Movie Night Ch. 12


My business requires me to travel occasionally. Not a lot, and usually just to regional shows where our industry players congregate for one reason or another, but still, frequently enough that I get to say “I have to travel for my job”. In the past, Tammy had absolutely zero interest in joining me, so I would always sojourn alone, but with the recent change of atmosphere in our household, well, I suddenly found myself with 4 very willing travel companions.

This presented a different problem. I can’t afford 5 tickets for every event I have to attend, plus 5 airfare, meals, etc., so we decided that we’d rotate. As expected, Riley joined me for the first trip in early September, and left the other 3 girls to moving into the old house with Maribel, who has since become strangely elated at the prospect of continuing her life as chief Nanny. Keeping her as the live-in there makes Tammy’s role a bit more comfortable. We’ve put her in the spare bedroom on the 2nd floor (3 upstairs, and 3 downstairs), which should make for sufficient privacy when Tammy and I “spend the night” to check on kids and grandkids. Anyway, the first Riley trip was to Vermont in the fall, and she lavished over the leaves as I ground the gristle through the mill, so to speak.

Petra was next, and joined me in Florida. She loves the heat and humidity, so she got to enjoy the beach, etc.

Susan was next, and our trip was downtown Chicago. We stayed at the Drake; very posh, and Susan sucked-up the hoidy-toidy-ness of it all. For me…this was just another hotel in another city for another job. Same people, same issues, but it was “what I do”, so I did it. After all, I have a lot of mouths to feed.

I’ve been in the industry for quite a while, so seeing the same faces is expected, and I’ve come to know some folks well, and they, me. With a different girl hanging about the last 3 trips now, it was inevitable that someone would come to notice.

Which is exactly what happened when Susan and I attended the ballroom dinner and social reception that Friday night at the hotel. I trust Susan’s tastes, so her choice of a LBD (Little Black Dress) was perfect. Deep, plunging neckline highlighting her substantial and expanding breasts moved your eyes immediately away from her developing baby “bump”, her nipples still pressed tightly against the stretched fabric, which draped down and clung to her skin just above her knees. 3″ black heels pushed her frame up near 5’9″, her hair in a bow, and that lipstick again. Fuck. The whole thing spoke “professional”, though she’s not even 20. As for me, I went business casual. Grey slacks, button-down white shirt, sleeves rolled-up, nice shoes. We fit.

Enter Ted Bronner, who approached us having dinner at one of those big, round tables where you sit with strangers.

“Hi, Mr. D…so very good to see you again!” He sat next to his wife, Elaine, whom I’ve seen before at other events. He was speaking to me, but her eyes were examining / undressing / peering-into Susan. “I see you’ve brought your lovely wife.”

Crap. Elaine had seen me in Florida with Petra, AND I was trying to remember if she’d met Riley at the Vermont function. Riley with her red hair would have introduced herself to Elaine as my wife there, and Petra, with her jet black hair looked nothing like either her OR Susan, and all were sporting the baby bump thing.

It dawned on me that I had not thought this through well enough.

Before I could swallow the bite in my mouth and answer, Susan extended her hand and greeted him in front of Elaine “Hi, Susan D…so good to meet you!”

Elaine’s eyes flashed between Susan and I, trying to get a handle on the moment. Susan used our same last name, as had Riley and Petra. I smiled, and the idle chit-chat continued. Elaine is in her early 30’s I guess. Petite, maybe 5’2″, blonde-straight hair, legs that can stop a freight train, I swear. I’m pretty sure she’s one of those ladies who has no need for panty-hose. Not particularly large-busted, maybe a solid B cup, but a real fire-cracker, and not afraid to speak her mind. I knew she was married, but couldn’t remember if they had kids. In any case, it was her silk, blue top that stole the gaze of most men in the room. I’m certain those nipples needed names. And some attention.

It was this thought I was contemplating when she spoke to me. “So Ted tells me you’re both expecting. How fun!”

What the FUCK? I thought you “NEVER” asked that question. Apparently, Susan had chatted with Ted before we got our plates, so now, I’m even further behind the curve.

“Oh, yes,” Susan replied, “just a couple of months into it, really, not much to show at the moment” and her hands moved to surround her baby bump. “We’re due in early May, the 15th.” Beaming at me, she leaned over, and gave me a deep kiss. “Mr. Fertile, you know!” and her sunshine smile had the group chucking. She exuded confidence. Looking back at Elaine, straight in the eyes, even leaning in a bit to say it, Susan asked, “Do you have kids sikiş izle of your own?”

