Mother Says Goodbye to her Son Ch. 01


A loving mother has incestuous sex with her two, adult sons.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Tyler to write about his brother, Tim, and his mother, Donna. Hoping to change his mind about joining the military and leaving her, and possibly not returning home, she resorted to something that most mothers would never do. A MILF of a mother reluctantly said goodbye to her son going off to war by voluntarily sleeping with him and willingly having incestuous sex with him.

Illicit sex is all that she had to give for her son, Tim, to stay. Fortunately for her, incestuous sex is what he both wanted from his MILF of a mother. Fortunately for him, forbidden sex is something that she was willing to give him. In case he didn’t return, she gave him sexual memories that he will never forget. If he didn’t return home, at least he had a joyous celebration that included mother and son sex.

“I love you, Mommy,” said Tim saying goodbye to his mother at the airport while his brother, Tyler, watched their lover’s embrace.

Tim gave his mother a deep, wet kiss, a kiss that no son should ever give his mother, especially when saying goodbye to her in public. Not stopping there, while stunned people were watching, he reached around her to feel her shapely ass through her short, skirt. What son French kisses his mother while groping her ass through her skirt and panties?

Then, wanting to give everyone a show by shocking them, he lifted the back of his mother’s skirt to her waist. With his mother not stopping him and not even resisting him, he exposed the back of her white, bikini panties and her shapely panty clad ass. Still not stopping there, he felt and fondled her ass through her panties before sticking his hand down inside of her panties. While continuing to kiss her, French kiss her, he felt his MILF of a mother’s naked ass and fingerfucked the back of her naked pussy.

“I love you, Tim. Mommy will be waiting for you,” said Donna. “Come home safe to me, son.”

Donna returned her son’s deep, wet kiss with her deep, wet kiss. She French kissed her son in the way that no mother should ever French kiss her son. Then, returning the sexual favor, she groped her son’s growing erection through his pants while continuing to kiss him. Obvious to everyone watching them saying their last goodbyes at the airport, they were much closer than a normal mother and son. After witnessing this public display of incestuous love, no doubt, people were expecting her to pull out his cock, her son’s prick, and blow him.

# # #

Pretending she was unaware that she was nakedly exposed, divorced from their father, and her boys still living at home, Donna continually and mercilessly sexually teased her grown sons Tim and Tyler. Not shy, ashamed, or embarrassed, she walked around them in her panties and bra, in her sexiest and sheerest nightgowns, topless, and/or even naked. Showing them all that they wanted to see of her sexy and shapely body, she continually flashed them her naked ass, her naked breasts, and her naked pussy.

Making the first incestuous move while waiting for them to take the next step, she deliberately flashed her sons all that they should never see of their mother. Now, taking her immoral and immodest behavior a step further, willing to make any sacrifice to get her son not to go off to war, she gave him sex, incestuous sex. She allowed him to masturbate her and eat her pussy while giving her a sexual orgasm. Then, returning the sexual favor, she stroked him, sucked him, and fucked him, she did everything to change his mind about leaving her.

A sad and tragic story, but one with a happy ending, mother and son have a forbidden, love affair. Even though one son dies, her other son finds a lifetime of sexual happiness with his mother. While grieving over the loss of Tim, mother and son sexually and emotionally come together after experiencing such a horrific, family loss. With forbidden sex the only thing that makes living life bearable, they grow and bond together in a illicit union of forbidden love after continually having incestuous sex.

“I love you, Mom,” said Tyler leaving for work and continuing where his brother, Tim, left off before he was killed in action. “I love your breasts, I love your pussy, and I love your ass.”

With his mother wearing only a towel after just getting out of the shower, he removed her towel as if she was a Japanese woman, a sexual victim, and he was sharking her. He gave his mother a deep wet kiss while feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples with one hand, and rubbing her clit, and fingerfucking her moist pussy with his other hand. Having a peculiar, sexual fascination with his mother’s shapely ass, he reached behind her to feel her naked ass, squeezed her naked ass, and spanked her naked ass.

“I love you, Tyler,” said Donna wanting him to call in sick and stay in bed with her.

