Mommy Needs My Help Ch. 04


*This story is told from the Mother’s point of view*


My son and I had just finished making love for the first time and were still lying in the other’s arms, in complete silence on the couch. I couldn’t think of one word to say to my son after taking his cum inside my vagina, so instead I chose to act as if I had something important I needed to tend to; without hesitation, I jumped up from the couch and said, “Shit! I forgot, I need to take care of something tonight.” I ran up to my room and closed the door behind me and hopped in the shower. My son had fallen asleep right where I left him and I left the house in a hurry.

I tried to make sense of what had just happened, logically but couldn’t come up with anything; what kind of mother has sex with her own son? Forget about that, what kind of wife cheats on their husband? I rushed over to my sister’s house, I couldn’t tell her who I had slept with but I could tell her I had slept with someone other than my husband.. Besides, there wasn’t really anyone else I could turn to. I had to get this off my chest, somehow.

My sister lived on the other side of town; it must have been around 8 PM before I arrived and when I did, to my surprise my husband’s car sat parked in the driveway. “What the fuck..” I said to myself, out loud. I approached her house slowly, trying to peer into the windows as I passed by but to no avail; I continued down the street, just a few houses down from my sister’s and parked my car. The lights were off and my sister’s car must have been parked in the garage as it looked as if no one was even home.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, I was breathing more rapidly; my emotions had begun to take over my body. I angrily paced outside the house on the sidewalk contemplating my next move and before I knew it, I was marching right up to the front door. “Motherfucker.” I said out loud, once again. My hand stopped just as I was about to pound on the screen door and I paused. Maybe this was all just a big misunderstanding, I thought trying to backwards rationalize the situation. If I was going to cause a scene, I needed proof first.

I sneakily made my way to the fence that led to the backyard and climbed it; my sister’s backyard was extremely private and there were no shades covering the windows looking into the kitchen and living room. I crouched below the window that looked through the kitchen into the living room, both rooms were dimly lit and I didn’t see my husband or my sister; finally after a few minutes my husband entered the living room, fully dressed. He stood in the middle of the room, aimlessly pacing back and forth as if he was waiting to leave; perhaps this really was a misunderstanding and I was overreacting. It was after all, just a few days before Christmas; maybe my husband was conspiring with my sister for a surprise gift?

My husband took his jacket off and placed it on the back of one of the chairs in the kitchen and then took a seat on the couch in the living room. Suddenly my sister appeared, wearing only her lingerie and a pair of skin tight stockings; my blood began to boil once again and my heart started beating faster and faster. My sister looked exactly like me, except she was 8 years younger and her body was two times mine in every possible aspect; her breasts, thighs, hips, and ass doubled the size of mine. Her waist might as well have been twice as thin as my own; I was beginning to feel a bit insecure about the entire situation I was watching unfold.

She had a seat on the couch beside my husband, folding one leg and sitting on it while stretching the other wide and away from it; exposing the entirety of her crotch though it was still covered by the black lace panties she was wearing. She flipped her hair to one side, confidently throwing her head back allowing my husband to take in her thick body; my husband’s eyes were glued to her crotch though his body language was sending a different message. “I should really get going before it gets too late..” I heard him say, with his fist balled and his thumb pointed towards the door.

My sister laughed, “Nonsense.. Don’t be so silly. Besides you’ve just gotten comfortable.” My sister closed her legs together and started moving towards my husband who was now looking in the opposite direction towards the door.

“Just leave. Please, just get up and go.” I thought to myself. My sister’s face was inches away from my husband’s and she whispered something in his ear that I couldn’t make out. His hands were planted firmly on the couch, not making any sudden movements; my sister on the other hand, was now placing her hand flat against his cock which was steadily growing his pants. My husband was now looking down at my sister’s hand which was softly rubbing back and forth along the shaft of his cock until it was completely hard; she grabbed it through his pants. His eyes blinked around the room and his mouth was dropping wider by the second; he threw his head back and looked up to the ceiling while placing his arm on the back of the couch giving my sister easier access to his genitals.

