Ladies at Sea

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Throughout the recorded history of man there has been an ongoing fascination with the nude female form, in its erotic response to abuse, and a primal desire to see naked females undergo severe debasing torture. There are hundreds of examples of cultures that openly practiced the sexual debauchment of women on a regular basis.
Drawings on the walls of caves clearly indicated that the breasts and pubic mounds of captured women were a delicacy, eaten directly from the living victim. In Ancient Mesopotamia a new Queen was selected each Spring, and the incumbent and her entire court of attending maidens were stripped, raped and then slowly impaled on huge stakes, with one end driven into the ground and the other end into their puckered rectums. The naked queen and her screaming female attendants died a slow, painful and degrading death in the public square of the ancient city, on the sight of the modern Baghdad.
In Sodom and Gomorrah, the houses of prostitution were noted for the “Butcher Block” diversions, in which beautiful small girls were impaled through their assholes on the long penises of muscular men, and in this position they were tortured, severely pierced, and then limb by limb were slowly dismembered to the howling delight of the drunken patrons.
While captured naked women were attacked and slaughtered in the Roman Coliseum, under the stands patrons could, for two copper coins, take a whip with sharp metal barbs embedded along its length to the naked flesh of a voluptuous bound woman for ten blows. This type of treatment was very popular and is well recorded. One scroll documents a big woman who survived twelve clients before succumbing to the cruel attentions of the thirteenth.
The dark ages are rich in examples of beautiful young maidens disappearing forever into the torture chambers of huge castles. Knights would often raid villages and farm houses for the wives and daughters of helpless peasants to briefly populate the underground pens beside the torture chambers, to enjoy the screams of others until it was their own turn.
Beautiful busty Ladies of the Court who populated the lavish castles could quickly fall from grace on a whim when the Lord of the castle thought of a diversion of horror for her. During the cold and blustery winters, the warmth of subterrestrial torture chambers with their pits of flaming coals with their glowing branding irons, and were often the center of entertainment and diversion.
It was not unusual for hundreds of females to be absorbed into a single castle over a winter. With hundreds of such castles throughout Europe, the prodigious reproduction of the peasants kept the forest villages well stocked with live bitch meat for these terminal torture sessions.
In modern times, often those with the power to do so have set up money making private situations in which the very wealthy can witness the most bizarre exhibitions of attractive young women being brutally and often terminally tortured. These highly erotic and exotic entertainment killings are usually filmed or video-taped for distribution on the very profitable snuff video market.
The sex cruise ships that sail regularly from Scandinavian countries offer such an opportunity, by taking the debauched passengers safely away from the eyes and jurisdiction of laws and presenting for their entertainment the acts of horror they are both willing and anxious to pay for.
The beautiful young girls and well built women brought aboard as “entertainers” are exposed to the horrors of sexual violence acts designed by the most infamous minds of the crime organization that control the ships. The beautiful and shapely female victims are raped, beaten, whipped and tortured in the most heinous carnal exhibitions ever devised. The acts are carefully devised to incorporate eroticism and horror in a delicate and enchanting Balance.
The eroticism is the prime motivator. Sexual craving is the driving force, and raw sadistic blood-lust permits the acts to be carried through to their horrendous catastrophic (for the participants) conclusion. Violent death is the only possible ending for the beautiful women and lovely young girls who participate in the debauched entertainments on these evil cruise ships.
It was on such a ship that Jennifer now found herself.
Jennifer had chosen Copenhagen because she had read a book in the library where she worked in Ohio that described the bizarre Danish sex shows for the tourist who knew where to look. She expected to find her thrills down some dark ally, through a door beyond the reach of the street lights. She had never been to Denmark before, and had never heard of the special sex show cruise ships on which absolutely anything goes. These were a purely European phenomenon, and had flourished since their inception in the early twenties, the flapper era when skirts were short, morals were loose and the law forbid both sex and gambling.
The first of these ships had begun as a floating gambling den, operating outside the jurisdiction of the laws of the European countries from which it sailed. The popular idea had quickly caught on, and with a hiatus for the Second World War, they resumed activity in 1946, with a different objective. There had been a shift in moral laws, allowing gambling, but with much more restrictive laws regarding sex, particularly explicit female abusive acts, so the cruise ships soon became the home of stern sexual entertainment.
The style of entertainment aboard the ships had kept ahead of the legalization of sexual entertainment in Northern European countries, so that when liberal laws permitted staged fornication in night clubs, the ships that were to survive kept their audiences by featuring real torture.
Among the common entertainment tortures one could easily find being performed in a public club were whipping and flogging, the use of hot candle wax, painful flesh clamps, and piercing of the breasts, vagina, and any tender flesh with long sharp needles. Some clubs were more creative, and performed more adventuresome acts on the bound ladies such as anal extension to the point of rupture, belly-swelling enemas, and vagina stuffing with a wine bottle, which would then be shattered, to the cheering of the audience.
Any females could be tortured, as long as they signed a release, permitting the club and its employees to do as they saw fit to her once she was bound. Sometimes young girls could be enticed into signing for just for the kicks, and others would sign in return for drugs, but most often the releases were penned by girls with a gun at their head or a knife at their throat. The single inhibition to the popular club sport was a law that female subjects could not be permanently mutilated.
This restrictive law had followed a long and highly publicized court case, in which a club owner was fined three hundred dollars for allowing an employee to burn off the nipples and clit of a sixteen year old entertainer. Although the beautiful young girl had signed a release form permitting unrestrained physical abuse, the inexperienced young man working her had become carried away during the torture performance by the vocal encouragement of the cafe’s rowdy customers.
Another case was dismissed when the club operator successfully argued that when he burned holes with a glowing cigarette through the inner labia of a fifteen year old entertainer in his club, what he did was similar to what she had done to her ears with a hot needle when she had them pierced.
Another owner was successful in his case when it was clearly demonstrated that the broken nose, arm, and cracked ribs of a twelve year old girl who had agreed to a fight naked with a professional boxer were not permanent injuries. Although the child was much too young to be a client in such an establishment, there was no provision in law to prevent her from entertaining there.
When the underground live torture dens became common in the Scandinavian countries, in order to keep ahead of the game, the ships’operators had to provide much more violent brutality. They introduced a new variation, in which naked little girls in erotic body decorations were used to serve liquor and food, and within a year even these innocent children were, by popular demand, incorporated into some of the violent sex acts.
Naked children being subjected to bizarre and brutal treatment remained a popular feature, but soon the competition became so fierce that the acts of sexual violence proceeded to the ultimate limit.
No female entertainers went willingly onto the cruise ships, because they were reputed to be far too rough, and there was a rumor that women who went aboard as employees never left the ship alive. None of it was ever proven, of course, but the operators engaged special recruiters to provide female sex slaves to stock their holding pens, and the professional procurers delivered only the best prime cunt meat in all of Europe.
By the mid-eighties there were three ships sailing weekly out of Copenhagen which were equipped with large grinders for the safe disposal at sea of the bodies of victims of their more extreme sexual entertainments.
It was on one of these evil and exciting ships that Jennifer now found herself. She had not been told the full nature of the ship’s operation. That’s why she was not prepared for the kind of exciting down and dirty action that she found on board this bizarre sex show ship cruising through international waters, beyond the jurisdiction of any country.
Here the laws of countries were not a concern, because in international waters, the captain of the ship was the law. Whatever he allowed to happen to the female entertainers on board was perfectly legal. This particular sex show cruise ship belonged to the largest international pornography and flesh marketing organization in the world, and the gorgeous women who were brought on board to entertain at sea could expect the worst.
Its bizarre sexual entertainment events provided an excellent opportunity for the very wealthy to let it all hang out, to experience the most depraved events imaginable, with no regard for the safety or comfort of the beautiful specially procured female subjects.
The ship was exceedingly well organized, to maximize the enjoyment of the rich passengers and to make the most of what happened on its several stages of all sizes, and its innermost showplace, the arena in the heart of the large vessel. All of its debauched acts were recorded on video for later distribution in the highly illegal underground market. These were no ordinary sex acts, they were brutal sexual violence sessions in which the victims were often tortured to death. The Organization’s policy was to provide aboard this high security cruise ship the most degenerate displays of sexual perversity to be found anywhere in the world.
Here they exceeded even the excessive sexual debauchery practiced on captive white slave women by the Arab sheiks, or the prolonged brutal violence that the Viet Cong were known to have practiced on captured American nurses before they mercilessly butchered them.
The captain of this ship had explicit orders to provide for his paying passengers the most bizarre and depraved acts of human debasement imaginable, and to ensure that the worst fears of the experience captive bitches were realized, to provide valuable tapes of the degenerate events from the lenses of the multiple hidden video cameras. The ships clients were the wealthy of several nations whose sexual appetites were jaded to extreme, and who both needed and demanded spectacular and gut wrenching spectacle and debauchery to get their rocks off. For them nothing was to extreme, violent or perverse. They paid well to see the ships beautiful young women being mastered, humiliated, sexually debased and terrified with unimaginable horrors, and finally as a climax, to see those horrors fulfilled.
This perspective was not apparent to Jennifer when she accepted her invitation to take this cruise, and from the first things she saw she had no inclination of how far the people on the sex-cruise ship were going to go in their pursuit of the ultimate sex thrill.
Tony had picked her up in the hotel bar in Copenhagen, with an offer of some fast excitement and fast money. He had recognized the aloof vain look of the American bitch right away. This kind of woman was always alone in the bars, because they were always too good for the men who would take the time and trouble to pick them up. They always ended up missing the fun they were looking for, and he had perfected the technique for getting them to come along with him. Tony was a pro, and had made a fair business of procurement. The girls he abducted were always “safe” women, with no connections, and none of them ever left the ship alive, so he was never faced with the risk of running into them accidentally later on. The biggest money for Tony was in coming up with a very special woman who would have a special role on the cruise.
She would begin as a regular passenger, and would be drawn into the acts, deeper and deeper while everyone else on board was aware that she was being “educated” into more and more depraved behavior, until at last she actually performed a bizarre sexual killing in front of an audience.
She would be known to everyone on the ship as The Selected Woman, and although she would be unaware of the process herself, all of the other passengers would know that she would be the featured victim in the grand finale of the week-long cruise. This was the secret that everyone knew of but her. They would know she would take part willingly, not being aware of the full extent of the ship’s ultimate entertainment, nor its outcome. Jennifer was the perfect woman for the “main event”, the final act to be performed on the cruise, which capped all of the depraved exhibitions the guests would witness all week in the many small theaters spread throughout the ship.
In this multi-layered climax event in the ship’s large central death pit arena, the specially selected victim was supposed to be slowly and spectacularly butchered. What made this big event so special for all the other passengers was watching chosen woman being pampered in the earlier part of the cruise, and the rapid building of her depraved behavior as her vanity was pumped up. This greatly enhanced the anticipation of the final event, in which her downfall would be complete, and therefore would be most satisfying for the guests.
Tony set her up well. All he told Jennifer was that there would be a exciting fight for betting purposes between two trained animals. Popular animal fights were legal at sea, and her job would be to wear a very skimpy and sexy but classy little costume, revealing her remarkable legs and magnificent breasts, with her sex organ barely concealed, and he told her she would be anonymous, wearing a flamboyant bird mask.
Not that it mattered, she thought bitterly to herself, because nobody this side of the Atlantic would ever recognize her anyway, she was just another beautiful face. She would handle one of the big animals as it was taken into the fight arena. The beautiful cunt’s potential vanity had been read perfectly. She was so sexually turned on at the idea of being seen in the skimpy costume that she was a ready and easy mark.
Jennifer, like many such bitches, had the body to go with her incredible vanity. Tony knew he could make her remarkable figure and her inflated ego work for him very well before it all blew up in her beautiful face. He had assured her that her job would not be dangerous, because the animals were all familiar with people and their natural instinct was to fight each other. not the people. She would be a fancy showpiece to bring special class to the bizarre fight ring. That was enough for her to know for now.
He also explained that the animals were well trained to be handled on a fine gold chain, and if they paid her any attention, it would be real affection. When she asked what protection she would have, he promised that to protect her, armed men would have their guns trained on the animals to kill them if hey threatened her in the least. He sealed the deal with an offer of $1,000 cash to take part in the animal act, to spend just ten or fifteen minutes in the pit for a full grand, with a full week long cruise tossed in to boot.
Jennifer was very excited at the thought of doing something so very daring, so dangerous, so illegal, and so completely against the moral principles she had grown up with. When she asked what kind of animals would be involved, he said that they changed them for every fight, but they were usually strange combinations of medium sized beasts to make it exciting. She had no idea what was medium size for beasts. He said that whatever, it would be perfectly safe for her down in the pit, and everybody on the ship would watching and admiring her gorgeous big tits.
He made her feel he was in her power by pointing out he thought she was a very sexy lady with a beautiful face and an incredible figure. With that one comment Tony had her. He was so crude, and yet she found him irresistible. He had told her that there would be some exhibitions of both raw and brutal sex on the cruise, all of the illegal stuff, providing the best in kicks, because that’s what paying passengers on the cruises were there for.
He assured her she shouldn’t worry, because the people doing it were all in it for the money, just like her, and that she wouldn’t be expected to watch any of the rough stuff if she wasn’t interested. He had her attention. He mentioned that there would also be a chance for her to pick up a bundle of extra cash with that great figure of hers if she wanted to, but said he’d explain all of that later. She had been sitting it that damned Copenhagen bar for nearly a week, and anything seemed better than a vacation completely ruined because there was no action.
She didn’t like all that she heard from this creep Tony, some of the things he said made her flesh crawl, but he had a way about him that made it all seem so distanced, that none of it would affect her if she decided that it wasn’t going to.
So now she found herself as a passenger aboard the lawless sex cruise liner, well out to sea in international waters and away from the prying eyes of the anti-pornography people, and the first two days had been a real eye opener for her. Tony had told her that her act wasn’t to take place until the sixth day of the cruise, so on the first few days he let her earn a little extra bread while having a good time.
She found it all exciting.
He started to use her to assist in other acts, breaking her in slowly, letting her get deeper and deeper into it without her noticing too severe a change in her level of involvement. He’d started her out easy. For the first two days she just had to swim in the “B” deck pool, wearing her micro bikini, and to lounge around on the deck tanning, showing off to the paying passengers her lean but full breasted figure. She had bought a couple of very expensive and daring string bikinis in Copenhagen, and this gave her a chance to show them off. Both of the very brief and sexy bikinis showed her pubic curls and ran up inside her ass crack.
She loved the attention she drew in the nothing little G-string and nipple cover, and by the afternoon of the first day she was ready to take off her super-mini bikini top to show off and tan all of her big full bulging tits. They were magnificent, and drew the attention of everyone who passed the pool. Jennifer reasoned to herself that it was okay to show them, because all of the other girls were doing it, so she was just conforming her behavior.
She knew that people were even telling others about the raving beauty at the “B” deck pool, because several times she heard people asking others “Is this the one?” and hearing an affirmative reply as they openly ogled her sensuous beauty. She was, however, a little curious when a young woman asked the hunk with her “Is it going to be that vain one over there,” as she pointed at her. Then she realized the word must be out all over the ship that she was the sexy woman who was going to be handling one of the animals in the fight pit. She was on the right track, but would have jumped ship in terror if she’d had the least idea of what else they all knew.
Jennifer agreed to share Tony’s bed the on the very first night, knowing this was probably the only chance she would have to experience sex on her holidays, so she decided she had better make the most of the opportunity. He wasn’t such a bad looking guy, for a Wop.
He convinced her that he would make it worth her while to allow him to butt fuck her. She was excited at the outrageous prospect of taking a man’s penis into her anus, because the thought of anal sex was so depraved. Tony got her cooperation by getting the covers off the bed so that she could watch her own debasement in the full wall mirror which was part of every stateroom on the ship. Jennifer felt herself turned on by the gross degeneracy of the act, which was totally in line with the debauched acts she saw that were the big attraction on this cruise. She felt a twist of excitement in her gut as Tony told her more about the vicious animal fight while he thrust his thick penis deep into her tight greased anus.
He had made the shots of pain in her colon easier to take by giving her a snort of coke. She was surprised she could actually concentrate on what he told her as he heaved into her with that rigid oversized dong.
He said that because the audience was on this cruise to see the most shocking acts possible, the animals would likely fight until one of them was killed. Before they started to fight, she would have a chain around the neck of her animal to hold it back while they sniffed each other.
This thought brought a shiver down her spine as she imagined the runting beasts sniffing each at other’s organs, then baring their fangs as they made threatening snarls, pulling at the restraining leashes held by their human handlers, about to do deadly battle.
On the wall above the washroom mirror hung the extravagant feathered bird mask she would wear in the animal fight pit. It was imposing and had an almost evil look of authority to it. She imagined herself wearing it, with not much else to hide her fabulous figure, and she felt excited anticipation with the sexy image that filled her mind. Tony told her that in the fight ring she would wear a daring loin cloth without a crotch strap to hide her organs, just strips of heavy material that flapped down in front, with none behind. She would go into the large fight pit bare breasted, with her prominent nipples rouged, with sexy high cut spike heeled boots and the bizarre bird-mask to complete her costume.
He also told her she would have further protection in the form of a knife stuck in her belt in case she needed to defend herself. She was startled, as she was not in the least interested in using a knife as a weapon, and certainly not on a ferocious animal in the process of attacking her. As he mentioned the knife he thrust his thick prick deeper into her, heaving with the powerful jabs into her stretched anus, letting the grip of the tight sphincter ring on his penis pump at the base of the thick fuck-pole. She was admiring her kneeling figure in the wall mirror as the attractive muscular nude Italian kneeling behind her rammed his rigid rod relentlessly into her.
Tony suddenly tensed, then he thrust deep into her and climaxed inside the smooth colon of the beautiful kneeling woman. He bellowed like a wounded bull as he suddenly thrust rapidly and shot great gobs of his hot spunk deep into her packed bung hole. To make it special for him she heaved her butt back against his bucking groin and moaned as if he were delivering her biggest and best fuck ever.
When he had charged her guts with a full load of his hot spurting spunk, he surprised her by leaving his still huge and firm cock buried deep in her asshole. He lay down on his side, pulling her down in front of him, and roughly grasped and twisted her full breasts as he talked to her, painfully mashing and squeezing them together while reassuring her about her role in the vicious animal fight.
Tony told her that the man in charge of all the performers and entertainers was very impressed with the way she displayed herself at pool side, and wanted to see her get more involved. He said the man had told him all of the passengers found her very attractive and sexy, and wanted to see more of her. He said he thought this would be a terrific opportunity for her to make even more money and also get more excitement.
She said she would think it over. In fact the idea appealed to her, and the more she thought of the people admiring her fantastic face and figure the more interested she became. As she though of this he told her he had a special surprise for her. While he held her by the breasts with his firm penis still buried deep in her colon he asked her how she would like a special gold ring. She was interested. He asked her if it had hurt when she had her ears pierced. She was surprised at the question, and said it had been done by a professional.
She said the man had squeezed her ear lobes first, so hard that there was no feeling in them when he had pierced the sensitive flesh. The needle had gone clean through. It had burned a bit afterward, but was not enough to be disturbing. It had been worth the mild discomfort, if that was what he meant. She was not sure why he asked the question.
While she was speaking he rolled onto his back, pulling her over so that she lay on top of him, face up. He brought his legs up between hers and forced her legs apart, inter-twined with his so that she could not close them. Then he hit a switch on the bedside table.
In a moment a woman entered. She wore the simple but very sexy uniform of the service staff, a loose fitting shift which did nothing to hide the sexuality of the woman’s large breasted figure.
The pleated skirt was very short, and she wore the spike heeled shoes that accentuated her muscular sexy legs. She carried a small tool box which she opened as she sat on the foot of the bed between the spread legs of the two. Tony explained to Jennifer that he wanted to give her a special gold ring that would show off her beautiful vagina when she displayed it for the enjoyment of others.
She gasped at the lewd suggestion and at the imminent mutilation of her beautiful sex organ, and she struggled desperately but uselessly. Tony assured her the ring would not interfere with her ability to have sex, but instead it would stimulate her vagina into easy arousal.
The staff woman grasped the fleshy hood of Jennifer’s erect clitoris, and pulled the loose flesh up severely from her sex mound, stretching it to the limit. Then without squeezing it to numb the flesh she pressed a sharp needle deep into the restrained young woman’s sex meat, clearly demonstrating there was no bond between women here.
Jennifer screamed, as much at the indignity of being physically abused by another woman as at the pain. She knew that men were often disposed to dominating and abusing women, and she understood this to be a natural process. For a woman to abuse her sex organ so painfully without her consent was extremely degrading. The staff woman withdrew the needle. A droplet of blood slowly grew, filling the new opening, then it trickled down across her slightly curled pink cunt lips. The woman produced from her bag an inch wide thick gold ring, which had an opening on one side.
One end was pointed and the other was hollowed, so that they could be permanently locked together when the ring was forced closed. She placed the opening over Jennifer’s clitoris, which was excited and erect from the raw obscenity of the violent and profane act she was experiencing. With a special tool that resembled pliers she forced the ends of the thick gold ring into the fresh pierce hole, and squeezed the ring completely and closed in Jennifer’s sex flesh, permanently marking her as Tony’s property.
She sprayed a disinfectant onto the pierced cunt which flushed away the gleaming droplets of her blood. The voluptuous woman put her tools away, closed the tool bag and then silently left. Tony released his tight grip on Jennifer’s big breasts, allowing her to sit upright, her anus still impaled on his thick penis.
She saw her clit standing out through the large gold ring, and quickly realized that the gleaming gold decoration actually did enhance the appearance of her sex organ. It was at that instant that she saw the name TONY engraved in the thick gold ring. She was clearly and permanently marked as a possession. Jennifer was startled at the calm that came with this sudden realization, a curious sense of belonging that came with this distinction.
That realization did nothing to quell her anger at the forced invasion of her intimate privacy, the humiliation of being brutalized by another woman, and the piercing of her delicate sex meat without her consent. At the same time, she was startled to notice she was really pleased with the beauty of the device, and the bold statement the man had made in marking her as his own personal property with the aggressive gesture.
With a shock Jennifer realized that she found the brutality of the assault on her sexual privacy was thrilling to her. Now she understood what Tony meant by excitement. She wondered how much the coke she had snorted had to do with what was going on in her head.
On the second evening at sea Tony treated Jennifer by taking her to see one of the most delightfully debauched entertainments Jennifer could imagine: it was a beauty contest for pretty little European tots aged from five to seven.
The kiddie show was staged in a small intimate lower deck theater that seated about a hundred and fifty guests. When they arrived they got two of the last few remaining empty seats left in the theater. Although they were mostly European children, the event was all in English, which Jennifer later learned was the language common to most of the guests, so it was used throughout the ship. I was the little girls’distinctive accents that identified their nationality.
The mistress of ceremonies was a beautiful busty French girl in her mid-teens. She wore a sleek silver gown that squeezed her large beautiful breasts up and together. It’s hem line was more than a foot above her shapely knees. Her legs were naked, and she wore a pair of very sexy silver spike-heeled shoes which gracefully accentuated her long and shapely legs.
She carried a school mistress’s pointer, and she had a very stern look on her face, which the easily influenced children were likely to respect. The pretty girls began by coming on stage one by one, twirling to display their pretty dresses and hair, then stood in a line across the back of the stage. The beautiful young mistress of ceremonies turned her back, revealing a daring slit up the back of the skirt that went all the way up to the belt line, although there was an overlap of a couple of inches, so that except when she walked, the seam of her ass crack was discretely covered. Everyone quickly noted, as she moved revealing flashes of her pale round buttocks, that she wore no panties.
Then she startled everyone by bending over as she talked to the children, with her back to the audience, spreading the slit in her skirt wide, revealing to the audience her bare round buttocks, her puckered naked pink anus and her lightly bearded and open pink lined vagina. Jennifer was excited not only by the daring nature of the dress the girl wore, but even more by the raw and unashamed exhibitionism of the beautiful and well built young French girl wearing the more than suggestive outfit.
She was both shocked and excited at the overt display by the immodest girl of her beautifully formed sex organ, particularly in the presence of these young children, who were of course not able to see what the audience saw. This kind of daring thrilled Jennifer, and got her sexual juices really flowing. Jennifer was surprised at herself, startled that she could be sexually aroused at the sight of another female.
One by one the little girls stepped forward to deliver brief recitations of limericks they had memorized. Clearly they did not understand the words they were delivering in their cute little voices, for the short poems they recited were disgustingly filthy. What made the filthy limericks so interesting was to hear them being so coyly told by the innocent young girls. The children had been carefully coached to emphasize the right words and to give the coy smiles and knowing looks as they innocently spoke the obscene words.
An attractive little blonde five year old began the session with:
A dirty old lecher named Brent
Had a dong so long that it bent
To save himself trouble
He put it in double
And instead of cumming, He went.
When the laughter subsided it was redoubled by her careful and innocently delivered explanation: “When he ejaculated his semen splashed on his own testicles.”
She curtsied politely at the applause she received, then stood aside for the second little girl, who recited:
A mechanic serviced a wench
At arms length, head turned, with a wrench
He explained with chagrin
As he twisted it in
He simply could not stand the stench
“He was masturbating the woman in her vagina with the wrench,” the little child explained, completely unaware of the meaning of what she was saying, “and he found the putrid aroma of fish emanating from her vagina to be highly disgusting.”
And so it went, the attractive slender little European girls in their pretty dresses, white socks and shiny shoes pleasing the responsive audience with their filthy limericks and blindly memorized explanations.
When all of the limericks had been delivered the little girls were all politely and expectantly standing along the front of the stage, accepting the applause from the audience and ready to perform in the next part of the program. The next event was a high kick contest. All of the girls were to kick up as high as she could, and the winner was the girl who kicked her foot higher than the top of her head.
The audience was of course more interested in seeing the thinly covered little crotches, revealed with their skirts raised with the hairless little pussies barely concealed by the tightly stretched panties. The best of the girls was one of the seven year old girls. She not only kicked higher than the other girls, but she managed to kick so hard that her panties slipped to one side, completely revealing her pert cuntlet. Two of the others had also given the audience a view of their bare little slits, but the panties had covered them again quickly. They had been unable to hold their high kick in the air as long as the winner, who gave the audience a chance to study her fully exposed pussy by standing on tiptoe with the other leg held high for several seconds. Jennifer was enthralled at the sheer novelty of the forbidden form of sexual entertainment. It was so daring to sit with these people to watch these children being sexually exploited.
Jennifer was starting to notice how interesting she found this delightfully suggestive form of child sexual usage, which was not quite abuse, and she was anticipating the more brazen acts she believed it was all leading to. She noticed that she found this kind of child sex display to be highly stimulating, and realized that these kiddies had all been fully prepared by special training for this spicy act which was now approaching child pornography.
She proved to be right in her guess about the direction the performance would take. The high kick event was followed by a daring panty peeing contest, and the girls stood at the front of the stage, spread their knees and lifted their skirts, waiting for the signal. When the French woman dropped her raised arm the children all strained, trying to produce urine on demand. They had all been given half a bottle of warm beer to drink an hour before the show began, so all of their bladders were well primed. The audience scanned the row of panties watching expectantly for the first tell-tale sign of darkening moisture.
The smallest of the young girls produced her pee first, with a sudden spread of warm wetness darkening of the white panties. Then a trickle spilled through the material followed by the overflow around the edges when the full flow rate exceeded the ability of the fabric to pass the warm clear liquid. Before she was done the others were all splashing their pee onto the floor, although some of the younger girls had pulled their panties down and two were squatting to pee because they couldn’t do it in the unfamiliar standing position. Now that the panties were all pee soaked, they clearly revealed the fleshy folds they were designed to hide.
A pair of the voluptuous staff women in their simple costumes of red shifts and high heels, brought in mops and quickly cleaned up cooling kiddie piss from the floor. When the clean-up women left the stage there was a dirty dancing contest, for which the little girls had been thoroughly trained to do a provocative strip tease. These small girls had been well schooled in all of the sensuous, provocative and erotic moves of strippers, with heavy bumps and grinds, sensuous twisting and spread legged posing, and as the heavy driving beat of Quincy Jones'”Killer Joe” began to play, they went into their act, two at a time.
The oldest and youngest of the young girls were paired up first, and they began their erotic and sexually stimulating gyrations to the sensual beat of the recorded music. The taller girl lay on her back and sensuously humped and writhed as she removed first her shoes and then her white socks.
Then she stood up, raised her arms and slowly pulled her dress up, rotating her hips, revealing her pretty piss-soaked panties. She twirled, gyrated and thrust her narrow hips as she had been carefully coached to do by professional dancers, in the most stark and sexual moves she could generate. This daring show of overt sexuality by the pretty little girl brought cheers from the appreciative audience. Then she revealed her tight tummy and ribs as the now highly provocative little girl’s dress continued to slide upward. The dress came right over her head and she flung it aside, now twisting and posturing her near-naked body unencumbered. As she pulled the waist band of her panties out and began to twist out of them, the teenaged French girl screamed at the smaller of the little girls “Take your clothes off!”
The small child was doing the moves she had been taught flawlessly, but had forgotten to strip as she danced. The well built French girl slashed downward with her pointer, striking the little girl across the buttocks. The child was so startled at this display of anger she screamed, then she sat down on the lip of the stage and began removing her clothes, forgetting her training, not remembering that she was expected to strip and do the sexy dance at the same time.
She and the other girl were finally naked at the same time, and as the music changed to acid rock they began the posing part of their routine, striking the poses of adult women Jennifer had seen so often in the erotic men’s magazines. Jennifer was shocked at the aggressive sexuality of these pretty little girls, and as she watched she was mesmerized by their erotic appearance. She was also interested to see how the violent slash at the child’s buttocks with the pointer gave her an erotic response. She felt that provocative described perfectly the little girls’effect on her, with the raw sexual stimulation she was experiencing.
As she watched the first pair she could imagine herself pumping a thick dildo up the slender ass of the taller girl while driving her tongue up into the tight cleavage of the smaller child’s puffed out little cuntlet. She was surprised at herself, because she had never experienced lesbian feelings before, had never noticed being aroused by little girls, and certainly not ever considered sex with children. Now these kiddies were turning her on as much as they were the rest of the audience, and none of the others seemed shocked or disturbed, so it seemed to Jennifer that in this setting the sexually stimulating performance of the kiddies seemed to be all right. If everyone was enjoying it so much and the children were all doing these dirty things by themselves, it hardly seemed that this kind of stimulating adult entertainment could be called child abuse.
The next pair of little girls were turning on the audience with their erotic stripping. They recognized the danger of the French mistress’s pointer, and were quickly completely nude, posturing to expose the pretty twin holes in their naked crotches for the delight of the totally degenerate and clearly stimulated audience. The double exposure was more fun than Jennifer could imagine. She was having the time of her life, and found herself fitting right in with the rest of the crowd. When all of the small kiddies had stripped, the beautiful French mistress wheeled out a low table covered with long narrow objects of various sizes and descriptions. The largest was a banana, and with it she demonstrated to the naked kiddies what was expected of them. She slipped out of her sleek sexy gown, revealing her own nakedness, and stood in her spike heeled shoes facing the audience. She spread her knees wide and placed the tip of the banana into the folds of her vagina, pressing at the opening of her fuck chute, and then, without peeling it, she pressed the yellow fruit up into her moist gripping sex meat.
The little girls selected ball point and fountain pens of various sizes, cigar tubes, and sections of wooden broom handles with rounded ends, and began to deflower themselves as the audience watched in fascination. The little girls had no idea that they were different from the French woman inside their wombs, and that in order to successfully insert the tools they had selected, they would have to penetrate a layer of membrane that would bleed. What they did know was that they would all have to complete the task once they had started it, or the pointer would be used on them. They had also been told that the audience was not going to be satisfied until the last little virgin hole had been violated by its owner.
Although the girls screamed at the pain of the process, they continued, and as she watched in fascination, Jennifer remembered her own deflowering by her first boyfriend, but she had been much older than these kids at the time. As she remembered, she was nine or maybe even ten, because she was in grade four at the time of her sexual initiation. It had been rough, because she had refused the twelve year old grade six boy so often that he had finally brutally raped her. She had lived in a new district, and she had been lured with candy into a new house that was not quite completed. He had brought along a pair of his big friends, and they had held her as he ripped off her skirt and panties. He had slapped her face, and then spanked her little cuntlet, stinging it until the reddened petals opened.
Then he violently thrust his big prick into her, painfully ripping the membrane and causing her to bleed profusely. She was frightened by her flow of blood, and had been told that if she told anybody what he had done he would tell the owners of the house that it was her that had bled on the new beige carpet. Now the children on the stage were bleeding as well, screaming as they purposefully deflowered themselves, with the slow girls being viciously battered with the flailing pointer. They were making great progress, and the whole audience was standing up, excitedly cheering them on. As Jennifer caught herself encouraging the smallest girl, she suddenly realized that the morality she had always pretended to was nothing but a sham, and that her true feelings were of lust and sensuality.
She now knew that the fun the audience had was more important than the minor inconvenience to the kids. With this new understanding of herself she felt liberated.
On the third day she agreed to move up to “A” deck, where about a dozen gorgeous girls swam and frolicked naked, simply as part of the ship’s decoration. She found that being naked, displaying herself in front of all of the men and women who came to watch was even more exciting for her than she had thought it would be. Although this was clearly not Jennifer’s regular kind of behavior, on this deck it was the norm, and she knew she would stand out if she wore her swim suit while the other girls lay and posed with their legs apart, displaying their nude forms and sex organs.
