Michelle at the Beach

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You’ll find urolagnia in this story so be forewarned. If you don’t like such things, this probably won’t be your cup of tea. If you do… enjoy.

I welcome your comments and want to know if you’ve enjoyed my story. However, if you’re inclined to leave rants, or profanity aimed at the author, I’ll happily utilize the power of deletion to send your note into cybervoid. Voting to me is pretty much irrelevant. While it’s nice to get a high number, I’ve noticed most don’t vote based on whether or not the story is well written, has any substance, or provokes thought. Rather they vote based on their ‘like’ factor or whether or not the story belongs in a particular category ‘I gave it a 1 without even reading it’ (an actual quote) regardless of the actual story.

If you chose to vote, be kind. This isn’t my profession (or most writers on this site).

So, enjoy the story. Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.


On her knees Robert’s cock in her mouth, Michelle knew she could never think of the beach the same way again.

What started out with the two them scoping out the best place to view the Fourth of July boat races it turned into the most ethereal of scenes for her. Her body now healed from the surgery she was looking good, and she knew it. Michelle looked up at Robert submissively, as if to ask ‘Does this please you?’

Robert wasn’t looking at her. He was talking to someone, while Michelle was in her dream world her nose pressed against the short pubic hairs of his crotch. Though he was deep in her throat, Michelle opened her mouth a little further allowing her to use her tongue on the underside of his penis teasing him towards a climax she knew that they would both enjoy.

That was when it happened. That was when she felt the warm stream working its way up the side of her body, over her breasts, to the side of her face, and even up into her hair. She knew instinctively what it was but couldn’t believe it was happening. It didn’t slow her down however. If anything she sucked harder on Robert’s engorged member. Just knowing what was happening nearly sent her over the edge. She reached up behind Robert and pulled him even closer to her, burying her face in his pubes.

This couldn’t be. Someone was peeing on her while she was sucking Roberts cock on the nearly deserted section of the beach. She started to look to her left to see who was doing this when she felt another stream on the right side. This man was bolder, starting on the side of her face and directly into her eyes forcing her to close them.

She could feel the stream on her left hand side weakening and then come to a halt and part of her silently screamed “No!!” but then she felt a rubbing, the tip of his penis on the side of her face pressing it against her ear, and she could feel antalya escort him jacking himself off.

Michelle orgasmed for the first time. A strong long orgasm shook her body. Then just as it was subsiding she felt Robert’s cock pulse. He was so deep in her throat that she wouldn’t be able to taste his seed, but at the same time she didn’t want to pull back. She felt, rather than tasted the first spurts and then pulled back so that she could taste sweet saltiness of him.

When Robert was finished pulsing in her mouth she pulled him deeper in and cleaned him as best she could using only her mouth, lips, and tongue. Sucking him gently but firmly massaging him with her tongue, and holding him with her lips it was an action she had at first railed against but now it was not only second nature, it was a service she loved providing. When she was done she pulled back and let him fall from her mouth. She quickly leaned forward again and pulled him fully into her mouth one more time

As she let him fall from her mouth a second time she felt a hand on her head turning it to the left and she followed the pressure instinctively. The man stroking his cock there pressed it first against her lips, then her nose and eyes. He rubbed its head against her smooth skin and started to ejaculate on her face. Spurt after spurt of his thick cum landed on her and started its pathway down her face. She felt it especially as it dripped off her nose onto her upper lip and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue to catch it and then licked her lips savoring it holding it in her mouth before swallowing.

Watching her do this the man then pushed the remaining cum towards her mouth with the head of his softening cock. She felt the soft tip of his cock against her cheek stroking towards her mouth and opened it slightly kissing the tip and sucking in his semen as she did so. He wiped it down from her nose and she kissed that away too, and then from her eye. He trailed his cock head across her smooth skin and toward her lips over and over. And each time she kissed him, licked the tip of his cock, and kissed away the seed that was there.

Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled his softening cock back into her mouth. Like she did with Robert she sucked hungrily on it wanting to get every last vestige of his semen inside of her. She loved the feel of a man’s softening cock in her mouth, the touch of his cock head on the back of her throat, the weight of a man’s shaft on her tongue and the texture on her lips. The truth was she loved it all and couldn’t get enough when she was in this space.