My sister placed one foot on the floor and stood while kneeling on the couch with the other leg and tried to look my husband in the eyes; his eyes were still stuck to sex izle the ceiling. She slowly unbuckled his belt and took the zipper down pulling his rock hard cock through the opening of his pants. She held it firmly before taking the tip of his cock in her mouth gently sucking on it and released the grip she had on it with her hand. I heard my husband moan as his eyes made their way from looking up at the ceiling to looking down at the back of my sister’s head.

My sister arched her back, accentuating her large ass in her thong; her thick thighs were bursting out of the top of her stockings. She took his cock in her hand once again, this time slowly opening her mouth and allowing all the spit she had accumulated run down to the tip of her tongue until it fell onto my husband’s cock and slid all the way down the shaft to the base and onto his balls. Quickly, she moved down to his balls and caught the spit that was dripping down with her tongue and placed it firmly against his balls; she began to lick his cock back up the trail of spit, when she arrived to the top of his cock, she once again took the tip into her mouth. My husband moaned once more and removed his hand from the back of the couch and placed it on my sister’s lower back; he rubbed her back softly, before moving lower and placing his hand on her ass, taking it in a firm grip.

My sister bobbed her head up and down on his cock taking it a bit deeper every time she lowered, never fully taking it down her throat; when she made it about half way down his cock she lifted her head again and spit everything she had onto the tip and gently massaged it up and down the shaft. My husband was practically kneading her ass like bread at this point; he continued to play with her ass and grabbed one ass cheek, spreading it while slipping a finger or two in the opening of her ass. He rubbed his fingers along her asshole and her wet slit; his cock was dripping with spit and precum.

My sister turned towards him, positioning herself to look him in the eyes; she stuck her tongue out and ran it slowly up the shaft of his cock and tickled the head fast with a smile on her face, she winked at my husband who was now staring in her eyes. A familiar moment we’d shared a hundred times before. “Stand up.” My sister instructed him before bobbing her head up and down on his cock a few more times.

My husband stood up and removed his shirt and pants; my sister crawled into the floor and crouched into a squat position. She pulled her bra down under her breasts, exposing them and allowing them to hang over the bra while she sucked my husband’s cock. She held it in one hand and stroked it to match the bobbing of her head along his shaft, the spit built up and her hand slid quickly across it; she was giving him one hell of a sloppy throat job. She reached her other hand down and started rubbing her slit through her thong and continued to spit and gag all over my husband’s dick.

With my husband’s cock still in her mouth she unlatched her bra allowing it to fall into the floor; her mouth moved to the tip his cock and she held it there while getting onto her hands and knees. His cock was now draped into her mouth and he was looking straight down at her, while she was looking directly up at him; without breaking eye contact of flinching she slowly widened her jaw and moved her throat further and further down my husband’s cock until she took it entirely down to his balls. She stuck her tongue out at the base of my husband’s cock and flicked it up and down, licking his balls while his cock was in her throat; her eyes slammed shut and she coughed and gagged on his cock pulling back and leaving a long trail of spit.

She grabbed my husband with both hands around his thighs and pulled him closer with her mouth wide open ready to take his cock all the way down again; she fucked his cock with her throat relentlessly until my husband couldn’t take it anymore and fell back onto the couch. All the spit from my sister’s throat was now dripping down her chin and falling right onto her size 32 Triple D breasts; she crawled closer to my husband who was sitting on the couch and wrapped her huge tits around his cock, smiling and laughing she pressed them together tightly and started pumping them up and down. The remainder of the spit was bubbling through her lips and exploding down her chest, she fucked her tits for a few minutes before standing and removing her thong.

My sister threw her left leg on the couch and placed her foot beside my husband, she placed her other leg on the couch and kneeled above my husband’s cock. On one knee, she placed her hand on the back of his head and put her other hand on her left ass cheek pulling it apart and spreading it before slowly lowering herself to the tip of my husband’s cock. Her pussy was dripping with wetness and the left over spit was still covering his cock, the tip met the opening of her slit with resistance; she was still tight. My husband shoved the tip into her pussy forcefully and she screamed out in ecstasy; they sat paused in that position while the girth of his cock stretched out her tight little cunt.

