rag against where his dick keeps emerging, I reach over his body with my top hand and grip his glutes, and firmly press his body against mine.

Then it happens! Archie”s eruption!

I give his panting time to slow down then roll onto my back and part my legs slightly.

He knows what to do!

His tongue begins to remove all traces of his pre-cum, spunk and any remnant of my saliva between my thighs and under my balls.

Then, he takes each of my balls, one at a time, into his mouth, before licking up and sucking Junior into his mouth.

This time it is my groans which need to be kept muffled!

Andy keeps sucking and Junior is loving it!

About ten seconds and half a dozen sucks later, Junior is super-excited and ready to explode.

I try to push Archie”s face off me, but he”s not taking the hint, and he suddenly seems to be a lot stronger and heavier!

I grit my teeth. My body is going crazy trying to hold back until after Archie can pull his mouth off me. My spunk rag is hovering against his cheek, waiting to catch everything.

I”m fighting the need to let go, my brain silently screaming, `Pull off! Now!” But he doesn”t.

Suddenly, I lose the battle!

Junior”s explosion is like a water balloon that has been hit by a dart!

All the muscles of my body collapse, and I feel like jelly. Except for Junior. Stiff. Pumping. Emptying into Archie”s mouth.

Did I just call out something? I don”t know! I hope not!

Archie `borrows” my spunk rag and then, after a few moments, lays his body onto mine.

“God, I”ve dreamed for ages about doing that to someone!” he whispers into my ear, before nibbling on it and kissing underneath it.

At the sensation of his mouth on my ear and neck, my entire body shivers. Partially regaining my senses, I whisper to him, “What did you just call me?” He chuckles as silently as I think that he can.

Aware only of the shared heat of our bodies and our slowed breathing, I hear nothing from the other end of the room. Are they still going? Or, are they finished? Did they hear us? Am I still awake?


“Bloody rooster!” I hear Karl call out.

Then, I hear it too. And I know that I”m awake.

It takes my other senses a few moments to recover from last night. With my body aware being alone, and my eyes functioning, I look over at Archie”s bed. He is rousing. His hair is a hilarious mess!

Looking past him, I see Karl”s naked backside (nice glutes!) heading into the toilet and Jacko sitting up, stretching.

I see my pyjama pants on the floor next to my bed. When did they come off? Was it before or after Archie slid in beside me? I don”t exactly remember!

Jacko pulls back the blankets and stands up. He”s naked and his dick is hanging, lifeless.
I guess that he lost his pj”s about the same time that I did. And Karl did. And Archie did.

“Shower!” he calls, looking down towards us, then heads to the door opposite the toilet.

“Oh, well,” I say to Archie, “No sense in putting our pyjama pants back only to take them off again. You coming to the showers now? I have a breakfast to cook.”

He doesn”t rouse, so I do it for him, tickling him and throwing the blanket off him, and giving his balls and dick a friendly grope.

“God, last night was amazing!” he says, stretching to wake up his arms and the rest of him.

“I told you not to call me that!” I say, digging him in the ribs.

By the time that I get to the shower room door, Archie is right behind me. We and Karl, emerging from the toilet, all bundle through the door together.

“Come on in guys. The water”s fine!” Jacko says, grinning at us.

Archie steps forward, leaving Karl and me standing alongside each other.

Jacko, again, looks at us, from Escort Diyarbakır one to the other, confused.

Archie turns, looks at both of us, then points at me. “That one”s Kurt!”

“Correct!” I answer.

“Lucky guess!” Jacko says. “Unless he”s lying! They could both do that, you know!”

“No, that”s definitely Kurt,” Archie tells him.

“How do you know?” Jacko asks.

Archie grins, “See those dried streaks on the other one”s chest? I didn”t leave anything like that on Kurt, and neither did he!”

I turn and inspect Karl”s body. Archie is right. “How did you get those?” I ask my brother, pointing then feeling them, only to receive an elbow to my shoulder in return.

“Didn”t you have your `special cloth” for these occasions?” I ask him. “Wasn”t it under your pillow?”

“Yes, and it was,” Karl answers. “But I wasn”t in my bed, was I?”

“Your pyjama pants, then?” I put to him.

“At the time, they weren”t with me either!” he says, not knowing whether to grin or pout.

Turning to Jacko, Archie asks, “Why didn”t you wipe it off him then?”

“I thought that I did!” he answers. “But it was impossible to see in the dark. I must have missed some!”

“Well, there must have been a lot to start with,” Archie grins at him. “If that much is only the bit that you missed!”

“What about you?” Karl asks, wagging his finger at my face.

“Yeah!” Jacko adds. “It was pretty obvious what you two were doing!”

“What?” I shoot back. “Did you hear anything?”

“Duh!” Karl and Jacko reply together.

Archie and I look at each other.

Archie is quick: “Well, at least WE didn”t leave any evidence of it!”

Normally in the shower there would be a lot of soapy rubbing of each other to excitement. This morning, for me, with breakfast to prepare, it”s simply quick and refreshing.

Archie and I leave the other two, washing each other.

“Better finish off with cold water,” I tell them, looking back.

Surprisingly, instead of getting `the finger”, I”m given a thumbs-up and a grin. Two grins.


I have two helpers this morning. Helen sets the table for eight and suggests putting the butter out there to allow people to butter their own toast, which Archie is in charge of cooking.
As they pop in the toaster, all slices are put into a second foil-covered dish in the oven to stay warm until needed, above my sausages and bacon.

Helen also puts bowls of parsley and chopped chives out on the table, again for people to choose their own topping for their eggs, seeing that Mrs Taylor didn”t answer my question.

I don”t start the eggs until Dad, Archie”s parents, Karl and Jacko have all `appeared”. Archie stays to help me, while the others sit and talk around the dining table.

My ears pick up Dad asking Mr Taylor, “So, how are the sinuses this morning?”
I listen harder.

His response confirms that they will be leaving after breakfast!

Archie is not happy!

“It”s OK.” I tell Archie. “If you work on your mother, like we discussed, I”ll see if Dad can persuade your father to let you come, for the same reason � to try to beat Jacko at dominoes. And I reckon Dad might also be able to convince your dad to let you come and have a bit of fun on the bikes when your Uncle George can spare you for a day or two. And sleep over.”


I”m surprised when Mrs Taylor actually says something complimentary. My eggs and sausages. (Marty”s favourites too!) She immediately looks at her husband.

I suspect, from their exchanged expressions, that they have had a discussion on the need for her to say something positive about someone other than Archie. But Mr Taylor may pay for it when they get home! Or before they get home.

I instantly like Archie”s dad. And have more sympathy for Archie.

Karl and Jacko, being the last to arrive for breakfast, again, are on washing up duty. Again!

“I”ll go and get my bag and put it into the car,” Archie tells his parents.

He and I head over to the bunkhouse.

He makes sure that everything is packed, including his toothbrush.

As he is about to do up the zipper, he tells me, “Oh, I forgot something!” And he produces his tape measure.

It”s a happy moment before a sad, premature parting.

“Just measure yours and text me,” I tell him. “I think we”re the same. But you can bring it with you next time, just to double check, as I know you like to do!”

We hug, and give each other a friendly last grope.

I think, `Go back to sleep, Junior. Nothing”s gonna happen! He”s leaving.”



(to be continued)



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