Masked Desires


The soft thump of the music pounded slightly behind the dressing room walls as I took off the blonde wig that hid my dark hair. Damn that thing always makes my head itch. I scratched it absently and unpinned the net that held my hair tight against my head. Sometimes I hate this job but other times I dearly love it. Looking in the mirror I unhooked the mask that shielded my eyes. The smell of sweat, scotch and sex hung heavy at times but the smell of light perfume always over clouded it back here. The dressing rooms were a clearly no smoking and no drinking zone which was fine by me as I popped a piece of gum in my mouth. “Synge” and “Ginger” opened the door and walked in past me, smiling and gave me the normal greeting and in a flash of bright red hair they were gone again.

I finished getting redressed to go home and as I was walking out to my car I looked back at the lavish exterior of the place I called work. “The High Life” was a very high end gentleman’s club that only catered “by appointment” and usually to large groups of executives or bachelor parties. I was just a waitress and that was perfectly fine to me I was never graced with the talent of rhythm. The one main rule at “High Life” was discreetness. On the outside it looked like a sprawling southern plantation house and it was set on the outskirts of town with a gated front that sat at the end of a dirt road off the main highway. All the staff – dancers, waitresses and even the barkeeps wore masks to conceal their identities and all female were required to wear wigs. That was one of the many things I loved about the job, you could see and know who everyone was but they didn’t know you from Eve.

The drive home was as normal as it ever was and when I walked into my apartment I heard the machine clicking that I had a message but ignored it and went straight into the bathroom to take a long bath to soothe my aching feet. I undressed again letting my jeans fall off my five foot four inch frame. Stepping out of them I lifted my top and unhooked my bra. I stood in front of the mirror admiring my smooth belly and medium sized breasts, I lifted them and felt their weight as they fell my nipples hardened. That’s one downside to my job I always come home hornier than hell and no one to take care of it but myself, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing just gets lonely after awhile. My brown eyes looked tired but not overly so, I barely heard the water running but heard clearly his voice as my machine suddenly clicked on again.

“Hey Tina it’s Mike, Brian wants to get a poker game started in an hour and Lina wanted me to call you to see if you could come just let me know, ok BYE” the annoying beep trailed off.

I sighed a little, I’d been wanting Mike for months but he never seemed interested in me and I’m still not sure he is – he’d said Lina wanted him to call not that HE had wanted to call. I weighed inwardly on whether or not I wanted to go and finally decided not to. I got into the tub and tried to sink into the porcelain letting the hot water relax my muscles. I heard the phone ring again and almost as instinct I started to rise to get it, but I was too tired so I just laid back down. When I felt relaxed enough I circled my hands around the globes of my breasts and tweaked the nipples, causing a sharp sweet pain that made me instantly wet between my thighs. In the languid warmth of the water and the way my hands were making my body feel I heard the machine click and his voice was there again.

“Hey Tina, it’s Mike again. Brian wanted me to remind you that if you do come, it’s strip poker night and it’s 40 bucks to play. See you there maybe, ok bye.” Too tired to sense the hope in his voice I just grumbled a little and continued to play. Snaking my hand down my stomach I took my clit between my fingers and pulled sharply causing that sweet amount of pain and pulling a shocked moan from me. The steady thump of my heartbeat was felt through my clit as I fingered it gentler this time, wishing it was his thick fingers instead of mine. I’d secretly measured the size of his hands against my own a time or two and two of my fingers was about the size of his thumb so when I teased my love hole with two fingers I imagined it was his thumb just rubbing against my folds as he was kissing me. This thought caused another moan from me and another surge of heat coiled up from the pussy to my belly. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I slid my fingers inside feeling the wet walls of my pussy and starting to fuck it slow. I could feel the heat rising and it wasn’t from the bath water as the images of him kissing and fingering me brought me to a small orgasm. I took my fingers away and felt the pulse, like my pussy was bitching at me because of the absence. I reached for the toy I kept underneath the sink and rubbed it against my pussy lips, teasing but not entering.

