Master of the Game

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He whispers in my ear as we glide across the dance floor. Slowly He slides my dress off my shoulder and lightly kisses my neck…


I roll over with a groan, “This better be good,” I grumble into the phone.

The voice on the other end says, “With me its always good.” My heart skips a beat as my mind rushes to place the voice. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes. Dress in the clothes in the bag at the foot of the bed.”

My mind reels, “At the foot of the bed? There is no bag at…” my foot fishes around for a bag, and it bumps something. I sit up and see this mysterious bag. “How in the world…” I start to say. But he cuts me off.

“Don’t worry about that now. Just do as I say and don’t be late. I won’t wait for you.” Click the phone goes silent.

I quickly jump out of bed and turn on the light. I look at the clock 12:25am. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and look around the room. Setting at the end of my bed is a small black bag. I walk over to the door and look at the lock. Yep, it locked. How in the world did he get into my house? Well no time to worry about that now. I’ll check into that later.

I look at the clock again 12:27. I better get a move on. I open the bag and take out it’s contents. Jean, a man’s red flannel shirt, purple lacy strapless bra and panty set and hiking boots. This should be interesting. I think, as I rush to the bathroom for a quick bird bath and to braid my hair. Another quick check of the clock 12:33. As I dress, I search the bottom of the bag. It’s got to be here. Where is that damn thing. Aha, here it is. I grab the blind fold out of the bag and run to the door, 12:37. I grab my key’s and lock the door. I wonder if it really matters. Locking the door didn’t stop him.

I hurry down the two flights of steps from my loft apartment. I step out into the quiet night and slip my blindfold on. I lean against the building and wait breathlessly. I hear a car pull up and the door open. I hold my breath praying this is him and not some nut stopping to hassle me. His footsteps come closer and closer. A slight breeze blows and I catch a hint of his cologne. My insides melt.

His lips brush mine and I feel the coarseness of his beard rub across my check as he whispers in my ear, “Good girl, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” He nips my earlobe gently and wraps his arm around my shoulder. We walk over to his car and he opens the door, I get in. Moments later his door opens and he slides in beside me. I know the drill, and there will be no talking during the trip. But, it give me time to think about what is to come.

We must be going somewhere in the woods, but why the hiking boots? How can I hike blindfolded? Maybe it’s just a look he is going for? But what a silly look purple undies and hiking boots. I giggle quietly to myself. We wind through the city streets turning every way possible. He does this so I can’t figure out where we are going. But little does he know, I couldn’t careless where we go, as long as we get there and I can feel his big strong hands upon my body. The car slows to a stop, he reaches over and places something hard in my hands. It’s hard and square like a cell phone.

He leans over and whispers in my ear, “Get out, once you do may take off the blind fold. But do not look towards the car. If you do, I will drive away. I have given you a cell phone, but it will only dial 911. Use it only in an emergency. When you get out, keep your back to the car and walk directly into the woods. In the woods you will find yourself a place to hide. I will seek you out. Do not go passed the river. If in one hour I can not find you. You will win. Find your way back to the car. The key’s will be under the seat. Go home. If you have won. I will show up on your doorstep. Roses in hand and you will finally know my identity. Then you will become the mistress of the game. You will choose, what, when and where. But, if I win, you are my prize. I will do with you as I see fit. And I retain mastership. It is now 1am. Time to begin.”

I reach for the door handle and get out of the car. My heart is racing with excitement. I debate as to weather I should just hide in the open and enjoy his victory once again. Or go for it all and be rewarded at sunrise. My body urges me to let him win again. I’ve always been a big fan of Bursa Escort instant gratification. But, my mind argues that this has been going on for months. And the not knowing is driving me crazy. Every man I see on the street or at work, makes me wonder. Is it him? Does he know my most intimate secrets? And to be the mistress of the game! To be in charge of when, where and how! Oh so tempting. My mind wins, I’m going for it all. This time I will not fail. This time, I will be rewarded. I will own him! I remove my blindfold and resist the urge to look back at the car. I place the cell phone on my waist band and run off towards the woods.

Once in the cover of the trees I survey the area trying to get my bearing. I mentally thank God that there is a full moon out tonight. This place seams familiar? But, its hard to tell in the dark. And then I saw it. The old make out tree! I used to come up here as a teen every weekend. I knew exactly where I was and where to hide. I took the trail that leads off to the left. I pick up a fallen branch of pine needles to brush away my footprints. I step off the trail and walk cautiously through the leaves. Making mental notes of landmarks I pass on the way. Just in case I needed them. It has been a long time since I was up here. I walked for what seams like forever. I don’t remember it being this far or this rugged when I was a kid. My body glistens with perspiration for my efforts. And then, there is was. The perfect place to hide. Just off the trail there set a very large bolder with several old trees surrounding it. It looked exactly the same as I remembered it. Here I can sit behind the bolder and the trees will cover me.

