Molly The Cleaner Pt. 01

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This mostly true story involves an old man and a young woman. If that doesnt float your boat, it’d probably best to stop reading now.

I’m Sean, 61 years old and I was forced into retirement about 10 months ago due to a leg injury which forces me to get around with the use of a walking stick.

Despite that, I don’t see myself as a doddery old man. I have a young mind and attitude, I just can’t get around as well as I used to. I live alone in a very comfortable unit (my retirement fund has left me reasonably well of financially), which I now have trouble keeping as clean as I’d like.

Two of my friends, Andy and Michelle come over every Saturday night for a meal, drink, chat and the occasional game of cards. I’d told them about my cleaning issues and that I’d probably need to get a cleaner a few days a week to do things like dusting, vacuuming and the like.

Michelle suggested their granddaughter, Molly. I’ve known Molly all her life. Her mother, Andy and Michelle’s daughter had gone to school with my son. That’s how long I’d known them.

She was a nice girl, was studying at uni and was looking for work to raise funds for a gap year jaunt overseas. I agreed and since then Molly has cleaned for me 3 days a week for 2 hours a day.

She always does a good job and usually finishes within an hour, but always stays for 2. She makes us a cuppa and she sits with me and chats and plays cards with me. I appreciate the company as I don’t get out much.

Things took an unusual turn 2 months ago. Molly usually wore leggings and a jumper over her top when she came to clean. Then she started turning up in a long coat which she’d take when she arrived to reveal skirts of varying lengths from mid thigh to very short and thin tops. More recently, I couldn’t help notice, she was without a bra.

She also had taken to bend at the waist, to perform various dusting and polishing tasks, which gave me a wonderful view of whatever panties she was wearing. I was too embarrassed to mention it to her, however I couldn’t help looking, but felt very guilty about it.

Molly is a pretty girl, without being stunning, with blonde shoulder length hair, with dark brown eyes and fair skin, which I’d noticed tans nicely in summer. She has always been sporty and that’s resulted in a lithe shape. She’s petite, about 5′ 2″, with small, perky breasts, a slim waist and hips, but with what people tend to refer to as a bubble butt. I knew that because I’d seen it so often recently.

One day when she brought our tea and sat opposite me for our chat, she said, “Mr Wilson, can I ask you something personal?” I responded in the affirmative. She asked, “Don’t you find me me attractive?”

I nearly spluttered my tea everywhere, but gulped it down and responded, “You’re a very attractive bonus veren siteler young woman, Molly. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’ve been trying to get your attention over the past few weeks and you haven’t reacted, so I thought you might not think I’m desirable.”

“I have certainly noticed Molly, but what type of reaction were you expecting?”

“I thought you’d at least try to have a sneaky feel of my bum, Mr Wilson.”

If I’d had any tea in mouth, it would now be sprayed everywhere. Molly’s knees were now slightly parted, showing me most of her bare thighs. “As we’re talking frankly Molly, I can’t say the thought hasn’t passed my mind, but I’m an old man and you’re a teenager. I’ve known you all of your life. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you and I wouldn’t want you to think I’m a dirty old man.”

Her knees had parted some more and I could now see her cute pink panties and she knew it. “I kind of like the idea of you being a dirty old man Mr Wilson, you’re not like the others. I’ve always liked you. You’ve always had time for me you’ve never been sleazy.”

“What do you mean, by ‘the others’ Molly?” I could feel the growth in my trousers, it was just as well I was sitting down.

“Males, Mr Wilson. Boys, men, all of them think if I’m wearing a short skirt, it gives them the right to grope me. I usually slap them and tell them I’ll call the police if they try it again.”

I was confused and wanted to clarify where this was going. “But why me, Molly? Why is it that you want me to grope you?”

“Like I said, I’ve always liked you and I know you don’t get the chance to get out much. Besides, I have a bit of a thing for older men. Much older men and you’re my favourite older man. I guess the fact you haven’t accepted my ‘invitation’ and you don’t seem to have any reaction, makes you even more desirable to me. Look Mr Wilson, I’m 19 years old. Old enough to know what I want and who I want” When she made the reaction comment, she looked at my groin and smiled.

I covered the growing ‘reaction’ in my groin with my arm, very embarrassed. “As we’re talking openly and frankly Molly, I can tell you there is always a reaction and when you’ve left in recent times, I’ve needed to take matters into my own hands.”

She beamed at that, her smile spread from ear to ear. She stood and came around to my side of the coffee table and said, “Let me clear this away,” and bent to pick up my cup and saucer.

Knowing what I knew now, the sight before me, her bare legs, all the way up to her gorgeous arse, which was completely bare due to the g-string style of panties she wore, as well as a peek of panty covered crotch, produced a large intake of breath by me.

