Miss Muriel


“Why are you looking so downhearted, Jackie,” Mr. Ambrose asked.

“Dad, I’m eighteen, a high school graduate, working full time for the summer, going to college in the fall and I haven’t ever been laid.

“My heart bleeds for you,” was his father’s mocking reply. “I can sympathize with you but I can’t help you.”

Mr. Ambrose continued. “Actually, Jackie, your mother and I have discussed your problem. She tells me that you relieve yourself by humping on a pillow, catching your juice in a pair of clean pajamas, and putting them in the laundry, still folded. Is that true?”

“So what,” Jackie responded in an uncivil manner.

“She says that if that is what you have to do to relieve yourself, she doesn’t mind doing your laundry. That is, as long as you put the pajamas in the hamper.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he responded, still in an uncivil tone.

With that, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose left for their neighborhood club meeting.

Depressed, Jackie went to his bedroom, took the bedspread off his pillow, placed the pillow in the center of his bed, took out a clean pair of pajama bottoms, and placed them on his pillow. He undressed and when he was completely nude, climbed onto his bed, positioned the tip of his penis squarely in the center of the pajamas, and humped his pillow. When he was done, the pillow remained dry. His copious sperm did not penetrate the folded pajamas. Jackie put the folded pajamas in the laundry, dressed, and went downstairs to spend a lonesome evening watching TV.


Saturday evening rolled around. The Ambrose’s were just leaving to attend a movie when the doorbell sounded.

“Jackie, you take care of the person at the door. Mom and I will leave by the garage. We don’t want to be late for the movie. Good night.” With that, the Ambose’s left for the evening.

As Jackie sulked to the door, he was able to see through the windows surrounding it that the person ringing the doorbell was his former baby sitter, Muriel Adams. His sulkiness changed to enthusiasm as he greeted her.

“Hi, Jackie,” she said enthusiastically. “I bet it’s been ten years since I was last asked to baby sit you.” Muriel was dressed in a beige skirt and white, scoop-necked blouse, loose at the waist. Her black bra straps peeked out at her shoulders. Her stiletto heels implied her profession.

Jackie jumped immediately to the defensive. “I hope Mom and Dad didn’t ask you to baby sit me tonight. I’m eighteen years old now and I can care for myself.”

Muriel chuckled. “No, they didn’t ask me to baby sit you. They asked me to keep you company –and, perhaps, prep you for college life.”

“And how are you going to prep me?”

“Your mother tells me that you are increasing her laundry with your wet dreams. Is that so?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Well, tonight it is. Your Mom hired me, with your Dad’s approval, to get you laid for the first time in your life. Wouldn’t you like to fuck me?”

“I’d like to get laid but I don’t need no hooker to do that.”

“Don’t think of me as a hooker. Think of me as a tutor. I’m tutoring you for the college experience.”

“I don’t know.”

“There’s no hurry, Jackie. I am here for the entire night. Your parents are staying in the hotel tonight and won’t come home until after noon time tomorrow. I’m staying until they return home. Let’s go to the kitchen. We’ll get a soda from the refrigerator and some cookies from the cookie jar like we used to do when you were small.”

“That sounds better,” Jackie smiled.

The pair went to the kitchen, drank a bottle of root beer each, ate a few cookies and reminisced over their experiences when Muriel actually did baby sit Jackie..

When they finished, Muriel suggested, “Let’s watch a porn movie on TV. They’re available on channel fourteen.”

“Mom and Dad will get pissed off if they find I watched a porn movie. Besides, there’s a fee attached to Anadolu Yakası Escort that and Mom will blow a gasket if I run up the cable bill.

“Not tonight she won’t. Remember, they paid me to come tutor you. The film will be part of my teaching you.”

“Well, if you take the blame, I’m willing to watch.”

Jackie sat at the end of the couch, picked up the TV remote, and tuned in to channel fourteen. Muriel sat next to him. They selected a movie and started to watch it.

In the opening scene, an actress was applying for a role in an upcoming play. The director interviewing her wanted to see her physical assets and she willingly complied. Jackie was fascinated as the actress removed all her clothing. He glanced at Muriel and, for the first time, realized that she had sumptuous breasts similar to the ones the actress on TV had revealed.

The director in the movie approached the actress and took one of her breasts in his hand, bent forward and kissed it. Johnny’s penis swelled. He grabbed for Muriel’s breast. She pulled away saying, “Don’t grab. If you want to feel my tits do it gently. I’ll let you.”

“Can I feel your tits, Muriel,” Jackie asked.

“Yes, you may,” she responded in a formal manner.

“Can I call you “Miss Muriel” like I did when I was small.

“If you’d like to. After all, we’re only playing.” In a more vulgar tone, she thought to herself, “Let’s play Fuck the Babysitter.” She had the sensitivity not to say that aloud.

