My friends thought it stupid, going away with him. Their argument that we’d been going out less than a week was irrelevant to me. Oscar and I had known each other for 19 years, ever since our mothers brought us home from the hospital. We even shared the taxi back to our neighbouring houses. We’d grown up together gone to the same high school, graduated together and ended up going to the same college. Last week he finally had the courage to say he loved me, and much to his surprise, I said it back.

I wasn’t nervous about the weekend away. I was staying at his tonight so we could drive in the morning, I was going to talk to him about it then.

“This weekend,” I asked, a very deep blush had creped up my neck and onto my cheeks, “Are we…you know…going to…?” I couldn’t look at him out of embarrassment, what if he said no? Oscar was now knelt in front of me, he lifted my chin.

“Do you want to?” he said. I hadn’t of thought it possible, but I swore I went redder as I nodded. “Okay. Did you want me to bring stuff or are you on the pill?” my eyes widened and I was momentarily panicked.

“I-I’m not on the pill.” I whispered.

“That’s okay.”

“I-I’ve never…you know…done it.” I was shy at saying this.

“I’ll be gentle with you.” Oscar smiled and leant over to kiss me. He guided me back onto the sofa, one of his hands in my hair the other on my waist. his lips were brushing over my cheek when his hand on my waist moved lower, it was gathering up the bottom of my shirt. I gasped when I felt his hand on my bare skin. He stroked my side, gradually getting higher. Now his finger tips were lightly stroking the cups of my bra. I weaved my hands around him and managed to undo my shirt buttons. Oscar groaned and started to kiss my stomach. I arched and undid my bra. He’d never seen underneath before, I took it off and dropped it off the sofa. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, waiting for him to realise. He stopped at my stomach and the next thing I knew, I was being violently tongued, it was passionate and fiery. His lips crushed mine and our tongues explored the others mouth as if it was the last time they could. The kiss changed and Oscar started to lightly peck my lips whispering “sorry” in between.

“Why?” I whispered, my eyes closed as he began to move down my neck. “Why?”

“I said I would be gentle with you. I know I was talking about making love to you, but still, that was pretty hardcore.” he breathed a laugh along my collar-bone. I smiled. His lips had reached the top of my breast. I thought I heard a door but Oscar didn’t seem to think it was his. He groaned again “Are you trying to torture me?” he asked longing in his voice. His lips and tongue attacked my nipple and I gasped and moaned.

“Shouldn’t we be waiting for the weekend for this?” I breathed. I moaned again, I don’t know what he was doing but I liked it.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, there was a trace of laughter in his voice.

“No, don’t stop.” I breathed and moaned, “Never stop.”

Then a voice came in from the hall.

“Do you want me to go again or can I go upstairs?” it was a stern voice but had hints of amusement. Oscar looked shocked.

“Mum!” he scrambled up and gave me my bra back. It was humiliating! She must’ve heard everything I said! I wouldn’t be able to look at her for weeks now! I got dressed and Oscar took my hand and led us into the hall. I tried to let go but he pulled me on. He seemed totally relaxed, “Hey mum, sorry didn’t hear you.” she looked at me and I went so red that Oscar could feel the heat on his shirt, he pulled me more behind him which I was thankful for because now I could put my head forward against his arm.

“So. I guess this means that it’s not your mates that are going to the house?” she was still looking at me.

“No. They’re not going. Just Tula and me. Sorry.” he was very convincing, he looked very guilty and ashamed of himself. His mum sighed.

“Well, you could have just said that in he first place, there wasn’t any need to lie.” I was shocked, if my mum found out I wouldn’t ever be allowed out the house again. Oscar smiled. “Just as long as you’re careful, I don’t mind. You are both over 18 after all.”

“Thanks mum.” He was cheerful, I was now scared, what if she told my parents? I tugged Oscars hand. “Oh, mum. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention any of this to Tula’s parents. Please?” she looked slightly doubtful now, eyeing my closely but after a while she nodded.

“Fine.” She went to the stairs. “Not too late tonight guys, you will want an early start tomorrow and I have a headache, so try to keep it down.” this time she smiled at me and I blushed even more.

We went back into the living room. Anadolu Yakası Escort

“Do you want to resume or go to bed.” he asked.

