Meeting My Sext Partner

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One day I was scrolling through twitter looking for people to follow. I saw this page of a girl named Cassie. Her tweets were funny and sexual and she was a lot like me. I followed her and later she followed me back. I though I’d like to get to know her so I sent her a message.

We messaged back and forth and then got on the topic of sex. We talked and thought about texting and sending each other nudes. Of course we didn’t really know each other which made it kinda strange. We texted and got to know each other better first. She was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I was 17 and a junior in high school. We talked and then I received a pic of her in lingerie. She had perky boobs and curvy hips.

I took I picture of my dick. I was pretty easy to get hard. I sent it and got a reply as
“You’re fucking huge!” I laughed when I read it. I was about 8 and a 1/2 inches long and about a quarter width wide. The ladies loved it.

I then received another pic of her fully nude. She had nice breasts with big nipples which I loved. And a nice perky ass. We both wanted to fuck each other so bad, but she lived in New York and I lived in Ohio. We knew that we may never see each other.

We talked for a month or two and Spring break was coming up. I had been working a lot an had saved up money. I told Cassie I had enough money to fly to New York to meet her. It was awesome that her family was leaving on a business trip so she could have the house to herself. We were both very excited.

When spring break came, I had bought my ticket, packed, and boarded the plane. I had that fear that she wouldn’t like me or I’d be horrible in bed compared to her past experiences. I had many thoughts running through my mind but as the plane landed escort gungoren I was still confident. I rented a car and drove to her house. Her parents had already left and I honked as I pulled up.

She opened the door, and had a huge smile on her face. The biggest I’ve ever seen her smile. Then I couldn’t help but smile too. She run at me, threw her arms around me and kissed me hard. Her soft wet lips pressed against mine as I wrapped my arms around her and held tight. When she pulled away she was still smiling.

She helped me put my stuff inside and we sat on the couch to catch up and talk in person. She never stopped smiling and neither did I. After awhile she and I both admitted we were horny so we went into her bedroom. I was nervous but also excited. She grabbed onto my hands interlacing our fingers and started kissing her lips repeatedly pressing against mine. My hands slid from her bac to her ass as I gave it I firm squeeze. I picked her up and laid her down. Climbing on top of her and licking and kissing her neck. Her breath in my ear was heavy and she kissed my neck back. Her lips pressed against my neck and was like heaven. My dick was getting harder in my pants as she nibbled on my ear.

I was dry humping her slowly as I took off her short and I clipped her bra. I grabbed her tits and start running and teasing her nipples with my tongue. She let out a shy moan and pressed my face between her breasts. I loved being smothered by her tits and I licked her tots all over. I dragged the tip of my tongue down her stomach and stopped at her waist. I unbuttoned her pants slowly and then slide them off. She was wearing cute black lace thong. I pulled it to the side and viewed her perfect pussy. I rubbed it slowly and bağcılar escort felt a bit of cum running out. It was so warm and thick.

I licked my fingers and slid them in. She was so tight and wet. I started slow. Going back and forth wiggling my fingers. She was moaning a little louder now. I started to blow air onto her clit. She seemed to enjoy because I felt her get wetter. I then started licking and nibbling on her clit and going faster with my fingers.

I spread her pussy lips open. And stuck my tongue inside. She moaned and I flicked my tongue fast as she played with my hair and shoved my head into her body so my tongue would be deeper. I slowed down and climbed back up to her.

I took off my shirt and she started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I was already as hard as a diamond. She slid my shorts and boxers down and slowly jerked my cock. Her hands were smooth and she knew exactly what he was doing. She got down at the end of the bed and sat me down. She got on her knees and leaned down to my cock. I felt her tongue gently flick my head and my dick was full on hard. She teased my head by running and nibbling on it. She rubbed my balls and then slowly slid her mouth down onto my cock. She slide her wet lips down and slurped back up. She was perfect and I was moaning and thrusting my cock into her throat. Her lips felt so good and I almost couldn’t handle that much pleasure. She tired to take it all and bobbed when her nose hit my body. She gagged and slid off, cum running down her chin and tits.

She climbed on top of me and teased her clit with my dick before sliding it in. Her and I both let out a loudoaning as I penetrated her pussy. It was so wet and tight. She bounced up and down slowly. She moaned escort beşiktaş loud and then started going faster. Her tits bounced as she rode my cock. That was my favorites part about a girl riding. She leaned back and it gave me a good view of her pussy sliding all over my dick. She pulled my cock out and sucked all of her cum off of it.

I then layed her flat and climbed on top of her. My dick slid In easier this time but she was still tight. I thruster hard and slowly at first. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around me. I thruster faster fucking her so hard my balls smacked against her ass. She screamed and pulled my hair. I kept going and going as she creamed all over my dick. She was dripping wet everywhere and moaned my name. I slowed down to cath a breather before pulling out slowly.

She got on all fours and rubbed her clit while I set up to fuck her doggie style. Her ass looked perfect from behind and her pussy was dripping with cum. I slid my cock all the way in and held it their. She screamed to the top of her lungs and rubbed her clit faster. I the. Thruster out and back in all the way again and again and again. She was moaning so loud that all of America could here. My balls were smacking against her body as I fucked her. Her dripping wet tight pussy felt so good. I was about to cum and pulled out. I put my dick in her mouth and blew a whole loud down her throat. When I was done she sucked the rest out and wiped we chin.

We cleaned up with a shower, and then ate dinner. We fucked three more times before going to sleep. The next morning we had wake up sex and then I had to get ready to leave. I was going to miss her so much. She kissed me before I left and I drove to the airport. On my way home all I could think of was her. And how fantastic she was.

Every year through high school we made a deal that I’d go to New York and meet up every year. We had a blast and it was the best times ever in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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