Louise Comes Early for Christmas


Author’s Notes : I’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone that has taken the time to email me personally, comment on my stories or simply read them! It’s greatly appreciated and is one of the main reasons I keep attempting to write something I hope you’ll enjoy.


Louise’s sparking light hazel eyes failed to hide her excitement. She’d been sat at home on her sofa for over 10 minutes now, her Mickey Mouse PJs keeping her snug and warm whilst she stared at the tree. Its twinkling lights almost hypnotic in their pattern. The bright blue, green and red baubles reflecting the lights, adding to the dazzle and sparkle. She’d been home since midday, had slipped into her PJs the moment she stepped in through the door, making sure to grab the tartan blanket for extra cosiness. Her glowing mood and warm soft feeling adding to her Christmassy feeling.

They liked to keep their first floor flat simple every Christmas, putting all their time and effort into buying the best tree they could, and then lavishing it with all their attention. Their love for Christmas focussed tightly on this one thing. It had certainly paid off. Anyone entering the room had their eyes immediately drawn towards the 7 foot high tree in the corner, adorned with as much Christmas cheer as its branches could hold.

Louise was still staring at the tree when she heard a key in the front door, heard it turning before the door was pushed open.

“Hi Honey, I’m home!” came the laughing lilt of Becky’s voice, Louise’s girlfriend.

Becky poked her head into the front room, catching Louise pause briefly before turning her head quickly to face her. A little embarrassed as Becky had told her on a number of occasions that obsessing about Christmas wasn’t healthy.

“Hi”, said Louise, a mild look of guilt spreading across her face.

Becky walked over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Now what have I said about staring?” she chided, wagging her finger in an almost comical fashion whilst her bright blue eyes locked onto Louise’s sparkly hazel eyes.

Louise stared back. She’d run out of excuses, had tried every single one at least once. All she could manage was a submissive nod, in the hope this would appease Becky.

Becky knew fully well that Louise was mainly interested in the presents beneath the tree. Every Christmas she always asked for one present on Christmas Eve, one small gift, a token if you will. Every year Becky stood her ground. Tradition for her dictated that the unwrapping began on Christmas Day, and not a moment sooner. This inevitably resulted in Louise pouting and complaining, before the second glass of wine had kicked in allowing her to relax and put things into perspective a little better. Becky was confident this year would be no different. This year however, Becky had made some plans.

“So,” said Louise, looking Becky in the eye with a quizzical look. “When can I open a present?”

“Are we really going to go through this every year?” asked Becky, glaring back while the corners of her mouth lifted into a slight smile.

“Well….I reckon you’re going to have to give in at some point,” grinned Louise.

“I am after all worth it.”

She quickly jumped back, trying to avoid the reaching arm of Becky as she swiped a hand.

“Be careful what you wish for young lady, that’s all I’ve got say on the matter,” said Becky.

She allowed herself time to pour a quick G&T. She wanted to relax now work was over, and was sure that she needed a quick drink before the evening’s entertainment started to pick up pace.

“Ooh,” cooed Louise. “Is that a threat?” When no answer came she queried

“You haven’t bought me anything have you?” the pout of her bottom lip starting.

There’s only one way to find out she figured, as she got up from the sofa and headed for the tree, keen to check the labels on every parcel. There must be something there for her.

Before Becky could react, Louise had picked up the closest box and was frantically checking. The red bow wrapped around a box no larger than an old fashioned leather bound book. The bright almost gaudy wrapping paper was easily the stand out present under the tree. Almost as if was intended to be eye catching.

“This has got my name on it!” She shrieked in excitement. “Can I open this one? Can I… please.” The last word transformed into a lengthy pleading tone, her voice intoning the hope for the one year in which she could open a gift early.

“Be careful,” warned Becky. “Some gifts may have consequences. Are you ready for those?”

Louise furrowed her brow. Consequences? How could a Christmas gift have consequences?

Her desire to be able to open a present on Christmas Eve easily outweighing any concerns she may have had about so called consequences. ‘Heck’ to consequences she figured, I want to open this one! By now she was rattling the box gently from side to side, looking for any clues that might reveal its contents.

“You do seem to be taken with that box though,” sniggered Becky. “One last chance to put Sivas Escort the present back down and join me for a nice G&T on the sofa.”