Instead she stood out from the other girls because of her perfect beauty, and to her that was only natural. Even the gorgeous rich bitch with the enormous tits stood by the railing watching her, admiring her sleek athletic figure that she took so much pride in. None of the passengers who stood at the rail watching seemed to be surprised that the fleshy hood at the top of her vagina bore the gold ring. When Jennifer noticed someone giving her lingering glances and moving around to get a better look at her as she lay tanning, she would pretend not to notice, but would shift around and move a leg to provide an unobstructed view of her flared lipped and ringed vagina.
Also when she moved she noticed people at the rail moving also, to not lose the view of her nakedness they favored. She had learned as a teenager to make her delicate inner pussy lips flare out by rubbing them as she sat naked on the edge of her bed, holding a mirror so that she could watch her pretty sex organ unfold like a large morning flower with her growing sexual excitement. She was so intrigued with the warm moist and excitable organ that she had for years bought men’s magazines to compare her hot cunt with the immodestly exposed sex organs of professional models. Reflecting back, she could not remember any of those wanton women in the magazines wearing jewelry in their openly displayed sex organs.
She had studied the carefully posed split beaver shots in Hustler and Club magazines, imagining a young photographer’s assistant peeling the beautiful and artfully posed model’s cuntlips carefully apart for each shot, and adding glisten to the engorged organ with a moisturizing jelly.
She had tried it herself many times, rubbing and stretching the inner vagina lips with her fingers while imagining a professional photographer focusing his lens on her displayed crotch to show it to the world. All of this exceptional attention had developed the cunt lips so that they were now easily gorged and flared to more than twice the size of the other girls’flesh-petals. Now, lying at pool side naked before admiring men and women, she found that it was as exciting as she had imagined displaying her naked body, with her long slender legs, her beautiful tits and inflamed and now ringed sex meat.
The highly attractive American librarian runted her hips in the most direct sexual movement she could imagine. She enjoyed the rush it gave her, and she realized with satisfaction how easily overt exhibitionism came to her and how very good it made her feel. After lunch she had found a bottle of rubber cement, and after rubbing up her generous inner cuntlips she used the rubbery glue to hold the engorged flesh petals wide spread. This simple trick made her the most admired nude at the pool that afternoon. As the heat of the day increased and more and more of the passers by stopped to admire her private charms, her vagina muscle relaxed, and the spread of the sex lips revealed the light colored muscle and dark open hole inside her womb.
When she noticed someone examining her exposed cunt, she heaved her insides so that the exposed inner meat rolled and momentarily opened, sucking in air and then squeezing it out, producing hilarious loud cunt farts. She had learned this amusing but disgusting trick as a teenager in her room, and she now performed like a professional sex entertainer.
Jennifer was having a ball.
By evening of that third day Jennifer was ready to move indoors into the show bar where special tables had been set up for the display nudes to lounge on top of them under tanning lights. Here she and the other women lay and posed naked, turning on the male and female customers who sat right up to the tanning tables. Although they were separated from the show girls by a handrail, the patrons were able to reach over and caress the supple nude bodies of the women at will. The gorgeous women were truly nothing but desirable sex objects, and Jennifer found this to be highly erotic.
Soon perspiration slicked her visibly tanning flesh, and in the heat of the lamps and the inner heat of shamelessly exhibiting herself at such close quarters, her large breasts and open vulva swelled naturally. The gleaming gold ring stood up as her clitoris swelled and stood out through it, making her look particularly sexually stimulated and stimulating. She got a special kick out of teasing them with her sensuously gyrating figure and a show of her flared cunt and pretty asshole, warming the clients up to frolic with the gorgeous whores and studs who worked the F deck.
She took a tip from one of the experienced girls in the dressing room during a brief break, and squeezed a whole tube of creamy white suntan lotion up into her twat. While she was lying out on display in the tanning machine, she kept going with her hand to that private well, then sensuously rubbing her naked body with the moisturizer. The customers thought she was basting her body with her own love juices, and they brought others over to take a look at the amazing American woman.
She was only once shocked and embarrassed, when one of the men slid his hand across her ass, then quite suddenly thrust his middle finger roughly up into her asshole. She squealed as if with delight, but was disgusted at the rapid finger fuck by the perfect stranger. She quickly rolled over so that his finger was forced out of her, and offered her cunt to him to view and caress instead. What saved the humiliating situation was a bouncer who skillfully steered the man toward the F deck, offering him a free fuck with the prostitute of his choice. She was startled to hear the bouncer explain to the man that “this is the selected one, and she’s not to be marked until her time.”
The feeling of being invaded soon faded as several other people moved over to her table to admire and touch her delightful exposed charms.
Tony picked Jennifer up after her shift, waited she got into a sexy dress, then took her to see another more aggressive and shocking demonstration. He knew she was ready to see some real brutality now, to further her development toward becoming a show feature.
This show was a contest between a pair of extremely muscular body building women, each armed with a long carriage whip. These brutal weapons were designed to bring a sharp sting to the flesh of a horse, right through its thick hide. Jennifer could readily see how much more severe they would be when used on the naked flesh of a woman. She would be startled at how devastating they could be in the hands of these powerful women.
These women, who appeared to be in their mid-twenties, could easily have been world body building champions, they were so well developed. Their muscles had been shot full of steroids and they had built huge muscles with incredible form and definition. The only difference between these fine specimens and real competition body builders was that their breasts had also been pumped up, either with silicone or with some natural tissue builder.
They both sported huge well developed round and erect breasts, with stout firm nipples pushing out through the nipple holes in the very brief halters they wore, rather than having the flat chests common with female body builders. Through a slit in their thin fabric in their bikini panties their flared cunts were clearly defined, and their markedly enlarged clits pushed through the slit cloth and stood outward, demonstrating that their pleasure buds had also been specially enlarged and developed.
The engorged clits pushed through the flesh folds at the top of the exposed cunts and stood erect and rigid like slick little boys’penises. They were spectacular, and the audience was anxious to see what damage they would do to each other. A pair of well built teen-aged girls wearing jeans, white frilly blouses and high heeled shoes were brought onto the stage. Suddenly the audience realized that the women would not fight each other, but instead these two were going to be the human targets for the whips in the brutal competition.
Jennifer was startled to see that one of them was the French girl who had been on stage with the little girls. Jennifer was pleased to see her again, because she had admired the girl’s well shaped body, and was interested in seeing the girl who had been so stern with the children being reduced to a plaything for the entertainment of the audience, to become nothing but a whip target, a sexual toy to be dallied with, brutalized, and then cast aside. Little did she realize the significance of her casual thought. The two well built girls were introduced as Hannah and Jennine. Hannah was a blonde Nordic girl, with very light blonde hair. Jennine was the black haired French beauty, who’s hair had flowed in curls over her shoulders. Now both had their hair in inverse braids, the type that tucked the hair inside out of sight, with a woven ridge down the back of their heads. This would keep their beautiful long hair out of the way of the flailing whips.
The two girls stripped down naked, leaving on only the high heeled shoes. Jennifer was struck by how much more sexual Jennine’s naked figure was than she remembered in that tight silver dress she had worn the night before. She also noted how similar the two girls were in build. This close balance in the amount of living girl-meat would make the brutal girl-whipping experiment valid. She wondered to herself how much those beautiful smooth skinned bodies of the lovely naked teenagers would be marked by the vicious whips.
Each of the gorgeous girls was bound to a pair of closely placed stakes at one side of the stage. Each pair of stakes was about a foot apart, and served as a rack to keep the girls bound to them facing in the right direction. The girls’legs were spread around the posts, so that their crotches were opened to expose their delicate sex organs to the whips as well as their bodies. They were both well tanned, although the French girl had white bikini marks Jennifer had seen during the kiddie show.
Their ruddy appearance was enhance by the color of the lighting and the sheen of their specially oiled bodies. Hannah was bound with her back to the whippers, with her breasts pressed firmly against her pair of posts, and with her long hair braided up it would keep out of the way, so that the whip would have full access to her back and shoulders. Nothing was to interfere with the intent of the exhibition. Her face was turned with her cheek pressed against the post so that the audience could see it and watch her reactions and screams with each blow.
Jennine was bound with her back to the stake, facing her whipper and presenting her delicious cunt, tight belly, round breasts and gorgeous face to the whip. The object of the demonstration was to discover which side of a woman was more vulnerable to attack, her front or back. It was an old question, whether it was wiser to face or turn your back to a beating or whipping, and this brutal whipping exhibition was designed to solve it once and for all.
The decision would be made according to which of the brutalized girls passed out from the whipping first. The muscular whip women wore their competition bikinis with pride and class. The nipple holes and the ingenious vagina slits gave the minimal costumes no covering value. In fact the thin strands of fabric in the slit crotch were drawn tightly on the outside of their inner cunt lips so that they forced the exposed flared sex meat to flower, spreading wide and revealing the inner pink meat and the dark mysterious holes of their vaginas when they moved.
The two women whippers with their fantastic bodies strode with authority across the stage, armed and ready to use the long horse whips.
On a signal they swung their long whips back and the brutal bitch-whipping contest was on. Hannah could not see the blows coming, so that when the first one struck she was startled and therefore was the first to scream. The whip angled across her bare back from her right buttock across her shoulder blade and the small of her back, and slapped noisily across her left shoulder. It raised a quick angry welt that was just a red streak at first but which visibly grew into a firm ridge. Clearly the woman wielding the whip had incredible strength. Jennine took a similar blow at the same time, but it bounced her right breast wildly when it struck, then crossed her navel and actually cut her left hip-bone.
Amazingly, she resisted the impulse to scream.
She was clearly a feisty bitch, and was going to provide them with some real entertainment before she was whipped into unconsciousness. The muscular women recoiled their long whips, and concentrated on the line they wished to draw with the next. The maximum effect would be obtained by letting the young resilient bodies absorb the blows and then let the girls anticipate the next, so they were spacing them out at about thirty seconds.
As the two muscular women swung the whips back to deliver the second blow Jennifer noticed how erotically their big breasts swung, and she was sure the large mammaries were real. There was no way that mammary implants would move so naturally. They must have developed their tit muscles too, she decided, probably with steroids. The second blow to each girl was identical but opposite to the first, crossing Hannah in the small of her back, and the French girl almost exactly at her navel. This time Jennine’s left nipple was severely split, and drops of her blood trickled down across her breast. Again she refrained from screaming by biting her lip, and again Hannah’s shrill scream filled the small theater.
Jennifer looked at Tony, with momentary concern crossing her face. “This is terrible, they are really hurting these two girls,” she said.
“They’re up there because they’re being well paid for it,” he said. “Both of them agreed to do this, and signed releases to prove it. Of course it hurts,” he added, “that’s the whole point of the show.”
“But they’re tied up, and can’t get out of it if it gets too rough for them,” she protested.
“Of course they’re tied up,” Tony said. “You can’t have a girl backing out of the middle of a performance, just because it isn’t fun anymore. They both agreed to it, now they’re in it right to the end.”
The third blow was brought up viciously between the girls’spread legs, blasting the tightly woven leather whips with a snap against their delicate organs. Within seconds droplets of crimson blood was dripping from damage to both their fleshy cunts and tight anus rings. This time the French girl was unable to hold back her scream, and as the sudden pain of the whip against her tender sex meat shot up through her body she was clearly shaken by the violence of the brutal act in which she was trapped.
Tony looked at Jennifer, checking her attitude.
“That was a great shot,” she said. “It really got to them.”
“Aren’t you worried about them being hurt?” he asked.
“Like you said, they knew what they were getting into, and they’ll be paid for it, won’t they? Isn’t this what they’re on this cruise for?”
“Absolutely,” he said. But doesn’t their bleeding bother you?”
“It’s only a small trickles, it isn’t as if they were really bleeding, and anyway, the blood shows up whip marks better, like a visual representation of their pain.”
Just then the next crack of the whips sounded, followed by the jolting of the two bodies, and the fresh unrestrained screaming of them both.
“Did they know when they agreed to this whipping that their privates were going to be targets?” Jennifer asked.
“I didn’t make the arrangements, but my guess is the French bitch didn’t know she was going to have her front whipped.
“The thing is,” he continued, “is that they both agreed in principle, and whatever they get on this stage that has to do with whipping is all within the bounds of the agreement,” he said, “And besides, as I said, they’re being well paid.”
“Are there going to be any surprises for me in the animal fight pit?” she asked.
“What could that be?” he asked in mock astonishment. “You know everything will be as I said it would.”
“But what didn’t you say?”
Just then the twin whips landed again, and the air was split with fresh shrill screams as the nude bound bodies of the beautiful young girls bucked under the impact. Jennifer noted with interest that Jennine’s big tits and tight belly were taking the beating incredibly well, and her screams were easily as strong as Hannah’s. Neither of the attractive young bitches was showing any sign of fading.
The brutal whipping continued relentlessly for another half hour, with a total of sixty lashes to each writhing body. The audience applauded each blow, then was silent in anticipation of the next so that they would hear the resounding’SPLAAT’of the hard leather striking tender naked flesh, and the twin vocal reactions from the delightfully brutalized girls.
Almost half of the violent thrashing was directed to the vulnerable and tender sex organs, and the battered sex meat of both of the shrilly screaming girls was red and swollen, and dripping crimson.
Between vicious blows the pair would sag, and they were now both sobbing and shaking uncontrollably between lashes from the terrible and expertly applied whips. Wherever the angry welts crossed there were droplets of fresh blood, and both oiled bodies were now streaked with their own sweat and blood.
The muscular women wielding the whips with such skill were now sweating profusely. To top it off, one of the big bitches was in season and was now dripping her own menstrual blood down the inside of her legs.
It was now time to open up the bizarre demonstration. The women with the whips had a two minute break, and were given drinks. The drinks of the spectators were refilled, and they sat back to enjoy the act as it went into high gear. Then the signal was given, and the body building bitches with the whips were instructed to whip the girls “free-style”. They were free to lash at the battered bodies of the girls with abandon, without any waiting between blows.
They went at it with a vengeance, with the blows raining down in a flurry so severe that the screams from the two girls bucking in their bonds were non-stop. The tightly woven leather lashed again at their cunts with such fury that the organs swelled well out, and actually began to invert under the horrendous and merciless battering. The whips soon split the naked flesh so greatly that both girls were showing a rib through an open slash. Hannah’s back and buttocks were a torn mess, and Jennine’s breasts were split and beginning to drool tiny strands of the inner breast-meat.
In the heat of the whipping Tony noticed that Jennifer was so excited by the advanced state of the beating that she was not showing any signs of repulsion by the splitting of the young women’s flesh. This was good, because the show was about to become heavy, and this was no time for her to begin to show timidity. Blows were now being directed at the young girls’beautiful faces, and they were both being permanently marked, as was the rest of their mercilessly battered flesh. Suddenly Hannah’s bleeding anus opened and she produced a long stool that curled onto the floor between her spread feet as she suddenly sagged into unconsciousness. As the winner and still conscious member of the competitors, Jennine now got the full attention of both of the whip-wielders. The two whips lashed mercilessly at her, with one concentrating on her cunt while the other continued to assail her big breasts.
At this late stage in the beating she was good for only a couple of minutes, but in that time took another sixty rapid and vicious blows from the twin whips. It was enough. Her screams lost intensity, and finally she also fainted. That probably saved her life, although nobody was particularly concerned for her survival. Tony Invited Jennifer to go with the others onto the stage to examine the unconscious girls, and she was eager to do it. The women with their whips were standing aside and displaying their muscles by posturing for the guests.
Most of the guests were ahead of Tony and Jennifer, and just as they were getting close to the living carcasses the master of ceremonies directed everybody back to their seats. He announced there was a special surprise for them all: the muscular women with the whips were going to fight each other with a fresh set of thin and vicious looking long buggy whips.
With growing excitement all of the guests quickly resumed their seats. The MC announced the object of the contest was for each to remove the other’s bikini. The first to denude her opponent would be the winner. There would be no rules other than that the task must be completed with the whips. The ensuing whip fight was both furious and brutal. The women spared nothing as they flailed at each other with the vicious weapons. Each had removed the other’s brief panty within minutes, and they each took stinging blows to their now fully exposed cunts, but the bras were more difficult. They were supported by complex thin tough straps that strung up around the wearer’s neck. both of them got the other’s bra off her tits, but the garments dangled about their necks so the fight was not yet over.
What turned the tide was when one of the women slipped on a streak of blood and fell. She dropped her whip, and was suddenly flailed mercilessly by the other, and the audience was on its feet, shouting encouragement to the woman brutally lashing her fallen friend.
Jennifer was standing on her seat, frantically shaking her fists and screaming to the woman to get the bitch’s big breasts. Fortunately for the naked woman on the floor the final strap was caught in the whip and jerked off before the whipping could do any severe or terminal damage.
Tony was well pleased with Jennifer’s progress, and took her onto the stage now to see the damage done to Jennine and Hannah, who were now slowly coming back to the world of the living. The floor around them was splattered with their blood, and as Jennifer saw how severe and deep their whip cuts really were, she understood how thoroughly the attractive young girls had earned whatever they would be paid. She had no idea that whips could do this kind of damage to human flesh, and she wondered if when they agreed to subjecting themselves to the whipping these beautiful girls with the accentuated figures had any idea of what kind of punishment and severe mutilation they were letting themselves in for.
She was certain they hadn’t known that this extensive damage to their beautiful bodies would be the result, or they would never have agreed to be whipped. The attractive young women would be marked for life, and all for this brief but highly erotic and stimulating cruise ship entertainment. It was this kind of dedication to debauchery by the crew, entertainers and paying passengers that Jennifer found so stimulating. These striking young girls, naked before strangers, had sacrificed their remarkable beauty to the destructive whips for the entertainment of this transient audience that was likely to forget them completely when they saw the next show. These girls were in it for the flash of attention and recognition they received for their daring naked exposure to the biting whips in front of a real live audience.
Jennifer was convinced they had not known it would be like this, certain that nobody would willingly sacrifice their body to such a degree of demolition just for money. She was equally sure they were completely willing to take the risk they did because of the momentary flash of fame.
The girls were now gently sobbing as the audience inspected them. When Jennifer came up beside Jennine, she saw for the first time how severely the French teenager’s lower belly had been cut. Through the gape in a tear in the girl’s stomach muscle she could see the moving pulse of the teen girl’s pink intestines! The split nipple was dribbling blood, where the hard bud had been was an opening with the pink and white inner tit meat exposed. At close range the damage to the teen girls was clearly much worse than Jennifer had seen from the stands. The girls’once beautiful cunts were now a mess of strips of bleeding meat, and looked to Jennifer to be beyond repair.
Now the master of ceremonies asked for the question.
“Raise your hand high,” Tony told her.
Everyone else had an arm raised, and with a questioning look Jennifer raised one of hers.
“It’s for the coup de grace,” he explained. With horror she realized she had just voted for the death of the bound bleeding teen aged girls. These people were really playing hardball.
Tony pulled her back as the master of ceremonies came forward, brushing past her as he crossed to the bound girls. He was carrying a long sharp butcher knife. My God, Jennifer thought to herself as she felt a tight knot growing in her belly, He’s actually going to murder them! And I voted for it!
The man in the tuxedo grabbed Hannah’s hair and raised her head high, with it twisted around so that everyone could clearly see her face. Hannah eyed the knife with bulging eyes, and opened her mouth wide to scream, but in her horror was unable to get out a sound. Without hesitation the man drew the sharp knife across her neck, deeply slashing her throat. The butchered German girl’s bladder loosened, dumping a spray of hot piss onto the floor. Jennine had no difficulty in working her lungs, and as the master of ceremonies moved over to her she gave the audience the best scream of the show, a shrill high pitched rolling whistle that rang off the walls.
The man got his fingers into her hair, getting a handful of the dark curls, and he jerked her head up to display her screaming face and totally expose her neck. The French girl pissed herself as she saw the now bloody knife being raised. With her limbs firmly bound to the posts, she was completely helpless, and at the man’s mercy. She glanced up at his face, and saw in his eyes that he was merciless.
Jennifer also lost control at the scene of thrilling horror, and she pissed in her panties as she saw the beautiful young girl facing her last seconds of life. Even murder was acceptable on this evil ship.
“You really find this exciting, don’t you,” Tony observed.
Jennifer looked at him but was speechless.
“What do you think these girls had to look forward to in the shape they’re in?” he said. “Hell, this coup de grace is a mercy to them.”
Jennifer realized he was right. Now that they were so messed up they were better off dead, and probably even realized that themselves. Or at least one of them did, it was too late to think of that for Hannah.
“This is the best thing we could do for them, now that they’ve let themselves get this far into it. After a certain point there’s no turning back.”
As little as she liked it, she realized that what Tony said was true. The best thing they could do would be to slaughter the bitches and be done with it.
As the big blade swept across Jennine’s throat, slicing off her scream, Jennifer felt the knot in her stomach ease. There was no sense in keeping these impulsively reckless young cunts alive in the shape they were in. There was really no risk to anyone in killing them, because it was clearly what the audience wanted. The vote had been unanimous, and besides, only the captain of the ship was answerable for whatever happened while they were at sea.
As Tony had told her, this was international water, and whatever the captain permitted to happen was legal. When they returned to port there could be an investigation only if there were an inquiry or complaint, and she was sure nobody knew these girls had sailed on this ship. The men who had procured them would have seen to that. If these girls were to live, they could tell about the abuse they had experienced, and bring all of this thrilling debauchery to an end. By killing them, Jennifer realized, there would be no threat of exposure, so she decided that killing them now would protect the ship, and was therefore really the best idea.
She was sure that the crew were very discrete about any outsiders knowing who was aboard the sex cruise ship. In fact she knew nobody knew that she was on this ship. As she directed her attention again to the two slaughtered girls she saw that the man had sliced right through Jennine’s neck and now held the severed head high in the air. With a single strong slash the man had cleanly decapitated the beautiful bound teen-aged French girl, and now triple jets of blood jetted from the slender stump of her neck.
Jennifer felt herself cumming, and realized that what had happened was really the natural completion of the bizarre event. In fact, the headless naked whipped body was quite a turn on, and inadvertently her hand went to her piss soaked crotch as she looked at the incredible scene of totally profane debauchery.
As the voyage of the Danish cruise ship with its violent sex shows progressed, the action on board heated up. The next day Jennifer was on duty in the show-and-touch lounge, and she had a new experience at being caressed by the hands of passengers. She realized in a new way the kind of violent fantasies they had as they touched and squeezed her naked flesh, and shivers ran up her spine at the thoughts she had, remembering the outrageous beating and cold-blooded decapitation of the chesty teens.
That night Tony saw that Jennifer was still excited by the violent stage act she had witnessed, and he persuaded her to get personally but indirectly involved in one of the many staged violent sex acts. He assured her it would not be dangerous, but would be a good experience for her to get some exposure on stage before the event she had come onto the ship to perform.
This was to be a rape of a pretty young Dutch girl.
At first Jennifer was hesitant when Tony told her they were really going to rape the little girl on stage. She had been so shocked by the twin murders in the whipping show the night before she was nervous about actually becoming involved, particularly when the announced purpose of this act was to be the deliberate rape of an innocent little girl. Real sexual child abuse, for the thrill of the audience.
However, Tony explained that the child was no virgin, and judging by the district they had found her in she had probably already been raped several times. He further said that if the child had not been brought on the ship, to be in this simple little show, then not only would she probably be both raped again several times, but just as likely, she would also probably be murdered by some sexual pervert in a dark alley or in a seedy hotel room within a few months.
By kidnaping her, the ship’s “talent scouts” had probably saved her life. Now they had her on the ship where everything the captain approved was in fact completely legal, then she might as well be raped by actors on stage for the enjoyment of more than just a few punks. Anyway, the kid at least owed them that for saving her life. He pressed the point that it would be a great chance for Jennifer to get into a daring sex act without too much involvement, just to see how much she liked it, and to get used to being a performer in the spotlight. After all, the rape of the little girl wasn’t going to affect her.
With that logic she agreed to do it. If they had saved her life they were unlikely to take it now. Anyway all she had to do was walk onto a small stage holding the hand of the nine year old Dutch girl, playing the part of the pretty child’s mother. The slender little girl had her straight blonde hair cut in the traditional severe bangs Jennifer had seen so often when in Holland. The remarkably beautiful child had wide innocent blue eyes, and Jennifer had some difficulty picturing her as a street urchin as Tony had described, but if it were true she was certain the good looking little girl would easily attract rapists.
Jennifer felt exposed and daring in the red high heels and the thin silk dress. She was completely naked underneath. This part had been her idea, because she thought she would feel sexier this way. She had been right, and the feeling of the smooth silk dress clinging to and sliding against her nakedness and rubbing into excitement her hard nipples made her feel as sexually stimulating as she knew she was.
The small stage was designed to look like an alley, and when she and the pretty little girl walked onto the stage the audience was warmed up and gave them a rousing reception. Apparently there had been another act before them. Jennifer saw some torn pantyhose and a bra with red stains that looked like it had been slit with a knife. She cringed as she imagined the sharp blade slicing through the material and the tender breast meat of the woman wearing it.
Before their eyes became used to the bright light of the stage, three muscular toughs wearing only thin t shirts, dirty sneakers and raging erections came on and grabbed them. One of them held her, ripping her dress open while the other two stripped, raped and then severely beat the kid.
Jennifer screamed at the men, horrified at the brutality of the sexual attack on the harmless little girl. They quickly ruptured her little asshole with their monstrous pricks, and double fucked her while violently beating her face and little body with their fists.
While Jennifer screamed and struggled, the powerful punk who was holding her lifted her dress, then painfully squeezed her breasts and thrust several fingers up into her dry cunt, and thrust his thumb up into her asshole. She instinctively kicked frantically toward his big testicles, but he was holding her in a position that made effective contact with his balls virtually impossible.
The dress was so tightly stretched as he bent her backward that at first her big tits were squeezed so that they bulged obscenely, then the seam down the center split, freeing the firm breasts. To the cheers of the audience the guy holding her ripped the flimsy dress off her, leaving her stark naked. Now she wore only her spike heeled shoes and cheap costume jewelry they had given her for the act, and was more of an attraction than the fading kid, who she noticed had just passed out. Jennifer’s asshole hurt like hell from the man’s thumb digging into her colon. Tony’s thick cock had ravaged her pretty shit chute each night, but that was no preparation for this brutal treatment.
She felt shame as she was turned, completely naked except for the shoes, to face toward the audience who she could now see clearly. To runt naked on a table in front of a few appreciating people in a classy saloon was one thing, but to be brutally sexually humiliated on the stage of a small but packed theater was another. Despite this feeling of revulsion at the degradation and humiliation of this kind of public treatment, Jennifer could feel an urgent churning of excitement in her belly, and the flush of moisture in her invaded cunt. The sexual violence and raw exhibitionism was turning her on, and she was showing this to the audience with her flush of sexual excitement through the flaring of her cunt.
The fact of the matter, as she was coming to realize, was that she was getting acclimatized to the brutal sex acts, and was feeling sexual stimulation at the depravity of the performances. The two men who had finished beating and raping the little girl grabbed Jennifer and lifted her off the ground as the third man went to face fuck the severely beaten child, who was just regaining consciousness.
The two others lifted Jennifer between them with her legs wide spread, and turning her bare ass toward the audience again, bent her head down between her tits, pulling her knees back past her ears until she saw the audience upside down. Her chin rested on her pubic mound, and while in this painful position one of them wrapped an arm around her slender waist and squeezed her hard, forcing her to shit.
Her anus opened with the internal pressure from being squeezed while being bent double, and a long shit-log began to slide out uncontrollably toward the audience. The first stool fell onto the stage between the men holding her. It was flattened on the bottom, but was firm enough to hold its shape. Her face flushed beet red with embarrassment at this outrage to her privacy, and perhaps from the awkward position she found herself in.
She had found herself turned on with the display of her sex, but she was not the kind of girl who would involve herself in a public scatological exhibition, even if all these leering people in the audience were nothing but foreigners! The men pulled her head forward so that her chin rested just above her cunt, with the shitting hole in clear sight. Then they rotated her, placing her asshole above her face, and forced her jaws apart as the next thick stink log slid out of her spreading anus in time for her to catch the dropping turd in her mouth!
Her own harsh muck slid across the moist lips of her cunt as if it were a guiding chute, and then slowly dropped between the parted painted lips of her mouth. She tried to scream, but that just opened her throat, allowing her steaming shit-log to slide roughly down the length of her tongue and then on down into her waiting gullet.
The taste was so repugnant to her that Jennifer began to gag, and by blocking the action, the energy was transmitted to her colon, and she embarrassed herself even further by shitting out another thick turd, which followed the path of the first, directly to her mouth. She was so embarrassed that she immediately swallowed the repugnant mass of her own rectal offal. The crowd loved it. Jennifer was enraged.
They were sure now that this bitch was going to be the one, and all that happened in the meantime was just preparation. She couldn’t wait for the horrible ordeal to be over. She would never forgive Tony for subjecting her to this. What startled her was that instead of turning away, the audience seemed to love the disgusting and debasing display.
She could see the battered naked little girl with the punk pumping his spunk into her throat. The big prick was being thrust into the child’s throat so deeply it appeared to Jennifer that the girl’s jaw was broken. She appeared to have passed out again, and blood was trickling from her sexy little crotch. The audience were on their feet, cheering the outrageous display of debauchery.
The curtain dropped and the men put Jennifer unceremoniously down. As she moved toward the side of the small stage to give Tony a piece of her mind she saw it. There was a marquee board announcing the act she had just taken part in. It read:
There was that phrase again. She had to remember to ask Tony what it meant.
“You Bastard!” she screamed at Tony while he cleaned her up backstage. “That was a set-up! What kind of fucking fool do you take me for?”
He had a warm wet towel between her legs, rubbing the shit out of her cunt and from her asshole. He was handling her like an exotic animal, not a human, and he was totally ignoring her scolding.
“You knew they were going to make me do that!” she ranted at him. “You Asshole! You have your nerve getting me involved in a brutal humiliating show like that!” She could feel her neck going red with her anger. “Making me eat my own offal in front of that audience is so disgusting I can’t even tell you,” she continued. “And raping the kid is one thing, making her have brutal sex on stage with several men at once in front of an audience was what she was brought here for, like you explained, but the beating! They might as well have murdered her!”
“They don’t kill all the entertainers,” he said, finally acknowledging her. “You’re alive, aren’t you?”
The shock of what he said took a moment to hit her. Her mind flashed back to the whipping stage last night, and the image of the decapitation of the French girl Jennine burned again into her mind. She now knew there really were no limits to what could be done to the female entertainers on this evil ship. Perhaps the only reason she was alive was that she was needed for the act with the animals. Would there be a twist ending to that act that she might not be supposed to survive?
Tony gave her a mouth rinse to get the taste of her crap out of her mouth. She took several rinses, spitting the excess out onto the floor. In the corner of the hallway sat the little girl, unattended, severely bruised and with blood trickling from her vagina, anus and the corner of her mouth. Jennifer had to admit that she had felt sexually stimulated by the sight of the pretty little kid being brutally beaten and violently raped. Even sitting there naked and helpless, with cum dribbling out of her swollen and bruised little cunnie, the kid was erotically stimulating.
My God, she thought to herself, what’s happening to me? Look at me standing naked, spewing mouthwash out onto the floor like a common whore. How far I’ve come in so few days!
“Those brutal bastards had no right to do that to me,” she said, “Its bad enough raping and beating that little girl, but hurting me, and making me eat my own stinking poop in front of all those people!”
In response Tony clamped a studded leather collar around her neck, and attached a chain to it.
“Listen, cunt,” he said to her, “you’re my personal property aboard this ship, and you’ll do as I say.” He ran the chain down between her legs as he stood her up straight, so that it pressed against her gold clit ring and rubbed against her cunt meat and her asshole as it was jerked tightly up through her ass crack.
“HELP!!” Jennifer screamed as Tony pushed the beautiful naked woman ahead of him down the hallway which was lined with several waiting slaves. Jennifer had never been on this deck before. On either side of the narrow passageway were chained naked female sex slaves of all ages, either waiting to entertain the passengers, or having just come out of one of the many small theaters.
Jennifer’s eyes opened gaziantep rus escort wide in disbelief.
Some of the naked chained females were in perfect physical shape, without a mark on them. These were the ones that were waiting to go in front of an audience in one of the small theaters to face unknown sexual horrors. Some of the girls had somehow had their sex organs enormously enlarged, making them more interesting for sexual diversions.
Several others of the gorgeous naked women and girls had been severely abused, with large bruises, cuts and scratches, and even a few large open wounds. Pools of warm blood formed where some of them stood or sat stark naked in that steamy over-heated hallway in the lower reaches of the ship. These poor damaged bitches had already entertained, and they had done so at great personal and physical cost.
Along this corridor the women and girls were stacked for the more bizarre exhibitions, and then they were chained here afterwards until the handlers could get them back to their quarters, or to wherever they took those too badly damaged to use again in the brutal shows.
One large breasted girl in her early teens had one hacked tit hanging down her belly by a strand of flesh, and a tube of gut protruding through a long gash in her lower belly. She looked up with the large dulled brown gentle eyes of a cow, and Jennifer saw for the first time what it was the guests saw as entertaining in the brutal treatment of the women victims.
There was no emotional involvement with them, they were just like domestic meat animals, living sex objects to abuse, as severely as they wished. This was pure live entertainment. It was happening right now. The best part of all was knowing that they were bringing pain and suffering to the beautiful helpless cunts.
“God,” she thought, “is that me thinking this way?”
She knew the answer was yes, and she found that shocking.