I wanted him watching me, sitting next to me while I was in the tub and him using the toy on me, but more so I wanted him inside of me. Feeling his Şanlıurfa Escort hard cock inside would make my pussy melt. I imagined the toy was him as I slid it inside slowly, almost painfully slow, but I slid it all the way until the base hit my lips. Keeping myself deliciously full I didn’t move, just concentrating on my walls clenching around the toy. I finally moved it after a few minutes and I had to hold my orgasm in. I was sensitive in all the right ways and my body felt like it was on fire. I could hear my phone ringing again and played silently with my toy, going in and out slowly waiting to see who was calling. It was Mike.

“Hey Tina, it’s Mike. Just wanted to make sure you were ok I guess since you never called Lina or me back. Just call when you get this ok. Bye.”

With the sound of his voice to push me I began to fuck myself harder bringing on an explosive orgasm. Sloshing water on the floor as my body shook I gripped the edge of the tub to keep from going under. It felt so good. As I was coming off my orgasmic high and I could still feel the thump of the blood rushing through my head my face got a confused look as I tried to process his last message, I’d heard it but didn’t really hear it.

Getting out of the tub and wrapping myself into my short silk robe, my feet padded across the living room to listen to the machine again. Listening to it again I felt my heart speed up in the hopeful way it does whenever he calls me, ok it was sweet he was worried or at least seemed to be, and he’d called me like 3 times in the past hour or so – but he stressed the issue about his sister wanting him to call and the fact that I hadn’t called HER back so I sighed again and let it go.

I walked back to my bedroom and just lay on my queen size staring at the ceiling. I needed to either tell him I liked him or forget him and let someone else find me, neither of which I was sure I could do. I turned to my side and just lay there gazing out the window and pictured in my mind what it would be like if I was actually with him. Somewhere between snuggling watching a movie and having sex in front of a fireplace I fell asleep. I woke up to the ringing of my phone and looking at the clock on my nightstand I saw it had only been about two hours since I’d fallen asleep.

Rushing into my living room I picked up the phone without even checking the caller id and when I answered “Hello?” in my half sleepy voice all I got on the other end for a second was silence. And then it was his voice.

“Tina? It’s Mike.”

I nervously tucked a piece of dark hair behind my ear. “Oh, hey. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the game I had just gotten off work when I got your message and I was too tired.”

“It’s alright, I didn’t wake you up did I?”

“No, I never meant to fall asleep so it’s a good thing. Tell Lina I’m sorry I never called her back.” Inwardly I was thinking ‘this is the moment to tell him, just do it.’ but nothing came out.

“Ok I will. Just making sure you were alright.”

“Yeah I’m good.” an awkward laugh slipped out.

A few moments of silence then … “Alright well I’ll talk to you later then, Bye.”

“Umm ok bye.”

Was that nervousness I detected? It was hard to tell, always is over the phone. It was either that or he just didn’t want to talk to me. I picked the phone back up and decided to call Lina myself. I again apologized for not being able to come or calling back and she said it was fine and that I was missed. We talked for another hour or so about anything and everything. Before I knew it the clock said it was almost 5 a.m. so I promised to meet her for lunch at around 1 and told her goodnight.

Sleep wouldn’t come easy since I had my power nap so I lay there awake thinking about Mike’s pale blue eyes and his blonde hair that fell over his forehead when he laughed. He was almost a foot taller than me so it was easy to get lost looking up at him whenever we actually talked. Rolling over and sighing again I fell asleep with that glimmer of hope that he at least thought of me as more than just his sisters friend.

My alarm woke me up 10 minutes before noon and despite my restless sleep I felt refreshed. I had a busy day ahead of me before I went to work at 7. I slipped on my running clothes so I could jog the few miles to the restaurant where I was going to meet Lina, getting my exercise in at the same time. It was a beautiful day with a bright clear sky and not too hot temperatures. I tried not to think about Mike, thoughts of him on top of my breasts bouncing wasn’t a really good combination. As soon as I got within eyesight of the restaurant I skidded to a stop. Lina AND Mike were sitting at a table outdoors waiting.