Becky patted the empty seat next to her whilst taking a long slow gulp of her drink, emphasising the relaxation to be had with this offer.

Louise felt she was so close this year to getting her first ‘early gift’, that she was almost brazenly confident that nothing Becky offered as alternatives would make her return this box to nestle in amongst the other gifts under the brightly lit tree.

“We can do that after I’ve opened this though,” beamed Louise. Still rattling the box against her left ear, none the wiser as to its contents.

“I’m not going to be able to dissuade you am I?” asked Becky, her blue eyes twinkling with mischief, mischief that Louise was currently oblivious to.

“Nah uh,” smiled Louise, rocking slightly from side to side in a child like manner, hugging the present against the Mickey Mouse motif of her PJ top.

“Oh alright then, just that one,” grinned Becky. Her whole face now lit with wicked delight, in anticipation of the evening ahead.

The pause between Becky acquiescing and Louise tearing off the bow couldn’t be measured in seconds. Akin to a sprinter that false starts, Louise was off and away already, the bow fluttering and flapping to the floor whilst she tore at the gaudy wrapping, in a rush to get to the contents of her first ‘early gift’. A couple of swift tears later and Louise was opening the top of the brown box in her hands. Once open she paused to take in its contents.

There were 3 items in the box. Her eyes focussing first on the bright shiny chrome bullet. About an inch wide and 2 inches long, tapering at both ends to create the sleek bullet shape. She was familiar with sex toys, Becky had broadened her horizons in many ways during the 5 years of their relationship, but this wasn’t anything she’d seen before.

The second item to catch her eye was the pair of electric blue and white polka dot knickers. Very nice she thought, smiling to herself.

The third item was however confusing. It looked like an envelope, ‘perhaps it’s got a gift voucher in it’? she puzzled.

Becky was watching intently whilst Louise was looking at the gifts. Checking for any indication or sign that Louise knew what she was holding in her hands.

Louise took out the envelope and placed the box and its other contents on the table. Gently lifting the gummed flap, she pulled out the piece of light blue paper.

“You’ll need to read that aloud,” stated Becky still grinning, breaking Louise’s train of thought.

With the piece of paper open in front of her, Louise read out aloud.

“I Louise, having constantly badgered Becky over the last 5 years to open a present early, even though fully aware that Becky was very unhappy with this request…”

Louise paused to look at Becky, trying to gauge her real mood behind the wicked grin she currently had.

“…promise to abide by the rules laid out by Becky this Christmas Eve night. Failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of all presents for this Christmas.”

Louise paled slightly. Becky could have threatened anything. A spanking was the usual recourse when Louise strayed from the course guided by Becky, although she did normally enjoy this too much, the two of them typically ending up in a sweaty sticky 69, both eager for their lapping tongues to bring the other one off first.

However, no presents was easily the greater punishment. Becky having known fully well Louise’s weakness when she had written the letter.

“So,” enquired Becky, taking another gulp of her drink, savouring the warm relaxing glow that the alcohol was spreading through her body.

“Do you wish to proceed?”

Louise paused. She’d already opened the present, although she didn’t fully know Becky’s intentions the shiny bullet was certainly an indicator. How could she refuse having pestered and cajoled Becky for years? This moment truly was one of her own making, she had successfully painted herself into a corner.

“Yes,” groaned Louise, head held low avoiding Becky’s blue eyed intense gaze.

“Great!” exclaimed Becky, putting her drink to one side before almost leaping off the sofa, keen for the games to begin. Whilst Louise was still puzzling over the evening’s events, Becky was kneeling in front of her. Without any pause she unceremoniously tugged Louise’s PJ bottoms down to her ankles, revealing a pair of crisp white knickers.

“We’ll need to get those off as well,” smirked Becky, snapping the elastic waistband just below Louise’s navel.

Louise had learned the hard way over the years that it didn’t pay to keep Becky waiting. Louise didn’t consider herself a true submissive, but in this relationship Becky was most certainly in charge.

Louise slowly shuffled her feet out of the PJ bottoms whilst Becky, still grinning, hooked her thumbs under the elastic waist band and pulled the white cotton knickers over Louise’s firm white cheeks, and Sivas Escort Bayan down between her knees. She resisted the urge to run her finger through the tight brown curls of Louise’s pubic hair, like she’d done so many times before. Usually prior to gently grazing her fingernail down her slit, parting her moist lips.