What shocked her most of all was that all of these naked females were chained up like slaves, like animals. There was no sign of medical attention, and for the first time Jennifer sensed a smell of death hanging in the ship, the feeling that the lives of these captive females was cheap and to be expended at the whim of the people in control.
At that moment she felt herself having a mind induced orgasm. On this ship the women victims were beef at the slaughter, sex toys for total terminal abuse. Sex meat, she thought to herself. The debasing term for the naked female slaves appealed to her. This suddenly caused a deepening of that strange churning in her gut, which she could have mistaken for excitement.
None of these slaves was in any position to help Jennifer, and she saw that they were themselves helpless, and for them their situation was completely hopeless. Because it was hopeless for them, and nothing could be done to save them, she realized she could get into the carnal lust that would permit open enjoyment of the exciting merciless brutality these bitches had or were about to experience.
Thank God I’m not like them, she thought as she passed a girl with a huge four inch pipe sticking out of her ruined asshole. Tony was just trying to make a point with this chain and collar. For now she was completely at Tony’s mercy, and she was not sure mercy was part of how this man operated. Certainly not from the way he was jerking the chain through her abused cunt meat as she climbed the narrow stairs to the next deck. She felt as if the rough chain were going to rip her poor crotch wide open, scraping against the swelling of her anus and the raw lips of her vagina. She knew she was powerless to do anything about it.
When they reached his cabin, he chained her to the foot of the bed and jammed a big hypo into her ass, shooting her full of drugs.
“What the fuck have I let myself in for,” she thought as she felt her head begin to spin. Soon the whole room was spinning, out of control. She mercifully passed out, and slept deeply the whole night.
In the morning Tony gave her a second shot, but this one didn’t make her sleep. Instead it made her feel listless. A staff woman brought her some bread and fruit, then came back at noon and gave her soup and fried fish. When she had finished eating she was given another injection, and within a few minutes she felt rising anxiety and nervous tension. That relentless restless feeling soon increased to frustration, and then anger.
What were these people doing to her, and what were these strange drugs they were injecting her? What were they doing to her? Where was Tony?
She got up and paced as far as the chain would allow her as her frustration and anger grew. Her restricted movements served to further elevate her frustration.
For the evening meal she had peas, corn and carrots, and a thick cut of rare roast beef. She was given another shot of drugs, then she was taken down to the ‘S’ deck, where the sadism acts were performed. She felt herself getting more and more agitated, and although she realized that it was the drugs, she couldn’t help but notice she was getting hornier as she grew more angry. It was an out of control feeling, where she felt erotic sexual excitement and at the same time was certain she would fly off the handle at the least aggravation any moment. She found it both frightening and somehow releasing.
Three female attendants had brought her down to this lower deck. They were wearing the short white cotton shifts of the ship’s female staff and the special red spike heeled shoes that made their muscular legs look so sexy. Another woman in the same simple bus sexy outfit brought a costume for her and helped her into it. She remained essentially naked, because the skimpy costume consisted simply of black polished spiked heeled boots, a wide tight leather belt, and a black silk top hat.
She also wore long black suede leather gloves, with a dozen raised brass studs embedded in each of the reinforced knuckles. With these anyone that was struck would not only bruise but with enough force she thought that a woman’s flesh would probably split. Without thinking, she impulsively took a swipe at one of the attendants just to test the glove. She caught the woman’s large right breast with an upper cut. The injured woman fell to the floor screaming, and the others grabbed Jennifer to control her. The studs on her glove had ripped through the downed woman’s cotton dress, and the white material was turning crimson where they had also ripped deep into the tender flesh of her big mammary.
The screaming woman pulled the dress off the big boob to see the damage, and Jennifer saw that she had split the bitch’s nipple clean in half. The injured female attendant got to her feet cursing, but she knew better than to damage a show bitch that was the organization’s property, particularly just before it was going to be put into a theater to perform.
The attendant who had brought in the costume also carried a long tightly woven whip as part of her costume. It was also a highly functional weapon. It had a rigid two inch thick handle, and it gradually tapered to the slender and very flexible tip ten feet from the handle. The business end of the fifteen foot long whip was knotted, and the foot long thin strips of leather past the knot were again knotted at the tips. These knots had been dipped in an acid and then dried so that they had shrunk and hardened, and they were now as hard as talons.
Jennifer eyed the whip, recognizing the damage it could do, and longed to get her hands on it, so she could show these bitches that she didn’t like being held captive in this confining room. She reached for it, but the attendant held it back, because they had to complete her preparation first. They held her arms and legs while the brown curly pubic hair was shaved from around Jennifer’s flared cunt, leaving only a carefully trimmed heart shaped patch above it, so that the delicate sex flesh was not only fully exposed but was actually highlighted.
When she stood up she saw her reflection in a full length mirror, and was stimulated by the gross sexuality of her own obscene image. She realized she was the most perfect female specimen on board the ship. She faced the mirror, spread her legs and thrust her pelvis forward, exposing the fullness of her clearly aroused sex organ. Her image was such a turn-on that she felt an orgasm coming just from looking at herself.
She was so impatient for action that she suddenly grabbed the whip away from the woman holding it, and all of the attendants who had been getting her ready left the room before Jennifer became too violent. Alone now, Jennifer paced up and down the narrow dressing room, somewhere deep in the bowels of the ship whose whole reason for being was to be a safe haven for the production of perverted sexual entertainment. She could feel her pulse racing, and she stamped her feet in the high heeled boots, anxious to get on with whatever horror these degenerate people had dreamed up for her this time.
Through the drug she could hear what she was saying to herself, and was startled that she was actually looking forward to whatever debasing act they had dreamed up for her, hoping it would defuse her hostility. She remembered the women chained in that hallway behind the theaters, and felt her excitement rising as she imagined herself having one of those gorgeous cunts at her disposal. Why else would they have given her the studded gloves and the whip, she thought, with her impatience, anger and excitement growing in unison.
Because of the drugs it seemed like hours, but it was only several moments later that the other door opened, and Jennifer stepped through it onto a stage in front of a small gathering of seated guests who waited for her. In the middle of the stage was a luscious young girl, lashed naked with leather thongs, upside down facing Jennifer, with her back to crossed beams. A pretty little six year old girl with beautifully curled long blonde hair and wearing a pretty white party dress and an adult’s high heeled shoes was licking at the girl’s bloated cunt to keep its flower petals open wide.
The child stopped what she was doing and got out of the way when she saw Jennifer in her bizarre costume, armed with the long black whip. The crowd of people parted for Jennifer as she moved forward. She was surprised that as she moved toward the helpless girl the momentum of her anger focused on the exotic bound form, and was quickly turning to rage.
The inverted and bound teenager saw her and gave her the most curious pained yet pleased look. With that look Jennifer realized that her job now was to satisfy a flaming teenaged masochist! She planted her spike heel booted feet wide apart and lifted the whip. As she drew it back, she felt the drug induced anger swelling up to the bursting point with-in her, and she was able to focus it all directly on the exposed figure of the naked and helpless young girl.
The girl spoke to her in a dark lusty voice. Although she did not understand what the girl was saying, she recognized that the gorgeous young bitch was Italian. She was in her early teens, but she had the fully developed voluptuous body of a twenty year old. Her large breasts hung to her shoulders, and the girl’s beautifully prepared gaping vagina was shrouded in dense black pubic curls which parted to reveal the delicate pink lips of her pretty vagina. The sight of her made Jennifer almost as excited as looking at herself.
The host told the audience she had been the illicit lover of an Italian Cabinet Minister with a penchant for pretty young girls. The influential man had fully enjoyed her delightful charms, which everyone could now see, but now the man had a twelve year old mistress, and he found this girl to be both an embarrassment and an inconvenience. In other words, he was saying this beautiful teenager was completely dispensable. The Italian Government Official didn’t want to see her again, and it was important to him that nobody else in his country ever saw her again either.
The little girl in the party dress clumped off the stage in her high heels as the whip in Jennifer’s hand started to move back for the first lash. While it sizzled through the air the man explained to the audience that the beautiful sexy woman with the whip was now going to flail the young girl to death.
Jennifer was horrified when she heard the remarkable announcement, but the whip was by now irreversibly on its way forward, lashing at the beautiful bound nude female body before her. When the hard dry thongs struck the pale flesh of her dangling tits the young girl screamed, and Jennifer felt her own skin crawl with excitement.
Out of the corner of her eye she glanced at the expectant crowd of Sadism fans, all of them expecting to see the beautiful young girl being brutally tortured and then killed by this bizarrely costumed and attractive young woman wielding the vicious whip. On the mirrored wall at the back of the small stage she again saw her bizarre reflection. Although the black leather boots, gloves, belt and silk top hat had an evil look, her eyes were drawn to her exposed vagina, with the flared cunt meat showing gleaming beads of her excitement.
She looked at the welt that was rising across the big bare tits of the fourteen year old victim, and at the dribbles of female sex fluid trickling from the helpless youth’s gaping cunt, and she realized that the girl was a full blown masochist, fully enjoying her plight. Any hurt she gave her would be welcomed, and this made Jennifer’s anger grow.
She’d show this gorgeous young cunt real pain, and she would make her beg for her to stop, or she’d whip the beautiful Italian cunt to death! As was expected of her. She was just doing what was natural, after all. Severe beatings were what was completely normal in the theaters of violent sports on this deck. She didn’t have to decide how far to go with the whipping right now, but she could still get in some good licks at the stimulated cunt of the girl bound on the rack.
She put more force behind the second blow of the whip, aiming her snaking weapon at that large dripping cunt. She missed, slashing instead across the girl’s stomach, and the kick of the whip drew blood. Jennifer felt a twinge in her own stomach. This was not pain but excitement at the brute power in her hands. This poor little bitch was hers, and she had just made her bleed! Unsatisfied with this indignity she was subjecting the girl to, she aimed higher, and this time caught the blood gorged cunt and split open a vein in the flared cuntlips. Crimson blood spurted from the side of the sliced cunt, and she went for it again, swinging the whip with all her strength.
Again she missed, cutting the screaming girl’s stomach, deeper this time, and blood oozed from the split muscle. She wondered if she would have the power to cut right through the tight stomach muscle with the whip to reveal the bundle of pink goodies inside.
The bitch’s scream drew Jennifer’s attention to the girl’s face, with its glowing adolescent complexion. She lashed viciously at the girl’s open gasping mouth, wanting to mar her beauty. She was surprised at her accuracy. The blow split the corners of her mouth, and the backlash of the blow broke the girl’s nose. The blood that spurted from the upside-down girl’s nostrils threatened to drown her, but unconcerned, Jennifer went at the big bobbing tits and belly again, viciously lacing them with a crisscross pattern of torn flesh. The harder she swung the whip, the fiercer her need to damage the voluptuous young body hanging suspended before her.
She could feel the moisture gathering and lathering in her own cunt, dripping onto her legs as she swung the brutally damaging whip at the helpless naked body of the young girl. The cheers of the audience increased her internal heat, and drove her to even greater excesses with her helpless naked victim. Jennifer lashed at the lean taunt legs, and when the blood streaked them both, she went once more to the inviting cunt. The pretty youth’s body arched as much as her tight bindings permitted when the vicious whip blasted down across her cuntlips, bruising them with its smashing blow.
She brought the whip down a second time between the girl’s legs, separating the blood gorged flesh petals and smashing them against her now blood smeared groin. The next blow wrapped two of the slender tip thongs around her protruding clit, and when Jennifer jerked the whip back it pulled suddenly and painfully on the damaged sex finger, tugging the engorged organ from its protective hood.
The girl’s scream rocked the audience, and they screamed back for more of her blood. Jennifer had never had an aroused crowd chant at her before, urging her on, totally depending on her for their entertainment. With a sudden jerk on the whip she ripped the horny little bitch’s clit clean off! A panic rose in her gut, but she felt that she could control it, if only she could numb her mind to the horror being experienced by the writhing naked girl.
Blood sprayed from every fresh blow of the whip as it slashed the young screaming young girl’s exposed flesh now, and Jennifer felt her excitement flaring as she saw the damage her blows with the whip were doing to the teenager’s naked flesh. The angry welts from the whip stood high in well defined ridges, with droplets of the young bitch’s blood oozing along their upper edges where the skin had been damaged from the severe force of the blows. Jennifer was getting better with the whip, and felt she could control the amount of damage she would do, and she was excited to find her limit. She lashed the whip across the big dangling bloody tits, and the tightly woven blood-stained leather smashed against the girl’s erect nipples, actually splitting the right one in two! This was the second nipple she had split today, the first had been with the knife, on that ignorant woman attendant.
This was more exciting because she had done it with real deliberation rather than impulsively. Jennifer was so excited by her growing accuracy with the whip that she lashed at the other nipple, and with four rapid blows, the tip of the whip ripped the hard flesh bud clean off the damaged breast, just like it had done to the girl’s clit. Now Jennifer noticed for the first time the three rough long sparkler rods that lay on the carpet below the rack, and the small gold box of wooden matches beside them. Jennifer had always been fascinated with sparklers as a child, but had never had any of her own to play with.
Suddenly as she looked at the golden box of matches she realized why they had been left there, and what it was she was expected to do. The devastating possibilities with these intensely hot-burning sparklers in the girl’s supple flesh blew her mind. If placed inside the girl’s flesh they were capable of cooking it! She placed the handle of her whip against the tight ring of the girl’s anus, then roughly thrust the thick braided leather shaft deep into her colon, scraping the lining of her stuffed shit tube. This was the first act that had actually horrified the girl. With extra force she heaved downward, driving the stiff handle more than a foot into the teenager’s asshole.
“You deserve one last piss, cunt,” she said, and began punching the young girl’s lower belly with the studded gloves. The studs were as brutal to the naked flesh as the whip had been, and the girl’s screams filled the room, drowning out the cheers of the spectators. She drew blood, and soon it covered the bright studs on her gloves.
Finally under the force of the repeated blows the girl’s bladder let go its contents, and her hot piss splashed over the blood stained carpet. She took one of the coarse sparklers and placed the tip into the young female masochist’s enlarged and damp piss slit. She wrapped her other hand around one of the severely damaged tits and with gradual pressure, began sliding, twisting and scraping the course sparkler rod deep into the youth’s delicate piss tube. She had taken her last piss through it, as the rough sparkler material coating the rod painfully scraped and gouged the delicate membrane lining the narrow piss passage, as it was pushed all the way up into her bladder.
The gorgeous young girl went crazy with the pain. Jennifer felt another twist of excitement in her gut, feeling a sense of abandon, and was driven to give the girl even more pain. She thrust the other two sparklers into the firm flesh of the girl’s tits by driving the sharp ends into the torn tips where the nipples had been. She drove them in until she felt them scraping the girl’s ribs, then she pushed them in another inch deep , so that the ends slid between the ribs.
These thin steel rods were thickly coated with a silvery rust-like material that generated its own oxygen as it burned. Once at a high class resturaunt in New York Jennifer had seen a waiter light a pair of them too soon on a birthday cake, because the guest had gone to the washroom. The waiter had quickly pulled the sparklers out of the cake and plunged them into a water pitcher to put them out, but they continued to burn brightly under water, producing geysers of hot steam.
Jennifer knew they would burn just as fiercely inside the flesh of this bound girl. Her breath was tight and the audience silent with anxious anticipation as she opened the golden match box, selected a match and struck it. Her hand shook with anticipation as she held the tip under the end of the sparkler sticking about an inch out of the girl’s piss slit. After several seconds, with a flashing burst it was suddenly alight.
Jennifer watched, mesmerized as the lights were dimmed and everyone could see the brightly flashing sparkler burn steadily toward the lips of the girl’s gaping cunt. The room suddenly exploded with her screams as the bright burning dot found the fold over her little urine hole. The skin around the stuffed piss hole dried, then reddened, then blistered. The girl’s cunt was starting to smoke.
The intensely hot bead of fire, fed by its own oxygen supply, quickly burned its way up into the tube of her urethra, and then the pubic mound itself glowed from the fire burning inside it. Jennifer could feel her cunt foaming with her cum, excited by the girl’s torment.
Quickly she ignited the two sparklers piercing the girl’s big tits. They both burst into flame, and then gradually burned their way toward her flesh. The beautiful young Italian girl’s screams were redoubled as they burned slowly into her large mammaries. Jennifer was unable to take her eyes off the chemical covered steel rod burning its way slowly up into the girl’s bladder. The beautiful girl was screaming her throat raw, and for good reason. Her cunt and tit meat was slowly turning brown as it cooked from the inner fire.
The screaming young victim looked bizarre suspended upside down on the rack with the sparklers burning brightly into her flesh. As the cherry red glow moved deeper into her and gradually dimmed, the stage lights were turned up again. Smoke still spewed from the three burn holes with the hot steel shaft sticking from the middle of each of them.
The pretty young Italian masochist was now clearly going out of her mind with the horror being done to her, but because she was still conscious and alert, Jennifer felt there was still full value to be derived in carrying on with the brutal bitch torture session. Since the girl was destined to die on the ship, they had everything to gain by making her demise as entertaining and enjoyable as possible.
Jennifer jerked the whip handle out of the girl’s tight asshole and went back to work whipping her. At first she focused her blows on the teenager’s freshly cooked cunt meat. The damaged fuck hole was very vulnerable now. She was able to strip off bits of the cooked meat easily, as well as the bloody cunt lips around it, and soon she had removed much of the girl’s roasted cunt.
To Jennifer’s and the audience’s delight, when the vagina was almost completely removed, the girl’s uterus pressed slowly forward into view through the gaping hole. It revealed the starfish purple and pink cervix, and as the internal organ squeezed into full view, the twin pear shaped ovaries popped through the torn hole, dangling by the tough connective tissue to the thick uterus.
Jennifer stared in disbelief at what she had done. She had virtually destroyed this young woman’s chances of ever having sex. She had totally demolished her sex organs. This was real power. The freshly revealed internal female organs were still raw, but were now totally exposed. The sparklers in the girl’s tits had cooked their way right through the big mammaries, completely roasting them from the inside.
The crazed girl screamed amazingly well at the horrific pain that now racked her whole body. The now highly aroused insatiable audience shouted for more, and Jennifer happily complied. After several stunning blows of the whip to the fat uterus and swollen ovaries, Jennifer managed to wrap the tip of the whip around one of the pear-shaped protrusions, the heart of the female reproductive system.
This was the girl’s inner-most sex organ! Pulling the whip sharply back, she drew the pink ovary away from the girl’s exposed uterus, and with several sharp jerks, she managed finally to rip the organ clean off the side of the thrashing girl’s uterus!
She repeated the violent operation with the whip on the second ovary, and as it ripped away the spongy uterus rebounded, and the shock sucked the whole inner sex organ back in through the opening where the girl’s cunt had once been.
The highly demonstrative audience screamed out their full approval at the brutal show Jennifer was providing. She could feel the heat rising to even higher levels in her stomach and crotch. There was no reason to hold back; she could do what ever she pleased with this girl, who’s fate was that she was to be wasted.
Just then the pretty six year old girl with the beautifully curled long blonde hair came clumping onto the stage. Her dress had been removed and she was now stark naked, except for a perfectly fitting pair of red high heeled shoes.
She was carrying a red satin pillow. On the pillow rested a gold handled dagger, with a sharp curved blade. Jennifer took the blade, and startled even herself by testing the dagger on the child, who innocently stood as she had been carefully trained to do.
Her knees were spread and her pelvis was rotated. Unknowingly she was offering her naked little split pubes to the knife. Jennifer powerfully thrust the sharp curved steel up into the little girl’s tiny cunt, then ripped upward, slicing open the naked child’s round little belly cleanly up through the navel and on up to her rib cage.
The screaming little girl dropped to her knees, and as her knees hit the stage her entrails slid out of her. Then the gutted naked child fell flat on her face, covering the mess of pink guts she had made. The sharp curved dagger had easily passed the violent test.
The crowd went wild.
Even with the blood and gore around her, Jennifer felt a rush of power. She had never experienced such freedom. She could do the most evil things she could imagine, and she would be cheered on by this decadent audience! With wild abandon she moved over to the teenaged girl bound helplessly upside-down to the rack. She attacked, hacking at the girl’s exposed meat while avoiding the vital organs. She wanted her to remain conscious as long as possible, to experience the brutal treatment she now saw she was capable of dishing out.
The deck around her was covered with pools of the girl’s blood and fresh chunks of her meat before her pinkish intestines and organs were allowed to slither out. Jennifer’s lungs filled and she threw her head back in triumph and let go a primitive scream of victory. She had gone the distance with the girl, and had even slaughtered the child, without feeling the slightest twinge of conscience. She was a star, and the people cheering her on all loved her! She drew the dull edge of the dagger through her own vagina to coat herself with the little girl’s blood, then she suddenly and violently plunged the knife into the teenager’s ruined crotch, feeling the rage inside her at last resolved with this brutal and violent act.
She pulled the blood-soaked blade out of the desecrated teenager’s sexless crotch, and then, grasping the girl’s hair and pulling the head back, she deliberately slashed the girl’s throat, bring to a gurgling end the fourteen year old’s incessant screaming. She thrust the blade into the girl’s belly, then abruptly she strutted proudly out of the theater.
She had seen Tony sitting in the audience watching her performance just moments before, and was startled to see he was now standing in the holding room waiting for her. He quickly snapped a steel collar around her neck, and stripped off her gloves, boots and belt. He led her off down the narrow passageway past a whole new set of naked slave girls, most unmarked, but some severely battered or worse. Some of them had been viciously slashed. They brushed past them all as if Tony were in a great hurry, and he took her directly on up to their cabin.
Without saying a word, he thrust her into the shower, turned on the hot water, and left her standing for several minutes in the scalding hot spray. Then he opened the door and jerked her leash, pulling her out of the shower as he turned off the hot cleansing spray. He clipped her chain to a loop bolt in the cabin wall and left her sitting on the bunk, locking the door as he left.
She was alone now.
As the effects of the drugs slowly subsided she was able to contemplate what she had just done. She sat staring down at her nakedness. She was proud of her beautiful body, and had learned on this ship the savage instincts that lay within her and which were finding release for the first time in her life. The next evening was the big show.
With her brazen attack on the defenseless Italian teenager, Jennifer had made her impression on this international crowd. The word would quickly spread throughout the ship, with vivid descriptions being given of her abilities and fearless abandon. She knew that when she went into the pit for the animal fight tomorrow night, every other theater on the ship would be empty. She was now the super star of the exciting performances on the ship, or at least after her appearance in the death pit tomorrow night there would be no question of it.
She looked at the trickle of sex juices dribbling from her excitement-flared cunt. Her hand moved involuntarily to the beautiful sex meat plaything between her legs. Her fingers expertly parted the thick folds over her erect clit, and began to rub the sensitive nub, pushing against the gold ring piercing the sensitive flesh, raising her own sexual excitement until the flow of her juices doubled.
She felt a raw carnal lust that she had never before experienced. It was more than a sex lust, it was a blood lust for the extreme degeneracy she was experiencing, and she knew that right now her incredible lusting for sexual violence was insatiable. She somehow felt that nothing would satisfy her, but she had to reach for that depth of depravity she longed for to satisfy the growing urges that she now felt through her whole magnificent body. She stuck a finger down into the vagina opening, feeling the fleshy ridges which parted easily and allowed a second finger beside the first.
She inserted a third finger, and massaged the relaxed and ready hole until she worked in the fourth and the tip of her thumb. It was like driving a wedge, but as she pushed she could feel the cunt muscle slowly yielding, so she continued to work her hand in a twisting motion until suddenly her cunt muscle grasped her wrist! She startled herself by inserting her whole hand deep into her own organ.
She noticed that when she moved even a little, the lips of her cunt tugged at the flesh hood over her clit, massaging it and exciting her. She made a fist inside herself, and began a stroking action, her knuckles rolling along the vagina walls. She felt the soft pad at the back of her vagina, and was suddenly curious about her cervix. She had read about it and had seen drawings, but now her fingers were against it, and she would have a chance to touch it.
Carefully she opened her fist and explored the interior of her cunt. It felt so different than the drawings showed that it took her some time to decide which fold or dimple was in fact the mysterious opening of the expandable birth channel into her uterus. She was surprised that there wasn’t nearly as much feeling in there as she would have guessed. Jennifer used her fingernail to explore the depths of her vagina, but felt no scratching, just the movement.
When her fingernail ran into a dead end of a fold, she would try another, and at she last found her finger spreading a dimple more than she had done with any of the others. She continued working the finger until it was gradually being encased in a tight little tube. Her own cervix was now tightly gripping her finger!
She could feel that the narrow tube spread the further she went into it, and had completely buried her finger when she realized that her finger had entered her own uterus! The feeling was overwhelming, and she felt herself enter a long and continuous orgasm.
Her face was flushed with excitement, and she didn’t know how long she had been sitting there finger fucking her uterus while she was fist fucking herself, when Tony returned. He was startled to see his prize bitch sitting hunched over with her arm up her own cunt. My, God, he thought, what a magnificent find this American librarian has been!
She was much more than he had imagined when he had first spotted her in that Copenhagen bar. She was proving to be the best bitch he had ever found and delivered to the Cruise Ships, and he saw the potential to make his mark with the Organization with this fabulous bitch. While he had left her alone, he had carefully arranged that the animal fight in the savage death pit tomorrow night would guarantee himself a high paying market for the cunts he abducted.
Late the next morning, Tony took Jennifer to another small theater to watch another performance. They sat in the audience, and she was startled to be treated as a real person after being handled like an animal the night before. She was surprised again when the curtain was drawn aside, and in a large cage she saw the little Dutch girl she had performed with in the kiddie rape show a few days before. The child was bound by her wrists to the top of the cage, and was otherwise free. She was stark naked.
Jennifer was confused by the use of the cage, until the back door of the stage was opened, and a baboon was released into it. The audience gasped. The beast was highly sexually aroused, and its thin red penis stood up nearly a foot long. This pretty little girl was going to pay royally for her rescue from the streets of Amsterdam. She kicked and screamed in terror as the beast checked her over, carefully inspecting the human morsel he had been given. A shrill whistle sounded, and the animal suddenly bolted forward. The baboon was clearly wild, but had been conditioned to respond to the whistle, which was not unlike the shrill scream of the child.
The child twisted away from the animal, which inadvertently presented her tight round buttocks to it. This was what the beast wanted, and grabbing her hips with its forepaws, it pressed the end of its penis between her legs, and suddenly it thrust with startling power, driving half the length of the long rigid prick up into the hairless primate’s virgin anus!
Jennifer squealed with delight as the runting animal jousted with the naked girl, pumping its stiff rod further into her, until its balls were slapping her vagina in rhythm with its humping, and it had entered her to his full length. The child was fully impaled on the beast’s shaft, with both her rectum and her colon ruptured.
The girl was screaming her lungs out, and the wild beast was having its way with her. Then it slid its penis out of her, and thrust the shitty end against the lips of her little pussy. The audience gasped again. The rigid sex organ was far to long for her to accommodate, and it would certainly rip right through her immature uterus. That was exactly what happened.
The baboon, still positioned behind her, thrust its instrument into her little vagina, and her screams renewed as the head of the organ hit the back of her well. With reckless abandon, the beast thrust repeatedly, hammering its partially inserted penis against the pad of her uterus, until at last the tender inner organ gradually gave way, and the long rigid shaft slid deep into her, sliding up into her guts.
With the child’s strained vulva now gripping the base of his penis, the beast moved steadily toward orgasm. Soon it reached its peak, and the runting beast ejaculated its semen through the child’s intestines, jetting its sperm against her stomach.
As it humped into her, the beast clamped its jaws on the back of the little Dutch girl’s neck, and it shook her violently, causing her lithe body to whip around, until it actually broke her neck. The savage beast had totally mastered its human female captive, dominating her completely. The brutal performance had lasted less than twenty minutes, but had made a strong impression on the guests who had been present to witness it.
Tony sat right up against the rail in one of the six hundred plush leather seats overlooking the large oval fight pit. It was ten feet deep and twenty feet across and thirty feet long, with heavy plank walls and a floor of light colored sand. The light sand was chosen because it showed up the bright red blood and gore that would soon cover it. There were large doors in the walls through which the entertainers, animals and the staging crew could enter and leave. He had been here for an hour watching with interest the preliminary acts.
A pretty little eight year old Norwegian girl had been stripped, raped and beaten by a trio of young boys. Then the naked fifty pound girl was lashed face down to a small bench. With this preparation the child was mounted and violently fucked by a three hundred pound hog. The tight ring muscle of her gripping little vagina was quickly ruptured, and the excited hog’s long knotty penis thrust through the child’s uterus deep into her guts. The weight of the runting animal then slowly crushed her to death as it shot its slimy spunk into her.
That was the preliminary act which was designed to amuse the people who had come early to get the best seats. Only a few of them had witnessed the similar treatment of the pretty little Dutch girl earlier in the day. They had come to witness the most degenerate offerings in entertainment, and would not be disappointed.
When the arena seating was nearly all taken up the warm-up act began. A big wrestler fought an beautiful athletic teen-aged Irish girl with long flaming red hair and monstrous pair of freckle covered tits. This was not designed to be a fair fight, but was clearly devised to be an entertaining execution of the big breasted girl.
She was a game young cunt, but was so outclassed that she did not have a hope from the very beginning. To begin with, she weighed no more than one hundred twenty pounds, compared to the professional fighter’s two hundred and fifty pounds. She was totally nude, with only her small bare fists to fight with, while the wrestler wore heavy boots for brutal kicking, and he wore on his fists brutal brass knuckles. It was explained that he needed these because he was trained as a wrestler, not a boxer.
The girl was so intimidated by the big professional wrestler that she lost her bladder control early in the fight, and continued to spray her hot urine into the sand until the battle was finished. The two unevenly matched naked fighters had started fast by attacking each other with violent blows, hers bare fists bouncing off his muscular chest while his heavy metal covered knuckles battered and bruised her big bouncing breasts.
He also used his metal fists to block her blows. This had a profound effect. The burly wrestler had soon broken one of the girl’s arms, then the other. She fell back screaming, and he attacked her with the boots. The metal lined soles of the big boots were devastating, and he quickly broke both of her legs with incredibly powerful kicks.
As she lay on her back writhing in agony he kicked her in the cunt so hard that his big boot sunk right into the crushed cavity. He had then picked her up and wrapped his powerful arms around her chest and squeezed her so hard that he cracked all of her ribs.
Then taking one of her huge tits in both hands, he had lifted her over his head and swung her in a huge circle with such power that in the sixth arc, the teenager’s fat mammary had twisted right off her chest! He had finished her by swinging her by the ankles, smashing her head and beautiful face against the timber walls. That violent bitch killing set the brutal tone for the lusty action to follow, as any good warm-up act should.
To set the stage for the feature fight between the wild animals, four large men dressed in the costume of Roman soldiers came into the arena. They wore leather strap skirts that permitted their large erections to poke through. They were wielding thick and coarse bullwhips, and used them to drive ahead of them the two muscular women with the huge breasts who had whipped the two girls unconscious and then had fought each other with their own whips.
The big muscle-bound women this time were completely naked, with heavy shackles and chains on their bare ankles. These ingenious shackles were held tightly in place around their ankles by iron wedges driven into them. Their large firm breasts appeared to be even fuller than Tony remembered. The body marks from the whip fight of just a few nights ago were well disguised by the fresh welts being applied as they labored under the load they bore: each of the women was dragging on her shoulders a large wooden cross.
These very large crucifixion devices were made of six inch beams, the cross beam being seven feet long and the vertical post was sixteen feet long. they were very heavy, and the muscular women were struggling to drag them on their shoulders. There was clear indication that both of the rustic crosses had been used many times before, as the wood was roughened and perforated at the three critical points where many large spikes had been driven in and then later removed.
Following them all was a voluptuous woman in her thirties who wore a rough hemp smock with a hood, and carried the soldiers’ large hemp kit bag on her back. Even with the smock’s hood pulled over her head Tony recognized his older sister Lucrecia. She was the woman who had given Jennifer her gold clit ring. He knew she must be getting near the end of her contract with the Organization.
She had been working on this ship for a couple of years. Tony had got her the job. He knew that staff women were only let into the acts for terminal discipline or because their contracts were up. With what they knew the staff women were never allowed off the ship alive, so they contributed their lives to the need of the show. There were no female members of the organization, and all of the women involved in the operation were necessarily expendable. Now his sister Lucrecia had his interest, because he was sure she was going to kiss off during this performance. She might be just a peripheral performer, as Jennifer had been in the act with the rape of the little Dutch girl, but that was unlikely this late in her contract and the cruise. Tony smiled as he realized he would make an extra one thousand dollar commission with her death, if he had guessed right.
The naked muscular women bearing the crosses dragged them to either side of the arena, then dropped them on the earth covered floor beside six inch square holes in the deck. The audience cheered as the soldiers produced heavy sledge hammers and huge spikes from the large kit bag Lucrecia had carried in. There was no surprise as the women were laid stretched out on top of the crosses.
The first woman to be crucified was in season, with her menstrual blood dripping from her pussy lips, and trickling down the inside of her muscular and tanned legs. She was laid down on top of the cross and held with her arms spread, her big tits sticking straight up, and she was brutally nailed through her wrists and overlapped feet to the heavy beams. The sledge hammer was used to drive the wedges out of her manacles to remove them now that they were no longer needed. With the big nude bitch nailed in place, it took all four men to hoist the cross into the prepared hole in the floor, to stand it up straight.
The other woman was placed upside-down, with her muscular legs spread wide as spikes were driven through her ankles, nailing them firmly to the cross beam. When the cross was raised she would hang head down by her wide-spread ankles. Her wrists were stretched above her head and a big spike was driven through her overlapped palms into the long vertical beam, securely holding her arms in place.