This was not the way to look when eating with a guy you’ve had your eyes on, sweaty, red-faced and probably a little wind-blown. I quickly dashed behind a van that was parked not to far from where I had stopped, thinking ‘this is ridiculous’. But I still couldn’t Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan make myself go up to them looking like this. Begrudgingly I turned around and started jogging back home mentally kicking myself the whole way for being so superficial about the way I looked. When I finally got back to my place the phone was just ringing and I picked it up. It was Lina and in my out of breath voice I told her I was sorry that I’d forgotten and could we do it another day, she sounded a little irritated but agreed. The rest of the day went by in sort of a hazy blur and I found myself once again back in the dressing room that smelled of perfume and sex pinning the net over my dark ponytail and fitting it tight across my head.

I sighed inwardly, still hating myself, but realizing I had to pull my self together to work. It was always required of us to be flirty but unavailable which sometimes required a lot of acting. Getting on my short blonde wig and attaching my mask to the netting underneath I now became “Dixie” instead of Tina and no one but the man who hired me knew my real name, we all knew each other as our work aliases. Made it hard to really make friends here but it was a job and a damn good one. I got on the rest of my work attire which consisted of a 40’s style black bikini and fishnet with heels and after getting dressed I walked out into the bar area to clock myself in.

“Peaches” was behind the bar with her strawberry blonde wig and same get up as me talking to Marcus the bartender. I heard him tell her to be careful there were two bachelor parties here tonight and they were a pretty large crowd and could get rowdy if drunk enough. He saw me and told me to be careful as well. I just smiled and said ‘I’ll do my best’ and clocked in. We didn’t open until 8 so I went around my designated area making sure everything was clean and I had all the drink garnishing I needed on my station. I asked Marcus if we were going to have enough chairs and he said he thought so, so I didn’t think anything else of it. It was a little past 8 o’clock so I went ahead and went to the back to use the restroom for what would probably be the last time in awhile since the one thing bachelor parties like more than the girls are the drinks so I could imagine I’d be running back in forth for awhile.

Coming back out I froze. Mike was apparently part of the bachelor party that was on my side and I was about to go ask “Peaches” if she would switch with me but she was already chatting and taking orders of her section. I went back into the bathroom and took a deep breath.

“I can do this. He won’t know it’s me. You can’t tell who I am in this wig.” I took another deep breath and walked back out, that statement becoming my mantra as I started to walk over to the men. Putting on my most flirty smile and using my best southern accent I spoke to them.

“What can I get you fine gentlemen this evening?” I had a few answers of ‘you’ and I just laughed softly and casually flirted back with them, trying not to pay too much attention to Mike but I felt his eyes on me. I nervously tucked a piece of my blonde hair behind my ear then turned to leave to get their drinks. I heard one of the guys whistle and comment on my ass, I just looked over my shoulder with a sexy smirk and winked. Leaning against the bar I took a big sigh of relief and I could hear “Bella” start her set for them so at least when I went back over there no one would pay attention to me.

I stood there watching her dance for a minute like I always do, entranced by the sensual grace all the dancers seemed to have. It struck me again that these were actual dancers, not the usual bump and grind like most places and that these men had probably never seen the likes of it before today. My eyes went to Mike to find his eyes on mine. I made that little startled movement that most people make when they find someone staring at them but I just smiled and carried my drinks over to their tables giving them their rounds.

“Anything else I can get you Sugar?” I asked him in confident drawl.

His blue eyes just stared into mine then actually blushed a little as he said ‘no thank you.’ The next thing I did surprised me, I placed my finger on his chin and turned his face towards “Bella” with a slight smile and told him ‘Good boy’ as I walked away. I stared up at her for a minute taking in her long black hair and her Chinese inspired kimono as she flashed her thighs dancing in a graceful manner and I knew that soon enough they would see all that she had to offer and tease with.

I watched them drink, and they did it with a more slow easiness than you would expect from a group of guys. “Bella” had come and gone and was now sitting in a short silk version of her dance kimono in one of the men’s laps playing with his hair as they were watching “Sylk” dance. My eyes absently roamed over to Mike and he was watching her with rapt attention. My heart did a strange flip flop as I saw Escort Şanlıurfa his lips mouth my name. He was staring at her but not seeing her and saying my name in a whisper.