Becky threw the white knickers onto the sofa and looked up and Louise.

“Now then,” she beamed. “I need you to sit on the sofa and rub your clit for me.”

Becky again patted the sofa, indicating where she wanted Louise to sit.

“Really?” moaned Louise. So far this ‘early gift’ wasn’t much fun at all.

“Have you forgotten the agreement already?” asked Becky slyly. “And anyway, what better way to get you wet? All in preparation for our shiny buzzy little friend!”

She glanced mischievously in the direction of the box. Perhaps the electric blue knickers were just an additional gift then mused Louise. I mean, she now knew the purpose of the sleek bullet but you can only wear knickers surely?

Getting wet was not usually something Louise had issues with. She’d always considered herself more horny than most, days where something didn’t catch her eye sending her thoughts racing were rare. A stark VPL, the flimsy string of a thong poking out the top of someone’s jeans. Yep, she was easily aroused she thought smiling shyly to herself.

For some reason though, this time felt a little strange. Certainly less in her control, but strange aside from this. She almost felt a need to draw her hand over her pubic patch, as if to hide it from prying eyes. As if Becky hadn’t seen this and more!

The apartment was always kept warm, so whilst she no longer felt as cosy as she had earlier, she didn’t feel cold with her pale legs exposed. She settled her firm cheeks onto the softness of the sofa that Becky had been patting. The warmth of the material feeling good against her bare skin. She lifted her left leg onto the sofa, parting her legs just enough so she could slip her left hand in between her thighs and start stroking her pussy. It didn’t feel right to splay her legs in a brazen display of lust, not that she hadn’t done this before after one too many G&Ts and sufficient visual stimulation. But again, this whole scenario still felt a little bit strange.

By now Becky had positioned herself comfortably on the floor, facing Louise with an intent look in her face. Soaking up every inch of her exposed pale flesh with the lustful gaze of her blue eyes.

Louise pressed her index finger gently onto her clit, which was currently safely hidden behind its fleshy hood. She started to rub gentle slow circles over it, feeling it bobble and push under her finger. Closing her eyes allowed her to block out the image of the staring Becky, now she could focus on the heat growing between her legs. Already she could feel her pussy lips starting to swell as blood was sent rushing to her groin, the lips parting slightly and the clit enlarging and hardening, straining to peek out of its hiding place. She added her middle finger and pressed fervently between her legs, relishing the feel of her digit sliding between her moistening lips.

From Becky’s position she could see that Louise was really getting into the spirit, a few more minutes and she knew there would be a small droplet of juice lingering at the entrance to her pussy. A droplet she wouldn’t hesitate to slide her finger through before rolling it onto her tongue to savour the taste. Not this time though, once the droplet appeared Becky knew it was time to insert shiny bullet of fun and for the evening to really get started.

Louise was starting to moan, her clit now an easy target for her probing, stroking digits. Each rub or press starting to send the initially small thrills. Always a taste of things to come. Her eyes quickly opened as she felt something cold push at her wet entrance. They settled on a beaming Becky as she eased the bullet in, her wet pussy offering no resistance to the silvery intruder. An intruder she had no doubt would end up buzzing and vibrating, sending her mercilessly into an uncontrollable orgasm.

Becky reached over and picked up the electric blue and white polka dot knickers from the box.

“Please stand,” said Becky. “I need to get the next part of your present in place.”

Becky couldn’t help herself, knowing what the rest of the evening had in store her grin was almost a permanent fixture. Her blue eyes sparkling wickedly as Louise started to rise.

“Step into the leg holes please,” commanded Becky, as she lifted the knickers ready for Louise.

Louise lifted her feet into the leg holes, allowing Becky to raise the cotton up her legs. Now behaving like a mannequin as she let Becky dress her.

“They feel a bit tight!” quibbled a frowning Louise, as the knickers were pulled up over her knees. “Are you sure they’re a size 12?”

“Size 8-10 I think,” replied the still grinning Becky.

“They’ll stretch though once they’ve been in place for a while.”

A Escort Sivas couple of sharp tugs and she was done, admiring how tight the cotton looked over Louise’s pussy. This close she could see the stiff clit pressing against the fabric. A sly reaching finger flicked it gently, causing Louise to jolt.

