Lasting Relationships 1: Testing Each Others Nerves

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I smiled as an finish planning. I spun around in my computer chair to face the computer and starting typing toJeff. ”Hey, you want to come over and spend the night?” The second month of summer break was just ending and we were bored out of our minds. He would usually come over daily but his family vacation to Arizona delayed that for two weeks. Jeff didn’t want to go since ”my family isn’t nearly as fun as hanging out with you.”
”What will we do?” He typed back as if he would even think about turning me down.
”I don’t know, just hang out, I’m bored aren’t you?”
”Yea, I guess… I’ll come over ”
”Cool, We could watch movies or what ever.”
”Or sneak out.”
”And then do what genious?”
”I don’t know but it’d probably be a lot more fun that whatever we do in your house” Oh, he was in for a surprise.
”Come over after your dinner and just walk in, I’ll be the only one here.”
”K. Bye”

Great now I had about an hour to myself. I decided to eat and couldn’t get the thought of Jeff’s pink lips on my cock or his backing arching from the intensity of his orgasm out of my head, I was going mad and needed him. He’d never done anything like this before but I had hints that he wanted to or was at least curious. I never done anything like this either but I was too horny for my own good and wanted to experiment myself. I could trust my best friend not to tell a soul after the fact.

He walked through the door since I was the only one home and I jumped up and tackled him as was our greeting was when we had the time. I ran my shoulder into his chest and felt his arm clench around my neck and we both fell down. I forced my head out of his grip and remembered then how strong he was; although not really he was still a fit, flat-bellied, blonde, blue-eyed kid. After getting my head free I put my knees so that I was straddling his belly and his distraction to our legs allowed me to pin his hands down. In a last attempt he thrust up but it was no use ”OK! Fuck, you win! haha” ”Hahaha, you better remember that moment punk.”

I got off of him and glanced at would looked like a bulge in his pants. ”Let’s go set up a fort in my room.” I said in an effort to end the awkward silence. I ran and he quickly caught. up and tackled me ”REMATCH!!” gaziantep lezbiyen as he forced me with his hands down. I tried to turn around while falling but only landed on my side and I heard him grunt a little in pain from my hip going into his groin. ”Aww, dude!” he exhaled out of the breath he had in his lungs at the time. I started laughing and tapped his cock which was definitely hard ”Does it hurt?” I said still laughing. ”Yes…j..jesus christ you have boney hips!” ”Looks like I won this time too.

As you can see we are very competitive with each other and I used this in my plan that was only hours away. We continued onto making the fort out of mattresses, sheets, blankets, and all the rest of the typical kid fort. We made only one space towards the TV to watch and play games and such. When this was done we were both a little worn down.

We decided to watch some horror movies just to laugh at (we were 14 but not stupid). I heard my mom come in the house and new from her double shit that she’d go to bed right away. ”Seems like my bitch is home!” Jeff said and once again we were at it and he finally got the upper hand ending on my back straddling my ass with my hands pinned and this time I felt the bulge on the crack of my ass. ”You won this time you bitch!” he got off of me and I decided to finally initiate my plan.

”Let’s play a video game, I’m bored.” I said very casually with a little yawn. ”Sure” he agreed and I got up to choose the game. I chose some single player war game and heard ”Hey, what about me?” ”We’ll take turns. It’s a good game and I want to play it.” I said assertively ”Alright!” he groaned in agony as if I just told him to take out the trash.

I came back and sat next to him cross-legged as the game started. I lasted a few minutes until I died in the game and gave him the controller. As I gave him the controller his back straitened up and I saw his arched back and couldn’t help but want to stick my cock in his mouth. He lasted about 20 seconds before he died and yelped ”That’s not fair! I didn’t even get to play for long.” I gestured my hand out and he gave the controller over. I played and acted like I was playing but purposely died 10 seconds later.

”Ok, hand it over.” Jeff said as he looked at me and gave me the same gesture. ”How bout I play you the nervous game for it?” ”What?” I put my hand on his knee and started sliding it up ”Nervous yet?” ”What the-?” ”Say ‘yes’ or I won’t stop” ”YES!! YES!” I retracted my hand. ”What was that about?” He said, baffled, as I continued to play. ”You’ve never heard of the nervous game?” ”….no.” ”Are you from mars? Look here the rules” I spoke promptly and started to list.

”The nervous game is played by either being the person who challenges or is challenged. If I challenge you, you can’t say no without forfeiting. I’ll put my hand on your knee and move it up until you say stop or I say stop.” He still looked little confused but if you a teenager that doesn’t have a clue you are an idiot so he spoke full of himself ”Ohh yea, ‘The Nervous Game’ ” and I smile and continued ”Right, so we can play for anything, whether it be a turn or the whole nights worth of playing”

As soon as I was done explaining I died ”HAHAHA, looks like that was all for noth-” and just like that my hand was on his knee again. I moved up more slowly seeing where his limit would be. I got halfway up his firm thigh when he finally stopped me ”Fine, have your game.” ”Awww, can Jeff handle a little competition?” I said at a high octave which pissed him off and just to my plan I felt his hand fall on my knee. I paused the game and looked at him smiling. He started moving by the time I looked over he hand moving up my thigh. He realized that he was running out of room to fuck around and got around 3/4’s up my thigh before chickening out. ”hahaha, you suck man.”

I was starting to second guess myself of if he really had a boner or just my want for one. Then once again, I died. I didn’t even give him the controller and put my hand on his knee and started going up. Halfway up, two-thirds up, three-fourths up, and all I got was a swallow in the throat from him. I felt myself getting a boner and knew he had to have had one by now. I then finally touched his balls and he jolted a little. I started brushing over his balls lightly with the back of my hand. After a couple times I went up and brushed the full length of his cock when something happened.

I felt Jeff’s cold hand on my knee and instead of kidding around he just went up my shorts. His hand was cold and soft for a teen. He was rubbing my balls with his hands and I decided to go further. I started unbottoning his shorts and zipped them down freeing his nice 5 inch cock in the air. He soon followed suit with my 6 inch and we ended up both on our knees jerking each other off.

A couple more moments would have been enough to have me blow my load but I wanted this to last and also wanted to honor the ‘game’ by going further. I started kissing his neck and before he would try to do the same I went down. Kissing his flat stomach and the space right above his cock with barely any pubic hair. I slid my tongue over the top of his cock, base to head, and let his cock slide in my mouth. I heard him squeel a little and grabbed his hair to bring his mouth to my cock. We were both on our sides sucking and grabbing each other each building each other orgasms. Then Jeff took the lead in the game.

He put his hand behind the knee that wasn’t touching the ground and put my knee to my shoulder. I then felt his tounge slip its way down my cock, pass my balls, over my butt cheek and into my hole. I unvoluntarily grabbed down on the hair on his neck and pulled him closer to me, deep throating him. We both froze there for what seemed like forever before he started pumping him cock into me and burying his tounge in my ass.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough to lube my finger that waited at the entrance of his little pink hole for any indication of no before I put it in as far as I could. He stopped for a moment to relax himself enough to take the new invader. Jeff went back to sucking my cock and stuck a finger in me without even needed to lube what he hasn’t already. We smacked our bare bellies together and kept getting louder in our high pitched moans.

I saw his thrusting increasing in power and the thought of him coming was enough for me to come. My balls swelled and I started squirting my cum down his throat and he came quickly after filling my mouth with the hot and salty goo I craved from my friend.

After coming we just left each others genitals in our mouths for a little while. Then I heard a voice ”I win, you got nervous first!” and I laughed as he went to pick up the controller and said ”Ok, maybe this time.”

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