Mother’s New Family

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Author’s note:

All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over the age of 18 years.

This story includes unprotected sex between a mother and her son. It does not include anal sex or pregnancy.


Dad’s labored breathing showed how exhausted he was as he stood his ground in an attempt to prevent me from scoring. I faked to the right and dashed around to his left for a simple layup. “That’s game, Dad. Your desk job is taking a toll on you,” I snickered as he fought to catch his breath.

“That’s a fact. I’m going to have to get back in shape before I’m put out to pasture,” he laughed as he patted me on the back.

A dozen years ago Dad had installed a hoop above the garage door and we’ve been playing regularly since. Only recently have I been able to routinely beat him. He’s nearing forty six and the length of time running a company from his desk has taken its toll on his aging body.

“John, if you’re done getting beat by your son, bring him in for dinner before your food gets cold,” Mom yelled from the window.

“Coming Denise, we’re both famished from that workout,” Dad answered back to Mom.

We went in and sat at the table wolfing down our food after working up a hearty appetite. “Slow down you two. You’re acting like you’re starved,” Mom jokingly scolded us as she ran her hand through her shoulder length brunette hair.

As Mom brushed by me to sit down, I noticed how her slim and attractive body looked younger than the actual ten years difference between her and Dad.

My name is Daniel although no one uses my real name. Mom and Dad call me Dan, unless they want my attention, then it’s Danny. I graduated a month ago, two months after my eighteenth birthday. Having the summer free before college was going to allow me more time to spend with Mom and Dad.

Dad made it clear that I was to take the entire summer off as his business was thriving. I was looking forward to a few months of fun before starting my four years at the University. Mom works at a part-time job, working Tuesdays and Thursdays. As there is no financial need for her to work I figured she’s probably doing it to keep from getting bored.

After we finished eating, Dad asked, “What are you going to do tomorrow, Dan?”

“Since Mom will be working, I thought I’d take a hike to the lake,” I replied.

“That’s pretty far, at least five miles. I won’t ever beat you if you keep getting stronger. You’re going to have to lighten up and give your old man a chance,” Dad grumbled as he grinned.

We spent the night watching TV retiring early since we had plans for the next day.

After breakfast Dad asked, “Still going for that long hike, Dan?”

“You bet. I probably won’t get home until after five and will be too tired to beat you again. You’ll have to practice on your own,” I replied.

As I headed out the door Mom handed me a lunch she had prepared for me.

An hour into the hike one of my shoe soles split. Not wanting to continue, I slowly made my way back to the house. I arrived before noon and wasn’t sure how to spend the rest of the day. My parent’s room is at the end of the hallway. My bedroom is on one side and we converted the room opposite mine into a study. My desktop computer is there, housed in a large home office workstation. There’s also a small couch along one wall.

Going to my computer room to surf porn seemed like the best use of my time before I figured out my afternoon agenda. With visions of Mom’s beautiful body still fresh in my mind from breakfast, I loaded up one of my favorite Mother-Son incest clips.

Minutes away from eruption I heard the garage door open. Evidently, Dad decided to come home for lunch which I’ve never known him to do. After I heard the door to the house open and shut, Dad yelled my name. I remained silent, deciding what was in hand was more important.

The door rattled as Dad tried to enter my room. Fortunately, I had locked it. Dad yelled, “Dan, you in there?”

I stayed silent. After a few minutes I heard footsteps mixed with a woman giggling. Damn, Mom and Dad must have come home for a quickie.

Panic set in as I decided to stay quiet and not let them know I was in the house. Softening up from the unfortunate arrival of my parents, I pulled my pants back on and turned off the video. I anxiously waited for Dad and Mom to leave.

Forty minutes went by before I heard them coming back down the hall. The woman’s voice was higher pitched than Mom’s. Was Dad having an affair? It came as a surprise to me as their actions didn’t convey any kind of marital problems. They rarely kissed in front of me, but there wasn’t any other indication of anything amiss.

Not daring to open the door to see who she was, I waited until they were in the car and drove away. After finishing my business I dressed and ventured down to my parent’s bedroom. There was a fragrance in the air I didn’t recognize. Mom wore the same perfume daily, confirming in my mind the woman was definitely not my mother.