Her manacles were also removed, and she flexed her beautiful tanned naked body in her agony. The spikes were doing their job, holding her firmly in place. When her cross was hoisted into the hole the two muscle-bound naked women with the huge breasts faced each other from across the arena, with one of then upside-down, both with excellent views of the proceedings. Both of them were screaming harshly with more energy than had the young girls they had so severely whipped. These bitches were real pros. The voluptuous Lucrecia who had carried the soldiers’ big kit bag was now stripped naked by the costumed men. Her remarkable figure was even more voluptuous than the crude smock had revealed.
A dozen steel wires with large barbed hooks of various sizes were lowered from electric winches attached to the ceiling. Three of soldiers held her while the other performed the delightful if painful work on the screaming Lucrecia. One by one ten of the vicious hooks were embedded in the big nude woman’s muscular meat while the other two hooks, which were much larger, were implanted deep into the fat of her big tits, pulling them out to her sides. Two of the steel hooks were dug into her round buttocks, two more went into her lower legs just behind the Achilles tendon, and two were dug into her stomach muscles, hooking under her lowest ribs. These brutal Roman soldiers were merciless. Two others of the hooks went into the flesh of the woman’s lean neck and up under her jawbone so that the ends emerged through her cheeks.
The final pair were dug into her upper chest between her ribs to catch on under her collar bones. Tony had to use control not the ejaculate prematurely at the sight of his beautiful sister being so horribly and mercilessly pierced by the vicious meat hooks. The wires were independently strung, and Lucrecia was carefully raised screaming off the sand and pulled up toward the ceiling, face down, so that she hung like a naked goose in flight, with only her arms free to flap in agony and to claw helplessly at the large hooks ripping her muscles and tits. This beautiful bitch was going to die slowly and painfully as she hung suspended over the final and most spectacular act of the show. She and the two crucified women were a perfect frame for the carnage that was to follow in the cruise ship’s outrageous death-pit.
An hour earlier Tony had handed Jennifer over to the men who handled the entertainers, and they had done their jobs well. As the four Roman soldiers exited, the huge wooden doors at either end of the pit of death opened, admitting at first the animals, which were straining at their gold chains, and then their startling handlers appeared. Tony first saw the tiger, with its huge head, big paws with the sharp talons, and the distinctive stripes that strike fear into the heart of anything it attacks.
Being pulled into the pit on the other end of its chain was the imposing figure of the animal’s handler, a powerful man in a bizarre costume. He wore high black boots with flared tops just below his knees. He had a large black studded belt around his waist and a loincloth that parted to allow his huge erection to stand free between the swinging strips of thick fabric.
He wore a bizarre mask and hood, with great red plumage attached to a broad band across the top, like a rooster’s comb. The animal’s chain was wrapped securely around his powerful gloved arm, and he carried a long slender stiletto blade tucked securely in his belt. At the other end of the death pit a large wild boar lunged into the pit, jerking behind it on the gold chain the beautiful form of Jennifer. She was dressed similarly to the man at the other end of the pit, except that her scant leather costuming was red rather than black, and her high cut boots had sexy high heels.
She wore no loincloth, only flaps of leather that dangled down from her low slung belt to sway in front of her otherwise exposed sex meat, topped with the shaved heart of pubic hair. Her bizarre mask was that of a bird, the one that had hung grotesquely above the mirror in Tony’s state room. It covered her whole face, with only her ruby mouth visible under the large upper beak. Like the muscular man, she was also armed with a stiletto knife as Tony had promised, tucked in her studded red leather belt. This blade would be her first and only line of defense if one of the animals should for some reason turn and decide to attack her.
As Jennifer appeared through the gate the audience stood up and cheered her entrance. She believed they were hoping she would give them another show like the remarkable demonstration they had witnessed last night, and she definitely planned to not disappoint them. Tonight her head was clear, not influenced by the drugs, and she was ready to face another strung-up bitch and to entertain them all royally by butchering her.
What was really going on for the crowd was the knowledge that this was it, and they were going to see this vain bitch wearing the bird mask get hers in a spectacular way. Yes, now the vain bitch was ready to get hers! Every trip a woman was singled out as the main event performer. It was always someone who richly deserved what was coming to her, and after a full week of watching the vain bitch develop, culminating in her butchering of the helpless innocent Italian teenager, they were ready to see this deserving cunt being given the ultimate treatment.
Suddenly Jennifer spotted the double crucifixion on either side of the arena, hearing for the first time the screams of the crucified nudes over the roar of the crowd. Then she saw overhead the woman who had pierced her clit, hanging face down over the death pit, suspended in the air by those hideous hooks driven through her flesh. Jennifer felt a sudden familiar twinge in her gut, and she now knew it was her body’s statement of carnal excitement. This was the real thing, she realized, and here she was right smack in the middle of it all. These people led the way with total outrageous debauchery, with no quarter asked or given. This was live and die entertainment, with nothing in between. Tonight’s event was so important that these three women were all going to die as a side part of the show. Life in this pit really was very cheap, totally expendable, and she was going to play a central role in this decadent exhibition.
The doors behind them slammed shut, and the big animals stopped cold, sizing each other up for the impending fight. The naked woman hanging by the hooks in her flesh overhead stopped screaming at the startling sight of the vicious animals facing each other across the narrow space of the pit, clearly outlined by a pair of spotlights. She had the perfect view of the proceedings which were unfolding directly below her. Now the only sound in the arena was the snarling of the big cat and the grunting of the boar.
What Lucrecia was not able to see from her painful overhead position was the raging cock on the boar. The woman who was crucified upside down had a perfect view, and thought that the boar might try to mount the tiger, it was so horny. The tiger was a female, and carried her tail high, so that her big cunt was clearly visible between her lean but powerful rear legs. The male wild pig had enormous tusks which jutted up from its powerful jaws, and with its erect tough hair mane, the smaller animal looked like a formidable foe for the tiger.
The wild beasts circled each other, and it was all Jennifer could do to keep the boar from pulling her off her feet. The high heels of her sexy boots were not an advantage on this earth-covered floor. The man held the big female tiger in check with his powerful arms, and this allowed the boar to actually mount the big cat. As Jennifer was dragged forward the wild pig actually thrust its big prick into the tiger’s cunt and began humping into the restrained beast. Quickly the boar hit his violent climax, humping rapidly, and jetted thick gobs of its spunk into the roaring striped cat.
Jennifer looked around for the men with guns Tony had promised, and she was impressed with how well they were disguised. The audience was being well protected from the sight of the necessary security for the entertainers. She couldn’t see any of the riflemen. The cat suddenly reared up, and the boar fell off her, with its sperm still spurting from its thick penis. As they had been instructed, Jennifer and the man now unclipped the chains on their beasts. They took a cautionary step backward as the animals suddenly lunged toward each other, and the vicious death fight was on.
The bloody bestial battle was as fast as it was violent. After only two minutes of preliminary testing attacks, the boar rammed its tusks into the side and belly of the big striped cat, and the tiger got its jaw locked onto the back of the boar’s neck. As it shook the boar to death by snapping its neck, it also caused the sharp tusks to slice its flesh and it shook out its own entrails through the gaping wound in its belly. The two dying beasts collapsed on each other, almost as if they were in embrace.
The sudden finish of the extremely violent struggle was startling. A hush filled the cavernous arena. Surely the audience would not be satisfied with such a brief although shocking vicious and brutal entertainment, Jennifer thought. The two ferocious animals, having both won and lost, were breathing their last, and the audience was suddenly screaming something she could not make out, the din was so loud. The clean-up crew were in quickly, and dragged the quivering carcasses of the animals out of the ring, leaving only the smudge of blood and gore where they had fallen, and the man and the bird-woman.
They closed the heavy doors behind them, leaving Jennifer and the man standing alone in the pit. The big man braced himself with his legs spread, and drew his knife. The audience began to settle, and the din came into focus as it became a loud rhythmic chant. With a sudden shock she could make out what they were shouting:
A stark shiver ran through her nearly naked body. It was like a stab of ice that tightened her throat and chest, and froze her knees, locking her aggressive posture. She was suddenly aware of the bird mask she wore. Jennifer realized now what the real purpose of the night’s entertainment was. She was expected to fight this big man and cut him down.
The horror show the night before with the bound Italian teenager and the six year old girl had just been to prepare her for this. She had deliberately been conditioned as a killer! She felt the anxiety rising again in her gut, and decided she would give them what they had come to see. This was her moment. She would kill the man.
Jennifer put her hand to her knife, and slid it out of her belt. She also planted her feet wide apart and thrust her naked pelvis forward, exposing the flared lips of her cunt to her big and powerful male opponent. She knew that if she were to survive this bizarre fight, she would have to get him thrusting low with his knife so that she could slash at his powerful arms, taking away his advantage. So she instinctively presented her sassy cunt to him as a target.
“SLAY THE BIRD!” the crowd shouted.
Slowly they began to circle, and as she moved under the suspended goose woman Lucrecia, drops of the bitch’s warm blood splashed down onto her mask and bulging tits. The man’s circle was wider, and he was not spotted with the woman’s blood. He shouted at Jennifer in English, with a strong German accent: “I’m going to bath in your blood, bird-bitch!” he shouted. Jennifer felt her knees shake as she realized this was a real possibility. He was much bigger and stronger than she was. Her only hope was to beat him with her wits. Suddenly without any warning he lunged straight at her, slashing brutally at her large breasts with the sharp blade. Unfortunately he stepped in the gore left from the animal fight, and fell flat on his back, missing her with the knife.
Quickly Jennifer dropped onto him, straddling his body and as she came down onto him she felt as if she were being impaled as his big erect penis drove up into her vagina. She stabbed downward with all her might at his exposed throat. At the last instant, he twisted aside, and in the same movement brought his knife down into her left buttock, slicing a deep gash in the ample curve of naked woman flesh.
“SLAY THE BIRD!” the mob shouted.
Jennifer arched her back, screaming. In that instant the knife struck again, ripping a vicious gash across the bottom half of her left breast. Hot searing pain shot across her chest as pink and white tit meat dangled out through the wide gaping tit wound. She was being fucked and butchered at the same time!
The bird masked woman jerked up off the impaling penis and leaped to her feet to avoid a third slash at her. She now braced herself, crouching with wide planted feet as the big man got up onto one knee. Seeing that her only chance was to go onto the offensive while he was off balance, she lunged at him, thrusting the knife at his masked face.
She quickly saw that the fight was a setup when her dull blade easily glanced off the man’s hardened leather mask without even scratching its painted surface. She needn’t have worried about the knife, because the man’s foot suddenly arched upward, kicking her wrist so hard that the knife went flying. A fresh bolt of pain announced to her that her right wrist had been broken and was now completely useless.
“FUCK” she screamed,
She was now disarmed and her main arm was now useless. Her chances of survival had just dropped a thousand per cent. She was going to have to use her brains to get through this. Her opponent had a large head, but with a sloping skull. She was certain he was her intellectual inferior. The man now slowly circled her, carefully measuring her for his next blow. She watched him move, carefully turning so that she continued to face him as he moved around her.
As he moved she recognized that she wasn’t going to get at her knife, he was too clever to let that happen. Her only chance to disable him would be to get her foot into his balls, and she’d have to do it fast, before he got in another stab at her with that devastating knife. He was very strong, and handled the vicious blade well. God knew if she’d survive another vicious stab wound from it.
“SLAY THE BIRD!” The roar filled the arena.
His legs were apart to give him stability as he moved sideways, and this presented her with the perfect opportunity for a clean kick at his nuts, covered only by that slit loincloth that revealed his hugely arching erection, glistening obscenely from her own sex fluids! Without warning, she suddenly kicked as hard as she could up into the man’s exposed crotch, putting all of her energy into it, knowing that this would be her only chance to escape the death pit alive.
This was her one shot. She expected it to hurt her foot, but she got a startling surprise. It was almost as if it happened in slow motion. Her foot went absolutely numb, and when she lowered it she suddenly and violently vomited. The costume people had placed a heinous device to protect the man’s testicles under the loin cloth. She had been brutally tricked by his costume.
It consisted of a steel cap that covered them, to which a sharp curved blade had been welded just below his cock, and with the force of her kick she had cut off her own foot just below the ankle, right through her high heeled leather boot! The courageous bitch in the bird mask managed somehow to quickly get upright again, and she hobbled backward on the bleeding stump of a foot as the man advanced toward her with the knife. In the center of the ring she stumbled and fell flat on her back, kicking her legs in the air to defend herself.
Curiously, her attention went to the form of Lucrecia hanging above her by the dozen meat hooks, and she saw the bitch was actually intrigued at what she was watching below her. She hated the cunt for that, and hoped her death would be slow and extremely painful.
Blood spurted in the air from Jennifer’s severed foot. The fearless male fighter moved quickly around and away from the bird-bitch’s kicking legs. He came down onto her over her head, plunging the long knife down into her lower belly. The crowd roared its approval.
The chant was deafening. Every trip there was some vain bitch who tried to outdo all of the other entertainers, and each trip the veteran patrons knew that in the final big show that bitch would receive her due, and this vain cunt had it coming in spades. She was the one. Now the bitch who had flogged her vanity for their entertainment was getting what she had been begging for, and the debauched audience loved every minute of it.
There was to be no mercy for this vain cunt.
The man ripped off his own loin cloth, her red leather belt and her bird mask, then sat over her so that the blade in his crotch that had taken off her foot was now firmly pressed against her throat, threatening to slice through the tender flesh if she moved a muscle.
He again plunged the knife into her lower belly, and with the cheering encouragement of the audience, began ripping it upward through her taunt stomach muscle, opening the steaming storehouse of her pulsing intestines.
Jennifer writhed in agony on the sand in the bottom of the death pit, deafened by the roar of the now wildly excited crowd in the stands. This was what many of them had come on the cruise to see. The hot spotlights were trained on her, illuminating sensuously her slightest move for the enjoyment of the audience as the sharp stiletto blade cut up all the way to her rib cage and then on through the muscle above her big tits.
The vicious knife didn’t stop until it had reached her throat. Then with horror she felt it begin to slice along her collar bones from shoulder to shoulder. He was opening her up. The pain was dulled by the raw horror, and she lifted her haunches to ease the extreme distress. Suddenly the knife was plunged up into her asshole, then it cut up first on one side of her cunt right to the point of her hip bone, and then repeated the devastating cut on the other side. The German prick had totally destroyed her beautiful asshole, and had cut her cunt free!
In the most bizarre form of cold-blooded and ruthless sexual abuse she could imagine, she was being butchered alive!
Jennifer could hear nothing else. Her brain was fevered as she felt the blade welded to his ball cup pressing deep into her throat. Slowly she got the picture. He had cut her open up the middle, then across the top and bottom sideways just like a single serving cereal box. This powerful prick was going to peel her alive, baring her whole insides and her skeleton! She was suddenly aware that her nose was pressed against his anus, and that the enlarged warm sphincter was throbbing and could at any moment open. The man was sweating profusely, and she guessed that he had been sweating for some time, because his steaming crotch smelled pungent and vile.
She tried to vomit again, but the blade pressing hard against her neck made even that involuntary action impossible. It was pressing so hard against her throat that she could feel her wind pipe being choked off, and she was terrified she would smother to death. Jennifer felt alternating flashes of hot and cold, and a ringing in her ears from the roar of the excited audience as the man grabbed her big tits and pulled them wide apart, separating her flesh from her rib cage! Her whole insides were now revealed, from her uterus and ovaries among the tangle of pink guts to the darker lungs and heart easily seen through the pain wracked bitch’s now exposed ribs.
The four Roman soldiers returned to the pit, and two of them moved over to each of the muscular crucified women. Each pair of men had a spear, and to the delight of the audience they pressed the tips of the sharp spear heads into the cunts of the spiked and muscle-bound women. With both men grasping the thick handles of the long spears firmly, they thrust them not only deep into the cunts of the spiked women, but with all of their might they drove them deep into the twin muscular torsos, completely impaling the beautiful screaming women.
The spears were carefully angled as they were pushed through the crucified bitches’ bodies so that as they were slowly driven through their inner bodies they eventually emerged through their chest above the big breasts. The thrusts were fatal, and both of the women had blood trickling from their open mouths, but finally the screaming had stopped. Lucrecia was still alive and quivering in her horrible agony, hanging overhead from those impaling meat hooks.
As the soldiers again departed, their gruesome task completed, the big naked German did the unthinkable. He grasped Jennifer by her bare shoulders and sat her up! Her entrails slithered out into a heap between her wide spread legs. He reached into the wet pack of emerging gut and pulled out her uterus and ovaries, her stomach and her organs, so that the still functioning internal parts were outside of her gaping torso. In the heat of the death pit he had completely eviscerated the living woman!
To the audience’s delight the beautiful vain bitch was being totally debauched on the floor of the death-pit for their entertainment. Unsatisfied with leaving her like this, the German man again reached inside her now hollow chest and grasped a rib right against the spine, and snapped it off with his powerful hands. He ripped the cartilage that held the other end to her breast bone, and pulled it right out of her.
He held the bloody captured bone high above his head to display before the screaming crowd, and Jennifer fell backwards onto her back. He went back into her for another and another. Soon he had removed all of the still conscious gutted woman’s ribs, so that her body was now much narrower. Incredibly, this horribly mutilated bitch was still able to excite the audience, mainly because she was still alive, and her remarkable big tits were still intact.
“SLAY THE BIRD!” they all shouted with gusto.
Tony slid out of his seat, knowing that the bizarre act would go on for at least another ten minutes before her torturer would allow the beautiful bitch to die. Tony had seen the most interesting part of the remarkable act, and was willing to miss the final brutal torture in favor of missing the crowds down in the ‘do it yourself’ torture rooms. He was confident that the quality of this gorgeous vain American cunt would ensure he got top price for the bitches he delivered to the cruise ship company from now on.
He had delivered three other women to this particular German torturer, and although all of the slow killings were very different, he knew the big sadist would not finish his act by peeling Jennifer’s living face off her skull, as he had done with one of the others. For some reason, he never de-boned and defaced the same bitch. That was okay by Tony who was sickened by the baring of the grotesque mask of bloodied bone with the naked eyeballs and grinning teeth. Anyway, the German had done well with the vain American bitch Jennifer. This was the kind of act the audience would never find in the sin basements of the underground theaters of Europe.
The big German sadist sometimes finished the act and the bitch’s life by jerking his hips forward and backward in a fucking motion, his big prick thrashing the air wildly and ejaculating thick gobs of his cum as the action forced the blade on his ball cup to slice through her neck, cutting his female victim’s head completely off.
The audience loved seeing this being done to the living disemboweled and partially de-boned women. Each woman was different, so each performance was different, and the entertainment always had something new to offer.
Tony paused in the doorway to look back one more time, and saw the brutal butcher in the pit slicing off one of Jennifer’s big breasts. Magnificent mammaries like that were made for the death pit, he thought, recognizing the excellence of his choice. The big German bitch-butcher had rolled the disassembled cunt onto her side so that her organs lay in front of her on the sand, completely exposed to the gore-crazed audience.
Now the monster bitch killer was pouring kerosene all over Jennifer’s exposed innards, and Tony heard the “whump” of ignition as the door closed behind him. He knew that there was not enough of the fuel to kill her, just enough to make a show of power, demonstrating total demonic control over another useless female bitch.
The audience loved it. They had been waiting all week to see this vain bitch experience the total debauchery of her great body. Now she was getting it in spades. Overhead Lucrecia was still writhing on her meat hooks, dripping blood onto the brutalized bitch on the arena floor. The tanned muscular slumped forms of the crucified women were now providing their own spreading pools of blood on the white sand at the foot of their crosses, and even in death they provided a perfect frame to Jennifer’s demise on the floor of the death pit.
In the passageway below decks of the incredible Danish sex show cruise ship, Tony bumped into a beautiful young woman with a remarkable figure who he recognized as a frequent passenger. She had always boarded the sex cruise ship alone. That was fairly rare, because an attractive woman alone could easily be mistaken for an entertainer or hostess, and on this particularly infamous ship, such women were permanent sex slaves.
He had noticed her, not only because of her remarkable appearance, but also because she was often standing by the rail around the swimming pools and in the sex show theaters. He saw how much she was overtly presenting herself to the male passengers, who always appreciated her beautiful face and figure, which she displayed in revealing gowns or in skimpy but expensive bikinis or sportswear.
He had last seen her wearing a minuscule designer swimsuit at pool side, and noticed that her tiny bikini bottom was damp between the legs before she had gone near the water. Not only were her breasts of generous firm proportions, but her flared pussy lips were almost more that her scant bikini could contain, and they peeked pertly around the narrow strip of tight material running through her crotch.
He had noticed that she only frequented the violent sexual abuse shows, that on this ship knew no bounds. He assumed that she was a closet masochist, and that her frustration was that the men would focus their sadistic nature on the ample supply of gorgeous slave women that were featured in the bizarre sexual brutality, for which the ship was famous.
Now she was dressed in a satin gown that hugged her sensuous curves and revealed ample glimpses of her softly tanned flesh. Her big breasts were pressed together and lifted to accentuate their size and tan, and there were large areas of exposed flesh around her stomach and exotic hips. He could feel his penis rising in his pants from just looking at her.
He saw that she had not been in the theater to watch the beautiful arrogant American bitch Jennifer having the time of her life, being publicly tortured and disemboweled in the mini-coliseum down in the heart of the large ship. Being one of a small group of others leaving a small side theater, he realized she had been watching a display he had enjoyed on an earlier cruise, in which a buxom teen-aged girl was hung upside-down by chains around her ankles, holding her legs wide spread.
A thick metal electrode had been thrust into her tight virginal vagina, and the audience got the pleasure of working the big control arm that regulated the amount of electricity that would course through her dangling body, making her “dance” in agony. The amount of current available to be delivered to the heinous device buried deep in her vagina was gradually increased throughout the evening, until those who were really into it had taken up to ten turns at manipulating the joy-stick control. These people missing the spectacular show in the ship’s infamous death pit were the hard core sadists, who had stayed at it until the girl had at last given up and she kissed off.
The girl undergoing the prolonged electric shock torture had expired from actually being cooked inside by the heat they were generating over-heating the electrode buried deep in her cunt. Tony guessed that this gorgeous woman in the hallway had been a passive observer at the event, getting her kicks vicariously by identifying with the torture victim.
“Good evening,” he said. “Did you enjoy the show?”
“It was incredible,” she said, “God, the way she writhed! She was so sumptuous!”
“Did you use the control to give the girl more pain in her womb?” he asked.
“Yes, once, and it went through her whole body. It was wonderful. I made her heave, but not like the men, they were terrific.” She held forward her slender feminine hand, for Tony to kiss. “My name is Angella.”
Tony took her hand, and raised it to his lips. He noticed that she leaned slightly forward, to give him a preferred view of the ample cleavage of her full round breasts. “How do you think she felt, Angella,” he asked, “being totally exposed and helpless in the spotlight like that, with the people in the audience taking turns juicing her cunt with electricity?”
“Oh God, it must have been something, being stripped naked and chained and hung upside-down like that, with everybody watching as the big plug in her pussy gave her such pain. Toward the end it actually smoked!”
“Have you ever been on stage, Angella?”
“Once, when I was in Junior High School,” she answered. “I was in a beauty contest in grade seven, one of the science teachers organized it, and all of us in the contest had to go on stage wearing just a pink t shirt, panties and heels. It wasn’t a real stage like in a theater, of course, it was just a small stage in the men’s Lodge that the men’s club organized for a Saturday night.”
“Was it fun?”
“Sure. The t shirts were long enough, so we had to do a dance where we slipped off the panties. That was really sexy, and lots of fun. Then they sprayed water on all of the contestants, and our t shirts were soaked. You couldn’t tell the wet pink t shirt from our skin. Our nipples stood out and everything. It was really sexy.
“The best part was when we paraded around the stage and the cheap cotton shirts started to shrink. It turns out they had planned it that way. Pretty soon we were all squealing and laughing, pulling the front of the shrinking shirts down and trying to hide our privates, but it was impossible, so we gave up trying.
“For the finals four of us had to be really daring. It was a kissing contest.”
“Did they make you kiss each other?” Tony asked.
“No, We lay on a high table with our legs apart so they could all kiss us between the legs, kissing our pussies. French kissing. Every man in the whole club was a judge, and we had to please them all. And just with those crazy kisses.”
“That was some beauty contest,” he said.
“It was very embarrassing with everyone watching, with these older men kissing our cunnies, but it was also very exciting,” she answered.
“They gave us long kisses, and they used their tongues to excite our clits and to bore inside us, and it was so stimulating I moved my hips to kiss them back with my cunnie. They loved it. I didn’t win the contest, but I got an A in science that term, and had my picture published in the club’s news letter, holding my cunnie open with my fingers. They cut my head off in the picture, so none of them would go to jail if they got caught, but I knew it was me, because I was the only one asked to stay after the contest for pictures.”
“That must have been a thrill, to be in the spotlight like that,” Tony observed.
“The real thrill came when I discovered that sets of the pictures they took were being sold at the barber shops in the next county, and that they had left my face in the shots they sold. It all hit the fan about three weeks later, and six teachers were fired and had to leave town. There would have been a trial, but they knew the national press would have jumped on it, and ruined the whole town.”
Angella told Tony she had carried the nick name Angel since she was nine years old herself, when she had followed through on a shocking dare by letting a big dog fuck her in an alcove behind the school.
The other girls and boys had just been kidding, but Angella was the kind of girl who wasn’t going to be shamed by missing a chance to show the other kids that she was more daring than any of them.
The kids had watched in fascination as their innocent and angelic virgin classmate had got to her hands and knees, slipped off her panties, raised her skirt and given up her cherry to the big hound. She had kept an angelic look on her face as the willing beast deflowered and runted into her, and the name Angel had stuck.
As had her spirit for bizarre sexual adventure. It was no surprise to her grade eleven school chums that when the small ad was placed in the girl’s washroom, advertising for girls to work in a secret sex club doing dirty acts, Angella went straight to the school office and called the temporary phone number, right in front of the principal.
The senior educator didn’t catch on to the suggestive conversation, even though there were several other girls standing around her giggling. That was the last day any of her friends saw her or the three others who went with her to see what it was all about. The four good looking seventeen year old girls simply left school and disappeared from that dreary town.
Angella had used her body and her good looks to move ahead in life, working as a high class call girl and doing underground sex shows and videos. She had invested wisely, and had bought real estate with her considerable earnings. That had brought her to the point where she did not require performing degenerate sex acts on stage and on video to get on in the world, but as she became legitimate, she missed the excitement of the degeneracy she had sunk into as an innocent teenager.
That was what had brought her aboard this European sex cruise ship, and now into intimate contact with the Italian stud Tony.
“If you are interested in becoming an entertainer, Angella, I think I could help you do it, right here on this cruise ship, and at the same time introduce you to a little excitement as well.”
She feigned slipping, and grabbed his arm. He felt her large luscious tits press against his arm, and knew he had a live one here. This Angel Angella was a bitch that was ripe for the killing. Sex killing. Degenerate and violent sex killing.
“Could you really get me into show business?” she said, purring.
She had extra long red painted nails, and he noticed the revealing roll of the thin satin gown across her taunt tummy. She was in heat, and clearly ready for the brief burst of erotic fame he was about to offer her.
“Yes,” he said, “with the right contacts, training and exposure, you could soon have a very promising career in show business.”
She smiled and pressed her hip against his rearing penis that showed clearly through his pants.
She told him another reason her name was Angel was because the men she slept with said that she was such a fox in bed that being inside her was like being in heaven. They went into his cabin to discuss how he could help shape her exciting future.
Jennifer felt her whole body glowing with the most extreme pain, worse than anything she could imagine, so she knew she was still alive. She saw the big German spurting his jism onto her face, and realized she was not able to blink. She had feared he was going to cut her throat with that monstrous blade on his ball cover, but for some reason he stood up and moved out of her field of vision.
Then he was back, and he had big hooks similar to those holding the goose woman Lucrecia in the air, and he started digging them into her meat. She could feel them going into her through the fog of pain that was wracking her brain. She was sure she was now completely mad. The cables on the hooks were drawn tight, and she was lifted off the ground. She was dangling like the goose woman, but not as high.
Then she began to move, and it struck her that the steel beams the winches were attached to were really rails. That must be it. She could hear the approving roar of the crowd as she as was moved across the arena to the big doors in the corner that swung open to receive her.
As she moved she was swinging, slowly rotating, and as she passed through the opening she faced backward. In the arena she saw the big man posturing triumphantly to the cheers of the audience, and amazingly he was still ejaculating gobs of gooey sperm into the air from his monstrous prick. At his feet was a tangled pile of her own viscera, and she realized that in the horrifying haze of the extreme torture she had endured, she had been completely gutted!
Jennifer got a single stroke of satisfaction as she saw the big German suddenly fling his knife up into the air, and the long sharp blade drove into Lucrecia’s neck, effectively slicing through her gullet, cutting off her only source of air.
Jennifer continued to rotate as the doors closed off the scene behind her, and she saw with fresh horror what awaited her. It was the maw of a giant meat grinder, and as she was stopped directly over it she managed another series of fresh screams. Stuck in the corners were a little girl’s head, a woman’s arm and foot, and bits and chunks of flesh that she knew had to be freshly killed woman meat. She recognized the head as belonging to the little Dutch girl.
Below the heavy overlapping grinding bars she saw the dark water, and realized the remnants of the bodies dropped into the horrific machine would be deposited in the ocean to feed the fish.
The grinders started to rotate and she was slowly lowered into the jaws of death.
Jennifer managed once more to lift her head and scream so shrilly that she tore her vocal cords, and finished her last seconds in gasping silence, with only the sounds of the incessant grinders and the rushing consuming blood-stained water. The magnificent American librarian had provided the audience with a memorable evening of entertainment. The recollection of her spectacular sacrifice would fade in the ensuing weeks when new fresh stock of marvelous women with voluptuous bodies would wantonly parade their sexuality, then experience incredible debasement and a sadistic slaughter for the amusement of the paying customers.
Now that they were inside the luxurious private cabin, Tony moved a hand into the opening in Angella’s gown at the base of her spine, and slid his hand down across her smooth buttocks. He felt the light film of moisture of her sweat in her ass crack, and used it to lubricate his finger.
He pressed his middle finger between the firm buttocks until it found the tight starfish of her anus. Her full red lips curled up at the corners as he exerted a gentle pressure, and his finger found its way into the luscious twenty-four year old woman’s tightly gripping fundament.
Tony was impressed at how smooth and silky her colon felt, and he sensed that the grip of her rectum was more an embrace than an attempt to restrain his invasion and exploration of her most private part. He could feel a firm stool inside her, and he pushed it aside to plunge his finger in to its full length. He pulled out of her, and as he expected, the stout anal probe was slightly fouled. He held the browned finger out to her, and she obediently took it into her warm mouth to sensuously clean it.
Angella smiled when she saw the bright red leather collar in his hands, with the chain attached. She and this handsome hunk of an Italian stud were on the same wavelength. She would become his personal slave, and would do anything to please him as he trained her to be the perfect slave. Even if he abused her. Especially if he abused her.
She slid sensuously out of her sleek gown, allowing it to fold in a heap at her feet, then she stepped carefully out of it, being sure to present an enticing profile to Tony, who leaned against the wall, watching.
She reached behind herself, undid the three clips in the strap, and freed her ample white breasts from the restraining brassiere.
She unclipped her garter belt, watching Tony’s reaction as he eyed her smooth tummy.
She kicked off her spike heeled shoes, letting them fly into a corner.
She peeled the dark but transparent nylons off her slender shapely legs.
She slid sensuously out of her tiny sheer panties, revealing to his impressively cool and detached gaze the delicate flared petals of her tender pink vagina lips between the tight curls on her pubic mound.
She stood submissively by the chains dangling against the wall, now completely naked and vulnerable to this incredible stallion of a man.
She arched her attractive feet to stand up on her tip toes, flexing the well toned muscles of the arches, accentuating the excellent form of her long lean legs.
She parted slightly her well shaped legs and moved her hips for him suggestively, enticingly, to make this powerful man show some form of arousal. He was unmoved, and showed her no positive response to her overt attempts at seduction.
She thrust her pelvis forward with her knees slightly spread to reveal to him her aroused and open vagina.
She crossed her slender shapely wrists, then she slowly and seductively raised her arms high above her head, so that her large soft breasts were lifted and gently squeezed together, mounding perfectly into the ideal targets for severe and terminal torture.
Tony saw that the gorgeous bitch was ready. In Angella Tony had found the perfect replacement for the vain bitch Jennifer.
“Train me!” she commanded. Tony smiled, and picked up his stiff braided leather riding crop. He would begin her training by testing the resilience of her tender meat and the pitch of her screams under the affliction of this stinging weapon.
Angella watched quietly and pensively, chained to her post alongside the others, naked and part of the decoration of the nearly empty sex show lounge. It was nearly noon, and most of the passengers were just arising for the third day of astoundingly bizarre entertainment. The dining deck was serving brunch, and only a few of the wealthy patrons were up to drinking at this early hour. The nine year old girl in the sexy high heeled shoes with her head tilted back, and the large burning candle held firmly in her mouth, walked between the mostly empty tables in the cruise ship’s upper show lounge. The slender naked child moved carefully in the spike heeled shoes, not wanting to spill any of the hot wax dripping down the thick shaft onto her bare flesh.