Determined to make her son cum again, not playing fair but playing by her own forbidden porno rules, she stroked his cock faster and harder before moving to her knees to take him in her mouth and suck him deeper. Stroking him harder and faster while continuing to blow him, she wanted him to cum in her mouth, his mother’s mouth. Then, when he put a gentle hand to the back of her light brown, frosted head while humping her mouth, and fucking her face, she knew that he was ready to cum.

They loved one another more like husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers than they did as mother and son. Her way of trying to get him not to leave her by giving him sexual memories that he’d never soon forget; was the only way she knew how to get her son to stay. In the way that some mothers would never have sex with their sons, no matter the circumstances, Donna was ready to have incestuous sex with her second son after having sex with her first son.

Allowing them both to see her naked while touching and feeling her everywhere that sons should never touch and feel their mother’s naked body, her price to pay to keep her sons safe from harm, she didn’t care. Willing to stroke them, suck them, and fuck them, Donna would do anything to save her sons from going to war. If that’s what it would take to keep her sons alive, she was willing to have sex with them every day, night and day. Unable to save Tim, now she concentrated on trying to save Tyler.

# # #

The first time Tyler had sex with his mother was after his big brother, Tim, was killed. A sad day and a day that will haunt him for the rest of his life, he was killed in combat and in the line of duty in Iraq. They shipped him home in pieces in a casket draped with an American flag for burial, the flag they gave his mother at her son’s gravesite. Burying him in a closed coffin, Tyler couldn’t imagine the horror of dying like that but at least he died instantly without suffering and without pain.

Before he even left for war, with her somehow intuitively knowing that he’d die there and would never return home alive, sadly, his mother’s intuition was right. Something that brought her to her knees with sorrow, Donna never saw her elder son alive again. Something that brought her closer to her younger son, Tyler, she focused her attention, sexual and otherwise all on him. Not wanting him to leave her too and not return home, with her already aware that he was sexually attracted to her too, she was willing to sexually do anything to make him stay.

Overwhelmed with grief, other than to run her errands or buy food at the market, fortunate enough to work from home, she never left the house. Never socializing with her friends again, becoming more reclusive, she was never emotionally the same. It would have been much easier on her if she could have had a body to identify, bury, visit, pray over, and to say her last goodbyes.

Making her feel wicked, albeit sexually aroused, better than feeling depressed, illicit sex was the one thing and the only thing that temporarily made her feel better. Stroking, sucking, and fucking Tyler blanked her mind of her memories of Timmy. Forbidden sex was the only thing that made her feel alive again. After doing everything for her sons to keep them alive, incestuous sex was the only thing she had left to give them and to, hopefully, save them from dying.

Shocking him and sexually exciting him at the same time, Tyler was away at college when his brother wrote him and told him that their mother promised to give him sex if he’d stay and not leave her to join the Marines. When he joined anyway, he told him that she slept with him the night before he left and gave him a night that he’d never forget and would always remember. Figuring he was making up having sex with their mother to get him going, Tyler couldn’t believe their mother would ever have sex with his brother, her firstborn son.

It was one thing for their mother to sexually tease them but it was something else for her to cross the line and have sex with her son. Always happy that she did, Tyler loved seeing his mother in all manner of undress. After a while used to seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and even naked, it was no big deal. The big deal was his brother writing him that she had sex with him the night before he left for Iraq.

‘My mother slept with my brother,’ he thought with his head filled with the imagined images of his naked mother having sex with his naked brother. ‘I can’t believe my brother had sex with our MILF of a mother,’ he thought. ‘Forget about having sex with her, I’d give anything, anything, to see her close up and for an extended period without her clothes,’ thought Tyler.

‘With her giving me the green light to touch her and feel her, I’d give anything to see her in her panties and bra, topless, or naked. I’d give anything, anything, to have forbidden sex with my mother in the way that my brother wrote that he did. I’d give anything for her to blow me and fuck me. I’d give anything to cum in my anime porno mother’s mouth,’ thought Tyler while becoming even more sexually excited with the thoughts of having sex with his mother.