Curiosity sex izle was getting the best of me. Ideas were forming of how to figure out the identity of the mystery woman. Not wanting to dwell too long at home, I slipped on my other hiking shoes and headed out. Walking nowhere in particular, my mind raced with the probability Dad was having an affair. He treated Mom and I like royalty through the years. We were best friends, doing everything together.

Mom might have been closer to me since she was at home more, but I loved them equally and was getting upset our family might not be as perfect as I had thought. Arriving back before five I noticed Dad’s car already in the garage.

“How did the hike go?” Dad greeted me as I walked in the house.

Putting on my best poker face, I replied, “Great, it was a perfect day for my workout.” On my way to my room I heard Mom arrive from work.

“Hey you two, after I change clothes I have a nice meal planned for tonight,” Mom called out to us.

She was already preparing dinner by the time I changed and walked back out to help.

Going to the sink to get a glass of water, I moved close to her to inhale her scent. Her perfume was her usual, definitely not the aroma I detected in their bedroom. Both of them were acting their normal selves through dinner as if nothing was wrong.

Later in the evening Dad said he wanted to download some updates to my desktop for his software. Dad’s hobby was playing with video applications and he routinely spent hours in my study perfecting his skills. For the last several years he taught me how to do some basic editing and I have to admit, it’s kind of fun.

That’s when the crazy idea came to me. Video, as in recording Dad and the woman in action. How could I set up a camera to capture the event? Researching on my phone, I immersed myself in the field of miniature spy cameras. This was nuts. Was I really going to jeopardize my future by violating the privacy of one of my parents who happened to treat me like a prince?

Risking everything I continued to strategize my plan. Curiosity won over common sense as I decided to record Dad and his lover.


My night’s sleep was restless and after breakfast Mom asked what we should do. Making an excuse that I needed to go to the library to do some research, we decided on a jog in the afternoon. I hopped on my bike and raced downtown. Finding an electronics store, I searched the shelves until I found the spy camera section. Smaller than I thought possible I wondered how they could possibly capture anything worth viewing.

A store employee came over to explain how each model worked. There were many available sizes built into different objects to disguise them. Deciding on four of them that would work for my purpose, I asked for a quote. He went behind the counter to total up the invoice and came back with a piece of paper listing the price. It was well over a thousand dollars which was more funds than I had available.

Dad gave me a liquid debit card a few years ago and routinely transferred money to it for my incidental spending. He assured me he wouldn’t check my expenditures allowing me free reign without worrying about parental interference. Knowing my balance was three hundred, I reluctantly told the employee I couldn’t afford it.

Hoping to salvage a sale he said, “How about if I rent you the cameras for a week for a hundred?”

Seeing my excitement at the deal, he continued, “I’d have to sell you the memory cards for another hundred, so it’d be two hundred total.”

I knew the cards were not worth that much, but I decided not to waste any more time.” Sounds like we have a deal. Thanks.”

He spent the next hour showing me how to set them up. Having acquired the miniature cameras, I went back home and stashed them in my room to wait for next Tuesday and Thursday.


Over the weekend I started to have doubts as to whether I should proceed with my ill-fated venture.

Tuesday arrived and Dad asked “What’s the plan today, Dan?”

“Going to take a long bike ride, since Mom will be at work. Going to do the same on Thursday. I won’t be home until late again both days.” Dad’s relieved look confirmed my suspicions that he was planning another sexual liaison with his mistress.

After riding for two hours, I returned to implement my plan.

Timing it close, my adrenaline was pumping as I retrieved the cameras and set them up in their bedroom. Confident all angles of the bed were covered, I checked to make sure they were set to record from noon to one. If Dad paid close attention to the shelves, he’d notice books that hadn’t been there before, but I had little choice at this point.

Leaving before eleven, I rode out on some trails and returned at two. Retrieving the cameras, I stowed them in my room and took off again in case either parent showed up. Rolling in after five, no one acted like anything was amiss.

After a day of shopping on Wednesday with Mom, we arrived home to find Dad already fransız porno warming up on the court. We played ball while Mom went inside to prepare dinner.