He reached inside Muriel’s scooped neckline, fondled her breasts through her bra, and kissed her neck.

“Why don’t you unfasten my bra,” she suggested.

“I don’t know how.”

“Learn.” She said. She thought to herself, “Oh, this naïve kid.”

Muriel twisted around so that Jackie could lift the back of her blouse and see her bra fasteners. He quickly figured out how to undo them, and returned to feeling Muriel’s tits. Now, it was flesh on flesh and Johnny’s hard-on felt as though it would burst.

He instinctively and gently pushed Muriel down on the couch and straddled her, his penis pressing against her stomach. He started to hump her.

“Wait, Jackie,” she cried.

“It’s too late. I’m coming.” Jackie’s semen soaked his boxer shorts and trousers.

Muriel cuddled him a few moments to calm his tears before she said, “Let’s get you washed and changed.”

Jackie nodded compliance.

Muriel re-fastened her bra. Then she took Jackie by the hand and led him to the upstairs bathroom. Although tonight Jackie was only a paid client, she had a special interest in him because she had baby sat him from his infancy to his puberty. She knew he was academically talented — he was actually quite a nerd – but she was unprepared for his sexual ignorance. Nevertheless, now to be with him, with his sexuality fully developed; to be able to help him learn to use it; she was thrilled with the opportunity.

She started the conversation. “Let’s play a game. Make believe you’re a prince and that I am a slave sent by the king to bathe you.”

“I like that kind of ‘make believe.’ I fantasize like that at night when I go to bed.”

“That’s nice. Now, you stand here while I undress you.”

“Okay.” Jackie stood rigidly at attention.

Muriel removed Jackie’s clothing one piece at a time and placed them in the hamper. She removed his still damp boxer shorts last. Her eyes focused on his erect penis. It, like Jackie, was standing rigidly at attention.

“That’s a nice looking hard-on, Jackie. That’s real good considering its only fifteen minutes since you came in your pants,”

“Oh, I can cum three or four time in one night, Miss Muriel. You know, from the time I go to bed at night til I get up in the morning. I hope you let me cum again.”

“I’ll let you cum again.” To herself she thought, “He’s going to give me a workout but I’ve always liked him. I think I’m going to Kartal Escort enjoy this night more than most.”

“Do you have to pee, Jackie?”

“Yes, Miss Muriel. Will you hold my dick for me while I pee?” Jackie was getting into a role playing mood and pretending to be an innocent child.

“I’ll do better than that. I’ll hold your dick and let you pee on me. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds like fun, Miss Muriel.”

“Let me get my clothes off and myself into the tub. We don’t want to ruin my clothes or have to wash pee off all over the floor.”

“Can I help you undress?”

“Of course. You can even feel my breasts while you’re undressing me.”

Jackie fondled Muriel’s breasts as he slowly removed her blouse. He deliberately fumbled with her bra and enjoyed kissing her neck while he did. After he removed the bra, he started sucking her breasts. Her milk flowed.

“You’ve got milk in your tits,” Jackie exclaimed in delight

“I have a ten-month old baby at home that I have to feed.”

“But you’re not married.”

“That’s right. You can drink all the milk you want. I have enough for you and the baby.”

“Who’s the baby’s father?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care to know,” she lied. “Let’s just enjoy this evening together.”

Jackie went back to sucking Muriel’s tits. While he sucked, his hands unbuttoned her skirt. It fell to the floor. His hand slipped inside her underpants and he felt the crack of her ass. His fingers probed for her asshole. She let out a soft “Hmmm” as they found it. She was happy that her instruction was bearing fruit.

She slipped out of her shoes, climbed into the tub, and knelt facing Jackie who was standing alongside the tub waiting to pee on her.

“I’m ready, Jackie,’ she said as she took his penis and aimed it at her chest. The urine started to flow.

“I’m peeing on Miss Muriel,” Jackie thought silently. He made it a point to pee directly on Muriel’s hair and face.

“Yucch, Muriel thought. “I’ll get even with him.”

When Jackie was finished peeing on her, she said aloud, “Get in the tube, Jackie. It’s my turn to pee on you.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Miss Muriel. I don’t want you to pee on me. It’s not clean.’

“What’s fair is fair, Jackie. I let you pee on me. You have to let me pee on you.”

Jackie mumbled, “What’s fair is fair,” and reluctantly climbed in the tub and sat, leaning back. As Muriel straddled him, Jackie’s penis, flaccid at first,, liked the view and jumped to attention.

She got her revenge by peeing on Jackie’s hair and face. Then she peed directly on his penis. When the pee stopped flowing, she squatted. Her hand guided his penis into her vagina. Jackie’s eyes and mouth opened wide. His penis got its first taste of a woman’s vagina.