“Neither. That’s the most you’re getting until tomorrow now.” I smiled, “But I don’t want to go to bed just yet.” Oscar put the TV on quietly and we snuggled up on the sofa again.

The next thing I know is that Oscars mum is waking me up. We’re still on the sofa but it’s light now, very light. We’d wanted an early start but it seemed that had just gone out the window. After finishing in the shower Oscar was still asleep and his mum went to wake him.

“No.” I whispered. “Leave him, he’ll be driving all day, he needs sleep.” She smiled at me and beckoned me through to the kitchen. She made me some toast and we pretty much ate in silence. Then she brought around the subject of last night.

“So, you and Oscar, eh?” she looked interested.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying, it’s about bloody time.” she smiled at my expression. “Your mother and I have been talking over the last few weeks, there was even a bet at one point, as to when it would happen. Don’t look so embarrassed.” I’d gone completely red and she laughed.

“So, you really don’t mind?” I asked.

“No, ‘course not. I was a teenager too, once.” I laughed at her this time.

“You won’t tell my mum will you?”

“No. You should.” She looked concerned.

“She wouldn’t want to know. I’d never be let out the house again if I told her about the weekend.” my voice had grew in sadness at every word.

“She’s not as bad as you think you know, she might surprise you. I think you should tell her, she’d want to know whether she approves or not.”

“I guess.” I finished my breakfast and took the plate to the sink.

“If I were you, I’d ring her now and tell her.” She said. I whirled round.

“Are you mad! She’d be round here in a heartbeat!” I tried not to yell too much as Oscar was still asleep.

“Yes. But then if you go before she gets here, you leave her to me and then when you get back she would have calmed down.”

I smiled, “You’re a wise woman Mrs Knight.”

“I try.” And we both laughed.

“Um, can i ask you something?” I went red.


“What if I ruin it? What if I mess up?” I went redder, “What if – What if I’m really really awful?”

She sighed, “You just have to trust him, trust him to lead you in the right direction and most of it is instinct. You’ll be fine. And you won’t ruin it, remember it’s just the beginning, you can learn new things each time. Just take it slow, and trust him.”

“Thanks. You know you’re not as mean as I thought you would be, especially after last night.” I went red again, she laughed.

Now we were more relaxed we talked about loads of stuff, I suddenly realised the time and went to get my stuff from upstairs while Oscar got in the shower after being woken by his mum. We set off around noon after a very irate phone call to my mum. I switched my mobile off so that I wouldn’t be distracted from directions.

We got there at around 7o’clock and Oscar phoned his mum to say that they were there safely. He had been ages on the phone, I don’t know what he was doing but I went to explore the house a little. I found a little room in the attic, it was so perfect it was unbelievable. The walls were half cream and half sky blue, there was a sky light placed so that when you lay on the bed, you could look directly out of it. This is where Oscar found me about an hour later. He lay beside me seen as it was a double.

“Sorry, your mum got hold of the phone.” he looked downhearted

“Oh god! Sorry! She didn’t wound you too bad did she?” I turned to face him.

“No. My mum had calmed her down compared to when she first got there. She gave me a lecture on how to treat you right and a rather detailed one on safe sex.” he grinned at me.

“Oh God!” I buried my hot face in my hands. He pulled my hands away and looked at me.

“Do you want to put it into a practical instead of a lecture?” his face didn’t change much, he looked serious and completely gorgeous. My head edged forward, still looking in his eyes as I got closer and closer. His hand rolled me onto my back, Oscar was on his side. His lips traced all over my cheek planting kisses. My lips turned to meet his, I pulled back when he started to ease down my shoulder strap. I suddenly was nervous.

“I-I’ll be back in a minute.” I got up, rushed across the room, out the door and made a beeline for the bathroom and locked myself in. I sat down on the loo seat and tried to sort my head out. It was only sex, what is there to be afraid of, we’ll take precautions. But it Kadıköy Escort wasn’t ‘only sex’, it was making love, I hadn’t a clue how to do either. What if I mess it up? What if I ruin it? What if I’m really awful at it? I tried to think what Mrs Knight ad said, something like, ‘You have to trust him to lead, trust your instincts, you won’t ruin it just take it slow.” Okay, trust him, take it slow. I calmed down and the went back up the stairs. I was hovering outside the door when it opened.