My husband wrapped one arm underneath her leg and wrapped the other around to her right ass cheek and pulled it apart; my sister’s ass was completely spread fransız porno wide open in front of me, slowly taking my husband’s cock deeper and deeper. My husband leaned his head forward and started gently sucking on her nipples. My sister slid down until there was no more cock left to fill her cunt and placed both of her feet flat on the couch and stood squatting on his cock; my husband was struggling to fill both of his hands with her huge ass as he started assisting her as she bounced up and down on his cock. She started bouncing slower and slower until she was grinding on his cock as low as she could get at the base before moving back up to the tip as painfully slow as possible.

Once she reached the tip, she paused for a few seconds; I could see my husband’s cock begin to twitch and pulsate. Suddenly she slammed her cunt back down to the base, her ass bouncing off his thighs; she quickly went all the way back to the tip, this time completely removing it from her body. She placed the opening of her slit just at the tip of his cock and leaned forward, allowing her forehead to touch with his, they sat like this frozen for a few seconds before my husband reached back and completely spread her ass once again and slammed her thick thighs back down; her cunt swallowed his cock as he simultaneously thrust deeply into her.

My husband wrapped his arms underneath her thighs once more and started to stand, cradling her in his arms with his cock crammed all the way inside her cunt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly as they began bouncing her up and down while he was standing, gently gliding her along the shaft of his cock. My husband turned to the couch and threw my sister down flat on her back and followed her down never letting his cock leave her vagina. He took one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder, stretching her legs in opposite directions giving him a nice view of her spread cunt taking his pounding cock. He gripped her ass tightly and thrust as hard as he could in and out of her, she was screaming at this point; up and down her ass bounced off the couch as he thrust in and out.

Finally he threw her leg down from his shoulder and removed his cock quickly; he slid up the couch and crouched over her body placing his cock between her tits. My sister pushed her tits together again and my husband proceeded to pump his cock back and forth with her tits; she stuck her tongue out and allowed his cock to run up and down against it with every thrust he made to her tits before he started to cum. He pulled his cock out of her tight bosom and shoved his balls into her mouth while he stroked his cock furiously; she sucked and licked his balls until he reached his climax and started to unload his cum all over her face, mouth, and tits. She took his cock in her hand and gently pumped it, getting whatever was left from his orgasm and let it drip into her mouth; she took her fingers and slid them along her lips and cheeks pushing whatever cum was left on her face into her mouth as well.

She swallowed it all down and opened her mouth wide while looking at my husband, with her tongue stuck out showing him she had taken it all; they both laughed. I had seen enough, I wasn’t going to cause a scene. Instead I rushed home and waited for my husband..

When I got back to the house Matthew was gone; I stripped my clothes off and put my hair up. I jumped back in the shower quickly to get my body nice and wet; I wrapped a towel around myself, slightly drying off and sat in my room watching the driveway waiting for my husband’s car to pull up. He wasn’t far behind me; he quickly parked and hurried into the house. Slowly, I walked out of my room and dropped the towel in the hallway; I waited for my husband completely naked at the top of the stairway. My husband rushed up the stairs and was already undressing as he made his way up; his shirt was halfway over his head covering his eyes and he hadn’t noticed me yet.

“Welcome home..” I said to my husband as I leaned over the upstairs railing, completely naked; my tits resting on the rail.

My husband jumped and ripped his shirt over his head and said, “Jesus Christ, honey! You scared the hell outta me.. How about a warning next time?” He said holding one hand over his eye, startled. “Why.. Why are you naked?” he asked.

I didn’t respond, instead I just silently made my way over to him never breaking eye contact. “Seriously, what are you doing? Is Matthew home? You aren’t mad at me?” he continued.

I placed a finger to his lips and softly whispered, “Shhh.” I placed my hand on his chest and began rubbing up to his neck seductively. “Relax. We’ve got the house to ourselves.” I said, “Besides, it is our anniversary.”

“I just don’t understand, I thought you’d be mad-” I interrupted him before he could finish. I grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him close, holding my lips just before his teasing the kiss. My other hand slowly made its way down to his already unbuckled pants and started pushing them to the floor; our lips met and I kissed him passionately. His cock began to grow and he took one of my breasts in his hand; I pulled away from him breaking the connection of our lips and grabbed his cock with one hand teen porno by the base. I slowly slid my hand up to the tip; he was moaning in my ear at this point, dying for me to kiss him again.