“Push, Jackie.”

His instincts pushed. His penis penetrated Muriel’s vagina and almost instantly exploded. His cum dripped slowly out of her hole and mixed with her pee.

Drained from the explosion, Jackie asked, “What did you do to me, Miss Muriel?”

“I loved you, is what I did.”

“Is that like fucking, Miss Muriel?”

“It’s one form of fucking, of making love.”

“Show me another form of making love?” Jackie was trying to clean up his language.

“I’ll show you later. Right now, I want to give you a shower. Remember, you’re the prince and I’m the slave that the king sent to wash you.”

“Yes, Miss Muriel.”

Muriel and Jackie showered together. Jackie was fascinated with Muriel’s body. He covered her tits with soap and rinsed them. He washed her pubic hair with shampoo. Surprisingly, he washed her pussy without penetrating her vagina. He soaped the crack of her ass, rinsed it, and did it again. He washed the inside of her rectum with his soapy finger, perhaps longer than he needed, in and out, in and out. Occasionally, he slowed down to take a sip of her milk. Maltepe Escort He asked many questions about her body and sex. Muriel tolerated his explorations and answered all his questions. No sooner were they dry and clothed, when Jackie asked, “Will you put me to bed now and read me a story like you used to do?

“If that’s what you’d like, Jackie.”

“Will you get in bed with me?”

“Yes, Jackie.

“Do we have to wear pajamas? Mom and Dad don’t wear pajamas when they go to bed.”

“I didn’t bring any pajamas.”

“I can get you a pair of Mom’s pajamas. I know where she keeps them. They’re in the same drawer as Dad’s condoms. She doesn’t wear pajamas very often. Daddy doesn’t even wear his condoms very often either.”

Muriel smiled and resisted the temptation to ask, “How do you know?”

“No, Jackie, I won’t need pajamas. I’ll sleep naked with you. I want you to give me a real fuck and not come so quickly. Would you like to do that?

A broad smile accompanied his response. “Oh, yes, Miss Muriel.”

The couple undressed and slipped into bed. Muriel didn’t have time to adjust her pillow before Jackie was on top of her, instinctively used his knees to spread her legs, slipped his dick quickly into her hole, pumped a couple of times and spilled his third load of the evening into her.

He thought it was a “real good fuck.” She thought it was “a disgustingly amateurish quickie.”

They slept.


It was after eight AM when Jackie awoke the next morning. Muriel was in the kitchen dressed only in a pair of panties, a bathrobe, and an apron.

“Good Morning, Miss Muriel.” Jackie was stark naked.

“Good morning, Jackie. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I did but you know my pecker’s sore from all the work you made it do last night.”

“But you told me you could come four times in one night.”

“I can. Do you want to go upstairs and do it again before Mom and Dad get home.”

“Let’s eat breakfast first, then, we can go upstairs and give you one more lesson.

“Can I have a glass of milk from your tits with my breakfast,” Jackie asked.

“Well, actually, you can. My babysitter is giving the baby his formula this morning and he won’t be milking me. There’s no reason why you can’t have all the milk you want.”

Jackie walked over to her. She could tell from the look in his eye what he wanted. She untied her bathrobe. He took two tits in his hands and squeezed a little drop of milk from one of them. Licked up the drop and then started sucking, first one tit, then, the other. When he was temporarily satisfied, he started to sit down for breakfast. He never got settled.

Her crotch ached. Her pee squirted onto the floor. She reached for his drooping penis.

“Fuck me , Jackie,” she moaned.

Jackie stopped playing the role of a naïve little boy. He picked Muriel up in his strong arms, carried her to the living room couch, and placed her down. He spread her legs. His fingers found her clit and his thumb flicked it back and forth, side to side, and round and round. She writhed in the throes of her orgasms. The pee she was saving for later gushed all over the couch and floor. She finally fell back exhausted.

Without a word but with her guidance, Jackie put his dick into her hole and pumped vigorously. After last night’s experiences, it was almost a full minute before his dickie shot a load of cum deep into her cunt.


The Ambrose’s arrived home shortly before one PM the next day. Mrs. Ambrose quickly recognized the smell and stain of urine on her damp living room couch and rug.

In a disgusted tone, she said, “Oh, well, I suppose it comes with Jackie’s lessons. I wanted a new couch anyway.” She had her husband and Jackie move the rug and sofa into the yard.

The foursome chatted a few minutes before Mrs. Ambrose gave Muriel a check; a check sufficient to support Muriel and her baby for the next three months. The two couples then went to a local diner for an informal lunch.

After lunch, as they parted, Mr. Ambrose escorted Muriel to her car and asked, “May I stop by your house and visit our son?”

“You’re always welcome to cum,” Muriel replied.

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