“Are you ok?” Oscar whispered. I walked into the room and he closed the door behind me. “Tula, are you ok?” he asked again

“Yes.” I nodded. “I’m sorry I ran.” I whispered

“Why did you run? Why didn’t you just say you needed a minute?” he took my hand in his.

“I’m sorry. I got a bit nervous.” my voice showed it, shaky all over the place.

“It’s okay to be nervous. I would be surprised if you weren’t. Are you ok now?”

“Yeah. Your mum said that I have to trust you and take it slow.” I blushed slightly, he looked confused. “You were asleep.” I whispered. He pulled our clasped hands up,

“Do you trust me?” he whispered. When I nodded he kissed my hand and placed it back by my side. Our eyes stayed locked as his hands went behind my head and pulled out my ponytail, I didn’t breathe until I heard the small piece of metal hit the wooded floor. His hands came back over my shoulders and down to the bottom of my strap top. I lifted my arms and he pulled it up and over my head. Oscar arranged my hair around my shoulders and then took of his own shirt. He was quite built up but not muscley. He lifted my head up and to the side with a finger so that he could kiss my neck. My eyes closed and my hands went to his waist. His hands went round my back, to stop at my bra hooks. Each one was undid slowly until the last one released and he caught the material between his finger and thumb. Even slower, he brought the material forward, the only thing that was holding the bra to my body was my breasts. Oscar carefully realised them and dropped my bra to the floor. He looked me in the eye and then bent down to take one of my nipples beneath his lips. He now constantly did the thing that makes me moan, my fingers were wrapped in his hair, holding his head to me. He left my breasts and moved back up my neck to my lips where the violent, passionate and fiery kiss was once again at play. I held him close, not wanting it to ever stop, but it did. We stood there for a moment, looking at each other.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered, as his hand went to the button on my jeans. I took longer to answer this time. I looked down at his hands, waiting for the go-ahead. One of them started to travel up my stomach, between my breasts and pulled my chin up. “I’ll be very gentle. You can stop it at any time.” he whispered, I leant up and kissed him. His hand travelled back down and undid my button and zip. His tongue tried to probe into my mouth but I didn’t let it pass. Gradually, my jeans got lower and lower around my legs, Oscar broke the kiss to remove them from around my ankles. He looked up into my eyes. I nodded. His hands traced back up the side of my legs to my hips. His fingers tucked themselves into the tops of my knickers, and with the slowest speed yet pulled them down brushing his fingers across the skin they had travelled up. When he stood up again I hadn’t opened my eyes. Some part of me didn’t want to see his reaction.

“Trust Me” he whispered into my ear, he kissed my neck once then pulled back, taking my hands and putting them on his belt buckle. I opened my eyes And this time he nodded. My face was red and my hands were fiddling with the buckle, I was very slow at undoing it. Once I had, I immediately removed my hands, but Oscar pulled them back.

“Trust Me”. I rested my forehead on his chest and my very shaky hands undid his button and zip. He let me take my hands back and he took off his trousers, but kept his boxers on. He reached for my hands again but I stepped back. He stepped forward. We did this until I hit the bedside. I hadn’t realised the direction he had been leading me. Now that I had no where to go he picked up my hand, placed it on his stomach and slid it down into his boxers. I gasped when I felt him, I tried to pull my hand away but he didn’t let it go.

“Tula, trust me.” I stopped resisting and let Oscars hand guide mine up and down him. I could feel him get longer, it seemed that he would never stop growing. He let my hand go, but I carried on. Oscar groaned, he yanked down his boxers and I saw him for the first time. My eyes widened, he looked so huge! I could see a little bit of silvery fluid around a small whole at the end of him. Like a curious child, I wanted İstanbul Escort to find everything out about it, what it felt like, how it tasted. I looked at Oscar but his eyes were closed, so I sat on the bed, my face now right in front of him. My mouth got closer and closer until my lips touched the end of him, he tasted salty. I kissed him more, all the way up and down, he groaned when I tentatively stuck the tip of my tongue onto his top. I took his end into my mouth, my tongue swept across it and the slight buck from Oscar pushed it further.