The pretty young girl moved directly over to the big German industrialist to offer her hairless little cunt to him, with the gold string dangling from it. The pretty young naked girl was his human birthday cake, and his surprise present was hidden deep inside her little womb. As she walked in the tight fitting high heeled shoes, the nude girl turned her head to look at Angella and the other girls and women chained naked to posts that lined the back wall and both sides of the lounge. A tear trickled down her tender young cheek, and she quivered with fear and embarrassment as she continued on toward the waiting powerful guest on the evil cruise ship.
There were veteran resident entertainers aboard this special interest cruise ship, some with more than three months of experience, although in fact they were nothing more than captive sex slaves. Angella spent much of her free time chained to this post, masturbating her constantly aroused drug-enlarged sex organs while the other acts were rehearsing.
There was a new high-potency drug that kept the user sexually stimulated. It was given to all of the captive female entertainers in their food, and they had no relief from their constant sexual drives. It was given in such high dosages that the girls who were not already, had become masochists, craving the sexual abuse they were subjected to nightly for the entertainment of the club’s jaded patrons.
In awe Angella had watched the nine year old birthday cake girl being “loaded” an hour before, and had masturbated by sliding her moist cunt up and down along the post she was bound to as she saw the girl’s immature naked sex organ being lubricated, fingered, and then, amazingly, being completely invaded by the man’s skilled hand. He had warmed the responsive little girl up so well that she gave little resistance as he amazingly worked his whole hand into her tight cuntlet until her tender vagina lips grasped his thick wrist.
Angella bucked her hips up and down on the smooth wood of the post more urgently, excited at the sight of the man totally invading the sex organ of the small girl. She tugging against the ropes binding her and rubbing up her clit as she watched the man begin the next less pleasant part for the girl. He fingered the young girl’s cervix, slowly and deliberately working the small opening until at last it began to relax and open, giving way to the persistent massaging.
She felt a sudden jolt inside her gut when she saw the thick rod with the string. She had seen it used once before. It was about the thickness of a broom handle, and about four inches long, with a ten inch string attached. He was going to insert the heinous device up through the little girl’s tight cervix into her immature uterus. There were three guys holding her down when the man thrust the brutal device up into her inner sex organ. Her scream echoed through the large room, and the little bitch surprised the man with the sudden reflexive kicking of her legs and she caught him in the jaw, knocking him back.
The other men laughed and Angella quietly cheered for the young nude. She had got her shot in where most did not. It was the most she could expect, and he would have his chance at revenge. During the next hour the pain in her womb had diminished, thanks to the lack of complex nerves in the area. Angella had watched the naked young bitch being coached on how to move up to the wealthy passenger once he showed up, and to spread her legs in a sensuous way that he could not resist, and to offer him the string dangling from her open young twat. Now that the man had arrived, it was just a matter of her doing it.
Angella was ready, the knot of anxiety growing in her gut as she watched the young girl spreading her slender legs and thrusting her pelvis forward, inviting the big wealthy German to take the string and pull it out of her. The girl with her head tilted back to hold the huge birthday candle in her mouth was so sexy looking that Angella was sure the guest could not resist her offer. Everyone in the ship’s lounge watched with interest as they sipped their drinks, and enjoyed the naked masturbating females chained to posts around the lounge who would be entertaining them with their severe and violent sexual abuse later in the evening.
The little girl carefully took the burning candle out of her mouth to speak, and Angella saw the hot wax sticking to her face and realized how much of the hot liquid had flowed down her cheeks and neck. The kid delivered the lines the others had coached her on.
“Hi, handsome,” she said, in perfect German. “They told me it was your birthday and I have a little surprise for you. I’m keeping it warm for you in my cunny.”
She opened her mouth wide and put the thick candle back into it. She was now up on her tip toes in the specially made high heeled shoes, her knees spread wide and leaning back so that she could thrust her pelvis with the naked open mound with the thin edged inner lips well forward. Angella admired the highly erotic nude form of the well shaped young girl with her lithe legs, narrow waist, round tight buttocks and hard nipples where she had yet to grow titties. The sight of the child was such a turn on that Angella was sure she was going to orgasm before the time was right.
The man’s curiosity was peaked, and he took the string, twisting it and wrapping it around his fingers until he had a secure hold on it. With his experience as head of a large and aggressive industrial male dominated organization, and with his attitude toward females, there was no way he would pull gently on the gold string, other than to set the child up for a major excruciatingly painful shot to her little cuntlet. If there were any chance he would be able to hurt the child by pulling her string, he would take advantage of it. The street smart little girl knew this.
She leaned gently back, her knees spread, encouraging him to remove the thick plug from her inner sex organ, wanting to get the shocking pain over with. As she expected, he gave a couple of gentle teasing tugs, watching the look of anticipation and hurt on the young girl’s face, then he gave a sudden hard jerk on the string.
The naked child’s uterus expanded, stretching the large stuffed organ to its limit in three micro-seconds, then her whole lower belly swelled out, bulging enormously before it blew wide open, with great chunks of her flesh and guts blowing outward as the small bomb detonated inside her. The big German celebrating his birthday was blown backward by the force of the explosion, and he landed on his ass on the hard marble floor.
The other three men sharing his table were rolling in hysterics. “Happy birthday, Kurt!” they shouted. Kurt sat, his expensive suite ruined by the young girl’s viscera and gore. He was not smiling.
“You assholes, I could have been hurt!” he shouted at them. Then he realized that his three friends had paid him a special complement, in wasting the pretty young girl by booby-trapping her inner sex organ with the explosive to surprise him on his birthday. It really was a cute trick.
His friends had known that the tough internal sex organ of even a young girl would absorb most of the impact of the small but lethal womb bomb. The explosives expert in the ship’s stores and props room had guaranteed it. They were also sure the impact of the contained explosion inside the girl’s womb and belly would knock Kurt on his ass, as they had intended, and it had worked much better than they had imagined. they laughed at the sight of the startled industrialist sitting on the floor, his face and front splattered with the blood and bits of flesh of the naked young girl’s belly and sex organs.
Two of the older girls who were almost twenty but were new sex slaves on the ship vomited, but Angella had seen enough of this kind of monstrous act to know that an unusual death for the girls was just part of the exciting life around the club, and she was starting to get turned on by the excitement. She realized that she was most turned on by the raw brutality of it all. Although the young girl’s whole crotch was blown open, she was lying on her back with her small hips raised, bucking them and thrashing her arms as if still in orgasm from a huge power fuck. Angella realized that this was just her muscle reflexes, and that in fact the kid was dead.
Still, there was something she found exciting in the way the small naked female carcass continued to twitch as the two male waiters walked over to her, dug the big meat hooks deep into her flesh and dragged her across the floor and out to the back of the bizarre ship’s show lounge.
She had never discovered where the dead girl meat was taken, and God knows she had seen enough of the totaled bitches being dragged away to that back door, but she had no idea of what lay beyond it. That didn’t seem to matter too much anyway, because before the violent sexual entertainments were completed the girls were either dead or were such damaged goods that it didn’t matter about them any more, and that was that.
Angella well knew that she was some day going to share their fate, and she faced this certain future with resignation. She remembered back to that fateful day she had met Tony, and he had taken her under his control. The influential procurer of women had seduced her with his charm into revealing her masochistic bent, and he had that night made her into his slave. She remembered with relish the way Tony had chained her to the wall as she willingly stood beside the heavy bright steel chains, and had teased her naked flesh with the beautiful cat of nine tails whip.
He had gagged her with a tight ball gag, which forced her to contain her screams as he totally mastered her. This was the action she had craved, and he had given her the time of her life, teaching her more about pain and submission that she could have imagined possible. He had left her alone, and had then come back and taken her into his bed with him. He had done something she had always considered vile, and found painful, but had made a large part of her living at, and that was forced anal intercourse. Without comment or lubrication, Tony had rammed his huge penis into her tight rectum, and had twisted around so that he lay on his back, with her lying naked on her back on top of him, anchored to his enormous root.
That was when the woman had entered the room, and while Tony butt fucked her, the woman painfully pierced Angella’s lovely vagina with a thick gold ring, and permanently clamped the heavy ring closed. Angella had screamed, and Tony had squeezed her large breasts so hard that she could not feel the pain in her cunt. He had used such force with his powerful fingers on her breasts that there were dents in the big mammaries for two days afterwards where he had so brutally squeezed them.
He had given her up to the ship by delivering her to the sex club, a lounge in the club were women were abused through abnormal sex acts. She had been brutally fucked on stage by men with studded rings on their penises, that gave her pain in her vagina and anus as she was violently raped in front of the cheering audiences.
She soon graduated to violent sex acts with large animals, including an Irish Wolfhound, a three hundred pound hog and a trained gorilla, that liked to painfully mash her big breasts with its rough hands while it humped its thick penis into her abused asshole. She was given no amenities or privacy, and after three of the weekly cruises, she had been effectively reduced to an obedient sex slave.
When she was not being used and sexually abused on stage, Angella was usually chained to her post at the edge of the theater, where customers could examine and probe her sex organs. She was such a beautiful young woman that she attracted both the men and women passengers. They used lengths of varnished rods with rounded ends cut from broom handles, and thicker lengths cut from shovel and ax handles, which were provided to the clients to freely probe the most private parts of the chained women.
At last Angella’s internship was over, when Tony came for her. She was unchained, and was given a complete set of clothing to wear, including an attractive low cut evening dress. She was taken by Tony to one of the small gambling theaters, where she and four other equally attractive women were introduced to the gamblers, and were treated to drinks at the small bar. They were all strikingly beautiful, and they all had long beautiful hair. The gamblers asked the women questions about their physical education, athletics, and as they talked they examined with an unusual interest the five gorgeous ladies’ large firm breasts.
After a congenial time visiting with the interested gamblers the women were taken to meet the ship’s Program Development Officer, who was responsible to come up with the fantastic female torture entertainments which were the feature attraction aboard the ship. The man was developing a new game for the gambling deck, and he was about to test in before a live audience of gamblers.
The women that he had used to design a new harsh contest were in no condition to participate in the premiere, because they were all being treated or were recovering in the ship’s hospital. Because it could be so damaging, the game required a set of fresh women participants be used in order for it to be properly introduced, and Tony agreed that the harsh treatment would be valuable at this stage of Angella’s education. The five gorgeous women were taken into the special harness room, and the quintet of remarkable feminine creatures were asked to strip naked. They were all sufficiently advanced in their obedience training to comply without question.
When all five of them were naked, Angella noticed that three of the other young women also wore thick gold rings pierced through their vaginas, and that the one with the largest breasts did not, which was unusual, because she thought the vagina ring was the mark of the slave girl on this ship. What Tony noticed was that all of the remarkably beautiful women had conspicuously large breasts. This indicated to him that the stunning young women’s breasts were going to play a predominant role in the gambling event.
The strikingly beautiful bitches were each given a pair of red spike heeled shoes to wear, and Tony admired their naked forms as the bent forward to put the shoes on. Their long hair was braided into a tight French braid by young female attendants. This was common among the long hair female slaves on the ship, because it was feminine in appearance while keeping their hair from interfering with views of or access to their upper bodies.
Once all of them had their hair was done, they all had their arms bound tightly behind their backs, although they complained bitterly at the severe treatment. Most of their complaining was because they had no idea what was about to happen to them, and they knew that it was safe to complain, as long as they were not observed doing it in front of the patrons.
Four of the gorgeous girls, including Angella, had wire loops placed over their breasts, and these were tightened severely, so that the large mammaries of the naked women bulged obscenely, like over-filled balloons.
A second short stout wire with clips on either end was attached to the tit binding hoops, joining them, and dangling freely between the bulging mammaries. A third longer wire with a similar clip on each end was brought up through their cunt rings, and was clipped to the wire strung between the woman’s breasts.
The wire through the cunt ring dangled to the floor, and a couple of feet of it lay between the wearer’s legs. The clip on the dragging end allowed it to attached to something. Tony could only guess at the intent of this bizarre wire bitch harness, but he was sure that it would mean severe stress for their bound tits and probably for their cunts as well.
To complete their decoration, the four were fitted with tight ball gags, which were so large that they had to be jammed between their teeth, stretching their jaws to the limit. Tony was impressed with the simplicity of the functional design of the painful wire harness, and its potential for doing severe damage to the four lovely women.
The fifth woman, a luscious twenty-two year old who’s name was Madeline, was not gagged, nor were her breasts cinched with the tight wire hoops, as were the others. She was the one with the largest breasts of all of them. She had steel cuffs placed on her ankles, with a small ring welded to each of them. She also, like the others, had her arms bound together behind her back.
The five large breasted young women were taken through a doorway which was so low that they had to bend over to get through it. Tony left the harness room, and went into the adjoining gambling theater. The five girls were in a central pit, with seating on three sides. The pit was three feet deep, with vertical walls that came up to the floor level of the seating area. There were three rows of comfortable padded seats, with each row elevated a foot above the row in front of it, ensuring a full view of events by all of the forty people the small theater would accommodate. A numeric key pad that looked much like a pocket calculator was set in the armrest of each seat, so that the gamblers could enter their wagers, which would be flashed on a screen above the pit. Central on the electronic wall display was a large tally board, framing an electronic digital clock.
The floor of the pit was varnished hardwood planks, and the sides were made of vertical strips of angle iron, fitted with long sharp barbs, which would discourage the bitches from attempting to escape. Two burly and naked body builders, with their enormously muscled bodies and long erections and swinging balls oiled, and their body hair shaved or neatly trimmed, took control of the five naked women.
The young woman who’s breasts had not been bound was laid on her back on a small skid, of the type used by mechanics to work under cars. Madeline’s tightly bound arms were pinned beneath her, and were useless for defense or to help her escape her desperate situation. She screamed in terror as the two burly bitch handlers brought forward a heinous looking steel device and laid it on top of her. It consisted of a two foot long and four inch thick pointed shaft, with the point nestled into the folds of her vagina.
From the base of the shaft there was a jig device that came forward and rested across Madeline’s soft belly. This supported a cross piece, that had a pair of foot long tapered shafts three inches wide at the base, and pointed upward toward the base of each of her large breasts. On each end of the cross piece was attached a fastening ring, similar to those on her ankle cuffs. The gamblers quickly saw that the ingenious device would, with the unwilling assistance of the other women, impale Madeline’s big breasts and her vagina, with the vagina shaft capable of reaching right up to her heart.
The four tit-bound bitches were positioned two at either end of her, and with their backs turned to her. The clips from the wires dangling between the legs of the two at her feet were fastened to Madeline’s ankle cuff rings. Those of the two at her head end, which included Angella, were attached to the ends of the cross brace. The four standing women were instructed to move forward, until the slack in the chains was taken up. The wires pulled tight in their flared cunts, which served as tender lubricating bearings for the taut wires. The beautiful nudes were now like a team of work horses, whose task was to horribly impale Madeline with the monstrous device.
The wires pulled severely down on the breasts of the standing horse-bitches, and the three shafts moved upward, the long one sliding into the cunt of the bitch lying on the cart, while the points on the two shorter shafts pressed painfully against the base of her large breasts. As they stood there, realizing what they were required to do, the four horse bitches quivered in anxiety, and two of them lost bladder control. The air conditioning was sufficient to handle the odor, which only faintly reached the cheering audience of gamblers.
The pit boss was regaled in a red velvet coat with tails, a high hat, and black pants and knee length black leather boots. He used a wireless microphone, although one was not needed for the intimate surroundings of the tiny theater. It lent an additional sense of total authority to his booming voice. He told the gamblers that the four bitches would be fighting the clock. Their task was to drive the long shaft into the prone woman’s cunt right to the hilt, and that they would experience severe whipping of their asses, legs, and backs as they pulled, to encourage them to complete the rigorous assignment as quickly as possible.
As the shaft sunk deeper into the cunt and on up into the belly of the lovely prone lady, the shorter shafts would of course be driven up through her big breasts, with the sharp points eventually emerging through the tops of her tits. The horse-women would unwillingly impale the helpless Madeline, and they could do nothing to prevent it. The design of this violent new sex sport was brilliantly simple, and by featuring the shocking abuse of gorgeous young women, and the likely termination of one of them, the event was sure to be a winner.
As an added incentive to the burly men with the whips, should Madeline survive the contest for five minutes, she would be released, and the split cane whips would be used on their testicles. This was, after all, the kind of ship that provided some entertainment for everyone, and there were more than a few aboard who would be entertained by the sight of a hulking set of male genitals under attack. Clearly the luscious bitch stretched out on her back on the small mechanic’s dolly was not going to survive this contest. The other four women were going to experience severe breast stretching, as well as possible damage to their ringed cunts. All of this in addition to the severe whipping they were going to experience. As long as it took enough time to unfold, and was not completed too soon, the new event was certain to be a real cock jerker or clit tickler for the mixed group of sex show gamblers.
There were three objectives for the gamblers to wager upon. The betting was on whether sweet Madeline, with the remarkable boobs, would be alive and conscious when the twin shafts emerged through the tops of her huge soft breasts, on how long it would take for one of the other four bitches to rupture a breast from the strain of pulling, and on how long the other four would take to drive the long shaft into Madeline’s cunt right up to the hilt. The naked women in the gambling pit remained motionless and poised, shaking in uncontrolled terror in their high heels, binding wire and stark nakedness as the bizarre form of wagering proceeded. The gamblers took their time to inspect the beautiful female flesh in the pit, “Fresh Cuntmeat on the Hoof”, as the pit boss called them, and it took more than ten minutes for the wagering to be completed.
Suddenly the big timing clock started, and the two male bitch handlers lashed out at naked woman flesh with the vicious split canes. The four bound cunts bolted, and the shaft assembly moved upward on Madeline with such force that the twin foot-long shafts broke into the tender meat of the prone bitch’s big tits, and the shaft between her legs lunged deeper into her, and pressed firmly against the back fleshy wall of her cunt. The high heeled shoes were not ideal for hard work, particularly of this nature, and the young women struggled to pull as the spike heels slipped on the smooth hardwood floor of the gambling pit. Their struggle added to the excitement and eroticism as the naked ladies flexed their muscles with the exertion that tugged violently downward on their big bound breasts and jerked the taut wire through their steaming cunts.
Madeline screamed at the excruciating pain, expressing the horror the other four could only moan and drool out through the tight fitting rubber ball gags. The split canes lashed out viciously against the bare backs and buttocks of the gagged naked horse girls. As they strained in their high heeled shoes, the wire through their cunt rings dug deeply into their vaginas, and pulled down hard on their bound tits. The effect of the added strain on the already highly stressed tits was incredible. They turned deep purple from the added pressure, and the veins stood up so high that they cast shadows. The tortured mammaries were also pulled down over the edge of the horse women’s rib cages, and the bulged round ends of the squeezed boobs pressed against their tummies. The extra strain of their extra effort also dug the tight wires deeper into the fleshy slits of their pierced and ringed cunts, causing them to flare and swell out.
Tony had his hand in his pocket, handling his rigid prick with a practiced stroke. He accelerated his tempo as the canes slashed and tore at the bare ass flesh of the four horse girls, and the rigid steel shafts dug deeper into the cunt and breasts of the helpless woman on the dolly. The big timing clock on the wall registered one minute had elapsed. The bitch Madeline lying on the dolly was tougher than she appeared. Tony was not sure if it was her breasts or her uterus that was providing the resistance, but the horse girls were taking a terrible beating from the canes, and their tortured breasts were taking an horrific stretching as the tortured bitches struggled to dig the shafts deeper into the screaming girl’s sex meat.
The small crowd of gamblers was shouting encouragement to the men with the whips, and they gave their hearty approval to the bizarre and incredibly cruel gambling contest. Suddenly the strategy of the two male bitch-handlers changed, and they brought the their rigid split canes viciously up between the straining legs of the tit-bound horse girls, brutally attacking the delicate and sensitive meat of their tender cunts. The four cunt-battered bitches jerked their crotches forward, tightening the wires even further. The effect was to yank violently downward on their own bound and severely strained tits, as well as to jerk the metal shafts further into the meat of the impaled bitch on the small dolly.
Now the blows rained mercilessly up into the sweating cunts with the strong wire running through them. The jerking response was equally damaging to the bound breasts of the horse women and the impaled woman. The big clock reached two minutes. It was clear that the shaft in her womb was causing her extreme distress, digging through her cervix and into her uterus, and threatening to thrust further into her with every blow of the vicious whips on the horse girls. She writhed deliciously in her severe agony. The twin shafts thrusting deep into her breasts were making headway, with more than eight inches of each of them buried in her the fat round mammaries. The tops of her big tits were now being poked upward from the inside, and it appeared that it would just be a matter of seconds before they broke through the upper surface.
Madeline’s screams verified that she was alert and healthy, judging by her ability to generate ear splitting shrill screams with each tug by the whipped horse girls. She was sustaining some internal damage now with the incessant thrusting of the steel shaft in her womb. The big clock now registered three minutes. With an abrupt shrill ear-piercing scream she announced that the heinous device had penetrated through the walls of her uterus, and the sharp tip of the steel shaft had thrust its way up into her bowels.
Now the gambling party was getting rough, and the gamblers saw that the life of the gorgeous young woman lying on the mechanic’s dolly on the floor of the pit could be measured in minutes. The angry red welts across the asses and backs of the legs of the horse girls were beginning to split and weep blood as the severe split-cane beating continued. Blood was also dripping from a couple of the cunts from the severity of the merciless whipping. Suddenly the tops of Madeline’s big beautiful breasts bulged up severely, driven by the points thrusting inside them, and with a synchronized effort with the caning on the four lady asses, the impaling device was jerked upward, and the tips of the twin steel shafts burst through the tops of the screaming bitch’s big tits.
The clock read three minutes and forty-five seconds, and Madeline was still alive and alert. There was a cheer from the gamblers who had wagered on her surviving to the time of total breast impalement. Gushes of her blood splashed over her shoulders, and her fully impaled tits were pushed upward with the continuing pressure from the cross bar at their base. Now her blood was also leaking from her vagina, and spilling onto the polished hardwood planks of the floor.
The clock had reached four minutes.
The rigid split-cane whips again found their way between the spread legs of the straining horse girls, and they renewed quickly their efforts. Now that the Madeline’s breasts were punctured and no longer offering any resistance, the shaft in her womb made more progress. Madeline was given a brief respite as the horse girls were instructed to kick off their high heeled shoes. They did this gratefully, and then the split-cane whips came down on the tops of their stretched breasts. They leaped forward, leaning into the stout wires, with their bare feet providing a much better grip on the varnished floor.
The extra pull caused even further stretching and ballooning of their bound breasts, and blood started to dribble from the enormously bulging nipples. The effect on Madeline was direct and devastating. The thick shaft in her womb thrust deep into her like a sword. The tip of the steel shaft lunged through her stomach, and with a jolt forward, it perforated her diaphragm. The gamblers watched in delight as the thick base of the shaft rammed up firmly against her bloodied cunt as the tip inside her drove up between her lungs into her heart.
Madeline’s incredible screams of agony and horror were abruptly arrested. Her head was thrown back, her eyes bulged, and fresh blood gushed from her nose and mouth. The big clock stopped at four minutes, thirty-seven seconds, but the horse-women were forced by the mercilessly flailing whips to continue pulling. With the triple shafts of the incredible impaling device sunk to their full depth inside her, the dead bitch in the center of the pit was not going to yield further, so the only progress possible was further elongation of the four beautiful horse-women’s painfully bound and stretched breasts.
The contest would not be completed until one of the eight bound breasts ruptured. The barefoot bitches pulled and strained, driven by the incessant lashing from the split-cane whips. The meat on their battered buttocks was split and bleeding, and their big bound boobs were now stretched down past their navels. The gamblers were all masturbating wildly and shouting insults at the arm, mouth and tit bound bitches pulling desperately against each other and against the triple impaled carcass of the lovely Madeline. The lovely young women tugged and jerked at their bindings with all of their might, attempting to end the horrifying and excruciatingly painful abuse by the split-cane whips to their backs and buttocks. They were a remarkable sight, and the gamblers cheered on their efforts.
Suddenly it happened. The lovely woman straining beside Angella gave an extra heave in response to a blow by a whip to her cunt, and both of her breasts virtually exploded. A spray of bloody tit-meat splattered down across the varnished floor of the gambling pit, and with her breasts now free of the binding wire, she flew forward against the wall of the pit, smashing her beautiful face and skull against the barbed angle iron on the pit’s solid steel wall.
With one woman suddenly breaking free of her bonds the hard way, the other three were abruptly off balance, and they fell to the piss and sweat slicked floor. The atrocious game was over, a complete success, with two of the naked female entertainers dead, and the other three in very rough shape. Tony returned to the harness room, and waited for the three surviving bitches to be brought in and unharnessed. He was surprised that two dead women’s carcasses were also brought back to the harness room, but he realized that the harness and shoes that they wore had to be retrieved as well. He gave a hand to help remove the impaling device from the still warm body of Madeline, and he was impressed at how erotic the effect of pulling the thick metal shaft out of her flesh was. Her cunt seemed to grip the metal for all it was worth, and her big tits were pulled beautifully out of shape. Both of the dead women had steel hooks driven through their ankles, and they were hoisted upside down to hang from an overhead rail like sides of beef.
The Program Development Officer told Tony that because of the traumatic nature of their deaths, the bitches would both make suitable consumable meat, so they would be moved by the rail to the ship’s butcher shop, where they would be eviscerated, halved, and hung for a suitable time in the refrigeration unit. They would eventually show up on the ship’s menu, but not in recognizable form. Only cunts and breasts usually showed up so they could be identified as human parts, and both of these women had their organs mutilated in the sport. A skilled chef might be able to salvage Madeline’s vagina for display, and because she had not been whipped, her shapely hips, thighs and sex organ might show up as a special double hip roast. This was the special feature dish usually presented on the closing night of a cruise, with the neck of a champagne bottle sticking out of the anus. It was always a hit with the guests, who claimed it was more delicious than fresh venison, and much more appealing on the platter.
Angella missed the next four cruises of the evil sex cruise ship, while she healed in a special clinic run by the cruise ship line. She had come out of the ordeal better than the other two survivors of the bizarre gambling event. All three of the women shared a room, because they were all receiving the same treatment for similar damage.
One of the women was a Jewess named Rachael. She had luxurious auburn hair, and a finely chiseled face. Besides her firm round breasts, which she as well as the others had stretched and bulged so horribly, she had incredible legs and a intriguingly slender waist. The other cunt was the brown haired Suzette, a French girl with a soft looking but firm figure. She was only seventeen, and was more athletic than she appeared. She had been spectacular in her high heels, and now Angella saw that she looked just as good in her bare feet, even as she was recovering from her severe injuries.
Both of these creatures exuded sexuality. Angella realized this was also true of herself, and that their strong sexually stimulating appearance was why they had been selected for the horrible gambling event they had been forced into, with its catastrophic outcome for two of them, and terrible results for these three. The skilled doctors were excellent plastic surgeons, and repaired their deep whip wounds so well that there was virtually no trace of the brutal slices in their buttocks and legs. Their hugely distended breasts were another matter. The tight binding wires had rearranged the fatty meat inside the stretched mammaries, and the treatment had been to inject silicone into the enlarged breasts, filling them out to their original incredible shape, but at the same time to enlarge them yet further. The silicone was specially colored to resemble human muscle and fat, in case the breasts were opened in future violent entertainments. This mammary reshaping operation was also successful, and the girls now sported firm fifty-five inch bust-lines.
The heavy iron ring had been removed from her vagina, leaving the smooth pierce holes, which would allow another such steel ring to be easily attached to her sex organ whenever it pleased her masters. To offset the visual imbalance created by the remarkable enhancement of their breasts, causing a front-heavy look to their figures, the three gorgeous girls also had their nipples extended and their buttocks enlarged to a new roundness, which was so well executed by the doctors it provided a perfect balance without becoming grotesque.
Angella was transferred back to the ship with the other girls in the meat supply wagon, gagged and packed inside a wooden crate with the other girls, like sides of boxed beef. The crate was hoisted aboard the ship and was lowered deep into the forward hold. Inside the ship, a fork lift moved the crate into the special human stock receiving area, were Tony watched her and the other two altered cunts being uncrated. All of the girls being returned after recovery had been exercised at the hospital before shipping, and they were all certified by the medical and training specialists to be fit for reuse and the most severe forms of sexual abuse.
Angella saw Tony watching her uncrating, as she was being collared and chained to a string of more than twenty newly arrived fresh female stock as well as others returning from the recovery hospital. She glared at him for abandoning her to the common usage of the ship’s general supply of slave bitches. She noticed that he gave more of his attention to Rachael than to her, but she rationalized that it was really only a glance, and he had not seen as much of this very beautiful Jewish bitch as he had of her. She had anticipated being his personal slave, not realizing that she was worth much more to him as a sale than for personal use. He had been procuring women successfully for the cruise ship for several years, based on that remarkable ability to discover, captivate, and to enslave the right kind of women.
He had brought seven more gorgeous and willing young women into subjective service aboard the ship since he had recruited Angella, in addition to seven more young “guests” aboard the ship who were in various stages of the attitude conditioning process prior to their introduction to permanent servitude. He now had only a passing interest in this remarkable slave bitch, because the agenda for her outrageous show-killing was now fully determined. Angella was every man’s dream of tantalizing sex, both cuddly and aloof, the perfect match for a terminal slave bitch on this violent sex show cruise ship. She was not aware of the reason for her cooling attention to her, and her resentful glare mellowed to a simpering seductive facade as she looked to him to save her from the terror of her dreadful fate.
Tony smiled and winked at Angella, to give her a sense of hope to cling to, and he was pleased to see his simple gesture had put a spring in her step as he watched the luscious line of fresh bitch meat being paraded naked down into the holding pens in the bottom of the ship, near the bow, where the ride would be the roughest possible. When the last naked ass had disappeared through the doorway, he turned and returned to his cabin.
Charlotte lay sprawled on top of his bed, naked, her soft tummy and full breasts pressed against the bead spread, her dark brown eyes smiling seductively at him as Tony entered his cabin. He had picked up the gorgeous raven haired English woman in London’s Soho District, in a chic club that featured high kicking topless dancers. Topless was just a figure of speech, because the long legged girls in the chorus line wore extravagant but skimpy feathered and sequined costumes like the famous dancers of Las Vegas, but in the Soho clubs the dancers’ well trimmed, protruding, and rouged vaginas were as fully featured as were their impressive firm bouncing breasts.
In these exotic clubs the more advanced British civilization was in evidence. Here the girls could appear nude legally as soon as they sprouted breasts, and the average age of the chorus line of dancers was fourteen. These sophisticated young ladies matured earlier than did American girls, and they wore jewelry in their pierced vagina lips as the American girls did in their ears. Charlotte was a show choreographer for the sexually oriented acts performed by the talented young nude dancers, and Tony had promised her and six of her most attractive dancers a week’s free vacation they would never forget. They were all his special guests, and having shown Charlotte his cabin, Tony had taken the six younger girls down to see the ship’s powerful engines, and the special quarters provided for the cruise ship’s captive entertainers.
The beautiful young ladies were impressed with the huge and mighty turbine engines, and were startled that the entertainers’ quarters were nothing but holding pens, and that the hostage bitches were naked and chained like slaves. They were even more startled when they were handed over to the burly bitch keepers, and were stripped, chained and pushed forcefully into a steel holding pen. Tony told them to relax, because they were being saved for a future cruise. Then he left them and went to the ships hold to watch the uncrating of the arrivals from the recovery hospital. Charlotte had been busy since he had left her alone in his cabin. She had painted her back, shoulders and face with tiger stripes, and when he came into the cabin, she rolled over, displaying for him her wanton nakedness, and was enticing him to come and wrestle with her. Tony quickly slipped out of his clothing, and before she could turn over, he was on top of her, and took her from behind, startling the horny young English woman by thrusting his thick penis into her anus rather than her vagina. Tony preferred the added intimacy and tightness of anal sex, and was particularly attracted to the humiliation and discomfort rather than pleasure it gave his sex partner.
He grasped her full round breasts and rolled onto his back, keeping his penis buried deep in her tight colon. She moaned with unexpected pleasure as he gently thrust and parried inside her. The door opened, and a woman in the simple staff dress entered, carrying a leather tool bag. Another unwilling young woman’s vagina was about to be pierced and ringed.
Angella screamed as the monstrous steel dildo was thrust painfully deep into her tight cunt. She and the other two breast-enlarged girls were back in the harness room, and they were lying flat on their backs, strapped onto the well equipped work bench. Her scream redoubled as the eye bolt on the base of the cruel device was turned, activating an internal spring mechanism that extended a series of thick steel pins out into the strained muscle of her stuffed fuck shaft. The fresh jolts of pain in her womb was excruciating, spreading through her lower belly, and she felt a flush, as if she were going to faint.
The force of the extension mechanism, driven by a powerful spring, was so great that the steel pins, angled toward the base of the device, easily perforated the walls of Angella’s tight vagina muscle, permanently locking the huge dildo into her womb. Now she wore a plug with a steel loop that would allow her cunt to be attached to things. She lay shaking with terror and fear as Rachael and Suzette were fitted with the same kind of heinous device. These lovely women with their enlarged breasts were permanently losing their ability to make love to a man. Their pain and their anguish were excruciating.
Now the craftsman used a thick electric needle to pierce the base of the women’s enlarged nipples. Smoke of burning flesh rose as the red hot needle seared its way through the inch thick nipples, and as soon as he withdrew the needle from the violated female flesh, he clamped thick steel rings through the fresh burn holes. Angella was able to turn her head and watch the craftsman at work on Rachael, who was lying next to her. He put a rack over Rachael’s head which had a clip and chain hanging over her face. The gorgeous young Jewish woman’s tongue was pulled out and clamped painfully to the strong clip, holding it out.