Suffice to write that it was a lot but he couldn’t even count how many times he masturbated over the thought of his mother having sex with his big brother. While dressed or undressed expressly for him, he masturbated over his brother seeing their mother in her panties and bra, in her sheer, sexy nightgown, topless, and/or naked. He masturbated over their mother seeing his brother’s erect cock and seeing him naked.

Masturbating every night and every morning, he masturbated over his brother sexually touching and incestuously feeling their mother everywhere. He masturbated over him seeing, feeling, fondling, and sucking her B cup breasts while fingering her warm, wet pussy, rubbing her clit, and masturbating her. He masturbated over her stroking his cock, sucking his cock, and fucking his cock. Wishing it was him who had sex with their mother, he couldn’t stop masturbating over his brother having incestuous sex with their mother.

‘Stroke me, Mom,’ he thought while masturbating himself. ‘Stroke me harder and stroke me faster. Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth. Fuck me, Mom. Fuck me. Fuck me faster and fuck me harder. I need to cum in your warm and soft pussy.’

Wishing she had offered him the same, sexy promise, she didn’t promise to give him sex when he went away to college. If she had he would have attended a college closer to home where he could have commuted back and forth and didn’t have to stay in a dormitory. He would have loved to sleep in his mother’s bed with his mother. In the way that she had sex with his brother, he would have loved for her to have sex with him.

Yet, perhaps, she didn’t offer him sex not to go off to college because he didn’t have people shooting at him and blowing up his Humvee with an improvised, explosive device. Then, again, no matter where he goes today, there could be someone with a gun shooting at him. Truth be told, he’s not safe anywhere. With guns everywhere and everyone having a gun, any day could be his last day. Only, if he had one wish before he died, he’d want to have sex with his MILF of a mother.

Tyler would have loved his mother asking him if she could sleep with him. He would have loved sleeping with her in her bed. He couldn’t even imagine how sexually excited he’d be to sleep in the same bed with his mother. Always sexually attracted to her, he would have loved it if his mother had sex with him if he promised not to leave her for college.

He never would have gone off to college if his mother promised to stroke his cock, suck his cock, and fuck his cock. He would have loved to see his mother naked when in bed with her. As if he was her loyal dog, he would have stayed by her side, fingered her pussy, and rubbed her clit while licking her cunt.

He would happily made slow and passionate love to his mother before fucking her hard and fast. He would have loved to see and hear his mother having a sexual orgasm, especially one that he gave her with his fingers, his tongue, and his erect prick. Willing to be her forever man, he would love to make his mother his forever woman.

# # #

The day that he was leaving, his brother wrote to tell him that their MILF of a mother came to him that night when he was in bed. When she opened his bedroom door and he turned to her, instead of wearing a robe over her nightgown as she always did, the nightlight showed that she wore her short, sheer, sexy, low-cut nightgown, the one that showed everything. She hadn’t worn that nightgown since their Dad left her for another woman half her age.

It was one thing to see his mother parading around naked but it was more sexually exciting to see her wearing a short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgown. He imagined she wore that nightgown hoping to convince her husband to stay in the way that she was hoping to convince her son to stay, but they didn’t. They couldn’t.

Now, while masturbating himself, dreaming of her wearing that nightgown expressly for him, Tyler imagined seeing the size, the shape, and the outline of her B cup breasts. He imagined seeing her pink nipples, her areolas, and her trimmed light brown pubic hair through her sheer nightgown. He imagined his mother sexually teasing him while flashing him.

“I’m so sad that you’re leaving,” she said pausing to look at him in the darkness while biting her lip. “I wish you would stay. Is there anything that I can do to change your mind from leaving,” she asked pausing? “Anything,” she said lifting the hem of her nightgown as if she was a little girl instead of his mother and exposing her naked pussy to him. “I’d do anything to keep you home with me safe.”

While he stared at all that he could see of his mother through her flimsy nightgown and at her naked pussy when she lifted her nightgown, she arap porno stared at the growing bulge in his pajama bottoms. It was obvious to his brother that she was having a difficult time saying why she was there, what she wanted, and what she was about to say. Then, blurting it out and saying it anyway, Tim, wrote that she said something that he couldn’t believe she said. She said something that Tyler masturbated over for months while wishing she had said that to him.

