The Sweet Taste of Honey Pt. 02


In Part One I had moved into my aunt’s apartment while I looked for a place to live at university. On my first day I had discovered her vast array of deliciously fluffy mohair and angora sweaters and had started to wear them and then began wearing her underwear. One Sunday morning she caught me wearing her clothes while lying on her bed masturbating and after having sex she unveiled her secret that she was a transsexual.

As I laid next to her I and gently rubbed my hand over her breasts covered in delicious mohair, I started to think that it must definitely all be a dream. There I was dressed in her bra and panties and wearing her oh so fluffy angora sweater having just given head to my gorgeous auntie who was wearing an oh so fluffy mohair sweater. After a few minutes of getting her breath back and wallowing in the euphoria of a huge orgasm she turned to me and kissed me gently on the lips. “Thank you so much. You will never know how much I needed that. Both physically and mentally. So how did you learn to give such great blow jobs?- she asked.

“I have never given anyone a blow job in my life. I have never thought I was gay as I fancy women but there is something so compelling about wanting to please you that I can’t understand what is going on in my head. As soon as you walked through the door on the first evening of me staying here I was just in awe and all I have thought about since then, apart from wearing your sweaters and underwear that is, is that I want to please you. I just can’t seem to get enough of being with you. You must be like a magnet just drawing me into you.”

She laughed and said “Well I have been called lots of things in my life, but never a magnet. I am famished. Are you going to make me that breakfast you promised me?”

“Your wish is my command. How do you like your eggs?”

“You may wish to regret saying that as I can be very demanding.”

“The way I feel about you at the moment, I don’t think I will ever regret wanting to serve you and service you, if you get my drift.”

We didn’t bother changing and, as I cooked breakfast for her dressed in her angora sweater, bra and panties and with her still wearing the fantastic mohair sweater, she started to tell me about how she had ended up being her. As she was growing up as a boy she knew that there was something different about herself but couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She didn’t dress as a girl but she enjoyed playing with girls more than she did boys. She used to love watching her mother getting dressed and putting on her makeup and it wasn’t until she hit puberty that she started to wear her mother’s clothes and put her makeup on. “I felt like a girl in a boy’s body and I wanted so much to be like my mother who was absolutely beautiful- she said.

Her parents had split up and got divorced when she was eleven and she lived with her mother until she was sixteen when her mother was killed in a motoring accident. “I went to live with my dad and your grandmother but I left to go to college when I was eighteen. At college I learned that what I wanted was to dress and live as a girl. It was easier in a liberal education environment to transform from a boy to a girl without too much being said by ignorant people. By the time I graduated I was living totally as a woman. I moved to this city and I started my life and career as a woman.”

“I had breast forms made to the size and shape I wanted and the only problem I had was when I dated men as they wanted to see me naked and to suck and play with my breasts. I usually kept my top on and positioned myself so that they didn’t see that I had a dick and would allow them to fuck me in the arse. I have met very few men who wanted to satisfy me after having an orgasm so, in most instances, they never knew. Believe it or not I have also slept with a few women who liked the idea of a chick with a dick. In fact I love having sex with women as they are so much more sensual and I really get turned on by what they wear. But I love real life hard dicks both in my mouth and in my arse. Maybe that’s what turned me on so much last Sunday morning seeing you dressed in my underwear and soft angora sweater and playing with your dick. Best of both worlds.”

“After four or five years I decided that I really wanted to be a full woman and so I went to see a consultant about gender reassignment. He proposed that I take steroids for a year which would reduce the size of my dick and make my breasts grow, but I had an allergic reaction to the steroids and had to stop taking them after a couple of weeks. I was desperate to have a woman’s breasts and so I opted to go down the implant route and decided that a full gender reassignment was not for me. I have always had a small dick and I love the sensation of it being touched and stroked as well as it being inside someone’s mouth. As far as I am concerned I am a woman and always will be, irrespective that I have a penis instead of a vagina. I am sure that most men in the boardrooms think I have more balls than Betturkey them and they are right.”