“Hey!” squealed Louise, finally understanding why the knickers were tight. Even padding her feet softly on the carpet caused the cotton to rub over her excited clit, the earlier gentle thrills were now increasing in intensity. Standing still seemed to be the best option for now.

“Now,” announced Becky standing up. She walking around Louise enjoying the view, the tight electric blue cotton digging slightly into the goose bumped flesh of her buttocks. Becky knew that Louise must really be wondering what could possibly be happening next.

“Close your eyes,” said Becky as she whispered into Louise’s left ear.

Once Becky was confident Louise’s eyes were tightly shut, she knew she could announce the last part of the gift.

Becky rested one arm on Louise’s shoulder and another on a tight blue knicker covered buttock, a few gentle squeezes too irresistible to pass up. She slowly guided Louise around the furniture and left her standing in the corner of the room. Even this short walk was a reminder to Louise of how aroused she was, as the electric blue rubbed gently over her clit as she walked.

“We’re almost ready now,” announced Becky, barely resisting the urge to clap her hands together excitedly.

Louise felt a single gentle pulse deep inside her pussy. As quickly as it had appeared it went away again, almost to the point that she couldn’t be sure she’d felt anything at all!

“I have in my hand a remote for the soon to be buzzing friend between your legs,” stated Becky triumphantly.

“The best part is however, that it will pulse randomly, but will increase in intensity over a 20 minute period. If after this time you have not found it, it will automatically switch to maximum. From the brief test I was given in the shop, I can assure you that this is as much enjoyable as it is uncomfortable, especially with your lovely clit being constantly stimulated by the rubbing cotton.

“What I’m going to do now,” stated Becky as she flicked the switch on the remote. “Is hide it in this room. If you find it before the 20 minutes are up we can stop the game, if however you fail to find it….then I think 3 orgasms minimum should be your punishment for failing!”

With Louise still facing the corner, Becky quickly found the planned hiding place, finally clapping excitedly to herself as she sat back down and sank another gulp of her drink.

Louise knew that Becky had always had a kinky streak, orgasm denial being one of her favourite games. There was no denying the pleasure that was an orgasm shooting through her body, but she knew Becky well enough by now that by the third one she would be begging for it to stop as her tortured excited pussy was given no rest between orgasms.

“You can open your eyes now,” said Becky. “Your 20 minutes are already ticking away.”

Louise opened her eyes and turned around. Another single buzz between her thighs confirmed that Becky wasn’t joking. She could see Becky staring straight back at her, relaxing on the sofa whilst she had to endure the cotton pressing tightly against her flesh, the elastic round her buttocks digging uncomfortably into her skin, not to mention how tight it felt around her crotch, the excited clit now refusing to retreat. Another quick buzz and Louise felt a trickle of moisture escape between her pussy lips. She had to quickly start looking for the damned remote, before her body increased its betrayal and eventually left her writhing in orgasmic humiliation on the floor.

She’d barely moved a step before a prolonged 5 second buzz stopped her dead, causing her to clench her legs together whilst the bullet worked its magic. She bit her bottom lip to stifle a gasp. She wasn’t going to give in this early on in the game she thought.

With the buzzing stopped she looked around again. With seemingly no guidance coming from Becky she didn’t have a clue where to even start looking!

“Ok,” said Becky smirking. “If it helps then it’s only fair to let you know that the remote is not hidden in a drawer, behind or beneath anything. It is effectively in plain site if you look hard enough.”

It was clear from the wide red lipped grin that Becky was enjoying watch Louise wriggle and squirm.

Louise did her best to stand upright, almost in defiance at Becky and her game, just as another few pulses buzzed through her groin. Cotton wasn’t always her favourite choice for underwear, she preferred the feel of silk or satin on her soft skin, but when you were getting as wet as she was now you had to be thankful for its ability to absorb, imagining the gusset starting to soak up her warm juices.

“5 minutes gone!” chimed Becky.

Louise was stood rag doll like in the centre of the room, her legs now having to clench together as the previously gentle infrequent buzz had increased to a more urgent zzzzz every 10 seconds. She was convinced that if she’d looked down she would see the gusset of her new electric blue knickers darkening, as the trickle of juices from her aroused pussy flowed steadily.

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