After we ate, we retired to the living room. I contemplated excusing myself to examine the contents on the memory cards. Still considering the possibility of throwing them away and abandoning my plan, I decided to hold off on viewing them.

Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday and I hoped when I finally did review the captured data, there would be nothing but an empty bed. As soon as I removed and stowed the memory cards Friday morning, I went back to the store to return the cameras. Everything played out well except for the fact I was two hundred dollars poorer.


Dad and Mom went out to the movies Friday night leaving me at home, which was a perfect chance to check out the results from my ill-fated surveillance. I transferred the files from the four memory cards into a protected folder. After opening up enough windows to view all videos simultaneously, I hit play and anxiously awaited the results. After ten minutes of viewing an empty room, I was ready to abandon my plan.

Then it happened. Dad and a woman entered and I knew immediately who she was as it was Aunt Diana. Sweat started to form on my forehead as I nervously watched Dad and my aunt hug and passionately kiss.

They began to remove their clothes while kissing. My eyes were glued to Diana as she dropped her bra, exposing her large breasts normally concealed beneath her loose blouses. Dad immediately squeezed and mauled her luscious mounds, tweaking her hard, pointed nipples.

She squealed in pleasure from Dad’s teasing while she continued to remove her skirt and panties. Her small frame made her breasts appear larger than normal. Her smooth, sexy flesh looked similar to what I’d seen of Mom, even though she is five years younger.

Kissing her way down Dad’s body, she rapidly moved past his paunchy midriff. I giggled at this point, seeing the reason why I was regularly beating him on the court. Reaching her target, she wrapped one hand around Dad’s hardening prick. Her other hand held his full sack which enabled me to get a good look at Dad’s package. She pulled his foreskin back, exposing his hidden head.

Surprised by seeing he wasn’t circumcised, I wondered why Mom and Dad had decided to have me cut. It had never bothered me as I thought it always looked better with my helmeted head displayed full time.

With a lustful gleam in her eye, she swallowed Dad’s entire length in one motion. He groaned as she sucked up and down on his short rod. Their breathing became labored as their excitement increased.

My cock hardened as I watched their lewd display. Taking my stiff organ out, I timed my stroking with my aunt’s sucking. Dad’s meager pecker was noticeably smaller than mine, enabling my aunt to fully engulf him on each stroke.

As he was nearing orgasm, she released him. With sex-starved eyes, she moved to the bed and positioned herself in the doggy position. Stroking my hard prick faster, I admired her smooth, bald pussy on display. She was already wet, stimulated from performing oral sex. I had to switch screens as Dad moved in front of the camera.

Once his hard head was firmly lodged in her glistening crevice, he shoved to the bottom. His balls slapping against her pussy was as loud as her scream of ecstasy. He pulled back and slammed in again. After a few dozen power strokes, he reached up to grasp her swaying breasts.

Switching my view to another window, I could get a better view of her hanging breasts. My shaft was slick with precum at this point watching the sexy display. Her motion stopped as I looked to another camera view to see Dad pulling out. Aunt Diana turned over and spread her thin legs wide, raising her ass to open her pussy up for the cock she craved.

Dad rolled on a rubber and knelt down to fuck her. He thrust hard as she raised her knees and spread them out to better accommodate the forceful pounding. Dad leaned down to meld with her body, meeting her open mouth with his.

Dad pulled off her lips to catch his breath as she screamed, “Fuck me hard, John. How’s it feel, fucking your wife’s sister in your bed?”

“Oh god, you’re hot. Your pussy is so tight. I’m going to come,” Dad hoarsely croaked.

Switching views, I saw his sack tighten. My balls were also filling up as my hand ferociously stroked my hard cock.

“I’m ready, John!”

He grunted at the same time my staff shot out its first glob of cum. I continued to eject my entire load of sperm while watching Dad climaxing. My aunt groaned as he hoarsely panted through his orgasm.

They gently kissed as Dad pulled out. The cum-filled rubber hung down, threatening to drop off his softening rod. Telling her he needed to take a quick shower, he went out of the camera’s view to go in the bathroom.

As my excitement waned, my emotions shifted to disappointment and anger. Two of the people Mom trusted and teen porno loved had betrayed her. Her world would be crushed if she knew what was happening behind her back. My eyes began to water, thinking of my beautiful mother getting treated so badly by the people closest to her.