At that we both laughed and I took hold of her hand and said “As I said last night, my ideal partner is a stunningly gorgeous woman with an amazing body. You are every bit of that.”

“So where do we go from here?- she asked.

“How about back to bed to carry on where we left off- I replied.

“You know that wasn’t what I was asking young man. I’m not sure we could possibly have a full blown mind and body relationship given our circumstances. You’re my nephew for goodness sake, albeit not by blood, and nearly twenty nears my junior.”

“You said earlier that you loved having sex with women because they are far more sensual and you really got turned on this morning seeing me dressed partially as a woman. I like the idea of dressing in your sexy fluffy sweaters and underwear and having sex with you. What have we got to lose by trying it for a while? As far as the outside world is concerned I am your nephew and living here while going to college in the city. I want to be with you and to serve you and I want you to desire me as much as I desire you.”

She sat there in thought for a while staring out of the window at the city below. “OK I can go along with that but nobody must know about our life in this apartment, particularly your mother. We can share everything at home, particularly my bed and my wardrobe. Your nephew clothes can stay in the spare bedroom just in case your mother comes. What do you say?”

“I am game if you are. What would you like me to do for you first mistress?”

“Well first off let’s do something about the little body hair that you have as I like my partners to be totally bald. Also, when you have no body hair you will really feel the softness of my sweaters against your skin.”

With that she took my hand and led me into her bathroom. We undressed and got into her huge double shower together where she carefully shaved my pubic hair off and then applied hair removal cream over the rest of my body. “We may have to get you to go and have laser hair removal treatment once we see how long it takes for this to grow back. I want you to be completely bald at all times- she said. When she had finished with me we stepped out of the shower and she massaged lotion all over my body to soften my skin even further and help to stop any itching following the hair removal. She then went back into the shower and, as she stood there washing her hair, I saw her fully naked for the first time and immediately lusted after her fantastic body. I couldn’t wait to get her back into bed so that I could kiss her all over. She had told me to close shave my face and as I was fair haired and didn’t have much a beard it didn’t take long.

Back in the bedroom she chose a matching set of frilly pink panties and bra for me to wear as well as a matching garter and nude coloured stockings. She found a pair of silicone breast enhancers that she had worn in her early days of transforming and pushed them into the bra. To finish it off she went into her wardrobe and came back with the most fantastic hand knitted pink mohair v-neck sweater. The feel of it against my skin as I carefully pulled it over my head and down over my body was sublime. My dick was fully erect in an instance and as I stood in front of the mirror I was amazed at how I looked.

“Not a bad start- she said, “now you can do something for me and blow dry and brush my hair”.

As she sat on the stool at her dressing table I stood behind her and gently brushed her hair. I could feel her relaxing and going off into a trance as I moved the brush all the way from her scalp to the end of her hair. “I love having my head stroked. It takes all of the worries of the world away.” As I brushed I could feel her running her hands as far as she could up the back of my legs over the stockings and she leaned her head back so that it lay against my fully erect and throbbing dick. When her hair was fully dried I continued to brush her hair for ages until I suggested that we go back to bed and she sit between my legs whilst I continued. She loved the thought of that and that was where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

As dusk came and darkness filled her bedroom she pulled herself away from between my legs, turned to face me and began to kiss me. At first it was a slow gentle kiss but then her tongue started to enter my mouth and out tongues met for the first time. It felt like a bolt of electricity had just gone through my body. I responded in the same way and within seconds our mouths were joined and our kissing was becoming frantic. Her hands were massaging my breasts and I was doing the same to her naked breasts. Her nipples became instantly hard and I stopped kissing her mouth and began to kiss and suck each nipple in turn. This drove her wild and, before I knew it, she pushed me back onto the bed and started sucking at my false boobs and enjoying the sensation of kissing the mohair. At the same time Betturkey Giriş she was grinding her groin against mine.