I must have had a shocked look on my face because “Bella” came up to me and asked if I was okay. I slowly nodded still staring at him, noticing his chest heaving a little as his breath became faster. I looked over at her noticing she was a little taller than me but we had the same build. Her breasts were a tad bigger but my ass was better than hers, more high and firmer from running. Her long brown wig hid her natural red hair and it was styled the way I wore mine a lot. Her eyes were a deep violet while mine were brown but in the light and at his distance they could appear brown. It then occurred to me that he was fantasizing about me while watching her and that thought made my heart beat faster and my breath caught in my throat as my gaze slid to his lap and I could see the definite outline of his swollen cock.

Seeing that made my face red, and I’d seen the outline of it before during one of the many games of strip poker we’d played with friends but it had never been that pronounced before. A searing heat went through my body and it centered in a rapid thumping at my clit and I felt myself start to drip when I saw him squirm in his chair as his erection got bigger and more uncomfortable in his pants. I would have stayed frozen watching him if someone hadn’t gotten my attention wanting another drink. My nipples were as hard as rocks and were rubbing against my top in that painful pleasurable way as I smiled and leaned closer to him to get his order before leaving. Every time I walked and my thighs rubbed together it made my heart catch and I wanted to just sit in the middle of everyone and slide a finger into my pussy to feel its swollen wetness.

It turned me on so much to know that he thought about me in that way. I turned back to give his friend their drink and he was gone. My eyes searched the crowd of men and he wasn’t with them. I cocked an eyebrow wondering where he went and as I looked around I caught a glimpse of someone going towards the restrooms so I followed to see who it was. It wasn’t him. As I started to walk back to my station to add the drink to the groups tab I caught a glimpse of him behind a screen wall that separated the stage from the hallway to the bathrooms. The way his eyes were fixed I could tell he could still see “Sylk” dancing. He was leaned against the wall and as my eyes roamed the length of him I saw he’d pulled his impressive cock out into his hand. The sight of it made the air catch in my throat and made my entire body feel like it was on liquid fire.

I told “Peaches” I was taking my break and started walking towards the back room. The employee door was about 15 feet from where he stood and I’d be able to see him more clearly. I could hear him whisper my name in between his pleasurable groans as he stroked himself slowly. I stood there for a minute contemplating on what to do but then I heard the clack of heels coming and I knew if anyone caught him that he’d be kicked out so without thinking I ran and grabbed his hand dragging him into the cleaning closet.

It was a cramped space and we were suddenly skin to skin. I felt his hard throbbing cock against my navel and I looked up at him, his face red as a beet but his erection hadn’t subsided.

“Umm, hi. Why are we in here?” He asked stammering a little, and it was cute.

“Honey, if they’d caught you doing that wonderful thing to your penis they would have kicked you out, beautiful sight or not.” I drawled to him in a half whisper.

His face turned a brighter red. “I didn’t think anyone could see me.”

“If I found you then someone else could have.” I absently petted the head of his cock as it still lay against my stomach. “Is Tina your girlfriend? I heard you say her name.” At the mention of my name I felt a small drop of pre cum ooze out of the head. I smiled at that.

He groaned out in pleasure as my fingers petted him. “No, she’s my sisters friend. She isn’t interested in me.”

I wrapped my hand around his cock and leaned closer into his body. “Any girl not interested in you is blind. How do you know she isn’t and just doesn’t know how to tell you?”

His hips ground into my hand as if against his will and I began to stroke him slower than he’d stroked himself. Through gritted teeth he replied “I don’t know I just don’t think she does. Oh my god that feels good, you have nice hands. Tina has nice hands too, always soft.”

I grinned at his rambling and had to hide my face against his chest for a moment to hide my joy, then I playfully bit one of his pecs. “I saw you looking at ‘Sylk’, does Tina look like that?”

“Mmmm yeah, she looks a lot like her but she has a better ass,” he suddenly reached down and grabbed my ass with both hands squeezing it and crushing our bodies closer together, “it’s a lot like yours, tight and yet fluffier at the same time.”

I gasped and moaned deep when I felt his hands on my rear, it was sensitive and any slight grabbing always made me wet. I looked up into his face and our eyes met. I could feel mine waiver a little as they stared into his. I leaned up on my tip toes and whispered in his ear.

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