I pile up some leaves as a cushion to sit on and make myself comfortable. I look at my watch 1:45am. I think to myself. This is great, I only have to hide here for 15 minutes and I’ve won. This time he underestimated my abilities. I slowly calm my breathing so that I can here the sounds around me. I can here the mocking birds in the trees, and somewhere in the distance an owl hoots. Checking my watch again, 5 more minutes.

I hear something behind me. Was that a footstep? I hold my breath. There it is again. I slowly begin to stand and turn around knowing that I’ve lost the game. But, to my surprise I see a doe slowly approaching. My movement startles her and she turns and runs away from me. I breath a sigh of relief and pray that the noise doesn’t alert him to where I’m hiding. I check my watch again, 1:58am. I think to myself, I’ve almost won and if the noise draws his attention. He still won’t be able to make it here in just 2 minutes. A smile spreads across my face as is imagine becoming the Mistress of the game. And then I feel it. His breath on the back of my neck. His hands slipping around my waist. He nuzzles my neck as his watch announces the 2 o’clock hour.

My body melts against him, feeling the hardness of his body against the contrasting softness of mine. My hopes of winning the game are dashed. But, the anticipation of the up coming events recharges me. He reaches inside my from pocket and grabs the blindfold. He softly places it over my eyes and again I am blinded. He turns me around and kisses me full on the lips. My heart starts to pound in my chest. My hands begin to room over his strong expansive chest. I can feel his nipples harden as my fingers pass over them. He grabs my hand and places at my side.

“Don’t move,” he growls. He again kisses me only this time it is harder and more forceful. He nips at my ears and neck as his hands begin to unbutton my shirt. I feel him slip the shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. It fall to the ground silently. He places his hands on my waist and pushes me backwards. My feet stumble as I try to retain my balance. I feel the rough bark scratching my back as he pushes me against the tree. His mouth is all over me nibbling, licking and sucking. I again raise my hands to caress his body. But he stops me.

“I said, Don’t Move,” he snaps and steps away. I worry that I’ve angered him. But, then feel his hands grab my right arm. I feel him place something soft around my wrist and then he raised my arm above my head. My hand hits what feels like a large low branch. He grabs my other wrist and raises it above my head. I feel him slip the soft thing around Bursa Bayan my other wrist. “Now, you have no choice,” He growls and resumes his exploration of my body. He grabs me at the waist and I wrap my legs around him pull his body against me. I grind against him, eliciting a grown from him and I can feel his shaft pulse against me. He is sucking and biting my nipples through my lacy purple bra. His hands groping and squeezing my ass. I wrap my hands around the tree limb and pull up, sliding up and down his body. My body shivers with excitement as I feel is body glide over my mound. I am on fire and beg him to remove my jeans. I release the grip of my legs around him and he steps away. I feel him tugging at the laces of my boots as he slip one and then the other off my feet. His hands glide up my legs and on to my ass. He presses his face tight against my mound and inhales deeply. My body shivers with electricity. My arms ache with pain from being above my head for so long. But, I do not complain. For the pleasure he is giving my body is well worth the pain in my arms. His fingers make quick work of the buttons on my jeans and he slide the skin tight fabric down and off my legs. Now I stand, in just panties and bra, with my arms handcuffed above my head and blindfolded. I feel him step back and hear him digging around in a bag. I wonder what he could be looking for, and before long I see several bright flashes of light and hear a camera advance. I smile remembering, oh yeah, he has been keeping a photo album of our game. Someday I hope I will be able to see the pictures he has taken, and share the memories with him.

Moments late I again feel him close to my body. Again he grabs my waist and allows me to wrap my legs around him. Only this times its different. It takes me a minute to realize that he has removed his shirt and I can feel his warm skin against me. His hands slide up my back and unhook my bra. It falls silently to the ground as his mouth covers my right nipple. His tongue slides around my nipple wetting it as he suck in air to give my nipple a cold blast. Shivers run through me like a freight train as my body wiggles against him. His hands slip around my ass and between my skin and my panties. I wiggle trying to direct his fingers into me. He bites hard onto my nipple as he dips his finger into my wetness.

“MMMMMMM, heaven” I gasp as his finger wiggle there way to my clit. My breath catches in my throat as his fingers grasp and pull on my clit. He bites my nipple again as he sends me into my first orgasm. He releases my nipple and kisses and licks his way down my stomach. His hands snap the stings of my panty as they fall to the ground. He guides my legs over his shoulder and buries his face deep into my womanhood. Licking and sucking on my lips as I rock back in forth against him. His tongue dips deeply into my sweetness devouring me. His hands squeezing and caressing my ass. I wither, whimper and whine as he raises me to heights unknown. My legs tighten around his head as I grind my mound against his mouth.