“Make love to me. This time with me facing you so I can watch your face when you are coming.” With that she rolled onto her back, raised her legs and put her hands behind her knees so that she made herself as wide as possible. I lubricated her puckered arse and my quivering dick and sidled in between her legs. With my arms placed either side of her she placed her legs over my shoulders and I guided myself to the entrance of her heaven. I eased myself in and she gasped as I entered. I moved in and out slowly until my balls were flapping against her and then combined deep long strokes with short ones. Our breathing became fast and she grunted in pleasure each time I nearly pulled out and then fully back into her. “Fuck me hard Honey- she rasped and I upped the pace and effort until I could feel my balls filling and could no longer hold myself from coming. As I came I heard her gasp and felt shots of her hot and sticky cum splattering onto my stomach.

I waited until my dick had finally wilted and then pulled out, laid down next to her and she cuddled into my arm.

“By the way, who’s Honey?- I asked as we lay there.

“We need a girly name for you when we are at home and I think we should call you Honey because you are so sweet and your cum juice is like nectar. What do you think?”

“I like that.”

We must have both fallen into a deep sleep as the next thing I remember is her alarm clock going off and noticing that it was 6am. We were still cuddling each other and I murmured that it was time to get up as she liked to leave for work at 7am. Giving me a long kiss she jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. I got up myself, took off the black angora sweater, put on one of her silk dressing gowns and went out into the kitchen to make her coffee and breakfast. I was still wearing her underwear and I felt like a wife making breakfast for my loved one before they went off to work. At 6:45am she came out of the bedroom dressed and ready for work. Last week she had worn smart business suits with blouses but today she was dressed in a gorgeous round neck cream angora sweater with a beige trouser suit.

“Wow- I said, “all the men will be getting hard seeing you today.”

“That was the idea- she replied, “and it will have you thinking of me all day.”

“It certainly will. What time do you think you will be home this evening? I am planning on something nice for dinner.”

“Around 7pm as normal but I will call you when I am leaving the office.”

She finished her waffles, bacon and coffee, picked up her purse and bag, kissed me on the cheek and went out of the door.

In what was to become my routine for the foreseeable future I cleared up the breakfast things, went into the bedroom and tidied up behind her and made the bed. I then had a shower and shave, thinking that one benefit of having laser treatment would be that I wouldn’t have to shave every day, wrote out my shopping list for that evening’s dinner which I would pick up on my way home and then got dressed and went off to college. When I got home from college I would do the laundry, clean the apartment and prepare dinner. I would then get changed into whatever she had instructed me to wear for that evening and wait for her to come home from work. In a reciprocal way I would lay out the clothes that I wanted her to wear on the bed ready for her to change into when she got home from the office.

After we had eaten our dinner I would clear the dishes and make coffee for both of us while she either did some work or just relaxed on the sofa. We would then spend the rest of the evening talking about our days at college and work before going to bed where we made love every night. She was right about loving hard dick in her mouth and her arse and couldn’t seem to get enough.

We both looked forward to our weekends when we could be together continuously from Friday evening to Monday morning. We both liked to use the weekends to experiment sexually and tried everything from bondage to spanking, to wearing latex and leather, to role play. We each took turns to decide on what the theme for that weekend would be. However, we always liked to come back to our mutual love of mohair and angora and making love in more traditional ways.

After a few weeks she suggested that she would really get turned on if I looked more like a woman by wearing makeup. I was really getting into wearing her underwear and fluffy sweaters and the idea of actually looking like a woman really appealed. One evening she sat me down on the stool at her dressing table and started the process. Firstly, she plucked my eyebrows so that they were more shapely and then spent ages moisturising my face before applying her make-up. As I sat there I totally enjoyed the feel of the makeup being lightly applied to my face, particularly the lipstick, and was getting really turned on.