“Not yet, no. Ted and I are trying, though. We got married back in 2012, but wanted to get careers started and a bit of financial security first.” We all smiled. Elaine’s was forced, but I felt as though another conversation was forthcoming later that I was probably NOT going to enjoy.

We socialized, we chatted, we mixed, and somewhere in the middle of it all, I got caught up in a work discussion with Frank from SIS. Susan excused herself, and now, that was 35 minutes ago. I was headed back to the bar with my 2nd coupon, when peeking over the railing to the veranda on the floor below, I noticed Elaine walking away with Susan to either a bathroom area, or a private lounge-type area.


Elaine was on the hunt. After several moments of idle chatter, she finally got to it. “I’m so glad for you and Mr. D. Is this your first?” she asked, glancing at Susan’s bump.

“Well, yes for me, no for him. But I think you know that, don’t you?” Susan’s offense and defense can be hard to discern.

“Uh, yes,” she responded, “it’s just that, well, um…” Susan held her tongue, now having turned directly to face Elaine. She wasn’t playing these games, as Elaine would soon discover.

“Well, yes, o.k. I’m jealous, is all. Ted and I have been trying for a couple of years now. I think it’s been nearly 30 months, and we’re still not pregnant. Was it easy for you both? I mean, he is just a bit older than you.”

Susan loved this moment. “Easy doesn’t quite capture it, Elaine. All he had to do was look at us.”

“Us?” Elaine was uncharacteristically without words.

“Yes. Us. To get us pregnant.”

“Uh. You mean ‘you’?”

“Well, yes, I mean me, too.”


Elaine was beginning her construction of the past several months.

“You know, Susan, Mr. D. and I see each other at these events. We work in the same field; have for a long time.” Elaine was checking Susan’s face for any reaction.

“Ms. Bronner,” Susan began. “Oh, please…call me Elaine.”

“All right, Elaine, is there something specific you’re trying to share with me? Is something bothering you?”

“Well, Susan, yes. You see, I’ve met his wife, Tammy. Is she no longer in the picture? I’m very sorry to be so impolite, it’s just that…” and Susan interrupted her. “No, actually, Riley is his wife now, but Tammy’s still around.”

“Riley? The redhead at Vermont?” Elaine’s verbal expression made it past her brain’s filters, and surprised even her. Her eyes glanced to Susan, then away.

Susan didn’t miss a beat,”Yes, Riley does have a lot of red hair, Elaine, that’s for sure.”

“Well, Susan. But. You said your last name was D…same as his? That kiss tonight? What was that? Are you? Is he?”

“Gawd,” Susan thought to herself, “this woman is one nosy nelly, one meddling Martha, just shut the fuck up or ask it out loud, for Christ’s sake.”

“Well, Elaine, we share the same last name because I’m his daughter. “

Elaine leaned back, her hands to both sides, on the veranda’s railing. “His daughter? What?”

“Look, Elaine, it feels like you just have a need to know, so if you’re going to go all “Ms. Gossip” on him, you should at least have your story right.” Susan’s voice was nearly reprimanding.

Seeing Elaine move to the railing, Susan advanced the step and a half, lowered her voice to nearly a whisper, and as Susan’s form pressed gently into Elaine’s, her mouth moved to Elaine’s right ear, and her hands smoothed-over Elaine’s to keep them gripping the railing. “Riley is now Mr. D’s wife. She’s pregnant with his twins. The four of us…Petra, Riley, Terri, and I are all carrying Mr. D’s babies, and we’re all due in mid-May. Tammy, who it sounds like you’ve met, is now our personal submissive play-thing, but she has absolutely NO marital role that I don’t approve, understand?”

“Oh, and we’re all college-students now at M. State, living in the same house. Call us his harem if you’d like.”

Susan paused, then stepped back and just held steady. Elaine’s eyes hadn’t blinked in the time it took Susan to speak, and her breath was stuck in her throat somewhere. She was searching for handle still.

“You mean to tell me you? You’re his daughter? And you’re pregnant?”


“But that’s. That’s. Uh.”

“Well, if all you can see is incest, Elaine, then yes, its incest.”

Elaine struggled to find her social graces “no, that’s not what I mean, but yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“We’re all past 18, Elaine. And in any case, you presume that it wasn’t consensual. I guarantee you it was.” Susan was smiling devilishly. “Each one of us seduced him, and successfully so.”

It was Elaine who showed her cards, and without even speaking a word. Susan watched as the meaning of her last sentence sunk into Elaine’s psyche, and with it, Elaine’s body responded. Her pupils dilated wide, her skin flushed pink, brazzers and though they were somewhat already on display, her nipples swelled and pressed the silk fabric in two unmistakable mounds. Elaine sensed it all, and became aware of the wetness now flooding her sex.