He grabs my waist and pulls away. “Stop,” He growls, “this is my game! I control the pace.” I loosen my grip and fight my body to regain control. He moves away from my body and I beg him not to stop. He Chuckles and again I see the flash of the camera. Knowing that he’s not angry and is nowhere near ready to stop. I relax. My body is still on fire with the slow burn of and unspent orgasm. But atleast again my mind is in control. Again I feel him kneel in front of me. He grabs my right leg and begins massaging my foot. He kisses and nibbles at my calf. I feel him place my foot against his cock and gently grind. I can feel that he has removed his jean and was now in only his boxers. His cock feels hot beneath the silkiness of his boxers. I ached with the need to be filled with that cock. He continued his licking and kissing up my legs. Licking the backs of my knees and sending fireworks through my body. It seamed like forever but he finally reach my mound again. By this time I was nearing my unspent orgasm again. I thought of begging him to allow me to cum. But, I was afraid he would again pull away. It took all of my will power to refrain from asking for my release. His tongue found my clit and began sucking on it as if it was a straw and he was dying of Escort Bursa thirst. His fingers slid deeply in and out of me as his tongue and teeth pleasured my clit. As teeth bit down gently onto my clit. My world shattered into the most mind blowing orgasm. I withered and rock, shook and shimmied against him.

Giving me time to recover he sat still holding me on his shoulders. As I again regained control of my body he slipped my legs off his shoulders. He slid behind me and I feel his body rub against me. His hands gripped my breast and he kissed my shoulder. I can feel his cock slide against my ass and I realized he no longer wears his boxers. He grinds his cock against my ass as he squeezes and pinches my nipples. He slides his cock between my ass cheeks slowly rocking back and forth. His voice rasping in my ear, “are you ready for my cock baby? Can you take me all in?Will you fuck me hard and fast baby? Will you let me make you scream?”

“Yes baby, fuck me now, baby. Make me scream for release. Fill me with that hot cock now!” I pant. Releasing his grip on me he walks around in front of me. Slipping my legs around his waist once more he slowly guides his cock into me. Rocking back and forth he slips and slides his rock hard cock in and out of me. I feel the rough bark scraping and scratching my back as he pushes me harder against the tree trunk. But I don’t care. All I care about is the pounding of his cock harder and deeper into me. I feel a snap of release as my arm fall to my sides and we tumble to the ground. Still intertwined we roll until he is on top of me. Pushing and grinding, bumping and thumping to the beating of our hearts. I feel myself rising faster and faster into the sky. With a scream of ecstasy I shatter into a million pieces and float back to earth. We lay there together on the hard damp ground still connected and panting.

He kisses me and asks, “are you alright? Your not hurt from the fall are you?” I can here the concern in his voice and it touches my heart.

“I’m, I’m wonderful, I..I think, you broke my fall.” I say panting and out of breath. “You were wonderful too. I’ve never had such an earth shattering orgasm before, your unbelievable,” I giggle. Moving around to make ourselves more comfortable, I lay my head on his chest. I grimace in pain as I try to move my arms. They are stiff and full of pins and needles as the circulation tries to come back. He sits up and pulls me into his lap. He begins to rub my arms. I shiver as the cool air blows over my body. He grabs my flannel shirt and places it around my body.

He says “Your arms may hurt for some time. But do you feel well enough to dress and head back to the car?”

“Yes,” I say, “but how will I get there with this blindfold?”

He moves me off his lap and stand up. He moves around me and it sounds like he is getting dressed. I hear him pack up and close his bag. Then he grabs my arm and helps me to stand up. He wraps is arms around me and whispers in my ear, “Count to twenty, slowly, and then you can remove the blindfold. Get dressed and come to the car. Get in and put the blindfold back on. I will be there once you are set and ready to go home.” He kisses me lightly and moves away.

I count to twenty as instructed and then remove my blindfold. He is no where in sight. I quickly dress and head back down the hill. This time I follow the trail seeing as though I don’t have to hide. The trip back to the car is much shorter. When I get to the car I get in and blindfold myself as instructed and wait for him to join me. As he said, he was there just after I got the blindfold on. We drive silently to my apartment. He gets out and helps me out of the car and into the hall way of my apartment. He gathered me into his arms and kisses me like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t want him to stop because I knew that once he left I may never see him again. Yes we would chat on-line and e-mail back and forth. But I never know when or if I will feel his touch again.

Holding me close, he whispers, “Now you remember. Don’t open the door once I leave. If you do, you know the game will be over, and I will be out of your life forever.”

I shake my head in response. With a quick kiss he releases me and slips out the door. I removed my blindfold and make my way back up to my apartment. In the doorway there is a dozen long stem yellow roses and a note that say,”by the way, don’t worry about changing your locks. I didn’t use the door to get in.”

I smiled to myself and opened the door to my loft. I needed a hot shower and a long nap.

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