When Betturkey Güncel Giriş she was finished she stood back to admire her handiwork and I couldn’t believe how hot I now looked. “We can improve the look with time and you can learn to do all of this yourself. I definitely think it would finish things off if we bought a wig for you until you can grow your hair longer.”

“As I now definitely look like a Honey can I have a long wavy honey blonde wig to match my new girly name?”

“You can have whatever you want to complete the look that you’ll be happy with. Now let me show you how much this whole process has turned me on.”

Sex that night was frenetic and amazing. I loved kissing her on the mouth whilst wearing lipstick and as I kissed her dick I made sure that I left plenty of it all the way down her shaft.

After a few weeks of tuition I was able to apply my own makeup and wear the one of the many blonde wigs that she had bought me. My daily instructions on what to wear would also include the style of wig and even the shade of makeup and the colour of lipstick. I was really enjoying being a woman inside the apartment and with her help my actions and voice were becoming more feminine and second nature, which made things difficult during the day when I sometimes forgot that I was a young guy outside of the apartment.

During the evenings and the weekends we talked about everything, made each other laugh and enjoyed our lives in our home and our lives outside. Her company was doing really well and she asked if I would like to spend one day a week as an intern where I could get experience of how psychology was used in the brand design industry as well as other areas of business. I jumped at the opportunity as it was a chance to see what she was like in her world outside of our home.

A few weeks later I started as an intern at her agency. I couldn’t believe how large an organisation she had built up over the last 15 years and the esteem that she was held in by all of her employees. Apart from the Vice President of HR nobody knew that we were related and so I got a real world view of how she worked and the leadership she gave to the business. The vast majority of men fancied her like crazy and most of the women were in awe of her. I did get the occasional comment from one or two of the younger guys about what she must look like naked and I smiled inwardly and thought they would never know. She was a hard task master, or should I say mistress, and expected only 110% effort and commitment from everyone. However, she was also very supportive of her employees and took on board people’s views, opinions and ideas.

We went to her office at different times and left at different times so that Honey could send her off for the day in the mornings and then prepare dinner and be ready for her when she came home in the evenings. During the day she would send me one or two messages asking me how it was going in a concerned tone and one which always said that she was feeling really horny, wanted Honey to wear something specific that evening, that she couldn’t wait to feel Honey’s dick inside her and to suck it dry and for Honey to suck her dick. Honey was always more than happy to do anything for her mistress. I didn’t see much of her around the office but if I worked on dress down Friday she would always ensure that she wore one of her angora or thin mohair sweaters that day just to tease me. If, on those days, we passed in the corridor and nobody else was in sight she would stop to ask me how I was getting on and then give me an opportunity to get a feel of her sweater.

I had told my mother that I had found an apartment to share with a couple of other students and, as she was highly unlikely to ever visit me in the city, I settled into living with my mistress. I went back to see my mother for a few days at every holiday but couldn’t wait to get home into Kimberley’s welcoming arms and bed. While I was away I was inundated with messages from her telling me how much she missed Honey and couldn’t wait for her to come home. My homecomings were something I totally enjoyed as these were the only times that she indulged me rather than the other way round.

In the spring she decided that we should celebrate my twenty first birthday by taking a vacation and she rented a beach house a day’s drive from the city. She said that it would not only be an opportunity to celebrate my birthday and laze on the beach getting sun on our backs but also for me to live as Honey full time. What a way to celebrate my birthday I thought and couldn’t wait. We drove down the coast with the roof down on her Porsche enjoying the warm spring sunshine and the wind blowing through our hair. I had all of Honey’s clothes and accessories in my suitcase and couldn’t wait to get to the beach house to start my week of living as Honey and not have to wear my man clothes for a week.

The beach house was amazing. It was isolated from other houses on a secluded private beach which belonged to the house. We would lay there totally naked every day sunbathing, swimming in the sea together, reading and talking. At lunchtime I would go and make lunch and we would sit on the decking overlooking the sea eating and drinking wine. After we had finished we would go into the bedroom and make gentle love to each other.

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