Still there was a warm stream landing on her breast soaking her already hardened nipple inside her bikini top. Letting the man’s now softened dick fall out of her mouth she turned quickly to her right her mouth open in fethiye escort anticipation. Rather than just peeing into her open mouth the man moved forward placing the end of his cock on her tongue to pee directly down her throat. It was more than she could swallow and poured out the sides of her mouth. Michelle reached up taking his member in her hand and aimed his weakening stream on her face and hair. His pee unlike the rest she had tasted that day was pungent, strong, concentrated. Aiming him again into her mouth she swallowed quickly several times and wrapped her lips around him this time not allowing any of his fluids to escape. She looked up at him as she did this; submissive and subservient as she had with Robert. It was as if she was asking him too… ‘Am I doing a good job? Am I pleasing you?’

When he was done relieving himself in her gorgeous mouth, and she started cleaning as she had cleaned Robert and the other man, she felt his cock growing in her mouth. Knowing what this meant she held him there, her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, her tongue massaging the underside sucking gently on him. She felt him getting larger and larger.

While his cock was not long, not quite reaching the back of her mouth, it made up for the lack of length with girth. Easily the thickest cock she had ever had in her mouth, she had to open wide to accommodate him. Something in her said ‘Wow, I can’t believe this. I’ve never felt anything so unusual and exciting at the same time.’

Michelle started to bob her head back and forth on him. She reached under him first touching his balls which were hanging low, dangling just off of her chin, and then holding them in her hand, hefting their seemingly unsupported weight. It was such a turn on that she felt another orgasm rolling up inside of her. With her other hand she started rubbing herself. She felt his cock getting even larger and then it happened — both of them came. She felt his balls lift into his scrotum and release themselves and, a moment later she felt his cock surge. Over and over she felt the fluids leave his balls and work their way up through him and into her mouth. Over and over she swallowed but so much cum came from him that she couldn’t swallow it all. She reached behind him with the hand she had been rubbing herself with and pulled him towards her impaling her mouth on his cock.

Michelle swallowed again and again but kept him nicely in her mouth not letting go for an instant. She loved the feel of him there – first his growing to his maximum girth in her mouth, then the pulsing as he came, and finally as he grew softer there. She held him there pressing her nose against his pubic hair, her fingers digging into his buttocks.

His cock lay in her mouth filling it as she sucked on it much like a baby kaş escort would suck on a pacifier. She felt the roughness of his pubic hair on her nose and smelled the aromas of him, the spunk that had been deposited both on her face and in her mouth, and the urine. She enjoyed them all and her mind wandered from one to the other to the other. She stayed there breathing in the aromas holding him in her mouth, her hands still pulling him towards her… and daydreaming. Without thinking she started to rock back and forth on his cock seducing him back to life with her face. Each time his cock nearly exited her mouth she pulled him in again with her fingers digging into his ass and burying her face in his pubic hair.

Occasionally she would stop for a moment suck on the tip of his cock, the bulbous head still amazing her, and used her tongue on his pee slit thinking to herself ‘Ohhhh my gosh, ohhhh my God.’

He responded well, growing again in her mouth and, digging his hands into her wet hair, he became urgent and forceful, started to shove his hips backwards and forwards frantically fucking her face. Ahhhhhhh he yelled as he came again. Ahhhhh!!!! He buried himself in her mouth this time his bulbous head pressing into her throat and he emptied himself there. This time she was so deeply buried in his groin that she could hardly breathe. Her eyes and mouth as wide open as they could be. All Michelle could do was hold on, and she did until he was finished with her.

She sat there stunned; he pulled that thick cock out of her mouth and started to pee once more. Michelle looked up at him as he relieved himself on her face and her breasts and when he was done he simply tucked himself back into his bathing shorts, turned round, and left her there, used.

Michelle knelt there for a moment reliving the actions of the last twenty-five/thirty minutes. She smelled every smell of the men who had used her, and then smelled the salt air of the beach around her. She wondered how this could be her, how this could be her life, and how both it excited her and bewildered her. She let that thought drift away, stood up and walked not to the water, not to the beach, but toward the pavilion that they had left.

Doing this was so against her normal nature, but it was so very exciting. That she might get caught with her men’s cum (she thought of them now as ‘her’ men) and pee all over her body made her wet with anticipation. That someone might stop her and start a conversation, and that it would be rude of her not to share the conversation thrilled her. It was one of the rules she had at first objected to but then agreed to abide to with Robert.

But this time she made it to the outdoor shower undetected and, in a way, she was disappointed. She showered washing her hair with the shampoo that was left by another beach goer sometime ago even using the shampoo as a body gel, washing off all the aromas that were left leaving in their wake the smell of rosemary, of freshly washed cotton, a clean smell. And she smiled as she left the shower and thought to herself ‘I would do that again.’

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