Elaine pushed herself off the railing, and stepped toward Susan, face-to-face, and whispered “Wait a minute, you mean to tell me he got all FOUR of you pregnant? At the same time?”

“Yes, at the same time. Probably within the same 36 – 48 hours, I’d guess.”

Elaine slipped “Holy Fuck! Oh, my goodness, I’m sorry!” and grasped Susan’s arm. She giggled, and Susan with her. “I knew something was up, Susan. I saw Riley, was it, at the show in Vermont, and this black-haired beauty with him at the Florida show, and they both said they were pregnant, and now you, here, like this!”

“Well, now you know, Elaine” and Susan began to step away. “Do us a favor, please. Don’t gossip, o.k.?”

“I want something in return.”

“What? Like what? Are you trying to extort us? You’ve got to be kidding, right?”

Elaine realized the gravity of her words, and was quick to correct “No, I don’t mean it like that. I mean I’d LIKE something. I’d like to ask something of you Susan…of all you girls.”

“Oh-kaaayyy…like what?” Susan crossed her arms in front of her and stared her down.

“This conference ends tomorrow, so we’re all here for only one more night, right?”

“Yes, I know that.”

“30 months, Susan, we’ve been trying. The problem behind that isn’t me, it’s Ted. His sperm count is… ” and Elaine paused to look down, then back up at Susan “unreliable, o.k.?” Elaine’s eyes were pleading, and Susan noticed.

“I can keep my mouth shut about your situation, Susan, whether you agree to this or not, but I’m asking as a woman who wants to be a mother herself. I’m ovulating now. Ted and I are using this trip to try yet again, but without another plan, I already know how it’s going to turn out.”

“So you think my Dad is your new plan? And anyways, what about Ted, Elaine? How’s this supposed to work?”

“Oh, you let me handle that, o.k.?” and Elaine squeezed Susan’s hand for emphasis. “Room 1218, 9 pm, o.k.?”

Susan picked up her phone and began dialing.


“Where are we headed, Sweetie?” I asked as we exited the elevator and Susan pulled me down the hall.

“We need your help with something, Dad, o.k.? Can you please just trust me.?”

“Yes, I figured that out already, but…” Susan interrupted me “and before you ask, I’ve already cleared this with Riley, Petra, and Terri. Their answers were ‘yes’, o.k.?”

Room 1218. Susan knocked, and in doing so, the door, already slightly ajar, pushed in. I followed Susan into what was a WAY better suite than our double-queens room. A bar in the corner, a kitchenette, a hot tub in the corner near the window looking out to the outdoor patio, and separate rooms. In the room to the left, a small-ish bedroom, lit with the adjoining bathroom light, but in the room to the right, there was candle-light, and motion.

Our eyes adjusting to the dim light, Susan held my hand, leading the way. “You have something they need, Dad.”

On the bed, perched on the edge was Elaine. Her blonde hair pulled back into a tight pony-tail, bound with several scruncie-type ties. Her lacey/frilly lingerie launched from the tightness of her crotch, up and over her cups, sleeveless, to a choker-style neck, with over-lapping splits at each breast. Black stockings left her 3″ heels and ended mid-thigh, pulled up with a black lace garter. She oozed her sexuality as she smiled at me.

It was short-lived, for in the corner, sitting in a chair, was Ted, still in his business-casual slacks and button-down shirt (we men dress like cookie-cutters, I swear). More freakish, I guess, he was silent.

Susan opened the conversation “Can you guess why we’re here, Daddy?”

“Uh, I’m beginning to suspect something, Sus.”

“Before you run screaming, Mr. D.”, Elaine spoke up, “let’s have a short discussion, shall we?”

She patted the bed next to me in a motion to sit, and glancing between all parties, I did.

“First, we are all here because of one issue, really. Fertility. Understand?” I nodded. So did Susan. So did Ted.

“Really, the issue is who HAS it, and who does NOT have it.” Elaine continued, openly glaring now at Ted as she spoke. “Ted and I have agreed that 30 months is long enough to try and fail, so were choosing another path, so to speak, Mr. D., that is, “if” you’re interested? I don’t really have to spell it out, do I? Susan said you’re brighter than that.”

Susan sat in the seat next to Ted, but smiling at me, nodded her assent. Ted was glancing around, fully alert, but strangely, still seated.

“Oh, don’t worry about my husband, Mr. D., he’s agreed to be a good boy if he gets to stay and watch, isn’t that right?” and Elaine glanced back at Ted, who quickly fake taxi porno spoke up “Yes, that’s right, please?”

