Mum’s Divorce Ch. 05


The next morning mum cooked breakfast wearing just an apron; mum was glowing, last night for her birthday, Jack had taken her anal virginity, she had loved it. Jack had used the cum from her pussy to lube mum’s ass; she loved it when he had two fingers inside her ass, mum went wild when he slid a third finger inside her. He then ass fucked her doggy style, mum’s tits were bouncing everywhere as Jack pumped his massive cock up her ass. In ten minutes, mum had three vaginal orgasms, the head of Jack’s cock was stimulating mum’s G-spot, mum’s body was shaking with every one of these orgasms.

After that, Jack fucked his mum’s cunt doggy style; mum loved it as Jack was fucking her hard and deep. When they had both climaxed, they lay in bed kissing and touching.

Mum told Jack that his cock was the first cock she had had in fifteen years; Jack was seven when she last had sex with her husband. Mum also told Jack that over this time she had had several girlfriends, she didn’t want another man as a lover, she felt more comfortable with a woman.

Mum had spoken openly and honestly; they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. Jack woke the next morning; mum was sucking his now erect cock, Jack said, “Mum, what a lovely way to wake up, you’re making me so hot.”

“Baby, I want you hot, will you ass fuck mummy’s ass again, I woke up thinking about it, last night was wonderful. I’ve some K-Y lube if you want to use that? Could you make mummy cum four times this morning then my cunt will be so wet for you.”

Jack lubed mum’s ass with the K-Y then lubed his cock. He then got her to bend over an armchair in the bedroom using the arms for support, mum’s ass, high in the air was level with Jack’s massive cock. With a gentle push, his cock vanished up her tight ass; Jack asked, “Does mummy want it hard and deep, or will I tease her first?”

“Baby, hard and deep, I’m your fucking slut now, baby, you’re hitting my G-spot, I’m going to cum soon, I love it when you ass fuck me, I wish that we had done this before.”

Jack was now pounding mum’s ass; she was grunting with pleasure as Jack was stroking mum’s long sex slit, he then started stroking her huge clit, mum’s grunts got louder, then mum shouted, “Baby, I’m cuming, keep fucking me, I love it.”

Mum’s second, third and fourth orgasms came in rapid succession, mum’s cunt was dripping with her cunt juice, mum said, “Thanks, I love that, I’ll suck your cock every morning if you ass fuck me afterwards, I can’t wait for my period, my sex drive goes crazy during it, you’ll be able to satisfy me by ass fucking me, I’ll give you beautiful titty fucks and blow jobs.”

Jack then slid inside mum’s dripping cunt, thirty minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Mum suggested that she would make breakfast then they would shower together, Porno 64

they went to the kitchen, they were both naked, mum put on an apron and started preparing breakfast. Twice over breakfast, mum told Jack that she was falling in love with his cock. Jack stacked the dishwasher then they showered together. They both washed the other; Jack enjoyed lathering mum’s massive tits and her sex slit and ass, mum was paying much attention to Jack’s hard cock.

They rinsed each other; they soon realised that Jack was rock hard, and mum’s cunt was dripping. Mum’s dad had liked to sit in the shower; there was a waterproof chair there which Jack placed under the shower. Jack then sat on it and said, “Does mummy want to cum again as her baby wants to?”

Mum then straddled Jack, gripping his cock at the base, she guided it into her wet hungry cunt, soon she was grinding into him as Jack stroked her clit and sucked one of her massive tits. Mum said, “Baby, this is so good, it’s another first for me, I’ve never done it in a shower before, we should go to the villa one day and do it in the pool, the times that I’ve fantasised about being fucked in that pool, now we can do it.”

“Mum, we will do that, do you have any other fantasies, I can make them come true for you?”

Mum smiled, then said, “I have, but I won’t tell you about them now.”

Mum was now pounding Jack’s cock; she was teasing Jack; she had brought one of her nipples to her mouth and licking and sucking her hard nipple. Mum said, “I’m so close baby, cum for me, empty your balls inside me, I want your cum, I need it, it makes me happy when you cum inside me. Is mummy giving you a good fuck? Is mummy gripping your cock, do you want mummy to grip it tighter?”

They both came within seconds of each other, they then kissed so tenderly, mum said, “That was lovely and so unexpected, Jack, I can’t believe all this is happening, it’s fantastic, I’ve never felt so happy in all my life.”

They then washed again; they dried themselves, then Jack went to his bedroom to dress. Mum suggested that they only use one car to go to the Centre. Jack agreed. Mum wanted time to put on her makeup, they arranged to meet in the lounge. Jack was impressed when mum came into the lounge; she looked stunning; her tits looked huge; she was wearing a tight-fitting trouser suit which showed her figure to perfection. Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous; your tits look amazing; I just want to play with them.”

“You can tonight, or we could have a siesta this afternoon, now let’s get to work, I’m going to work so hard for you.”

They arrived at the Centre just before ten, Jack went through his emails then Jo came in with a package in her hand which she handed to mum, Jo said, “Happy Birthday yesterday, I’m sorry that I didn’t see you Konulu Porno yesterday, but I was thinking about you, this is just a small gift for you.”