My attention was brought back to my aunt. Leaving her legs splayed apart, one hand went to her clean-shaven pussy, plunging three fingers deep into her wet cavern. Her thumb was rubbing her clit as she fucked herself. Her other hand squeezed one of her perky breasts, firmly squeezing her taut nipple.

A mere five minutes later her pelvis quivered as she stroked her excited quim through her climax. Her facial expression displayed her sexual release. It was obvious she had faked an orgasm with Dad.

Feeling a little justice had been served, I felt no remorse for Dad that he had been tricked into believing she came from their illicit liaison.

My aunt removed her slimy, cum-soaked fingers, giving me a clear view of her leaking pussy and her firm, upright breasts. She dressed while Dad was still in the bathroom.

I paused the videos so I could clean up the pile of cum on my stomach. Once done, I was able to continue reviewing the rest of the files.

Using Dad’s video software, I cut out the best clips and pieced them together to make a forty minute video from their adulterous sex scenes. Still not comprehending the ramifications of my dad having an affair with his sister-in-law, I was interested only in making a stroke off tape for myself.

Having finished the video, I was stiff again watching my finished product. I began to slowly stroke to the video when I heard the garage door open. Quickly saving the file to my secret folder, I shut down the computer and zipped up.


After Saturday night’s dinner, I took my shower and strolled out to the living room.

Dad was immersed in watching his favorite football team. Normally I would stay and chat with him, but my growing disappointment toward him prevented any normal conversation. I excused myself to go to my study.

Hastily entering my computer room, I loaded up my secret sex video and clicked the play button. Spreading out on the couch, I flung my robe open to stroke my manhood to the unfolding sex scenes.

Ten minutes into the video I was getting ready to blow off a load when the door suddenly opened.

“Dan, there’s something–,” Dad stopped talking as soon as he saw me stroking my cock. His eyes traveled to the video of him and my aunt fucking on the screen.

My face flushed as I was caught red handed. He closed the door behind him and stared directly at my manhood. Sizing me up, I saw a tinge of jealousy as he realized I was quite a bit bigger than him. Hastily closing my robe to cover my prick, I sat in silence unknowing how to proceed.

He broke the awkward tension first. “I guess you’re putting your video skills to work. It’s good, but you might want to get permission from the participates next time.”

He didn’t even appear mad. I had a video of him cheating on Mom and he was talking as if nothing was amiss. This was confusing as I tried to react to his behavior.

“I’m really sorry Dad. I was here last week when you came in with Diana and I was curious. It was stupid and I feel bad for what I did,” I softly apologized.

Dad continued to watch the video for a moment. “Were you planning to blackmail me to give you some money for not exposing my affair?”

“Of course not, Dad. It’s your business and you already provide me with everything I want.”

“Were you planning to reveal this to your Mom?”

“No, Dad. I really hadn’t thought any of this out, but I don’t want to get involved with your personal relationship. That’s between you and Mom. It’s not my place to get between you two.”

“You’re so grown up and responsible. I’d hug you, but you know, it would be a little uncomfortable right now.” He looked down to my tented robe.

Our attention shifted to the video as my aunt let out a shriek. Dad and I turned to watch him twisting her stiff tits while he pummeled her pussy. He reached over to pause the video and said, “Damn, she can come from twisting her nipples, just like your mother.”

“Dad! Too much information,” I muttered back.

“I suppose it is. Basically you made this tape for a whack off tool. I guess I should be honored you included me in your stroke sessions.” He closed the video window so we didn’t have to keep staring at his cock buried in my aunt. Sitting down in the computer chair across from me, he inhaled a deep breath as he collected his thoughts before explaining his actions.

After a few minutes he began to explain how it came to this. Ten years older than Mom, he had several relationships before they met. He said they fell madly in love and on Mom’s eighteenth birthday, he took her virginity and gave her a present – me. He was already established in his business and they decided to get married.

“After a couple years my desires for an affair with other women surfaced. I knew it wasn’t right. Your mother did nothing to push me into it, that’s just the way it was for me. I was careless and almost grateful when your Mom figured it out. Still loving her, I told her I’d support any decision she made.”

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