“Tula, stop” he moaned.

“Why?” I asked

“Tonight is for you, not me.” he said,

“But I want to learn this sort of stuff.” surprisingly I didn’t blush.

“I know but right now, I’m aching to be inside you.” he breathed. I gasped and he pulled me up from the bed to lay me back down. He pushed my legs apart and slid in between. He wasn’t inside me but I still thought it rather fast.

“Oscar, slowly.” it was half moaned, He was at my breasts again. He did calm down, now his moves were slow and careful but still just as passionate.

“Tula, stay here.” he said getting up.

“Where are you going?” I asked confused

“I left the condoms downstairs.” I blushed.

“Oh, ok.” he leaned over and kissed me before leaving the room. I got into the bed and waited for him to come back. He pulled open the door and saw me in the bed. I pulled back the covers for him to get in. He shuffled to my side and we kissed. This time it was me who pulled him on top.

“Oscar, now.” I whispered. he kissed me and then moved back, very slowly he began to pull himself up. “OOOOWWWWWWW! OW OW OW OOOWWWWWWWW!” I was yelling.

“Tula, Tula shh.” He whispered, “Shh, it’s okay, it’ll be ok.”

“It hurts.” I whimpered.

“I know. Do you want to wait before the rest?” he asked.

“There’s more?!” he nodded. “Do it now.” I twisted up my face and bit my lip, waiting for the pain.

“Tula, open you eyes, I’m there.” he whispered. I opened them and it looked as though he was but I’d felt no more pain.

“It’s in? Really?” I asked. Oscar moved out and then back in. I cried out but each time he did it the pain decreased.

I’d been pain free for a while when I felt it first, It was a kind of tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach. It spread to where Oscar was filled.

“Oscar,” I moaned, “I…I’m tingling.”

“Can I go faster?” he whispered.

“Yes, more.” I moaned. Oscar went faster, my legs opened themselves further, letting him rule. “Oh god! Oscar I think I’m coming now!”

He laughed, “Not yet Tula, there’s more.”

“More?! Please now, I think I’m going to explode!” he laughed again, bending down to kiss me.

At this point it turned hardcore. Oscar’s kissing me again so strongly, our lips glued, our tongues meshed.

He was now pounding into me with such force that the bed was moving too, the creaks were drowned out by my shrieks. We were hot, the passion and violence mixed to create the feeling that we were definitely alive.

“Oh! Too much!” but although I said it was too much, I started to move my hips along with Oscars. “Oh! Oh God!” It felt like my lower body had burst, it was such relief. My face went very deep red when I caught Oscar watching me. I was so embarrassed I picked up the pillow closest to me and forced it down over my face. I mumbled small incoherent sentences of disbelief and unbearability into it while the spasms continued and then subsided. Oscar pulled out of me and lay beside me. I could hear him panting softly and could feel him watching me.

“Tula? Are you okay?” He tried to pull the pillow away, he got his head under but I wouldn’t let go. His hand turned my face toward his, he kissed me and pulled the pillow away.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. I looked up at him and he was confused.

“You’re sorry? I’m the one who should be saying sorry.” he whispered “I said I would be gentle. That wasn’t. I’m sorry.”

“We could do gentle later?” I suggested, he smiled.

“Why did you hide?” his face turned quizzical.

“You were watching me.” I whispered, not meeting his eyes. He leant down and we kissed gently for a while.

We went to sleep, but I was soon awake. What seemed to be happening to me was part of the dream. Oscar was doing that thing with my breasts that I love and he was stroking me. This was both dream and reality. I gasped and wriggled and was then fully wide awake. My eyes didn’t stay open for long. They were soon closed and I was preparing for what I assumed was the gentle love making he’d promised. “Oscar.” I breathed, “Kiss me.” he did. it was slow, sensual and – gentle. This time, when he entered me, it wasn’t as painful, I managed not to shout but a few squeaks escaped. We were moving in a steady rhythm, it was magical, it felt beautiful, like the stuff you only read in fairy tales. I came again but it wasn’t as dramatic or explosive as before, it fit in well with the calm and gentle atmosphere.

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