Now he took the hot iron and burned a pair of large holes in the Rachael’s tongue, side by side. The Jewish bitch pissed herself as the red hot rod was thrust through her stretched tongue, and Angella released control of her own bladder in an involuntary sympathy response. The skilled craftsman then pierced Rachael’s nose, and Angella quickly saw why. He took a large oval steel ring, which was open at one end, and thrust the ends up through the twin holes in the moaning girl’s tongue, and then permanently closed it through the hole in the septum of her nose.
This was horrible. Rachael was never going to be able to speak with this device in place. Angella’s terror increased when the craftsman moved the rack to Suzette and clamped her tongue to the strong clip. Suzette tried unsuccessfully to pull her tongue free, and before she could get her stout bitching muscle free the craftsman drove a fist into her stomach. Suzette thrust her tongue out as a reaction to the vicious blow, and he had the hot iron into it, burning a hole cleanly through her bitching meat. Quickly the skilled craftsman burned a second hole beside the first, and then did the same to her nose.
Angella nearly wretched from the acrid smell of burning female flesh. She felt severe cramps forming in her stomach from the terror she was feeling, and she was certain that the same brutal treatment was about to happen to her, before Tony could save her. She watched in horror as the large oval steel ring was fixed into the tongue and nose of the beautiful bitch Suzette. She noticed that the thick ring was longer than necessary, like the one that pierced Rachael’s nose and tongue, as its lower loop was almost two inches below the tongue. She realized that these were probably designed to fasten things to them as well.
Now their cunts, tits and pretty faces were equipped with the heavy fastening rings. Her ability to speculate was interrupted when the rack was placed over her head, and the tight steel clip was painfully clamped onto her tongue. The brutal piercing was more excruciating than she had imagined possible, and she emptied her bowels over the edge of the bench onto the floor as her pretty sex organs were so humiliatingly pierced and ringed. The treatment on the bench was totally dehumanizing, and she finally realized how much she was nothing but an object for the sexually debasing entertainment acts provided for the amusement of the passengers. How long had it been since she was one of those thrill-seeking passengers on this sex show cruise ship? She felt a rush of excitement run through her pierced genitals at the images so fresh in her mind of thrilling horrors provided to helpless women in the ship’s torture theaters. A frightening shiver ran down her spine, reflecting on how far she had fallen in such a short time, and by her own will, although she knew that her fate was now totally out of her control.
Angella had known from the time she first saw Tony with that vain bitch Jennifer, when everyone knew what awaited that gorgeous American woman, that there was no turning back for her. She knew early on that she would share the horrible fate of those gorgeous females, and that knowledge had driven her forward with a keen edge of excitement growing like an insatiable fire in her gut, consuming her. Her mind was numb with the pain and the cumulative effect of the degrading treatment she was receiving. For Angella, death was now just one more fantastic adventure to be experienced. She was ready, and excited at the prospect. She had finally found her true place in the total scheme of things, and now understood her true role in life as a woman. Now that she was on the receiving end, she was appalled at the extreme abuse of bitches necessary to satisfy the pornographic tastes of the more advanced cultures of the world. With a clear understanding of the inevitability of this truth, she felt a rush of excitement at the sexual horror ahead for her that would bring erotic excitement to others.
The boisterous shouting of the crowd hit Angella’s ears and gut like an overwhelming wave, and the terrified anxiety she was experiencing hit a peak as the heavy double doors opened, and the mutilated carcasses of two butchered women were dragged out of the ship’s incredible death pit. Angella had watched the women go into the pit in the act ahead of her. They had been outfitted as ancient Roman women, and wore sandals, with long leather laces that were wrapped tightly around their legs, tied off more than a foot above their knees. They also wore bronze arm bands, and had their long fluffy blonde hair interwoven with white daises.
Red gauze banners had hung from the heavy iron rings in their tits and cunts, hiding nothing of their nakedness, but emphasizing their soft round femininity. They had faced, armed with soft balsa wood knives, two men carrying short sharp hacking swords and dressed in the costumes of gladiators. Now the beautiful young Italian women were reduced to bloody meat for the carnivorous fish that followed the ship. Angella had sat up in those seats, and watched the violent death sports that were the central feature of the nefarious Danish sex show cruise ship. She had seen the been on the cruise that featured the four tigers that were obtained from a circus when they were supposed to have been destroyed because they had attacked and killed their trainer.
She had watched and cheered excitedly as one by one, four voluptuous Danish women had entered the ring, wearing only thigh length high heeled boots, a broad belt and a top hat, all made of bright red leather. The deep guttural growls of the big striped cats, and their slow deliberate moves, culminating in their powerful leaps and ripping of the bitches’ naked flesh with talons and powerful jaws, created a horror and excitement she had never before experienced. The women had been trained with tame cats, and the first of them had entered the ring confidently. The beasts had not behaved themselves. They had surrounded and terrified her. Then a big male had pounced on and raped, gouged, slashed and totally demolished the beautiful wench.
When the ring had been littered with her viscera, organs, and severed limbs, the next woman was thrust into the large cage, kicking and screaming. Angella remembered she had been excited watching the delectable naked young women unwillingly feeding themselves alive to the awesomely powerful tigers. It was the first time she had masturbated unashamedly in public.
Nobody noticed her erotic self indulgence, because everyone was wrapt in the outrageous sexual carnage taking place in the ring for their entertainment. Most of them had a hand buried in their garments, stimulating their own sex organs for orgasmic release. Now Angella was reduced to a sexual showpiece, a beautiful sex object to be violently abused, and perhaps even destroyed for the lustful pleasure of the paying audience. She knew that the chances of coming out of this arena alive depended entirely on her role, but that at least she would face severe mutilation, and at best, a quick death.
She had a strong sense that this would be her last act on this ship. In the harness room, she and the other two girls, Rachael and Suzette, had been fitted with ankle straps that firmly supported ten inch double edged blades on their heels, that stuck back like obscene spurs. They had then had their arms folded on top of their heads, and had their long hair woven over and around them, holding their upper limbs firmly in place, conveniently out of the way.
Now they were taken into the arena, each of them handled by a pair of burly bitch handlers. They saw four crosses made of heavy beams, set up around the ring, and there was a hugely pregnant teenaged girl spiked onto each of the terminal torture racks. All four of the pretty young teens with their grotesquely bulging bellies were covered with bleeding welts from severe whippings, and one of the girls was in the painful process of giving birth, without the use of her hands. Angella and the other two big breasted young women were taken to three widely separated points along the edge of the small indoor arena. Twin cables hung down to them from overhead motorized winches which were mounted on tracks on the ceiling. The tracks converged at the center of the arena.
The handlers ran the twin stout cables through Angella’s nose ring, beneath her pierced tongue, then threaded one through each big nipple ring, then brought them together again and clipped them to the ring in her permanently implanted plug. This simple arrangement would allow her to be hoisted in the air by her cunt, while remaining upright.
She was told by the handlers that her task was to kill the other two girls, using her heel blades. The motivation was simple: Rachael and Suzette would also try to kill her, and the single survivor would be released. Angella had brains enough to know that the release would be to the recovery hospital, and that meant return to this evil ship to participate in yet another violent event. She knew that it did not matter to the owners or to the clients whether or not one of them should survive this battle for life.
The wire tightened as somewhere an operator controlled the overhead winch. As it took up the slack, the cable forced the tip of her tongue up, pressed in on her firm nipples and breasts, drawing them together, and then it pulled painfully against the steel dildo permanently planted in her cunt. The tension on the wire increased, then it took her full weight, pressing her nipples together, and she was lifted off the sand covered floor of the pit, until her feet swayed a couple of feet above the floor. She began to slowly turn, and she saw that the other two girls were lifted in the same manner, and that they were slowly moving toward her.
She then lifted her legs, and attempted to control the way she faced, to keep an eye on the other two and to provide herself with self-defense. She found that she could exercise only minor control, achieved by shifting her ass and kicking her legs from side to side. Mostly the direction she faced was a matter of pure luck. The closing speed was faster than she anticipated, and within a minute, she was within striking distance of Rachael, who was closer to Suzette. She watched as Rachael kicked out at Suzette, who tried to avoid the flashing heel blade, but amazingly did not try to kick back.
The unseen controller lifted Suzette higher, apparently giving her an advantage, because she was no only able to more easily reach the vulnerable parts of the other two women, but because of the extra elevation, she was more difficult for the other two to reach with their heel blades. In an instant he released the cable, causing her to drop back to their level, and come to a violent stop as her weight was taken on the four fastening points. Her nose and tongue were jerked upward, her huge tits were slapped together, and the plug fixed in her cunt was severely jerked, and the blood that began to trickle from her vagina demonstrated the painful damage she had sustained from the cruel internal spikes.
The Cable began to lift her again, and before it had raised her more than a few inches, she was kicking out viciously at both Rachael and Angella. By this time, Angella was within range, and was orientated toward Rachael. Suzette’s first kick caught Angella on the left hip, and cut an angry gash across her bare buttock. Rachael took advantage of the rapidly unfolding situation, and kicked out with both of her long legs. One steel spur caught Suzette on the inner thigh, ripping a long shallow cut from her cunt to her knee, and the other spur reached up to Angella’s ribs, and it raked a vicious slice that scraped across the gently curved white bones.
Angella responded with a bruising sideways kick at the gorgeous Jewess, but connected under her legs with the top of her foot, doing no lasting damage. The recoil of the violent kick spun her around, and her back was to Suzette as the young French bitch, so she was defenseless when the young dangling nude stabbed her heel blade up into her fattened buttocks. The tip of the blade dug into Angella’s pelvic bone and stuck, holding Suzette’s leg elevated. Immediately Rachael lashed out at Suzette, and her heel blade slash open the side of one of the French girl’s soft bulging mammaries. Fresh red and white tit meat, augmented with strands of silicone, dangled from the deep gash.
Suzette suddenly twisted away from the slashing heel blade, and the abrupt movement caused her spur to jerk out of Angella’s round buttock. Angella saw the Jewess bitch turn against Suzette, giving her an opening, and she kicked high. Her heel came swinging down toward Rachael’s face, and when the brunette twisted at the last second, the heel came down instead into the top of a fat firm tit, and sliced down through the bulging mammary, the tip emerging through the bottom. Rachael had just made contact with Suzette’s pretty young face, and she sliced the girl’s cheek open. Angella jerked her heel blade out of Rachael’s bulging boob, and kicked out at Suzette’s legs, gashing them severely. Then she kicked higher, and managed to gash the French bitch’s side, slicing deeply into the muscle.
The winches that supported the three women were subtly manipulated, so that Suzette was gradually moved between the other two, giving her a slight disadvantage, that slowly increased. Angella was having such good luck against her because Rachael was giving Suzette a bad time, and the two of them tangled legs, leg wrestling each other as they hung and swung by their cunts. Suzette twisted free, and this action swung her around to face Angella, just as the gorgeous American woman was kicking high at her. Angella’s heel blade hit Suzette high in the belly, just below her big tits. Angella jerked her foot downward, and the blade began to slice through the layer of straining belly muscle, ripping the French girl open. She got her other heel blade into Suzette’s side just below the ribs, so that she had both of her long steel spurs in the girl’s torso.
When she saw the devastating effect of Angella’s efforts, Rachael got into the act quickly, driving one of her blades with a vicious kick into Suzette’s other side, and the two girls cooperated in slicing open the naked lower body of the luscious French bitch. Tugging with their shapely legs in unison, Angella and Rachael sliced the belly of the living carcass of the gorgeous girl in a large T, freeing her intestines. The sound of the appreciative crowd was roaring in their ears as the youngest of the three girls dumped her guts out through the growing opening. The controller slowly moved Suzette back, allowing her to die slowly for the appreciation of the audience, and to leave room for the other two bitches to conclude the extremely bizarre and entertaining competition.
Angella realized that she was going to have to deal with the breath-takingly beautiful Jewish bitch is she was going to have the remotest chance to get out of the death pit alive. Her only objective in life at the moment was very short term: it was to somehow survive this fight.
Angella allowed herself the luxury of looking toward the audience, and she made immediate eye contact with Tony, who was sitting in the front row, his arm over the shoulder of a gorgeous raven haired beauty. The cheeky bitch, who had bizarre tiger stripes painted on her face and the parts not covered by her revealing gown, gave Angella a huge smile, and held forward her fist, with her thumb turned down. Enraged, Angella swung back toward her foe, just in time to see that the assertive Jewish bitch had taken the initiative, and had her gorgeous legs raised for a high kick. Angella’s only defense was to twist, and the blow aimed at her face came down along the inside of her raised arm, slicing her to the bone from her elbow to her armpit.
Angella lashed out with a high sideways kick. Rachael’s kick at her had made the Jewess twist and rotate on her wire, and the sharp heel blade caught her arm on the bicep muscle, and sliced through it with such force that it also dug deep into the bone, cutting it nearly in half. Angella continued to push hard with her heel, straining her gorgeous leg, so that the blade cut through the slender bone, and then easily sliced through the fine underarm muscle, completely severing the Jewish bitch’s arm, which was still tightly bound into her hair, and leaving the four inch long blood-spurting stump free.
When Angella’s legs dropped, she swung backward. Screaming like a banshee through her extended tongue, the enraged Rachael lifted both her legs high to go for Angella’s face. Angella thrust her pelvis forward, which pulled her face back briefly, jerking painfully on her nose, tongue and nipples. The defensive move saved her face from the blades for the moment, but the vicious heel spurs came down instead into the tops of her magnificently bulged breasts. In self defense, Angella kicked up at Rachael’s bent torso, and brought her heel blades down with all her might into the exposed tops of the naked bitch’s thighs. Now both girls had their spurs dug deeply in the flesh of the other, and by shifting their weight onto their legs, they were able to do the damage to the other they were attempting.
The audience loved the rending of living naked female meat, and they were getting their fill of it in this violent sex sport. Suzette was still jerking and twisting as her intestines and organs dangled from her wide open belly, and Rachael was wagging her blood-spurting stump of an arm, while all three were leaking crimson blood from their deep gash wounds. Rachael’s heels pushed down as she raised her hips, and the vicious blades sliced into the huge bulging tits with devastating effect. They cut down through the fatty tit meat and silicone, releasing thick strands that dangled obscenely from the deep slashes. At the same time, Angella’s blades did more meaningful damage, cutting deeply into the straining muscles on top of Rachael’s upper legs. Total success would have given Angella the contest, except that Rachael’s blades emerged from Angella’s breasts and continued slicing downward viciously into her doubled up belly.
Because Angella had her legs raised so high, her body was bent in such a way it put her belly in direct line with the sharp descending heel blades, and she received a pair of deep long twin gashes right down to her hips. Angella’s long legs dropped, and swung back so far that her heel blades came back and up, and dug into her own buttocks. Just as Suzette’s blade had stuck into her pelvic bone, so did her own blades. The difference was that, unlike Suzette, Angella did not have the leverage to extract the painfully stuck blades, buried in her own ass meat.
She was now totally vulnerable to and at the mercy of the vicious heel blades of her dazzling Jewish foe. She was now completely unable to maneuver, because she could no longer move her legs. Angella was now completely helpless, and Rachael in total control. She looked with pleading eyes at Rachael, who looked down at the blood flowing down across her own gorgeous legs from the deep gashes Angella had cut in them seconds ago. Rachael responded to Angella’s pleading eyes by raising her legs high, and then she slowly brought the vicious heel blade spurs down toward Angella’s terrified face.
She carefully cut deep slashes down the sides of Angella’s cheeks. Then, covering Angella’s eyes with the sole of her foot, she sliced off one of her ears. Then raising her shapely bare feet, pressing them together on either side of the cables, she brought them down and slit open the Horrified bitch’s bulging eyeballs. Now she went to work on the naked woman’s ravished body. With her legs bent severely back, Angella’s slashed belly was presented to the vengeful sadistic Jewess. Her big tits were now demolished, and the only thing left for major damage was her sliced gut bucket. She felt the cold bloodied steel sinking painfully into her side, and then another blade went in higher, wedging between her ribs.
The blade below Angella’s ribs began slicing across the top of her belly, and she swung gently as she was being butchered alive. She was unable to scream because she was going into shock. She felt what was happening to her, but now even the pain was meaningless. She felt the loose flap of her belly flop forward when the slice across her front below her rib cage was complete, and she could feel the warmth of her viscera sliding down over her thighs, dropping to the sand floor of the arena. The roar in her ears was continuous now, and she was unaware if it was the sound of the crowd or the spinning feeling she was feeling taking over her brain.
Tony had his arm over Charlotte’s shoulder, and he slid his hand under her gown to grasp her large soft striped breast. She had adapted to the sexual violence quickly, and was clearly excited at the carnal devastation of the beautiful bitches in the arena. She pointed out that the demolished carcass of Angella was still twitching as they were separated. Charlotte screamed in delight when the archers came into the arena, and began their demonstration of remarkable skill, using Rachael as a target. The show master had determined that the repair of the bitch would be too costly, and hardly worth while with the arm missing.
With so many other talented women waiting in the holding pens, and in the process of being brought into the system through the aggressive recruiting program, he judged that her maximum value was in completing the evening’s entertainment, and she did not disappoint him. Rachael screamed and writhed as her lovely body took more than a hundred well-placed arrows in strategic places, which skillfully avoiding her vital organs, before one of the archers moved up to her to be at close range. He drew a huge cheer from the blood-lusting crowd when he released an arrow up under her chin with such force that the arrowhead emerged through the top of her skull, sticking out nearly six inches.
Tony and Charlotte filed out with the delighted crowd. They had got all they had expected and more on this outrageous last evening on the incredible Danish cruise ship. The lounge was filled with the talented fuck and suck girls, who were available to fill the needs of the clients, and could be taken to the private cabins for the night. There were no restrictions on the use of the girls, who ranged in age from ten to twenty-five, but there was a fee of five hundred dollars for their lives, and medical expenses were charged at double rate for treatment , plus a daily fee of twenty dollars to cover the period for recovery from damage done to them. Tony selected a delightful fourteen year old Spanish girl with deep black eyes, small round breasts, and a mane of long black shining hair than hung down to her buttocks. He and Charlotte selected a pair of long fine whips from the rack, and retired for a night of special fun.
Charlotte lay naked on her back, her knees raised and her gorgeous legs spread, enjoying the curious attention she was receiving from passers-by. She was reclining on the plush padded table, which had been placed in the broad passage outside the main dining hall to allow everyone coming on board the cruise ship to watch her receiving the special total body tattoo. Another cruise of the infamous show-vessel was about to begin, and the newly arriving passengers were being treated to a brief taste of the delights to follow during the week-long cruise.
The artist worked with his deepest piercing needle, to implant the brown ink with which her permanent tiger stripes were being applied. The man was a true craftsman, and he made the broad stripes both deep and bold. He wanted to ensure that they would never fade, because although he was certain the vain cunt whose lush satiny hide he was decorating would not live long, he had ambitions to obtain the carcass once she was killed, to make for himself a human tigress wall rug, to compliment the one he had made from the male lion he had obtained when it had proved too docile to attack women in the ship’s large death pit arena.
Charlotte had painted tiger stripes on her upper body as a fun decoration for the feature event on the last cruise, when she was a paying guest. The slick talker Tony had encouraged her to become an entertainer, and she was delighted with the opportunity. As a school girl she had been the first in her class to sprout titties, and throughout her teens her mammary glands had continued to grow, until by the age of fifteen they were the larger than her mother’s ample boobs.
Her remarkable breasts had continued to grow through her teenage years. At university, her large firm bosom and matching body and face earned her the Frosh Queen title at seventeen, and by the time she graduated at twenty-one, she was well known by everyone on campus. She was a naturally bright student, but found it much more exciting to launch affairs with her professors, and use sex to obtain the first class marks she was invariably awarded.
She graduated with an honors degree in liberal arts, and being practical by nature, enrolled in a secretarial school, and worked nights for an exclusive executive call-girl service. She quickly found a job as executive secretary to a Senior Vice President of a major arms division of General Dynamics. To qualify for the demanding but well paying position, she had been sent by the company to Sudan for a two month intense training program on the skills of a concubine. She lived in a harem, and was given instruction in the oriental mysteries of love and debauchery.
She was an excellent student, and learned to use sexual manipulations, contrived bizarre fantasies, tricks and methods that gave her enormous control over the men she serviced. This made her a valuable assistant in obtaining lucrative contracts. When she was not entertaining the penises of visiting VIP’s, she kept in practice in the lavish bed on the company’s executive jet, providing the kind of comfort to her boss that his wife could not.
When she lost her cool with an intolerant sadistic client, and with it a billion dollar contract, her boss suggested she take a vacation, and arranged her flight to Europe, and an introduction to her guide for the special erotic cruise, an Italian stud named Tony. Tony had shown her a good time, and had introduced her to some of the rare obscene acts that played in underground clubs in Northern Europe.
Some of the acts she saw were more than obscene. Tony carefully led her through a progression of hard core and sexually violent shows, allowing her to explore her more primitive and base instincts and tastes, until one night she was able to openly masturbate as she watched her first real snuff act.
A beautiful naked woman in her forties was gagged, hooded, and forced to kneel, knees spread, on a rough work bench. Her arms were strapped from the elbows to the wrists tightly with straps nailed to the bench. Her legs were spread and similarly strapped from the knees to her ankles to the bench’s heavy planks. For more than an hour, the big sobbing bitch was tortured with long needles thrust into her meat and hot branding irons searing her flesh, including her breasts, nipples, cuntlips, feet and back.
For the startling finale, the barrel of a large 45 revolver was thrust deep into her vagina, and encouraged by the man holding the gun, the excited crowd counted down from ten. On “Zero!” the gun was fired, and blood spewed out around it from both her vagina and her anus as the large slug ripped up into the woman’s naked torso.
Her belly and sides bulged as the bullet flattened and spread, compressing and tearing her organs and intestines as the monstrous bullet found its way through her. The big bitch, nailed in position, slumped, and her executioner cocked the hammer again.
He fired a second round into her cunt. The reaction was as severe as with the first bullet, and the woman’s big tortured breasts rested on the table. He pulled the gun from her cunt and moved around in front of her. He removed her hood, to give everybody a look at the dead woman’s look of terror, with her bulging eyes and bleeding nose.
That had been more than two months ago, and Charlotte still remembered with fascination the way that beautiful bitch had looked. She had watched the man return to her elevated rear end, thrust the gun deep into her anus, and violently discharge two more bullets into her carcass. It was so exciting that she had urinated in her panties. That was very embarrassing, but Tony had acted as if that were the natural thing to do. After that he had taken her on two cruises on this incredibly evil ship, where the most daring and outrageous things went on. She had enjoyed the debasing sexual acts by the beautiful entertainers, and had reveled in witnessing the violent sexual abuse entertainments of the female slaves.
She had somehow differentiated in her mind between the entertainers and the slaves, and recognized the distinction as being that the slaves were there to offer their lives in the sadistic games and events. She felt this kind of extreme human sacrifice was justified, for the enormous kicks it gave to the paying patrons, and she also thought the glamour of being a naked sex entertainer was highly attractive.
She had called her boss to get permission to take the second cruise, on which the beautiful slave woman Rachael had killed the slave woman Angela, and when the week long voyage was completed, she had, under Tony’s influence, resigned from General Dynamics, and joined the staff of professional entertainers on board the ship. The painted tiger stripes had been her own idea, and Tony had pointed out that they made her distinctive in this highly competitive entertainment business. He had suggested the permanent tattoo, explaining that the paint could wash off or smear during an act and ruin the effect. He promised her that the special temporary ink would gradually fade, and be gone entirely within a couple of months.
Charlotte was persuaded, and stipulated that the work be done in public during the next cruise, to entice people to come on the following one to see her perform. She also mentioned that it would be unnecessary to let people know the ink was formulated to fade away. She thought it would be a nice touch if they saw her making an irreversible and bizarre spectacle of herself. They would, she guessed, think she was making an enormously daring step. In fact, the tattoo artist had formulated the permanent brown ink to contrast with and compliment the natural tones of her tanned white flesh. The deep penetration ensured the ink would stain not only her skin but also the thin layer of fat that gave her the sleek look she nurtured. The tiger stripes would accentuate the ripple of her finely developed muscle structure when she moved, and enhance her sleek appearance.
The stripes she was receiving would remain as bold as ever for as long as she was permitted to live. There was no way she could possibly know that her assignment to Tony by her boss had been a purposeful sentence to death. Charlotte was already dead meat, and had unwittingly become a willing entertainer sex slave. The stripes were tattooed onto Charlotte’s bare belly, magnificent breasts, gorgeous face and lithe legs in just over two days, and then she lay on her belly for the remainder of the application. By the time the cruise ship pulled into its birth, the ravishing young woman was converted to a striped cat, and would perform on the next cruise, which commenced in three days.
During the next three days Charlotte slept at the foot of Tony’s bed, chained, as he preferred, by her collar to the steel wall bracket. She was delighted that he allowed her to be his personal pet. Although she could not be seen on deck while the ship was in port, he walked her as his pet cat, forcing her to crawl along the corridors to be seen by all of the big cruise ship’s staff, controlling her by the leash attached to her collar. To avoid burning her knees on the carpet, she raised her ass in the air and moved like a cat on her hands and feet.
On the second night in port, while he butt fucked her on his bed, he lay on his back and held her face up. One of the women on staff came into the room and without saying a word, gave her the same treatment the late Jennifer and Angela had received in the same fashion in the past couple of months. The big cruel bitch pierced the lips of her vagina and clipped a stout gold ring into her pierced sex meat.
From that time onward, Tony walked her with her leash attached to her new cunt ring. The gorgeous cat bitch drew admiring stares as she was walked, which occurred at least a dozen times a day, and she was recognized by all the staff as the most beautiful and erotic woman aboard the ship.
Before they sailed, Tony enhanced her appearance by providing her with a real tiger tail, which was affixed to a long stout wooden plug which he thrust into her rectum. He further refined her look by gluing to her nails a set of heavy plastic talons, which he filed sharp and painted black. He had special contacts made for her that had a vertical iris, so that when she wore them, her eyes looked like those of a cat.
To complete her facade, he pierced her upper lip at an angle in six places, three on either side, and placed a heavy plastic strip under the lip, which circled in an arc to her molars on either side. Then he thrust six inch long black plastic strands from a broom through the holes, and bonded them to the strip of plastic, giving her permanent and convincing whiskers.
He further enhanced her alteration by fitting her with a pair of slip-on plastic cats teeth, that gave her the enlarged pointed canines of a cat. He had her long strawberry blonde hair cut short and combed into a pixie cut. The marvelous bitch with the incredible breasts took on the look of a fabulous human tiger. Having been introduced to total public and demeaning nudity during her lengthy tattooing, Charlotte began the first cruise by being paraded on the open decks among the passengers as she had been displayed to the crew. Tony wore his best white suit and shoes with spats when he walked the naked human tiger.
She was the hit of the “A” deck, and drew humiliating cat calls and whistles as she was paraded from deck to deck for the paying passengers. Guests would sneak a tug at her tail, and found it to be solidly rooted with the large plug filling her colon. She squealed when her tail was pulled, but the artificial appendage held firm in her anus, which was clearly revealed by the spread of her buttocks as she walked on her hands and feet. The gorgeous bitch knew enough to remain raised up on her toes, to enhance the appearance of her well-developed legs, and her sharp black talons clicked rhythmically as she crossed tiled flooring at the head of stairways, or the tiles at the side of the swimming pools. She gave a spectacular show just by moving at Tony’s side.
Several of the men offered Tony handsome bribes just to let them have her for an hour in their private suites. Tony respectfully declined, saying he was saving her for her upcoming stage appearances. He was creating demand for the prime bitch slave, and it would pay off in attendance at her performances.
Passengers got into all the shows free, as long as there were seats available. However, it was to Tony’s advantage to have standing room only at any shows were his girls appeared. That would maintain his preferred position as the leading supplier of live cunt meat to the cruise ship, and support the high fees he was able to demand. Tony’s ladies were always the best, and he provided three out of four of the prime performers for the major cruise wrap-up event.
Charlotte’s first show appearance was in one of the smaller theaters on the first evening out of port. A pair of well muscled women body builders wearing only high heeled shoes and leather gloves were boxing. They were battering each other with vicious blows to their large full breasts, and between rounds, Charlotte climbed into the ring and crawled around with a large card in her teeth which announced the number of the next round.
The best part of the fight was when one of the bitches, a redhead who was taking a beating turned and attempted to climb out of the ring over a neutral corner. The other cunt, a brunette, waited until she was about to go over the top, then landed a flurry of punishing blows to her foe’s exposed cunt. Those flailing fists with the smooth unpadded leather gloves caused the battered vagina to swell up quickly, then the fleshy lips split and spurted out a spray of the redhead bitch’s blood.
The damage was deeper than it appeared, and the hammering blows by the tight leather-bound fists actually bruised her uterus. This internal damage became apparent when the battered cunt began to bleed openly as the merciless sex organ pounding went on. This was the kind of severe sexual violence the cruise ship’s patrons had come to see, and they were being rewarded in spades as a stream of hot piss sprayed from the damaged female sex organ.
The screaming redhead dropped back into the ring, screaming, and landed hard on her tailbone. She somehow managed to struggle back to her feet, but the brunette had her lined up, and with a roundhouse swing she decked her, knocking the cunt out cold as she broke her jaw, and won the exciting bitch boxing match.
The next bout was a wrestling contest, which featured another pair of well built young buxom beauties. These girls were younger than the boxers, in their late teens. Both the blonde and the redhead wore long high set pony tails, and had their full breasts enlarged by injections of the ship’s secret formula. The blonde was Dutch and the redhead Hungarian. Neither spoke the other’s language, but the fight was more about body damage that language, and both understood and showed excellent form in hurting the other.
Like the boxing, the rounds were five minutes in length. And like the boxing, there were no other apparent rules. The pretty nudes went at each other with a vengeance. Both had been promised severe punishment for losing, and the tactic produced excellent action. Charlotte sat on her haunches on the bench beside Tony, anchored by her cunt chain to an eye bolt on the bench as she watched with interest the lively teenaged nudes battling each other. She loved violent contests, and the nakedness of the combatants left nothing to the imagination. She fingered her erect clit with excitement as she watched the two athletic bodies struggling, each of the girls attempting to hurt the other as much as possible.
Without the encumbrance of the leather gloves the boxers had worn, the girls were able to do much more scratching and gouging than the female boxers could accomplish. Although their faces and tits were scraped and bleeding by the end of the second round, they concentrated their attention on each other’s vagina. The violent action was much more sensual in the wrestling match, because the athletic young women were in intimate embrace in their furious struggle, and were often down on the blood speckled carpet as they twisted, writhed, and displayed their naked bodies, their prowess, and their highly erotic destructive abilities as they pinched, punched, squeezed, gouged and bit each other unmercifully.
The girls maintained a running high pitched commentary in two languages as they screamed and slandered each other as they battled. Gorgeous young naked asses were propped in the air, bare legs flexed and spread, pert vaginas and pouting rectums gaped open, squashed boobs bulged and ballooned, and nails and teeth tore at nakedness, providing bright red lines and streaks to contrast nicely with the light colored female flesh.
Charlotte often raised up on her toes as she squatted, feeling her legs going to sleep. Tony had clipped her cunt chain so close to the bench that she could not stretch, and could only lift about six inches, drawing her cunt chain tight. She was attracting admiring stares from the members of the audience even as the fight progressed. This arrogant bitch Charlotte was indeed a remarkable woman.
Her striped body and the interesting additions Tony had added to complete her “costume” made her feel like an animal, and aroused her animal instincts. She wanted to see a kill in the ring, but realized it might be too early in the cruise for a real killing. Usually it was at least the third night out before the events were permitted to progress to that elevated level of sophistication. Tonight she was going to have to be satisfied with a lavish display of female pulchritude, flesh damage and sparkling bitch blood.
At the end of the eighth round, the girls were not only badly battered, but were totally exhausted, and instead of crawling to their corners, they lay on the mat, one tits up and the other ass up, their legs akimbo, gasping for air. When she climbed into the ring to display the number 9, Charlotte gave in to temptation, got to her feet, and kicked her heels brutally into the ribs of the downed nudes.
The resulting popping and snapping of bitch ribs brought fresh screams from the exhausted and bleeding young nudes, and wild cheers from the excited crowd. The luscious cat bitch got into the act in a way the crowd had not expected, and they gave her credit for being more aggressive than they had before, which was to Tony’s advantage. The referee jumped into ring and dragged the tiger woman out, to the jeers of the partisan spectators. Tony was delighted with the spirited cunt’s progress. His American friend at General Dynamics had sent him a real prize.
Charlotte’s next appearance was for an impromptu event that was not on the regular program. Tony awakened her at three o’clock in the morning, and after he got dressed, he placed her fangs in her mouth and thrust her tail plug up into her anus. He clipped her leash onto her cunt ring, and unchained her collar from the wall anchor. As drowsy as she was, the marvelous cat woman was wise enough to walk up on her toes and her hands as they moved down the long narrow hallway passage.
At the center of the ship, they took an elevator down four decks. Charlotte was surprised they were going so low. This would take them to one of the small theaters below the seating of the major arena with the exciting death pit. She was glad he had not forced her to crawl down several flights of stairs. She found going down very awkward in the position she was forced to assume, and was always afraid of falling. Besides, going down stairs in the rear-elevated crawl position made it impossible to look controlled and desirable, even naked as she was. That was the only reward she received from the humiliating treatment she was receiving.