I accepted her invitation took her left cheek in my open hand. I bedava bahis was able to hold nearly the whole thing in my hand. I gently squeezed it, enjoying its smooth and slightly pliable flesh, which was now starting to be covered in goose bumps. It was Molly’s turn to breathe in sharply. I stroked her arse cheeks, feeling every contour and curve.

When my hand moved towards her panty material, Molly straightened up with my cup and saucer in hand, turned to me and smiled. She lifted my other hand off my lap and eyed the tent in my trousers, her eyes then meeting mine and saying, “We’ll have none of that Mr Wilson. No more hiding your reaction from me, OK?”

I nodded and smiled back at her as she went to the other side of the table and bent to pick up her crockery, giving me a clear view down her top and her beautiful bare breasts, tipped with very small but very stiff brown nipples.

I used my hand to adjust my erection in my trousers and Molly’s smile of satisfaction was priceless.

When she returned from the kitchen, Molly sat on my side of the coffee table, right on the edge, her legs wide apart and her plain short skirt hitched up to her hips. I sat open mouthed at the sight of her pink, lacy panties and the very large wet spot in the crotch.

The crotch was smooth plain material, but the panel above it was a combination tightly woven material, providing the pattern of the lace and almost clear material in between, giving me glimpses of what lay underneath.

Molly lightly fingered the wet spot as if she needed to draw my attention to it. “See what you do to me, Mr Wilson? My pussy is very wet.” With that, she pushed her hand under the front of her panties and I could see from the movement of the material that she was rubbing her pussy lips and clit.

“This is what I’ve been doing on my way home after I leave, Mr Wilson. Show me how you’ve been taking matters in hand.”

All thoughts of guilt had disappeared from my mind. This sexy, confident girl had made it so. I stood and didn’t even bother undoing my trousers, I just dropped them and my underwear straight to my ankles and sat back down, my stiff cock pointing to the ceiling and my saggy balls resting on the chair.

I could see Molly was tempted to lean forward and touch it, but she resisted. “Wow!,” she exclaimed, “you’ve got such a……… pretty cock.” She’d had to search for the right description.

I have been told the same thing quite a few times. My modest 13-16cm cock has a thick pale shaft topped with the opposite to a mushroom head. It’s more a blunted arrowhead shape. Normally a bright, shiny pink, it can go to deep crimson or even purple, depending on the circumstances. I am circumcised, but the doctor was kind enough to untie me, but still leave me with deneme bonus ample foreskin to play with.

Molly couldn’t take her eyes off my cock as she removed her panties to reveal her unshaven but sparsely covered mound and hairless slit.

“Your pussy isn’t pretty Molly. It’s picture perfect and very neat.” And it is. Lovely plump, blood engorged outer lips, straight and thin inner lips, slightly parted to give a hint of what lay inside and her swollen clit was only just peeking out from beneath its hood.

I couldn’t tear my eyes from that gorgeous sight initially as I took my shaft in my hand and slowly moved my foreskin back and forth over my helmet.

I looked up quickly to see Molly’s eyes glued to my cock. When I looked down she was lightly running her fingers over her lips and then plunged her middle two fingers deep inside her wet, young pussy. We both gasped as she did that.

Molly gathered her composure first and asked me, “Tell me what you thought about when you wanked your cock after I’d leave.”

If she kept talking like that I’d cum even quicker than I thought I would. “To be honest, I just pictured the sights you had flashed to me on that particular day. That was all I needed and I didn’t want to imagine any further.”

She was now fucking her pussy with long fast strokes. The wet, squelching noises emanating from her pussy were like music to my ears.

“I’d imagine you groping me and playing with me and wondering if just maybe you were wanking while I was fingering myself.”

For a young girl she had a good sense of what was happening. She stood and pulled the table as close as possible to my chair, sat back on the edge and threaded her legs under mine. I, in turn moved to the edge of my chair so my cock was inches from her pussy.

Using the index and middle fingers of her left hand to pull her flaps open wide, revealing the glistening pink inside and her right hand to rub her clit in a flurry, it was obvious she was as close to orgasm as I was.

“Cum on my pussy, Mr Wilson. Shoot your hot, old spunk all over my fresh, young cunt. Cum with me now Mr Wilson,” she pleaded.

As the first stream of my pent up cream flew into her open pussy, it spasmed. It opened wide as if to invite my spunk inside and then slammed shut. As rope after rope of white spunk landed on Molly’s tummy, mound, thighs and hand her pussy went into wild contractions. It was an amazing sight that I hoped to see more and more.

“Yes, Molly. Cum for dirty old Mr Wilson,” I encouraged her, her orgasm lasting much longer than mine. As her contractions slowed, she flung her head back and plunged her two fingers back inside her pussy, pushing my cum inside her and mixing it with her juices.

She pulled her fingers out and pushed them into her mouth, slurping our combined juices. Then taking her fingers out, she looked me in the eyes with a glazed expression and kept repeating, “So good. So fucking good.”

That was our first cumming together and the start of our journey which continues to this time.

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