Mum took the package, put it on a desk then stood up and hugged Jo, Jo’s tits looked enormous but mum’s looked bigger. They then cheek kissed each other; Jack noticed that they were pushing against each other’s bodies. Jo asked mum what she had done on her birthday, mum told her about the theatre and the Italian restaurant, mum said it had been a fantastic day, Jack had put much effort into making it a super day.

Jo said, “That’s lovely. I’m so happy that you had a good time with Jack, he’s an amazing young man, Dot, you’re so lucky to have him.”

Mum smiled and said, “I know it, Jo, thanks for the package, there was no need for that, it’s a nice thought, and I appreciate that.”

At lunchtime Jack and mum went for lunch, they both had an olive and olive oil pate in a sauce with spaghetti, it was delicious, the new cook was introducing a lot of healthy Mediterranean dishes, they were proving very popular. Mum said, “I like Jo, that was very thoughtful of her with the gift, she likes you, Jack, I see it in her eyes, I think that she could be a very sensuous woman, she’s my type of woman. When we hugged she was pushing her body against mine in a very enticing way, I think that we both enjoyed it.”

“Would you like her? I also sensed that she likes both of us. She appreciated us helping with the car.”

Mum smiled, then said, “Would I like her? Yes, I would, but I thought that maybe we both could share her, I would love to watch you fuck her, that would arouse me.”

Jack took a deep breath then said, “Mum, I must be honest with you, I met Jo a few days after she had left for America, we chatted, Jo was angry because she hadn’t had any word from Kay. One thing led to another, I asked Jo out for a meal, Jo accepted, but there were conditions, we had to be discreet, it had to be our secret when we ate out we had to travel out of the area. We were lovers; Jo likes everything that you like. I want to be with you, if you want to include Jo then I leave that up to you but at least I have been honest with you.”

Mum lent over and kissed Jack on the cheek then said, “Jack, thanks for your honesty, I had the feeling that you may have had her, she loves you too, that’s so apparent. Next week on Tuesday there’s a new stock presentation at Silks, I’ll ask Jo if she’d like to go to it with me then we can take it from there, if she responds to me then I may bring her back to the apartment, Jack, don’t say anything to Jo, be nice and friendly with her, tell her that your spending more time with your mum. If it happens, then it happens.”

They left the Centre just after five, in the car mum said, “I saw Jo in your old Porno İndir stock room, I invited her to Silks on Tuesday, she accepted then she complimented me on my new push up bra, I told her it was part of the new stock we will see on Tuesday. To cut a long story short, we spent an enjoyable forty minutes together, both our cunts are dripping. Baby, I want to be fucked when we get home as Jo was eating my cunt all that I could think about was your magnificent cock, after we fuck I’m going to cook you a wonderful meal then I want you again.”

Jack replied, “I’m happy that you and Jo are thinking the same way when we get home, I want to do it in the lounge with you, I’m so hungry for your cunt.”

Mum lent over from the passenger seat and kissed Jack on the cheek as her hand stroked his semi-hard cock, mum said, “I’d like that Jack when we get home, I’m going to make your cock so hard.”

They arrived at the Penthouse, they both stripped quickly, they lay on the carpet in a position that allowed them to 69, mum then started teasing Jack’s cock with her lips tongue and fingers, Jack soon felt her lips at the base of his cock, the bulbous head banging against the walls of mum’s throat.

Jack was concentrating on mum’s gorgeous sex slit, looking at it aroused him, mum’s sex slit was perfect. Jack spread her cunt lips open, out popped her vast clit, Jack went down on her, it was like sucking his thumb, he was finger fucking her with three fingers, mum was grunting with pleasure, then he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, it tasted so sweet and delicious. Jack then cum kissed her, mum loved that, mum said, “Baby, let me do you cowgirl again, I feel that I owe you a good fucking, I enjoyed it a lot the last time that we did it.”

Jack lay on his back on the carpet, mum was stroking his erect cock, she squatted over his cock teasing her clit with the mushroom head of his cock, then she slid it inside her hungry cunt, it felt so good as she took the full length, mum felt so comfortable with Jack’s cock now, she knew how to stimulate his cock with her powerful cunt muscles, mum then started to pound down on Jack’s cock. Jack was stroking her hard clit, Jack was close to cuming, he sensed mum was too, Jack said, “Cum for me mum, let me feel your hot cunt juice on my cock, you’re giving me a fantastic ride, finish me off now and I’ll empty my balls of cum inside your hungry cunt.”

Mum was pounding his cock hard and deep now, then they both climaxed simultaneously, mum then gripped Jack’s cock at the base, holding him inside her hot cunt, mum said, “That was so good, apart from doggy style that’s my second favourite position, I have got a little treat for you now darling.”

Mum then relaxed her cunt muscles just a little, still gripping his erect cock mum lifted herself off Jack’s cock, when she came off there was a massive blob of both their spunk on the head of Jack’s cock. Mum then went down on Jack, licking and sucking his cock clean. When she had finished, they cum kissed, then mum said, “I am your cum slut, next week, we’ll make Jo another cum slut for you.”

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