They entered the largest of the small theaters, which seated about eighty people. Charlotte was startled to see that it was packed. She knew that even the seasoned lechers that made up the passengers on this ship had to sleep. She wondered what kind of entertainment would be arranged at this time of the morning. Tony walked her down the isle and up onto the stage. She quickly had everyone’s attention. They moved to the middle of the stage, Charlotte wagging her ass as she pranced high on her toes, reveling in the exhibition she was making of herself. Tony positioned her with her raised ass toward the audience, then gripped her tail near its base, and pulled on it until her anus spread and the large wooden plug began to slide out.
He let everybody see the way her stretched rectum grasped at the shaft spreading it so painfully open, then he pushed it back in to the point that it filled her colon, and the round sphincter muscle closed over the narrow shaft that joined the tail to the enormous plug. Again he pulled the plug until most of it’s eighteen inch length was exposed, then thrust in into her again, with her relieved rectum popping closed. He repeated this cycle several times, until it stirred an erotic response in her. Charlotte’s arousal became apparent when her nipples and clitoris grew erect, then her vagina lips began to swell outward, and they actually dripped her vaginal fluid from her growing sexual excitement.
Her face turned beet red as she suddenly realized that her handler had skillfully triggered an erotic response by stimulating one of her secret erogenous zones, and that he was purposefully and publicly masturbating her asshole! This was the most degrading experience she could imagine, and she was getting hot from her forced involvement.
She felt more like a toy now than ever, and was startled that this realization further stimulated her sexual response. As she digested this unnerving fact, she was forced to confront the fact that she had found her real calling in life. Everything she had done since reaching puberty had contributed to her being here. She was the architect of her own woeful situation, and this profound understanding of herself was suddenly liberating. She began to push and suck on the thick plug with her lower digestive track to assist him in the demonstration of her utter sexual debasement.
Randy saw that she was ready, and her turned her sideways, so that the audience could see the cooperative contractions of her stomach. At just the right moment, as she was pushing, he jerked the plug out of her, and everyone was startled that she suddenly shot a great turd across the stage as if it had been blown from the muzzle of a canon. This was a trick Tony had learned as a school boy vacationing in Cairo, and he had never forgotten it.
The impact of Charlotte’s involuntary shit-shot on the crowd in this cruise ship’s sex-show theater was as strong as he had experienced in Cairo. The boys had seen an Arab man perform this trick with a nude woman, then they had seen the bitch take a hose up the ass that filled her with water to the point that she looked pregnant. The bitch had been forced to hold the water in her guts for nearly half an hour as her large breasts and cunt were tortured with long steel needles.
When the moment of climax for the act arrived, she was position so that her ass faced the far wall, and she literally spray painted it with her high pressure release of muddied water. This enormously excited the young Italian boys, who were only twelve years old, but charged for adventure. After the show the boys had hired an Egyptian street prostitute to try the stunt on, and had taken her up to their hotel room. They had used a rolling pin they had stolen from the hotel’s kitchen, and to their amazement, the trick had worked perfectly.
The boys had struggled to get the large rolling pin into the big bitch, and had whittled one end to make it smaller, just to get the tool started into the resistant opening, which they found at first to be more like a closure. When at last her anus spread sufficiently, they had fully inserted the enormous butt plug. They had used the woman’s stained panties to gag her, and her nylons to tie the makeshift gag in place. They had then taken turns kicking the large swaying breasts of their kneeling captive bitch, causing the bouncing mammaries enormous distress. After she had shot her first stool across the room, they tried the trick again, this time aiming her ass at the open window, which faced a crowded street of venders and shoppers. This time the turd was softer, and it glanced off the window ledge, leaving a brown smudge before arching out into the street two stories below. It landed in a basket of fish, and it appeared that nobody had noticed.
They loaded the big plug into her again, giggling with glee at the effectiveness of their new human shit canon. They moved her closer to the window, in an attempt to improve the distance. The boys pistoned the heavy rolling pin violently in the naked Egyptian bitch’s anus unmercifully, to build up suction, then suddenly jerked it out. She machine-gunned out a string of thin feces that jetted out of her, and flew into the middle of the street. The stream of tiny turds struck the faces, beards and robes of a group of Arab holy men. The boys were ecstatic when they saw the enraged religious men thought the human offal had been thrown at them by the female fish vendor. The proof was the fresh turd lying on her fish. To the amazement of the boys watching from above, they attacked her with their vicious curved knives. In a brilliant show of skill and violence, the pretty young bitch’s clothing was ripped off her, and as the crowd of shoppers and venders watched in fascination, the nude woman was butchered and gutted for her abomination.
Undaunted, the four roguish boys once more jammed the poor woman’s tortured butt with the brutish tool, and they laid her ass into the window. This time when the plug was jerked from her, she produced a shotgun blast of wet crap, which rained down onto the murder scene below. There was such chaos in the street that nobody saw the origin of the human excrement, which would have been clearly apparent had anyone looked up.
Unfortunately for the woman but to the delight of the school boys, the abuse with the rolling pin was much too much even for her well used anus, and the raw red shit-spewing orifice had hopelessly ruptured after the fourth repeat of the mean trick. They once more crammed the large round device inside her and pushed her out onto the fire escape, as naked as the day she was born, and then they had closed and locked the window.
The police had arrived, and the boys checked out of the hotel quickly to avoid awkward explanations. Tony had for the first time actively abused a woman, and learned that this was the most exciting thing in which he had ever taken part. When they got back to school, he and his friends began to abduct and sexually abuse girls and women on a regular basis. For Tony it was clear that he would build his career on creative bitch abuse. He had discovered the pleasure women could bring by sacrificing their dignity and much more.
When he finished school he had found his way into the Mafia, where his talents were appreciated. He found the need he could best fill was procurement. Tony had developed the remarkable ability to obtain through seduction some of the most remarkable women to be seen anywhere. One of the benefits of his excellent work was to observe the extreme forms of debasement and violent sexual abuse the acquired young women were given for the entertainment of patrons. These people with extraordinarily developed tastes for astounding terminal sexual violence were the enormously wealthy people who put out obscene amounts of money to see the profane treatment of these lovely young ladies.
When the group to which he belonged bought a cruise ship, to practice its degeneracy out of the reach of the laws of countries, Tony discovered the depth to which man could go to provide base pleasure. He had reached a new high with the succession of rare women he had lured into the company’s service with Jennifer, Angela and now Charlotte. These remarkable cunts were exactly what the Organization required from him, and he had come across with the best.
A three foot wide riser, five feet high, stood at the side of the stage, and Tony told Charlotte to climb onto it. When she was squatting in place, he clipped her leash to the eye bolt in the center, holding her by her cunt in that erotic position. Her pierced and ringed vulva was in clear sight, and her striped breasts bulged beautifully between her arms as she supported her upper body. Her lean legs looked great in the tightly folded position, but Tony had realized long ago that terrific legs looked great in any position.
With Charlotte secured in the best seat in the house, where she could be observed by everyone in the small theater, Tony joined the audience. They had come down to the lower level theater to at this unusual time of night to observe an unusual event, and the congregation of sadism fans were ready.
A middle aged man in tight leather pants and a mini-vest, and polished high-cut black boots came onto the stage from the wings, leading a gorgeous woman by a fine gold chain through her nose. The piercing of her nose had been done within the last couple of minutes, and the blood was dripping from the fresh wound. She was in her underwear, which did nothing to hide her remarkable figure. Tony had seen her in a bikini at pool-side and in the audience at a couple of the sex shows. He had considered seducing the remarkable cunt, but now it was clear she had already changed her status on board the ship.
She was prime cuntmeat, the kind you would see in the best casinos of Monte Carlo, and on the pleasure yaughts that plied the azure waters of the Mediterranean. It was a rare treat to see a bitch of this class featured in a small exhibition, but this was a special occasion, and the unscheduled performance was a bonus, and the unusual was to be expected. Notice had been given only twenty minutes earlier, and when he was awakened to be told of the event, Tony had seized the opportunity to display his pet tiger. Now, having provided the preliminary entertainment, Charlotte was just a backdrop to the main event.
“Good evening, or should I say good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” the man said. “I would like to introduce my lovely daughter, Samantha.” There was an audible gasp from the audience. “She graduated from university last month with a Master of Psychology degree, and my gift to her was to take her on this cruise, to let her see some real human behavior.” The audience laughed. “But the lovely bitch, who has accepted hundreds of thousands of my hard earned money so that she could have the best education, wear the best clothes, live in the best apartments, and drive the fastest cars, this blood of my blood, refused to comfort her father by sharing my bed tonight.” He stuck his finger into the fold of her breasts and hooked the uplifting bra. “Samantha refused to suckle her own kin with the milk of her breasts, or comfort me with the pillows of these fabulous tits.” He jerked the bra with such force that the material squeezed her big boobs impossibly, then burst, freeing them to bounce from the abuse. The full naked mammaries were as exciting when bare as when they were contained, elevated, and squeezed by the bra.
“My beautiful young daughter refused me the pleasure of the inner warmth of her vagina.” He pulled the hem of her panties down far enough to reveal a patch of blonde pubic hair. “She would not climb onto my erection, and then wriggle and bounce as a human cock holster, to draw out my jetting spunk into her. The ungrateful little slut said it was evil to take my seed into her womb” He pulled the band of her panties lower, revealing the fold of flesh that covered her clit.
Samantha had shaved and trimmed her pubic hair to allow the daring bikini panties that were so popular on the Riviera. This trimming also made her naked pubic mound a perfect frame for her tender-lipped vagina. She was an incredible specimen. In the small theater, everyone had an excellent view, not only of the young woman’s remarkable form pbut also of her intimate sex organs.
Her father stretched the panties outward and down pand the waist band dug a deep trench across her full firm buttocks. Then with a violent jerk phe ripped them off her. Now she wore only her heels phose pgarter belt and earrings. Her tight stomach and lean well muscled limbs showed that worked out regularly to keep her body as desirable as possible.
The strategy worked well. Samantha was an incredibly alluring creature pthe kind of fox that any of her father’s guests pno matter what their stature pwould like to get alone in bed. And now she had raised the ire of her father pand was going to pay an immeasurable price. Jerking on her nose chain pher father moved her around the stage pforcing her to strut naked in her heels and hose for the ogling audience. They clearly liked what they saw. He took a stiff braided riding crop and slashed it across his daughter’s beautiful boobs pthen brought it up under the firm mammaries pcausing them to bounce as they had done when he had torn off her bra. She provided the audience with clear shrill screams that raised the hackles on their necks. Samantha was really hurting.
Her lovely cunt was his next target. He used the woman-whip on the inside of her lovely knees pforcing her to part her legs. The whip found her delicate pussy lips pand flattened the delightful pouting sex organ ppainfully battering the young woman’s intimate sex meat for the pleasure of the spectators. Samantha screamed at the top of her lungs pwith a burst of fresh energy with each lash of the brutal stiff whip. Her father put new energy into each bitch-birching blow, flagellating the tortured sex lips with such brutal force that they were soon bleeding. The sight of the vaginal blood got her father excited, and he increased his rapid stinging blows to the defenseless female organ. She alternately raised her legs as the whip struck her fuck muscle with repeated bruising blows. She was receiving no mercy from her irate father. Samantha was hyperventilating pand she gasped for breath between her sharp shrill staccato screams.
At last her father put down the brutal woman-whip. Two naked young men ptheir muscular bodies lightly oiled and gleaming pand their large erections displaying their circumcised penises pcame onto the stage. They grasped the girl and lifted her into the air pone on either side of her. The father opened his fly to display his large penis pand then he lay down on his back on the floor. The boys held Samantha’s legs apart and raised pand slowly lowered her paligning her bare crotch with her father’s rigid shaft. As she came into contact with the flared head of the large male organ pits head pressed against her anus. She screamed, and the naked young men holding her let her entire weight come onto her tightly puckered rectum against her father’s rigid fuck rod.
Her father raised his hips pand quickly he was deep inside her. Her colon desperately gripped the length of his stout shaft pand her starfish anus squeezed its base in an involuntary milking action as she screamed a long squealing wail of total despair. The gorgeous young woman of such fine breeding was so distraught that she released an arc of her steaming golden urine across the stage pspurting her spray of piss toward the audience. The boys lifted Samantha pnearly raising her off the heavy invading penis pthen dropped her to once more grip its entire length with her abused fundament. They repeated this stimulating action psetting up a pumping motion passisting in the incestuous public butt-fucking the naked daughter was enduring. The audience applauded the obscene action as the naked boys finally lifted the man’s gorgeous daughter clear of his runting penis. Her anus made an audible “pop” as it closed pand then she involuntarily farted.
Charlotte was surprised that the girl’s digestive track pbeing explored in this public exhibition of debasement phad not been prepared. The sign was clear: her father’s penis was coated with lumps of her thick dark offal. This beautiful jet-setter was not used to being made the brunt of rude and debasing jokes pand providing this sign of her unclean track as she was sodomized by her father was the ultimate humiliation pwhich was the point of the exercise. The men turned her around so that she had her back to the audience pand once more lowered the screaming and struggling girl pthis time bringing her battered vagina down onto the shit-smeared penis. “Suck your shit off my dick with your cunt pbitch!” her father said to her. As she came down onto him phis huge organ filled her womb. She was being filthied inside with her own smut. The audience loved it.
Once his penis was fully implanted in his daughter’s reluctant cunt phe grasped her to hold her in place pand the boys released their hold. The man pulled his daughter forward so that her stuffed crotch was fully exposed to the audience pand her large firm mammaries were pressed against his chest to the point that they bulged obscenely. Then he began a heavy runting action pdriving his big dong repeatedly hard into her womb pforcing its head against her uterus with such force that the young bitch began to orgasm. She was disgusted at the humiliation pbut Charlotte and the audience knew well that a woman would be unable to resist coming into heat when she was treated with abusive sexual violence. The beautiful Samantha was no exception. She was moaning in ecstasy as she rode her father’s rapidly runting shaft. She was being treated as raw fuck meat pand she performed the role well.
As the enticing daughter-fuck was progressing pthe two nude muscular boys returned pnow carrying an eight foot long and three inch thick steel pole. One end was flared like the bell of a trumpet pto a diameter of three feet. The other end of the shaft was tapered to a rounded point. They carried the long heavy pole in a horizontal position pand lined it up with Samantha’s pretty puckered rectum. With her back turned, and being locked in the powerful embrace of her father, she was too busy with her futile struggle against the incestuous fucking to see the boys approach, and could not see the positioning of the enormous shaft. Samantha felt the cold steel probing her private netherlands, and was aware of the solid pressing nudge of the rounded tip, but she was totally unprepared for the sudden lunge that spread her anus impossibly wide as the steel found entry into her.
Charlotte felt that familiar knot deep in her gut as she realized she was witness to what was going to be a real snuff of the gorgeous girl. Her nipples were firmly erect with arousal, and she could feel her vagina flare out, and begin to drip with her growing sexual excitement. This was death time for the lovely bitch, by total anal impalement, as she was being fucked by her father. Incredible! The strapping naked boys, their bulging muscles rippling under their gleaming oiled skin, grasped the broad bell base of the long steel pole, and pushed on it with firm and even pressure to improve its purchase inside the lovely recipient.
Their cruel efforts were met by resistance as the screaming girl tried to move forward with it. Her father’s grip on her was overpowering, with his hands gripping her shoulders and his raging penis solidly planted in her vagina, humping into her for all he was worth. Which was considerable, and not only in the monetary sense. Her father sported a prodigious phallus, supported by an impressive set of swinging balls, with the scrotum neatly shaved or plucked. The imposing organ was nearly ten inches long, and two and a half inched thick. The glans stood out like the head of an anchor, fully circumcised, and the opening on the end was large enough to host a ball point pen. The man, in his late forties, was an substantial stallion.
At last the thrusting was too much for her, and it made its way deeper into her, so that it was threatening the integrity of her stuffed colon. She tried to arch her back, and as she did so the merciless boys pushed hard, and the rounded point on the shaft split her intestineand entered the pack of her guts. The boys were not nearly through. They stood back and watched as the father responded to the new pressure inside his daughter and her erotic pain-driven response. As she writhed, he pumped franticallyuntil in moments he reached an impressive orgasmand ejaculated his seed into his own issue.
When at last his heaving balls were emptiedhe jerked his penis out of her. He moved around in front of the pretty young bitchand surprised everyone by spurting a reserve of his spunk all over her unhappy face. The gooey male spunk dripped slowly down her face and dangled from her nose and chin. She was totally humiliated in front of his friendsas he had intended for her. He got to his feetand she raised up onto her hands and knees. She tried to pull herself off the polebut it was much too thick and deeply implanted in her colon to slide out of her. Her father then did the unimaginable. As she looked up at him with pleading eyeshe pointed his long dong at her and began to urinatepissing on her face and hairthen directing his spray down the length of her naked back. The warm liquid splashed over her ribsand formed a puddle in the hollow of her spine.
She opened her mouth to screamand he directed his stream of piss into her beautiful open mouth. She had so easily fallen into his trapand now was suffering the horrendous consequences. Samantha had so easily fallen into her father’s nefarious trapand now was suffering the horrendous consequences. The muscular boys now lifted the eight foot shaftthe gorgeous young Samantha perched on its pointed end, and stood it on its broad bell-shaped base. Now her own weight was her worst enemy. She stoodsuspended on the long steel pole that was firmly implanted in her rectumand was unable to move off it. She tried to grip the shaft with her feetbut the steel was too smooth for her to graspand her lovely legs worked in vain as the audience cheered her on.
The marvelous young jet-setter with the incredible figure was now certain to die by total impalementfor the entertainment of the sadistic and merciless audience. As they watched, Samantha panicked and she grabbed at the shaft in her anus with her hands. This proved to be uselessbut highly entertaining. She began to sink on the unforgiving steeland it steadily worked its way up into her as she slid slowly but steadily downward. She writhed and twisted beautifully in her uncontrolled horror as the shaft drove up through herand threw her head back for a final electrifying scream as the rounded point of the shaft found its way up through her throat and burst out through her mouth. The beautiful girlher eyes bulgedcontinued to sink until the flare at the base was too much for her spread buttocksand she at last came to a stopwith more than four feet of the shaft rising out of her wide-stretched mouth. Her father had got his revenge. The pretty and impetuous young Samantha would end her voyage in the cruise ship’s incredible grinderand would be reduced to fish food.
Charlotte was not sure what time of day it was. She had been kept below decks for more than three days and was completely time disoriented. Day and night rolled into one as she had been taken from event to event with what seemed to be as little as one hour sleep in between. She had been in a state of high sexual arousal most of the time, as she had been a part of sex event after debasing act after gross debauchery feat. She had watched a pair of mature women being forced to have sex with a pair of runting donkeys, whose mammoth organs were hopelessly too large for the big bitches’ pulsing vaginas. The two cunts had succumbed to the gross bestial degeneracy,but not before giving the spectators an incredible show with their hopeless naked struggle. The beasts ripped right through the women’s organs, spilling their viscera as their bellies were split wide open by the runting bestial dongs for the entertianment of the audience.
She had seen lithe young athletic nudes battle each other using two by fours, each with a large spike sticking through it near the end. The results were devastating, and produced a remarkable and incredibly violent entertainment for the paying customers. The teenaged girls had gone at each other with a vengeance, battering their young enemy’s nakednessdeeply puncturing the flesh and crunching bones. The ferocious young victor had actually ripped her opponent open, eviscerating the lovely broken naked female body.
Charlotte had been on stage and witnessed little girls who had undergone extreme sexual abuse, for the uncompromising entertainment of the remorseless audiences. A pair of little darlings, no more than nine years old, had been beaten and then violently raped by a couple of boys in their mid teens. The boys’ sex organs were over-sized, having been enlarged with injections of the ship’s own special drug, which gave a spectacular result to both male and female organs.
The boys were as devastating to the little girls as the donkeys had been on the women. The pretty children’s pert virgin vaginas were stretched to the bursting pointand then ruptured, splitting open with the ferocity of the brutal sexual invasion.
“Take no prisoners,” an elderly man cried from the audience. The cruel spectators would not be satisfied until the little rape victims were killed by their attackers. They got their wish. The boys pulled out of the little girls, and each grabbed a wrist and an ankle of one of the petite darlings. They pulled back, stretching her arms and legs wide as they struggled. She was too small to endure the violence, and one at a time her arms and legs were dislocated from their sockets.
She was dropped, and the other girl was given the same treatment. However, this time the boys jerked apart repeatedly, and continued the merciless abuse after the slender limbs were dislocated. The child’s pretty ruptured vagina was pointed toward the audience, and the sadistic revelers had a perfect view as the alluring little female sex organ was further damaged as it actually split wide, ripping through to form a single opening with the girl’s anus. As the patrons cheered, she was pulled wide open, and her pretty pink entrails dropped to the floor.
Charlotte had been an integral part of a pageant in which two pair of large athletic teenagers competed in the most bizarre race imaginable. One team was statuesque blonde Nordics, while the other was black haired and olive skinned Iranians. Each of them had a large iron stirrup pierced deeply into the generous meat of her pubic mound. When they kneeled side by side, their legs spread, these metal hoops with the flat broad bottom section were fully exposed, as was their cunt meat. Their drivers would stand in these stirrups, so that each tortured vagina bore half the weight of a naked male jockey.
A long course leather thong was used to bind the nearest breast of each girl to that of her team-mate, to keep them in line. They were otherwise unfettered. The event was staged on the ship’s large upper deck, with the wide promenade which encircled the ship serving as the race track. The rules were simple. The race was a “Run ‘Til You Drop” kind of ordeal, with all the spectators gambling on which team could outlast the other. Betting was heavy, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. The title of the race was somewhat misleading, because the race was not completed when a runner fell, but when one of the fallen team members could no longer get back onto her hands and knees to continue.
Exhaustion of the participants was only one factor for endurance. There were two others. The first was the vicious woman-whips the jockeys carried, special woman-whips designed to bruise and slice the naked female flesh. The other factor was the tiger girl Charlotte. Her role was to put sufficient fear into the lovely athletic bitches to keep them crawling around the decks and struggling to endure. This was a role for which Charlotte was well suited, the kind of assignment she had long been waiting for, and one she was well prepared to play to the hilt.
Tony had taken hours each night teaching Charlotte to screech like a cat. Her sounds were unnervingdeso he conducted her training sessions down in the ship’s workshop. It had been painful for her at firstdebut she had endured the scraping feeling in her throatdeand had learned to produce a harsh scream that became more and more cat-like as she progressed.
Tony had rewarded her improvement by reducing the pressure on the vicious clitoris clamp he had used to encourage her screams. When she got the throaty sounds the way he wanted themdehe further rewarded her by reducing the current and frequency of the cruel electrical jolts to her nipples through the vicious steel clamps he had attached to her sex meat for her training sessions. Charlotte was a good student of debauchery, and she soon became very attached to her powerful owner and handler. Tony had a knack for handling and motivating sumptuous bitchesdeand she responded perfectly to his kindness in choosing for her such appropriate rewardsdeand his wickedness in selecting heartless punishments.
Tony had prepared this stunning bitch very carefully. She had been exposed to progressively violent sexual sports and torture events until she was comfortable with the sadistic entertainment bitch killings which were the hit of these licentious sex-show cruises. The magnificent cat-girl Charlotte was now completely submissive to Tony’s willdeand she was perfectly compliant to his total authority and masculine power.
Tony had finally brought the gorgeous submissive to the point where she would now willingly kill for him. She suspected that this was exactly what he would ask of her before the cruise was over. For now her role was just to damage the lovely female meat being so sadistically treated for the entertainment of the cruise ship’s blood-lusting passengersdewho now lined the ship’s upper deck to get a good view of the bitch race.
The audience was startled at the incredible piercing of the young pubic mounds of the four athletic girlsdeand the incredible strain on the brutally pierced sex organs as their jockeys stood in the piercing ringsdepulling the fuck meat severely as the four tortured twats bore the weight of the two burly young men. The girls’ screams told the story of their pain. The bizarre teams of naked girls were moved slowly around the promenade deck by their jockeys to give the crowd of aroused spectators a view of their sensuous pulchritude. Leading the parade was the striped cat-girldethe delicate lips of her fully exposed vagina glistening sumptuously with the moisture of her carnal arousal as she moved proudly on all fours like a real cat. She was spectacular. Only the lashing of the woman-whips on the naked flesh of the teen-aged nudes drew attention from her.
Charlotte had the time of her life. As the two teams of naked athletic teenaged girls crawled forwarddecarrying the full weight of their jockeys on the rings through their cuntsdeshe ran past them on all foursdeand as she passed she slashed at their bare buttocks and ribs with her sharp claws. The girls were forced to move up onto their hands and toes. This new elevated position raised the men they carried highdeand exposed their beautifully poutingdemeticulously trimmeddeand ruthlessly pierced vaginas. Raising up like that also spread their buttocksdefully revealing to the crowd of cheering spectators their lovely pink starfish anus rings.
These gorgeous young teens were prime bitch-meat. They screamed shrilly like real professional sex show girls as their riders’ woman-whips slammed mercilessly against their nakednessdeand they shrieked hysterically as Charlotte attacked them with her vicious steel cat claws. After a strikedethe incredible Charlotte pranced away, her steel finger and toe nails clicking on the hardwood deckdeher beautiful head held highdeher large breasts swinging beneath herdeand her tail elevated and wagging proudly with he motion.
The spectators applauded and cheered the striped nude for her enthusiasm in punishing the teams of brutalized teens. She would hide in an alcovedethen as the girls passed would spring out at themdescreeching like a cat as she lashed at the girls’ tanned and whip-welted flesh. She carried away bits of their skin on her clawsdeand left behind long bleeding scratches. When the girls were at full stride and the two teams were in hot competition, Charlotte held backdeletting the men riding the girls encourage their bizarre mounts on with the merciless lash of their brutal woman-whips.
The race was hotdefuriousdeand violent. The ruthless whipping of the battered naked flesh of the racing teams was unceasingdeand the compassionless riders flailed the delightfully straining meat of the defenseless nudesdeforcing them to run full out. Their running brought no relief. The bitch-whips found every private and delicate part of the naked athletes. Their boobsdebelliesdebacksdebuttocksdevulvas and faces were treated equally. Nor were their lean legs and arms spared.
Flecks of blood spattered the slick decksdemaking the footing hazardous for the four lovely young participants. The teams of tit-bound bitches ran on all fours past the large crowd of cheering spectatorsdebringing shouts of derision and insults to their fully displayed and severely abused femininity. They made an admirable spectacle. These lovely young ladies were amazing competitorsdeconsidering the severity of the brutal and merciless beating they were enduring under the flailing woman-whipsdeas they carried the weight of their assailant jockeys on their deeply pierced cunts. The deck wasdein most of its lengthdewide enough to accommodate the four bitches running side by side. It was even wider at the bow and sterndeproviding ample space for maneuveringdeso that passing was not only possibledebut occurred several times during the action packed violent and desperate cunt race.
During a pass attempt, each jockey would lash out viciously and with purpose at the naked mounts of his opponent, delivering savage and damaging blows to the voluptuous struggling and staggering athletes. The game girls gave their best, and the amazing race continued at a frantic pace for nearly twenty minutes. The marvelous young bitches were gasping and straining to maintain their balance as exhaustion began to effect their performance. It was then that Tony gave Charlotte her instructions. She hid behind a large lifeboat, at a point where most of the audience could see the arena of action. When the two teams of naked bitches approached her position they were running side by side. Suddenly the naked cat-woman sprung out in front of them, and startled the racing girls so much that they came to a halt, and reared up.
The nude cat with her tattooed stripes lashed out with her sharp talons at their exposed breasts and bellies. The cooperative jockeys’ penises bounced at full rigid attention as they used their reins to hold their mounts in the erect and exposed posture. The results of the violent and merciless attack were truly devastating. The thick and short curved steel blades sliced deep parallel gashes across the offered bellies and bulging breasts of the lovely competitive teens. Charlotte loved the feeling of her extended claws ripping through the tight flesh of the naked athletes as she swung relentlessly at the tit and face-bound screaming females. This was living!
The monstrously abused teens collapsed under the assault, and their jockeys jumped out of the cunt-stirrups as the bitch teams fell onto their backs. Charlotte jumped onto the girls’ bellies, waving her arms in victory. Her weight caused the battered and pierced cunts to bulge beautifully. On a sudden impulse, she dropped to her belly on top of one of the girls, and sunk her fangs into the screaming teenager’s puffed out pussy meat.
The girl was hysterical, and her frantic movement helped Charlotte as she lifted her headI’and with her jaws tightly clamped in the girl’s pierced pubic moundshe ripped open the delicate female sex organ. Everyone had gathered around them, and formed a ring to view the scene of carnal violence. Charlotte stood againthis time with the girl’s blood dripping from her chin onto her large tattooed breasts as she received the applause and cheers of the audience. This marvelous cat-woman had reached the depths of degradation necessary to meet their extreme expectations. The vain bitch was ripe for the severe abuse she would face in the ship’s infamous death-pit arena.
This very evening she would get the thrill of her lifeand give the passengers a show that they would long remember. The thrill for her would be of stark terror and horrornot a thrill of pleasure. As an entertainer on this highly specialized cruise shipshe was valued as a piece of attractive propertyand her value would be measured by her ability to give the passengers the thrills they had paid forby watching her suffering sexual degradation and humiliationthen severe painand finally a meaningless death.
Tony would be paid a high fee for providing the ship’s operators with such a marvelous bitch. The cat-woman Charlotte was destined to live only hoursbecause the biggest sex show of this cruise was scheduled to take place this evening. It was clear to everyone Charlotte’s preparation was completeas she stood there with the cunt flesh of the fallen teen clenched in her teethand with fresh blood dripping down her tattooed front. The big show of the cruise was always spectacular. It featured erotic costumes to rival the best of Las Vegas showsalthough they were designed to feature rather than cover the sex organs. The theme for this exhibition was “Circus”and the show was lavishly staged. Gorgeous buxom women and pretty little girls were decorated in bursts of plumage and sequined fabric that accentuated their nakedness. Bright red paint enhanced the visibility of their pouting lipserect nipples and exposed vaginas. Several of the large breasted women and teens had their boob firmly bound at the base to cause the amazing mammaries to bulge obscenely.
The theme of the show this time was “Circus”and the ship’s large death-pit arena was decorated in the style of a big top. The ringmaster was dressed in tails with a top-hatand his erection stood out proudly from his open fly. He was well armedwith a large hunting knife in a scabbard attached to his belt on his lefta 45 revolver in a holster on his righta sharp short bladed gutting knife in his bootand a curved bladed machete in his belt. He also carried a vicious whipwhich he snapped with compelling command. He was in chargeand was not to be disobeyed by any flighty young bitch.
A pair of clowns sporting large dildos violently raped a pair of voluptuous women. Their weapons were much too large for the delicate cunts of the ladiesand their attack was both amusing to the audience and damaging to their beautiful victims. The advantage of a live show over viewing a film or video taped version of this kind of brutality was that the ladies were present in flesh and blood. These beautiful bitches were now beginning to show bothabundantly. The brutal shafts pounding inside them tore at their vaginal walls and the pad of their uterus. Blood slicked the pumping dildosshowing the audience the extent of their severe sexual abuse.
When the clowns climaxedthey pulled their artificial organs out of the real but damaged organs of their victims. The women screamed and rolled on the sand floor of the arena in agony and humiliationbut their ordeal was not yet over. A second pair of clowns appearedwearing much larger dildosand these were decorated with three inch long spikes. Now the vicious rape was going to get dirty. The merciless men raised the buttocks of the gorgeous womenand without preparationbegan thrusting their horrific weapons into the ladies. The spikes ripped their way through the tortured pussy lips as the thick shafts drove into the pain-racked cunts. The women screamed and the audience cheered at the brutal sexual violence being performed on the floor of the arena.
When the horrific dildos were at last pulled out of the lovely female victimsthe true effect of the monstrous fucking was revealed: on the spikes were hooked the ladies’ bright colored intestines. By removing the monstrous dildosthe clowns were actually eviscerating the lovely women.
There was yet more to the incredible ordeal. The women writhing in agony in the sand were flipped over onto their hands and kneesand their hips were raised. Using their powerful hands to spread the feminine buttocksthe pair of compassionless clowns began to thrust their enormous weapons against the ladies tight and puckered rectums. The audience was startled at the early success as the strained anus rings were quickly ruptured by the force of the attackand the women took the huge shafts up into their colons. This was the kind of action the audience thirsted forand had paid so much to witness.
The two clowns drove their lethal weapons in a brutal pumping action into the screaming and shrieking ladies with violent sadistic passion. It was clear to the audience that the spikes were ripping the women’s colons to shredsand after several heroic moments of the monstrous ass fuckingthe pair of women were literally fucked to death. The next act featured a pair of teenaged nudes who rode out into the ring standing on the back of a large prancing pony. The well-trained animal moved with a steady rhythm in a constant circle. The ringmaster stood in the middle of the ring, and the girls were within easy reach of his whip.
The girls were very good at the apparently difficult balancing act, as they had practiced the feat all week, but had not performed naked, nor with an audience, and had certainly not had to contend with the sting of the lash from that vicious whip. It was enormously entertaining to watch the erotic dance of distress as the girls desperately attempted to stay aboard the horses under the outrageous stinging assault of the long snaking woman-whip. At first the whistling whip caught their youthful round buttocks, and their bulging titties. To avoid the lash they demonstrated a trick they had learned. They were both able to drop onto their backs across the back of the pony, their legs spread for balance, and then to bound back up onto their feet, aided by the bouncing of the horse. The girls had learned their act well, and except for the narrowness of their ability, they might be mistaken for professional circus performers.