Elaine’s hand found my thigh, and as she spoke, slowly advanced to my quickly-enlarging organ. “You do know how to get a girl pregnant, don’t you?” Elaine pouted her lips in that school-girl ruse. My mind stopped functioning, and the shaft that was only thickening now began to blossom with strength. Elaine’s hand rested on the head and softly stroked over it. Within moments, a darkening stain of pre-cum had wet through the fabric.

“Oh. My. Yes. I think this will be very, very nice” and Elaine’s hands began to unzip me. I noticed Susan standing now. She walked behind Ted, wrapping her arms around his neck, and began to rub his chest through his shirt. “Let’s watch them together, o.k., and just be quiet, and we’ll see what happens, o.k.?” Susan was whispering in Ted’s right ear. “I’ll be right here for you if you need me.”

Fuck. Such a temptress.

Elaine had my cock out and in her hand now, slowly stretching, pulling me to hardness, her thumb swiping the pre-cum over the crown with every 2nd or 3rd stroke. Noticing my stare at Susan’s words and actions, she quickly brought me back to her world. “Oh, that’s right, how silly of me. I’ve forgotten something important, haven’t I, Susan?” Susan nodded, grinning like the cat.

Standing, and reaching into her nightstand, Elaine brought forth a tube of dark, red lipstick. She uncapped it, setting the top back on the stand, and took the two steps to stand in front of me, her back to Ted and Susan.

“She says you like this…a lot.” Elaine kneeled in front of me, the candle-light from the nightstand illuminating the right side of her face, showing me her right breast through the lacey garb. “I want you to watch me.” She rolled the bottom of the tube, only inches away from my erection, and the column of red wax spun up and out. Staring up at me, I watched in slow motion as she pressed it onto her bottom lip, evenly coating it dark, deep red, then opened her mouth, tilting her head back, and completed the same, erotic show on her upper lip. I could see her teeth, white as snow, and her tongue, and the wetness both inside her mouth and on her lips, and my cock surged in front of her.

Dropping her head lower, she stared at it, then back at me, then closing her mouth, she joined both red-covered lips, and smiled out of just the right corner of her mouth. I felt the pre-cum surge.

She glanced back, placed the tube on the night stand, and looking back at me asked “Does this look o..k., Daddy?” I felt the veins on my cock-skin swell as her hand squeezed, then pulled the shaft forward to her waiting lips. My balls tensed, and I could feel them climb up towards my shaft, priming the pump.

“Just a taste, o.k., Daddy?”, and I watched, silently, as her lips kissed the tip of my cock, then spread their warmth out and over the crown. I felt the precum squeeze inside me, then out, and her tongue slid endlessly down over the crown, back and forth underneath it, then followed her lips down, well over half-way covering my rigid cock. My mind left this earth. Fuck, I like this. A lot.

Elaine’s petite left hand gripped my balls, then cork-screwed around the base of my cock, separating them from the shaft, and pulled them down, firmly, as her mouth withdrew. Breathing over the head of my tool, she whispered “we don’t want anything to happen too quickly now, do we, Daddy? Let’s just give these big guys a chance to fill up before we empty them out.”

Oh, Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Soooooo good. Elaine continued with one of the most erotic blowjobs I think I’ve ever had. Slow, sensual, wet, and punctuated with just the right phrases when those lips left my shaft. This continued for the next 5-6 minutes, uninterrupted, and I swam in the bliss of this woman’s mouth.

Glancing over at Susan, I saw why Ted was keeping still. Susan had moved to sit on his lap, facing Ted, her dress top down now to her waist from the top. She had removed his shirt and her swollen breasts were pressed firmly into his chest as he watched Elaine and me. Susan’s right arm was around the left side of his neck, and she was sucking and kissing the right side of his neck as her left hand dug furiously to free his belt and whatever was probably aching to get out of there.

Ted’s gaze alternated between Susan’s face and mine. I saw confusion, excitement, and jealousy all wrapped up and beginning to sweat.

“It’s time, Mr. D.” Elaine stood, still holding my throbbing shaft. Turning to face Ted, she walked over to him and knelt from the waist at his left side, her lips just inches away from his left ear. “Are you ready, darling, to watch how a real man inseminates a woman?”

Ted nodded. Elaine’s head backed up just an inch or so as Susan pulled her dress off, then lowered herself to press her pussy against Ted’s erection, not letting him in, but sliding her wetness over his cock, back down to his balls, and back up again. Ted, too, it seems, was keyed up, but Susan was only keeping him occupied. Susan straightened her back, thrusting her right breast to Ted, and with her left hand now behind his head, pulled him down, his mouth opening as her distended nipple approached.

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