“I’m having trouble sleeping. I can’t sleep thinking of you leaving tomorrow,” she said with a long pause while staring at the bulge his growing, throbbing and pulsating erection made in his pajama bottoms. “With you gone tomorrow, may I sleep with you tonight?”

Their mother, a sexy and shapely, beautiful woman who could have been Cindy Morgan’s clone, when she was younger. Cindy Morgan played Lacy Underall in Caddyshack. Now that their mother was older, especially with her light brown frosted hair, she looked more like Princess Diana but with a much smaller nose.

Tyler couldn’t believe that his mother asked his brother if she could sleep with him. Wishing it was him instead of his brother, he masturbated over his mother asking his brother if she could sleep with him. Visualizing it as if had happened to him yesterday instead of to his brother, Tyler masturbated over his mother soliciting him instead of his brother, her son, for incestuous sex.

‘A sexual fantasy come true; with her stripping herself naked for me, I would have loved to see my mother naked. I would have loved for her to see and stare at my erect, naked cock. I would have loved to sleep in the same bed with her. I would have loved to have had sex with my MILF of a mother,’ he thought.

As if she was a little, innocent girl instead of a grown, horny woman, she played with the hem of her nightgown again. With him lying lower in bed and easily and clearly able to see up her short nightgown, either unintentionally or deliberately, she lifted the hem of her nightgown high enough and long enough for him to see her naked pussy. His lucky brother saw their mother’s naked cunt. Deliberately flashing and showing him her cunt, he couldn’t believe his brother saw their mother’s naked pussy.

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I can’t sleep thinking of you leaving tomorrow. Since this is your last night home and, God forbid,” she said anointing herself. “In case I never see you again,” she said pausing as if rethinking what she was about to ask him. “May I sleep with you?”

Replaying it over in his mind, Tyler couldn’t believe all that his brother, Tim, had written. Their mother asked if she could sleep him. Undoubtedly, he knew what she meant by her asking him if she could sleep with him. Obviously, he knew that she was asking him for sex. No doubt about it, he knew that she wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with her. Tyler wished that was him instead of his brother.

# # #

‘Oh, my God,’ thought Tyler. ‘As if I had imagined this sexy, incestuous scenario, I couldn’t have imagined one better than this. This is so unbelievable. What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. My mother asked my big brother if she could sleep with him. Obviously, my mother wanted to have sex with my brother. Are you kidding me?’

Tyler thought of all the times that he’d love his mother to sleep with him. Even if he didn’t get lucky and even if she didn’t give him sex, hoping to see something that he shouldn’t see and/or touch and feel something that he shouldn’t touch and/or feel, he’d love to sleep with his mother. Leaving nothing to the imagination, he’d love to have seen her up close while she was wearing that short, sheer, low-cut, sexy nightgown.

He would have loved to have seen the shape and the size of her naked breasts and her erect nipples through her sheer nightgown. He would have loved to have seen her patch of light brown, pubic hair through her nearly see-through nightgown. He would have loved to have seen her naked pussy when she lifted the hem of her nightgown to her waist and deliberately flashed his brother.

Even if she didn’t give him sex, he would have loved to hold her, hug her, and spoon her. He would have loved to cuddle with their mother while sleeping with her in the same bed. As if he was a dog in heat and her ass was a leg, he would have loved to dry hump his mother while she was sleeping.

Yet, with him sexually attracted to his mother and being the incestuous pervert that he was, as soon as she fell asleep, he would have taken sexual advantage of her. As soon as she fell asleep, he would have slowly and stealthily lifted the back of her nightgown to expose her panty clad ass or her naked ass. He would have slowly and stealthily lifted the front of her nightgown to expose her panty clad pussy or naked pussy.

Not stopping at looking at her panty clad or naked ass and pussy, he would have groped her panty clad or naked ass through her nightgown. He would have fingered her panty clad pussy or naked pussy through her nightgown. He would have groped the side of her big breasts while daring himself to finger her nipples. How hot would that be for him to sleep with his mother in her bed or in his bed?

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