I turned my head to kiss him again but stopped just before our lips met this time; I pushed him back, up against the railing and dropped to a squatted position. My hand ran down his chest to his thigh and placed my lips to the tip of his cock; I looked up to him and stuck my tongue out. His cock was still moist from my sister’s cunt; I was going to taste her pussy from his cock. I licked underneath the head of his cock and rolled my tongue backwards bringing his cock closer until the head was completely in my mouth and sucked it gently. I stroked my hand from the tip to the base and held it tightly around the bottom, extending his cock fully before taking it slowly all the way down my throat until my nose was touching my hand; I pulled back even slower and my eyes began to roll over into the back of my head, showing nothing but the whites of my eyes. A trail of sweetness was left at the bottom of my throat all the way back up to the tip of my tongue; it was my sister’s cunt. Good lord, her pussy was even sweeter than mine.

I continued slowly fucking my throat with his cock until I could no longer taste my sister’s cum; his cock was nice and slick now and I was done sucking it. This wasn’t about him anymore. I stroked him quickly until he started to cum and just as he reached his climax, I released his cock, stood up, and walked back to my room. His legs were shaking and he was moaning like a little bitch as his cock trembled and twitched, ejaculating throughout his orgasm with no stimulation; intentionally ruining his orgasm. No one knows how to make my husband cum better than me, not even my sister.

I fell asleep as quickly as I could so I wouldn’t have to explain myself or speak to my husband.

My husband’s alarm went off as usual the next morning and I lay there, pretending to be asleep until I heard his head to the shower. I quickly ran down the hall, wearing nothing but my lingerie from the night before to Matthew’s room, his door was open but he wasn’t there; I ran downstairs to try and find him. I found him sitting at the kitchen table, eating his breakfast wearing only a tank top and his boxer briefs; from the look of it, he hadn’t gotten much sleep since our sexual encounter yesterday. He turned to greet me but before he could even say a word, I had thrown one leg over his lap and was taking a seat.

“Good morning Mo–” He started. I jammed my tongue directly into his mouth and kissed him deeply; his hands immediately locked onto my waist and he embraced my good morning kiss. His right hand was making its way up my body to my breasts and his left arm was completely wrapped around my waist, holding me in place on his lap; I wrapped both of my arms around his neck as we continued kissing. Our mouths opened wider and wider as we tried to put our tongues completely down the other’s throat; we broke contact to catch our breath and with a breathless whisper I said, “Your father is in the shower.. We don’t have much time.” Matthew continued to kiss my cheek, softly; I stuck my tongue out until his lips met with it, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out and I gently licked the tip of it.

Matthew let out a deep sigh and his body shook with temptation; he guiding my hips with one hand on my lower back and I grinded against his hard cock while he unlatched my bra with the other hand. He lowered my bra straps while kissing down my neck before removing it completely; he twirled his fingers around my nipple before playfully pinching them. He took the other nipple in his mouth and began to turn me around on his lap; I was now sitting reverse cowgirl on his lap in the kitchen. He turned my head and kissed me again, making his way down my neck while sliding one hand over my thigh and between my legs. He rubbed my slit through my white panties and I began to moan, once I had enough I stood and threw my bra to the floor and dropped to my knees. He thrust his hips closer to me and leaned back while I whipped his cock out of his briefs and began licking the head.

His cock was so much bigger than his father’s; I placed both of my hands around the base and there was still a few inches of cock left above them. I loosely twisted my hands all the way up his shaft and a bit of precum exploded from the tip and dripped down the head of his cock to his shaft; I allowed it to drip to his balls before looking him in the eye and licking the trail of precum all the way back to the tip of his cock, a trick my sister had used on my Husband the night before. I didn’t tease him today, instead I jammed his cock as far as I could down my throat; it’s so big I can barely make it to the bottom. I gagged and quickly brought myself back to the top releasing his cock from throat; I coughed and while catching my breath. My pussy was aching for my son’s cock; I licked around the head once again looking him in the eyes and placed my hand about half way down his shaft. I opened my mouth and throat wide and shoved it down to my hand and bobbed up and down quickly, gagging and letting all the spit flow from my throat down my hand and his cock. I jammed it down one final time and gagged on it so hard I felt it in my cunt; I’d never enjoyed sucking cock this much. Slowly I brought his cock out of my throat and paused at the head; I gave it a soft, sweet, motherly kiss.

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