The ringmaster demonstrated his own skill. After a period, he shifted his attentions to the girls brightly painted cunt lips, bringing the flailing tip of his weapon up between their legs with remarkable effect. When a girl tried to drop on her back, the whip was there to meet her. The remarkable skill of the ringmaster brought cheers and applause as he repeatedly battered the delicate sex meat of the naked girls, bringing shrill piercing screams of acknowledgement as he stung their curled painted cunt-lips and erect clits. At last one of the girls fell, and she broke her leg as she hit the ground. As she lay writhing in pain and agony on her back, the horse adjusted its course, and intentionally trampled her. With each rotation, the horse ran over her, doing incredible damage to her naked form. It crushed one of her arms, burst open one of her breasts, and cracked several of her ribs in the first two passes.
A hoof slashed and gashed her cunt, causing her to bleed profusely from her ruined crotch. Then the trained animal hit her belly on three consecutive passes, ripping it wide open. She somehow lasted several circuits of the incredible prancing, until at last one of the hooves came down on her mouth, and drove her chin right back through the back of her neck, severing her spinal cord.
The other girl was not so lucky. She somehow remained aboard the horse during this inhuman action, and once her friend was clearly dead, the attention of the ringmaster and the audience was returned to her. Seeing the horrible fate of her fallen companion, the nude teen still aboard the galloping horse involuntarily let loose from her anus a string of thick turds, blowing them from her colon as if they had been shot from a canon.
The battery of firm turds fell to the pit floor and rolled, coating themselves in a blanket of grains of sand like sausages, to the delight of the audience. Because of the blood and gore spilt in the death-pit arena each week, the sand was treated with a powerful deodorant, and in seconds there was no hint of the nastiness she had produced.
The ships passengers favored the spirited girls in their mid teens, and were getting a marvelous performance from this terrified young woman. The whip renewed its brutal assault on her delicate vagina, and with each painful blow the audience could see the muscles of her stomach tighten in a snapping action that matched the sharp slap of the merciless woman-whip. When she fell onto her belly across the back of the horse, he brought the whip down into the crack between her buttocks, and snapped it at just the right instant. The tip slammed into her anus with such force that it split the tight impudent muscle of her puckered anus, rupturing the shit-control device.
The girl flipped onto her back, trying desperately to remain aboard the unstable platform of the horse’s back, terrified that she might share her friend’s abhorrent fate. The ringmaster was now dealing the blows from the woman-whip with much more authority and power. He split her bobbing breasts, and actually ripped off a pert nipple.
The screaming young nude finally fell from her mount, and the clowns quickly grabbed her before the horse got its hooves into her. They caught the excited animal, and with one of them on each of her limbs, moved her under the belly of the animal so that her abused cunt was in contact with the head of the beast’s erection. She threw back her head and screamed in horror as the cruel clowns jerked her onto the rigid shaft, matching the runting action of the aroused stallion. When the animal’s penis was securely holstered in the human sheath, the girl’s cunt was fully stuffed, although less than a third of the enormous penis had gained entry. The clowns holding her arms now released them, and joined the others, so that there were two men on each of her legs.
They pulled steadily as the stallion thrust its hips, and gradually the beast increased its penetration of the helpless young bitch. Not only had it stuffed her womb, but now it was hammering her uterus with such force that the internal sex organ was ripped free, and the long animal dong reached through her intestines to press against and bruise her kidneys. She was getting an incredibly painful deep gut fucking, and the audience loved it.
The tapered shaft of the stallion stretched the flesh of her cunt so severely that the bottom of the female sex organ finally split, making her vagina and ruptured anus into a single opening. In fact, the heinous bestial fucking was just beginning. The men holding her legs jerked her further onto the invading shaft, and it pounded against the bottom of her stomach, causing her to cough up the contents, spitting the liquid mess between the horse’s front hooves. As with the offal, her vomit was quickly absorbed in the sand, and covered with the scuffling of the horse and the men as they advanced the deep gut-fuck of the helpless teenager. This was a preliminary act, and was not to be dragged out for the benefit of the participants.
The efforts of the clowns, accompanied by the impressive power of the large horse, soon produced results. The bitch’s pelvis snapped, and in moments her crotch began to rip, as the enormous horse cock split her tummy, ripping up toward her navel. The effect was fantastic for the audience, who saw the girl banging her head on the ground in agony as the horse reached orgasm, pounding the cum-spurting head of its penis against her rapidly beating heart, smashing the beautiful teenager’s vital organ as she died a dreadful yet spectacular death, to the elated cheers of the ecstatic audience.
The final warm-up act preceding the main event featured a buxom woman and a small and lean girl, who’s slender figure echoed the shape of the full grown woman, with the exception of chest development. The girl was no more than eight years old, and she wore the same kind of well fitting high heeled shoes as the adult woman. She had obviously had substantial training in the high heeled shoes, because she moved in them as well as her counterpart. They both also wore extravagant costumes that hid none of their intimate charms, but which in fact accentuated their most private parts. The blatantly obscene sexuality of the pair was exciting for the perverted audience.
The woman’s large nipples had been pierced at the base, and she wore large iron rings through them. The child’s ears had been pierced at the top rather than through the lobes, and after parading around the ring to be inspected by the appreciative audience, the child was held in front of the woman, with her back to her. The iron rings dangling from the points of the woman’s breasts were attached to her ears, then were permanently clamped in place. The two were now a number.
The woman’s arms were pulled severely behind her back, forcing her shoulders forward and her breasts to bulge. A tight leather sleeve glove was fitted over her arms, and it was laced up to hold her arms in their drastically restricted position. The woman’s hair was woven into a long braid. A strip of barbed wire was tied securely to the end of the braid, and her head was pulled back.
One of the clowns lifted the little girl and held her off the ground, restricted by the attachment of her ears to the woman’s nipples. The barbed wire was taken down between the woman’s legs, and was drawn through between the child’s legs as well. The wire was wrapped around the child’s waist, and fastened to itself in front of her. The clown holding the girl released her, and she sat on the wire, pulling the woman’s head back to the extreme with her weight, and her legs would not reach the floor.
The wire cut into the child’s waist, her little pussy and her crotch, as well as digging deeply into the woman’s cunt. Sharp barbs dug into the flesh of both of the naked females, bringing forth sharp piercing screams from both of them. The pair were sensational. At the same time, her ears and the woman’s nipples took half the strain of the child’s weight, which was nearly eighty pounds.
The sight of the wire disappearing between the tender lips of the little girl’s cuntlet was enhanced by view of the sharp barbs piercing her delicate flesh, bringing out droplets of brightly glistening red blood. The woman looked as if her neck would snap as her head was pulled back so severely that her face looked backward. At the same time, her big breasts were stretched radically by the girl’s weight.
This was only the beginning of the weird event. One of the clowns gave the little girl a mace, one of the most barbaric weapons of medieval times. The evil weapon consisted of a stout handle, an eighteen inch length of chain, connected to a ten pound iron ball, which bristled with sharp inch-long spikes. Although the girl had her back to the woman to whom she was attached, the woman was totally defenseless, and at the mercy of the child.
This was the most bizarre struggle imaginable. The large woman’s legs were free, and a remarkable sight in those spike heeled shoes as she struggled to keep her balance under the blows of the damaging mace. She had no way to strike back at the child, but she was a game bitch, and she was as active as her highly restrictive binding allowed. It was not enough. The girl was driven by the intense pain in her naked groin and her ears swing the mace ferociously, bashing the damaging spiked steel ball into the meat of the large woman to whom she was bound.
The mace was incredibly effective, even in the hands of a child. The little girl swung it wildly, unable to turn her head, which was ringed by the ears to the woman’s nipples. She bashed it horizontally, striking the woman’s back on either side, driving the spikes into the meat and cracking ribs. She swung it between her legs, bringing the ball up between the woman’s legs to sink it into the mature vagina. Blood dripped from ripped cunt lips, fat pubes and slashed buttocks. The girl had to be careful not to hit herself with the vicious spiked ball. It was small enough at ten pounds that she could manage it, and yet heavy enough to do severe damage as it was swung in an arc with the leverage of the eighteen inch chain.
The brutal blows from the vicious mace were telling, and the woman was soon staggering, struggling just to remain upright. Her struggle was telling on both of them, for with every movement she made, the wire cut deeper into both of their vaginas. To amplify the damage were the long sharp barbs on the wire, which tore at the delicate female flesh with even the slightest shift in position.
The woman was fortunate, in one respect, in that the wire only contacted her vagina, anus, and the full cleavage of her buttocks. The girl had to endure barbs through her immature sex organ, into the ring muscle of her little anus, and around her waist as well. The desperate and continuous movement of the big woman ensured the brutal barbs did their part in magnifying the vicarious entertainment of the large audience.
Suddenly the child hit the jackpot. She had just swung the mace between her legs, landing a direct and damaging blow to the cunt of the woman. She was breathing hard from her effort with the heavy weapon, when in impulse she swung the spiked steel ball over her head. It was difficult to tell if she were just winding up for another cunt blow, but that was academic, because the mace smashed into the face of the woman, crushing her nose and right cheek, and popping out the right eyeball from the force of the blow.
The big bitch’s knees trembled, then she pitched forward, toppling over on top of the small girl, pinning the child’s head between her large and bulging breasts with her dead weight, and burying the child’s pretty little face in the sand. The distressed little girl panicked, and kicked and struggled desperately, face down with the large woman on top of her. Her position was hopeless, and after nearly two minutes of the frantic kicking of her lively legs she lost vigor. Soon the beautiful bare limbs were reduced to quivering as the naked little girl suffocated to death under the weight of her dead opponent.
For the final display leading up to the main event, three rings were quickly set up. The arena was darkened, and bright spotlights illuminated selected areas. The ringmaster drew his pistol and fired it into the air. A pair of women in red capes entered and paraded around the arena. The capes came down to just above their knees, and they wore high cut boots with high heels. on their heads they wore extensive feathered headpieces, and their arms were folded in front of them under the capes, out of sight. The only apparent difference between the beautiful Nordic blondes was that one wore white boots while the other wore black.
When they had completed the circuit, they stood back to back in the center ring, facing either side, and in a grand gesture, swept open their capes. The audience cheered the sight they revealed: they were stark naked beneath the robes, and both bitches were ripely pregnant. Two Trapeze swings were lowered from the overhead rails, and the girls had their arms pulled behind them and secured over the bars on the swing. This position forced their monstrous milk-swollen tit meat to bulge out obscenely. The swings were elevated, lifting the pregnant young nudes off the arena floor, facing each other from a distance of about ten feet. The clowns grabbed at the girl’s, gripping their cunts, and pulled the two swell bellies more than twenty feet apart.
They then released them at the same time, so that they swung rapidly toward each other, and their big bellies hit each other with a sickening thump. The girls screamed at the unexpected rough treatment, and they were once again pulled wide apart. This time when they swung together they raised their legs in an attempt to protect themselves, and the result was that their gorgeous lean legs acted as battering rams, their boots driving deep into the other’s grotesquely swollen belly.
As this belly-battering continued, a voluptuous woman dressed in the feathers of and leathers of a wild Indian was tied up in the middle of the ring nearest the bow of the ship. Two well-tanned men in Indian costumes rode horses that circled the ring, and as they circled the strung-up bitch, they strung their bows and began shooting arrows at her. They began with near misses, then caught her limbs, being careful to minimize the damage. As the act progressed, they showed their true marksmanship by sinking their arrows into her ample meat, catching her breasts and her belly, without striking any of her vital organs.
The ringmaster fired another shot in the air, and a statuesque girl that everyone immediately recognized as the bartender from the A deck lounge appeared, her wrists and ankles manacled with heavy chains. She was paraded around the arena as the others had been, then she was taken to the stern end circus ring. The ringmaster introduce Patricia, a seventeen year old they had all got to know during the past week by frequenting her bar. Regular clients knew her as the cheery and carefree bartender who had never uncovered her impressive breasts in the six months she had worked on board this nefarious ship. She had, the ringmaster explained, begun in the past three weeks stealing things from the rooms of other female workers, and was about to receive her just punishment. The audience was fully aware of how heavy the hand of justice could be on this ship, and they were not about to be disappointed.
The two clowns not working with the pregnant girls at center ring dragged in a large cross made of heavy beams, and erected it in the middle of the ring. Then they brought forward a cart and a step-ladder. One of the clowns climbed the ladder, and the other lifted the gorgeous bartender up to him. She was placed against the heinous but simple device facing the vertical beam, and she laid her arms over the cross beam to support herself as the clown released her. The other clown climbed onto the cart to assist, and passed up a heavy sledge hammer and a sixteen inch long spike. The terrified girl’s large breasts embraced the large vertical beam just below the cross beam, and the clown on the ladder delighted the audience by driving the huge spike through the side of her breast, and right on through, nailing the bulging mammary to the cross. His accomplice reached up and drove a second spike through the other breast on the other side of the beam, attaching it to the cross in the same fashion.
The third and fourth spikes went down into the top of the cross beam, driven through her upper arms. Then her shoes were removed, and with the top of one resting against the sole of the other, a single spike was driven through each and on into the vertical beam. Her chin rested against the top of the vertical beam, and with her screaming mouth held open, a spike was driven down under her tongue and into the top of the post.
Four more spikes were driven through her calves and upper legs into the sides of the vertical beam. Another was angled through her anus, emerging above her pubic mound, and it also was driven home into the sturdy post, anchoring her impressive butt to the cross. Her sensuous squirming was now severely restricted by the heinous spikes.
Now that the young buxom bitch was securely spiked to the sturdy cross, the clowns became more creative, driving the long spikes into and though other parts of her body, demonstrating the same level of skill as the marksmen on horseback at the other end of the ship, who were piercing the squirming torso of their human female target regularly without striking any of her vital organs. The voluptuous bitch was as mobile as her bindings would allow. She twisted around and writhed for the full enjoyment of the audience as she took arrows into her big boobs, buttocks and her tightly stretched tummy. A pair of arrows found her lower belly at the same time, and she responded by pissing golden urine that turned red as the internal damage found her bladder. Amazingly, she took several shots in the back which missed her kidneys, spine and lungs.
The ringmaster introduced the ship’s mascot, the captain’s dog. It was a large Great Dane, a massive beige coated beast with an enormous dong swinging between its legs. Riding on its back was a near-naked ten year old girl, who was having the time of her life as the huge dog bounded around the ring. Then she saw the events being featured in each ring.
On command, the dog moved over to the ringmaster, and he lifted the screaming girl off the animal’s back. He placed the distressed child over a bench, face up, and bound her wrists and ankles in place. She lay, stark naked and screaming, as the huge dog licked her immature little cunnie with its large wet tongue, then the hound reared up and climbed over her. It’s monstrous penis quickly found her hairless little slit, and with remarkable skill, the beast worked the head of the wet organ into the girl’s . The pressure of the rigid shaft thrusting against her little hymen was irresistible, and with a series of rapid lunges, the dog’s dong burst through, ending the pretty little lady’s virginity. Her ruby blood spurted from around the invading canine penis as the beast drove home its big cock. With the huge dog’s thick long shaft pistoning into the screaming child and it massive balls slapping against her ass, the bestial fucking was under way.
With the other acts well under way, the whole audience’s attention was attracted back to the center ring by blood gushing down the inner thighs of the swinging pregnant bitches. Both had broken the other’s waterbag, both were experiencing frequent labor pains, and birthing by both of the young ladies was imminent. The clowns were now pulling the girls twenty-five feet apart, so that they were now hitting each other at a closing speed of thirty miles per hour. The results were startling. They raised their legs as the closed on each other, and twisted to position themselves to get the other while avoiding the kicking female boots attacking them. They were both bruised and bleeding from their big battered boobs and from the vicious blows to their damaged exposed naked crotches. Shrill screeching screams filled the arena each time the bitches were swung together.
They had both learned early in the contest the damaging capability of the spike heels on their boots, and both had applied this knowledge with a vengeance. The girl wearing the white boots managed to kick the toe of her boot so hard that it entered the other’s cunt and stuck, with the heel jammed deep into her opponent’s anus. This gave the girl with black boots a distinct advantage, because they while were held together and in ideal kicking range with the jammed foot, Black Boots had both of her legs free while White Boots had just one leg with which she could inflict damage on her foe.
Black Boots flailed at the large belly of her opponent, and she developed the tactic of stabbing the spike heels into the bitch’s cunt and lower belly, with telling effect. The vicious weapons dug into the exposed tender meat three or four inches with each kick, piercing the girl mercilessly, leaving blood-spurting stab wounds with each savage kick. The best the other girl could do was to scrape the other’s buttocks with her free foot, and when she finally managed to jerk her other foot free, it was at the of the cost of her boot, which remained firmly lodged in the battered cunt. Her bare foot could not inflict half the damage a boot could, but there was one advantage gained. The cunt blocked with the jammed boot would not be able to give birth to the baby, and the mother would be under extreme duress because of it.
The full effect of the forceful blows that each of the girls had inflicted on each other and endured were now telling. White Boots’ bleeding cunt spread, and the dark top of her infants head showed in the enlarged opening. As she squirmed in her agony, the entire head emerged. Black Boots was not so fortunate. She screamed and kicked in desperation as her baby, forced down her birthing canal by the severity of the action, was stopped by the boot jammed in her vagina and rectum.
The two were pulled wide apart again, and then released to swing at each other, resuming the severe belly battering contest. In this forced birthing competition, each of the beautiful participants had gone far beyond the limits of defending herself from the battering by the other. The damage had been so hurtful that they were now actively retaliating, and doing all the damage they could to their opponent.
Now that White Boots’ baby was in sight, the small head protruding obscenely from its mother’s cunt became a prime target for the viciously kicking black boots, and the infant was given a severe concussion before its shoulders had emerged. White Boots attempted to twist away on the next swing, but she instinctively raised her gorgeous legs to protect herself, and Black Boots got a heel into the mouth of the screaming emerging infant. The kick was so powerful that the heel emerged under the new child’s chin, and as they began to swing away again, the heel remained jammed in the baby’s jawbone.
She jerked desperately, assisted by the hysterically frantic twisting of the mother, and White Boots’ gripping cunt began to lose its hold on the emerging infant, accelerating the birthing process. The baby was jerked by the heel through its jaw, and it slipped quickly out of the cunt of White Boots, like a piglet sliding down a greased chute.
The positioning of the infant pressing down inside the womb of Black Boots caused a gradual spreading of her vagina, loosening its grip on the offending boot, and her frantic squirming and desperate kicking slowly eased her anus grip on the jammed boot’s heel. At last the boot dropped, and as she was swung once more against the body of her enemy she took a direct blow to her swollen belly. The force of the blow was so great that the sprog spit out of her like a ball shot from a canon. The long umbilical cord stretched out behind the ejected baby, looking like a streamer or a pink and white strip of ribbon.
The party was rolling, and the audience was now ready for the main event. All that remained was to dispatch the bitches still in the arena, all of whom had miraculously remained alive. The four clowns each retrieved a six foot long tent pole. These three inch thick wooden shafts had a sharpened end, and had been sanded smooth. The poles’ points were directed into the rectum of the arrow-filled and crucified bitches, and into the distended vagina of each of the new mothers.
The four men worked simultaneously, thrusting the thick poles forcefully up into inner workings of the tortured torsos of the naked women, impaling them alive. The men demonstrated their strength and skill as they lunged and guided the thick poles through their helpless female victims. The audience cheered as the bloodied tips of the shafts emerged from the gaping mouths of the naked bitches. The clowns heaved on the poles once more, and they slid further into the four nude female carcasses until about a foot and a half stuck out of either end of the dead bitches.
The Great Dane had long since shot its load of spunk into the bleeding cuntlet of the little girl, and the huge lump at the base of the monstrous prick had kept it locked inside her. At last the beast pulled free. The ringmaster walked calmly over to the girl, drew his revolver, and thrust the cold muzzle of the 45 into her bleeding cuntlet. Giving a few seconds for breathlessly watching audience to grasp the full effect, he amazed them by pulling the trigger three times, blasting the large slugs up through the naked torso of the child. The impaled bodies were cut down and dragged out of the arena, and the rings and implements were removed. The ship’s infamous death-pit was ready for the main event of the cruise.
Now it was time for Charlotte to perform. She had not been rehearsed, and had no idea what she was to do. The arena was dark as she was thrust out through the holding door. Suddenly a hot beam from a spotlight caught her, then two more, so that she was lit from three sides. She had gone down on all fours as she had entered, as she had been so well trained to do, and the bright circles of light revealed her incredibly feline femininity. Her deep brown tattoo marks stood out boldly, as did her painted and flared pussy lips.
Her tail, extending from the huge plug thrust into her anus, stood up proudly, and she crept forward on the blood-stained sand-covered floor of the pit like a great hunter, which was the only thing she could think of to do her small pool of light in the stark darkness of the arena.
As she moved, slinking with all the grace of a cat, she was suddenly aware of the silence from the darkened stands. She knew that they were filled with observers, and was impressed that she was so good she could captivate the imagination of this debauched gathering of lechers. Her confidence grew as she realized the power she had over the crowd. Clearly they were captivated by her grace and her magnificence. She knew she was the best physical specimen aboard the cruise ship, and she basked in the glory of the silent tribute the audience was paying to her.
As she moved across the expanse of sand, the glare of the lights striking her kept her eyes from adjusting to the pitch black of the arena. Another of her senses caught her attention. It was a faint pungent smell she had noticed once before, and she struggled to identify it. A deep rattle, as if from the ship’s great engines, but somewhat closer, caused her to stop in her tracks. She remained motionless, the hair on the back of her neck bristling as her mind gradually drew the scent and sound together.
Suddenly the sound was there again, much closer this time, and she felt a sudden cold sweat. She remembered the smell. She had first encountered that disquieting odor at the Cincinnati Zoo. She had experienced it again as a teenager sneaking between the animal trailers at the circus. Most recently she had smelled it on board this ship, when she had last heard that sound. She had been with Tony in the ship’s large hold learning to screech like a cat, and they had passed by the animal holding pens. They had rounded a corner and she had been face to face, through strong bars, with a huge Indian Tiger.
The thick tail plug filling her colon prevented Charlotte from shitting herself, but the urge to defecate out of cold fear was compelling. Large female cats are renown for their ability to urinate great It is not uncommon for circus cats to shoot a jet of spray into a cage four yards away. Charlotte proved her worth as a human tigress as she spurted a steady stream of her hot piss upward from her elevated cunt through the beam of the spotlights, driven by her stark fear.
Now the sound was unmistakable as the tiger growled again, more aggressively this time, and much closer to the naked female human in the spotlight. Suddenly it head entered the beam of the light, and Charlotte screeched out in relief. It was the large male, a tame cat that was used in several of the erotic shows in the ship’s many small sex theaters. She reached forward, and put her arm around the animal’s neck.
The big cat responded by licking her tattooed belly and breasts with a show of affection. The tender feeling of its warm tongue was followed by a coolness as its saliva dried. She could smell the thick mustiness of its breath, and her eyes bulged at the close-up view of the animal’s yellowed teeth. This middle aged tiger was well known to like playing with naked women. He was tame, and as safe as a house cat. Charlotte climbed up onto its back, sat upright, and rode triumphantly around the large arena on the animal’s back. She felt the sensual rub of its soft coat against her bare vagina, and then through the short soft hair she felt the powerful muscles shifting against her hot cunt. As her vaginal juices started to flow, she dampened the broad back upon which she rode. This was exciting. Charlotte felt like the queen of the ship at the moment.
She heard the audience now, as they murmured to each other, and encouraged her bold performance. She leaned back on the beast, thrusting her bare vagina forward, and squeezing her shoulders so that her large breasts bulged impressively. The big cat walked steadily, used to this kind of movement on its back.
The sight of this remarkable tattooed nude they had all become accustomed to over the past week of the cruise, bizarrely masquerading as a tiger, now riding obscenely on the back of a real jungle cat, was as erotic as anything any of the jaded crowd of spectators had ever seen. She was truly magnificent, as was the beast, and the contrast between the two caused erections to dribble and vaginas to sweat throughout the packed arena.
Charlotte moved up onto her knees, and held her arms out, then one leg, and finally she felt the confidence to stand up tall on the broad back of the jungle beast. She liked the attention that the big spotlights brought, but she wished that they would allow her to see. The crowd in the stand let her know they were there and appreciated her performance. From somewhere in the darkness she heard the ringmaster’s shrill whistle, and suddenly the cat beneath her unexpectedly bolted to one side, causing her to crash to the arena’s sand floor. The spotlights stayed on her, and she felt the dreaded fear return.
She heard the growl again, but this time it was different. This time it was a lighter, though somehow more aggressive sound. Suddenly there was the echoing snap of two new spotlights coming on, and in an instant glare they lit a tiger stalking her. This one was not the friendly male. It was a smaller female, with a true killer glint in its eye. This animal would not provide a mount for her.
Now she was so frightened that she was able to shit out the thick plug that had filled her colon and had firmly anchored her striped tiger tail. The crowd gasped with real surprise at the size of the thick tail plug that emerged. Her tail fell to the floor, discarded by her stressed colon. The crude display of her talented anus continued as she ejected four sturdy turds. The dark brown offal logs rolled and were quickly coated in the arena’s blood-stained kitty litter, and to complement the discharge, she let loose again a streaming jet of urine.
This was not play-school. This was the notorious death-pit arena, and she was starring in the main event. Charlotte had somehow blocked this fact from her mind as she had entered the arena, but now there was no question remaining in her mind. She was dead bitch-meat. She knew with certainty she would not be allowed by the ringmaster to leave the arena alive. She was here to be hunted, brought down and torn to pieces, alive, by these carnivorous killers. Tony had created Charlotte the Cat to be nothing more than live bait, to die as human catfood. The gorgeous woman was going to make a delectable morsel for the big cats, and would satisfy their feeding needs for the next several days. There was little chance the tattoo artist would get much of this beautiful hide to salvage.
Now the level of the lights in the arena was gradually brought up, so that everyone could see the entire area. There was no longer any need to hide the cats from the girl. The female cat slowly circled her, and the male joined into the exciting cunt-hunt. They were on opposite sides of her, a common tactic which meant she could watch only one of them at a time. It was a clever game, and worked every time.
Charlotte recognized, even in her state of near shock at her desperate situation, that the male was merely a decoy, and did not represent a threat. Had she not safely climbed onto his back and ridden him around the large arena? Had she not allowed him to lick her pussy, her tummy and her breasts with his large warm tongue? A sudden chill ran up her spine as she remembered the size of those yellowed fangs, and the repugnant odor of its breath. She felt totally vulnerable.
The male growled, and moved closer. Charlotte reversed her field, and attempted to move out from between them. The big cats effortlessly shifted, keeping her between them. She saw no avenue of escape. Suddenly, in a totally unreasoned panic move, she sprung to her feet, and ran upright toward the far end of the arena. She hit the far wall, attempting in vain to climb the rough surface, which was designed to encourage but make impossible such desperate attempts.
Now the best she could produce in terror from her puckered anus was a thin string of little turds, which were never-the-less visible from the furthest seats in the arena.
The adrenalin was flowing in the bitch, but at this stage in the event, the audience responded only with polite applause. As she dropped back to the arena floor, gasping for air, Charlotte looked back, and saw that the animals were slowly strolling toward her rather than coming after her in hot pursuit. They as well as she realized that there was no escape for her, and that her position was not only desperate but was truly hopeless. With this horrid fact becoming a true reality in her mind there came to her a rare form of courage.
Charlotte now drained her bladder of its remaining contents, and in a remarkable and unpredictable move, she ran directly at the large male. She was going to test its position and resolve. The big cat raised an enormous paw and hit the running nude square in the chest, flattening her big breasts and knocking her backward onto the ground.
She doubled over, winded by the powerful blow. The male cat circled her, the female standing watching from a distance. The cat-woman slowly got to her feet, caught her breath, and charged toward the big male again. The cat again raised its paw, and she dodged to one side, and courageously leaped onto its back. The huge male raised its head, roared, and then, to everyone’s surprise, sat. Slowly it began to roll onto its side, and Charlotte had to abandon her position of relative safety to avoid being crushed. As soon as she was off, the big cat got back to its feet and moved toward her. This time she turned away and sprinted away.
The female cat showed an explosion of energy as it leaped after her, and in five long powerful yet graceful strides, it caught its erotic naked prey and brought her down. The male then sprung into action, and grasped her right thigh in its powerful jaws like a chicken drumstick. She rolled onto her back, screaming hysterically, and the female got her entire left breast into its mouth, clamping its muscular jaws firmly so that its huge teeth dug deep into the fallen woman’s tender tit meat.
The two beasts pulled back, stretching her between them. The male re-clamped its jaws several times, and Charlotte felt with horror the monstrous teeth grinding against the bone. Her mammary meat ripped, and was terribly shredded by the female cat’s efforts. blood spurted from the wounds, sheeting the floor. The female took hold of her left wrist, and the male slid its jaws down to her right ankle. This time her voluptuously developed body was stretched even more severely by the big cats, with their huge feline teeth crushing her flesh and bones. Something had to give, and at last the upper bone of her arm was pulled out of its socket. The horrific struggle continued, and the audience was delighted to see the flesh of her arm pit rip, stretch, then tear apart, so that the lovely arm came free.
As soon as the bitch’s arm came off, the male grabbed her hip in his jaws and flipped her over. She landed on her knees and obscenely bulging breasts, with her ass propped high in the air. The big cat took full advantage of her vulnerability, and it mounted her, ramming its huge dong deep into her exposed vagina. Charlotte’s anguished moan turned to a wail of despair. While the male tiger humped into her, the female moved around her, was attracted to the bleeding lower leg where the male had gripped her, and she settled down, and gnawed at the fresh meat, until she actually chewed the woman’s foot right off. At last the male tiger reached climax, and ejaculated his hot thick spunk into the impossibly stretched womb of the downed human impostor. The big cat dismounted, and the audience was amazed to see that the huge red penis was still spurting great gobs of its semen onto the nakedness of his victim.
Without hesitation, he pressed the tip of his dong against the nub of her anus, found the dimpled opening in the buttocks well, and with a powerful thrust, brutally penetrated the tight opening. Charlotte screamed with the excruciating pain of the abrupt anal entry, and the agony of the humiliating ass rape. She was in no position to resist, and although she was losing blood from the disarmed shoulder and the stump of her footless leg, she had not yet lost much of her strength.
She heaved her ass in resistance to the gross bestial fucking she was receiving. The men and women in the audience had cast experienced eyes on that marvelous cunt and asshole of hers all week long, imagining in their mind’s eye the kind of brutalized penetration her twin sex vestibules were now obtaining. Every thrust of the humping male tiger caused her to slide in her own blood and gore, which was spreading over a widening area. With her remarkable figure, Charlotte was prime fuck-show meat, and was delivering with all the cock-jerking action the audience could wish.
When the tiger finally jerked its enormous penis from her anus, it again amazed the audience by dribbling more steaming spunk onto the ruptured female orifice. The female cat was sitting back, watching and waiting. She was most interested in the succulent internal organs, and knew that in this sex show ring, the total domination and humiliation of the naked prey must be achieved before opening her and digging out the best parts of their captured quarry.
The male sank its teeth into Charlotte’s side, and lifted her in the air. Heaving its massive head, it tossed her high, ripping open the layered muscles of her side, ripping open her belly. Great loops of her intestines snaked out of her as she flew, along with a delicate lace of her blood, which spread in an elyptical pattern on the pale sand. She landed hard on her ass, and more of her entrails were jolted out of her. The cavity of her torso was largely emptied when the cats move in to get the best of her internal offerings, and she twisted as she fell onto her side, attempting to conceal the terrible opening ripped in the torn meat of her tender flank. It was no defense against the trained killer cats. Without hesitation, the two carnivores grabbed her tummy flesh and pulled, their jaws locked in her meat. In seconds they had ripped her wide open.
Now Charlotte saw that her life could only be measured in mere seconds. She was numbed to the pain from the shock of the stark brutality she was experiencing from the deadly cats. However, her mind remained clear and alert. She was going to experience the full measure of debauchery as she was eaten alive by the monstrous cats.
While the female tiger got its muzzle inside her and dragged out her liver, the male grabbed her cunt in its massive jaws, sinking its teeth deep into her pubic meat. It jerked its head back, pulling viciously at the very pit of her femininity. She was startled at the erotic sight of witnessing her own sex organ, including her inner gonads, being ripped from her. It was an orgasmic experience, but her vital orgasm equipment was being removed by the large male cat, and was no longer functional.
The male lifted its jaws high grasping the severed female sex organs, including the uterus and ovaries, and held them in full view. He suddenly lost interest in the morsel and dropped it. The female tiger dropped the liver she had been chewing, and once more they closed in on their fallen prey. The female closed its mouth over Charlotte’s face, and began to slowly squeeze the powerful jaws closed as the male thrust its muzzle inside her and grabbed her rapidly pounding heart in its jaws. In unison the two snuffed out the bitch’s life in spectacular fashion. These were true show cats, and had given the audience the thrilling climax they had come to see.
To complete the exhibition, the male cat mounted the female, and the audience watched the natural mating dance of the wild beasts in which the tigers reaped their reward for the impressive bitch killing. The audience watched the beastial fucking for several moments, then filed out to find further amusement to fill their time until the ship docked. They were all far too sexually excited to sleep, and there were plenty of bizarre and violent sexual diversions to be found in the ship’s many small theaters, which catered to the tastes of all who boarded this evil vessel. Once more nature had run a carefully altered course, reproducing beautifully choreographed death for entertainment as a part of the life cycle, and the infamous death-pit had again lived up to its depraved name.

The End

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